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Family / Re: Woman With 7 Husbands Reveals How She Satisfies All Their Needs (Video) by dogmart(m): 8:17pm On May 25
I see 7 slaves and not husbands undecided

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Pets / Good News For Breeders And Marketers by dogmart(m): 10:18am On Apr 13
Are you a dog breeder or marketer?

Do you have problems getting your puppies or adult dogs sold?

Or are you a pet lover and you wish to pick up or purchase a quality puppy of any breed of your choice and you have been having fears or difficulty?

This is for you?

Join DogmartTV today and get connected to thousands of pet lovers and breeders across the country who are presently on the TV and view daily.

At DogmartTV we run free SPONSORED ADs which includes short video of the dog or puppy, Sex, age, price you want to sell, and your contact number. All on one WhatsApp status slide.

Interested buyers (pet lovers or marketers) can contact you directly and you can negotiate on the price you wish to buy or sell.

Please note: DogmartTV does not advertise crossbreeds or impure breed dogs and so we may not post your advert if your dogs or puppies do not meet the right standard.
We owe our viewers only quality.

Take advantage of this interesting opportunity and join the biggest Online pet community in Nigeria.

Simply send HI to 08068738381 on WhatsApp or

Click the link :


You will be glad you did wink

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Culture / Re: Alaafin Of Oyo Gifts Wife, Omowumi A New House - Pictures by dogmart(m): 11:24am On Apr 11
See the reason why we will FOREVER remain a poor and stupid nation!

Until you realise that that money this old man is spending up and down isn't coming from no other place than ABUJA!

We are a wasteful and ignorant people who congratulate NONSENSE and celebrate Stupidity.

Someone is using monies meant to improve the living conditions of the citizens solely on his own fantacies and instead of people to show anger, we are celebrating him.

Or what work is Baba doing that is bringing in billions used to service his lifestyle?

Well let's continue. Sebi we are kuku borrowing. Soon we will have no where else to borrow from.
Crime / Re: Man Loses ₦26 Million Naira To Ponzi Schemes by dogmart(m): 6:03am On Apr 05
Anything that looks too good to be true is most time not true!


Crime / Re: Member Of A 5-Man Gang Who Raped A Girl Confesses, Seeks Forgiveness Years After by dogmart(m): 3:58pm On Mar 20



The lady should seek healing so she doesn't let the rapists keep robbing her of her future.

I don't see the wisdom in publishing this; she should have consulted her elders/friends she decides if she wants to hand over the guy to the law after accepting his friend's request or letting it go.

Now the guy and remaining four culprits know what is going on and she loses the element of surprise. The remaining four can decide to silence the dude seeking 'forgiveness' to cover their tracks such that she can't get justice even if she wants to.

Apart from sordid entertainment, I don't know the purpose of this on SM; not everything is for SM clout.

She said 3 are dead


Science/Technology / Re: 70-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Sitting On A Nest Of Eggs Found In China (Photos) by dogmart(m): 6:16am On Mar 16

Same way they arrived at the internet that is enabling you ask this mumu questions.... science.

Lol. Salvage response!

It is well. Science is real!
Religion is faith!
Celebrities / Re: Pete Edochie Advises Women Against Leaving Their Cheating Husbands (Video) by dogmart(m): 8:18pm On Mar 15
He said it all. I hope our women listen.

When we fail to realise the fact that gender equality is a farce we will forever have the big issue of broken homes and single Parenthood!

We went to copy everything about the white man's culture. Turned it into religion and decieve ourselves that a man having more than one wife is a sin!
Please where is that written in the Bible?
If God so hates it, how then did God love David so much? Of all the dictates and laws in the Bible , how come it was not emphatically mentioned?

Now in order to fufill all riteousness, what we see around is the men becomes married but still goes on to have strings of girlfriends to satisfy their libido and sexual urges. We see it everywhere! But as far as he doesn't marries them it is still an "acceptable sin"!

Some wives even allow their husband to have affairs as far as he does not marry anyone else after her! undecided They are just side-chicks, she is the main wife! Nonsense!!!

Then some will threaten fire and brimstone because their husband cheats and pack out!

The ratio of male to female has from time past been low! If u all marry one man to one woman, who will marry and take care of those who are left?
It does not concern you abi? As far as God gives you your own husband! undecided Wickedness!

I sat a lady friend down one day, and we had a long talk. She is already approaching her fourties. Unmarried.
I asked her few questions about her relationship life and from all she said I could deduce the reason why she might live her entire life single!
She is looking for a fairy tale husband! Many ladies are in that shoe today!

You see ladies with Strong ego, feminism, women right activism, etc! Which man in his right senses will pick such and put under his roof?

In conclusion, the fact is that women don't know that they own the home!
You either make it or break it! Stay in your home and be submissive! Shikena!

So many points you might want to counter. smiley
Well, I don't expect everyone to think the same way I think. Please, Just stop decieving yourselves!!

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Celebrities / Re: Veteran Actor Sadiq Daba Is Dead by dogmart(m): 2:50am On Mar 04
Rip sir
TV/Movies / Re: Veteran Actor Sadiq Daba Is Dead by dogmart(m): 2:47am On Mar 04
May his soul rest in peace
Politics / Re: Peter Obi: Nigeria Rewarding Bandits While Owing Lecturers Salaries by dogmart(m): 2:45am On Mar 04
A country that fails to plan, plans to fail! It is as simple as that.

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Pets / Post Parvo Management Of Kennels And Homes by dogmart(m): 4:23am On Feb 17
With Parvo virus infection ravaging many dogs in thousands of homes and kennels across the country, it is very important we educate ourselves on how to properly manage our kennels after the episode. In order to prevent reinfection of other pets.

Tune in today Wed the 17th of February 2021, to the BeatNG radio station when we will be treating the topic:


simply tune in by loging on to www.beatng.online by 2:00pm

Don't miss it!

Pets / How To Train Your Dog To Stop Jumping On You. by dogmart(m): 1:27pm On Jan 15
Overly excited dogs often time will uncontrollably jump on their owners or even at time guests. This can be a very big concern as some individuals may be offended or scared by this action. Owners themselves find it disturbing as their clothings get soiled as a result of this action

Often time it can lead to several form of injuries in human.

The big question is how do we stop this in our dogs?
This will be treated tonight on DogmartTV.

DogmartTV is The biggest Online DOG Mart on WhatsApp. With a focus on connecting Dog breeders and marketers with potential buyers. Ensuring Swift and hassle-free rehoming of dogs and puppies across Nigeria.*�

*Our secondary vision is providing standard pet education and Veterinary consultation to our Community. We achieve this through talks and interesting short educative videos and memes.*�

*Sell that puppy fast!*
*Join DogmartTV today. click the below link*�


Or simply send HI to 080 68 73 83 81

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Pets / Re: The Dogmarttv Picture Challenge!! The Career Dog by dogmart(m): 10:46am On Jan 14
Remember entry submission ends on the 17th of January. 15 will be picked and contest starts on the 18th of January.

So dress up your dogs and Take that photo today. Let's have some fun cheesy
Pets / Re: The Dogmarttv Picture Challenge!! The Career Dog by dogmart(m): 10:43am On Jan 14
Just 3 days to go guys!

We have been recieving lots of entries already. Interesting ones I must say. Only 15 will be picked for the contest.

One came in that i decided to share because it made me laugh so hard. I almost rejected it but changed my mind for the fun off it grin

Meet BUDDY a lhasa mix living in Ado ekiti whose career is YAHOO YAHOO BOY! grin grin grin

Romance / Re: Homosexuals Are Proof That God Is Not Perfect. by dogmart(m): 1:13am On Jan 12
From a perspective, it would seem nature is not perfect (I prefer to use the word 'nature' for inclusiveness). But then 'perfect' is relative. In this context, what we see as perfect is simply a function of the norm or majority. Most people are attracted to the opposite gender so those who aren't must be imperfect. But then, what if variety has always been part of the grand plan? That, to me, seems to be a more logical conclusion when you consider the fact that virtually everything product of nature has exception(s) including the concept of day and night. Skin colour, height, number of days in a year, etc., nature always has variations. So instead of seeing these deviations as prooves of nature's imperfection, I see them as parts of the grand design. Gay people aren't imperfect, they are simply the minority.

The situation of things in Africa is, however, a special case. The African man is unwelcoming to variation and changes except when forced to do so. That's why you hear people killed twins at a certain point in time cause the majority were having one child at a time and therefore any deviation was considered devilish. Hunchback, albinos, blue eyes, intersex, dwarves, etc., these are deviations that have, at some point in time, been perceived as unnatural and discriminated against in Africa. There's a very deep fear of questioning the status quo over there. Conformity is overly emphasized and nobody wants to seen differently. This could be good in a way but in more ways than one, it has kept the continent stagnant and hostile to the minority.

In summary, what I consider unnatural is the idea that the more-than-one-billion people on earth were born straight. That's not how nature works.

U did good. Nice write up

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Crime / Re: Mum Accused Of Stabbing Her Newborn Baby 22 Times To Death With Scissors by dogmart(m): 1:09am On Jan 12
It's a mental case. Prison won't solve her problem. angry
Politics / Re: Aisha Yesufu: I Witnessed Same-Sex Marriage In Nigeria In The 80s by dogmart(m): 12:59am On Jan 12
This one has derailed from her course. So she's directly canvassing for same-sex marriage. The earlier she wake up from her deep sleep, the better for her.

Western countries that most folks are using as examples didn't built their advancement values on those immoral, ungodly and uncultured values.

We often deceive ourselves that openness of opinion is the major cause of western advancement, capital lie!

We say no to immorality in Nigeria. We are people of values.

Why do you like decieving yourselves!? Which values? You mean the embezzlement ridden values or the MUST get rich to show off Values?!

Abegii! Let us hear word!
Pets / The Dogmarttv Picture Challenge!! The Career Dog by dogmart(m): 12:51pm On Jan 10
Be a part of the DogmartTV photo Challenge!
Themed: The career Dog!!

Get your dog dressed to the theme, and take a good picture!

Send picture in to 080 6873 8381 on WhatsApp and follow @dogmart.tv to get all the details.

15 best pictures will be chosen for the challenge which will hold on both Instagram and WhatsApp simultaneously.

Entries will close on the 17th of January!

Get ready to vote guys!!!

Lots of fantastic cash and gift prizes to be won!
Don't miss it !!!

Celebrities / Re: Rudeboy Recovers From COVID19 After 10 Days: Pictures by dogmart(m): 1:00pm On Jan 05
Thank God for him
Education / Re: Reasons Many Fail IELTS by dogmart(m): 12:59pm On Jan 05
Romance / Re: I Just bleeped Someones Wife by dogmart(m): 12:08am On Jan 05
And so Bob is to be blamed for you actions abi? Continue. grin
Politics / Re: New Lockdown In England. by dogmart(m): 11:41pm On Jan 04
Let's hope and pray it doesn't get to this in Nigeria.
Celebrities / Re: Real Story Of How E-money Made His Wealth by dogmart(m): 11:34pm On Jan 04
Pets / Raw Feeding In Dogs, The Pros And Cons. ( The Pet Hour Show) by dogmart(m): 8:16am On Dec 30, 2020
For years the subject of Raw feeding had always been a very interesting one. With various Breeders, Veterinarians and Pet food specialist having diverse views as to if it should be encouraged or not.

Join me today Wednesday (the 30th of Dec) on the PET HOUR SHOW as we discuss the highly controversial topic;

It promises to be a wonderful time with call in session for listeners to be a part of the discussion and to share experiences.

Its airing on BeatNG radio by 2-3pm.

To listen in Simply log on to www.beatng.online

I look forward to having you all on the show.

Don't miss it!!!

Kindly follow us on IG on @thepethourshow for all updates and re-broadcasts.

Pets / Be A Part Of The Dogmarttv Give Way!! by dogmart(m): 8:33pm On Dec 26, 2020
It's Boxing day and we are giving out gifts!!!.

It's simple Answer 5 questions correctly and win interesting monetary gifts tonight.

The 5 questions are from pet talks taken on DogmartTV.

Topics from which this questions would be picked Includes:

-Excessive shedding in dogs
-Parvo disease in dogs
-Post Parvo management of kennels
- The Royal canin dog food
- Potty training your puppy.
- Control and Prevention of Tick infestation in kennels. wink

To Be a part of the wonderful time tonight simply click:

Family / Re: Entries Into Cussons Baby Moment Begins by dogmart(m): 5:12am On Dec 26, 2020
Thank God say I get baby. wink smiley Baby mama, we are competing for this one grin
Pets / Re: The Pet Hour Show!!! by dogmart(m): 2:42am On Dec 23, 2020
It's 2:00pm today Wednesday!

To tune in simply log in on www.beatng.online

Don't miss it. wink
Pets / The Pet Hour Show!!! by dogmart(m): 2:40am On Dec 23, 2020
Introducing The "PET HOUR SHOW"!

The PET HOUR SHOW is an educative and informative program created solely for pet lovers in Nigeria. We will be having a great time discussing interesting topics of importance to our pets. Pet talks ranging from pet health to proper managemental practices in handling our pets. Etc

We equally we be hosting Top personalities in the pet industry in Nigeria; Kennel owners/breeders, Veterinarians, Pet enthusiasts, etc to share their experience with the pet loving community.

This is equally the show to tune in to in order to follow back to back all the important events and happenings in the pet industry in Nigeria. From Appraisals to dog shows to dog walks etc. We will keep you fully informed.

There will be adequate period for Call in sessions during every program, so that we can all be a part of the program.
Remember it is 2pm every Wednesday On BeatNG Radio.

BeatNG Radio is an online radio station so you can listen in from any part of the world.

Simply log in to www.beatng.online at exactly 2:00pm every Wednesday!!

Its going to be a superb show every week! Don't miss it!!! wink

Celebrities / Re: Cardi B Goes Unclad As Shows Off Heavy Backside After Husband’s, Birthday Party by dogmart(m): 10:40am On Dec 17, 2020
Isokay. Nothing new here. Continue
Politics / Re: Why Cant Victims Of The Escaped Katsina Kidnap Speak English by dogmart(m): 6:25am On Dec 17, 2020
Maybe they are taught in Hausa language. grin

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