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Politics / Re: Sagay To National Assembly: British Parliament Can’t Summon Queen by FearGodinall: 10:01pm On Dec 10, 2020
Using the Queen of England to justify an elected president not to talk to the same people he's elected to Carter for is madness taken too far, Buhari maybe bigger than everyone but not Nigeria,the national assembly is a mini Nigeria so, wether constitution or not, they have every right at anytime to call on the president to talk on national issues. How does these people even reason.
Politics / Re: Umahi Apc Vs Peter Obi Pdp : Choose One As President And State Why. by FearGodinall: 4:09am On Nov 25, 2020
Take Peter Obi out if they really want to make inroad and not for contesting sake, Charles Soludo will be more accepted.
Politics / Re: Should Abaribe Be Jailed Like Ndume? by FearGodinall: 3:57am On Nov 25, 2020
ABARIBE must go to jail according to what he signed when bailing NNAMDI Kanu.
. Arewa lawyers and ingnorance are inseparable.
Religion / Re: Reactions As 42 Pastors And Their Families Accept Islam In Abuja by FearGodinall: 8:21pm On Nov 16, 2020
Why are almost all terrorist Muslim thought not all Muslims are terriorist
Politics / Re: Lekki Shooting: 81 Dons Write Biden, Seek Travel Ban For Culpable Officials by FearGodinall: 1:03pm On Nov 15, 2020
Always looking up to their almighty US to come to their rescue, forgetting that the US also has its own internal problems to deal with.

If not that these so called Nwankor Professor is so dull, what does the US stand to gain by intervening in endsars protest matter? America only pursue its interests and nothing more.

That's the lowest low one can stoop.
You talk as if, you're a quota system graduate, firstly, your own cbn idiot emefiele issued financial restrictions on these innocent protesters account whose only crime is asking their government whom they elected to serve them for a better policing,the executive, legislature and even the judiciary are after them not because they really want to go after but that's the kind of dirty system we find ourselves so, whom do you think they should turn to.
Politics / Re: BREAKING!!! Mass Resignations Set To Rock Umahi’s Camp! by FearGodinall: 6:20am On Nov 13, 2020
Fear igbo man
Politics / Re: Femi Falana Dragged To ICC Allegedly Instigating The #endsars Protest by FearGodinall: 7:50pm On Nov 12, 2020
The average Igboman can do anything for money so, am not surprised.
Politics / Re: EndSARS: Osinbajo Calls Taye Olubayo Who Addressed A Letter To Him by FearGodinall: 11:09pm On Oct 31, 2020
Especially, the VP is kind of person you don't need to haul insult on to make a point.

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Politics / Re: How Northern Muslims Were Massacred In The South (photos) by FearGodinall: 10:35pm On Oct 29, 2020
Who cares,why come to the South if you know it's not safe for you. The North and South had never been one and can never be one so, such attacks and killing will continue as you do in up North.


Politics / Re: Looting: Release All COVID-19 Palliatives Now, NLC Tells Govts by FearGodinall: 9:09pm On Oct 26, 2020
NLC should please spare us.
Politics / Re: Gbolahan Macjob: DJ Switch Should Be Prosecuted by FearGodinall: 6:19am On Oct 26, 2020
Zombies are the second problem we have presently!
. They are the real problem and not the second problem we're having.
Politics / Re: Governor Sanwo-Olu Maybe Right: All Pictures Posted as Lekki Causalties are Fake by FearGodinall: 10:14pm On Oct 21, 2020
Either dead or alive, there was sporadic shooting so, what were they shooting at, disprove the shooting and stop confussing yourself.
Politics / Re: While Nigerians Are Wasting Ther Time Protesting,see What Mr President Is Doing by FearGodinall: 8:22pm On Oct 10, 2020
That only shows a country without a president.
Politics / Re: Wike Receives Hero Welcome As He Arrives Port Harcourt (photos) by FearGodinall: 9:33pm On Sep 20, 2020
They are suffering but yet they are happy with the oppressor... such is a useless society.
. Stop being hypocrite are you not among those that voted for that lifeless idiot and still celebrating.

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Politics / Re: Wike Receives Hero Welcome As He Arrives Port Harcourt (photos) by FearGodinall: 9:31pm On Sep 20, 2020
Thing is that,this politicians will continue to loot the future of Nigerians for as long as they keep receiving standing ovation from Nigerians for doing nothing to improve the lives of their people.
Imagine how people were jubilating in Edo state because a criminal have been re-elected.
As far as I am concern all Nigeria politicians are useless and do not deserve the support from any right thinking human.
Remember that Dubai was built to a reasonable level with just 200billion dollars an amount one useless politician have stolen within a short period of time
. You are pained because your Lord Tinubu was humiliated.

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Politics / Re: Godwin Obaseki Has Proven To Akinwumi Ambode Cowardice Does Not Pay by FearGodinall: 2:30pm On Sep 20, 2020
This might be enough to ginger Babajide to stand up to Tinubu.

The microphone has just been tested on how to humble the godfathers.

There's an improvement in the electoral process plus the President for allowing the people's vote do the talking.
. No,you can't just test the microphone with these peoples like that, before testing,you must belong to the people so,if he's,he must win the people to himself but in the case of Ambode, he died before the real death
Politics / Re: Edo Decides: South South Has Totally Been Liberated From APC by FearGodinall: 2:13pm On Sep 20, 2020
The op missed the message completely,is not about PDP or APC but the processes that brought the candidate since election in Nigeria has turned to two horse race, when Obaseki was forced out of APC,he swing the pendilum of sympathy to himself,as well,his performance index in office was not all bad so, politicians should learn not to take the people for a ride at all times.


Politics / Re: Cost Of Things During PDP And APC Regim by FearGodinall: 8:50am On Sep 20, 2020

You and I know that corruption is the major problem of this country. The person you see as a saint might failed you except his secret is not exposed.
. Don't be double standard in your analysis to justify incompetence which the op was trying to to point on the part of leadership failure but you were clever by half been subtle with your defense line. Buhari is a tsunami to Nigeria in all aspects.


Politics / Re: Mabera: Muslim Lawyer Who Defends Yahaya Aminu-Sharif Has Renounced His Faith by FearGodinall: 10:42pm On Sep 06, 2020
Islam is not a religion of peace as we were made to believe but an occultic group.

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Politics / Re: Mabera: Muslim Lawyer Who Defends Yahaya Aminu-Sharif Has Renounced His Faith by FearGodinall: 10:38pm On Sep 06, 2020
Yes the God's blasphemist should should phase his music, how can a bloody human element should be abusing God the Father Almighty when can not even abuse his father and go Scot free.
. Just listen to yourself and hear how stupid you are, you defended a known thief and criminals but wanted a man to be killed because he spoke ill of non existent idiot who called himself a prophet as your like has been deceived by those dirty smelling imams,stop calling God because nobody fight for God except,we only express His loving kindness to humanity when we teach about Him. Except muhaamed is statue at the corner of your room whom you worship if not,even if even if talked ill of muhaamed,is not you and your like that own him but he's as well so why fight on behalf of him. How do I comprehend how peoples are brainwashed to this occultic group called Islam.


Politics / Re: Mabera: Muslim Lawyer Who Defends Yahaya Aminu-Sharif Has Renounced His Faith by FearGodinall: 6:11pm On Sep 06, 2020
Where is actually the sense of judgement and reasoning for an Islamic brainwashed idiots who call themselves Moslems under the course of a terriorst who call himself a prophet,what baffled me more is how peoples are scooping to kill a man to please a dead man. How will killing the man transform the terriorst your called prophet or aleast change the narrative. Islam is an organized occultic group.


Politics / Re: Mabera: Muslim Lawyer Who Defends Yahaya Aminu-Sharif Has Renounced His Faith by FearGodinall: 5:53pm On Sep 06, 2020
Muslim and animals are indifferent.


Politics / Re: Mabera: Muslim Lawyer Who Defends Yahaya Aminu-Sharif Has Renounced His Faith by FearGodinall: 5:36pm On Sep 06, 2020
Islam is actually a religion of oppression and suppression and not a religion of peace as they want us to believe,but what I can't comprehend is how learned individuals too fall a victim of this terriorst group well, my precious Holy Bible says yes shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Is not my assertion but the indices of places of mostly populated areas of Muslims confirm this assertion,oh,you doubt me.


Politics / Re: Mabera: Muslim Lawyer Who Defends Yahaya Aminu-Sharif Has Renounced His Faith by FearGodinall: 3:12pm On Sep 06, 2020
I never knew Muslims are so daft, are we citizens of kano or Nigeria so, which law do we as citizens of Nigeria do we uphold. Does it mean an average Muslim is so stupid. You kill your own son to Muhammad who is also dead burning in hell?

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Politics / Re: Farooq Kperogi: Nigerians Fight For God But Can’t Fight For Themselves by FearGodinall: 10:08pm On Sep 05, 2020
Why not the writer use Allah and the so called prophet Muhammad whom the terriorst cum Muslim are fighting for instead of using God, they kill to preserve the name of a prophet who himself gave in into the cold hands of death well, it is written, these people draw nigh unto me with their lips but there heart is far from me.
Politics / Re: Protests In Ibadan Over Alleged Secession Agenda Of Yoruba Nation. by FearGodinall: 2:48am On Sep 02, 2020

I don't even know what to reply coz your words are too disjointed to answer to.

Firsly, Amotekun is an agenda birthed under DAWN and it was pioneered by APC South West. It has already been signed into law by all the states in the SW and I don't know where your earlier claim of Sanwo-olu not signing it into law in the first place.


Secondly, because Tinubu did not come to the media to start threatening the federal government and shouting death to Fulani does not mean that he is not in support of Amotekun. His party brought it into limelight strategically and Makinde joined them because it is in the Yoruba interest and we are all one.

What more do you want? Tinubu should constantly come out and call for the head of all Fulanis or he should tattoo Amotekun on his forehead before you can know he is not opposed to it?

It is evident you don't even know basic things about your people. So according to the bolded, Makinde was the one that made Amotekun happen and Tinubu is scared of Makinde?
. You are only trying to be clever by half, passing a bill is one thing and signing the bill into is another thing so, what Tinubu did were to deceived gullible minds by passing the bill and dumped it,the bill was never signed into law.


Politics / Re: CAMA LAW:For Those Comparing The Uk Govt With Nigerian Govt by FearGodinall: 11:19pm On Aug 31, 2020
When America & Britain were begging Nigeria to go easy on Homosexes did we bulge? General Overseers want to run churches like businesses for profit, but don’t want to be regulated like a business?
. I can't comprehend how this children of the terriorst reason, if at all the government want to regulate churches in curtailing financial crime,is registrai of CAC and the minister of trade and investment the right agencies to fighting financial crimes? No wonder Islam is associated with terriorsts. So I'm your own imagination the best way to fight crime is to over the board of trustees abi?
Politics / Re: CAMA LAW:For Those Comparing The Uk Govt With Nigerian Govt by FearGodinall: 11:04pm On Aug 31, 2020
yes, then let the mosque and the church be regulated by the government. Why are we afraid? Or is there something our pastors hiding?
. You are trying to be clever by half, down in the north, their government build them mosques so clamour for the regulate them not the church of the Living God.
Politics / Re: CAMA LAW:For Those Comparing The Uk Govt With Nigerian Govt by FearGodinall: 10:58pm On Aug 31, 2020

do UK government supervise how u spend your church money ...yes or no
. I am sure you are one of the children of the terriorst,did you read what he wrote at all? . The UK government gave grants to qualifying charity organizations which the churches fall into so, based on this, being backed by law the government would want to know but in the case of Nigeria,did you read any such provision of grants? Had in anytime the government of Nigeria giving grants to charity organizations,by extension,to churches in Nigeria? So how will control what you don't have any input?

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Politics / Re: Blasphemy: Nigerians Drag Atiku, Peter Obi, Others For Being Quiet by FearGodinall: 2:52pm On Aug 30, 2020
Call on the human rights lawyers and stop beckoning on peoples opinion that has nothing or little to do with the issue on hand, does the so called Sharia law take preeminence over the Nigerian law or what? How can a tribal Court outlaw the laws of the land. If this crime against humanity is allowed,the United Nation, US should place a visa ban on all nothern leaders especially the governor and all Emirates in Kano.It only goes to show that the so called prophet muhaamed was a terriorst and his attributes are what his worshippers manifesting.
Politics / Re: NBA CRISIS: South-west May Likely Follow North by FearGodinall: 2:26pm On Aug 30, 2020
They describe Nigeria as indivisible entity but want to split the things that hold the so called Nigeria together.The present Nigeria will never work except balkanization.

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Politics / Re: 2023: Senators, Reps Dump Electoral Act, Partner Csos For New Law In Nov by FearGodinall: 9:55pm On Aug 24, 2020
Tell me with this set of reasoning, how will Nigeria make progress. They leave the most critical issue and go for the unimportant,how will baring ex inec officials improve our electoral system? instead why not barr retired generals from contesting political position?
To improve our electoral system firstly,the commission should be made autonomous on a single tenure.
Electoral college as in the US with equal spread on the six geopolitical in the presidential election.
E-voting, compilation and submission of election results.
Eligible voters should vote in anywhere within the country to increase electoral participation.
If we can get our electoral process right,many things will fall in place.

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