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Music/Radio / Re: What Is That New Song You Just Can't Get Off Your Head Right Now... by Chocolatesauce(f): 3:42pm On Jun 24, 2023
Praise by Chandler Moore, Chris Brown and Elevation choir
Politics / Re: Malami: Naira Redesign Has Reduced Kidnapping, Corruption by Chocolatesauce(f): 2:24pm On Feb 11, 2023
Howwww?? My coursemate was kidnapped yesterday!!
Education / Re: Musa Muminah Agaka Graduates With A First-Class From Ahamdu Bello University by Chocolatesauce(f): 10:07am On Mar 21, 2022
As a northerner, getting a first-class in a northern school is not a difficult task. You only need to identify and verify yourself to the lecturer you are one. Or speak Hausa and gift the lecturer massa with an endnote wagging of your waist if you want the easy way out. Or if you are in anyway related to the Emir (even if na their children be your friend), even if you never learned the Use of English, it's A+...and you don't even need to attend lecture halls.

No bi Borno state we dey where English lecturer dey use Hausa teach English? No bi for WAKA Biu (college of education) for Bornu state wey some 5.00 students no sabi even spell the course title of the same courses?

As a southerner there, as a lady, many hotel bedsheets must have contained your perfume...unless you are academically sound. I pity you if you are not. I also pity guys who aren't sound. If you cannot bribe well, aboki wey you dey undergrade go leave you for 100lv enter 300lv.

This is firsthand observation not hate...and my observation has nothing to do with this news or those from middle belt. And my observation doesn't also mean that such corruption isn't done in the south.

Thank you.

Wetin you dey type guy � � �
You guys are always quick to rubbish the north. Ok let me school you bro
Over here in the north we do not and cannot bribe lecturers. Omo lecturer wey get money pass your papa?? Where you Wan see am bribe?
I'm from Edo/Delta and i see how my cousins bribe lecturers. Some don't even sit for exams and they pass this is something that can NEVER happen in BUK or any northern university bro!! Any result you graduate with here "you earned it"!! No lecturer is even interested in sleeping with you lol..

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Romance / Re: What Are The Things That Turns You Off In A Lady? by Chocolatesauce(f): 4:09pm On Mar 08, 2022
Real Good. If i should start mentioning some of the things that turns me off in a lady, i might remain single for the rest of my life grin

I will list them, nevertheless.

No matter how pretty a Lady might seem, once i notice some of this treats in such a lady, this, to me, is a red flag.

*Short Ladies: Surprised that this is the first thing on my list, huh? Yeah. I don't find Short ladies attractive no matter how pretty they look, even if they are endowed physically they can and will never be attractive to me.

*A lady that lacks sense of humor: if as a lady you don't have a good sense of humour, you are the kind that always keep a straight face, am sorry sweety, we aren't compatible.

*Lacks good communication skills: Aside from being short, another vital thing that i look forward to in a lady is the way and manner in which she speaks. If as a lady you lack good communication skills, in the sense that you can't start or keep a conversation going, to me, you are unintelligent. I like it when a Lady can start up a conversation especially if it is sports related and political.

*Uncleanness: Of course, you all can agree with me that no man in his right senses would be comfortable with a dirty human be it male or female.

*Ugly Ladies: I often hear people say they aren't after a Ladies beauty but her character. Well, character also plays a vital role in any relationship, but if i were to date a lady, she must come with both package ( Good character and beauty).

*She must not be a Manchester United fan
*She must be able to speak both English and her native language fluently.
*Must be decent
*No make-up
*She must keep a low circle of friends
*She must not be too religious e.g My pastor says kind of ladies
*Must be educated etc.

Ladies in the house, are my demanding for too much? grin

What is "are my"? �

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Travel / Re: Five Northern Cities That Attract Visitors In Nigeria by Chocolatesauce(f): 4:28pm On Jan 09, 2021
gaskiya ban yarda ba! Ịna tabatar miki cewar bawanda yafin ni kudi a kano!!

Travel / Re: Five Northern Cities That Attract Visitors In Nigeria by Chocolatesauce(f): 4:28pm On Jan 09, 2021
anwace ungwar ki ke ma a kano ma!?

Ina filin dantata, hanyar northwest university/kabuga
Travel / Re: Five Northern Cities That Attract Visitors In Nigeria by Chocolatesauce(f): 1:09pm On Jan 08, 2021
wow that's nice, can we communicate via mail?

Of course!
Travel / Re: Five Northern Cities That Attract Visitors In Nigeria by Chocolatesauce(f): 1:04pm On Jan 08, 2021
idan nazo da kudi fa!!anfin ni ne!?

Sosai ma.. duk kudin ka sai kaga wan da ya ninka ka a Kano
Travel / Re: Five Northern Cities That Attract Visitors In Nigeria by Chocolatesauce(f): 11:08am On Jan 08, 2021
Proudly born and raised in Kano state!!
I love my city!!
Tumbin giwa ��
Kano ko da me kazo anfika�

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Celebrities / Re: Mercy Johnson Daughter, Divine-Mercy Okojie’s Dedication (Photos) by Chocolatesauce(f): 5:09pm On Dec 01, 2020

Babies are a gift from God.
To those he loves, he gives an overload of them.
But the fact that God gives children does not mean we should be irresponsible with our genitals and birth like Guinea pigs.

What matters sha is that it is their choice and they can afford to cater to a battalion of kids.
But is it only me that thinks this baby's name is an ugly name for an ugly baby?

It's only you oooooo.... Big mouth!!

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Romance / Re: See After Effects Of Engaging In Runs, Which Is Rampant Amongst Girls Nowadays. by Chocolatesauce(f): 4:11am On Oct 26, 2020
. No o! Here in the north our ladies are not like that, they are chaste without those problems. I'm from Northern kaduna but even d southern kaduna girls are good too

You say wetin?? Who do runs pass hausa girls??
I was born and brought up in Kano and I've been to several northern states so no even bring that talk... They're just very good at using hijab to cover it

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Politics / Re: #EndSWAT: Aisha Yesufu Addresses Nigerian Youths (Video) by Chocolatesauce(f): 1:34pm On Oct 14, 2020
Naira marly n tuface come and see a woman with liver her boldness is from Jamaica, she's not even a celebrity but now she's an hero.......

My surprise is dat she's from the north where they are against#endsars#

She's not from the North. She's from Edo state
TV/Movies / Re: Leomike Enwerem: Meet Prince Nelson Father, King Of Imo Ebie Land In Imo State by Chocolatesauce(f): 10:24pm On Sep 24, 2020
So every rich person is now termed as a billionaire. If people know what is meant to be a billionaire people won't use that term lightly.
Latest Forbes listed only 7 billionaires in Nigeria.

My dear for this Nigeria. No be every billionaire Forbes know��
Agriculture / Re: Afforestation In Kano: See What My Team And I Are Doing On The Streets Of Kano by Chocolatesauce(f): 10:46pm On Aug 30, 2020
Very impressive. I stay at northwest University main campus road, filin dantata...
Good work man. God bless you and your team!!
Hausawa baza su tashi ba!!

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Health / Re: Ladies, How Many Sanitary Pads Do You Use Per Cycle? by Chocolatesauce(f): 11:39am On Aug 08, 2020
I don't have heavy flows so I use maximum of 7 pads. 3 days flow at most��

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Travel / Re: Inside Kano Porto Golf Resort by Chocolatesauce(f): 6:06pm On Jun 29, 2020
Ohhh.... My lovely city!

I love my city!!

Kano kanawan Dabo!!

Kano Tumbin giwa!! Kodame kazo an fika��


Business / Re: APIN: Kano Footwear Factory That Produces 1.2 Million Pairs Daily by Chocolatesauce(f): 2:54pm On Jun 26, 2020
Wow nice, but ABA is the best..... before you quote me, remember that at least 30% of those producing it in Kano are Igbo people so therefore go and spread the good news.

Oga I was born and raised in Kano..
Igbo men no dey produce anything here oo!!
They only have shops ��
Business / Re: APIN: Kano Footwear Factory That Produces 1.2 Million Pairs Daily by Chocolatesauce(f): 2:53pm On Jun 26, 2020
Oga I was born and raised in Kano..
NO IGBO man get factory for here,no dey deceive yourself...the Igbos only have shops...
Thank you

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Business / Re: APIN: Kano Footwear Factory That Produces 1.2 Million Pairs Daily by Chocolatesauce(f): 2:50pm On Jun 26, 2020
[quote author=techmo post=91087393] cool

Kano and Kaduna no dey make noise

Back then my friend said he was going to north to look for job and reside after graduating with 2.1 engineering I thought he was a fool but hell no he made the best best choice, he enjoys better life better job than people who rushed to Lagos

Guy man don dey use him knowledge turn chairman for aboki land, he speaks highly of aboki people's niceness and cheapness of everything

God bless you my brother...I dey laugh anytime I hear my cousins laughing at us living in the North calling us aboki and they're jobless in the South.... opportunities wey dey North no dey South even quarter ���


Politics / Re: El-Rufai’s Email Saying Southern Women Youth Corpers Are Seen As Whores - Reno by Chocolatesauce(f): 8:36am On Jun 15, 2020

U r a liar... Hausa does it but not like southern girls....

I school for buk and I no what I am saying..
Hausa get for body for southern women own over pass

I have one assignment for you please...
If you're still in Kano, enter sabon gari this evening and count the prostitutes you see street by street then come back let's argue ���
Do you know Ramat hostel??we live, attend lectures and gist with them...we are the ones to tell you what they're doing oga!!

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Politics / Re: El-Rufai’s Email Saying Southern Women Youth Corpers Are Seen As Whores - Reno by Chocolatesauce(f): 8:33am On Jun 15, 2020
Please, can you name just 3 prostitute corners in the whole of Sokoto. then compare it with those in Lagos. I've seen guys that claims those in Lagos are more of Igbo, they will put on hijabs. No one said Northerners are perfect, but prostitution is far lesser in the north, I live in Port Harcourt, and I can tell you, in my street alone, there are two corners

In Sokoto they don't even have a particular corner!!they are on the streets fighting each other with bottles over codeine and rephnol and guys...but lemme mention places for you... Raymond village,Al-jazeera,Behind gov Alu's house (this one is homosexuals den),the whole of Dambuwa!!
In Kano...Abedi,Sanyaolu,wheatherhead streets,Bachirawa(ugwan Yarubawa),gadan tamburawa...e.t.c they plenty!!
I'm not saying no prostitutes in the south oo but it's also in the North!!
Why are all the young girls I know (unmarried) buying and using kayanmata??are they using it to eat??these girls here are very spoilt they just know how to pretend very well!!.


Politics / Re: El-Rufai’s Email Saying Southern Women Youth Corpers Are Seen As Whores - Reno by Chocolatesauce(f): 8:47pm On Jun 14, 2020
Am telling u.

Those people just dey do rubbish behind their hijab

My sister for school you go see 4 legs inside hijab for love garden... very spoilt set of people..85% of northern girls go to their husbands houses with pregnancy,some of them continue seeing their school boyfriend even after marriage...na that hijab dey cover them


Politics / Re: El-Rufai’s Email Saying Southern Women Youth Corpers Are Seen As Whores - Reno by Chocolatesauce(f): 8:40pm On Jun 14, 2020
He's not far from the truth, throughout my tour in northern states, you will hardly see a prostitute or even see a northern girl(s) who's into prostitution, but southern girls carry am for head, especially Lagos.... Any girl residing in Lagos is a professional olosho

Ewedu girls are the worstangry sad

Please stop typing something you don't know...I was born and brought up in the North (Kano) I've traveled to nothing less than 6 Northern states and I can tell you for free that NORTHERN WOMEN ENGAGE IN PROSTITUTION BIG TIME..go to Sokoto,Kebbi, Katsina and see codeine gurgling girls,rephnol consumers, lesbians and hardcore prostitutes the only thing is they wear hijabs as disguise

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Car Talk / Re: "The Car Is Worth 100m, The Cloth Is 15k A Yard", Young Northerner Brags by Chocolatesauce(f): 1:25am On May 28, 2020
The earlier we Southerners stop deceiving ourselves with this "aboki" thing the better for us oo... I was born and brought up in Kano state and I tell you the Hausas have so left us behind.we use Almajiri to console ourselves lol,80% of Almajiri children are not even Nigerians...the children of the northern elites have the best of education,and they all make sure their sons learn the family trade as soon as he can talk and calculate figures...most of them don't even make their money from the government take it or leave it....
Southerners should better wake up and stop looking down on the Hausas...our major problem is we are very divided and WE NO LIKE OURSELVES!!A wealthy hausa man can see all the children in his kindred through schools and even sponsor them abroad but we #lmao...


Health / Re: Mysterious Deaths Hit Hadejia LG In Jigawa, Over 100 Dead by Chocolatesauce(f): 2:42pm On May 05, 2020
I hope it is not Covid19 again.
Because if that shit can travelled reach as far as Jigawa, then there is no guarantee it has not already penetrated everywhere into the South.
Never been so scared of my life since I was born.
BTW, does Jigawa shares a border with Gandollar's corona infested Kano?

Jigawa is just 1hr45mins from Kano���

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Health / Re: Anxiety In Kano Over Continuing Deaths, People Leaving Ancient City In Droves by Chocolatesauce(f): 3:57pm On May 04, 2020
My brother the thing tire me oooo... sometimes I wonder if there's another Kano asides the Kano I'm living in.
Politics / Re: COVID-19: Kano Has 10,000 Mosques But Only 25 Hospitals - Reno Omokri by Chocolatesauce(f): 4:40am On May 04, 2020
You guys really need to stop this nonsense,I was born and brought up in Kano state,the state has more than 50 hospitals and uncountable health centers....the government no dey try we gree but this Reno statistics na lie
Family / Re: How Can I Win My Wife's Heart Back? by Chocolatesauce(f): 4:11pm On May 01, 2020
Forgiving is easy, forgetting is almost impossible


Family / Re: How Can I Win My Wife's Heart Back? by Chocolatesauce(f): 11:56am On May 01, 2020
It's very possible...my dad did worse and my mum stayed but he's like a stranger in my house now,we just exchange greetings with him and that's all,we just can't force a bond that has never been there..


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