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Education / Re: World Teacher's Day: Make A Reference To A Teacher That Redefined Your Life by chiefLopes(m): 2:36pm On Oct 05, 2021
I will never forget Mrs. Doris Amadi who treated me like a son in my secondary school days. The woman who never joked with me. She payed for my snr. waec and also made sure I had books to read in order to pass my exams.
May God bless her bountifully and replenish in million folds from whence she took to sponsor me.

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Romance / Re: Pls Help! by chiefLopes(m): 10:48am On Sep 15, 2021
Pls I really need ur help guys.
I'm a fashion apprentice and soon I will be free(like in a year and half from now) but I have been really confused or should I say clueless on the kinda name to give my fashion line.

Pls I deal mostly on traditional,casual and official wears like suits.

I will really appreciate it if you guys help with the suggestions.

Check my profile to see my early beginnings


Chatinent I can see you bro,do you mind making any suggestion?

Calm down finish ya apprenticeship first, the Lord will minister to you...
Romance / Re: Pls Help! by chiefLopes(m): 10:45am On Sep 15, 2021

Fred Fashion World.
But you still have a year and half to finish so why the haste?

Calm down and finish up first, the Lord will reveal to you the right name to give your line. grin
Politics / Re: Nigeria Second In The World in Romance Scams, Third on Money List by chiefLopes(m): 5:35pm On Sep 07, 2021
So NAIJA still dey learn for Philippines side shocked

In the next five years Nigeria go top the list

Five years too plenty oh.
Those guys bad gan
Religion / Re: Do You Still Honour Church Invitation To Other Denominations? by chiefLopes(m): 8:14am On Aug 30, 2021
No be to invite me come your church...
If I invite u to my own church, u go free come...?
TV/Movies / Re: What's That Movie You Can't Get Tired To Watch? (Pictures) by chiefLopes(m): 8:10am On Aug 30, 2021
Rush Hour 1,2 and 3
Merlin (series)
Forbidden Kingdom (featuring Jackie Chan and Jet Li)
The Old Guard
The Swordsman
Into the Badlands (series)
Family / Re: Man Finds Out His Daughter Is Not His Child After Taking DNA Test by chiefLopes(m): 6:45pm On Aug 26, 2021
Signs of end time...

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Sports / Re: UEFA Champions League Draw On 26th August 2021 by chiefLopes(m): 6:09pm On Aug 26, 2021
Did u see that coming...? �
Erling Haaland wins the 20/21 forward of the season �
Sports / Re: UEFA Champions League Draw On 26th August 2021 by chiefLopes(m): 6:06pm On Aug 26, 2021
Barcelona and Bayern Munich are in the same group you 8-2 see it. grin


Sports / Re: UEFA Champions League Draw On 26th August 2021 by chiefLopes(m): 5:59pm On Aug 26, 2021
This is Barca’s chance to avenge and destroy Bayern for the insult they heaped on us. I trust in Goatwaite,Griezgoat and Goatpay.

Ódiégwü smiley

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Sports / Re: UEFA Champions League Draw On 26th August 2021 by chiefLopes(m): 5:58pm On Aug 26, 2021

Lol cheesy
Na u sign Ronaldo for Man City abi? grin cheesy wink

Mancity never sign am
Try and be calming down
Sports / Re: UEFA Champions League Draw On 26th August 2021 by chiefLopes(m): 5:56pm On Aug 26, 2021

Lol cheesy
Na u sign Ronaldo for Man City abi? grin cheesy wink

Baba, Mancity never sign CR7 yet oh.
Be calming down small na

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Sports / Re: UEFA Champions League Draw On 26th August 2021 by chiefLopes(m): 5:53pm On Aug 26, 2021
Group E be looking interesting already grin grin
Sports / Re: UEFA Champions League Draw On 26th August 2021 by chiefLopes(m): 5:50pm On Aug 26, 2021
Mendy goal keeper of the season ..see fraud

Oga, who dem for give...?
Sports / Re: UEFA Champions League Draw On 26th August 2021 by chiefLopes(m): 5:39pm On Aug 26, 2021
No be lie...

Swears, Donetsk na City wife according to UCL customs and traditions. grin

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Sports / Re: UEFA Champions League Draw On 26th August 2021 by chiefLopes(m): 5:35pm On Aug 26, 2021
I dey Istanbul like this grin

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Sports / Re: UEFA Champions League Draw On 26th August 2021 by chiefLopes(m): 5:33pm On Aug 26, 2021
Wetin dem dey wait for na...? sad undecided
TV/Movies / Re: Bbnaija: Why I Can’t Be In Relationship With Liquorose – Michael by chiefLopes(m): 2:45pm On Aug 26, 2021
To those spending time to watch bbn, Buhari never jam una abi... smiley
Politics / Re: Buhari Orders NBC To Suspend Channels TV Over Ortom, Olawunmi Interview - Sowore by chiefLopes(m): 8:34am On Aug 26, 2021
Buhari don do pass yahoo boys gan...
If me I come talk my own, that means him go hunt me like rabbit...
Politics / Re: PDP To Buhari: Boys Scout Leader Better Than You by chiefLopes(m): 8:30am On Aug 26, 2021
How did this guy become president...?
I'm just waking from a deep sleep since 2015... cry
Politics / Re: Muhammed Dingyadi: Do Not Pick Up Arms To Defend Yourselves, Report To Police by chiefLopes(m): 6:41pm On Aug 25, 2021


Na who get money dey go police.
If u think say u wise and u wan use me catch cruise, I go tear you with the nearest bottle.
Romance / Re: Here Is Why You Don't Have To Get Yourself Worked Up About Any Relationship by chiefLopes(m): 6:38pm On Aug 25, 2021
No matter how much u love someone or feel committed about a relationship, give it less attention than u do for urself, friends and ur family.

There is a reason why this is important. It is important because you are more important than any relationship... your intellectual, physical, psychological, mental, financial, and spiritual wellbeing is more important than the person u are dating... ur family is more important than any relationship. Your social circle is as well more important.

If a relationship threatens the interests, unity or peace in ur family or social circle, cut it off !!!

Relationships has the capacity to leave you broken, empty and battered if you pay better attention to it than you do with other more important aspects of your life...

A relationship can drain you from all your energies and time especially if you are not well schooled on how to handle one.

There are not much first love stories with a happily ever after endings... meaning there is usually a snag of heartbreaks in about 99.9% of first relationships around the world... this also means that every one has got at least one Ex to cry about at some point.

The fact that people start relationships and finally end up as an Ex is enough reason to channel your energies into something that is everlasting, Like self-development, investing, making money, and solving problem through ideas, inventions and innovations.

Add urscheesy

#BadRadio has spokencheesy

Na true u talk...
Travel / Re: Trails of Green (T.O.G) by chiefLopes(m): 9:34am On Aug 25, 2021
Tips for prospective immigrants of Canada and other western countries

If you are emigrating to Canada, unlearn a lot of things. And learn healthier habits/lifestyles. E.g. Dating here is different in a lot of ways. No one is responsible for your bills, or for funding your lifestyle. If you can't afford a cab, you take the bus or bike, or walk...etc

If your colleagues invite you to any celebratory lunch, dinner, the movies etc., please also come with your own funds because the bills will likely be split.

Expect to pay for alcoholic beverages (at the bar) when you invited to social events/weddings, unless hosted by Nigerians

There is hardly any "rich uncle/aunty" to 'dash' you free money. The rich uncles/aunties are also paying their mortgages/bills/taxes - the higher you earn, the more that taxes. It is socially unacceptable to beg random folks for money online/offline, unless it is a "go-fund-me."


This is a trust-driven and credit-based system. You ability to pay your bills and debts on time, e.g, even if it is a minimum payment on credit cards, is valued over paying late and in full. Learn a lot about how credit works and your credit/FICO score..

If you are a 2-person household, at least one should register a business, even if you work 9 to 5. File all your taxes, even if you do not earn a lot. File personal/business. Keep all receipts

If you emigrate to the GTA/suburbs, and use the viva bus, it is largely a trust-honor-based system. The bus driver will NOT ask you for proof of ticket before/after you board. You are simply expected to have your ticket based on trust. Once in a while, olopa will enter & check o!

The bus fare is about $4 or so. However, if you think you can get away with anyhowness/not buy a ticket, the day olopa catches you, you will get a ticket, go to court, and pay a hefty fine. Plus the public disgrace when you are asked to step down from the bus. BUY YOUR TICKETS O!

Live within your means, cut your coat according to your material. No one really gives a shit whether you have bone-straight or gold cufflinks. Or whether you drive a jag or corolla. If you have a decent job/good credit, you can access a lot of things. No needless competition..

IF you do it right, in 5 to 7 years, you will be amazed at how well you are doing. Be patient with yourself. The initial 1 to 4 years may not be so smooth, however, it will all eventually pay off. Get involved with community/volunteer/ask for access to resources/be open/learn

Do not look down on any work/job opportunity. DO NOT look down on people based on what you think they have or what they do. Here, there is DIGNITY in labour, eventually, the PhD that drives a cab gets into his/her field, the Doctors working as PSW get into med school and thrive

Have something you do on the side, regardless of your day job. Even if you emigrate with a lot of funds, try to get a job - you will understand the system better when you immerse yourself. And you will thrive better in business if you grasp the work culture/HR/systems/regulations

In your initial years as an immigrant, no do pass yourself when it comes to black tax. Learn to say NO to those asking for money back home, unless it is for health emergencies. You need to be able to stand well before you help others, if not you get trapped in a cycle of struggle

If you can, keep a low profile in those early years; FOCUS -on your studies, professional exams, work, getting settled, understanding the system. Fill your cup first, put on your seatbelt first, before you try pour a drink or fasten the belt of others. Don't try to impress anyone

Remember, you can love Nigeria very well from afar. Go back only when you are ready/have the mental courage to thrive there, & leave again if it does not work out
Wherever you are, simple EXCEL! Success attracts many. Nigerian Govt will find you & "Dabirize" you

Please be very pragmatic when you are choosing your courses here in school. You can always go back to study what you are passionate about. At the initial stages - it may be better to take on courses that have a strong demand in the labour market so your finances/bills are healthy

If you are single, consider being open to dating Nigerians/other Africans/races, not just Nigerians. Even though Canada is far, "handsome Yoruba demons" & "fine wicked Igbo girls" still dey o. These 2 groups dey connect well well here & sabi love each other uniquely. Be wise!

Make sure you have insurance, car/home/life etc. Especially if you have a family. If you have children, open an RESP account asap. If 18 and above, have a TFSA..

Disclaimer - Abeg, all dis na suggestions/personal opinions
No matter what you earn, develop a habit of SAVING/INVESTING.

P.S: Some unscrupulous Naija pastors here will deceive you to pay tithe/sow seed with your CREDIT CARDS & they even have POS in church! Abeg, flee from them o. If you must, tithe from your pay; no go carry gbese o!

Young and old, as you come to Canada, pleaseeeee ABSTAIN, OR USE CONDOM/USE CONTRACEPTIVE O!

Canada does NOT joke with CHILD SUPPORT! 18 YEARS!

Think twice before cohabiting with anyone o! Canada does NOT joke with COMMON LAW UNIONS o, whether una marry officially or not. PLS!


Please unlearn all the patriarchy, misogyny, sexism, homophobia, transphobia. No careless jokes!


If you are a woman and you earn much more than your spouse, if you divorce, you will likely pay ALIMONY to him. If the man earns more, he pays to his ex

MAN/WOMAN, BOYS/GIRLS, please learn to cook. Learn to care for your children. Learn to do house chores. Learn to be financially independent. If you're a couple, learn to be accountable to each other. Learn gender fluidity in terms of roles/responsibilities. CHILDCARE is EXPENSIVE

The End/
Thread posted on Twitter by Juliet Kego
Odiegwu [b][color=#990000]
Politics / Re: Attack On Diplomat: Timi Frank Seeks Tough Sanctions Against Indonesia by chiefLopes(m): 9:32am On Aug 25, 2021
Please *STOP smoking weeds before going to a wedding. A guy was asking me today at a wedding ceremony if the body has arrived?
Chai! �
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG Blamed As Saudi Arabia Recruits Nigerian Doctors by chiefLopes(m): 9:29am On Aug 25, 2021
Funniest thing is that they are doing the recruitment in Abuja, the country's capital...
Naija na joke[b][/b]
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG Blamed As Saudi Arabia Recruits Nigerian Doctors by chiefLopes(m): 9:28am On Aug 25, 2021
Funniest thing is that they are doing the recruitment in Abuja, the country's capital...
Naija na joke[b][/b]

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Celebrities / Re: Jim Iyke Beats Up Uche Maduagwu (Video) by chiefLopes(m): 9:25am On Aug 25, 2021
Wetin concern that guy sef...?
Someone is living up and he's busy hating up...
Smh... Dem no beat am well sef sad angry[/color][color=#990000]
TV/Movies / Re: Khalifa Vanithel: Big Brother Cameroon Winner And Her Prize (Photos) by chiefLopes(m): 3:13pm On Oct 09, 2020
Na only women go this one... ?
Romance / Re: If You Want To Get A Girl's Number, Don't Do These Things by chiefLopes(m): 2:49pm On Oct 09, 2020
So, bros how we go do na... ?
Celebrities / Re: Juliet Ibrahim And VJ Adams Wedding Photoshoot Causes Stir On Social Media by chiefLopes(m): 7:01pm On Oct 08, 2020
What do u call boobs in ya language...?
Me � Eba�
Politics / Re: Governor Akeredolu Throws N200 Notes On Highway (Video) by chiefLopes(m): 10:25am On Sep 28, 2020
Hmmm �
Education / Re: 5 Interesting But Lesser-known Events From History by chiefLopes(m): 10:10am On Sep 20, 2020
[quote author=NiklauseFred post=93647793]4. In the first Olympics of 1904, the men’s marathon first place finisher completed the race in a car and was disqualified. The second-place finisher was carried to the finish line by his trainers, and the fourth finisher took a detour to eat during the race.

The men’s marathon in the 1904 Olympic Games might have been one of the strangest races in history. It was more of a comedy show than a serious event. Only a few of the runners in the marathon had previous experience. The other participants were “oddities.” There were 10 Greeks who had never run a marathon, two belonged to the Tsuana tribe of South Africa and arrived barefoot to the race, and one was a Cuban mailman who wore street clothing to the race.That was not all. The first to complete the race was American runner Fred Lorz. Apparently, Lorz had dropped out of the race after nine miles and then hitch-hiked in a car. When the car broke down at the 19th mile, he jogged to the finish line. He was banned from the competition for life.

Tom Hicks
The second to arrive, and the champion, was Thomas Hicks. Ten miles from the finish line, he almost gave up but his trainers urged him to continue. He was given several doses of strychnine, a common rat poison, to help get him to the end of the race. When he reached the stadium, his trainers and supporters who carried him to the finish line! Even though he got the gold medal that time, he never ran professionally again.

Andarín Carvajal, a Cuban postman, ran the race in street clothes. He had not eaten in 40 hours and took a detour into an apple orchard during the race. He ate some rotten apples that gave him stomach cramps. Despite falling ill, he managed to finish in the fourth place!

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