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Jokes Etc / Re: The Thief - Comedy by dblock(m): 3:25pm On Apr 26, 2017
Lol I probably speak better English than you, it is just for added comedy.
Jokes Etc / The Thief - Comedy by dblock(m): 2:47pm On Apr 26, 2017
For Naija, stealing na rocket science. If you no sabi am, your own don finish be dat. You wan thief simple 200 naira bread...e nor easy. Common area boy like me, I con get eye for surveillance. If I see tyre I don thief am be dat, petrol! I don thief am, kerosene, i don thief am! Cutlass i don thief am...even amebo..I don kidnap am. I dey tell una, bifor I even waka rissh that Agege bread, I don form syndicate. I dey crase? I no wan die! m'dem catch me, wetin dem fi do? Even ordinary rubber band, dem no fi put am for my neck..I thief 200 K of assorted weapons bifor I rish that bread!

Crowd don gather, see commotion..dem call olopa...jungle justice get wahala today. Olopa dey yarn, ehhnnn so you get surveillance, you form syndicate, you get natwork? Nah criminal be dis? abeg ma pipul na criminal be dis? Make I call oga at the top, im get import export license, you get better bisnes. As I enter hin motor, follow am go meet Oga...nah dat time I con see one foolish sombory...agege bread, broad daylight, enter im pocket...no surveillance, under bridge...tyre effry wia....kaiii "He WAS a learner"
Sports / Re: Stanley Dimgba data is dangerous by dblock(m): 6:52pm On Nov 29, 2015
The guy is in the starting lineup SMH
Politics / Re: As Nigerians Rush Abroad, Foreign Tourists Storm Nigeria (pics) by dblock(m): 6:41am On Aug 13, 2015
Na all dis fyn fyn places dem dey go, mk dem go our hood areas i.e Aj city
Afterall e dey 9ija too

this guy is a dunce...forreall. You really need to gerara hia mayne forreal!

num sayin
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Aigbe Looking Hot In New Pictures by dblock(m): 2:36pm On May 22, 2015
Which kain name be Aigbe? any relation to Igbe?
Politics / Re: 27 Achievements Of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan by dblock(m): 7:19am On Apr 09, 2015
Under which government where +300 girls kidnapped for almost a year now?

Under which government was +20,000 citizens killed?

Under whose government were 40 secondary school boys killed and he went dancing the next day?

Under which government did the country lose its international reputation?

Under whose government did subsidy skydived?

Under whose government did our foreign deserve nosedive even though oil was selling for the highest price ever?

Under whose government did we institutionalize corruption?

Under whose government was criminals like Femi Fani Kayode allowed to walk free?

Under who government was the First lady telling people to stone members of the opposition?

Under whose government was the country divided in ethno-political differences?

Under whose government did an ex-governor tell Catholics not to vote Anglicans while the president was seated there?

Which school did you go to? I said you make an evaluation based on the sum of all the negatives and positives of any individual.

After you have written all your negatives and you add all the positives, he will still read as the best Nigerian President in the last 30 years!

Why are Nigerians acting like it is today, that we had problems? Which country have you been living in?

yes we had problems and challenges, but in spite of those problems GEJ managed to achieve more than most of his predecessors. In fact many of his problems and mistakes are the problems created by his predecessors.

Problems such as Boko Haram CANNOT be created in ANY country in 5 years. It can NEVER happen in a million years. These are fundamental problems that are created over many decades! So in actual fact, the culprits for Boko Haram are all our past leaders. Gowon, IBB, Buhari, Obasanjo, Shagari, Abduslami, Abacha etc

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Politics / Re: 27 Achievements Of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan by dblock(m): 7:16am On Apr 09, 2015
No 13; FYI the Biometric system is yet to be implemented.

23(modified); under which govt did Ebola hit Nigeria?

Biometric Voting System was implemented

Really? And did the Ebola not also hit America?

So what exactly is your point? Nigeria contained it, while many others struggled.
Politics / Re: 27 Achievements Of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan by dblock(m): 7:15am On Apr 09, 2015
Medicine after the patient don die... Mtcheew

What is important the patient or Nigeria?

Who will benefit from all the achievements of GEJ? GEJ or Nigerians?
Politics / 27 Achievements Of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan by dblock(m): 7:00am On Apr 09, 2015
These are just achievements that I can remember off the top of my head...so just imagine how many more that he has achieved. I literally wrote every single achievement here just from memory. There are so much more. I am not saying that GEJ is the type of leader that Nigerians deserved or should hope for.

Whether you hate him or you like him...no man should be judged by faslehoods. Every man and woman on earth should be judged by his achievements and his or her mistakes. If we can look at the mistakes of Jonathan, so be it....but it would be criminal to erase any of his achievements or proud moments.

The assessment or evaluation of any individual is the sum of all his positives and negatives. Nigerians are sure that they know every single bad thing about GEJ, but can we deny what he really achieved? Does it really make any sense to suggest that he did nothing? If we are to be honest Nigerians with any ounce of integrity, we would confirm that he has achieved more than EVERY single Nigerian president in the last 30 years.

[b]1) Who was the first Nigerian President to actualize the Privatization Process
2) Who is the second greatest benefactor of the Nigerian Military?
3) Who was the first President of the New Republic to cut the Food Import Bill drastically?
4) Who was the first Nigerian President to develop a Military Industrial Complex?
5) Who was the first Nigerian President to make the greatest amount of progress in the Local Content Act and pushing for the Petroleum Industry Bill
6) Who has built the Most Railway Tracks since the British
7) In fact, when you add the Coastal Railway (Which is Approved), it would mean that GEJ had devised more Railway Tracks than ANY other government in the entire history of the Northern & Southern Protectorates, yes I said...Protectorates not Country, meaning no individual living or dead would have devised as much track has he has.
cool Who was the first Nigerian President to revitalize the East - West corridors, such as lagos - Benin - Ore, East-West Road etc
9) Who was the first Nigerian President of the new era to make the greatest refurbishments. Military Assets from the 1970s,80s and 1990s were refurbished by GEJ, not to mention that Ajaokuta is in the best shape that it has been in recent years, not to mention the refineries are also in better shape
10) Who finally delivered the NIPPs? It wasn't OBJ....it was GEJ!
11) Under which President were three Satellites launched? With three more scheduled to be launched this year?
12) Under which President did in one year, Nigeria ended up spending $32 Billion on Infrastructure
13) Who was the first Nigerian president to finally implement the Biometric system?
14) Which Nigerian President can boast of the latest Cardiac Facilities and other new Hospital Projects in Abuja, Kaduna among other locations
15) Which Nigerian President built Nigeria's greatest ever Library (The National Library in Abuja?)
16) Which Nigerian President revived the Auto-Assembly Sector...so much so that even South Africa is losing attention
17) Under which Nigerian president did Nigeria make Africa's greatest leap in Urea Fertilizer technology?
18) Under which Nigerian President did Nigeria finally deliver a number of Steel Manufacturing Facilities, such as Cold Rolled Steel
19) Under which Nigerian President did we finally see Nigeria manufacturing Armoured Carriers, Naval Vessels etc
20) Under which Nigerian President did Nigeria produce two Indigenous Drones (Amebo & Gulma Series)
21) Under Which Nigerian President did we see Nigeria producing Indigenous Oil Barges, Rigs and other Oil/Gas/Maritime vessels
22) Under which Nigerian President did Nigeria Usurp South Africa as the largest economy in Africa?
23) Under which Nigerian President did Nigeria Contain a ravaging West African Ebola Strain
24) Under which Nigerian President did Nigeria commence the building of 164,000 sqm of NEW International Airport Terminals in (Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt and Enugu)
25) Under which Nigerian President did we also rehabilitate between 20-30 Airports
26) Under which Nigerian President were new Hydro-Electric Facilities and Irrigation Facilities built, not to mention the initiation of the 700 MW Zungeru Hydro Project and the Approval of the 3050 MW Mambila Hydro-Election Project with the Chinese
27) Under which Nigerian President did we have our most peaceful elections in possibly history?
28) These are just the achievements that I can remember off the top of my head...there FAR FAR FAR FAR more that Goodluck Ebele Jonathan achieved in his administration[/b]

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Webmasters / Re: POST -your- Website/blog- For- REVIEW by dblock(m): 8:51am On Mar 01, 2015

main, your blog is one of the best blogs i've seen here, kudos.

thanks, let me know if you have any suggestions.
Webmasters / Re: POST -your- Website/blog- For- REVIEW by dblock(m): 3:41pm On Feb 23, 2015
This is my page, please help me review

Politics / Re: Is Professor Osibanjo Right With This? (PICS) by dblock(m): 11:31am On Feb 17, 2015
Ok at first glance, it appears to be a brilliant statement.


1) Only a fool would suggest that GEJ has fixed Nigeria, in 6 years
2) Forgive me for blaspheming...but even Jesus Christ could not fix Nigeria in 6 years
3) Nobody dead or alive can fix Nigeria in 6 years
4) Nobody has ever said that GEJ has completed the transformation process
5) GEJ has not taken Agriculture to where it needs to be

6) GEJ has not taken electricity delivery to where it needs to be
7) GEJ has not taken healthcare where it needs to be
cool GEJ has not taken roads to the level required
9) GEJ has not even taken railways to the desirable state
10) GEJ has not taken the military..............

11) The list goes on.............
12) So what has GEJ done?
13) More than any other Nigerian leader in 35-40 years, GEJ has commenced the process of transformation
14) The basis of the Nigerian economy is so out of whack...that the common man will be the last to even feel the immediate effects
15) GEJ cannot deliver the needed employment shares in 6 years

16) GEJ cannot decrease inequality in 6 years
17) Since the 1999 New Republic...a lot of our growth has been service sector related, much of the growth is exclusive
18) What GEJ is currently doing will decrease inequality in his SECOND TERM! Poverty will decrease in his second term
19) There will be more jobs in his second term!
20) And what he has done with infrastructure is all about growth and beginning the process!

21) GEJ has improved many roads! Nobody said he has improved all roads!
22) So Nigerians still have a right to complain...but the complaints are not necessarily justified, because it is a process
23) We are getting there. Nigerians are impatient....and due to their impatience, they risk halting the progress
24) Because Nigerians are so cynical...and are not necessarily looking at the bigger picture, that is why it is very critical that we spend a lot of time and effort telling them what we are doing.....the reality is most Nigerians do not even know just how good GEJ is!
25) It is absolutely unfair that Nigerians will keep criticizing GEJ for the mistakes of the past administrations like the OBJ administration! Why must we hate a man....for the mistakes of our past leaders? Was he the one that neglected the power sector for 3-4 decades? Was he the one that neglected the Airports? Was he the one that neglected the Military? No! He is the one trying to fix it! And how do you expect that within 6 years..you will correct 35-40 years worth of mistakes! In fact it is even worse than that! Because in economics...the longer you leave a problem! The more expensive it becomes to fix!
Webmasters / Re: POST -your- Website/blog- For- REVIEW by dblock(m): 6:00am On Feb 16, 2015

This is my page.

Within the Website, there are four Separate blogs.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Who Has The Strongest Military In Africa? by dblock(m): 11:04am On Feb 07, 2015

Gif that I created of a Nigerian Drone Strike.
Politics / Re: Let's Be Fair; Jonathan Has Done Well On The Economy. By Sam Ohuabunwa. by dblock(m): 10:07am On Feb 07, 2015
The Americans want a Regime Change because of our increasing trade with the Chinese!

Capital Expenditure in Nigeria today is actually VERY high! Capital Infrastructural projects are astronomically high, yet the US Government are busy telling the whole world that the GEJ government have built no Infrastructure why is this? Well let me tell you, a very sizeable part of those infrastructure projects includes various private and public Chinese Contrators! According to the slow lenses of the deluded Uncle Sam, if the Chinese build it - it is not infrastructure!

Now those morons are trying to ignite regime Change at all costs, so they can impose some stooge that will take orders from them! China meanwhile has agreed to buy Nigerian Crude. I think if GEJ is wise, he will go to the table with the Chinese and ask them for even more. The Chinese are giving us whatever we ask from them! Drones, Naval Frigates, Manufacturing Trade, Construction Trade, Technical Support, Real Estate Investment and much more. We have a very STRONG and growing understanding with the Chinese, one much more stronger than perhaps any pact I have known Nigeria to ever have.

It may be naive or simply wishful thinking to think that Russia or any other Super/Great Power may back us against the United States, however I am actually confident that China should back us. I see absolutely no reason why not.

The Chinese have been known to do such before anyway! There is precedence! A lot of people may not be aware but the Chinese do not give a s.h.it about the Koreans! Yet they are allied with the North Koreans in a manner of speaking! Why? They do so to uphold their territorial integrity, in the midst of growing American influence in those waters!

China has an immense presence in Africa and Nigeria is at the apex of that involvement! Seeing as how Western Powers are hell bent on destabilizing the African continent and creating a mess of things, China's investments are directly under threat! As a matter of fact, I should even tell you that China has investments or engagements in the North East of Nigeria!

In much the same way that China backs North Korea, China should back Nigeria. It should even be much easier considering that Nigeria is not exactly a Pariah State! They do not even openly have to back us...but they should be supplying us with discounts and off the shelf goods! Back room deals should be at the highest level.

China needs to do everything that they can do to stop the Regime Change being pushed by Washington! GEJ has given the Chinese everything that they could possibly want and it is time that the Chinese protect their new found ally!

Buhari is simply been pushed by Western Infiltrators such as the CIA, Nigerians that support him should throw their green passports in the dustbin!

APC is nothing but a party of mercenaries where members cross over from incompatible political parties with dissimilar ideologies for the sole purpose of causing confusion; furthering the malicious intent of the Western World, under the auspices of Northern Political motives!
Politics / Re: Killing Boko Haram Fighters Has Never Been The Problem! by dblock(m): 2:57am On Feb 05, 2015
The same retards here talking about Shame.

Well I would like to see what you people would say if Goodluck Jonathan had waged a war against France!

People talk about Military General this...Military General that....your very own Olusegun Obasanjo equally did not ruffle the feathers of France and let the ICJ cede Bakassi to Cameroon!

This has nothing to do with Chad or Cameroon! Even Chad said that there are two countries in Africa that they fear (Nigeria and Egypt)...these countries are nothing but puppets and proxies! If they were simply the only variables, we would have encroached on their territory a long time ago! Afterall have the Chadians not historically always been our b.i.t.c.hes? Did we not chase them out of Nigeria in the past?

Do you really think Nigeria is afraid of Cameroon?

The only difference now is that these countries are heavily funded and backed by France! In fact if you look closely at the Cameroon Military, it is almost as if their Military is a DIRECT response to the Nigerian Military! Everything they buy, is in one way or another to try to measure up to Nigeria and it is all backed by France!

I for one am not so much ashamed of anything that is ongoing..afterall, but I am more concerned about the bigger picture! The prospect of having Francophone soldiers on Nigerian soil is very worrying, because there are large geo-political concerns than even Boko Haram! Boko Haram is not even the beginning of the concerns!

We have never been able to trust France! This same France backed separatists against the Nigerian Government in the past!

Nigeria's Military is actually a lot more powerful than even Nigerians know! It is one of the most secretive militaries in the World, even top Nigerian Defense experts cannot even tell you the true size of the Nigerian Military or all the weapons and assets that it possesses! Just last week or so, we discovered some new weapons that nobody ever suspected that we had! That is the way of the Nigerian Military! Believe you me, we have more than enough assets and resources to flatten both Chad and Cameroon.

The issue however is that Big Daddy France has a role to play
Politics / Killing Boko Haram Fighters Has Never Been The Problem! by dblock(m): 2:46am On Feb 05, 2015
[size=150]Killing Boko Haram Fighters has never been the Problem![/size]

Anybody can kill Boko Haram Fighters, even Civilian JTF Kill them and even Women in the NE kill them!

The Real Challenge is preventing them from regrouping! Something that for many years Nigeria has not been able to do, largely because when they crossed the border to Chad and Cameroon - our neighbours did nothing. In Cameroon, Boko Haram did not even hide and they lived in plain sight! Yet Cameroonian authorities did nothing!

Here are some Epic Kills by the Nigerian Military that amounted to Nothing. The difference between the kills now and the kills then...is that for the first time, coordination can lead to progress. We do not need any help persay...but what we have always required is coordination. If Chad and Cameroon let us place our assets and troops on their soil.....then we would achieve much the same result as what the MNJTF are achieving Now!

The only difference is that the MNJTF is sanctioned by France..........and we have no such backing! We have no backing from Britain, USA, France or anybody else to encroach into foreign territory!

Chad are funded by France and their airforce is even piloted by Europeans!

Nigerian Troops, Boko Haram In Fierce Battle In Konduga
By Kareem Haruna, Maiduguri

— Sep 16, 2014

Konduga, the Borno State town where over 200 Boko Haram terrorists met their waterloo last week was up in flames last night as the insurgents returned for a fresh face off with soldiers, security operatives said.

Sources within the security circle alerted journalists by phone that the insurgents were on a revenge mission over the heavy casualty they had recorded last Friday.

It was reported that the insurgents had last Friday met a brick wall of Nigerian troops and members of the vigilante group, who did not only prevented them from taking over the town, but also ensured everyone of them was shot dead.

A soldier, who pleaded anonymity in this report because he was not allowed to speak, said the attack started about 7pm even as he said the soldiers were engaging the attacking terrorists in a deadly shootout.

“From the information we have so far, the insurgents were armed to the teeth. They have mortars, anti aircraft missiles, rocket propelled grenades and assorted guns with a cover from Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs).

“As I am talking to you now, our men are engaging the terrorists. Their ultimate target is to subdue our men in Konduga so that they can advance to Maiduguri,” he said.


Islamic Sect Leader Shot Dead.

This item updates item 'Corpses Lie In Nigeria's Streets.'
Nigerian security forces claimed to have defeated a well-armed Islamist sect after four days of bloody fighting that left hundreds dead and forced thousands to flee their homes in the northern town of Maiduguri.

Army soldiers captured Mohamed Yusuf, the leader of the sect, and took him to a barracks. He was later transferred to the police and shot dead in their custody. A spokesman said Mr Yusuf had tried to escape.

More than a thousand Nigerian soldiers were sent to reinforce police and troops were deployed in Maiduguri, Borno state, where the heaviest fighting has taken place. Military helicopters hovered as artillery shells rained down and tanks and armoured cars laid siege to Mr Yusuf’s home and mosque.

After storming the mosque yesterday, the army claimed to have killed at least 200 militants, bringing the total dead to about 600. The bodies of barefooted young men lay in the streets of Maiduguri but it was thought initially that the leader of the group had fled with hundreds of his followers.

Fighting erupted on Sunday when 70 members of an extremist Islamic sect, known as the Nigerian Taleban for its admiration of the toppled fundamentalist regime in Afghanistan, launched an armed assault on a police station in the northeastern city of Bauchi. Attacks then spread to three other northern states, including Borno.

The extremist group, also known as Boko Haram, meaning “books are forbidden”, emerged in 2003. It is opposed to Western values and wants to create a puritanical Islamic state.

“At the centre of their ideology is a total rejection of everything Western, from education to medicine to democracy to capitalism,” said Nnamdi Obasi, an analyst at the Brussels-based International Crisis Group. “It is about the complete rejection of Western culture and life.”

The violence was sparked by an incident in June when members of the sect travelling to a funeral clashed with security forces over the wearing of crash helmets, said Mr Obasi, who has been investigating the group. Seventeen of its members were killed or wounded in the ensuing gun battle, prompting Mr Yusuf to swear revenge. The fighting since Sunday has focused on his home town of Maiduguri.

The population of 140 million in Nigeria is split approximately in half along religious lines, with Christians dominating in the south and Muslims in the north. In 2000 governors in a dozen northern states imposed Sharia but observers say that many did so only to win votes.

“People thought Sharia would be accompanied by social welfare schemes and this hasn’t happened,” Mr Obasi said. “People have not seen the dividends of Sharia, which has opened up the opportunity for radicals to step in and say we need to build a fully Islamic state to see the benefits.”

The Nigerian political elite is notoriously corrupt, the country’s vast oil wealth has failed to improve the lives of citizens and elections are stolen, not won. This, observers say, has led to a growing disenchantment with what is seen as a Western system of governance, particularly among jobless young men.

“The underlying issues of poverty, poor governance and corruption provoke different responses in different parts of the country but they are all symptoms of the same malaise: that Nigeria is not working,” said Antony Goldman, a West Africa expert at the London-based PM Consultants.

“Nigeria lurches from one crisis to another without tackling the underlying causes,” he added.

Human rights groups have for years criticised the Government’s heavy-handed response to security threats. Yesterday Shamaki Gad Peter, director of the Nigerian League for Human Rights, accused the security forces of killing and detaining innocent civilians as it tried to flush out the militants in Maiduguri. The worst atrocities have been committed in the oilfields of the Niger Delta. A crackdown on militants in May killed a still-unknown number of civilians before a government amnesty was announced this month.

Some fear that the fighting in the north could spread. Since the imposition of Sharia in 2000, sectarian violence has erupted with depressing regularity, claiming thousands of lives.

In November up to 700 people were killed in two days of religious murders in the city of Jos. “The volatility of the situation in northern Nigeria means it doesn’t need much of a spark to set off sectarian violence,” Mr Goldman said.

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=3c9_1249030633#piPaPXzhKbU56z3F.99
Politics / Re: Train Commisioned In Makurdi Bn Ferried Out To Another Location For Commissionin by dblock(m): 11:52am On Jan 29, 2015
Show your proof OP or delete your thread
Politics / Re: . by dblock(m): 9:35am On Jan 28, 2015
You dunces are busy chopping likes.

GEJ supporters are chopping achievements.

Is that what GMB supporters concern themselves with? Likes on Social Media?

The level of education among GMB supporters is quite low indeed.


Politics / Re: Presidential Debate Timetable Confirmed, Debate Dates Are Feb 1 and Feb 8! by dblock(m): 9:27am On Jan 28, 2015
Who Dash Monkey Change?

Abeg Vote for Stability!

Politics / Re: Pics Of Heavy Equipment Recovered From Boko Haram's Failed Attack In Maidugury by dblock(m): 9:21am On Jan 28, 2015
Politics / Re: China Firm Signs $12 Bn Deal To Build Nigerian Railway - by dblock(m): 8:49pm On Nov 22, 2014


Check out the Signing ceremony
Travel / Re: Top 6 Highest Skyscrappers(Buildings) In Nigeria.(pictures) by dblock(m): 7:51pm On Nov 18, 2014

Nice one bro. Africa is racing to the top ghanas hope city is going to be taller than carlton center.. Although symbio city is coming up. what about the stratosphere. Its supposed to be on the list

Stratosphere is history. Right now the focus for Nigeria's tallest are the WTC in Abuja and buildings in Eko Atlantic. Already confirmed for Eko Atlantic are some buildings between 100-130 Metres, that is already confirmed. Buildings along the Marina District, some of the Eko Pearl Towers etc.

Of course even taller, we should expect are buildings in the financial centre such as the Eko Gate, which could be between 100-200 metres or maybe even more....who knows.

But the focus should be on Eko Atlantic City. Right now the project is not even in full steam. 2015 and 2016 should be a lot more interesting.

Be sure to read through my blog...I will be covering a thing or two there http://www.blackborderbuild.com/property-blog/

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Travel / Re: Top 6 Highest Skyscrappers(Buildings) In Nigeria.(pictures) by dblock(m): 5:30pm On Nov 16, 2014
Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by dblock(m): 12:22pm On Oct 28, 2014
Okay I am one of the Nairaland Freestyling Originals...I hail from the era of Tianshee, Paddylo, Menike, Gbade X etc just to name a few.

so I doubt that the newbies out here even remember my crew...but I'm spit this proper, so you can understand how I do.

I drink WPI so I can isolate your face from your body
I drop your arsse like the body
nd I finna pop like fresh cutty
and don't stop till i made sure that i body
2 shots off but i ain't talkin bout a has been rapper
blood spurt like I made it rain...like a clapper
Yous a arsse kissin punk..they call a woman wrapper
You rose to the top..don't mean shiiit..when yous a palm wine tapper
I been doing this, I been getting props
but most of the nairaland kats...been running amok like kids with no pops
You need your dad and I'm back in the game
ain't here for accolades or fame..just more of the same
I ran this section with Menike..Tianshee and Gbade X
but most here wouldn't even know who to dobale..if I recollect
They called me Dblock Messiah..cos I made fishers out of men
by sinking my competition and they was fishing for a pen

Dblock Messiah.....Just more of the same. (One of the Nairaland Freestyling Originals)
Politics / Re: Pictures Of Ongoing Standard Guage Rail Project In Abuja by dblock(m): 8:50am On Oct 19, 2014
This is the map of the project


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Business / Re: Jonathan Flags-off First Phase Of The $1bn Azura-Edo Greenfield Power Plant by dblock(m): 4:06am On Oct 11, 2014
This is a much needed investment, but I hope they can coordinate with the Gas side of things.
Sports / Re: Siasia Or Keshi: Who Do You Prefer? by dblock(m): 11:20am On Oct 05, 2014
Keshi has proven himself to a greater extent, but Siasia is more conventional in his approach.
Politics / Re: Test Run Of Port Harcourt Mono Rail (photo) by dblock(m): 5:18am On Sep 20, 2014
This webpage has an update on the monorail

Politics / Re: List Of Largest Shopping Malls In Nigeria by dblock(m): 4:32am On Aug 11, 2014
I am the one that created that article on Wikipedia.

I have confirmation of All but one of those shopping malls (being under construction or completed)...I can post all the images, if that is requested.

The ONLY one that I do not have the evidence of construction is @ Palms. The developers (Who are very credible) said work should have started by now, if it hasn't already started it will definitely start sometime this year or next year.

It was always their plan to expand the Palms.

There are MORE malls of course in Nigeria, but I did not include ANY shopping centre that I could not confirm as either built OR under construction.
And I also did not include centres smaller than 10,000 m2 GFA.

You can read more about some of the projects here as well
Politics / Re: Nigerian Army's Campaign In The North Eastern Theatre (Photos) by dblock(m): 12:24pm On Jul 30, 2014
God Bless Sirius Black...a Nigerian Patriot.

If you are ever in Australia, let me know..I go buy you beer.

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