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Politics / Re: Who Handed Nigeria Over To The Fulanis? by Desyner: 6:46pm On Apr 05, 2020
They own Nigeria. They can move from Ethiopia into Nigeria because we have no restrictions at our borders and join force with their brethren to cause havoc.
Crime / Re: 100 Nigerian Soldiers Killed By Boko Haram In Goniri. Graphic Pics by Desyner: 6:32pm On Apr 05, 2020
Shebi I Tell You, Una no hear, now moto Don jam am:

* Your Healthcare system cannot save you. (it's just not enough.) we are surrounded by sickbays and not equipped hospitals.
* Your yahoo yahoo pastor can't save you, otherwise let them go to the isolation centers.

* Your govt can't save you, even your presido Don go run leave you .
* Your crude oil can't save you. where is the demand, energy is now transitioning to Renewables. The oil dominance era is over.
* Your church can't save you. They will rather compel you to continue paying your tithes and offerings instead of raising fund for relief.
* Your isolation can't save you. Na hunger, heat and darkness go chase people come out.
* Your visas cant save you now. The better countries only want your medical experts. So we dey here together.


Nigeria hasn't been working for a long time. #Conaravirus is just another trigger that shows the frailty of our beloved nation.

I advise you all to stay home, and really think deeply about the future of the nation, how much it affects your life and what you will do different to change it (post corona).

Until then, stay safe.


Pastor are not the one to cone to your house to do miracles for you. They are to guide you to Jesus who heals. Get it?
Politics / Re: Who Handed Nigeria Over To The Fulanis? by Desyner: 4:12am On Feb 01, 2020
Politics / Re: Tomato Paste Factories In China Shut Down Due To Buhari Administration by Desyner: 3:13pm On Mar 02, 2019
The global economy is shutting down because of Nigeria's Buhari. Kudos.
Career / Re: What Good Skill Can A Lady Learn In Nigeria? by Desyner: 8:37pm On Sep 20, 2018
Ewhoring cool.... Concentrate on foreign clients only... And as a lady you would have no problem closing a sale...
Probably make about $2000 every month..
urhobo wadoo

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Culture / Re: In India Children Are Sacrificed For Wealth by Desyner: 11:18am On Aug 30, 2018
answer me is India the most populated country in the world

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Culture / Re: In India Children Are Sacrificed For Wealth by Desyner: 11:17am On Aug 30, 2018
OP, China is the most populated followed by India.
Two things are a curse to mankind: Oil and Religion. They fester poverty to the nth degree. I still find it hard to understand how Saudi Arabia balances oil and wealth.
Sports / Re: ISIS Uses Lionel Messi's Image To Threaten Russia 2018 World Cup by Desyner: 11:14am On Aug 30, 2018
The religion of peace didn't strike all through the world cup. Thanks be to Jesus.
Food / Re: How Can I Produce/make Cocoa Powder Drink From Pure Cocoa Powder ? by Desyner: 2:03am On Aug 25, 2018
you can also add cornflour to the above but its optional though.
Religion / Re: As A Believer Of Christ, Do You Believe In Flat Earth Or Spheroid Earth Theory? by Desyner: 3:43am On Aug 19, 2018
Spherical Earth.
Politics / Re: Government’s Inaction Robs Nation Of $24b, 18,000 Jobs by Desyner: 3:36am On Aug 19, 2018
The shame of a Nation.

I don't understand Nigerian politicians. You want to steal money, why not finish this Brass LNG so you can have plenty to steal every year as they produce? You steal yours, the country earns some, the citizens get jobs in addition to amenities and jobs for the host communities?

Every body wins but these buffoons are too daft to see it
We have leader who lack all-round vision both in governing and stealing.
Good thing is the north is always positioning theirs to take anything oil in Nigeria. Government can't build refineries but can give dangote huge forex to build his and same govt is trying to build pipelines and power plants under same NNPC that can't run a refinery.
Food / Re: How Can I Produce/make Cocoa Powder Drink From Pure Cocoa Powder ? by Desyner: 3:30am On Aug 19, 2018
you can also add cornflour to the above but its optional though.
You mean corn flour in form of pap powder or unflavoured custard powder? Please tell us more about that.

I know of sorghum malt extract but not corn flour.
Food / Re: How Can I Produce/make Cocoa Powder Drink From Pure Cocoa Powder ? by Desyner: 1:14am On Aug 15, 2018
Thanks a lot.
i think apongbon market in lagos island or ojota market
Politics / Re: Government’s Inaction Robs Nation Of $24b, 18,000 Jobs by Desyner: 1:40am On Aug 13, 2018
Initiated in December 2003, the Brass LNG, which currently has NNPC, ENI and Total as shareholders, was initially estimated to cost about $3.5b, but that has now been pushed to over $25b.
The Guardian gathered that so far, slightly over $1b had been expended on early works, even without the signing of a Final Investment Decision (FID).
Food / Re: How Can I Produce/make Cocoa Powder Drink From Pure Cocoa Powder ? by Desyner: 12:12am On Aug 13, 2018
then mix with milk and sugar and grind it, maybe add a little malt extract
That easy ?
If I may ask further, where can I get things like malt extract and a suitable electrical grinding device ?
Food / Re: How Can I Produce/make Cocoa Powder Drink From Pure Cocoa Powder ? by Desyner: 12:06am On Aug 11, 2018
put a teaspoon in a cup, add hot water, ad d milk and sugar. that is all
I am talking of the cocoa/chocolate beverage powder being produced as the end product. Not the drink in liquid form itself.
Food / How Can I Produce/make Cocoa Powder Drink From Pure Cocoa Powder ? by Desyner: 3:32am On Aug 09, 2018
How Can I Produce/Make Cocoa Powder Drink From Pure Cocoa Powder ?
I want to be able to make something similar to cowbell choco or the other local alternatives that are sugary.
I need guidance.
Agriculture / Re: What Is Mint Leave? by Desyner: 2:56am On Aug 09, 2018
heard its efinrin in Yoruba language. its commonly used in pepper soup and yes you can conveniently get it in nigeria
Would love to get it. i want to extract the oil for topical use.
Sports / Messi Is Happy To Have You - How The World Reacted To Courtois’ Real Madrid Move by Desyner: 1:29am On Aug 09, 2018
The Belgium international has moved from Chelsea to Madrid, sparking contrasting views from football fans

As expected, the world has been reacting to the news of Thibaut Courtois’ move from Chelsea to Real Madrid.

The reigning European champions forked out €35m (£31m/$40m) plus a season-long loan move for Mateo Kovacic to Stamford Bridge.

Courtois, who has been with the Roman Army since 2011 was named best goalkeeper at the 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia.

Here is how social media have reacted to the 26-year-old’s move, with many tipping Barcelona’s Lionel Messi to score goals aplenty when they face Madrid.

Health / Re: Born With A Hole In Her Heart, Bellanaijarian Ayotunde Shares Her Experience by Desyner: 5:53pm On Jul 31, 2018
So she successfully underwent the surgery? Happy for her but glad to let her know there is Jesus who can heal even the physicians scar to perfection.

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Politics / Re: Obasanjo Receiving N300 Million Cheque From Femi Otedola In Throwback Photo by Desyner: 12:24am On Jul 27, 2018
How the exchanged our commonwealth casually.

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Crime / Re: From Ghana To Ivory Coast: How Herdsmen Have Been Wreaking Havoc Across Africa by Desyner: 12:53am On Jul 26, 2018
it not a clash btw farmers and herdsmen.

it an attack on farmers by herdsmen.

i dnt think we heard of farmers team up to attack herdsmen.
what we have is herdsmen attacking farmers on their farm destroying their means of liveliihood.
God bless you. Herdsmen now treat farmers crop as weed.

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Crime / Re: Can Shooting Of Killer Herdsmen On Sight Happen In Nigeria? It Did In Ghana by Desyner: 12:51am On Jul 26, 2018
While the police boss and his men are seen charged and killing every cattle on sight....

They should just start shooting every cattle on sight, along with every herdsmen?!
Along with the innocent Fulanis doing their legitimate hustle?

Are we all just starting to see or live with Fulanis in Nigeria going along their business-what they know how to do best!?
Some people old enough know that we grew up seeing this people.

Can you just hear yourself out?!
This is foolishness.
Killer herdsmen . . .

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Politics / Re: Fire Guts Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s Office by Desyner: 3:22am On Jul 24, 2018
I hope the full loan documents weren't burnt? The loans are so embarrassing i suspect Aregbesola of any fire near anywhere documents are kept.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ghanaian Army Chief Orders "Shoot-to-kill" On Fulani Herdsmen by Desyner: 3:20am On Jul 24, 2018
Can this happen in Nigeria?
Crime / From Ghana To Ivory Coast: How Herdsmen Have Been Wreaking Havoc Across Africa by Desyner: 3:18am On Jul 24, 2018
From Ghana to Ivory Coast: How herdsmen have been wreaking havoc across Africa

Clashes between farmers and nomadic herders across West Africa are beginning to look like the norm, with each country taking its share of the violence. Residents of Logo and Guma communities in Benue state, Nigeria, entered 2018 on a sad note.

Suspected herdsmen invaded communities in the areas and by the time the dust settled on an attack, over 70 people had been killed.

West African countries such as Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Congo have had their fair share of the mayhem but Nigeria remains the worst-hit.

A 2017 Global Terrorism Index (GTI) report said between 2010 and 2016, “deaths from Fulani extremists resulted in more than 3,000 deaths across four countries, with 92% of fatalities taking place in Nigeria”.

In 2015, GTI rated the herdsmen as the fourth deadliest terror group in the world, after ISIL, Taliban, al-Shabaab and Boko Haram.

The conflict between herdsmen and farmers is known to have a long and brutal history in West Africa, even predating the sub-region’s insecurity challenges.

The first possible line of thought could be the competition over resources, including land and water. The conflicts are fuelled by the herdsmen’s quest for grazing field, but here is the sad thing: the pattern of attacks over the years have shown to be a complex mix of politics, identity, religion, terrorism and criminality.

The sub-region’s loose political and security environment is not helping matters, either.

And the attacks have also assumed a dreadful transnational dimension. For instance, some attackers said to be recruited from Mali and the Central African Republic have been fingered in violence in parts of Nigeria. Bands of mercenary have also been involved in similar incidents in parts of Cameroon, Ghana, Mali, and Niger.

Below are a few instances of these attacks in West African countries

In a November 2016, eighteen people were killed in various clashes between herdsmen and farmers.

The clash, which broke out near the village of Bangui along the country’s southern border with Nigeria, also left 20 others injured, the country’s officials had said.

What happened? Livestock belonging to the herders were said to have invaded the field of one of the farmers, damaging crops.

“The nomadic herders fought with a farmer, whom they wounded. He was taken to the medical centre and everything started from there,” Oumarou Mohamane, Bangui’s mayor, had told Reuters.

In a reprisal attack, a group of farmers then attacked the camp, burning down houses numbering about 15.

Villages in the Kwahu east district of the eastern region of Ghana were thrown into mourning after clashes between herdsmen and some of their farmers left a reported number of 15 persons dead, including five Fulanis.

Hundreds were also left stranded and displaced after fleeing their communities in the incident which occurred in November.

The clashes, which were between residents of Dwibease and Hweehwe, and the herders, followed the death of an unidentified boy at Dwerebeafe.

Solomon Aboagye, an indigene, was quoted by Ghana Web, an online platform, to have said: “In retaliation, three of the Fulanis were also killed at Aboyan.

“Two of the natives went to the farm and did not return. I asked some people to search for them and unfortunately, they found them dead.”

It was also reported that the deaths occurred at night in the farms and the bodies spotted daytime.

Seventeen persons were confirmed dead and 39 others injured after a clash broke out between herdsmen and farmers in Bouna, north-east of Ivory Coast, in 2016.

Among those injured in the clash, which spanned two days, were five of the security personnel deployed to quell the crisis.

The attack was said to be just one out of many other violent clashes between the two parties “but none has been of this magnitude”.

“On the night of March 23 to 24, the situation was particularly aggravated and it was at this time that 17 people died,” Vincent Toh Bi, one of the residents, had told AfricaNews.

While happenings have shown the clashes between the herders and the farmers have largely been unattended to, there are fears that they could pose as a window for the emergence of a deadly “movement”.

A Reuters report back in 2016 noted that while these clashes are usually brushed off, “Islamist militants are exploiting Fulani anger to spread jihad from the thinly populated north to its center”.

“The Fulani complained that farmers took all the land,” Lala Walet, a Mopti NGO worker, promoting livestock commerce was quoted as saying.

“So the jihadists came and said ‘OK, join our group and we will help you fight to get it back.”

Source : Cable NG
Crime / Can Shooting Of Killer Herdsmen On Sight Happen In Nigeria? It Did In Ghana by Desyner: 2:58am On Jul 24, 2018
Herdsmen beg as Ghana Police boss gives personnel ‘shoot, kill on sight’ order

While herdsmen have been killing and maiming lives in Nigeria, particularly in Benue, Taraba and other parts of the country, with the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, MACBAN, reported to have earlier justified their acts, and the Benue Governor, Samuel Ortom, accusing the Inspector-General of Police, IGP, Mr. Ibrahim Idris of not securing the state, the story is however different in Ghana.

To this end, a video has emerged of a Ghanaian Police boss ordering his men of over two hundred personnel to shoot and kill on sight, any herdsman who tries to kill them just as he and his men embarked on a full-scale enforcement of a court directive ordering all herdsmen to evacuate from a community called Agogo in the state.

While the police boss and his men are seen charged and killing every cattle on sight, the herdsmen in the state are pleading with the government to give them a mercy of just two days so that they can evacuate their remaining cattle. Agogo has been in the news in recent times as a result of the frequent herdsmen/farmers clash resulting in killings and raping of many defenseless people.

Politics / Re: NYSC Saga: See The Corps Member Whose Picture Was Used For Minister's Photoshop by Desyner: 2:29am On Jul 10, 2018
So fake
Politics / Re: Why Is Per Capita Income Important? by Desyner: 2:13am On Jul 10, 2018

Politics / Why Is Per Capita Income Important? by Desyner: 2:07am On Jul 10, 2018
Why Is Per Capita Income Important?
by Wanda Thibodeaux; Updated September 26, 2017

Two or more regions can compare income just as two individuals can compare income to determine who is more financially stable. The way economists compare regional income is through per capita figures. Per capita divides all available income in a region by the area's population. These comparisons are important for investment, economic stability and appeals for aid.

Stability and Wealth Measurement
In the broadest sense, per capita income matters because it serves as a measurement of the stability and wealth within an economy. Per capita income is a ratio of the amount of all a region's income divided its population. Thus, if the ratio rises, it suggests that members of the population are more prosperous than they have been in the past. Conversely, a reduced per capita figure suggests that the standard of living in a region has decreased, assuming the price of goods has either stayed the same or increased with inflation.

Because per capita income is a measurement of prosperity for a region, it is useful for determining what regions are in need of financial assistance, assuming that the cost of living is the same in those regions. For instance, if the cost of rice is a dollar in country Y, but two dollars in country X, and country X's per capita income is higher, members of country X may be just as prosperous as those in country Y. If country X has the same per capita income as county Y, then the higher cost of rice would be an issue. If per capita income is the same, agencies that provide aid or financial assistance to those in country X, because members of country X would be financially worse off.

A higher per capita income represents a higher purchasing power, as members of the community have more money to spend. This is useful in investment. For instance, in a new business, you would want to approach shareholders who actually afford to invest. Otherwise, you would waste resources trying to market your company to people who won't back you financially. Additionally, investing in businesses in areas with higher per capita ratios may yield a higher return, as the income of the area suggests that people have the purchasing power to buy the business' products or services.

Even though per capita income is important, it is only useful when there is a relatively low number of very high earners in the community. High earners raise the amount of income in a per capita ratio, so including the very wealthy in per capita figures may give a skewed representation of what people actually make. Additionally, because per capita figures don't tell you how income is distributed, it can mask social issues, which cause the average income in those regions to rise or fall.

Politics / Re: Zahra Buhari Gives Birth To A Baby Boy by Desyner: 1:35am On Jul 10, 2018

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Have More Electricity Than They Can Consume – Garba Shehu by Desyner: 1:52am On Jul 06, 2018
Illiterate people . . . always boasting blindly!

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