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Politics / Re: Austine Umahi: Supreme Court Judges Will Know No Peace by Chynwe(f): 1:00pm On Jan 21, 2020
The last hope of the common man they said.
388 polling units they said gave him the victory.

The question myself amd every other Imolite is asking is..

Where are the electorates/masses who voted him in having their victory dance?

Where are those who have been awaiting Uzodimma's coming celebrating?

Because Ala Imo is looking around in shock, to see their brethrens who were disenfranchised but are seeing none.

My brother, we are in great stock. Everybody is awed. Some comments here show they don't live in Imo. For those of them supporting evil,I wish them and their family what they have said is the truth.

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Politics / Re: Ihedioha: Women In Black Protest, Cry For God's Intervention For Ihedioha (Photo by Chynwe(f): 8:03pm On Jan 20, 2020
You really need to be in this state to know the State of things. Ihedioha brought light to IMO. Pensioners who were not paid in the last administration started receiving pension monthly and as at when due. These old citizens got smiles back on their faces. Civil servants were not left out. Roads were being repaired. Robbery and kidnapning reduced because of good security in place. When it was as if we were like other Eastern States except Abia,this men of the underworld caught our joy short. We were tired of the APC rule under Rochas. Imo massively voted PDP .
Uzodinma is in the same as Rochas. He could even be worse. The people who put us in this mess shall know no peace. Those ignorantly commenting, could please keep shut and stop causing IMO pains

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Politics / Re: Imo: PDP To Stage Protest In Abuja On Monday by Chynwe(f): 7:09pm On Jan 19, 2020
[. f quote author=seunmsg post=85922567]The truth is that Ihedioha was never elected governor of Imo state. He should never have been returned elected or sworn in as governor because he didn’t meet the constitutional requirements to become a governor. So, there is actually no basis for the protest other than to make noise and get undue attention. [/quote]

You are so pathetic. Let to keep shut if you are ignorant. You don't live in IMO and yet you open your mouth and talk nonsense. You need to live in IMO to feel the pains. You irritate
Politics / Re: Meet Chioma Uzodinma, Imo First Lady (Photos) by Chynwe(f): 3:24pm On Jan 17, 2020
Wow! I have always known this man had no wife. Out of all his concubines, he chose this one as first Lady.

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Politics / Re: Ihedioha Reacts To Supreme Court Judgment Declaring Uzodinma Winner by Chynwe(f): 7:26pm On Jan 15, 2020
Only yorubas and zombies from other states that are happy not the imolites.
Cursed humans
98% of imolites are not happy. Almost everyone here is not happy. We are back to bondage. I simply sigh when i read comments here. Imo residents know we are in for evil rute. If you know you know

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Politics / Re: Fr Mbaka To Ihedioha: Pack Up, Uzodinma Is Coming by Chynwe(f): 7:32pm On Jan 06, 2020
author=Abagworo post=85543098]99% of Imolites want anything but Ihedioha. Reason is he has drawn the State so backwards that you won't believe it's same place that was bubbling with life few months ago. His vendetta fight against Okorocha has killed the State infrastructure and economy. Something has to happen to rescue the State from anarchy and total collapse. [/quote]
You again. Please bury your head in shame. You lack truth in your life
Politics / Re: Imo On Fire As Gov. Ihedioha Disobeys Court Judgment by Chynwe(f): 7:25pm On Jan 06, 2020
There was no local government election all through the 8 years, Rochas was Governor. When his tenure ended and he saw that his son inlaw had lost the gubernatorial election. He quickly selected local government Chairman in a sham election pretending to have conducted election. So Emeka should just accept them?Really, this is the height of hypocrisy. This same APC sacked all PDP local government Chairmen when Rochas took over power. The court ruled that they should be called back and the order was not obeyed. People who live in glass house do not throw Stones.


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by Chynwe(f): 12:55pm On Jan 04, 2020
After much delay from MOD IDP,my result is finally out. L- 7.5,R- 7,W-7.5 ,Speaking - 7. This is my first attempt. Initially, I was scared of Ielts writing because some of my friends were pegged at 6.5 after writing severally. I came on this thread and heard of @blissnenye and the way those she tutored aced their writing. I contacted her and she patiently tutored me for 2 weeks. Though listening was below my expectations, I thank God for everything.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by Chynwe(f): 12:51pm On Jan 04, 2020
Politics / Re: What Happened To Vision 2020? by Chynwe(f): 10:25am On Jan 02, 2020
They thought we will not get to 2020.The year was far in their eyes.

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Politics / Re: Okorocha: No One Has Beaten My Record In The History Of Imo State by Chynwe(f): 5:59pm On Dec 31, 2019
Yes nobody will ever beat your iberiberitic tendencies, nobody will beat the records of your nepotic nature not even buhari.
The only Governor in Nigeria history that appointed his son in law as chief of staff.
Appointed his son in law's father as SSG.
Appointed his blood sister Deputy Chief of Staff.
Appointed his blood brother the head of revenue collector.
Appointed another blood brother Chairman of Imo State transport company.
Created the most preposterous ministry in the history of humanity(ministry of happiness and couples fulfillment) headed by his sister ogechi.
The only Governor in Imo State history to appoint a Commissioner from his own LGA.
The only Governor in Imo State history that owed 6 years pension unpaid.
Collected 35 Billion Bailout Fund for salaries and Pensions and paid Zero Pension.
Collected Paris Club Refund and Paid Zero Pensions.
Spent Billions of Naira on verification of Pensioners that failed.
Caught his own appointees in massive Pension Fraud, but covered the Pension thieves and released them, none charged to Court.
The only Governor in Imo State history that ordered every LGA in Imo State to bring cake for his birthday.
The only Governor who Claimed of spending N4b on school Uniforms, Sandals and Canvas to students, whereas only few schools and students in urban area benefited from it.
The only Governor who Awarded all the jobs in MDG, USBEB and FADAMA to only family members and few friends.
The only Governor who siphoned over 22 whopping Billion Naira of ISOPADEC in the guise of building imaginary Maritime University in Oguta that never came to fruition.
The only Governor who Used his son in-law Uche Nwosu, then Commissioner for Lands to acquire peoples lands in the guise of development. Converting of open spaces to family properties.
The only Governor who Deceitfully claimed to be building princess Hotel at Okigwe in which Billions was paid to Spanish company and not much work has been done. Part of the Hotel collapsed few months after it began because of the sub-standard job, and the hotel was abandoned.
The only Governor who built uncompleted halls in every LGA of Imo State and claimed to have spent 30 billion Naira on them.
The only Governor who sacked over 4 VC's of Imo State university in less than 18 months.
The only Governor who appointed over 70 aides upon his assumption in office.

Truly nobody will ever beat your iberiberism acts.

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Education / Re: IPPIS: Unregistered Lecturers May Forfeit December Salary by Chynwe(f): 10:01am On Nov 27, 2019
It's better to understand an issue before taking a stand.
I tried to make findings from the staffs of those MDAs that are enrolled already on IPPIS. My findings are not heartwarming at all.
First, they receive less as their Taxes are scandalously high.
Second, their salaries are not static, they fluctuate.
Third, when an error occurs, it can take you almost a year to rectify it as Abuja shall become your second home where some people will extort money from you.
Fourth, no mistake is minute. For instance, as far as they're concerned, Ajayi O. Badmus is a different person from Ajayi Owolabi Badmus. If the above is the case, your salary will be returned and to get it back, you have to go to Abuja with all the necessary documents for God knows how many times.
My conclusion is that the platform is over 90% pro government. Don't forget that the template may not accept you if you're above 50 years.
I was wondering why ASUU was kicking against it. I sympathize with the non teaching staff who rush to enroll on the platform.
You can contact any staff of the NIMC to understand their precarious situation. I have a nephew who I have to support monthly since their enrollment.

Please note that this actually is not mine!

Thanks for educating those children that have been making noise. These peculiarities have made ASUU resolve not to join.

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Tribunal Affirms Ihedioha’s Election As Imo Governor by Chynwe(f): 8:18pm On Sep 21, 2019
This is victory for Imo

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Tribunal Affirms Ihedioha’s Election As Imo Governor by Chynwe(f): 8:11pm On Sep 21, 2019
Victory dedicated to God. This calls for celebration.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Chynwe(f): 1:15pm On Sep 10, 2019
For those already in Canadian Universities, could you please help me with a link to a fully funded PhD in Applied mathematics. I would so much appreciate it. I want to apply for PhD in Applied mathematics
Fashion / Re: Get 100pcs Of 3ml Undiluted Designer Perfume Oil At 40k Plus Free Shipping by Chynwe(f): 8:03am On Aug 22, 2019
All available in oil form!

Which of them is your best
Fashion / Re: Get 100pcs Of 3ml Undiluted Designer Perfume Oil At 40k Plus Free Shipping by Chynwe(f): 8:02am On Aug 22, 2019
All available in oil form!

Which of them is your best
What are their prices?
Fashion / Re: Get 100pcs Of 3ml Undiluted Designer Perfume Oil At 40k Plus Free Shipping by Chynwe(f): 8:02am On Aug 22, 2019
All available in oil form!
Which of them is your best
What are there prices?
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Chynwe(f): 9:20am On Jul 30, 2019
Submitted paper application on the 24th of April 2019
Medical request: 13th June 2019
Eligibility review: 17th June 2019
Medicals done at QLife: 4th July 2019
Medicals passed: 15th July 2019
BVL: 26th July 2019
Approval: 29th July 2019

Application profile
Admission into MSc/PhD in Biochemistry and Medical Genetics, University of Manitoba, Fall 2019. I secured a supervisor with full funding (23000 CAD). ( I actually have an MSc in Biochemistry but had to apply for MSc because UofM Biochemistry department does not admit international students to PhD directly: I will be doing one year MSc coursework and move to PhD for the remaining 3 years)
School fees: 12000 CAD

Documents submitted
1. Funding letter from supervisor
2. Printout from department website showing that they do not take students directly for PhD
3. Scholarship letter from UofM (5400 CAD)
4. Academic transcripts (MSc and BSc)
5. CV
6. SOP (3 pages)
7. SOA from my inlaw who has no dependents
8. Affidavit of support from inlaw
9. In law's landed property documents
10. Sponsor's business documents
11. International passport
12. Sponsor's international passport, and passport of dad's sister
13. Parents' and siblings' IDs
14. Academic awards gotten in secondary school and university, leadership certificates
15. Birth certificates (mine and my siblings')
16. Parents' and sponsor's marriage certificates
17. Admission letter
18. WAEC certificate
First, i want to thank God Almighty, my own visa officer!! I very worried that the VO would think that because I applied for MSC rather than PhD, I want to run away, but God did it. I also did not submit my account statement or any landed property, but just explained in my sop that I'm passionate about making a difference upon my return to Nigeria. Even though I showed no proof other than my family, God still did it!
Thanks to all the gurus and friends on this wonderful platform. You guys are all so amazing, God bless you!!
To all those still waiting for results, God will speedily deliver your approvals in Jesus name.
God bless you
Congratulations. This is good news

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Government Is Driving Nigeria Towards Disaster & Instability — Obasanjo by Chynwe(f): 8:56am On Jun 12, 2019
Most comments I read here shows the people are doomed. The truth is very obvious but people have chosen to shy away from the truth. I week for this generation.
Properties / Re: The Making Of The "Owerri Royal Manor" by Chynwe(f): 2:00pm On Jun 11, 2019
Grea job. You are just good in your niche.


Politics / Re: Photos From Swearing In Of Emeka Ihedioha As Governor Of Imo State by Chynwe(f): 2:16pm On May 29, 2019
Empty stadium
Empty stadium my foot. I was surprised with massive crowd I saw troop in into the stadium. I was at relief market this morning. I've been praying that there won't be stampede after the crowd I saw before leaving Wetheral road today.
Travel / Re: A Nairaland In California Is Celebrating Is Birthday Today (CYPAID) by Chynwe(f): 4:42pm On Apr 27, 2019
Happy Birthday. May God continue to guide and protect you. May you excel in all your endeavours. Enjoy your day and have great fun
Family / Re: Woman Celebrates Her Housemaid Of 13 Years, Who Got Admission Into Higher Insti by Chynwe(f): 12:04pm On Apr 14, 2019
Good woman. God bless you
Career / Re: N500k Job Or Graduate Assistant In A Federal University In Nigeria by Chynwe(f): 2:13pm On Apr 12, 2019

Bro/Sis, I beg you in the name of whatever you worship, do not take the lecturing job. On the financial side, you will never get paid enough. You will earn something that is likely 5 times less than your current salary. There are no extra perks to compensate the low salary. Your salary will sometimes be delayed. You are used to a particular lifestyle right now and all that will have to end when you take the lecturing job.

On an intellectual note, you seem like a smart person considering you managed to get a first class. If you are so passionate abbout lecturing, I suggest you apply for an MSc/Phd in USA, Canada, Australia or somewhere in Europe. During your Phd you will teach undergraduate and MSc classes like I currently do. After the PhD, if you have published good work, you will be able to search for tenure-track positions at universities worldwide. Universities where you will be paid healthily. Universities where you will have access to numerous government research grants. You will recruit your own PhD students and you will mentor and lecture undergraduates and graduates alike. All these you can never do in Nigeria.

At the end of it all, if you end up as a lecturer in Nigria, you will have to kiss the asses of your superiors just to get anything done, you will have no access to funding, you will likely never publish any useful research work and you won't earn enough money. Money is important.

Please stay at your job and move abroad to obtain a PhD if you are so passionate about lecturing. If for any reason you lecture in Nigeria, it should be at those specialized postgraduate institutes like the AUST in Abuja or somewhere like that. Not any fucking federal university. Good luck
I totally agree with this advice and this should be your best bet. When I left banking job for a GA job in a Federal University , it wasn't easy. The pay of a GA is a little above 100k.@op,i think you will be fulfilled if you go by this advice. @lmuhopeful, please if you come across any professor over there recruiting PhD mathematics students, kindly let me know. I really need something different from the PhD I am doing in my University right now.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NGO JOBS ONLY by Chynwe(f): 11:06am On Apr 11, 2019
Please are there NGO jobs in Owerri?
Politics / Re: We Will All Miss Rochas Okorocha By Akubude Jesse by Chynwe(f): 5:29am On Apr 08, 2019
Rochas remain one of the best Governor Imo State has produced...........

He brought development...........
He brought development to your father's compound

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