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Car Talk / Re: Call For Your Customs Clearing Agent by donifez(m): 7:55am On Jul 27, 2022
What is the price of clearing a 2010 Venza?
Technology Market / Re: The Xiaomi Thread Store by donifez(m): 8:46am On Jul 26, 2022
Hi Guys. Which is a better option to get for myself. Poco m4 pro or Xiaomi Redmi 10s?
Technology Market / Re: Netflix PREMIUM Subscription FOR N3200 by donifez(m): 10:16pm On Jul 18, 2022
Patronize him. He is legit. Responds timely too.

Great service.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Funny Interview Experience With A Foreign Firm by donifez(m): 4:34pm On Feb 10, 2022
I advice u, next time use ur phone instead of laptop.
All u have to do is download ZOOM, SKYP, etc. Base on the link sent to u. Put ur pone in speak out. U re good to go.
This can even make it essay for one to move around while on the interview.

Most times they want a technical interview and you need your editor for that or some works you have done, which you have to share your screen for.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Funny Interview Experience With A Foreign Firm by donifez(m): 4:33pm On Feb 10, 2022
As a dev in Nigeria just look for an onsite job at least you are safe. Or else everything go frustrate you. Nepa, laptop, Network, Neighbor, Family sad

Omoh remote dey sweet, especially when you are in Lagos with its wahala


Career / Re: I Need Your Advice by donifez(m): 7:46pm On Nov 05, 2021

Thanks man..I have been in the op's situation and the consequences made me what I am today..if you ain't comfortable pls walk out don't sweat it..

I have also been in the same situation. I perfectly understand his plight. I am happy it turned out well for you. We need to keep changing the narrative.
Career / Re: I Need Your Advice by donifez(m): 7:11pm On Nov 05, 2021
If you ain't comfortable quit..don't deprive your mental wellness cos of money...but make sure you have an alternative..

This was the advice I was looking for.
Career / Re: I Need Your Advice by donifez(m): 7:07pm On Nov 05, 2021
You are still 26 - single. You have a job and a side hustle. You are doing much better than a lot of your age mates and some married men, and all you could think of is to complain?

You want to now quit your job of 85k/month because of gossips??

Bros, you get problem oh! Moreso, you are a big time ingrate!!

He is not an ingrate.

When one choose his / her sanity over money here. You guys see it as insanity.

He chose his peace. He who wears the shoe, knows where it itches.

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Health / Re: Please Help My Palm Is Strong, It Makes Me Feel Shy When Shaking Hands by donifez(m): 9:53pm On Oct 25, 2021

My ex girlfriend palm too was like that. Some people said is manual work from childhood but I don't believe that.
It is not manual work. I have never really done a manual job.
Health / Re: Please Help My Palm Is Strong, It Makes Me Feel Shy When Shaking Hands by donifez(m): 9:29pm On Oct 25, 2021
It's just like my palm. Rough like sandpaper. I used a hand lotion years ago, It did not work. For now I no send person.
Programming / Re: Remote Software Developer Jobs by donifez(m): 8:30pm On Jun 25, 2021
Politics / Re: Army Replies Gumi’s Allegations Of Military Supporting Bandits by donifez(m): 12:19am On Jun 24, 2021
I agree whi Gumi on this comment: 1. it is taking too long to defeat boko haram and banditry. 2. Gumi retired as a Colonel in Nigerian Army, he has a fair understanding of the army.

He retired as a captain
Family / Re: My Husband Slapped Me For Asking Him To Wash Plates by donifez(m): 3:48pm On May 21, 2021
You should have discussed things with him prior then after your staffs left, so he can be supportive.

You shouldn't have said it in the customers presence for his "pride". Maybe take him to the backyard and plead with him, he might decide to wash it where customers can't see him.

He is not in a right state of mind due to unemployment. You might have also started getting rude to him and that was the height of it in people presence.

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Investment / Re: QUINTESSENTIAL INVESTMENT ( Enter Here If You Have As Little As 50k To Invest ) by donifez(m): 9:46am On Feb 05, 2021

This happens to be my marketer as well and still I have not heard anything from them.

Then maybe it is the backlog issue the company is working on according to the video shared on Instagram. You will be paid.
Investment / Re: QUINTESSENTIAL INVESTMENT ( Enter Here If You Have As Little As 50k To Invest ) by donifez(m): 9:46am On Feb 05, 2021

how do you mean by marketer contact?
were you paid in full or just the ROI?

Only ROI for now.
Investment / Re: QUINTESSENTIAL INVESTMENT ( Enter Here If You Have As Little As 50k To Invest ) by donifez(m): 9:18pm On Feb 04, 2021
Haaa i am due since 16th and up until now i have not been paid...
See life ooo

Jaiyeola Emmanuel
Investment / Re: QUINTESSENTIAL INVESTMENT ( Enter Here If You Have As Little As 50k To Invest ) by donifez(m): 5:42pm On Feb 04, 2021
All those saying that the system is still on are bloody liars. I have been due since last month 17th, Jan and till now I haven't been paid. Even the marketer is confused. If you are thinking of investing now, you had better keep your money with you.

I think the problem is from your marketer contact. I was due on 31st of January and was paid today. My marketer requested for my account details yesterday.

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Food / Re: Christmas Chicken! Have You Noticed This Increase In Price? by donifez(m): 7:19pm On Dec 24, 2020
my mother has a poultry. by October I usually buy 1 bag of finisher for 3200 last month before I left for nysc it was sold for 5k and it's very scarce. the suppliers said the price increase is due to border closure which has made the prices of corn abi na wheat skyrocket. I'm sure by now feed would be sold for 6k or more. what do u expect the poultry farmers to do? the truth is they can't even make any profit this year no matter how much they sell it, unless they would be selling one fowl for 10k or more.

Exactly. They don't know. My mum also has a poultry. Price of feed skyrocketed. I pray she makes profit sef

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Romance / Re: Help!! I Have Been Masturbating For 9 Years Now by donifez(m): 8:37pm On Sep 16, 2020

I have masturbated for over 30 years and so what I have a wife and 2 beautiful kids already...Did anything happen to me?? Mumu Nigerians!!

I think it makes one not last when having sex?
Romance / Re: I Can't Stop Thinking About Him by donifez(m): 2:30pm On May 07, 2020

lol and the first thing on your mind is big gbola.

The truth is that he is shy.

Forget what they are telling you. I am like that.

He knows the feeling is mutual but don't know how to proceed, that was why he wanted to know the church you will attend. You can create an avenue to let him express his feelings. Let it not be daring, yet obvious.
Education / Re: Nigerian Students In China by donifez(m): 6:01pm On May 03, 2020

My school.....but i guess it closed on April 30.
But try your luck and see if you can still submit anything...


If you are applying to zstu, apply before April 30 so as to be considered for presidential scholarship

Just online application
No need hard copy
No application fee

After you have successfully submitted your form, download the form on the school portal and send the form with all your credential to admission@zstu.edu.cn

Note: This is a presidential scholarship where stipend is 1700¥ for masters and 2000¥ for PhD.
It is a full scholarship like csc, only the stipend is different.

I hope this help!!!

I just saw this. It's past the date.

Politics / Re: Anozie Maduabuchi Cyril Asks Chinese Officials: All Of You Want To Kill Me? by donifez(m): 4:46pm On Apr 10, 2020
All this fake news are not necessary
For the sake of humanity
You must be stupid. Even with all the video proofs flying around.


Education / Re: Nigerian Students In China by donifez(m): 5:45pm On Apr 01, 2020
its true. But someone in shandong University printed the hard copies and helped me to submit it there. A friend did same and got the positive email. So am surprised.

Education / Re: Nigerian Students In China by donifez(m): 4:02pm On Apr 01, 2020

See what I saw.

You should have also send by post.

Education / Re: Nigerian Students In China by donifez(m): 3:49pm On Apr 01, 2020
Please what schools can one apply now that does not need application fee and application by post?
Education / Re: Nigerian Students In China by donifez(m): 3:48pm On Apr 01, 2020
Hi all. Please I submitted my application for csc at shandong University eight days ago. But up till now, am yet to get the positive eligibility email. Hope all is well or did I make any mistake?/

Online application or via post?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Any Vacancy In Hotel Job, Secretary, Computer Instructor by donifez(m): 3:37pm On Mar 18, 2020

are you good in graphic designs?

If there is any Chance for a graphic designer. My brother is interested. Thanks.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Apply For 2019 NNPC Graduate Trainee And Experience Hire by donifez(m): 9:47am On Feb 24, 2020
I need STEM grads, 27yrs, 1st class or 2 '... There are trainee openings in the telecom industry. Send me your CV.

mail to: talk2vyke (@) gmail (dot) com

I sent mine. I studied Information Technology.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Apply For 2019 NNPC Graduate Trainee And Experience Hire by donifez(m): 7:28pm On Feb 17, 2020
Wait lemme gist u pipo what happened to me yesterday:

Nnpc will not kii mi o... cheesy
BTW, some of y'all crying and bemoaning ur fates, do u pipo want to fall the wall of this thread with ur cries? Pls wipe ur tears, life is just starting..

Have I told u people Shell, Total and ExxonMobil Mobil either rejected me after ist or second tests one time or another? I didn't feel it.. Even tho I felt for the huge mulla slipping tru my fingers that I could do nothing about... I know I would not have felt Nnpc too if not that the length of time it took the Apl to materialize made us unconsciously fall madly in love with them.. And letting go is giving mad feelings like a lover's. But we will be fine.

So back to my gist.

A friend from Malaysia ( no be boifren o grin , in case u wantu shoot ur shot wink , especially these latest Nnpc employees cheesy) decided to take me out to console me for loss of Apl ... Umunnaa, na so I follow mi niqqur go ( ordinarily, I would have rejected the offer , I don't trust Malay people.. Them and stealing Kidneys are like 5 and 6 grin , but I obliged anyways, needed to get mi mind off that wickedt Apl undecided)

Dats was how I was jejely eating my Nkwobi and shamelessly licking my fingers when Nnpc trucks ( fuel I guess) suddenly began passing by one after the other.. They were all together...6 or seven in number..

Do u people know that I didn't know that I had stopped eating and was staring at dem trucks... Tears dripping from ma brown powered face and ma nkwobi in one hand with flies battling to have a share.. I didn't know, until Oga sharply tapped my face with his handkerchief... Oga , abeg no clean ma make up o.. Just jeje clean my apl tears and console me small small... biko Oh! Nnpc!

Sweet nkwobi suddenly turned bitter.. I couldn't finish it.. Oga suggested we leave
. yes , we will go.. Madam, abeg package the remainder for me..I know after I wipe my tears.. My nkwobi Wii start hungering me grin I cannot mourn for two tins consecutively... Pls package it biko.. Madam wrapped it..

I got home.. I tell u, in less than 2 mins.. I was already laffin like mad from watching " a million ways to die in the west" and licking the "takeaway * plate of my nkwobi ..cheesy . Nnpc completely forgotten..

Loms... In essence, I know it's painful for a lot of us.. Especially those who had genuinely wanted to effect lives positively tru Nnpc.. But I want to tell u.. U will be fine.. Don't let anything in the world take away ur joy.
Tomorrow go better, I swear.

By the way... If u love writing and u are creative writer.. Pm me, so that I can share something to help u make some cool headed money...

I just had a good laugh for a long time. I will pm you concerning the writing. Time to bring that part of me back to life.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Apply For 2019 NNPC Graduate Trainee And Experience Hire by donifez(m): 2:05pm On Feb 17, 2020

Same here bro.. Homeless,Jobless, will be 27 this March(Highly worried over this).. despite graduating at the early age of 22. I have lost count of interviews I have been to.Will get to final stages but never get the job.Seems I am just pouring water inside a basket..nothing seems to just be working for me. Dont even know what to do anymore. I am still hoping on Jehovah God.

God will see us through.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Apply For 2019 NNPC Graduate Trainee And Experience Hire by donifez(m): 11:14am On Feb 17, 2020

Where are you base?
Where do you reside?
What course did you study?.
Chat me up...

Even if it's just a little ray of hope..
Hold on to it..
Be persistent..
Be determined...
Never give up on life..
Never give up on your dreams..
Life has taught me that..
You can still rewrite your story...
Nnpc is not the only route to successful career..

Thanks for your kind words to him. I am facing the same dilemma. I am even older than him. Recently got knocked off in the interview stage of Sterling bank Job, I have attended several interviews too on the Island for months now and now NNPC. What disturbs me is the age factor. I will be 27 by April. I won't give up.

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