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Romance / Miss Lolo National 2023: Biggest Breast In West Africa by EndSARS77: 8:32pm On Oct 17
Only the strongest of the strongest of men can without these set of women. Some of the most endowed women in Ivory Coast took part in this contest. I don't really know what the contest was all about, being that the contest was mostly in french. I wonder when Nigeria will create a replica of this gameshow. If you are not strong you may end up wet down there. My favourite contestants are contestants number 2, 4 and 9. Vaseline crew over to you

Nairaland / General / Re: My Disgust For Keke Napep Work by EndSARS77: 8:01am On Oct 11
The working conditions in this keke business are stupid. When you are working in a bank, you get treated with maximum respect. Any customer that tries to stress you, will get worked out by security. And A/C will still blow you. By next year I'm going to leave this keke work for another job, which is more dignifying and pays 10 times better. I'm not going to discuss it hear, so I won't be tempted to change my mind. That explains why keke work is male dominated 99.9% of the time, because the work is stupid. If the work was good, everybody would have been doing it
Nairaland / General / My Disgust For Keke Napep Work by EndSARS77: 11:27pm On Oct 10
There are so many things that disgust me about working as a keke driver. Among which are all those times when customers give you turn/bad money... and when you ask them to change it they will tell you it is the last money that is with them. Others will tell you that nothing is wrong with the money and start shouting on you. But when you give it to other customers, they will reject them. Even the ones that are in better shape than the one they give to you as a driver. Another thing is that people see keke drivers as dirty people or beggars or people with no future ambition. OK so when a keke driver starts horning for pedestrians to leave the road for him they won't leave. But when he brushes them with his keke, they will start trying to insult the keke man. Another instance is the way they will treat you as a keke man when you go to filling station to buy petrol. People inside flashy cars get maximum respect but not a keke man. OK there was a day I was horning for a woman to drive forward because the car in front of her had bought petrol but she pretended to be deaf (this lasted for about 30 seconds to a minute). So I drove in front of the woman and took her place in the line as a result. So she came down and told me to drive back to where I was coming from (or my previous position which was behind her). I explained that I had been horning for her up to 7 or 8 times but she ignored (I didn't shout at her or anything). Do you believe the person selling petrol told me to go back to the woman's back and wait... and people (that came to buy petrol with jerry can) where watching but nobody said a word. I walked to my keke and drove off in disgust immediately in the presence of all of them and went to buy petrol else where. What about the treatment you get from other keke drivers in your park? Those who have worked in big keke parks can relate to this. Keke parks of up to 500 drivers or more. So you will ask who is loading next but nobody will answer you. They will tell you not to disturb them. But when a customer comes to ask the exact same question, they will find out who is loading even when they don't know. What about all those times when you buy petrol with N4,000 early in he monring and pay for ticket and other forms of taxations. You will work till 11am or 12pm before you can start breaking even. By breaking even I mean, you will make only N1,000 by that time. This is due to the fact that everybody want to drive keke now since there is a high rate of unemployment in Nigeria. So since all hands are on deck, the work doesn't go round and you will make N1,000. And one thing with keke work, especially if it's not brand new is you are literally working for the keke (and your passengers, I'm sorry to say) instead of the keke to be working for you. OK you are collecting N200 per person or maybe N100... but when you go to workshop you will spend N60,000 to N70,000 at once. Sometimes it can be up to N150,000. OK have you sat down to calculate how much it cost you to buy the keke? And how much you have spent on repair and maintenance since you bought it. Now minus it from the money you have made while using it to work all these years or months... you will see that your profit is actually negative. Which brings me to another thing that disgusts me about the work: "Keke No Dey Chop Money" delusion. Keke parts always double their previous prices each time. OK something in your keke that you didn't even plan to change, they will tell you has spoilt... making you to spend more. Between maintaining a car and making keke, no one is good. Is like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea. Only that maintaining keke seems to be deceptively easier. But trust me, on the long run no one is good. I have so many other instances which I can't even remember now but I will say on the long run that keke work is a very stupid work. You do or do not have to agree with me but God knows I am saying the truth as it is. It's almost as if it's a crime to be a keke driver. Yes I know what they want to say, every job has bla bla bla. In white collar jobs, you get insult from your boss for mistakes you made but as a keke driver you get treated with disdain even when you have done nothing wrong

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Welcomes Tribunal Verdict, Calls For Joint Efforts To Build The Nation by EndSARS77: 2:32am On Sep 07
These people think they are smart. What are you passing verdict over? Verdict is supposed to be based on something. For example isn't the verdict supposed to be that the votes stored in the BVAS which are being witheld from the puclic be released to them? You can't just pass verdict in favour of Tinubu over nothing. You are talking to educated people
Politics / Re: Abia State Governor, Otti Sacks All Civil Servants Employed From December 2022 by EndSARS77: 8:01am On Sep 02
This is share wickedness. So how does their governor expect the 7,000 people he sacked to survive. He has suceeded in removing food from the mouth of thousands of families by so doing. God punish Nigeria(n government). If you don't fear man, at least fear God
Business / Re: I Sincerely Need Financial Help by EndSARS77: 2:26pm On Aug 29
And that's the funny thing about life... when you don't have money you won't see who will give you. You won't have any friend that time. But when you have money, everybody will become your friend. Exactly why I don't like to give people money when they ask me... even if I have. I feel your pain bro

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Sets 3-year Economic Revival, 50million Jobs Target by EndSARS77: 1:25pm On Aug 29
The same thing Buhari said at the start of his regime, but how did it end?

Tinubu the disaster promax is continuing from where Buhari the disaster stopped.

Guess what, the Yorubas and core north voted massively for these two disaster. Yorubas have been known to vote disasters, after which the both begin the bambialla in every local government areas asking for cassava, agbado and beans.

Quite unfortunate.
Nobody voted for Tinubu, he forced his way in. Where are the electronic votes (or BIVAS) to back INEC and APC's claims that Nigerians voted for him. It is only pictures (or selfies) that people took in bathroom that they uploaded to INEC's website as the presidential election results. The presidential election was rigged
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Is An up-and-coming Black Artist: Grammy Awards Deletes Post by EndSARS77: 4:00pm On Jun 18
I respect Wizkid but who Wizkid help? His fame and money is for himself. As country hard na bad thing if Wizkid (or any other celebrity for naija) declare for the boys them? All this one wey dey lie say them post upcoming artist by mistake, them just dey find people mouth
Politics / Re: First Class Graduate Commits Suicide Over Failure To Secure Employment by EndSARS77: 4:28pm On Jun 08
Some of you who are commenting up there... don't you fear God at all? You are speaking evil of a dead man. His mother was a retired nurse who was a widow. I'm guessing it was financial pressure (living from hand to mouth, no good clothes, no concrete achievement in life, no fiance, no car, no good phone and seeing your mates waste hundreds of thousands of naira at night clubs) that made him commit suicide. If committing suicide was not the best option he had, he won't have done it. And the man who spoke anonymously that the deceased used to always confide in his friends and well wishers, how sure are we he is speaking the truth? See... if you tell somebody you want to kill yourself, the conversation doesn't always end well and you will regret telling them in the first place. At the end whatever it is you are going through they will not be able to help you


Sports / Re: Bet9ja Is A Scam: See What They Did Today (with Recorded Evidence) by EndSARS77: 9:21pm On Jun 02
They are even helping u not to waste ur money,u are here complaining.mtcheew
Please, are you OK? I am sorry to say but do you even know where I got this draw from?
Sports / Bet9ja Is A Scam: See What They Did Today (with Recorded Evidence) by EndSARS77: 8:33pm On Jun 02
Bet9ja always refuse to add sure matches to their markets. They have been doing this every now and then but this one is just too much. The last time it was Alancho 1-1 Olimpia in honduras league last month. These 2 teams had met about 3 times this season and had drawn the 3 times. So the day they were supposed to meet the 4th time, the game was missing on bet9ja website. The latest one they have done now is Veres Rivne vs Inhulnets in Ukraine premier league. The game is a relegation battle and both teams are evenly matched on paper. I am not 100% sure they will draw (since no game is sure) but the chances of them drawing in that game is very very high. Because who ever wins this match, can survive relegation from Ukraine premier league. Bet9ja added every other game in Ukraine premier league but refused to add this game. That means instead of providing 8 matches for us to bet, they provided only 7 matches. Meanwhile other website like Merrybet, Betbonanza and Betking have faithful added this game to their websites


Sports / Re: Imagine DSTV, @ 10k Plus One Cannot Watch Champions League Match. by EndSARS77: 10:16pm On May 09
Leave UCL and enjoy your life. Football players are making millions while we are hear killing ourself. Arguing over who is better than who? Real Madrid dey pay you as their fan? What of Arsenal or even Bayern Munich?
Sports / Re: Pay After Winning: Get Access To VIP Football Draws With Only N2,000/week by EndSARS77: 3:05am On May 03
I know all websites but profits is just their thing
The question is can you handle the pressure
Of not winning in a week
In sports betting sometimes you go for months without winning. My last big win was in January this year were I won 52K and 39K... since then nothing. I only win 3K here and 5K there. I nearly won 36K last month with 2 draws, but I had to settle for only 15K because they drew 0-0. I played X and on bet9ja with N2,000 and ordinary draw with N1,350 on betking

Sports / Re: Pay After Winning: Get Access To VIP Football Draws With Only N2,000/week by EndSARS77: 9:01pm On May 02
Check you mail, I just message you and I'm waiting for feedback.
OK, thanks. I will reply. Anyway I have tested the website today. Like my father always says, honesty is the best policy. Their draws didn't work. Anyway these are the websites:




The other website, is delivering. They have predicted their first draw for today successfully Slavia Sofia 1-1 Lok. Plovdiv in bulgaria. They also predicted a second draw, CRB vs Sampaio. That one that seems to be delivering is now the secret website

Sports / Re: Pay After Winning: Get Access To VIP Football Draws With Only N2,000/week by EndSARS77: 10:17am On May 02
This smells like scam!!
If that is the way you see it no problem. If you stumble across a lost bag containing N46 million or $100K, is it bad to use it to help people around you? Nigeria is a mess right now and graduates don't have jobs. If you are an SME business, you don't even have access to loan on Ren Money or Okash or in banks. If I keep receiving comments like this, I may be tempted to change my mind and keep the website to myself. If you are interested, send a message to me on chrysant91@protonmail.com
Sports / Pay After Winning: Get Access To VIP Football Draws With Only N2,000/week by EndSARS77: 3:16am On May 02
I just discovered 4 powerful websites this weekend, that can predict draws. One of them even predicted 4 draws out of 4 successfully yesterday. If I am lying, let God punish. I am not going to post their past predictions because I myself want to win this weekend. And because of all the software guys who know how to do web scrapping. Anyway if you are interested in the draws, contact me on chrysant91@protonmail.com. I won't drop my whatsapp because it's my personal number and in these days of NIMC, it's harder to register SIM. This week I will give you their draws on saturday, so when it works you will pay me the money. As a side note, you CANNOT easily know the websites using Google Search. Try it and see if I am lying
Sports / Re: VIP Football Predictions For April 25-27 by EndSARS77: 8:01pm On Apr 27
We made a big mistake to include some draws, due to the fact that there were very few sure mid-week games. Watchout this weekend on youtube for 10 sure games. The games will be strictly 1X2 & G G/NG, HT/FT win, 1X2 & Over 2.5, 1X2 & Under 3.5 and Handicap -0:1. No draws will be provided this weekend. Each game will have odds of 2.50 or more so you can play them as combinations bet. That way everything doesn't have to be correct
Sports / VIP Football Predictions For April 25-27 by EndSARS77: 11:25am On Apr 25
1. AEL Limassol vs Ol. Nicosia CYP Cup
X (3.30)
2. St. Gallen vs Lugano SWI
X (3.75)
3. Rad vs Macva SER II
X (3.05)
4. Mladost GAT vs Kolubara SER
Double Chance: X2 (3.00)
5. Sparta Prague vs Viktoria Plzen CZE
Sparta Prague & G G (2.98)
6. Villarreal vs Espanyol ESP
Villarreal & Over 2.5 (2.40)
7. Bolton vs Accrington ENG III
Bolton & NG (2.38)
8. Al Ittihad vs Al Shaban SAU
HT/FT: Al Ittihad/Al Ittihad (3.00)

Source: https://m. youtube. com/watch?v=cwKgfk5G7Vo

Sports / . by EndSARS77: 10:05am On Apr 23
Crime / Re: ‘I Watched In Horror As They Slaughtered My Daughter Like An Animal’ (Picture) by EndSARS77: 9:33am On Apr 23
See... stop calling them fulani herdsmen. Go and check for the definition of herdsmen - a herdsman looks after cows. They are Boko Haram pretending to be herdsmen

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Romance / Re: I Met A Snake At My Door Because Of It: Be Careful What Kind Of Songs You Play by EndSARS77: 10:05pm On Mar 20
The singer is indirectly saying snake how far, where una dey abeg? I dey here oh. Abeg all the snakes, make una identify yourself
Politics / Re: What Did He Mean By I Am For Everybody And I Am For Nobody by EndSARS77: 9:50pm On Mar 10
Buhari dey try talk say, he wan do anywhere belle face for him second term. He dey try talk say he go betray us like Judas for him second term. He dey try talk say he go show us pepper for him second term
Politics / Re: INEC Postpones Governorship Elections By One Week by EndSARS77: 11:50pm On Mar 08
You're ahead of them Asiwaju, no man fit talk bad about you... them go collect oh. You're our uncle, you're our dad, you're our popsi... you be old man, make we no go dey call you Jenzi

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Politics / Re: INEC’s Application To Court To Reconfigure BVAS Raises Integrity Questions by EndSARS77: 8:06pm On Mar 07
We don't have Tsunami, Earthquake, Volcano or Tornado. We have several minerals and natural resources (that are wasting away). Nigeria never ceases to amaze me. I beg let them postpone the governorship election by 3weeks, so they can scrap as much data as possible from the BVAS machines
Sports / Re: See What They Did To Me: Forebet Is The Most Useless Football Prediction Website by EndSARS77: 11:56am On Feb 24

If this prediction no work,ready for me ooo
I didn't tell you this before but you are supposed to play these games with the sharing formula. They usually drop like 30 games... BTTS & Over 2.5. I am part of the team that drops the preditions. The games I gave you have 70% accuracy... meaning 3 out of 4 of the games should be correct. From the 30 games, you are supposed to play 5 games on each ticket with the sharing formula, incase anyone cuts. And the predictions are not free... the prediction software will be available for download soon at $3/month. Apart from BTTS & Over 2.5 market, the prediction software also predicts Both Teams To Score 2+ market @ 6.00 odds
Sports / Re: See What They Did To Me: Forebet Is The Most Useless Football Prediction Website by EndSARS77: 10:58pm On Feb 23

My betSlip ID on betbonanza.com: 230221078435
Omo, that money go reach you buy turkey chop for restaurant. Come join the winning team on Microsoft Excellent Prediction Software. Let me give you part of their expo for this weekend
1. Melbourne Victory vs Adelaide United
Goal Goal & Over 2.5
2. Wolfsberger vs Rapid Vienna
Goal Goal & Over 2.5
3. Club Brugge vs Gent
Goal Goal & Over 2.5
4. Anderlecht vs St. Liege
Goal Goal & Over 2.5
Sports / Re: See What They Did To Me: Forebet Is The Most Useless Football Prediction Website by EndSARS77: 10:26pm On Feb 23
That's why you should leave all these dirty prediction websites and start using Microsoft Excellent Prediction Software. You can visit their youtube channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC0DRPwbMtAAOpGjvGqjemNg. They predict BTTS & over 2.5 with over 70% accuracy. They also predict draw with over 70% accuracy:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHhxTuuoGg4&t=12s. They said they are planning on releasing the commercial version of the prediction software very soon at $3/month
Food / Re: See The Food I Bought For N500 by EndSARS77: 10:24pm On Jan 26
My brother how can you combine rice and sparghetti? If you want to eat rice, eat rice, if you want to eat sparghetti, eat or you combine any of them with beans. I don't know who is teaching Nigerians this kind of combination. The other in one eatery, a guy requested for okro and ogbono soup mixed together.
You lie. It's draw soup and egusi soup he requested for. It's very hard to get okro soup to buy in 1 star restaurants a.k.a Food Is Ready. It's only egusi soup and draw soup most of them sell

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Food / Re: See The Food I Bought For N500 by EndSARS77: 10:21pm On Jan 26
It looks like a dog's food. Naira has really fallen in value
Sports / Re: Free VIP Football Draw For January 22: 4/5 Have Been Correct So Far by EndSARS77: 4:44pm On Jan 22
So why didn't you drop before it was played since you got it on time.
I agree with you and I'm sorry. It is just that on nairaland, sports betting always has very few views. And as for the comments section, they are next none. It's almost like I am talking to myself
Sports / Re: Free VIP Football Draw For January 22: 4/5 Have Been Correct So Far by EndSARS77: 11:50am On Jan 22
All this small boys scammer sef,why post the game after all the result has come out
If you watch the video on youtube, you will see that they dropped all the predictions long before the matches started. The last game will be playing today by 2:30pm Nigerian time
Sports / Free VIP Football Draw For January 22: 4/5 Have Been Correct So Far by EndSARS77: 10:03pm On Jan 21
1. Istra vs Slaven Belupo
Result: 0-0
2. SPAL vs Ascoli
Result: 1-1
3. Oxford vs Ipwsich
Result: 2-1
4. Malaga vs Burgos
Result: 1-1
5. Swieqi vs Fgura
Result: 2-2
6. Giugliano vs Latina
X (3.25)
Result: ?-?

Number 6 is going to be playing tomorrow by 2:30pm. Watch the video for a detailed explaination on how and why this match deserves to end in a draw. Bet wisely... don't stake more than N5,000 on this game. Source: m.youtube.com/watch?v=UHhxTuuoGg4&t=18s

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