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Health / Re: Help: She Feels Serious Pains At The Beginning Of Her Menstral Cycle by dreshemokha: 10:19am On Sep 26, 2017
Aspirin tablet will solve her problems.
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Health / Re: Any Health Expert In The Building?....somebody Pls Help by dreshemokha: 10:16am On Sep 26, 2017
Injection benzyl penicillin is the drug of choice. No short cuts, you still need to see a doctor.
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Webmasters / Re: Submit Your Website For Candid Review by dreshemokha: 6:34pm On Sep 24, 2017
Pls check my signature below to look into my site.I need ur candid opinion. Thank you
Health / Re: Genital Warts On My joystick Head, Please Help!! by dreshemokha: 4:51pm On Sep 20, 2017
I have talked about genital warts in this forum before and I have research it and written extensively on it. Pls check my signature and visit my blog for more
Health / Re: Motion Sickness, I need Help!!! by dreshemokha: 9:19pm On Sep 13, 2017
Take 1 tablet of promethazine hydrochloride (avomide or avomac) 30 minutes before any journey. A tablet of scopolamine also taken 30mins before a journey plays the same role. You will be okay. Always have the drug in your bag and don't be ashamed to take it in public. The problem with motion sickness is that it makes an adult vomit like a baby in the bus,makes you sick while in motion and makes your journey miserable. Travelling becomes a nightmare! Always be with the drug.
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Health / Re: HPV Is The Most Common Sexually Transmitted Infection dat Affects Both Men And W by dreshemokha: 10:38am On Sep 13, 2017
Podophyllin can be used to treat HPV. Check out my science backed publication on genital warts.check my signature below

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Health / Re: How To Prevent Colorectal Cancer by dreshemokha: 10:32am On Sep 13, 2017
Africanization of our diet is the best way to reduce colon cancer. We need to go back to our high fibre foods and fruits that increase bowel movement.
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Health / Re: Genital Warts On My joystick Head, Please Help!! by dreshemokha: 1:40pm On Sep 03, 2017
It is warts.it is an STI.It can be treated with podophyllin cream.You need a doctor instruction on how to use this drug.
You need need to also do HIV test. see a doctor pls.

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Health / Re: Medical Experts! What's This? I Need Your Professional Advice. by dreshemokha: 8:17am On Aug 08, 2017
That is hemorrhoids.pls seek medical help immediately.

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Health / Re: Hemorrhoids Please Whats The Cause by dreshemokha: 5:19pm On Aug 01, 2017

Do sitz bath: add a little salt to warm water in a bowl or bucket and squat on it.Let the vapour hit your anus.u will feel some relieve immediately.

2)use ice packs on the hemorrhoids. Wrap a pack of ice in a towel and apply it on the hemorrhoids. You will get better.

3)see a doctor ASAP for permanent solution.

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Health / Re: Growth On My Pp. Help Me Medics by dreshemokha: 9:27am On Jul 31, 2017
Op.That is genital warts.Pls see a doctor ASAP

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Health / Re: Growth On My Pp. Help Me Medics by dreshemokha: 9:23am On Jul 31, 2017
Op.That is genital warts. Pls see a doctor ASAP.

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Health / Re: Advice Me Pls!!! by dreshemokha: 6:38pm On Jul 30, 2017
Relax, dont you think it just the weather? A lot of persons develop this symptoms you described during this wet season. Still see a doctor though but stop burning morning on some unnecessary tests.

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Health / Re: Throat Cancer’s Link To MouthAction: What You Should Know by dreshemokha: 6:30pm On Jul 30, 2017
Op.this is a research though, but it may not happen in blacks or africans because culturally we circumcise our male children and europeans dont. uncircumcised joysticks contains a fluid called smegma. This smegma is a good culture media for human papilloma virus (HPV).it is this hpv that causes cervical cancer, genital warts and even oropharyngeal cancer.
The strongest risk factors for throat cancer are smoking, alcohol intake and family history.

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Crime / Re: Nigerian Pastor In Netherland Pushes His Wife Down From Upstairs (Graphic Pics) by dreshemokha: 11:39am On Jul 25, 2017
could it be a mental disorder or intentional?

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Health / Who Is At Risk Of Developing Stretch Marks? by dreshemokha: 10:33am On Jul 25, 2017
The following put you at greater risk of developing stretch marks:

being a woman
bleaching or toning
having a family history of stretch marks
being pregnant
having a history of delivering large babies or twins
being overweight/obese
having dramatic weight loss or gain
using steroid medications
use of alcohol
poor skin hygiene

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Science/Technology / Re: Lamb Born With Human-Like Face In Ghana (Disturbing Photos) by dreshemokha: 7:52pm On Jul 24, 2017
has evolution started again?

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Health / Re: 10 Things To Know On Signs And Symptoms Of Endometriosis by dreshemokha: 2:47pm On Jul 23, 2017
Endometriosis in simple terms is when the lining of the womb known as the "endometrium" is found growing in other parts of the woman's body such as the ovary(commonly), stomach,intestines,lungs,liver and even the brain.This makes other parts of the body "see their period" just like the womb. The pain is worse than labour pain as described by sufferers.
This condition is a major challenge to gynaecologists. It is common in women that had a delay in seeing their first period as teenagers

Am a doctor with a health blog.

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2)how to treat that nasty and distressing toothache at home. And more on early warning signs of cervical cancer.

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Health / Re: My Girlfriend Has Pains On Her Lower Stomach After Sex. by dreshemokha: 11:14pm On Jul 21, 2017
Tell your girl to go and do tests for pelvic inflammatory disease.The symptoms you just described match this diagnosis. The doctor will check the organism causing the PID and treat it.it could also be UTI.

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Health / Re: DOCTORS HELP! Genital Bumps. by dreshemokha: 1:07pm On Jul 20, 2017
GO and see a doctor pls. It may be genital warts. You need clinical evaluation.

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Health / Re: Cancer Almost Blinded A Woman In Kano (Disturbing Photos) by dreshemokha: 12:59pm On Jul 20, 2017
She has retinoblastoma. Cancer affects the eye. it is commoner in children than adults.retinoblastoma in adults is usually very severe. if not detected on time, it blinds the affected eye and can spread to other parts of the body. It may affects both eyes at the same time.
The chemo given to her is to shrink the size of the cancer before a debulking surgery will done then continue her on chem.

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Health / Re: Blood Genotype And Marriage by dreshemokha: 12:42pm On Jul 20, 2017
i love the genotype before marriage part. It a must do for every intending couple(s). Save your unborn children the weekly hospital visits from sickle cell crisis.

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Health / Re: Please Who Knows Any Herbal Cure For Diabetes by dreshemokha: 12:19pm On Jul 18, 2017
There is no cure for diabetes. Diabetes is a progressive disease whose progression can be slowed down by strict compliance with life long medications and life style changes.

I am a doctor with a health blog. Talk to a specialist today.
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Health / Re: Please Can Anyone Tell Me What This Means? by dreshemokha: 8:59am On Jul 18, 2017
HBeAg- Negative
HbeAb- Positive
HbsAg- Positive
HBCore IgM- Negative
Anti HCV- Negative

Op. You just did a 5 panel test for hepatitis and it is positive.
HbsAg positive-known as hepatitis B surface antigen. It is the earliest indicator of an acute infection but can still be present in the blood of chronically infected persons.

HbCore IgM Negative-known as hepatitis B core antibody.it indicates an acute infection if positive.But in your case it is negative, meaning you have a chronic hepatitis B infection.

HbeAb positive- also known as hepatitis B core antibody.except you made a mistake in typing,it is contradictory. You can't be positive and negative at the same.e stands for core, ab or IgM stands for antibody, Age stands for antigen.

HBeAg Negative- This stands for infectivity and you can't infect others since it is negative.

Anti HCV negative-it means you are hepatitis C negative

From this tests. You have hepatitis B infection and it a chronic type.Meaning you have had it for a long time.

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Health / Re: Please Help... Can A.S Marry A.S? by dreshemokha: 6:22am On Jul 17, 2017
Op.it is too risky for you and the happy family you love to raise.Contrary to the general belief out there that it is 1 out of 4 children that will be SS , the actual fact is that for EVERY pregnancy there is a 25% chance of it being SS.During copulation the sperm released and the egg to be fertilized are blind and do not know which is best to form a child so you can have 4 or even 10 children and all will be sicklers.Same way you can have 4 or 10 children and all will be AA or AS.
Sperm and eggs do not permutate during fertilization.
Sickle cell anemia is very real.You need to come to the hospital to see the way the SS child and family they are born into suffer.The psychological trauma is just too much.It is too expensive to raise an SS child. Moreover, how many abortions will you do?
You have the info before you now so make your decision.

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Health / Re: Halitosis Is Ruining My Life. Help !! by dreshemokha: 8:34pm On Jul 16, 2017
Op. the simple reason for you bad breadth is the stones in you tonsils called called tonsilloliths.they harbour the bacteria that ferments remnants of food particles hence the bad breadth. Just visit the hospital for the stones removal and use nimesulide mouth wash and the bad breadth will stop.

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Health / Re: Pregnant While Nursing A Baby by dreshemokha: 8:43am On Jul 16, 2017
Op. It has happened so relax.No need to worry or blame yourselves.All your family needs now is support ,support and support especially psychologically and medically.Tell your wife to continue breast feeding the baby even beyond 1 year of age and encourage her to eat well and rest well. The stress of her condition is already overwhelming. Let her book for antenatal. You are the man and father of the family so support her in taking care of the 10months old baby. Though money is important to achieve these;it is not the time to travel around or keep late nights.Dont let her go through the stress alone.Spend more time with your pregnant wife and baby. I admire your sense of responsibility,you concern has half solved this problem.

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Health / Re: Ringing in ear!!!! by dreshemokha: 5:25am On Jul 16, 2017
Op. The ringing or roaring sensation in your ear is medically known as tinnitus.it is not a disease in itself but a pointer to an underlying disease condition like iron deficiency anemia and otitis media, or a trauma to the ear.it is also caused by drugs in some people especially antimalarials.it could also be psychological.Pls see a doctor for proper evaluation.there is nothing spiritual about it

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Health / Re: Help All My Joints Hurts. And My Body Trembles Too by dreshemokha: 10:44pm On Jul 15, 2017
Op. You symptoms(or the way you described them) are vague and points to no diagnosis in particular. Pls see a doctor for proper medical evaluation.

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Health / Re: Something Is Coming Out Of My Ass Pls Help......Graphic photos by dreshemokha: 3:42pm On Jul 15, 2017
Op. From the complaints and the picture you posted ,the first thing that comes to mind is hemorrhoids or pile as commonly called. Though pile is 90percent,it could also be a perianal abscess(boil).

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