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Politics / Re: Akinwunmi Adesina Re-Elected As AFDB President by Chynwe(f): 4:00pm On Aug 27, 2020
That's a good one.One good term deserves a second term
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How I Almost Got Scammed Over A Civil Defense Job by Chynwe(f): 3:58pm On Aug 16, 2020
Lwkmd!!!!Scammers aren't smiling
Politics / Re: Hope Uzodinma Petitions NJC, AGF Over ‘supreme Court Governor’ Tag By PDP by Chynwe(f): 2:21pm On Aug 11, 2020
"The flogging governor"
Politics / Re: Speaker Frank Okiye: Hope Uzodinma Wants To Forcefully Take Over Edo Assembly by Chynwe(f): 5:40am On Aug 06, 2020
This dubious Supreme court governor again.This man has shattered my state all in the name of governance.Imo is now in disarray.
Edo people,shine your eyes now and vote wisely.Hope Uzodinma means no well so his candidate should be avoided by all means
Politics / Re: Hoodlums Attack Imo Retirees During Protest Against Unpaid Pensions (photos) by Chynwe(f): 6:09pm On Aug 05, 2020
I wonder how some reason. So you meet your parents contemporaries who need to protest before they are paid their pension and you collect money to disrupt such protest. Some people out of their greed today are only destroying their future because of some paltry sum.
As if they have future
Politics / Re: Supreme Court Governor, Why? Deji Adeyanju Blast Hope Uzordinma by Chynwe(f): 6:57pm On Aug 04, 2020
I only blame those who connived to inflict this wickedness on Imo State
Education / Re: FG To Fence University Of Maiduguri With 64 Billion Naira by Chynwe(f): 10:55am On Aug 03, 2020
Money that is supposed to be used for Academic earned allowance payment
Politics / Re: Acting NDDC MD Collapsed On Live TV by Chynwe(f): 1:07pm On Jul 20, 2020
this is just fabricated drama to get out of the house...Nigeria is just a house of drama
There is no fabrication here.It clearly shows there is slight distinction between between life and death.I am not trying to say embezzlement is a good thing.All those putting him under pressure have no moral justification to do that.They are all the same.Birds of a feather.They are all part of the looting.
it is the masses that have the right to question him .May God help him survive .I think his blood pressure shot up
Politics / Re: Acting NDDC MD Collapsed On Live TV by Chynwe(f): 1:06pm On Jul 20, 2020
The pressure was just much.It is high time we got people whose hands are clean to probe those who embezzle money.These bunch of crooks called legislators have no moral justification to probe fellow criminal looters.
God save the masses who are the beneficiary of bad governance

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Politics / Re: Chiji Collins: 22 Imo Lawmakers Sign To Sack Speaker by Chynwe(f): 4:20pm On Jul 07, 2020
This is long over due. This one follow for speaker?Rubber stamped item
Politics / Re: Uzodinma Exposes Eight Persons Indicted In N330m Pension Fraud by Chynwe(f): 2:11am On Jul 07, 2020
This man has only paid salaries and pensions once after the Supreme Court abracradabra.
Instead of paying, he keeps distracting people who are interested in his rubbish government of one nonexistent scam or the other
Politics / Re: Joseph Oluomachi Opara Adopted By Governor Uzodimma, Meets His Foster Father by Chynwe(f): 1:58am On Jul 07, 2020

Hope Uzodinma best imo Governor

Best South East Governor by far

This is how to inspire Ndigbo youths to greatness

The worst Governor in the history of Imo State.Everything about him Is scam.No iota of sincerity and integrity in him.Tell your supreme court Governor to pay workers and pensioners backlog of what he is owing them
Politics / Re: Imo Pensioners Block Govt House Entrance, Demand Payment Of Pensions (photos) by Chynwe(f): 9:30pm On Jun 30, 2020
They should send soldiers to flog , and disperse those nuisance blocking the road ...

This governor is too quiet
Your head needs serious evaluation.Na like this stupidity dey start
Politics / Re: Pensioners Protest In Imo State by Chynwe(f): 12:44pm On Jun 23, 2020
The scam Supreme Court Governor managed to pay February pension at the heat of Supreme court judgement review to make it look as if he is serious.Immediately after the review ,this man stopped paying pensions of the retirees.
As foxy as he is,he will select few out of the pensioners mostly those below 50k and pay them.I have not seen a situation where random sampling is done in payment of wages.
Salaries of civil servants have turned to story.He is owing them three to four months. No conscience on how this people are surviving the lockdown.Hope Uzodinma is mean.What baffles me is that Emeka Ihedioha didn't owe workers and pensioners a dime.Most times, i wonder where Imolites went wrong.A man that we didnt vote for in Imo State.
This Fulani menace in Imo will bring him to book soonest.Heartless Supreme Court Governor
Politics / Re: BREAKING!!! IPOB Members Stage Heavy Protest In Aba, Defy Military Presence(pix by Chynwe(f): 3:44pm On Jun 08, 2020
They have started again, if the government tries to maintain order now they will be crying genocide
I did not see them killing anybody unlike the Fulani herdsmen.Can't they protest in peace again?
Stop this bad blood

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Politics / Re: The Slum: Lagos by Chynwe(f): 10:10am On Jun 08, 2020
Family / Re: Tell Me Your Dreams. I Interpret All Dreams by Chynwe(f): 2:26pm On Jun 05, 2020

Well you have to understand that this is just one of my many gifts and i need time to explore my other gifts. its better than just closing the thread and disappearing. anyway my other gifts are
1- seeing the future and past. prophet
2- seer
3-looking at the spiritual compatibility of couples and spiritual counselling of couples
4- decoding the spiritual programs in each person
5- Healing and curing all Cancers
6- Home address divination. The number of your house and the street is not a coincidence that you are there. The purpose of your sspirit at that particular point in time is why your spirit took you to that address. no coincidences in life
7-Determining the direction world leaders will take the country they lead from looking at the spiritual signatures and programs guiding and directing that world leader
8-Determine the spiritual purpose of every movement you make including relocations to different countries etc
9-Reading the weather and geo events. Yes I read the weather like i read the dreams because there is a message from God in the weather and geo events like earthquakes tsunamis tornados hurricanes etc
10-Determine the spiritual messsage in world events eg Covid 19 and George floys death and protests
11-Determine the spiritual message in sports teams and sports results ( yes this is also controlled by spirits and is no coincidence )
12-Spiritual meaning in people habits eg getting tattoos, smoking cigarettes and cannabis, drinking spirits, Pet ownership etc
13-Spirirual meaning in astrological events like eclipses and supermoons and perigees and apogees and pereihelion and aphelion and blackk moon and blue moons and blood moons etc etc
14-Spiritual decoding of music and movies and celebrities because these things are messages.
15- Dream Interpretation of course
16-Decoding spiritual languages like the hieroglyphs
17-Decoding the meaning behindd all country flags, emblems, logos, seccret society flags and logos, anything with a logo and a flag
18-I dospiritual diagnostic checkup on people with a 12 lead electrode and a computerised electro-cardiology program to see if your spirit is sick and how we can repair the electromagnetics in it
19-Decode the spiritual energy of different countries
20-The sspiritual energy behind all the periodic table elements and how to use eacch of them to either destroy or build up. for example the group 17 halogens or the radioactive elements combined with rogue electromagnetic frequencies an really alter a man. Carbon derivatives spirituality and why people dig the earth for carbon fuels etc.
21-The spiritual meaning behind each year and what we expect to happen for example 2020 means LOCKDOWN AND OBLITERATION. so eacch number has aa message. numbers are spirituaal
22-Thee spirituaal meaning behind all names. names are spiritual entities thaat describe the purpose or spiritual state of aa being
23-The spiritual meaning of all the animals and trees and rodents and insects etcc because these things are here for a reason. for example if you see a moth in your house this signifies there is spiritual death in that house
24-The spiritual messaages in black holes, constellations, galaxies, nebulas, quasars, palsars, comets, asteroids, meteors, bollides, stars, etc etc
25-The spirituality behind all the technology and electricity
26-The spiritual energy behind all roads and bridges for example if someone dies on 3rd mainland bridge we know this is a soul that was destroyed into hell
27-The spiritual energy behind every institution eg hospital, parks, docks, quay, market, library etc. like if you end up in one of these we know the spiritual message
28-The spirituality behind ssexuality. for exaample i know who bobrisky is spiritually and what he is representing on the planet by being who he is in the spaace called nigeria
29-The spirituality in occultic sciences like the tarot, alchemy, orishas, egyptology, mythology, etc
30- The spirituality behind all science for exaample if you combine a base and an acid you get aa salt and water, this means someone went into the pits of hell and got afflicted and refined in the fire and then came out purified into heaven while the hell was discarded and separated from them. its alchemy
31-DecipheringThe spirituality in world history
32-Decoding The hidden codes and occultic sspiritual codes in the bible and every sacred texts like the apocrypha and septuagint and koran etc
33-The spirituality behind wars and weapons
34-The spirituality in every item you see in this world eg pot, cup, tea, branch, pentagram, sword, grave, headstone, shoe, wood, root, flower, bin, bag, aeroplane, the bermuda triangle, landscapes, landmarks, holidays, bird flight patterns, fashion trends, dance trends etc etc
35- Spirituality of shapes, Sizes, Colors, numbers, alpha=beth, languages, dates, months, days, NASA projects and flights,
36-The spirituality in diseases and disease names eg Lupus, Cancer, Brugada, Parkinson etc There is a spiritual message in all these diseases
37- The spirituality in birth and death circumstances
38-The spirituality of the seasons
39-The spirituality of the Zodiac and of the world Cartography-Map pattern
40- The spirituality in the arrangement of countries in africa
41- The spirituality behind each racial category of people on the planet, their cultural practices and traditions and religion
42-The spirituality behind car ownership and make of car, banks, money, technology
43- The Spirituality behind the USA layout and President numbers and UK layout with postcodes and London Underground, and UK train stations. Counties, boroughs, towns, cities, villages, street names

44-Determining the spiritual energies of each day and informing you of the energies to doo certain events and when it will be impossible to succeed in an event on a particular day because of the spiritual energy codes of the day. For example for Iran to win a war against the USA they have to attack on a day when the spiritual energies are against the USA. this is how wars are fought on the spiritual plane before the physical plane, For example of Iran had struck on the 3rd of June when Pallas retrograded into Capricorn they would have blown america out of the water real quick and real easy

45-Spirituality behind gender, age, age cycles, life cycles

46- Spirituality behind physical and dental aberration as well as Sexual aberration

47-Spirituality behind music festivals Burning man, Beltane, Woodstock, Winstock, Glastonbury, Masquerade, Ashenda

48 - Spirituality behind cultural practices like leaves-wreath around your neck in hawaii and kilt and bagpipe in scotland etc

49 - The Spirituality of the different states in Nigeria

50 - Spiritual message behind menstrual cycle aberration


Ha!!!!!!Only one person is doing all these?It is only solution that will convince me

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Politics / Re: Quote Me; Bandits, Who Killed 70 People In Sokoto, Are Fulani –sabon Birni Ex-lg by Chynwe(f): 9:30am On Jun 05, 2020
Hope Uzodinma,come and see the atrocities of the people you are welcoming into Imo State. Better retreat from allowing them into Imo
because we love the peace we are enjoying
Family / Re: My Baby Was On Life Support; A Nairalander Paid Her Bills (Pics) by Chynwe(f): 3:04pm On Jun 03, 2020
God bless this giver.There are still good people on earth.You have got a beautiful baby

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Family / Re: How Has The Corona Pandemic Affected You? Positive Or Negative by Chynwe(f): 4:42pm On Jun 01, 2020
I am just believing God that it shall end in praise
Politics / Re: Umar Dangiwa Open Letter To Buhari: Your Lopsided Appointment Will Ruin Nigeria by Chynwe(f): 1:27am On Jun 01, 2020
what loopsided appointment is this man talking about?

every region got their constitutional required appointment. apart from that every other appointment is politically influenced or should ba based on outstanding merit.

you didn't invest politically you shouldn't reap politically.

learn to be politically smart instead of media noises.
They don chop this one
Politics / Re: Imo Pensioners Cries Out For Help To State Government For 3months Outstanding Pa by Chynwe(f): 2:56pm On May 30, 2020
This matter don tire me.What baffles me is that Ihedioha paid these people regularly and promptly.My mum's pension during Ihedioha's regime came on or before 1st of every month.They were happy when these pension was coming regularly.Someone like my mum didn't collect pension for two years during Rochas's regime except towards the end when he gave them 30% of their pension twice. When Ihedioha took over and started paying them after their verification,these men and women had joy on their faces.
When Uzodinma took over, he released February pension before Supreme court review knowing what was at stake.After the review,he brought out his true colors.In March,he selected those whose salaries were below 50k,health workers and judges and paid them March pension,leaving majority of pensioners unpaid.This man put it on radio jingles,that he wasn't owing pensioners just to mark his 100 days in Office.Meanwhile, these retirees have been subjected to untold hardship as a result of lockdown.No money for feeding and medical bills.
Just yesterday again,Uzodinma repeated the same random sampling of April pension to the same few he paid in March.
Only God will judge his matter.This is indeed a deep scam.
Politics / Re: OPINION POLLS: Has Buhari Delivered His Campaign Promises? by Chynwe(f): 11:33am On May 29, 2020
The answer is glaring. A two year old baby can answer this
Politics / Re: Governor Hope Uzodinma Rehabilitates 19 Abandoned Roads In Imo by Chynwe(f): 2:02am On May 22, 2020

He is working.in less than 4 months,he has achieved more than ihedioha.let him extend the rehab to orlu zone.maestroferddi and nosryk are needed.up apc

You have been hired for image redemption on Nairaland.The truth will set you free.Tell your Oga to pay pensioners. Ihedioha paid promptly and never owed a dime.Your master is putting untold hardship on those old people.

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Politics / Re: Governor Hope Uzodinma Rehabilitates 19 Abandoned Roads In Imo by Chynwe(f): 1:58am On May 22, 2020
Gov Uzodinma oooo...

More grease to your elbows.

Remember, we are waiting for your action on what you earlier promised to do: asphalt for the urban roads in Orlu and Okigwe.
There are more than twenty urban roads without asphalt in Orlu but with houses fully built on both sides of the roads.

Imo needs a second modern town, or more, for its people to build houses and settle.
Success is yours.

Is it because of the small change you are being paid?

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Religion / Re: Apostle Omotosho Celebrates Birthday by Chynwe(f): 6:46pm On May 21, 2020
Happy Birthday man of God.The oil on your head will never run dry.Continue to win souls for God.Increase in every area of your life Sir
Politics / Re: The Supreme Court Governor Of Imo State Dishing Out Supreme Developmental Orders by Chynwe(f): 12:20pm On May 21, 2020
Paid advert.Continue deceiving yourself. It is when your paymaster starts paying attention to workers and pensioners that I will take both of you serious.For now, your government is a sham.
His predecessor didn't owe workers or pensioners a dime.After a month of your paymaster taking over,he decided to start cheating himself.You pick 200 out of 3000 pensioners and pay ,then go on air and brodcast that you have finished paying them.Mheeen,your Supreme court governor is a scam.

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Politics / Re: Calling Uzodinma ‘Supreme Court Governor’ Is Derogatory – Imo Elders Warn by Chynwe(f): 11:48am On May 21, 2020
Supreme Court governor of IMO State alias" made in Abuja Governor "

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Family / Re: Please Help, My Two Years Old Boy Put Hand Inside Hot Semo From Fire.... by Chynwe(f): 6:03pm On May 19, 2020
Did he fall inside the fire??!
Small thing like this, you're already panicking. Mtcheeew. I pity your foolish husband.
Use vaseline and egg. That's all. Mtcheeeeeeewwwww
Hey! That's rude.Why refer to the husband as foolish.Please you can do better.If she knew what to do,she wouldn't come on nairaland
Family / Re: Please Help, My Two Years Old Boy Put Hand Inside Hot Semo From Fire.... by Chynwe(f): 6:25pm On May 18, 2020
Dermazin heals burns fast.When you are buying,please check if there is age restrictions

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