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Politics / Re: Just Before The Fulanis Finish Us! by Davesope: 6:44am On Feb 21, 2018
It seems we are getting it wrong. Yoruba has always been on defence ever since, we are always at alert to defend our territory. We don't complain but take action,we don't run for help, but we make the help by ourselves. The case of Yoruba voting GEJ out was a great calamity that befall the igbo's and I can see, that is the reason they have been wailing on any Yoruba thread "ajura wa lo tijakadi ko".
shut the f**k up it is the stupid Bleep like you that would have existed then in Ilorin for them to seize it from afonja , afonja's grandson you stupid fool still trust this Fulani imperialist abi cause be unto any Yoruba who cast their vote for this cow herder

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Phones / Re: Carlcare Is Here With You by Davesope: 5:51am On Dec 15, 2017

Hello @Davesope It'll cost you N17,000 to replace the screen.
am not replacing the screen just the touch pad my screen is perfectly working just the gorlla glass this is cracked that disfigures the phone that's all
Phones / Re: Carlcare Is Here With You by Davesope: 8:42am On Dec 14, 2017
please I want to change the touch pad of my infinix note 4 how much will it cost me
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How To Identify A Scam Interview Invitation by Davesope: 11:14am On Apr 26, 2017
Gud morning David, is me Obinna Samuel O, ur 2015 ex-copa mate in Oyo State, am working wit shell oil company in Rivers state, hv u gotting something doing if no u can cal me 4 more information b/cos internal Recruitment is going no nw very urgent.
Please o who as gotten this kind of message from someone that claimed to be your acquittance please I want to know if its a scam
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How To Identify A Scam Interview Invitation by Davesope: 11:05am On Apr 26, 2017
Please o I need someone who works with shell in portharcourt
Politics / Re: "Stop Harrassing Patience Jonathan", Yoruba Youths Tell EFCC by Davesope: 10:07am On Apr 06, 2017

No be only YCEE. Na omo Alhaji. cheesy

Naaaa a

South West, we dnt support thieves.
Shut the f up dudes I am Yoruba its a stupid person and an illetrate that would side with this clueless administration and as any fraudulent money been traced to her name
Politics / Re: I Was In The Same NYSC Camp With Dino Melaye - Man Shares His NYSC Certificate by Davesope: 4:42am On Mar 29, 2017
Please o I don't know dino from Adam but I know your day you drop your pen I'd different from the they you actually graduate like me my graduating set is 2010/11 set but on my certificate its 2012 and as you know Nigerian lecturers they won't compute your result quickly to serve immediately

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Politics / Re: Hisbah Seizes Musical Instruments Used During Gov Tambuwal Daughter's Wedding by Davesope: 11:02am On Jan 06, 2017
Why we must all support full implementation of Sharia Law in the North

Let them have their sharia .

They have now resorted to using sharia agents like the Hisbah to subvert the constitution on state police.

I say let them have sharia not in parts but in full like what transpires in places like Saudi Arabia.

They should be made to know that having full sharia will come with its own negative consequences.

For example, full sharia does not allow for commercial banks.

If they want full sharia law in the north then the CBN must as a matter of urgency withdraw all operational banking liscences from the north other than Sukkot Sharia banks.

Since sharia also forbids the consumption and retailing of alchohol , then the northern sharia states should also not partake in alchohol Vat and excersise duties henceforth.

Not stopping at that, since they want full sharia law in the north, then they should ban the religious activities of other non Muslims. Churches should be banned as well as bibles and other Christian paraphernalia. The sharia caliphate of northern Nigeria should also ban non Muslims from their domain in the event that these infidels may corrupt the system. So with that, Christian corpers should not be posted to sharia north. Let them use their own Muslim Arabic studies graduates as part time teachers.

And since sharia law will become supreme in the northern sharia caliphate, I believe there is no need for the secular Nigerian police. The Hisbah brigade should henceforth take over all policing activities in the sharia north. The same also should apply for the closing down of all conventional courts. Let the sharia court become supreme since its law is supreme.

This will go a long way in establishing the utopic sharia enclave they have always wanted and also have all Christians vacate the north for the Ummah.

Bearing this in mind that for every action there is a reactionary event, I also suggest that Christian majority states in the south should also pass legislation banning the activities of Muslims in their various states.

Since the north wants apartheid we should gladly give it to them.

They have been using their sharia aggigtation as blackmail on Christians in their region. Henceforth they should go full sharia and from there face the consequences of their actions.

The north should not be allowed to have their cake and eat it anymore.

bro you too get sense if not the most intelligent I have seen on nairaland

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Politics / Re: 'We Must Uphold Hope And A Common Humanity' - El-rufai by Davesope: 1:00pm On Dec 31, 2016
your father el idiot rufai I hope your kin is amount does are slaughtered in southern kaduna
Investment / Re: MMM Founder Writes Buhari , Says 'you Know Nothing About Our System by Davesope: 5:32am On Dec 12, 2016

How does the website traffic translate to revenue when the website doesn't advertise anything on it? Who pays them because of the huge traffic and why?
oga this question any internet savy will answer do those on instagram with I million follower advertise anything on there pages
Politics / Re: Bill Seeking To Make Sharia A Federal Law Quietly Passes 2nd Reading by Davesope: 2:57pm On Nov 06, 2016

even if its true..if you are not a criminal,you can not be afraid of sharia laws....

i am christian,but i know that the sharia laws was created to strictly prohibit crimes...

it is harsh...

but the americans put you on a electric chair....soooo...whats the difference??...
short the Bleep up bro na the guy we dey reply mumu pass nigeria aint a muslim country but circular so short that backward brain of your and be sensible

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NYSC / Re: N41,100 For Batch B '15 Corp Members Stream 2 by Davesope: 10:40am On Oct 28, 2016
Abed we need ur feedback who don see alert o
NYSC / Re: N41,100 For Batch B '15 Corp Members Stream 2 by Davesope: 7:27am On Oct 27, 2016
Pls if you have recieved ur 'pension' as an out going stream 2 corp members, pls let us knw here, so we can know when to expect ours, thanks, weee!
still waiting if anybody done see there own make then signified
Politics / Re: Omoyele Sowore Blasts Goodluck Jonathan, Calls Him A "slowpoke" Over Dasuki Talk by Davesope: 2:42pm On Oct 25, 2016

435.6 billion naira bro...very possible given the largesse we already know took place.
if dansuki really stole any amount then he is right where is suppose to be but been that as it may 2.2billion dollars it ain't possible do you know with all the money they have traced they are are still yet to trace 20million dollars and they said he stole 2billion dollars oga use your brain even the American gov cannot have that in liquid cash in there federal reserve talk less some stealing as a loot 2.2billion dollars lead us back in financial abyss if removed from the economy cos does who they said shared it havnt spent up to 10% percent of the money
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri On The Abducted Supreme Court Justice by Davesope: 2:24pm On Oct 09, 2016
This is why I've always reiterated this set of people who lead are married to sentiment.

If this were a sane society, people like Reno would be hiding their head in shame.

Here's here spewing thrash when he kept mute and watched politicians thief the living day light out of Nigeria.

Now he's saying if Buratai can own a house in Dubai Bla Bla Bla. How can one justify corruption with corruption?

It is high time we see these people for who and what they are, that they don't give a damn about us. So, let anyhow who is found wanting, face the music, we shouldn't play lip service to any side just because we don't like who is in power.
guy i would have love to ignore ur comment but i want to at list enlighten u check history every dictator that that ever ruled from Stalin to hitler to idi amin to castro the common factor among them all is that they rode on the back of the people clamouring for change not minding if it tramples on the law and human right for example we wanted change we got it look at nlc they cant even declare strike due to the fact that nigerians thinks buhari is doing the right thing but look at the economy now its in shambles and you are here saying he should fight corruption what stupid corruption is he fighting

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Politics / Re: Corruption: Buhari Has Letters Implicating Jonathan - PMB Biographer, John Paden by Davesope: 3:51pm On Oct 06, 2016
[quote author=morbeta post=49956983]Buhari, it this point no one is interested in this ur Jonathan this jonathan that. Focus on the important issues at hand. Time is no longer on your side. We will soon evaluate your report card, if your are still holier than thou then we will know. At this point your inefficiency has turned Jonathan to an icon.[/quoteGOD will shiekd u from this recession you conment is the best 2day
Politics / Re: Sign This Petition To Senate President : Scrap Nysc (reform Is Needed) by Davesope: 2:35pm On Oct 06, 2016
Nysc is one of the few things still holding this country together, I know it has lost it touch but d idealogy that prompted gowon abi who initiated it is still much more alive. Nigeria just lack progressivity that is y nysc is now boring no new better concept to make it more interesting nko. I strongly advice dis program to still b cus a situation whereby our youth know little to nothin about thier fellow country men, how r we to know how to further live n grow d country.long life naija our pride n giant of africa
oga forget nysc is not the one that is holding this country together have gone to lagos and see how people discriminate ethnically or the don't you know how enter ethnic unrest as offered since nysc as been established let it be scrabbed and let everyone serve in the army for a year like every other sane clime
Politics / Re: Zahra Buhari Rocks N210,000 Dior Earrings (Photos) by Davesope: 5:52pm On Oct 05, 2016
Just £300 earrings? Even uni girls in England where she schooled rock that to class last time I checked...not to talk of a fashionable daughter of the Nigerian President.

Go check how much Kim Kardashian's stolen jewelry was worth, or how much Cuppy Otedola splashed on her latest timepiece to get an idea of true princess living.

You all need to get proper jobs instead of wasting your productive time e-snooping through the wardrobe of those you're clearly irrelevant to.
nigga its not about the earrings or the person thats wearing them its about the picture politician father painted b4 the election and leave kim k and cuppy out of it their parents ain't politicians they worked for their money this fools keep deceiving gollible nigerian while they keep rapping the country blind


NYSC / Re: September Allawee Paid Early! by Davesope: 7:05am On Sep 30, 2016
haha name name only stream 1them dey pay haha wet in stream 2 do to them please o if una done see alert please specify which state and stream
NYSC / Re: September Allawee Paid Early! by Davesope: 4:07am On Sep 30, 2016
finally! I don get alert! na God win! Oyo state.
bro a beg which stream you be and which local gov for oyo
NYSC / Re: September Allawee Paid Early! by Davesope: 10:32pm On Sep 29, 2016
you mean say no 2015 stream 2 done see alert for any state
NYSC / Re: September Allawee Paid Early! by Davesope: 5:42pm On Sep 29, 2016
thanks bro for the response any other state
NYSC / Re: September Allawee Paid Early! by Davesope: 4:38pm On Sep 29, 2016
please as any state apart from Lagos seen alert o
Politics / Re: Oyegun Takes Tinubu’s Case To Buhari by Davesope: 10:09pm On Sep 27, 2016
Useless thieves lemme go and look for a rich man that will fvck and pay me huge amount of money grin
beep me up at 07060402374
Politics / Re: Recession: Okonjo-Iweala Must Have A Rethink – Doyin Okupe by Davesope: 7:12am On Sep 20, 2016
Truth according to a friend:

Nigeria Economy was never strong. It was only revolving around corruption.

A man steals Millions of Naira. Uses part of it to build a house. He will buy bags of cements, building rods and other materials. Pay workers who work on the site. Give Millions to his girlfriend, who will go and buy Brazilian hair, buy expensive jewelleries and shoes. Spent Millions on a five star hotel to organize a birthday party and buy assorted drinks.

They were getting Billions of Naira from the scam called fuel subsidy. They will go and keep the money in the Banks, and the Banks were looking for fat deposits.
From the loots, fat offerings and tithes were paid. Millions were even paid to Religious leaders for prayers. The Economy was booming around corruption.

Then, a new Sheriff came to town with integrity. He says, it is not going to be business as usual.
TSA was introduced.
The war against corruption declared.
Most sources of ill gotten wealth cut off.
No more free cash for the boys.

And because we are a consuming Nation from ill gotten wealth, the so called strong Economy suddenly collapsed.
Some even suggested that corruption should be brought back.

We must now start to build a productive Economy based on genuine source of wealth.

This is the sorry state of Nigeria Economy today.
you are 100% correct with everything u said but go and look at the strongest economies and look at what drives them they are driven by money fluidity and what can make money fluid and easy to go around its either corruption and illegal businesses like drugs and organised crime even the Arab country and that seem to be reach from oil money and who are spending the money its the 1% corrupt elites and leader that are spending the money

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NYSC / Re: NYSC 2015 Batch B House by Davesope: 8:03am On Sep 19, 2016
you Don't Have The Moral Right To Protest Because The Law That Established Nysc Stated That Corp Members Must Serve For One Year.
mister have u checked your posting letter at all before u start making hate statement I don't want to insult u so don't make me haha metchwwww
NYSC / Re: 2015 Batch B, Streams 1 & 2 Passing Out October 6th & November 4th Respectively by Davesope: 7:34am On Sep 19, 2016
worse hating statement I have ever heard. People like you dont succeed. Careless hating nigga.
thanks bro for that response but thinking of it majority of the stream one Corper didn't work for the one month that stream 2 where in camp so why the stupid hate statement form this stream 1 punks why the stupidity from from the part of NYSC since the time buhari dey put his kinsmen in different post everything seem to be going upside down errant nonsense
Science/Technology / Re: Earth Tremor Hits Kaduna State; Sahara Reporters by Davesope: 11:11pm On Sep 11, 2016
God is telling hell rufai to stop those religious regulatory legislation if not he might die that a warning to him
Politics / Re: Open Letter To Ahmed Asiwaju Bola Tinubu By General Adeyinka Adebayo by Davesope: 8:39am On Sep 07, 2016
Sir thank you for this write up i am not one area boys of yoruba ethnic group that keep fighting with the igbos i really admire them and i know in the nearest future i will be among the yorubas that will make our odua nation great again with gods grace in jesus name not by jagabans power who is only a man


Politics / Re: Yorubas Are The Most Achieved And Most Successful Black People In The World. by Davesope: 7:42am On Sep 06, 2016
Well i don't know what this ethnic fuzz is about didn't you numbskulls from se and sw notice that b4 the civil war yoruba where known for their brilliance and after the war the igbos also challenged their selves and what happened their intelligence is on par with the yoruba especially in techncommerce and mainstream knowledge we are all Nigerians and our case is like messi and ronaldo one challenging the other to greater height

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