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Politics / Re: What? A Buhari Is Dead Rally In London! by EMMY76: 11:50pm On Oct 25
Nmk will definitely become a national hero if this jubril story is finally proven to be true even the north will have no choice but to respect him.

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Politics / Re: Senator Florence Ita-Giwa Kneels Down To Beg Youths In Calabar by EMMY76: 11:21pm On Oct 25
I remember this woman during her days in the Senate she loves partying and flexing so much u will wonder if she is an entertainer or a politician.
Politics / Re: Mum Who Lost Her Son In Lekki Tollgate Shooting Speaks Out(video) by EMMY76: 3:22pm On Oct 25
The woman was cursing politicians and demanding for the division of nigeria tell me how can any country progress with all these kinds of curses and needless shedding of innocent blood?

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Religion / Re: What Is The Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit, The Unforgivable Sin? by EMMY76: 12:40pm On Oct 25
So many men of God in this country have sinned against the holy spirit they don't even know yet that they have been rejected here on earth and in the world to come.
Politics / Re: Niger Delta Militants Make 5 Demands, Write IOCs by EMMY76: 11:54am On Oct 25
These niger delta militants don't even know the kind of negotiating powers they have in the restructuring of nigeria if only they can be able to stand their ground and refuse to collect peanuts bribes from the federal government.


Politics / Re: Niger Delta Militants Make 5 Demands, Write IOCs by EMMY76: 11:48am On Oct 25

No be GEJ be president.

So I repeat,na empty threat

The niger delta generates more than 90% of nigeria's revenue ur bloodthirsty buhari won't be so foolish to turn the whole place into another borno.
Politics / Re: Jos Covid-19 Palliative Warehouse Looted (Pictures and video) by EMMY76: 9:56pm On Oct 24
Jeeez this crowd will be over a million people there is real hunger in the land but how come something like this is not happening anywhere in the entire SE?
Politics / Re: Video Of Dpo Who Built Bolehole For Anambra Residents Address Protesters by EMMY76: 8:55pm On Oct 24
I don't think the fulani muslims will still see this man as one of their own they may see him as an efulefu don't be surprised if they redeploy him to another area for being too close to infidels.
Politics / Re: Regina Daniels’ Mum Reacts To 48 Hours Ultimatum Given To Igbos by EMMY76: 6:53pm On Oct 24
Adeyinka grandson has no such powers to influence the yorubas to drive away the igbos living in the sw within 48hrs I will only take the threat serious if people like the oni of ife, tinibu or even gani Adams give such orders. undecided

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Politics / Re: Lekki Massacre: Forensic Analysis Proves Videos Of Killings Are Genuine by EMMY76: 6:23pm On Oct 24
The fulanis thinks that lagos is southern kaduna and benue where they normally massacre innocent unarmed people without any consequences every one involved in that shooting must surely have to pay for it this time around. The souls of thausands of innocent christains mercilessly massacred in the middle belt and SE since buhari came to power will continue to haunt them to make mistakes until all their evil and wickedness is exposed to the whole world to see.

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Crime / Re: Hoodlums Break Into Electronics Store In Osun, Cart Away Gen, Fridge, Etc by EMMY76: 4:21pm On Oct 24
This is where the army is supposed to be deployed to not at peaceful harmless protesters.
Politics / Re: Hoodlums Loot Senator Gershom Bassey's Family House In Calabar, Set It Ablaze by EMMY76: 3:31pm On Oct 24
The senator will surely use the money for their contitutency projects to replace all his looted properties.
Politics / Re: Zainab Abdullahi: 'Aisha Yesufu Is A Jew In Islamic Shirt' by EMMY76: 3:06pm On Oct 24
Bloodthirsty primitive barbarian aisha should sue the idiot for threatening her life. I have watched videos of northern muslim women wearing full hijabs protesting in the north against insecurity and singing buhari shege buhari shege so why must aisha yesufu be singled out to be beheaded? This is why I don't personally see any hope for nigeria with northern muslim extremists with this kind of idealogy they will always find a way to use their islamic religion to destroy whatever noble cause that is supposed to benefit all nigerians.

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Politics / Re: EndSARS: US Soldier Ready To Invade Nigeria To Save His Mom & Dad by EMMY76: 1:10pm On Oct 24
But no country can invade nigeria.
A country of two hundred millions people.
Cannot be invaded.

Even america tried to invade iraq, a country of just thirty eight million people, at the end america and their friend britain disgracefully ran away.

Our solution is to elect better people as leaders. Yes we can.
Free and fair election is like revolution.

Nigeria can be easily invaded and defeated because it's not yet a United nation. The oppressed marginalized people of the south will definitely join any powerful nation to destroy nigeria even the north is not United so where are you going to get the 200m nigerians to defend the sovereignty of nigeria?
Politics / Re: Coalition Of #EndSARS Protest Groups Lists 7 New Objectives by EMMY76: 12:39pm On Oct 24
Any plan that doesn't include how to reduce the enormous powers the fulani north have over the rest of nigeria is just a waste of time.


Celebrities / Re: Genevieve Nnaji To Keep Donating To Feminist Coalition Despite Stoppage by EMMY76: 10:46pm On Oct 23
Continue supporting evil.

This feminists Coalition were part of the people that put Nigeria into this mess.

I don't know why the dss is not arresting them.

If you lost all your properties and loved ones in this destruction, pls sue this very destructive group to recover your loss.

They hijack a peaceful protests from segalinks because they wanted to promote homosexual rights, when it backfired, they started sponsoring different hastags on social media and giving out money to protest leaders, influencers and the rest.

They are the reason major roads were blocked through out lagos.

My instincts tells me that communist sowore must be influential in an attempted airport blockades.

These people are just too radical. God save us from Communists and radicals marxists, they can destroy Nigeria if time is not taken.

We should also be careful about another person called reno omokri, this guy can turn fire into hell fire.

All these people dont care about you, they only care about their selfish agenda which is to destroy Nigeria.

Any country that regularly eats it's young doesn't deserves to exist.
Crime / Re: Where Do Bullets Go When Fired Straight Into The Air? by EMMY76: 10:38pm On Oct 23

In physics , it is called Maximum height

When the bullet get to the maximum height , it can no longer go upward again , the velocity , the force pushing it upward has exhausted, and the bullet start coming down with no force to cause any damage , even if it lands on your head ...

But most times, those shooting the gun fail to maintain upward position of the gun, as such , it can still be very harmful , mostly for AK47, or M16, which goes a long distance ....e.g , like the incident at Lekki Toll gate , when u look closely to the soldiers shooting at a point , their guns were no facing upward properly , which was the reason those at the far back end were hit by the bullets while those at the front were picking the pellets of the bullets .... If it was done intentionally , is what I can't tell of, becuase it unprofessional for soldiers to shoot in such way after enough range training exercises...

For police , they are very lazy to maintain vertical gun position while shooting as such , in most condition , stray bullet. Are prone ...e.g , at the campaign ground for Gov Fayemi in 2018. Ekiti State , the police end up shooting a dignity.

Very informative u are very knowledgeable.

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Politics / Re: Missing People From The Lekki Massacre by EMMY76: 10:05pm On Oct 23
cheesy cheesy cheesy The guy that shared this thing just wanted to twist it with the toll gate.

Check the info below on your Facebook and see yourself. Benedict Obong is not connected to Lekki toll gate according to Facebook source that posted it.

Benedict Obong: May you return home in peace.

Last known location: Ikoyi Link bridge

Search on your facebook " Charles Jenkins Foundation International "

His name is Obong Benedict
Last known location: Ikoyi Link Bridge Axis, Lagos State, at 8pm last night.
Please anyone with info should kindly get in touch;
08179798141 08179798140 08176668179.

You people and ur sponsors might succeed in suppressing the truth about the lekki toll gate massacre here in nigeria as usual but can't escape God's judgement either here on earth or in the afterlife.
Politics / Re: Reason Oba Of Lagos' Palace Was Invaded by EMMY76: 9:45pm On Oct 23
Very informative this was how they used propaganda and later ganged up to massacre the igbos in the sixties thank God for the social media today.

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Politics / Re: EndSARS Protest: The Misinformation Circulating Online - BBC by EMMY76: 9:29pm On Oct 23
So the BBC can only investigate the false reports but can't investigate and identify hundreds of genuine reports of southern youths that have been killed and brutalized by sars over the years?
Politics / Re: COVID-19 Palliatives Discovered In A Warehouse In Calabar by EMMY76: 8:52pm On Oct 23
But this governor cried on TV during covid-19 early days claiming pity for the masses grin grin grin

It's crocodile tears cheesy
Politics / Re: COVID-19 Palliatives Discovered In A Warehouse In Calabar by EMMY76: 8:48pm On Oct 23
This endsars protests is becoming a blessing in disguise so many hidden things are now being revealed.
Politics / Re: #endsars: I Dared Consequences To Rescue My Wife From TVC Attackers – Survivor by EMMY76: 8:45pm On Oct 23
The arsonists are even more professional than the nigerian army. undecided
Politics / Re: SR: I Didn't Order Destruction Of Yoruba People's Assets ― Nnamdi Kanu by EMMY76: 8:10pm On Oct 23
The only way the lazy dumb fulanis can be able to keep their one nigeria is to continue sacrifise innocent people and also create division amongst all the ethnic groups in nigeria but unfortunately for them nigerians are now getting wiser.
Celebrities / Re: Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde Deletes Lekki Toll Gate Death Tweet That Got Her Blasted by EMMY76: 6:39pm On Oct 23
let's assume that was the case, so dis people don't have family that can come out boldly to say they have not seen their sons or daughters? The headache they caused me on Tuesday night was for nothing. Let them keep spreading false news

Maybe their families are yet to know about their deaths. DJ switch was there live and she has made it clear to everyone that there was indeed dead casualties what does she stand to gain by lieing and risking her life and carrier?
Celebrities / Re: Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde Deletes Lekki Toll Gate Death Tweet That Got Her Blasted by EMMY76: 6:18pm On Oct 23
What shocks me the most about this lekki toll gate massacre is the determination of the buhari's brutal regime to cover it up and suppress whatever evidence out there in the public.
Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy: I Am Traumatised Over Lekki Toll Gate Shooting by EMMY76: 5:49pm On Oct 23
Any Human with a Heart and whose Conscience is not Dead will be Trumatized..

GOD Bares me Witness! With What I saw that night , I could not Sleep till say 3:30-4am..

It's Hurts me sooo Much to see Fellow Humans Trying to Supress such Wicked act

For the Sake of Peace!
GOD Heal the Families of the Dead..
GOD Heal Bleeding Hearts!
GOD Heal Lagos State!

The govt denying the massacre is the hieght of wickedness it clearly goes to show the world that nigeria is a country without a soul. A country that no reasonable human being should ever bother to fight or die for.

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Business / Re: Owners Of Looted Shops At Surulere Mall Cry As They Count Losses by EMMY76: 5:41pm On Oct 23
Where was all the security agencies in lagos state when all these looting and destruction was even going on? Here in warri hoodlums also tried to loot ShopRite mall but soildiers were immediately called to repell them same thing when they went to the warri prison to free inmates.
Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom State Broadcasting Corporation Set On Fire By Hoodlums (Video) by EMMY76: 5:17pm On Oct 23
This is no longer making any sense anymore what has the station got to do with endsars.
Celebrities / Re: Lekki Toll Gate: DJ Switch Speaks About Shootings by EMMY76: 5:08pm On Oct 23
Weed is written all over her lips

Have you ever been in such a situation before? That lady has been traumatized.
Celebrities / Re: Lekki Toll Gate: DJ Switch Speaks About Shootings by EMMY76: 5:05pm On Oct 23
This lekki toll gate massacre have clearly shown that the hausa/fulani muslim core north don't believe in Nigeria and it's flag how can you massacre unarmed nigerian youths who are only singing the national anthem and waving the nigerian flag? Fulani people are only interested on how to steal the natural resources of other ethnic groups and also how to conquer and dominate them forever.


Politics / Re: The Nigerian Army Did NOT Kill Protesters In Lekki. Amnesty International LIED. by EMMY76: 12:59am On Oct 23

You are a liar from the pits of hell.

You are clearly not interested in the TRUTH, but in your own agenda.

Whoever is sponsoring you to tell lies, may they get their comeuppance.

The blood money u are collecting now to suppress the truth will surely haunt you and your generations to come.


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