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Romance / Re: My Family Wants Me To Marry For Money. by DePriest2(m): 2:22pm On Sep 07, 2012
What of if MR RICH is divinely your real husband, and how would you understand and love a man you never talk with, start having conversation with him and spend more time with God. I believe God will guide you through visions, dreams and wisdom. And remember that most times this thing we call LOVE is a big lust, you may love a guy maybe because of his eyes, height,romancing or maybe the way their speech sound, whatever reasons, and all those things will definitely fade away if poverty becomes your landlord. All you need is prayer and be wise. As for the age, there is nothing wrong with woman been 16yrs young than her husband.
(well, all these numerous advice is good, but the most important thing is to hear from God, not through pastor or any body, you can hear from God on your own any time you want HIM to guide you).
Politics / Which One Of These Three Countries Would Become DEVELOPED COUNTRY Before 20 Year by DePriest2(m): 3:54pm On Jun 22, 2012
If a general decision is taking today to make Nigeria three countries (Northerner, Westerner, Southerner). Which one of these three countries would become DEVELOPED COUNTRY before 20 years?

(please give reasons for your answer).
Romance / Re: Dumped After Blood Covenant And Abortions by DePriest2(m): 10:31am On Jun 14, 2012
My dear don't be deceived by fair tale, u must see that boy one on one and break-off that oath. Except u don't like your life. I have seen two freethinkers lost their lives through oath. Pls make sure u see him and renounce the oath and have a new life.
Religion / What You Must Know About Faith by DePriest2(m): 1:25am On Jun 07, 2012
1 Faith is enhance by Christ consciousness
2 Faith becomes a dream when God turns back on you
3 Faith becomes a music when your thought contradict your confession
4 Faith is limited by the plan of God. faith does not change the plan of God
5 Salvation is a field of faith
6 When Faith cannot endure long suffering, it becomes selfishness, not faith.
7 Faith does not contradict the word of God, but it fulfills the word of God
8 When your confession or prayer is measured by the magnitude of your problem, it is no longer a faith but a fear
9 Your faith have no effect if it is contradicting the purpose of God for your life
10 Human logic and reasoning is an enemy of faith
11 faith is not a magic, faith is a reality (it involves Heavens interfering, it's not done by your mind, but by God)
12 Faith always has a good report no matter the circumstances
13 Believe is acting on the word, any other thing, is mentally agreed
Jokes Etc / The Wicked Judge by DePriest2(m): 12:50am On Jun 07, 2012
ocean my honour
aquatic my favourite
who can hold and bind
the invisible legs of ocean
disguising in smile for hunt
his face staggering in gimmick
wave journalising to his judge
blue-whale the ocean judge
judging his weaker fellow
in his deepest kingdom
the wicked judge
showing weak love in hunger
by wrecking his folk
seeking glory in his temple
sacrificing to his god
the ocean
ocean the mysterious god

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Religion / Re: The True Fasting by DePriest2(m): 11:36pm On May 31, 2012
hahaha! logicboy u no go kill me with laugh, This is the most interesting JOKE of the year. u are an atheist and you believe what God say's about fasting.
Religion / Re: The True Fasting by DePriest2(m): 10:50pm On May 31, 2012
@logicboy Which country do you live, I would have love us to open a church waooooo! TITHELESS AND OFFERINGLESS CHURCH.
Religion / Re: Looking For A Prayer Book by DePriest2(m): 9:57pm On May 31, 2012
read SPIRITUAL GATE by Moses. Great sermon, you can get it online.
Religion / The True Fasting by DePriest2(m): 9:43pm On May 31, 2012
1 Free those who are wrongly imprisoned.

2 Lighten the burden of those who work for you.

3 Let the oppressed go free.

4 Remove the chains that bind people.

7 Share your food with the hungry.

8 And give shelter to the homeless.

9 Give clothes to those who need them.

10 And do not hide from relatives who need your help.

11 Remove the heavy yoke of oppression.

12 Stop pointing your finger on people.

13 And stop spreading vicious rumors.

14 And help those in trouble.

Why don't our pastors preach this fasting, and this is the method of fasting God recommended.
Politics / Re: Zimbabwe's Vice Pres. Attacks T.B Joshua by DePriest2(m): 9:03pm On May 26, 2012
The people criticizing TBJ are they born-again Christians,do they have discernment-gift or satan is just speaking through them. Well, I can't tell who TBJ is becos God didn't show/tell me any thing about him and I'm not praying for God to show either. But the issue of bringing a prophet or non-prophet here and start criticizing him is not comfortable especially we that bear that name Christian.
Jokes Etc / Re: Love Letter By An Onitsha Big Boy! by DePriest2(m): 12:01pm On May 26, 2012
hello!!! PLS i want to know how to start a new topic.
Business / Re: Information Or Money: Which is more valuable? by DePriest2(m): 2:38am On May 24, 2012
INFORMATION is one of the raw materials for processing MONEY, While MONEY is utilized INFORMATION. So money is more valuable.

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Religion / Re: Was King Solomon Really A Wise Man? by DePriest2(m): 11:34pm On Mar 23, 2012
EZEK 28:3 Behold, thou art wiser than Daniel; there is no secret that they can hide from thee:
Here God was comparing the wisdom of Satan with Daniel, if Solomon was wiser than Daniel God wouldn't have made this statement. Solomon wisdom became foolishness because he refused to honor God. Most of the statement you read in the book of proverbs were not really from Solomon. Most of the proverbs were the advise David gave his son Solomon, when you study it carefully you will discover a lot of them.
The same thing is still happening in the life of pastors today, when God anoint's them and they start using it to glorify themselves, the anointing departs from them, then they will begin to function with the residue of what they used to have. Then their doctrine will change and they begin to manipulate their flock with greek word and hebrew word trying to change all the verses of the bible.
Romance / Re: Can Broken Relationships Be Mended? by DePriest2(m): 5:07pm On Aug 17, 2011
amend is possible, but, not when the cause is infidelity.
Romance / Re: Men/boys, Would You Allow Another Man/boy Take Your Woman/girl To An Event? by DePriest2(m): 6:22pm On May 12, 2011
There is no protection, even for urself, talkless of protecting ur wife, the only protector is GOD
Romance / Re: Men/boys, Would You Allow Another Man/boy Take Your Woman/girl To An Event? by DePriest2(m): 6:15pm On May 12, 2011

The worst thing that can happen to a man after hell-fire is wrong marriage, when a man after many years of plan end up in marring a LovePeddler instead of a WIFE. becos this two (LovePeddler N WIFE) are not the same, they are mutually exclusive. If you stalk/trail/restrict/whatever  ur woman from trip/occasion  becos u don't trust her, that means u need a psychometric  expert to improve ur way of thinking, becos a LovePeddler does not care, even in office desk she can indulge in sexual act n u cannot be there in her office desk, she can go to market for food stuffs n SWING. Merely giving name like party/occasion is myopic, becos there are women that don't go to part/occasion without their husband but inhale infidelity as FELA inhale wee-wee.

The same thing is applicable to HUSBAND AND SKIRT-CHASERS , the two can never be the same.

   WIFE or LovePeddler does not depend on any religion, becos there are women in the village that don't indulge in adultery and they don't know any religion. Pastor WIFE can be a public SEX-DONOR if she don't fear God.

But, in every plain, GOD will give u a wife if u really need GOD assistance, provided u give up detecting GOD for PINK, YELLOW, BLACK, SLIM, TALL, BOOTY/WHATEVER, My God is a SUPER-INTELLIGENCE, He can give u a WIFE/HUSBAND.  

PROV3 VERSE 5 N 6 SAYS, Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes:
so what we need is GOD intervention, so that we don't a LovePeddler in WIFE clothing
Health / Re: Hiv Positive Guy In Dilenma And Needs your Help. by DePriest2(m): 1:41pm On May 11, 2011
@@Ijogz K
I am impressed by ur understanding.
Health / Re: Hiv Positive Guy In Dilenma And Needs your Help. by DePriest2(m): 1:21pm On May 11, 2011

LAM3 VESRE 37 to 39, Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not? Out of the mouth of the most High proceedeth not evil and good? Wherefore doth a living man complain, a man for the punishment of his sins?

God uses all these things to warn us especially when we r born in a christian home n we pretend to be a BORN-AGAIN (maybe show-OFF in attitude without) but within we r less than unbelievers, becos our SINS always find us out, so God uses these things to bring us closer to him if we r willing to save then HE will save us immediately, becos, the God I serve does not wish or neither want any to perish. He send HIS SON JESUS that we might be saved from all this problem in the world, but we become captivated if we still live a WORLDLY live, JOHN 16 VERSE 33,  These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

My brother what u need is TOTAL REPENTANCE, I hav seen many people with HIV/AIDS but 2day they don't hav such YOKE again. And they r living their life peacefully now.

There r steps u must take.
1. Repent of every SIN, not only sexual vice, SIN is SIN,
2. Make a covenant with God that u will not indulge in any sexual sin in ur life any more. Our God honors COVENANTS more than  prayers especially when it comes from ur heart (but remember the effect will be so bad if u don't keep to ur vow).
3. If ur church does not believe in HOLY SPIRIT, then change ur church immediately, luk for a church where there believe in HOLY SPIRIT and miracle.
4. Do not tell any one u hav HIV/AIDS, not even ur parents.
5 Do not rely on hospital, rely solely on God, becos in everything on earth the counsel of God shall stand, HE is a SUPREME GOD, his power is not limited in any situation, HIV/AIDS is nothing before him.
5. Quench all anxiety and worries and begin to live life as if nothing happened to u, n truly nothing happened to u, God just want to save u.
6. If ur girl press u so much about test, tell her u don't want to go for test now, n ur reasons is undisclosed, if she is not comfortable, allow her go, God can still give u a girl that u will still cherished   more than her.

I believe if u reconciled with GOD, less than one or two months this issue will be a thing of past.

(if u r not clear with this FACT, u can contact me on my email (K.DUKESUNSHINE@YAHOO.COM), add me on yahoo messenger, so that we can chat together).
Romance / Re: Please Advice Am In Love With A Moslem And He Has Proposed by DePriest2(m): 4:28pm On May 03, 2011
my dear why do u used that word 'christian'', is it becos they don't arrest hypocrite. A christian proposed by a Muslim, A, A, RUU, EMELA, NOBODO.
marry him, u don't have to ask question becos u r not even a "christian'.
Politics / Re: Breaking News: Pst. Bakare's House On Fire by DePriest2(m): 4:46pm On Apr 30, 2011
I can c u hav sharp brains been able to memorize what u studied in High Skool days, I believe is quiet long ago u left H Skool, so hand of applaud for ur good recite.
REASON 1. David did not campaign to be a ruler/king, God commanded Samuel(the Priest) to anoint him. 1Sam16:13
REASON 2. Moses did not become a ruler by his will, God commanded and commissioned him. EXODUS3:10. ( if God command a pastor to run for a position, he will not loose, becos God does not sponsor flops and God is not a deceiver).
REASON 3. It is not wrong for a BELIEVER to held high position in his country. but when it's not the WILL of God, the SHEPHERD is truly a rivaling WOLF.
Romance / Re: Magic Number Wants To Scatter My Runs?pls Help by DePriest2(m): 10:41am On Jan 28, 2011
u hav a fiancee n also hav a gf dat tinks u hav only her, becos u hav a soft spot for her that is ? she trying to show u her love for u. frm ur statement it prove u love both of them. then ? do u cal one ur fiancee n one gf, u r really a BULL MASTIFF. remember infatuation does not make one a clever boy.
Romance / Re: She Wants Me To Buy Her Fone Without Givin Me Punany by DePriest2(m): 1:26am On Jan 28, 2011
Mrs, Chima, if gentle DuDu na car n house rape go be how much?
Romance / Re: She Wants Me To Buy Her Fone Without Givin Me Punany by DePriest2(m): 1:22am On Jan 28, 2011
GUY:    girl tel u say u no reach no mean say she no like u, she fit just dey form. well maybe she no fine sha becos some puzzy worth pass 50k, if her body luscious just buy de fone then u go video ur 20k for camera for future purpose, if na masculine physique no just waste money for man like u.
Romance / Re: Help! I'm Above 30 And Under Pressure To Get Married by DePriest2(m): 11:02am On Jan 27, 2011
@single; did u need a prophet or a seer to tell u that that name (single) is affecting ur life, u need to change that name or u remain single 4ever. MARK 4:9, He that hath ears to hear let him hear
Travel / Re: North Cyprus by DePriest2(m): 1:46am On Jan 24, 2011
I just gained admission to EUL northern cyprus, though I hav paid my skool fees, pls I want to know the cost of accommodation for outside campus, the price they gav me for their hostel is too expensive, I need somebody to put me through.

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