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Politics / Re: Fayemi: Why I Didn’t Campaign For APC During Edo Governorship Election by deomelo: 4:54pm On Oct 04
This untrustworthy joker is too ambitious, too sneaky, too unreliable and deceptive, never liked or trusted him.
Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 3:03pm On Oct 01

One man's ignorance is another man's knowledge, and knowledge is limited to education and experience. Lots of us have travelled to other parts of the world and have seen how things are done properly.

Open up Lagos to where? Why does every other area of Lagos have to lead to Lagos Island? Is Lagos island still the capital of Nigeria or colonial government? Why do all major bridges in Lagos have to link Lagos Island? All traffic does not have to lead to Lagos island.

What exactly is the Lagos master plan? Lagos should design and build urban clusters and link them all by rail. Lagos State government after Jakande has been building infrastructure haphazardly without any urban master plan. You need industrial zones, commercial zones, residential zones and even a silicone Valley (to accommodate the new technological reality)

That was the same argument for Lagos - Epe expressway, Apapa - Oshodi expressway, Carter bridge, 3rd mainland bridge, Badagry road, ikorodu road, ejigbo-igando, etc.

And you think you know more than all Nigerians, that's what I call arrogance.

No one is complaining they are embarking on a good project, what people are complaining is that the limited resources available could be put to better use, to initiate projects that benefit more people for longer term.

Better use is a life changing solution like the 4th MB.

Better use is the 4th relieving, decongesting and diverting tens of thousands of cars from our major roads in Lagos,

Better use is the 4th MB giving Lagosians extra 4 hours per day to do other productive things instead of wasting it sitting in traffic.

Better use is the 4th MB eliminating dirty carbon pollution from too many cars sitting in traffic all day.

Better use is the 4th MB improving trade and commerce for smoother and better movement of goods, supplies and services because goods and supplies from Ikorodu and out of state jurisdictions like Ogun, Oyo state and beyond can get to lagos propper faster by at least 4-5 hours instead of sitting in traffic for endless hours,

Better use is the 4th MB reducing fuel cost, service and maintenance cost and stress ,

Epe expressway, Apapa - Oshodi expressway, Carter bridge, 3rd mainland bridge, Badagry road, ikorodu are all different and effective solutions that we need and the 4th MB is another vital solution to solve different needs.

The 4th MB is not going to solve traffic issues in Festac, in Badagry or anywhere in that axis, it's specifically to solve traffic issues in the most congested parts of Lagos across so many communities from the 3rd MB to Ebute meta, Yaba, Iwaya, Shomolu, Bariga, Mushin, Fadeyi, Palm grove, Ilupeju, Anthony, Ikeja, Maryland, Ketu, Mile 12, Ikorodu, Ijede and cities in between and beyond.

While heading to Ikeja or Ikorodu, you can not get on the Badagry expressway. Every solution is specifically tailored to serve different needs in different areas of the society so that was a misguided and irrelevant sentiment.

Now, millions of Lagosians from every corner of Lagos leave the homes all day and every day to seek their daily bread on the island, billions in goods and services are transported inside and outside Lagos Island everyday and millions of Lagosians waste valuable and costly productive hours in traffic while trying to get to work, for service, commerce and social engagements so it's very vital and important for sane and sensible governments to produce critical solutions like alternate routes, alternate entry and exit points.

What you pay for goods and services is a reflection of the cost of transportation from fuel to wasted man hours in traffic and congestions.

Many of us are just too simplistic when it comes to serious issues affection us daily, we bad mouth and get cynical over critical solutions put in place to address our daily realities and offer us a better quality of life.

We love to compare ourselves with other countries especially advanced countries with hundreds of years of progress and development, with hundreds of billions of dollars in yearly budget to throw at any traffic issues.

They don't say just because they built a bridge over there to solve traffic issues in on area so they don't have to do anything to solve traffic issues in another are, they are still building bridges, highways and so on.

Transportation ideas and solutions are all inclusive and from what we've seen in Lagos, they are addressing them all across the board with Mass Transit solutions from Metro Rail to waterways, roads and bridges.

Btw, we don't need new urban clutters to clutter an already cluttered Lagos, what we need is congestions, less human migration and traffic into Lagos state because Lagos state no matter what can not keep up with the ever widening population because more people means more roads, more hospitals, more schools, more bridges, more government services, more programs and policies and more importantly, quick degradation and destruction of built infrastructures.

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Politics / Re: I Will Resign From Office If You Mention One Thing You Have Done For Rivers by deomelo: 11:52pm On Sep 30
I built so many schools. As a minister.

Must have built them in his dreams or under his bed.
Politics / Re: Oyetola @66th Birthday: Aregbesola Shuns Oyetola by deomelo: 9:39pm On Sep 30

The guy used to claim he is a Yoruba which is still under scrutiny.. Average Yoruba's no dey use left hand describe their papa house except......

They all claim Yoruba from Osun, but they are all identity denying ipob cowards especially the OP.
Politics / Re: Oyetola @66th Birthday: Aregbesola Shuns Oyetola by deomelo: 9:31pm On Sep 30

This op hatred about Aregbeshola, Oyetola and Osun state is getting out of hand

This guy has never seen anything good about the 3 before... That's not normal

I know him very well, he a bitter, tribal and bigoted ipob troll.
Politics / Re: Oyetola @66th Birthday: Aregbesola Shuns Oyetola by deomelo: 9:26pm On Sep 30
Must he be at a birthday party? Is is compulsory? Must he leave his official duties or other schedule engagements to attend a birthday celebration?

What's your business over who is attending a birthday party or not? Or must absence means A is fighting with B?

Why do you redundant and jobless people waste valuable time on meaningless and petty rubbish?.
Politics / Re: Court Stops Police From Arresting Gbagi by deomelo: 6:35pm On Sep 30
Nigerian judiciary for you..

This is why corruption, impunity and lawlessness reigns supreme in Nigeria. The Judiciary is supposed to be out last line of defense, but it's the most useless, corrupt and worthless arm of government.

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Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 2:10pm On Sep 30
Water transportation is not left out...

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Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 1:42pm On Sep 30


I don't know how much the Lagos state government is paying you.

Why build roads without proper drianage systems? Only to waste or steal more funds to fix roads that weren't properly constructed in the first place. The Lagos state government has been under the same government for the best part of 21 years so who do you blame for the bad roads.

Stop comparing whatever backward state you are from with Lagos because they do drainage in Lagos, Btw, it's drainage, not drianage.

Looks like you are just one of the bitter, hateful and angry lazy youths. Who is paying you to lie and spew ignorant tales on the internet.

Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 6:41am On Sep 30

....and you really believe these 2000 bridges are all built for traffic.... and bridges to bring traffic into the city! Bro... they include a whole lot of pedestrian bridges... and bridges along ordinary roads. There is space to build hundreds of bridges like 3MB.

Ok...NY budget is $177B....Lagos is $4B..... do you think NY governor/mayor dare open his mouth and say he is building a $90B bridge to ease congestion?... using half the budget to build a bridge?... he will be run out of office.

I'll get back to you after the bridge is built.

What are bridges for? Decoration?

Too many little children on NL.

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Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 5:17am On Sep 30

Use your limited gray matter, Lagos must first prioritise the completion of the rails projects and expand the waterways ferry system before they invest in a new bridge.

The Lagos government that can't fixed the local roads or constructs basic road drainage systems, should not be wasting billions of dollars building a new bridge.

Do you want me to show you public works people fixing roads in Lagos day and night?

The Lagos metro is still ongoing and Lageferry is all over the waterways so what's your point?

We must not boil water for garri to make eba until the soup is ready mentality. Are the bridges not supposed to move away traffic and reduce pressure on our roads and make them last longer?

This is why the say Nigerian youths are bit ready to govern, they think shallow and backwards.

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Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 5:10am On Sep 30

Ok..... let's see the logic in your argument.

The benefits of more roads..... is that what we are discussing?.... the benefits of more roads?

Let's look at this from another angle. Wasn't the purpose of the 3MB to ease congestion in the city? Just like you are explaining now.... weren't they explaining then? What happened? Just like you are explaining now.... 4MB is built... don't you think the same will happen again?

And we wonder why there are sooo many white elephants everywhere we look.... lack of foresight... lack of vision... lack of learning from the mistakes of others... lack of adapting what worked for others under similar conditions.

You said we need a rail system, but Lagos state is constructing one as we speak, so is the same metro rail that you said we need that is currently under construction a white elephant? IS 3rd MB a white elephant? Is the 4th MB that's going to shift tens of thousands of cars and congestion from 3rd MB and open up other towns and cities beyond Lagos a white elephant?

Having a bridge like the 4th MB means you don't have to cramp yourself up inside Lagos, it means you get to avoid high rent in Lagos and hours in traffic by moving to Ikorodu axis all the way to Ijede Where rent is cheaper and still make it to work in Lagos island faster than people living in Ikeja.

Apart from reducing traffic on our major roads, it's a quality of life game changer.

Many people moved to Ijede and Ikorodu for a reason, it's because LASG opened and expanded ferry services to move workers from the island to Ikorodu and Ijede and the commute is less than 30 minutes while by road the same trip to the island by road is 3-4 hours. This is quality mass transit, it means you are already at home by 5-6 PM instead of 9-10 PM, it means you don't have to leave home at 3-4 AM.

So, which one is white elephant?

I know your type, you are arguing not because anything genuine to discuss, you obviously have some bad bele and Lagos hating issues.
Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 4:28am On Sep 30

If that's what you're focused on... didn't I address it in my previous comment? But you're yet to respond to my comment.... is this how a sane discussion is conducted? Yes... this is a discussion forum.... differences of opinions... but when you decide to engage you should be able to defend your opinion with logic.

FYI..... NYC.... been facing traffic congestion and looking for solutions.... has mass transit.... buses and subway... ferries and bridges. Major bridges... Brooklyn Bridge... built in 1883 before cars as we know it.... last major bridge Verrazzano Bridge built in 1964 ... when gridlock was not a problem. No new bridges since... none ever under consideration.... but mass transit always on the table. $2B can be better spent. Can you imagine when it comes to maintenance... ehmmm.... are they finished with the simple maintenance operation on 3MB?... can you imagine the same on the almost longest bridge in Africa? Peace.

A good light rail, bus service with good comfort etc will make many people abandon their cars

Again one is under construction as we speak, it's called Lagos Metro Rail so exactly what's your point? You keep arguing blindy.'

Now, there are 2,000 bridges in NY plus turnessl so they obviously don't have room for additional bridges un like Lagos where there's no subway, no tunnels and just 3 main bridges connecting the Island and the mainland.

There budget in NY is $177 billion, it's $4 billion in Lagos state so stop the needless and illogical comparisons.

Is the Lagos Metro rail not a mass transit system?

Is the 4th MB not a mass transit project?

Now you've moved your illogical argument to maintenance?

I can't wait to see you shift your next post to how come we don't have space ship.

I think I'm done with you because you are not making any sense.

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Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 4:03am On Sep 30

Bro easy with the lies the so called blue line has not even been completed

Who said it's completed? Show ne where?
Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 4:02am On Sep 30

It's evident that you don't understand how traffic operates. If you build more bridges, essentially what you have done is shifted the problem the people will still choke up the inner city with even more cars. Traffic planning and engineering has moved beyond building more roads and fly overs. This is the 21st century and that is not the way to go. Auto vehicle mileage reduction per person i.e vmt reduction should be the goal of a city as dense a Lagos. It is cheaper and more sustainable. I remember when Lekki toll bridge was opened. Initially it was okay people didn't want to pay the toll but as time went by, people now pay that that money but as it reduced island traffic? NO. It's still a cluster mess. It just shifted the traffic deeper into Ikoyi and Dolphin area. A good light rail, bus service with good comfort etc will make many people abandon their cars and free up the roads. Do you know that in the U.S the average utility of vehicles is 1.1 people per auto that is why traffic in many U.S cities is a cluster mess. But many of the cities are now getting sense and embracing transit but it's a little too late. We still have the chance to get this right in Lagos. Look at Europe, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Korea, France even U.K That is the kind of traffic management we should be emulating.

Do you have congestion on your street? No you don't.

The congestion are limited to the main roads and the main roads are full of traffic from thousands of people heading to work or heading back home from let's say Ikorodu, this traffic share the same Ikorodu road with people heading to or coming from other major areas like Ikeja, Mile 12, Ilupeju, Palm Groove and even from out of Lagos state like Ogun state and Oyo state and so on., diverting that traffic from out of state and from Ikoroddu to the 4th MB straight to the Island means you are removing tens of thousands of cars from ikorodu road, it means you are reducing congestion in Yaba, Ebute meta and all the roads that leads to the 3rd mainland.

And please stop comparing yourself with USA and Canada, our daily realities are not the same, 20 million people didn't cramp themselves up in one little city in the USA or Canada and their budgets are hundreds of billions of dollars, not $4 billion like Lagos.

Stay away from meaningless apple and orange comparison.,


Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 3:41am On Sep 30

My guy that light rail project is fast becoming an abandoned project. Have you been to Mile 2 - Okokomaiko axis? There is no activity going on there. Abeg we should have conscience and speak truth to power.

Thanks to Ambode for grinding the project to a halt for 4 years and abandoning the whole of Lagos Badagry expressway construction for 4 years.

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Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 3:39am On Sep 30

Of what economic importance is paving the satellites town road compared to the IGR that will be derived from EPZ

Lagos Metro Rail is designed to move over 500, 000 passengers per day

500,000 X 300 per passenger X 26 working days = N3,900,000,000

That's almost N4 billion per month and N48 billion per year.

I don't think they understand the IGR concept, it is not by accident that Lagos state is the king of IGR in Nigeria and West Africa.
Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 3:15am On Sep 30

How many passengers daily carried on this Blue line connecting Lagos Island and the mainland since June 2013

Sorry, i don't do trolls.
Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 3:05am On Sep 30

The topic is vehicular congestion ..... human congestion is a different topic with different solutions. I am focused on vehicular congestion period.

According to your logic.... if Lagos builds 50 bridges tonight and declare them open in the morning gridlock will be history in the city.

No doubt... if you have multiple bridges or entry/exit points traffic will be reduced on the now ever congested entrance/exit roads leading to 3MB... but there will also be an increase in traffic on the roads leading to the new 4MB. But this is about the roads... it wouldn't reduce the traffic in the city... or congestion... the same amount of vehicles will be in the city. More bridges will mean more multiple entry points ..... the city will get congested in less time.... and in the evenings... traffic will exit faster. What happens during the day?

I now understand the reasoning some people are applauding and swallowing this dream.

The topic is actually 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge, not vehicular congestion.

If you can not engage in a sane back and forth discussion, just say so, not need to keep dancing around, faking topics and making your own rules, it doesn't work that way, this is a discussion forum, not your own forum where you dictate the rules or move goal posts just because you can not formulate sane and rational thoughts

It's common sense that traffic congestion is a manifestation of human congestion, it's also common sense that people drive from so many locations and points within the city just to get to the same bridge heading into and out od the city and when you crate alternate entry and exit points, you effectively reduce and divert traffic within the city.

Do you not drive through the city to get to the bridge? You ever imagine how many drivers doing the same thing at the same time?

Do you know how many drivers take side roads and short cuts within the city to dodge traffic and get to the bridge faster than other drivers?

I don't know why this is a foreign concept to you, it's just common sense, I'd understand if the issue here is the road in front of your house, but we are talking about major roads that tens of thousands of people are riding to get to the gridges from island to mainland or vise versa.

You are getting redundant for me, I think I'm wasting my time here.
Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 2:45am On Sep 30

Any right thinking Government will look at the option of rail lines...
It still beat my imaginations that LASG is not thinking of rail from Mainland to Island, Lekki, Epe. For Lagos to be like Dubai, it MUST have rail option!

Too many people are commenting in this thread, but it's obvious that they are either not Lagosians.

This is the Blue line connecting Lagos island and the mainland.

Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 2:09am On Sep 30

You speak as though it is necessary for the traffic to enter the city. How will another bridge reduce congestion in the city? I guess common sense is what city planners in developed countries don't have... the reason they emphasize mass transit and not more bridges.

Inner City congestion is largely due to vehicular traffic leaving and entering the city, not from within and if you remove the traffic heading to the entry and exit points aka the bridges, you reduce inner city congestion, it means less mixture of people going from point A to point B within the city and the traffic trying to get out of the city.

Now look at the 3rd MB or folks leaving the island and heading to maybe Yaba, Ebute Meta, Palmgrove, Ilupeju, Anthony, Ikeja, Mile 12, Sagamu, Ijebu Ode and so on, they all have to first share the 3r MB and tie up all the roads from Ebute Meta to Yaba, Fadeyi, Maryland and even all the way to Ikorodu, but with the 4th MB, you seperate them all, the folks heading to Ikorodu axis, Ijede, Shagamu, Ijebu ode and so on can just get on the 4th MB and leave the 3rd MB for the folks heading to Yaba, Ebute Meta, Palmgrove, Ilupeju, Anthony, Ikeja other parts of Lagos.

You reduce inner city traffic when you have multiple entry and exit points.

What I think you are concerned about has nothing to do with 4th MB, it's more about people living in congested human areas, overpopulation and so on, you can not build enough roads to address overpopulation and people living in densely populated areas.

LASG can not keep up with population pressure on infrastructures and $3-4 Billion budget for more than 20 million people and several thousands crossing into Lagos everyday is not and never going to be enough.

If you are going to talk about vehicular congestion, you must also address and talk about human congestion that the state can not keep up with no matter what.
Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 1:16am On Sep 30

.....and when the private investors hammer you with tolls do you really think you can afford it?... how long will they be waiting to recoup their investment? Weren't we shouting good development ... electricity in the hands of private investors?... and we're now wailing as they keep hammering us with more and more tariff?.... and they didn't even invest half billion?

@ topic...... large cities.... with good road infrastructure and management are trying to keep traffic out of the city.... but here we are... with poor city road infrastructure ... maintenance and management..... ready to burden over burdened residents with 2 billion dollars for a bridge to bring more traffic into gridlocked Lagos.... and the residents are applauding this as a great move. Why not mass transit? One other idiot grandiose Governor was shouting cable cars as mass transit... and we applauded. Something is wrong with us.

Gridlock is the effect of less in and out points out of the cities,, like too many vehicular traffic heading to the same exit and entry points within the cities, the 4th MB os designed to take away heavy traffic from the other entry and exit points.

The 4th MB means removal or diversion of tens of thousands of cars and other vehicular traffic per day away from Ikorodu road and other city roads, this takes pressure of the main and inner city roads.

I don't get how it's possible to criticize and lay blames for horrible traffic and gridlock while at the same time attacking and criticizing sane and rational solutions put in place to address the same thing you are criticizing?

What they are proposing and what they are trying to address are basic solutions and common sense, it's not rocket science.

I think many of you are either confused or just criticizing just to hear yourself talk, I just don't get it.
Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 12:44am On Sep 30

Is the 3MB connected to ikorodu or lekki.. from ajah to ikd, u have to pass either cms or epe, you will spend nothing less than 2 hours. From ikorodu water bank you can actually see lekki and ajah on the other side, by boat it's 8mins to ajah, about 25mins to lekki and 35 to VI. Imagine a bridge connecting those places. You still think it's a waste of resources undecided

I think he's either confused or he did not read the article or he's just in the wrong thread.
Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 12:42am On Sep 30
To me, the project is just a waste of resources because basically the proposed route of this new bridge is same as the third mainland bridge. It will even "flyover" the third mainland bridge!! So it is more of an ego trip than a necessity. That 2.2 billion dollars will be more beneficial if it is used to pave the many unpaved roads in the satellite towns of Lagos State.

How are they the same? Or you mean the 3rd MB also stretches from Lekki to Ikorodu like the 4th MB?

Is it by force to comment per what you know nothing about? I can't believe many ignorant people like you liked your post.
Politics / Re: Budget Surplus- Citizens Of Lagos, Where Are Your Billions?! by deomelo: 9:55pm On Sep 29
its such a pity.
so, after all I asked, u curved like messi and did hand of God like maradona?
just to dodge question?
do u need me to repeat it for u?
u seem to be intelligent, but-
are u just really slow?
answer, or shut up.

Ask yourself, do you think the funds generated by the state is kept somewhere where to show you everyday when you ask them to show you the money? Was that a sane and realistic question?

What the poster was trying to explain to you is the fact that the money is tied to the state's daily activities from the projects they fund, the salaries they pay, the programs and policies they fund, the agencies and institutions they operate, the bills and the vendors they pay and so on.

If your question was a sane and realistic question, why not ask the other 35 states in Nigeria to show you their money, at least they are all collect monthly allocations, IGR, derivations and so on.
Politics / Re: 800 Houses To Go As Lagos Proposes $2.2 Billon For 4th Mainland Bridge by deomelo: 9:45pm On Sep 29

Rail is part of the transportation master plan and the Red and Blue lines are part of that masterplan.

The Blue line should be serving 200,000 Lagosians per day right now, but unfortunately not at the moment because Ambode grounded the project almost to a halt for 4 years so we have a lot of catching up to do.


Politics / Re: Obaseki Makes Case For Extension Of Rail Line To Benin Industrial Park* by deomelo: 9:30pm On Sep 29
No need to even pay attention to him and his imaginary drawing board industrial park. Lazy man, all talk not action.
Politics / Re: Burna Boy Slams Sowore For Calling Him To Join October 1 #revolutionnow Protest by deomelo: 9:17pm On Sep 29
BB get sense pass sense itself, sowore and his rag tag comedians lost election and that they are yet to get over. Election is all bout winning and losing and the fact that you lost at the polls doesn't mean you have to take or win power via other means.

Revolution is a forcible overthrow of a government or social order and the fact that sowore is not already in prison or worse is a reflection of Nigeria as a lawless country.

In America the land of democracy, the punishment for revolution or advocating overthrow of government gets you 29 years in prison. Looters and corrupt people don't go to jail in Nigeria and criminal elements openly violating the laws of Nigeria like sowore also don't go to prison.

What a lawless country.,

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Leads Wike & PDP Governors On A Thank You Visit To Oba Of Benin(pics) by deomelo: 8:55pm On Sep 29
lol @ wike the new godfather and his disciples..

Instead of going to work on behalf of the people, this wanderer go spend the next 4 years vising and paying curtesy call with other useless and jobless delegation.

And the one in the picture below is definitely lost and out of place far far away from home, he did follow follow all the way to edo just to do sidon look like mumu.

s ;Dmh


Politics / Re: 3 In 1 Flyover Built In Kano By Governor Ganduje (Photos) by deomelo: 7:46am On Dec 01, 2019

Ganduje delivered more, better and quality projects than your useless governors combined.

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Politics / Re: APC Governors Forum Rates Ganduje Best performing Governor by deomelo: 6:27pm On Nov 28, 2019

Ganduje delivered more, better and quality projects than their useless governors combined.

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