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Politics / Re: See What Kwara People Say About Bokola Saraki by Chukwurah003: 9:05am On Aug 10, 2020
Saraki is loved in Kwara state obviously

Another joke.

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Politics / Re: See What Kwara People Say About Bokola Saraki by Chukwurah003: 9:04am On Aug 10, 2020
This must be a joke.

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TV/Movies / Re: Photos Of BBNaija’s Lucy Selling Plantain by Chukwurah003: 4:30pm On Aug 07, 2020


I laugh at people always criticising Bbnaija because they don't understand the show

This show is really helping "Lazy Nigerian youths" , giving them a platform... It reminds me so much of NYSC orientation camp, but with camera 24/7

If you see how old she looks for her age you would understand Lucy is a hustler truly

People like Ozo, Kiddwaya and Prince can literally snap their fingers and change her life


Is that so? This is the platform Nigerian youths need? Interesting comment.
Career / Re: Do Not Accept A Banking Job - I Refused To Listen by Chukwurah003: 2:47pm On Aug 04, 2020
Hi all, moderator pls help me push to fp. I need good advise like badly.

I joined the banking system about a decade ago. Young and naive. I got carried away by thier flashy suits and top tech phones.
The moment I entered I realized all these was a scam. Those suits you see are being paid for, installmentally for 3months. The phones in 6 months etc Bankers are one of the least paid professions today considering the amount of time they put Into thier work (7am to even 10pm) and the level of risk they are subjected to. The sad thing about working for a Nigerian bank is once u leave, u realize that you can't use the skill elsewhere. You are technically back to square one.

This is my case. I spent the last decade of my life working in a financial institution as a teller. Quite wastful considering the fact that I know nothing other than counting money for customers. I worked for 7days in a week. 10yrs passed In a flash. No time to even get additional qualifications.

Before joining, my friends adviced me against it, but coming from a humble background the need to get independent fast was more appealing. Why I stayed so long is a topic for another day (have you heard of employment fraud) anyway,
I left last week and I can say I am happy I finally got a chance and time to learn any new trending knowledge and I am prepared to start afresh. I will be 35 this year. With a background in construction mgt I thought of copywritting, digital marketing etc but I love to learn technical stuff.. Pls advise if any. I know IT related careers will sell here and abroad.

I've thought of programming, cloud tech, data tech etc.

Please I need your advice, which path should I follow now that at the age of 40 I will regain all the time I lost in the banking field.

I can get an MSc but I want a high income paying skill that the likes of the oil majors wouldn't mind employing even at my age or if I am to be self employed I can be distinctive in that area.

Niaralanders, pls help a brother

Microsoft is currently offering free courses.
Politics / Re: Bokom Haram: Governor Zulum Shielded From Gunshots by Chukwurah003: 10:08am On Jul 31, 2020
I saw the video yesterday. See as our Nigeria security operatives dey use bele crawl for ground like snake. They only have guts towards the harmless and innocent citizens.

You clearly know nothing about warfare.

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Politics / Re: PDP Postpones Primaries In Ekiti, Niger, Sokoto & Taraba States by Chukwurah003: 7:28pm On Jul 29, 2020
London bridge is falling down....

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Celebrities / Re: 50 Hollywood/European Stars That Were Yoruba by Chukwurah003: 7:14pm On Jul 19, 2020

You lead others follow?

How come Buhari with no WAEC is leading and Osinbanjo, a professor of law is following?

This one is insecure. cheesy

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Celebrities / Re: 50 Hollywood/European Stars That Were Yoruba by Chukwurah003: 7:13pm On Jul 19, 2020
Afonjeezys have gathered to beat chest and make themselves feel good

We are still praying that you will have sense someday soon


Politics / Re: Osita Chidoka Accused Of Not Having Pictures To Back Up Projects He Authorised by Chukwurah003: 7:01pm On Jul 19, 2020
Pdp is better than Apc by far

In what world
Politics / Re: Osita Chidoka Accused Of Not Having Pictures To Back Up Projects He Authorised by Chukwurah003: 6:59pm On Jul 19, 2020
I’m seeing some Nairalanders in the screenshots grin
Romance / Re: What Can Replace Sexual Satisfaction And Companionship From A Woman? by Chukwurah003: 11:40am On Jul 19, 2020
- Seeking knowledge.
- Solving problems.
Religion / Re: Killing Of A Rare White Owl Sparks Outrage Online. by Chukwurah003: 10:17am On Jul 13, 2020
Most Of the idiots attacking that guy would do exactly what he did to that bird

But because its internet, everybody wan form animal right activists like Oyinbo people .

Owl is a beautiful bird, but people use it to commit evil to their fellow human .

I'm an african and juju dey for Africa.

Even Oyinbo people you under developed Nigerians copy and paste their lifestyle believe in witch craft and witch doctors .

So this is your mentality. No wonder you support Atiku and PDP
Politics / Re: Atiku Reacts To 'Meeting' Hushpuppi, Replies APC by Chukwurah003: 9:25pm On Jul 04, 2020
APC is grasping at straws, their commander internally displaced, their president, lifeless.
Pay them no heed.

But you’re still a criminal lover

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Politics / Re: Hushpuppi Is An Angel Compared To Buhari - Reno Omokri by Chukwurah003: 9:19pm On Jul 04, 2020
When we say PDP is filled with criminals

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Politics / Re: Uzodinma Denies Paying Herdsmen N8m For Missing Cows by Chukwurah003: 5:10pm On May 14, 2020
Trying to save face There is no smoke without fire... tongue

That saying is for illiterates

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Politics / Re: Uzodinma Denies Paying Herdsmen N8m For Missing Cows by Chukwurah003: 5:09pm On May 14, 2020
PDP are liars and thieves

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Politics / Re: COVID-19: Lagos Lockdown Online Vote by Chukwurah003: 9:01pm On May 13, 2020
Wrong move. There are too many foolish people in the Nigerian social media space. Nigeria should stay locked down.


Politics / Re: PDP To Buhari, APC: “You Have Betrayed Almajirai After Using Them To Get Power” by Chukwurah003: 9:51am On May 12, 2020
PDP is a mistake that should never have happened to Nigeria. They need to shut up.

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Health / Re: Chinwe Chibuike Foundation Donates To Essential Workers, Homeless Persons In USA by Chukwurah003: 9:50am On May 12, 2020
Watch how illiterates will try to add ethnic flavor to this post


Politics / Re: FFK: WHO, Gates, Bunch Of Confused Clowns, Sociopathic Fools, Psychopatic Idiots by Chukwurah003: 4:01pm On May 10, 2020
What is this fools contribution to humanity

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Politics / Re: Issa-Onilu: PDP Not Happy Because They Won't Share Abacha's Loot As Usual by Chukwurah003: 10:07am On May 07, 2020
These bunch of idiots should be ashamed of themselves.

As bad as PDP government was they are still miles better than APC.

PDP was better? In what world? You definitely do not know what you’re saying
Health / Re: Union Bank Staff Dies Of Coronavirus Disease In Lagos by Chukwurah003: 6:17pm On May 05, 2020
What if it's something else that killed him ??. They now attributes all deaths to Covid 19. Besides this Covid 19 in Nigeria is a big scam.
Government has seen it as an avenue to loot as usual. The pictures circulating yesterday actually shows people don't believe in it. angry angry

You can never have sense. In the past few months, many people like you have died because of willful ignorance. You’re a danger to society.
Romance / Re: Some Men Need To Think by Chukwurah003: 5:45pm On May 05, 2020
yes a woman Pusey is her value , I ain’t gonna cm here denying it ,, as a man can u marry a woman without sex?? I can get a didilo to pleasure myself till enternity, can you do soapy forever?

What a shallow mind. With people like this around, no wonder Nigeria is going backwards and promoting BBN while other countries like Senegal are busy innovating

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Romance / Re: Some Men Need To Think by Chukwurah003: 5:39pm On May 05, 2020
I can never understand the ideology of you doing nothing financially for me and you are trying to checkmate me, want to see who I am talking to and getting jealous all the time.

Am I supposed to stop talking to other guys, because I am dating a guy like you who can’t even take care of the basic needs of a woman, her hair and toiletries? Of course I am doing it myself, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with my man doing it for me. If you are broke and do nothing for your babe give her some space.

She knows you don’t have and trying to cope with you but don’t choke her up, especially now when you have nothing to offer.

Ps: if you are stingy as a man, you are not a man, you have no value. I didn’t say broke I said stingy. If you can’t do in little you won’t in much.

well said . A stingy man is a disgusting man

Lol...spoken like common beggars while your mates are holding important positions in international organizations.


Politics / Re: MURIC Says Kano Deaths Suggest Plot To Depopulate Muslims by Chukwurah003: 1:55pm On Apr 28, 2020
I don’t know why we like to give stupid people attention in Nigeria

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Politics / Re: Need to assess the lockdown in Lagos, to avoid economic depression. by Chukwurah003: 9:35am On Apr 25, 2020

oga stay in your house, am speaking of Lagos state, i have no business with other states...stop talking like a fool, attrition is used un physical warfare...how many have died so far...this is the vaccine being tested, all your talk of gloom is just your fantasy. lock yourself up with your family, no one will force you out.

Fantasy that’s currently killing thousands daily. If we get a working vaccine then that’s the perfect solution; not sending people to their deaths because you want to restart the economy. The economy will even refuse to start sef. Which worker will stay when people around him/her are dropping dead
Politics / Re: Need to assess the lockdown in Lagos, to avoid economic depression. by Chukwurah003: 9:23am On Apr 25, 2020

Oga you are talking trash, people give birth and die everyday...how many people have died so far of Covid, how many people die yearly of malaria, over 300k...do the maths...not everyone it affects dies, El Rufai, Boris, and so many survive, only 4% of those affected have died...only 30 people have died, in a nation of 200mil,do you know how many people bandits kill each week?
do you know how many people die every week normally...what is your fear?

So you want the economy to be locked down perpetually?

Do you know how many people will loose their jobs?

So your plan is to fight a war of attrition. Everyone knows a war attrition should only be a last resort. At this point in time, your argument holds no water. We should stay locked down, and we will stay locked down. That’s the reality.
Politics / Re: Need to assess the lockdown in Lagos, to avoid economic depression. by Chukwurah003: 9:18am On Apr 25, 2020
my brother don't mind that ignorant scaremongerer. By the way, your suggestion is the way to go. 19 has come to stay...life should go on.

As it stands now, Viro scientists is trying to decode the genome sequence of 19...All viruses mutate constantly, many of the mutations are due to climatic conditions

Humans have to build a level of immunity just like we did when mosquito's carrying malaria and mutate entirely in humans.

Many people with this kind of mentality are now unfortunately dead - from COVID-19. Keep blabbing rubbish. You’re not even aware that many people who recover from COVID-19 now have damaged lungs or livers. You’re proffering foreign solutions to a Nigerian problem. Knowing fully well that Nigeria is a unique country. Keep deceiving yourself.

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Politics / Re: Need to assess the lockdown in Lagos, to avoid economic depression. by Chukwurah003: 9:15am On Apr 25, 2020

Lets stop hypocrisy, no one cares if another dies, protect yourself,stay home, same Nigerians are stealing and diverting palliatives...anyone dumb enough to risk his life its on them, people die everyday in Nigeria normally, lets stop pretending like we like each other...government job is enlightenment, we can not stop everyone from doing what they like, but we can save the economy, the nation.

You still don’t see the point. If there’s a second wave of infections - which will surely be bigger, there will be no economy to speak of.
Health / Re: Why NCDC Doesn’t Want To Lift The Lockdown by Chukwurah003: 9:08am On Apr 25, 2020
The government will be making a very grievous mistake if the lockdown is not lifted this week.

I understand that the government needs to listen to doctors. They have done that already and kept everyone indoors.

Now it's time to listen to the economists while keeping the doctors close by. You cannot move the whole country beyond this point if you listen solely to NCDC or whatever they call themselves.

NCDC is mainly copying a model from their western counterparts without paying a close attention to the working formula they are also using to sustain their economy.

Devise a working formula for us, open up the economy and save the masses from the hunger that is everywhere already.

Send me a DM on Fiverr, let's talk business privately https://www.fiverr.com/s2/fa7f90d7b3?

I disagree. The government will be making a catastrophic mistake if the country is reopened without flattening the infection curve.

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Politics / Re: Need to assess the lockdown in Lagos, to avoid economic depression. by Chukwurah003: 9:03am On Apr 25, 2020

this is what the media want you to believe, wearing of face masks is better than staying home...do you really care if others die ...if they die due to negligence its on them...economy affects us all...this is hypocrisy, they dont care if we live or die...dying from hunger is worst death.

mind you, am talking of Lagos state.

Face masks help, yes. But they’re not a total solution. Given the number of uneducated people in Nigeria, going that route without a restriction in movement would be a disaster. I hope you’re aware that the number of infected people in Nigeria is much higher than what we read here or see on TV, because we’re not testing enough. This virus is no joke...ask the black community in the US after joking that it doesn’t affect black people. Mind you that’s a country with a proper healthcare system. Here you’ll go to a hospital and meet no doctor. Nigeria cannot afford to be sloppy in handling COVID-19.
Politics / Re: Need to assess the lockdown in Lagos, to avoid economic depression. by Chukwurah003: 8:51am On Apr 25, 2020

what about adopting safety measures and those that want to stay indoors stay...are you not concerned about other stuff i mentioned...remember Corona is not the only cause of death.

Safety measures in Nigeria? We both know that won’t work. The evidence is there.

Don’t compare Corona outbreak in Nigeria with developed countries. We don’t even have healthcare infrastructure. We would get it much worse if care is not taken. Bodies will liter the streets.

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