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Education / Re: Test Your Mathematics Skills by delampy(f): 6:48pm On May 17
By substitution

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Career / Re: What Investment Can I Start Up With 500k As I Just Lost My Job by delampy(f): 3:07pm On May 11
Find a good business location like market or high traffic area and start agency banking business. Most companies give the pos for a small amount
You don't need a permanent structure for starters. With your amount,you can make at least 3-5k daily

You can also find car hire companies and use your funds to deposit for a car hire purchase agreement. Use it to start running Uber/Bolt. Very physical work but also rewarding
TV/Movies / Re: What Is The Most Interesting Movie You Can't Get Tired Watching? by delampy(f): 10:24pm On Mar 02
Shawshank redemption
Business / Re: I Just Got My Inheritance; I Need Your Advice by delampy(f): 8:29pm On Jan 24
Congratulations on having a head start.
You should see a financial advisor to get professional advice but for Nairaland level
Share the 8m into 3 in 50:25:25 ratio
Use 4m to buy low risk government bonds, treasury bills or mutual funds. Some do up to 10% per annum

Use 2m for low/medium risk investment such as buy cheap priced lands and wait for appreciation. This is generational wealth if you buy in a good area

Use the last 2m for high risk like buying a car and using it for Bolt hire purchase. If you are not spending the money,you can buy a new car every 18 months.
OR invest in Reputable savings platform that do up to 15% ROI. In 10 years it will be 12-15m

All these options require little intervention. There are more high yielding options but you are not in a hurry and are looking long term
Business / Re: What's A Good Souvenir To Give Clients During This Festive Season? by delampy(f): 2:51pm On Dec 17, 2021
More souvenirs...
Please what does this pack cost?
Jobs/Vacancies / Great Opportunity For Business Development Interns!! by delampy(f): 8:51pm On Jan 13, 2021
Hello people,

Here is an opportunity for fresh graduates to grow in a fintech company as a Business Development intern

The company's mission is to support small businesses and women through loans and business support services. Opportunity for rapid growth and full employment is assured for those who distinguish themselves

Qualifications: B.Sc/HND or equivalents in Social sciences or Business related

You fit this position or know someone who does? Send your CV to hello@owoafara.com for immediate consideration
Business / Re: Who Knows The Cheapest And Most Reliable Logistics Company In Lagos? by delampy(f): 5:03pm On Feb 13, 2019
What sort of logistics?The word is too broad
Business / Re: Want To Make More Money This 2016?Yes You Can with just N5000 and your phone! by delampy(f): 1:57pm On Sep 07, 2016

An MDA introduces other MDAs to earn monthly reward.
1a) when the MDAs are 100 earn N50000 monthly.
b) Earn N50000 for every 100.
2) MDAs buys >= N20000 daily or N500,000 monthly.
3) MDA invests minimum of N20000 for ease of daily transaction.
4) Maintain 1-3 for 3mths and earn N100,000 in the 3rd month.
5) Achieve 1-4 and Qualify to participate in the half and year end launch promo.
5) Each '1b above' qualifies you for a raffle ticket and increases your chances of winning.

Zonal Half year prizes... Cash
National Year end Raffle prizes: To be announced soon.
Consolation Prizes: To be announced soon.
Business / Want To Make More Money This 2016?Yes You Can with just N5000 and your phone! by delampy(f): 12:18am On Sep 07, 2016
You can begin to sell all recharge cards with just a little capital from your phone and make up to N50000 monthly income without disrupting your present activities.
If you're interested, call or sms 08092030285 for more enquiries.Sign up to become a MOREDEW Agent


1) You can use the same amount paid to sell all networks and all denominations.
2) You do not require huge capital outlay. Invest N5000 and earn N50000 montly.
3) You can sell from any laptop or android device. All you require is your user name and password.
4) You can sell from your current network(MTN,GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL). You don't need a special sim.
5) You can never lose your investment even when someone else has access to your phone.
6) You will see your balance after each transaction.
7) You can send airtime to multiple nos. at once.
cool Time it takes to send airtime to your customer is less than one minute.
9) Invite friends and family to be a MDA and earn a monthly reward. T&C apply.
Business / Re: Honesty Is The Issue Of Haulage Business And Other Business In Nigeria by delampy(f): 12:02am On Feb 28, 2013
@ op,

Nice thread we have here.I've been a silent observer for a while now but felt compelled to reply your post and its interesting responses.

With no intention to offend our diaspora brothers and sisters,I want to say that tobiloba has made a great point but his style of delivery was the problem.I want to ask that if the poster had 4 trucks prior to the problematic ones,why didn't he continue to use the model /manager that worked for him earlier.

By the grace of God,I manage 10 trucks out of which 5 belongs to people in diaspora and the constant factor in these transactions is the kind of expectations they brought to the business.It is often like a cut and paste approach,2+2 must always give 4.In Nigeria businesses,it's exactly the opposite.The haulage industry is so disorganised and crazy!And the bane of most transporters is dealing with illiterate,greedy,occultic drivers who had no idea how you got the money to buy your truck.Even with my moderate estimations,it has taken the grace of God to meet up my monthly payments.I've had to deny myself several pleasures to keep my integrity and that is where I've ussues with the greedy managers who promise everything to get a job. They are the ones giving us a bad name.

My long story summarises as such,do your homework well,ask widely,read nairaland,get references and pray hard before investing.

BTW,I'm not a dump truck specialist but your expectations should not be more than 450-500. Most truck sizes have almost same rates even if industry differs. A good guide also for novices is that your ROI should be between 15-18 mths.Anything less is courting headache and HBP


Business / Re: Transport And Haulage Business by delampy(f): 11:32am On Mar 11, 2011
Hello NLers,

Anybody with an idea on the price of a first grade 30-ton truck with 40-feet flat bed should please post it for me. Truck names should be MACK,Benz,DAF,MAN. The year of production is not needed at this time.

Many thanks!
Business / Re: New Year Investment Opportunity In Haulage Business by delampy(f): 4:54pm On Jan 04, 2011
The kind of trailers needed are 30-ton box form. It is for hauling packaged goods
Business / New Year Investment Opportunity In Haulage Business by delampy(f): 3:36pm On Dec 30, 2010
Hello fellow NL,

This is for all old business owners and new prospects who has interest in making more money in 2011. There is a business opportunity for 15 nos 30-ton truck with one of the leading manufacturers of FMCG(Household products) to distribute their goods in the South-East region.The rates are very competitive and getting trips will not be a problem with this company. The options of investment are:

1.Bring in your trucks and have them work under a fleet. The management will be done fully by the truck owner. The asking rate will only be 10% of income after road expenses

2. The second option is for would be investors who can't be bothered with the day-to-day running of the truck but will like to invest in this line of business.The truck will be managed by an experienced manager and will attract a further 10% charge. That means the charge on monthly income will be 20%.

I am not a crusader of fixed monthly income and I've seen many good stories turned sour on NL to advice against such.You could make as much as 600k per month or as little as 200k.It all depends on truck quality,maintenance culture and (God help us) the drivers. The management part in option 2 is supposed to take care of that.

I will also want to suggest that for those who can't buy a truck,it is a good idea to pool resources together with like minded people to purchase one instead of waiting forever to save up.I'll like to suggest a maximum of 6 people to reduce conflict. So, if you have a 600k-800k saved up,buzz me so that we can work something.This is just my idea and I hope other more experienced people can contribute.

For further info, I can be reached on 08022920013.I will also return mails for serious persons only.By the way,I have 3 trucks of my own.

Happy New Year by faith!

To our success

Business / Re: Is N500k Enough To Start Kerosene Supply Business? by delampy(f): 5:15pm On Nov 15, 2010
Waoh!This thread is back to the front page.I'm still weathering the storm and will soon be back here to give the report.
Keep the flag flying NLers
Business To Business / Container Load Of Chandeliers & Lamps For Sale.wonderful Business Opportunity! by delampy(f): 3:05pm On Sep 21, 2010
Hello NLers,

A container load of high quality lamps/chandeliers is for sale.These ones are not the cheap ones from China but of high quality from Europe. Owner wants to sell from the Port. The asking rate is unbelievably cheap!

Interested buyers can send an SMS to 08022920013 or send a mail to kay_lamp@yahoo.com. I will send you the sample pictures
Business / Re: Is N500k Enough To Start Kerosene Supply Business? by delampy(f): 2:38pm On Aug 27, 2010
Oga Stagger,
I'll call you over the week end.I have quite a number of things to ask
Business / Re: Servicing The Transport And Haulage Business by delampy(f): 2:14pm On Aug 27, 2010
@ Neighbour,

Kindly send the manual to my box also. I am presently testing the waters with DPK which a fellow NLander produced a manual for. My email ad is kay_lamp@yahoo.com.

Business / Re: Is N500k Enough To Start Kerosene Supply Business? by delampy(f): 2:23pm On Aug 21, 2010
@ think,

kindly send me your number.I wish that we exchange start up experiences.

Oga Stagger,i'll be calling you soon to give you progress reports.The pricing dynamics is very tricky.
Business / Re: Is N500k Enough To Start Kerosene Supply Business? by delampy(f): 9:48am On Aug 04, 2010
@ stagger,

i'm just reading your reply. Can we reschedule the call for 8pm today?

Business / Re: Is N500k Enough To Start Kerosene Supply Business? by delampy(f): 4:23pm On Aug 03, 2010
@ stagger,

I've gotten the SMS you sent. I will pick up the package by tomorrow.Are you atill coming to Lagos this week?

I still have some questions for you but will take that offline.
Business / Re: Is N500k Enough To Start Kerosene Supply Business? by delampy(f): 12:46pm On Jul 30, 2010

I've finally gotten my manual.It was my IE dat was acting up.

Business / Re: Is N500k Enough To Start Kerosene Supply Business? by delampy(f): 9:58am On Jul 30, 2010

as at yesterday, I learnt it was N77. Therefore, we can say between N75-N79. It atimes go up to N94 and have heard that it drops to N65 atimes.So, you price is not stable at all.That is why sumbody on this forum that you have to learn the art of buying the right quantity at the right price at the right time.

In Lagos, a gallon is sold for between 480-500 for retailers. For large retailers, u might have to sell for less so that profit is based on volume turnover instead of large margins. A gallon is about 4.5 litres

I think you should get Stagger's manual.
Business / Re: I Am New On This Forum by delampy(f): 1:49pm On Jul 29, 2010
U r welcome to the great nairaland.

May ur exploring be profitable. Yes you can start with little or no capital.

There are lots of thread on this forum that addresses your questions

Expect success
Business / Re: Is N500k Enough To Start Kerosene Supply Business? by delampy(f): 1:45pm On Jul 29, 2010

I just saw your request,i must have missed it in the midst of all the responses.I'm sorry I did not reply earlier.

I got the 10,000 ltr tank for 100k and it was that price because i got it from somebody no longer selling Kerosene and wanted to dispose of it. The cost of building a new 5,000 litre tank now is in the region of 90k-120k. I checked at 3 different locations before I concluded that the price is the average across Lagos.

I am available to answer further questions.
Business / Re: Is N500k Enough To Start Kerosene Supply Business? by delampy(f): 1:39pm On Jul 29, 2010
@ stagger,

I've sent a mail to your gmail account. I can't seem to get to the download page. It keeps saying something about a script permission.


PS:I will be expecting the waybill number on the other matter too!
Business / Re: Transport And Haulage Business by delampy(f): 1:51pm On Jul 28, 2010
@ sament,
this is very optimistic. The rate you want to pay your drivers, it will be a wonder if they dont run you down.

You want to make that much and give them 36,000 a month?? These small things matter and give them a sense of belonging. And I see that you want more profit,hmmmmmmm. For a trip to Abuja,my 18-ton truck consumes 58k diesel, which area will the 90k cover since I see that it is a 30-ton truck and carrying steel products.

Every other thing seems ok but make allowance for 3-4 trips instead. Our haulage ogas, what do you think?

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Business / Re: Raising Capital - Let's Rub Minds by delampy(f): 1:38pm On Jul 28, 2010
ur post is not entirely true. I do agree that capital is important but believe me the concept of i'm-waiting-for-capital mindset in Nigeria is the greatest set back.Capital might be a challenge for expansion but not for start-up. There are several threads on this forum with starting a business with N3000. How much lower can you get?

I have shared with people around me several times that I bought a 3M truck with almost no money of mine.Of cos, I had built up goodwill but basically it was not done in a day.Even if your dreams are large,start up with something as small as selling puff-puff and you will get there eventually.

On your second question, start with friends and like minded people around you and if your plan is feasible,people will commit money.
Business / Re: Is N500k Enough To Start Kerosene Supply Business? by delampy(f): 1:21pm On Jul 26, 2010
@ stagger,
we are waiting for the manual. Is there an offline way of purchasing the manual.Something like paying into your account and you sending it by mail.Some of us are averse to online payment/debit card usage due to fraud stories that abound all over the place.

can sumbody help with the cost of haulage of 10,000 ltr of Kerosene within Lagos?Surulere precisely
Business / Re: Is N500k Enough To Start Kerosene Supply Business? by delampy(f): 1:14pm On Jul 21, 2010
@ stagger,
Pls confirm dat ur number is 08027601655. The one I had saved was 08027602655. I'm shocked that I had been sending SMS to a wrong number all this while!
Business / Re: Is N500k Enough To Start Kerosene Supply Business? by delampy(f): 11:49am On Jul 21, 2010
@ stagger,

I have sent you an SMS. I have gotten a 10,000 lt tank and now need DPK supply of at least 5,000 lts for starters. How can you help me start up?I am covering Surulere area in Lagos

I will still like to have the manual too even if it is for sale. Thx
Business / Re: Transport And Haulage Business by delampy(f): 4:33pm On Jul 13, 2010

I'll call you later today. I've recieved quite a number of mails but I cant place the names agains the email ads. I have tried to respond to all the mail I received.
Business / Re: Is N500k Enough To Start Kerosene Supply Business? by delampy(f): 3:56pm On Jul 13, 2010
@ stagger,

You haven't answered my question. You have not picked up my calls and the one week grace of calling has expired.

Can I use your license in Lagos area?

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