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Car Talk / Re: Range Rover Sports Club by DBR: 12:16pm On Aug 07, 2015

Car Talk / Re: Range Rover Sports Club by DBR: 11:32am On Aug 07, 2015
Hahahaha. ..as it is na me sey envy una o
I like ur sense of humour laced with a stroke of sarcasm ..lol family celebrating on one hand but the R screaming and ready to pack up on the other. grin
That said, yes I'm in lagos. .on the mainland and I'm interested in the booster if that's the medicine for this new breed RR as u called it.
I will like to know the cost tho, and I hope it can be delivered today.
Thanks again Sooper.



Car Talk / Re: Range Rover Sports Club by DBR: 8:56am On Aug 07, 2015
we dont have premium fuel in Nigeria. We have regular unleaded fuel and range rover complained against boosters because they were looking at the US market where they have premium unleaded and people still use boosters. They never factored Nigeria in the research but wrote about us that the use of low octane fuel will lead to poor fuel economy which will eventually lead to severe engine damage. The 5.0 engine of the new breed range is failing like a pack of cards and the toks engine alone can buy a 2006 RRS hse, so since you don dey threaten to deal with the range detractors, the booster is one of your effective weapons to terminate all those fiery eyes on the range till Dangote begins production of high octane fuel in 2017? Till then, we are still selling the boosters

Haaaa!!! Hope my spec is not part of the new breed range o. grin
Ok, so what do you recommend? What booster do you vouch for.
How do i go about this, cos I need to get it done today so i can move the automobile home.
Can you help with the steps to the how, wheres and whats to start this RR journey on a smooth note?
Or can I just fill up the automobile for now and just move it home, if it wont cause any damage immediately?
I appreciate. Thanks Sooper

Car Talk / Re: Range Rover Sports Club by DBR: 8:22pm On Aug 06, 2015
Good to know
Hi Sooperrescue,
I've been reading ur post most part of today.
I just got a 2012 RRsport HSE GT Limited Edition.
Currently the fuel is low and im about to fill it up and have the first real drive in it.
But, been reading lots about octane this unleaded that, leaded this, premium that.
Honestly i got this car by share miracle, so if anything happens to it kpeken!!(God forbid)...na to park am o...lol. grin

I hear fuel sold in 9ja is 91octane Unleaded, which means i shunt worry. There are those who are pro booster too
but then i've read again the damage boosters can do to some sensitive parts of RR.
I know u sell boosters, but I confident u are honest enough to tell, do I need a booster?
Or the 91octane 9ja fuel is good enough?


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Rap Battles / Re: ** Brutal Combat VI : Ibime Vs Cooger ** by DBR: 7:38pm On Jan 09, 2014
Yayyy!!! Finally Cooger drops his highly anticipated barz.
I must say that's a nice read.
And stop sayin anybody that roots for ibime are d!kriders,
cos that'll mean those rootin for u are ur d!kridders too.
Plus, dunno y u sayin pple dont wanna judge o,
cos as it is u just battled urself. How do we judge that na
Abi Ibime don post verse?

Just chill on the boasts ok. T'will do u good, cos badt guys full here o wether u agree on not.
Good job tho, cos i didnt xpect this. This is sure an improvement.

Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 9:21pm On Jan 06, 2014
when i behead ibime, i will have to defend my crown - taking challengers once in a while. that's how it's supposed to be done.
DBR, the picture below is my advice for you:

Lmao! That picture tho! lmao. good lafter. grin U haf madt finish grin
But seriously. .
Wat?!! u'l take on challengers after u behed him?
So after a checkmate, king killed, that's when u'll start battling bishops,knights, rooks et al??
Your sense of progress is so warped!!!!

because he's the only one in my category. others like you are just baby-rappers.
writing for mid-tier battlers doesn't inspire me. mike tyson in his prime would never fight bash ali. i battle top-tier MCs.

how it should go down so stop trolling. haven't you retired? what is your business in this matter?

Oh, thats watyu counting on , that im retired.
So u think i'll tolerate u running rampant here with senseless braggin?
Boy, New flash! I kept ur leash for such a time like this tho!
So in ma retirement i'l contain u Cooger like i did u..oops i mean like i contained saurone unguarded mouth!
At ur wildest widest imagined best, u wont pen as half as creative as i can from me rockin retirement chair.
So dont get it twisted son.

Ema prince: Abeg make una leave cooger alone...the more you talk,the more he talk..dude is just having fun playing with y'all minds

Guy, i know na, me im just using the PNG as a comic relief. Na my guy sadly. grin


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Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 4:18pm On Jan 06, 2014

i will destroy any MC on NL.....
you can bet all your life savings & your fathers house on that.

Then y u hell bent on Ibime?
Oh i gerrit, so that WHEN u lose to him u'l have solace that afterall he's the just crowned king? lol
Name 3 to 5 top MC here u think u can touch cos honestly i dont think one exists.
But be a man of ur word, destroy these MCs first and finally wash ur sword with the blood of the just crowned king!

Everybody will agree this is how it shud go down. Nothin more will be said on this matter by me or anybody.(hopefully)
So if u decline this, then u nothin but what u'v exhibited thus far, a pu$sii!

Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 5:28pm On Jan 05, 2014
Lmao! Didn't I warn y'all that Cooger is all talk and fluff?
And dude still had d effrontery to mention ma name in that weak as$ nursery rhyme he penned. I like ur courage sha.

u better beg sm1 like Evil Chapter to take u under his wing and receive tutelage.
Nice one there Evil Chapter. .better pesin. Hope to see more from ya.


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Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : Final ( Ibime Vs ThePrekky ) ** by DBR: 7:20pm On Jan 04, 2014
Ibime: I'll have one final battle against Mikuz any weekend soon.
ouch!!! U didn't even consider Cooger? ?
Pls don't let all his boast of improved biting skill go in vain o.

Nice job by U and Prekky tho. Will luuuv to see another encounter soonest.

Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : Final ( Ibime Vs ThePrekky ) ** by DBR: 9:13am On Jan 04, 2014
Altho every1's entitled to their own opinion but stil DBR's verdict is one sided. Prekky dropped sum good lines even if he didn't really carry us along like ibime did.. ( Don't get hw DBR missed this). I'll say ibime won but may stil hav to defend his crown against cooger. I mean fine ibime.. U'v won.. But wil u jez chicken out after all d insults and challenge cooger threw at ur feet? U d faqkin king.. U hav to do sumfin. I really dnt feel cooger nd DBR's brawl tho.. Xchnging words like chicks when they should b xchngin punch lines like men.

First all lemme say this. I have absolutely nothing against Prekky. We dont have issues at all.
I was actually hoping he'll win. But shit happns.

And mayb my vote didnt reflect it, but Prekky got really good lines so, i didnt miss them.
However, the verdicts wont show the scores if he got a 4.1 and ibime scores a 4.7 in the criteria.
All you'll see is ibime winning the criteria. and where they score same point lets say a 4.5, all u'l see is a TIE
I hope u get ma point, so its not a 1 sided baseless decision tho trolls like cooger will wanna color it so.

As per brawl with Cooger. Lol far from it, this is no brawl. There's history behind it.
There's been this "friendly" exchange of words(not barz) goin on.
For both of us Its piece of cake to kick barz and exchange punchlines.
But a its always been a banter and thats what it is.


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Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : Final ( Ibime Vs ThePrekky ) ** by DBR: 5:27pm On Jan 03, 2014
it's not.....you are a dïck rider.
i have never written a battle verse on this forum. i dunno if you are high on amphetamines or you are confusing me with someone else you know.
i will drop a rough sketch when mikuz sets up my battle with your idol. i will make sure you get a mention in my writtens. i am killing all y'all.

Blah blah blah. . .
Rough sketch? Lmao! uv been preparing since last year for this
and now u already creating an alibi cos u know waeva u pen its gon be fluff
Shuush!!!! u just a jester.

Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : Final ( Ibime Vs ThePrekky ) ** by DBR: 4:37pm On Jan 03, 2014
still, prof DBR can't get it.
how did you know ibime won it or tied it? you must have looked at their writtens & see who did more multis, whose flow was more on point & reh reh. then in the final count, the rapper that won the most in the criteria graded would win.
Ok, so after looking at those IMO ibime did more, and won most criteria cos his sytle barz etc suits me more as a judge.
Aint that simple enough?


if i can make you go hysterical with simple analogies like this, imagine the kind of vivid painting my bars would do to you. DBR, be careful, you don't want my bars kick-boxing you.

lol. Ok sir.


you rapped in the golden age of this section. anyone could be termed a legend then. flowshow was so legendary, he even started a rap tutorial session for newbs. mrcrackles & lalaboi were also battling. so my old professor, your legend status was when this place was substandard!

Again as always, u are in error. I only stopped late 2012s/early13 !
And lets say u are right and anybody culdda attained legendary status then,
how come u neva did attain any , save the bitters status u got?? Just asking.
But enuff yakking dude.
Prove thy self with some writtens and save us the babbles of thine imaginary skill that thou boast of.


Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : Final ( Ibime Vs ThePrekky ) ** by DBR: 3:35pm On Jan 03, 2014
talk is cheap, cowboy!!
you have not battled in aeons & your vocab at best is kindergarten. i dunno why you are speaking for ibime. ibime is the champ & he must defend his crown. he either takes my battle or he relinquishes his seat. you on the other hand is just a runt that feeds from the king's table. we ain't mates!

Yep, thats the only truth uv said so far. We aint mates.
Cos as long as NL Rap battles thread lives DBR's name will ever be revered.
While Cooger will never ever pop up in any convo of those who held theirs, groomed heirs or contributed anythin meaningful.
That's somethin like Ether that makes u burn slow with envy!!!

Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : Final ( Ibime Vs ThePrekky ) ** by DBR: 3:25pm On Jan 03, 2014

so the bit theprekky did on ibime count for nothing because ibime touched his religiousness? this is why rap-battle illiterates should not be allowed to judge. they both did extensive damage to each other.

dude, U gon start exposing ur shortcomings for the world to see now.
We are note scoring in points!! Hwz that so hard for you to get??
Its a case of tie or win.
Nothin like so and so had punches too so i'll score him 3.4 and because the other dude did better i'l score him 4.2. its either u Tie it, Lose it, or Win it.

yes, that's how many sëxual relationships start. a bit of resentment from the bïtch until the nigga convinces her & she starts sücking his balls. you are the bïtch in this analogy, while ibime is the obese negro. your rivalry in the past has nothing to do with you blowing his cöck at every opportunity.

LMAO!!!!! cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy .
i swear u just a ffuckin clown!!!! This cracked me up!!
Honestly u exist here for ma amusement. i sorry for any1 wey dey that takes u serious!

Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : Final ( Ibime Vs ThePrekky ) ** by DBR: 3:17pm On Jan 03, 2014
ibime will die a violent death with the expensive heat i pack. this is coogar, not theprekky or ema prince. ibime will never post again on this section by the time i am done with him.
mikuz, set it up, please. i need about 1 night to finish off ibime & his stans. trust me, you shall get a bit of my wrath as well. this is the takeover. coogar is about to change the face of this section for good!

If u didnt succeed in ur previous life, what is puffin u up now thinkin u stand a chance? improved biting skills??
You are not a worthy opponent to me Cooger!
U neva was and never will be.
Highfalutin vocabs and insult bereft of any molecule of creativity or ingenuity are worthless.
They are nothin but plain balderdash!!!

Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : Final ( Ibime Vs ThePrekky ) ** by DBR: 3:07pm On Jan 03, 2014
coogar: DBR, if ibime cums in a cup, you would drink it. you read those 2 battles & in your opinion, you thought ibime took metas, punchlines, rhymes & flow? it's very laughable.....
why do you guys suck on ibime's nuts so much? does he send moneygram to you guys? even the die-hard fan of ibime would admit the battle was neck & neck.
either of them can be argued to have won - [b]it depends on the style that suits the judge. [/b]you then went on the most aggressive dïck-riding campaign yet seen on this section. you need to chill out, bro!

Your contradictions make me worry and im gradually comin to a conclusion
that ur fingers move faster, than the speed of ur brain.
So if u know it depends on the STYLE THAT SUITS THE JUDGE, and it's my OPINION, why waste space on the thread with ur typings?

1: Iv explained on what basis i viewed it. Relevance of Faith and Religion.
No one can deny how potent this is . If that frame of reference doesnt float urs, its up to u.
2: i find Bis lines more enjoyable, if u dont see how that and point 1 connects to FLOW, RHYMES, PERSONALS et al then blame u not me.
3: E'rone knows the long period of rivalry DBR had wit Bis here, so to
suggest im involved in such brainless fantasies of urs such as cum sippin and nuts lickin is sth u need to seek help for.


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Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : Final ( Ibime Vs ThePrekky ) ** by DBR: 2:52pm On Jan 03, 2014

Instead of creating a thread for Ibime vs Cooger,
i advice u do Cooger vs any random newbie, if he survives (which i doubt grin ) then let him battle the rank 1 rung at a time.
Cos after all who that eFF is Cooger?
He got no pedigree.
We've not seen any of his writtens,
so it's only right he gets on his drake ishh and start from the bottom!

Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : Final ( Ibime Vs ThePrekky ) ** by DBR: 2:38pm On Jan 03, 2014
Gosh!! Happy new year guys.
Hope ma vote aint late!
But first all, where the F did all these strange names come from??
It's suspect to me, are these mercenary voters/
Ok, to the biness. .

Ibime has the most enjoyable barz, flow and was consistent from barz to barz,
Prekky's struggled in some places, and i THINK he was tryin too hard cos he's battlin Ibime.
This is the least enjoyed i'v read of prekky's body of work.

A Note of personals: Bis took this part.
Why? Touch a man's religion and u'v touched his essence for living.
We all know how precious Prekky's faith is to him even tho he kick bars for fun (just like me).
And i got lots of respect for Prekky in this regard.
But Bis was so disrespectful and capitalized on this well with classic liturgical barz
turning exegesis to relevant punchline!

Are y'all kiddin me? Bis took this by a fairly long/mid-range shot.

Opener : ibime
Flows: ibime
Rhymes: tie
Metas: tie
Punchline: ibime
Personal: Ibime
Wordplay: tie
Closer: ibime : Prekky wuldda taken this, but that his bar is kinda flawed.

Mvgt: ibime


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Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 7:35pm On Dec 20, 2013
Condolence boy.
She feels no more pains now, she in a better place now.

Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : S. Final ( Theprekky Vs Ema Prince ) ** by DBR: 9:50pm On Dec 17, 2013
Need to settle down and read this again.
Both these guys are craaayyyy!

Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : S. Final ( Animetum Vs Ibime ) ** by DBR: 9:45pm On Dec 17, 2013
Nice ishhh! Mehn Animetum got barz tho. Actually like the balance in his verse here compared to his previous showin.
But Ibime Strikin resemblance line, The Bombay line and Mama laid bar. . .choi!!!! Top draws!

All criteria observed: MVGT Ibime


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Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : Q. Finals ( Ema Prince Vs Mikuz ) ** by DBR: 5:00pm On Dec 12, 2013
I've not been around here , ma bad. But are u guys kidding me??

PRINCE: But if he seems to be winning..judges should read again and change they verdicts/don't mind if he claim you heartless/
Cos my plan is to make him suffer a bitter loss like Abiola...when I give M k.o that will quench his heart beat!!!/

I'm the bright and coolest G/..who spits on the mic to chew mcs/and i might knife and slew the mik/
But I'll hang him on a pole 20foot long . . . now that's the 'height of cruelty'!!/
These are the barz i like from prince, the rest are almost generic and less aggressive. .IMO

MIKUZ: I'm a boss to E.P/ so hes attempts to rumble with me/ will leave him bundled quickly . . / with a rumpled kidney . . /
so its best he retreats . . cos if he 'cross the Rubicon' . . . Ill bury him in the border between Gaul and Italy . . !!/

You'll only spit nice verses unless you quoting the bible/ and with ya generic bars, you'll never pose in the final/ or come close to the title/
. . Cos if ya 'Singapore' pun against Luna is referenced in google . . we'd find that it was boldly recycled!!/

Nothing you ever pop is drugs/ . . you deserve to be dropped with shots/ and I can swear ya mum's a slut/
. . even the 'Scottish club' . . knows ya 'Mother well' . . cos she opens for any player who craves for her honey pot!!/

This fight was like Papoose facing Dbanj/ . . so I just amputated his arms/ and blasted him straight to the stand/
. . . cos my rifle was loaded to definately drop Prince . . quicker than AC Milan!!/

These are nice lines from Mik, he has more fresh lines i culdda quoted if only he perfected the coinin. .
eg . . .
Ill drill spokes in his bowels/ hit his nose with a shovel/ cos he'll only maintain a build-up if he was holding a trowel/
so if he fails to raise the white flag . . after this blood bath . . he'll 'throw in the towel'!!/

The "he'll throw in the towel" bit wuldda somehow alluded to leukocyte so the WHITE(flag) BLOOD(red) idea can marinate. grin Just to show depth of totz, but then it may go over pples head.

I thot Ema wuld win this tho, cos iv seen him in better form than this. At the end they both came with lesser steam than they both known for.

My Verdict: Mikus takes this battle!!
Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : First Round ( Glacierz Vs Animentum) ** by DBR: 12:14pm On Dec 05, 2013
Animetum: Mr DBR, it's a good thing you came in tho. But you can always read the verse and skip the footnotes. Not every folk on here can decypher lines like 'maybe' you do, and not everyone on here would want a breakdown for what done gone over they head cossa pride or wateva. Couple times i have lost battles cos voters cudnt get the picture.

Yea i feel u dude.
But the way to do it is to paint a picture u sure they'll get.
Then save the Over-the-head barz for free spazz where u don risk losin' points.

Ma tot.

Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : First Round ( Ema Prince Vs Rhyme Lunatic ) ** by DBR: 12:05pm On Dec 05, 2013

you are lucky i am booked for this month already. i have done about 8 battles in the last 8 weeks. DBR? a witless apprentice.....i have seen your writtens - it's errrrrrr average & it needs to be polished.

your day of reckoning is coming....

Average o, mediocre o, insipid o. .call it waeva makes u sleep beta. It still trounces ur verbose vocabs @ss!
And just incase i consider polishing it, i'l be doin that with ur hair and body fluid!!



Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : First Round ( Glacierz Vs Animentum) ** by DBR: 10:21am On Dec 05, 2013
My Verdict: Animetum wins

Animetum: Lol. Mr Bis, am i supposed to heed that advice??

I kno this wasnt directed at me but pls permit me to jump in
Like i said b4: E'rbody know I phuckin hate parenthesis and footnotes!!!.

This is the problem with overtly separating text barz from actual spittin' it.
Will u be in a live battle and 1st explain what some of ur lines u are about to spit means b4 u start spittin' them
or spit the lines and pause to explain what ur lines mean?? that ishhh is bleeehh!

What makes WP, Puns and Metas exciting is that INSTANT moment that u catch the creativity therein!
So it's gotta draw from familiar scenarios, and subjects that pple can catch cos u risk sme barz flyin over pple's heads
if u do otherwise. Tho over-the-head barz will show how deep ur barz are sometimes.

Yes u can drop bars that may take a while to get, or pple may need to read up to getit,
but u must be ready to sacrifice points for that if it's in a battle scenario.

I do this a lot, but i may break down the bars LATER after i've dropped it so pple can eventually gerrit,
or when they ask me to do a breakdown, especially when iv layered it with some level of entendres.

Why shud u believe me or take my advice?
Cos when it comes to WP and entendres, DBR . . .



Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : First Round ( Ema Prince Vs Rhyme Lunatic ) ** by DBR: 6:49pm On Dec 03, 2013

i would battle you & mikuz after the tournament. 2 vs 1. i think you & mikuz are starting to take me for granted here & someone has put you guys in a grave.
Bwahaha. .if wishes were horses! What u cdnt do in ur best days as Lord S
u wanna attempt now that u a mere shadow of urself walkin in limbo gettin high on some placebo pills?
Boy, i think not. I'll leave u to Khim and Dj5 to show how irrelevant ur barz and verbose vocab is. grin


why you dey laugh, ema prince?
you don't think i am capable of smashing the skulls of mikuz & DBR @ the same time?

Even u and ur alter ego dont believe it!

Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : First Round ( Thunderstorm Vs Khimwhyte ) ** by DBR: 9:37am On Dec 03, 2013
While i like Thunderstorm bars, i have some issues with the total meanin' of some of the bars. Some appeared like throwin words just to force a rhyme, and some line not thorough in tots.
Here's are few. .

Thunder . .in a stating perspective/ is deranged and
aggressive/ if she claims her majesty/i'll attack with nouns and play with laxatives/


i canvass a verse . .when i paint more rhymes/ with no hate combined/ cuz i life an artistic gracious life/ while khims verse . . Portrays pure lies/
But if yall cant picture my win . .permit to grab a
brush . . .and use whyte . .to 'shade more light'!!!/

Should be SHED more light. U cant SHADE with White hue, u tint with it. Thats y it works better as "Shed' more light".

she better get me my stew . . . Cus we wont see whyte
raise' here . . And im sorry . .for spilling the beans!!/

Shdnt this be RISE? That way the homophone (rice) works with "spilling the Beans".

i write with jokes/ that makes you smile and bloat/ but its
right i flow/ to remind this bloke/

Bloke? tot Khim was FEMALE No?

That said, his bars are still more organized than Khim's.
It's as if Khim so badly wanna murk Thunder so much she threw organizing her rhymes to the winds.
If she did, this would have almost been a draw. Good outing for both cats.

Verdict : Thunderstorm Wins



Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : First Round ( Ema Prince Vs Rhyme Lunatic ) ** by DBR: 3:24pm On Dec 01, 2013

you declared a winner before i voted? don't make me laser-guide a missile to your abode. what effrontery!!!!

Dude even if u vote against the obvious direction it won't change anything na...kooluu tempa! grin

Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 3:18pm On Dec 01, 2013
Is it just me or I see a kinda FB/NL rivary goin on. Now Ibime vs blaqbones. .Mikus u gotta make this battle happen. This is BPD.
Their exchange reminds me of sometime ago. .

Y'all young dudes without responsibilities still get beaten on text/

Gbam!! Tell them.



Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : First Round ( Ema Prince Vs Rhyme Lunatic ) ** by DBR: 11:01pm On Nov 29, 2013
Opener : E Prince
Rhymes : Lunatic
Punchlines :E Prince
Metaphors : E Prince
Flow : E Prince
Wordplay : E Prince
Personals : Tie
Closer : E Prince

MVGT : E Prince

Spark of brilliance here and there. .both got mostly potential bars that could have been
more menacing if fanned, well worded with a lil more mental adroitness and textual dexterity.

Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : First Round ( Mikuz Vs Chocckidd ) ** by DBR: 4:29pm On Nov 29, 2013
KMT. .what rubbish. Leonidas vs Saka!
This doesnt qualify as battle at all na.
It's a sneaky calculated PDPish battle malpractice move by Mik. .
I vote this null and void!!


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Rap Battles / Re: ** King Tournament : First Round ( Ibime Vs U3 ) ** by DBR: 7:49pm On Nov 28, 2013

when i'm reading, i pronounce the words in my head, i dont hear sounds, maybe we are different. cheesy
To be very honest, i dont f.uck with these criteria ratings, sometimes, a good vocabulary is enough to win a battle, it why its called TEXTceeing. Text skills count. . . I don't really like when people rhyme things like 'Verse' with 'Vex' in a text battle, because it doesnt rhye when i pronounce it in my head, but it might work in an audio battle due to accent or whatever, i hope you see the difference?

Lemme make an Example. . . .
Eminem raps in Bad Guy:
"Wait, is that sirens i hear?/ guess 90 on the freeway wasnt the brightest idea/ Cops appear in my DRIVER'S SIDE MIRROR"

you cant write the above in a text battle and expect to score points on Rhyme, i cant hear it in my head. . . . But when Em said it, you go WOW, cos of his accent and the way he pronounces his words. Get it? cheesy

U be still boss though.

There u have it. Once u enter the realm of Pronunciation dude, u already dealing with SOUNDS!!!!

I get u whiz, but ur example is an extreme ref. of slants.
On the real Axe aint even far from Acts even pronounced without a slant,. .c'mon!!


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