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Religion / Re: "Women Who Wear Trousers, Eyelashes Are Sinners" - Pastor Lazarus Muoka by Egwuda33: 10:13pm On Feb 12, 2017
I dnt support his opinion. I dnt support his doctrine. But far be jt from me dat i shud call him names or say anything bad about him. He is a shepherd to a hundred of thousands of Christians and i respect dat. Though i pray dat God should reveal d truth to him
you're a matured Christian and I respect you for this comment. tho I don't agree with him, that shouldn't be a ground to call him back names.
Romance / Re: S*x Isn’t The Only Form Of Infidelity In Relationships These Days…see How by Egwuda33: 2:30am On Sep 20, 2015
quite an Eye Opener.... Ever wondered how the rate of cheating has increased since the introduction of social Media?? it all boils down to the fact that a lot of ppl Pay more attention to their phones rather than to their spouse. and it's so easy getting another person's attention over social media. once you begin to connect with someone else on social Media, Watch it..!!! it's jes the beginning of a long road to something you don't want. if Only ppl will learn to set priorities..
lots of situations will be avoided.

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Romance / Why You Should Fall In Love With A Person Who Scares You by Egwuda33: 2:17am On Sep 20, 2015
“If she doesn’t scare the hell out of you a little,
she’s not the one”
At first glance, this might seem to be implying
that you need to only date emotionally unstable
people. But if you sit with it for a moment, it
takes on a whole other (and more important)
layer of meaning.
As much as mainstream media would prefer
you to think otherwise, the best relationships
are not all sunshine and roses.
Relationships are the ultimate vehicle for self-
growth… and the best kind of love that you can
engage in is the confronting kind. The kind
where your partner acts as a mirror to you and
they lovingly help pull all of your demons out of
you over time. They act as a catalyst for
positive growth.
They’ll point a flashlight into every corner of
your dark mental attic, and illuminate all of the
things that you try to hide from the world. And
they will illuminate it with love, patience, and
compassion. Just when you expect them to run
away (after having found out about your
deepest, darkest secrets), they’ll tell you that
they love you even more now that they know
more about you.
Intimacy is about truly letting someone see you.
It’s also anxiety producing for the vast majority
of people. Letting someone really know you,
and really see you, can be terrifying. You are
laying your heart in their hands and saying to
them “Please be gentle with this.” And if they’re
the right one for you, they will reply back
(verbally or non-verbally) “I wouldn’t dream of
ever being anything else to you.”
When I first started dating again after an
emotionally traumatic breakup, I was hesitant to
let anyone get close to me. I engaged in
surface level relationships because I feared the
anxiety that intimacy produced for me. Even
‘admitting’ that I’d had a difficult day was
enough to make my heart race.
In my emotional closure I didn’t think I would
ever be able to open up to someone ever again.
Until one fateful day when I met someone who
shook up my world entirely. Her eyes
penetrated through me. There was no hiding
around her. She never had to say it out loud,
but I knew that she saw me.
My ego’s first self-protective instinct was to run
away and revert back to my old unproductive
habits. Run away before she finds out all of the
messy things about your past. Push her away
before she has a chance to see past your self-
deceptions. Avoid any contact with her in case
she might make you feel big, scary emotions
My ego resisted her every step of the way. I
told myself she wasn’t my usual type. I tried to
hide behind things like “She’s too young/
inexperienced/small town/etc. for me.” But it
was all bullshit. Every thought that tried to keep
me away from her was just my ego’s sad
excuse to stay closed down emotionally. It was
a defense mechanism and I knew it.
When I really started to show up and tell her
how I was feeling (namely, scared shitless to
even be around her) she received it with grace
and compassion. Because even before I had
verbalized it, she knew. She already saw me.
As terrifying as intimacy can be, the process of
holding up our demons in the light is deeply
therapeutic. Shame cannot continue to exist or
thrive in the loving context of a close intimate
Was I fixed forever for having her met her? No.
It’s a process like everything else. I had to
repeatedly breathe into the deeper layers of
anxiety as I let myself be seen more and more
by her.
But I’ll be eternally grateful that I did meet her.
Because her scaring the hell out of me was my
ticket to a positive transformation that I never
could have anticipated.
So if you’re at a place in your life where you are
starting to see someone who challenges you,
confronts you, and scares you on some level,
take stock of whether or not you think they
might be a force for positive change in your
Don’t date someone who scares you because
they are controlling, angry, violent, or abusive in
any way. That’s the bad kind of fear and it’s an
unhealthy relationship to engage in. But date
someone who scares you because they
encourage you to face all of the things you’ve
tried to suppress for so long. Date someone
who lovingly pushes you to become more who
you are at your core as a person. Date
someone who nudges you outside of your
comfort zone regularly and helps you level up in
It might just be the best thing you ever did for

This article was originally published at The
Good Men Project.

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Education / 5 Important Lessons Every Nigerian Student Should Learn Before Graduation by Egwuda33: 1:48am On Sep 20, 2015
1. Learning continues
It’s tempting to think that because you are
officially out of formal education, you stop
learning, but resist the temptation. Learning is a
life-long activity, and an indispensible part of
every individual’s growth. Even in the
workplace, you’ll be required to constantly
brush up on your old skills, and pick up new
ones along the way. So don’t throw away your
pens just yet!

2. A certificate does not equal success
It’s useful, but it is not the be-all and end-all of
a successful career. In the real world, people
are more interested in what skills you can offer,
and what difference you can bring to the table,
rather than how many ‘A’s you achieved, or
your GPA. Consider a University degree as a
stepping-stone, rather than the end goal.

3. Develop a good attitude and communication
Having a carefree attitude towards people may
(but it shouldn’t) work for you in school/
University, but in the real world, it won’t be of
any help! It’s very important to maintain cordial
relationships with people, to the best of your
ability! (Who knows? One of them could be a
potential employer.) Also learn the art of
initiating and maintaining a conversation, and
being able to sell yourself in a short space of

4. Start searching for jobs before you graduate
This is so important. Many undergraduates
don’t understand the importance of starting the
job search early, and getting ahead in the race.
Get professional help with your C.V., speak to
knowledgeable people in your chosen industry,
attending networking events, and contact
organisations you’re interested in. Start
equipping yourself for life after University, and
be proactive!

5. Learn how to manage your finances
This might be more difficult for students who
are still dependent on parents or guardians, but
it’s very important to manage money well, as it
will help you start earning a salary. Ensure you
budget properly, put some money aside for a
rainy day, and avoid impulse buying and living
beyond your means.
Romance / Re: 16 Lessons I Learnt From Losing My Virginity by Egwuda33: 12:55am On Sep 20, 2015
Yes, emphasize how girls need to remain pure and untouched
While a man should roam sexually wild and free

Stvpid sexist article.
Lemme ask you this.... If any gal chose to keep herself pure and untouched, will any man force himself on her? Men know that they can easily get it from the nearest available gal that's why they go here and there looking for the nearest one to devour. if every gal Decided to keep herself untouched no matter the pressure, i'm sure Men will also learn to live with Self control no matter the urge. Ma 2cents tho.


Family / Re: Hear What A Mother Told Her Daughter On Her Wedding Day by Egwuda33: 11:35am On Sep 19, 2015

Very Very bad Advice!

Look, my own mother suffered abuse in the hands of her husband after doing heaven and earth for him. You know what my mother told me one day? She sat me down and said, "Raayah. My husband does not love me, If he did, he will not abuse me like this for no reason".

Weeks after that, She moved out and hasn't looked back. She is planning to return the dowry to his people very soon. Life is so much better for her. No more spending nights at the hospital,(Yes, that's how serious the physical and mental abuse was), no more tears.. Life is good!

If you choose to stay with an abusive man because of the "children" or because you cannot "live independently", then say so. Don't tell women to stay with men with abusive men..
Same advice for men, don't stay with abusive women. They can kill
did you take time to comprehend what you quoted before commenting? it's pretty Obvious you didn't.


Politics / Re: Court Determines Suit Between Nigeria, Biafra On Sept 22 -daily Sun by Egwuda33: 2:17pm On Jul 19, 2015
The only thing I have to say concerning this Biafra thing is this ; A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF CANNOT STAND. Half of Igbos if not more than half clamouring for Biafra are not in support of it. so what are they saying with Unity, anything can be Achieved, but without it nothing can be achieved. the igbos are divided in this cause so it will be difficult for Biafra to ever exist.
Sports / Re: Gracious Akujobi Dies (Super Falcons Media Officer ) by Egwuda33: 3:06pm On Jul 16, 2015
OMG.... what a world. I used to listen to her on Football frenzy Nigeria info 95.1 Abuja... how sad indeed. RIP to her.

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Celebrities / Re: Timaya Welcomes Second Daughter With Baby Mama (photo) by Egwuda33: 9:42am On Jul 16, 2015

So who make she resemble? You
She no get mother? must she look like the dad?
Family / Re: How Do I Go About Asking Him To Leave Without Sounding Bad? by Egwuda33: 6:07pm On Jul 15, 2015

What will be my excuse?
excuse or no excuse, it's your house... abi he dey contribute for the rent? tell the Nigga to leave that you are non longer comfortable with his presence. I personally believe those dreams are a warning to you. do the needful before someone uses you for Money rituals.


Family / Re: How Do I Go About Asking Him To Leave Without Sounding Bad? by Egwuda33: 6:00pm On Jul 15, 2015
Brother, I personally believe you should get him out of your house ASAP. those dreams ain't jes dreams. they are warnings. but be careful the way you go about it. the guy may be Dangerous and Harmful.

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Politics / Re: ‘Refusal to Approve N15.37bn Loans Behind Oshiomhole’s Tirade Against Okonjo-Iwe by Egwuda33: 5:43pm On Jul 15, 2015
Allegations upon Allegations... if there's going to be probing, let it start... if not, then let the allegations stop. Na so we go dey now, 4yrs go reach nothing has been achieved. Like play like play now...almost two Months and no Ministers yet... No SGF, no COS.... it Started with Asset declaration, now that Matter don die down. if APC will work, they shout start Working. Nigerians are running out of patience.


Education / Re: JAMB Gives Date For Close Of 2015 Admission Processes by Egwuda33: 4:32pm On Jul 15, 2015
that's good..... not like it concerns me tho.
Celebrities / Re: Timaya Welcomes Second Daughter With Baby Mama (photo) by Egwuda33: 3:02pm On Jul 15, 2015
And the Baby Mama trend continues. why can't they Marry for Christ sake..... are they afraid or responsibilities or wah Baby is cute tho. I hope she doesn't grow up to look like Daddy.

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Politics / Re: US: We’ll Compel Nigeria To Accept Same-sex Marriage by Egwuda33: 2:18pm On Jul 15, 2015
America should take their help and stick it in their A.ss for all I care. Gay Marriage is a NO NO..... I knew Obama was definitely up to something.
#SayNotoGayMarriage. click like if you agree with me

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Politics / Re: Obama To Host Buhari At Blair House For Three Days by Egwuda33: 2:15pm On Jul 15, 2015
just tell me..

who wouldnt breat tradition of BUHARI..

Buhari is God sent to nigeria..

Congratulations Nigerians.. Finally Change is here
Guy get small sense na... we are talking about Nigeria being dragged into doom.. Obama is up to something and you are here talking Non.sense.
Politics / Re: Obama To Host Buhari At Blair House For Three Days by Egwuda33: 2:08pm On Jul 15, 2015

Very soon, just very soon...

that was how he came caressing Jonathan then... when he see say Jona no give am face, he started to discredit the guy. Now he has Started with PMB and the Old Man is jes enjoying it. the way e go take shock PMB eh..

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Politics / Re: Obama To Host Buhari At Blair House For Three Days by Egwuda33: 1:49pm On Jul 15, 2015
Obama is definitely up to something... PMB should stop winning and dinning with this Anti-christ before he gets caught in a web.


Politics / Re: Stop Cutting Trees, Preserve The Environment - Ambode by Egwuda33: 1:25am On Jul 15, 2015
well, what do you expect when firewood is the cheapest fuel the poor Man can easily gain access to... Kerosene sells for more than #140 @ most filling stations and the gas even tho economical is out of the poor Man's reach. Provide a cheap and readily available means of cooking, then tell the poor Man to stop cutting trees and he would listen.
Politics / Re: APC Can’t Clean Up Pdp’s 16 Years Mess In 30 Days – Tinubu by Egwuda33: 1:24am On Jul 15, 2015
if you were actually gonna clean up any mess, you should have started work already and stop talking about how messy the mess is. QUIT TALKING DAMN IT AND GET TO WORK. angry angry

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Politics / Re: Buhari Clamps Down On Fuel Importers by Egwuda33: 12:53pm On Jul 14, 2015
Nairaland / General / Re: Human Head Transplant Could Be Possible by Egwuda33: 11:14pm On Jul 13, 2015
Technology making a lot of things possible.. but it's neva gonna breath life into a dead Man.
Politics / Re: Oshiomhole Suffering From Numerical Diarrhea, Says Okonjo-iweala by Egwuda33: 11:03pm On Jul 13, 2015
Heheheh cheesy cheesy see knock out punch... I dey wait for Oshiomole reply.

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Politics / Re: Zamfara Arranges Husbands For 2000 Widows by Egwuda33: 1:51am On Jan 06, 2013

True that, especially with the rate of sworn bachelors these days.
Bambela: When would Northern Nigeria become aware of their problem? This is arrant nonsense. Marrying for Almajiri without providing what to sustain the marriage. This is another way of breeding Almajiri the pontential terrorists.
true talk.
Computers / Re: Why Are Nigerians So Crazy About 2go by Egwuda33: 1:11am On Aug 04, 2011
2go has got it's gud and bad side jes like every other tin, gud tin abt 2go is it saves money n gets u connectd wif old friends, lovd ones, n also meet cool pals, share files n quite a number of other gud tins, bad tin abt 2go, first, it's addictive, secondly d rooms are filled wif immature kids who knows nothin but insults, oh gosh, i wish there were no 2go rooms.other than dese, i think 2go is d best chattin app i've seen in recent time.
Religion / Re: Guess Who This Armed Dude Was Protecting. Pic by Egwuda33: 8:52am On Jul 26, 2011
i hate nairaland 4 posts lyk dis
Romance / Re: What Is The Difference Between A Relationship And A Friendship? by Egwuda33: 8:10pm On Jul 23, 2011
Friendship is a kind of relationship, but it depends on d individuals involved, it's as simple as dat.
Politics / Re: We Can’t Pay Minimum Wage Until 2012 –fg by Egwuda33: 12:54pm On Jul 20, 2011
nigerians are the worst ppl on planet earth, until we nigerians discover our problem n solve it, nothin will eva work for this country.
Politics / Re: Poor Services: Reps To Probe Telecommunications Companies by Egwuda33: 2:51am On Jul 15, 2011
I hope MTN is listenin n improve on their poor service. Mtcheeeeew, Stupid network. I dont even know y i'm still on d network.
Celebrities / Re: Genevieve Vs Omotola: Who Is More Beautiful Without Makeup? by Egwuda33: 1:08pm On Jun 23, 2011
If u really want to know who's more beautiful, take their pix wen they're jes wakin up from sleep, den u'll get ur ansa.
Celebrities / Re: Breaking News: Omawumi Gives Birth To Baby Girl by Egwuda33: 1:46pm On Jun 18, 2011
I neva heard she was pregnant in d first place. And d father of d child? No wonder she "no know wetin she go tok"

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