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Education / Re: Just Before You Enter Nigeria's "University Of First Choice" -UNILAG by cola: 4:05pm On Jan 15

Again, I haven't noticed that.

However, if it were even there, should Unilag be responsible for cleaning the dirt littered by market woman somewhere away from the school because it's the university of first choice?

Unilag has its boundaries and if you want to do investigative journalism to trend, get into the school, take a few courses on journalism and be professional in your conduct.

In the meantime, be free to blame it and any other thing you see in Lagos on Unilag. Enjoy.

You need to calm down. I have the least interest in "trending", whatever that means to you.
If you can't see your dirty surrounding, that's nobody's fault.

In your logic, if you have a decent house and some some random folks, whether market women or market men, decide to start dumping refuse opposite or adjacent to your property, you would just live with it, with the attendant public image liability and possible health implications for your household, because the chairman of your CDA is not doing his job. Good luck on that!

What better sense dictates, if I respect my visitors and value my own decency, is that I either take measures to stop them by calling the attention of the relevant authorities or I take responsibility for cleaning up the place..

This is even moreso if I am a a respected member of the community, like UNILAG is a respected, reputable institution who might only need to make a few calls to correct the situation, if it places a value on decency and cleanliness around its institution.

Meanwhile, my call is primarily to the relevant authorities, esp the local government concerned. If somebody in UNILAG consider themselves relevant to the situation, then let them do something about it.
Education / Re: Just Before You Enter Nigeria's "University Of First Choice" -UNILAG by cola: 2:40pm On Jan 15
You may need to edit your title @op. I passed the main gate and in Unilag now but didn't notice this

If you go out anytime soon, as soon as you go out of the gate, please look ahead of you by that private hostel directly opposite the gate.
You can help confirm or debunk this.
Education / Re: Just Before You Enter Nigeria's "University Of First Choice" -UNILAG by cola: 2:27pm On Jan 15
if you drive in through (or out towards) Yaba, you might miss it.
In fact, this dump is directly opposite the illegal park where keke napep pick and drop passengers at UNILAG gate.

Where is the gate? So people should help you spread false information to achieve what exactly?

I have never seen this mess anywhere at the gate before. If you visited a slum around the school, be sure to put up the exact location.

Spread false information? To achieve what exactly?
If the eyes have become so accustomed to sights that are eyesores, you might not recognize an ugly sight when you see one.
Education / Re: Just Before You Enter Nigeria's "University Of First Choice" -UNILAG by cola: 1:07pm On Jan 15
Education / Just Before You Enter Nigeria's "University Of First Choice" -UNILAG by cola: 1:06pm On Jan 15
Please make this go round on Twitter, WhtasApp etc, until somebody does the needful.

This heap of refuse is a permanent feature at the main front gate of the University of Lagos - a university that prides itself as the foremost "centre of excellence", as you drive in from the St. Finbarrs road axis. (The access road itself is story for another day).

We need to constantly put our leaders on their toes and demand action.

Modified: This is primarily directed at the local government authorities. I believe though that the university could leverage on its goodwill to keep the institution's vicinity as decent as possible.

Politics / Re: You Can't Depend On Telcos - Minister Tells Regulators by cola: 1:37pm On Nov 26, 2019
Sadly though, the telcos possess the warchest to launch a campaign that could end up deposing this man, and they would not have a short supply of willing collaborators. One can only hope the public would be discerning enough to know who's for them.
Politics / Re: You Can't Depend On Telcos - Minister Tells Regulators by cola: 1:19pm On Nov 26, 2019
This minister is the real deal. I hope he lasts.
Politics / You Can't Depend On Telcos - Minister Tells Regulators by cola: 1:13pm On Nov 26, 2019

Ihuoma Chiedozie, Abuja

The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Pantami, on Monday, vowed to put an end to what he described as the “unhealthy dependence of regulators on operators” in the telecoms sector.

The minister, who raised the alarm over alleged attempts by “corrupt” individuals to sabotage efforts being made by the ministry, also alleged that the operators “compromise” regulators in the sector.

He vowed that the unhealthy relationship between the regulators and operators would no longer thrive under his leadership.

Pantami spoke through a statement signed by his spokesperson, Uwa Suleiman.

Stressing that he would not allow the exploitation of consumers, the minister insisted that regulators in the telecoms sector must be truly independent and objective.

The statement said, “The hitherto existing relationship between regulators and operators, which more often than not compromises the former, is one that cannot thrive under the current leadership.

“The minister is determined to ensure that the unhealthy dependence of regulators on operators is addressed so that regulators can be very objective.

“No act of corruption or injustice shall be condoned.

“We will neither be intimidated by fifth columnists and any agents of dubious intentions nor blackmailed into submission.

“The minister considers it duty-bound to provide non-discriminatory policy directions for the benefit of every Nigerian, ensure that consumers are protected from exploitation, provide an enabling environment for investors and operators and enhance the independence of all regulatory parastatals under his purview.”

Pantami, in the statement, explained that he wanted to notify the general public that he was not unaware of the “clandestine attempts by some unpatriotic elements at sabotaging the efforts being made by the ministry to deliver on its mandate to Nigerians.”

The minister had, in recent times, issued a number of directives aimed at intervening on critical issues in the telecoms sector.

These include ordering the blocking of unregistered SIM cards and directives to the Nigerian Communications Commission to compel the telcos to reduce the cost of data and stop illegal deductions from subscribers.

The statement said the moves aimed at protecting the consumer, and entrenching discipline and professionalism in the sector had “obviously ruffled some feathers whose sole aim is to discredit Pantami’s mass-friendly policies.”

According to the statement, investigations have revealed plans to launch a “malicious smear campaign” against Pantami by unscrupulous elements.
Politics / Re: I Reject The Verdict Of The Presidential Election Tribunal. by cola: 10:39am On Sep 11, 2019

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Politics / Re: Noted by cola: 8:41am On Jul 20, 2019
That's all fine.

Imagine though, that that statement was made by say, el-Rufai or a senator of the other faith saying he'd give first allegiance to the Qur'an before the laws of the country. All the hateful, hate-filled bigots on this platform would have screamed themselves hoarse by now, jumping up and down with all manners of inanities.

Again, it's all fine if anyone wants to put his faith before any other thing as long as that does not infringe on any other individual's right.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Ibadan School Asks Muslim Students To Remove Hijab (Photos) by cola: 10:31am On Jul 05, 2019
What the heck is this?

Are You A Muslim?
"I believe that there no god/God but Allah."
"I believe that Muhammad is God's Holy Prophet."
"I believe that Islam is the Only True Religion."
"lā ʾilāha ʾillā-llāh, muhammadun rasūlu-llāh."

This is the problem, you don't want Christians to comment on this story because they won't accept the above... Yet you want to attend a Christian school with Hijab...

So as a Christian, I cannot comment on a story that [b]obviously is about a Christian school [/b]refusing the wearing of hijab... Can I be allowed to attend a Muslim school with a bible? There are many other schools out there though..

Christian school?
This chap here has nill background knowledge about what he passes a comment on. That makes you what?

ISI is a public secondary school and the parents of these children are taxpayers whose taxes are part of the financing of the school... But Christans insist the children must lose a part of their faith to be eligible for what their parents pay for in taxes.

These folks talk about school rules. They are again ignorant of the fact that no law in Nigeria prevents people from a complete practice of their faith so long it doesn't infringe on any other person or group's rights.

They find it convenient to claim Nigeria is secular but they accept Christmas and Easter holidays, never mind Sunday holidays.

Nigeria is not secular, rather it is multi-religious, and no religion must be stiffled by intolerance and congenital hatred from some misguided bunch of islamophobes.


Politics / Re: JUST IN: Buhari’s Swearing In To Be Low Key, Moves ‘Major’ Events To June 12 by cola: 2:43pm On May 13, 2019
Politics / Re: FG Blocks Governors From Monopolising Local Government Allocations by cola: 7:59am On May 07, 2019
This is a very very good development.

It would have far reaching effects on grassroots development. More serious individuals might now want to show interest in local govt governance.

In fact I think this is one of the issues at the core of restructuring with no noiṣe nor fanfare.

Strangely though, a lot of interest is not being shown to this news on this forum, in spite of it being a watershed development.
One would have thought people here would be excited.

This second term that's even yet to start, eh... One can't help but look forward to great developments like this.

I hope the govt sees this through.

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Business / Re: Academic Writing- A Goldmine On Fiverr: Learn How I Made Over $3,000 In 5 Months by cola: 2:13pm On Mar 31, 2019
The OP @obasy09, or maybe @gurusvil now, promised not to abandon this thread until the tutorial is brought to some decent closure.
We believe him. When are you coming to complete your good work?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Graduate Without A Job? How To Create A Job From Home (secrets) by cola: 11:06am On Mar 21, 2019

Yes, boss.

However, you need to keep working on yourself to stand out. I mean, keep learning English every day if you write.

Do that from native speakers online.

The truth is, what we speak in Nigeria is miles away from correct English.

You may sign up on Wordreference.com to learn from them.

Lest I forget, you should learn how to write a convincing proposal to win jobs.

If you don't have any jobs, you should write or read something.

Freelancing is real work, but it's really rewarding.

I've got work to do.


Hi bro,
I believe I can learn a number of things from you.
Modestly speaking, I believe I write well.
I'll like to make it count on a freelancing platform (in fact, I need urgently to make it count) but I need a guide/mentor.
Do you mind if I have a chat with you privately?
Education / Unilag Convocation: Before The Visitors Arrive, Fix This Horrible Access Roads by cola: 10:23am On Mar 21, 2019
The University of Lagos is arguably the nation's most popular university. It prides itself as the "nation's pride".
It's 50th convocation cérémonies are due in about a week when it hopes to welcome guests and visitors from all over the country.

Shamefully though, one of the only two roads that lead to this supposedly prestigious citadel is a horror to behold and drive through. The access road from the Bariga axis to the university is in complete shambles and one can't understand how the several levels of government that should be concerned really don't seem concerned: Yaba and Bariga LGAs, the Lagos State government and the Federal government.

While conceding not being privy to information, one would also feel that the authorities at the university should be able to leverage their goodwill to get any of these levels of government to fix this eyesore that leads to their school or they could at least mobilize their works department to do some palliative repair on the road.

Lest I forget, this same road serves as access to yet another Federal College of Education (Technical) Akoka and the prestigious St. Finbarrs College. In fact, it's called st. Finbarrs road!

Is Unilag going to invite and welcome visitors and guests to it's 50th convocation with this road in this shameful shape?

PS 1: I've written this as a matter of public concern.

PS 2: I'll include pictures of the road as soon as I'm able to.

@lalasticlala, pls this needs to be pushed to get the attention of people concerned as soon as possible. Thank you.
Politics / Re: Presidential Poll: Buhari Asks Tribunal To Grant Access To Inspect Materials by cola: 8:47am On Mar 15, 2019

God bless you,my brother. The level of dumbness here is alarming!

Y'all now know the kinds of people you do back and forth with here, arguing with them over things that are way above their mind grades.

It's the reason a lot of quality people have walked away from this board.

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Politics / Re: . by cola: 9:13pm On Mar 13, 2019
Being ill-educated in itself might not be so demeaning, but being arrogant while still poorly educated is, to say the least, irritating and such persons are a menace to the society...
Today I confirm this board houses and gives a platform to a lot of such folks. Making categorical statements in utter ignorance. What!


Politics / Re: Just In: INEC Declare Kano Governorship Election "Inconclusive" by cola: 10:25pm On Mar 11, 2019

Just like Osun, this is the key that will unlock the door.
Not necessarily. It depends on the constituencies where the rerun will be holding, no?
Politics / Re: Where Are The Buhari Must Go Back To Daura Crew by cola: 3:11pm On Mar 04, 2019

You mock God,assuming you are a Christian,by asking this question.
Has Buhari been sworn in yet?
Has Buhari even completed this tenure yet?
God's ways are not that of men.
Buhari may have won the rigged votes,but what lies ahead are not what anyman born of woman or spirit can predict.
So leave everything in the hands of God.
That's my only piece of advice for people like u who are gloating over a fraudulent election one by an incompetent,first class bigot.

We're you all also playing some god when you were littering the whole place with your "back to Daura" irritating rants?
Rigged, fraudulent, bla bla bla...
You can hate and throw tantrums all you like, PMB won fairly and we thank God for it.

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Politics / Re: Now This Is An Airport!, Read A Personal Assessment Of The New Abuja Airport by cola: 5:49pm On Mar 03, 2019
A government made this a reality. And only in three years, not 16, not 12, not 8, not even 4 years!

Similar positive appraisal has been written of the Port Harcourt international.

Now Enugu and Kano should follow suit.


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Politics / Re: Ripples Nigeria Poll: Buhari Wins By Votes, Atiku By Comments by cola: 1:42pm On Feb 14, 2019
Politics / Re: INEC Reacts To Fire Incident In Anambra, Reveals Next Line Of Action by cola: 12:10am On Feb 13, 2019
This could easily be a gimmick to force a reversion to manual accreditation which would allow ballot stuffing or inflation of figures for the party whose stronghold the state is.
Politics / Re: Attempt To Ridicle Buhari Backfires On Aticou's Spokesman by cola: 12:45pm On Feb 06, 2019
It beggars belief the way some folks nitpick now on every slip, jumping up and down, shouting illnesses they don't wish for their fathers.
We all make these slips everyday. One young radio personality yesterday said Ambode presented a N853 trillion when he actually meant to say billion. In the course of the same 45-minute program, I think he made another slip like that. Do we then say the young man is ill? Is it all just Machiavellian politics?

Or is this just sadism and hatred?
Politics / Justice Onnoghen Agrees With Falana by cola: 11:29am On Jan 28, 2019
Femi Falana...

The Court of Appeal cannot make an order restraining the CCT from performing what belongs to it exclusively. - Femi Falana. #PoliticsToday

Justice Onnoghen...

In the judgement of justice Onnoghen in 2012, the CCT has exclusive jurisdiction to try code of conduct violations, and the CCT also has powers to mete out punishments to violators.

Any allegation that a public officer has committed a breach of or has not complied with the provisions of this code shall be made to the code of conduct Bureau”. The foregoing provisions are clearly unambiguous and so construed literarily mean that any breaches of any provisions of the said 5th schedule or matters of noncompliance with any provisions of the Code shall, (meaning that it is mandatory i.e. must) be made to the code of Conduct Bureau that has established its Tribunal with the exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any violations of any provisions under the Code, if I may emphasise any violations shall be made to Code of Conduct Bureau. The provisions have made it mandatory to take any matters so covered by the 5th schedule (supra) to the code of conduct Bureau and not to any ordinary regular courts as has been done in this instance. If I may repeat the code of Conduct Tribunal has been established with the exclusive jurisdiction to deal with ail violations contravening any of the provisions of the Code as per paragraph 15(1). This provision has expressly ousted the powers of ordinary regular courts in respect of such violations. The Tribunal to the exclusion of other courts is also empowered to impose any punishments as specified under sub-paragraphs (2) (a), (b) & (c) of paragraph 18 as provided in sub-paragraphs 3 and 4 of paragraph 18 while appeals shall lie as of right from such decisions to the Court of Appeal.
- https://ilaw.com.ng/barrister-ismaeel-ahmed-v-alhaji-nasiru-ahmed-ors/
Politics / Re: Azu Ishiekwene On 2019 by cola: 9:43pm On Jan 27, 2019
...closing remarks

"Yet, Atiku will not simply roll over. He’s a fighter, and the coalition of angry generals in his corner – from former President Olusegun Obasanjo to former military President Ibrahim Babangida, and General Aliyu Gusau – have a dog in the fight. Expect to hear more from these generals – and even a few highly placed anti-Buhari traditional rulers shortly before the election. The home stretch promises to be nasty.

But that won’t change much. The die is cast, and the race is won and lost."
Politics / Re: Azu Ishiekwene On 2019 by cola: 8:21pm On Jan 27, 2019

Indigenes who are indifferent or those who belong to a different faith still believe they have to be in the good books of the well-connected Hausa-Fulani to climb up the social ladder.

With the south west, the second largest voting bloc, still firmly in APC’s control; one flank of the south south riven by the epic fight between Governor Udom Emmanuel and his estranged godfather, Godswill Akpabio; and the other flank stranded over Governor Nyesom Wike’s reluctance to lead the Atiku campaign, the picture for PDP in the south south is grim.

Add that to the situation in three south east states – Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi – whose governors are working almost flat out for Buhari’s second term, and you will be hard pressed to find the advantage that Peter Obi is supposed to bring to the Atiku ticket.

Will the record of the last four years not count? It will count for next to nothing. The mixed bag of the fight against corruption, the yo-yoing war on Boko Haram, the fragile economy and unflattering unemployment figures ought to put Buhari in a tight spot; but the indescribable fear of who the real Atiku in power could be – that unknowable quantity – makes it a bit easier to forgive Buhari’s shortcomings.
Politics / Azu Ishiekwene On 2019 by cola: 8:13pm On Jan 27, 2019
Get this straight: Atiku Abubakar will lose the presidential election on February 16. I’m not Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka or one of the tongue-in-cheek seers whose predictions you’ll be struggling to figure out after dropping your offering in the bag at midnight of December 31. I’ll say it the way it is, walking where angels fear to tread.

You’re free to believe who you want or what you choose, but here’s why Atiku will lose. The two main candidates will split the north, the country’s largest vote bank, with 38.9million or over 50 percent of the 72.8million registered voters as at January. But President Muhammadu Buhari’s fanatical hold over the north west, which has over 18.5million registered voters – the highest in the country – will still give him an edge over Atiku.
The deciding vote is not in the hands of the northern elite, who loathe Buhari and have loathed him for over 30 years. It’s in the hands of the mass of the rural and urban poor who will die for Buhari before they know why. His fabled 12 million votes may have become distant memory, but his name remains a talisman unmatched by Atiku.

Wouldn’t the farmer-herdsman crisis in the middle belt in the last three or four years and Buhari’s sluggish response favour Atiku in that area, and possibly redeem some of the votes he would lose in the core north?

I doubt it. There’s a significant and growing Hausa-Muslim population in the north central today who identify more with Buhari than they do with Atiku. If there was still any doubt about their loyalty, Miyetti Allah, an important segment of this group, settled it by endorsing Buhari recently.
Politics / Re: EXCLUSIVE: NJC Members Summon Emergency Meeting Over Onnoghen by cola: 6:16pm On Jan 27, 2019
At last?
Islam for Muslims / Re: Allah Commands His Servants To Supplicate To Him, For Their Welfare In This Life by cola: 3:11pm On Jan 11, 2019

The second image you posted in the OP has a wrong vowelization... [size=8pt]انزلتُ[/size] rather than انزاتَ.

What the vowel as it is written there would me is..."whatever good I send down for myself... (we seek refuge with Allah from arrogance and ignorance)
Politics / Re: Nigeria's 2019 Budget Made Presentable By DELOITTE by cola: 11:57am On Jan 01, 2019
Some genuine crtiics but also many naysayers have been saying the same things - unrealistic, unrealistic.

What's the problem with being ambitious and optimistic?

In the end a budget is a budget - projections within reasonable limits.

For an economy that needs the fiscal expansion like yesterday, I'll rather budget for 15 roads and maybe build 10 if the revenue falls short, than plan for 10 roads and be caught keeping excess fund or worse, spend without planning, if revenue expands within the fiscal year.

As I type, Brent is about 54 dollars (53.80) and production is about 1.9mbpd. With possible OPEC cuts in Q1 and the likely coming on stream of the FPSO Egina, the projections of 60 dollars and 2.3mbpd are, yes optimistic, but are also within reasonable limits for rightly ambitious economic targets.

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