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Car Talk / Re: ₦70m: Amazing Images Of Land Rover Discovery Converted Into A Mobile Kitchen by FOREXMARTS: 3:08pm On Oct 14, 2017
Land Rover has cooked up the ultimate luxury mobile kitchen on wheels.

The Land Rover Discovery 4X4 allows to grill a chicken from the grille, slow-cook a dish using heat from the engine, churn butter and ice-cream on the move, have a barbecue, dispense olive oil, and even pop up two slices of toast from a dashboard toaster with pots of jam on hand to spread over them.

Cost of car menu(Design):

* Base Land Rover Discovery 2.0-litre Sd4 Diesel Automatic From: £45,895

* Grille-mounted powered rotisserie/ pasta cutter(powered from the engine): £20,000

* Bespoke Land Rover BBQ 'grille' : £15,000

* Bespoke fold and slide out kitchen work top: £11,000

* Intergration of slow cooker into engine bay: £6,000

* Bespoke wheel mounted Butter Churners: £5,000

* Fold out cinema screen: £4,000

* Bespoke wheel mounted ice cream maker: £3,000

* Integrated toaster in centre console: £3,000

* Other features including herb garden, spice rack, salt & pepper grinder, jam store, and pistonhead-style pestle and mortar: £6,000

* Design, labour and construction £30,000

* Total £148,895 (₦70.3M)

Lalasticlala, Mynd44

Alert: Hide it from Dino
Religion / Re: Kano Youth, Women Consume 3m Bottles Of Codeine Daily - Senate by FOREXMARTS: 5:53am On Oct 12, 2017
Kano state the headquarters of drug abuse. Shout out to peeps from lamido crescent.

Genius J
Add Giginyu , Tarauni and Lebanese road to the mix.
Car Talk / Re: Rezvani Tank Is An Extreme Utility Vehicle Which Features Muscular Body Design by FOREXMARTS: 3:05pm On Oct 11, 2017
hide it from Dino Melaye, else he go buy am.
Celebrities / Re: Peter Okoye Responds To Paul Okoye's Shade: "My Brother, I Have Moved On" by FOREXMARTS: 5:39pm On Oct 02, 2017
You think you have a bond with your family members especially your siblings? wait till you have a family....you'll be tested.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Do You Know German Toilet Design Is Different From Rest Of The World? by FOREXMARTS: 7:19pm On Oct 01, 2017
funny how many people are viewing this
Celebrities / Re: Game Of Thrones' Characters And Their Real-life Partners by FOREXMARTS: 1:27pm On Sep 09, 2017
what of that guy with no deeek, what's his name again.
Romance / Re: Help! My Girlfriend Has Been Acting Strange Lately by FOREXMARTS: 8:44am On Sep 09, 2017
Op get a life and they'd be the one begging you schmuck.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts Season 17 by FOREXMARTS: 2:23pm On Sep 08, 2017
am looking for a good fx app especially for news and data, i currently use myfxbook to see calender and monitor my result i uninstalled investing.com for bloomberg which is nonsense, so guys can any one recommend a good app for me.
You already using one of the best, myfxbook with its alarm is just perfect.

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Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts Season 17 by FOREXMARTS: 10:45am On Sep 08, 2017
we still on, get your copy of our software now...

Forum Games / Re: Whats Your Score ? by FOREXMARTS: 7:50am On Sep 07, 2017
Forum Games / Re: Whats Your Score ? by FOREXMARTS: 7:49am On Sep 07, 2017
My Score Was already at 39 by the time I got to number 10.

My Total Score was 78.

CC . Lalasticlala. Let the people have fun with this and we are waiting for your score too even tho SNAKE is not on the list. grin.

Total, 81.
Sports / Re: 8 Funny Nicknames Of Famous Nigerian Footballers And Their Origins (photos) by FOREXMARTS: 8:45pm On Sep 04, 2017
Lol I still remember in the North then they called kanu ladidi, that's a feminine name cos to them he played don't-stain-me football avoiding contacts and slides like a lady.


Celebrities / Re: Wizkid: If I Die Today, I Die A Legend by FOREXMARTS: 7:46pm On Sep 04, 2017
Wizkid seems to be passing through difficult times due to health complications.

The singer took to his twitter handle few hours ago to inform his fans and also apologized for missing shows.

He wrote;

“If I die today, I die a legend”

His fans in turn troop to his timeline to wish him quick recovery. See some of their tweets below..

Source : http://www.jmedia.com.ng/2017/09/im-sick-and-if-i-die-today-ill-die.html?m=1

too much pills, codine and sprite, xanax, percocet, Mary Jane in your system, that's what you get fyuuck boy, you a star physically, but you killing yourself. I hope you gonna get some sense when you get off that sick bed cos you ain't dying yet crackhead.
Travel / Re: Random Photos Of Istanbul Turkey From The Lens Of My J2 Phone by FOREXMARTS: 5:56pm On Sep 03, 2017
Lol where is everybody? they hiding inside their houses? the streets are quiet
Politics / Re: IPOB Referendum Rally In Malaga, Spain Today (Photos, Video) by FOREXMARTS: 3:04pm On Sep 03, 2017
but biafran football jersey go fine oh. lol


Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts Season 17 by FOREXMARTS: 8:17pm On Sep 02, 2017

No hard feelings man. I've got nothing but love and respect for you. Yes I'm greedy. I still am at least to some extent.
Do you have a website for your service?

No. Let me help you with the other questions.

Why don't you have a website?
I don't need one.

Why? Because I don't need one just yet.

Copy trades? no, you install the signal dashboard and trade at your own time of the day or timeframe wether I'm trading or not as we have different schedules, lifestyles and timeframe preferences.
A pilot can't trade intraday but someone working behind the desk can.

This must be a scam right? maybe, maybe not, what scam offers 100% trial before subscription?

any more question or more insults? #smiles
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts Season 17 by FOREXMARTS: 7:43pm On Sep 02, 2017

You're one funny dude, comparing apple with oranges. Totally off analogy. People like you are nothing but snake oil salesman, 90% of guys like you out there. If I had someone tell me when I was starting out not to waste my money on crap that doesn't work, from marketers milking newbies because we don't know any better.

Bought a lot of systems that promised heaven and earth but they're all crap, some not totally crap but won't make you money, just slow down the burning of your account.

Me think you're just another marketer trying to advertise your market on here. Hope you don't provide bad signals like majority of signal providers out there. How much do you charge / month?

So you think because an indicator is for sale, that means, it's better than free indicators?

Just so you know , those free indicators you mentioned on mt4 actually works, if you know what you are doing. Of course what works for you might not for me coz we are different.

According to you, with all that experience you have, and with so much junks out there, you'll still want some newbies to part with their money?

I don't want to make assumptions about your signal service, as I really don't know, who still subscribe to signal services tho? ever heard of copy trades?

Ps: Please provide your website for the signal service.

People like you are nothing but snake oil salesman, 90% of guys like you out there. If I had someone tell me when I was starting out not to waste my money on crap that doesn't work, from marketers milking newbies because we don't know any better.

Lol see judgment ,no hard feelings, I quoted you so i actually signed up for your response before it came..thumbs up chief. No strategy should promise heaven on earth, only a greedy person will fall for that, the holy grail doesn't exist, thanks for the kind words.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts Season 17 by FOREXMARTS: 6:10pm On Sep 02, 2017
Ps: Remember not to ever buy ANY forex material, no matter how wonderful it looks.

FOR NEWBIES. Think about it logically "use your head" If I'm actually.... Really profitable , why the heck would I need your money when I can make so much trading. A fool and his money are soon parted.

Everything you need on forex is online somewhere for free. You just have to know the right place to look at.

Have a great day guys.

When I read posts like this I smile, what you've posted is like saying, nobody should buy a car or pay an architect to design a house or mason to work on your site, in fact don't pay for anything on earth because there are places to learn how to do these things free of charge... People like you give this business a bad name, I also believe you designed and sewed the dress you're wearing too cos there are places to learn em online free of charge, I also believe you typed that post with a phone you manufactured yourself. If that's the case then I agree with you 100% but if that's not the case then keep that opinion to yourself.

I started trading fx 2007, by 2012 I became a full time trader(after paying for trash and paying for value too in order to garner knowledge which is the reality of every market place), by mid-2015(3 years later I started my signal service because I don't believe everybody must design and manufacture whatever they need.
I rarely post here and you hardly see my adverts online cos a good service sells itself(but you gonna see one now).

If I can afford a service why crack my head to create one for myself when I've tried and it's not working. There are of fake, snake oil strategies online and there also excellent value for money service but every trader gotta find his/her edge.

You wanna design and create your own strategy be my guest and be ready for hours and years of testing and trials, look for an excellent fx course(i took many useful and useless ones), learn mql4 programming like I did (oh you gonna need it, Will tell you why at the end), read lots of materials and get ready for the frustrations that comes testing strategies you create and taking statistics.

If you want to skip that and get to the money at a price and manage your portfolio then do something smart, get a good service, signal service or trading system, I don't care who you get it from but get it and while you utilizing the service work on creating yours so you become independent.

I think I've said enough, my last promo advert here was in 2015, so yeah I'm going to put something up, tho there's a limit to how much I can take, so here you go.

*One last thing and it's a question to you all, do you really think if all those indicators that come free of charge with mt4 worked they'd be free? in this capitalist world? we'd all be billionaires if they worked..chew on that or keep wishing that one rsi , Bollinger band, moving average strategy will do magic someday.

If you read all of this than thanks for your time, I got nothing against you redsox I'm just on the other side of the opinion coin.

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Cameroon: 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier 4 - 0 (Full Time) by FOREXMARTS: 6:22pm On Sep 01, 2017
odion is a pocher
he no reach nacho for poaching, that one na tif. Pair him with a Kevin de Bruyne kind of player and goal must come out.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Cameroon: 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier 4 - 0 (Full Time) by FOREXMARTS: 6:12pm On Sep 01, 2017

From Cameroon.. You get any problem with that?
You're in the wrong neighborhood fukbwoy.

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Jokes Etc / Re: Photo: One Word For This Guy by FOREXMARTS: 11:24am On Jul 09, 2015
What state is this guy from? grin

Straight up Oyo state. #runs out of thread.
Jokes Etc / Re: Photo: One Word For This Guy by FOREXMARTS: 11:22am On Jul 09, 2015
What state is this guy from? grin

Straight up Oyo state. #runs out of thread.
Travel / Re: Help! Friends, Family & Former School Mates From Nig Are Killing Me With Demands by FOREXMARTS: 10:47am On Jul 09, 2015
The solution is simple, jump from the empire state building.
Politics / Re: if you dont know any of these, you shouldn't be discussing nigerian politics by FOREXMARTS: 2:33pm On Jul 08, 2015
Choi I know each and every of the picture there, used em and watch my sister use the others yet I ain't married, wetin I dey wait for seriously?

By the way why isn't sun top juice there abi OP no know that one?
Sports / Re: Sunday Oliseh To Emerge As Nigeria's New Coach - BBC Sport by FOREXMARTS: 7:10pm On Jul 07, 2015


Hmmm, fire an arrogant and pompous coach, employ another arrogant and pompous coach lol Stupid NFF.
Politics / Re: Elders Reject Proposed Nuclear Power Plant In Akwa Ibom by FOREXMARTS: 11:41am On Jul 07, 2015
Nuclear gini?

Abbasi mbo!
Ijanmnnnniiiiiii, first they want to bring nuclear plant, secondly boko haram prisoners. Guess PMB is using the south as a risk dumping ground for not voting him, cucumber head.
Politics / Re: Top Five Safest States To Live In Nigeria by FOREXMARTS: 11:29am On Jul 07, 2015
Owerri is a mess. Don't even dare go there. They have the dirtiest environment and very bad roads.
That's why i said the op is high on Colombian weed. Non of his cities in the list makes sense cos i have lived, not visited but lived in all of em. If not for some factors which can be overlooked I will say, Minna, Ilorin,Akure, uyo(if you don't mind cultism, I do mind), Asaba and Birnin Kebbi. I am being realistic here, if you notice they are not some sort of mega cities but they all have a thing about them, relative peace, laid back and security with no imminent threat of ethnic crises. Job search is what pushes people to the cities but I believe that if we carve a niche for ourselves we will make it even in the desert. My opinion based on experience.

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Politics / Re: Top Five Safest States To Live In Nigeria by FOREXMARTS: 9:06am On Jul 07, 2015
THE MAIN problem facing Nigeria today is security instability.
EVER Since boko haram sect group started their war with
From my own opinion, i am giving out this list below
as the best cities in Nigeria, “WHY” because they
low crime rate, no religious crisis, no triber crisis,
average security, low unemployment rate, great
employment chances, a place you can retire to, a
place you can train and bring up your children,
friendly people, a place where english is generally
spoken and lastly well organize,

1.Cross river state “calabar

Calabar is the capital city of cross river, the city
was the former capital city of Nigeria until it was
move to abuja, calabar still remain a place for all,
peaceful people, most of them are Christian, but
also have regards for other religion, calabar is a
home for tourism, with some of their yearly festival
you will love it.

2.River state: port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is the capital city or river state, the
city is the 5th most populated city in Nigeria, and it
has the largest economics in Nigeria, mainly
because of crude oil there, and other many
factories, seaport and other industries. But be

3.Imo: owerri

Owerri is this list because of it’s beauty and
religious violence free

4.Abuja: fct

Nigeria capital city, it’s like paradise, job
opportunity is at average level, industries and
factories are its major source.

5.EDO state: benin city

The city of hope and peace, its know for it’s
friendly, you can never be lost, generally speaking
of english language by both old and young, its one of
the safest city, under a speed development of roads
and infrastructures by the government of the state,
low crime rate, no triber fight,the people have
regards for all religions,with a lot beautiful sexy girls
all round the busy nigh life area of the city, weekend
parties, nightclub, opportunities is at average, i
really love the ways of the city.

There are other many beautiful cities Nigeria i didn’t
include them because of high crime rate, place like:

Abia: rituals

Onitsha: robberies.

Warri: kidnapping, violence, pocket picking.

Bayelsa: kidnapping

Kaduna: bombing.

Lagos: violence of all kind, stealing,
lkillings,prostitution, bribe, pocket picking, rap,
rituals, human sacrifices for money, and every kind
of those guys living there are really trying. Over

Kanu: bombing of churches and public places.

Port harcort: kidnapping.

Maduguri: religious fight, bombing by islamic boko
harams sets. ,many lives has been wasted
feel free to add yours!!!

Op is high on Colombian weed.
Health / Re: Home Accident: Pressure Cooker Regulator Lodges In The Eye (Viewer Discretion) by FOREXMARTS: 7:30am On Jul 07, 2015
Oh my God!!!
I've never trusted those things, from the shrill whistle to the steam...

I am not even a fan of cooking using high heart, blue fire is my preference therefore preassure cooker/forced cooking ain't even an option else I kill all the nutrients before the food is ready.
Politics / Re: Breaking: Kano Hit By Blasts by FOREXMARTS: 7:19am On Jul 07, 2015
Buhari needs more time to hit the ground running.

but he doesnt need time to beat the 6 yrs boko haram casualty record.

Than man is a bad omen.

The death to time ratio since Buhari became president has more than doubled. And instead of utilising the huge landmass and numerous prisons in the north to imprison bh prisoners he chooses to use the east as a dumping ground. Buhari is a terrible mistake. I need to repeat it, Buhari is a mistake, Yea Gej was clueless and daft but Buhari is officially berserk and a slowpoke, too damn slow. He needs to play age of empire lol pun intended.
Career / Re: 5 Solid Advantages Of Marrying A Nurse. by FOREXMARTS: 9:26pm On Jul 05, 2015
In this day and age, when most eligible bachelors '' use style '' to check out a lady's job before deciding whether to marry her, let me help by advising guys on what should be the best option.....and why.

1. Because they have mastered the human body, your sex life will be like '' ORINGO WAY ''......washing and setting. You know na. Instead of a banker that will be calculating accounts in her head.

2. Nurses are neat.....they are used to wearing white, which must always be kept clean. So, her undies will be like angelic turkish lace. Instead of a market woman that will wear from morning going to market, till evening when she'll return......with all the sweating.

3. Financial security.......they are well paid these days, and will supplement your income as the husband. Very important in marriage. A nursing officer II in the federal service is on N120,000 monthly. Instead of giving out money for pad, soapdish, closeup, eye pencil

4. Enough time...... For every 1 week of night duty, they take the next 1 week off..........enough time to tend to the kids , while you continue hustling for your daily bread. And when she's pregnant ? You know the rules na.......6 months maternity leave. Enjoyment. Again, unlike bankers....monday to saturday, 7am till 7pm.

5. Healthcare......... whenever you or the kids fall sick, you 're already smiling because you know you are in safe hands. You'll get all the drugs, injections, massages and TLC you need.

Please, am not trying to discourage baes who are not nurses........and also, not trying to discourage guys who are already hooked to non - nurses. Its just the way it is.

Nurses and other doctors on this forum, should plz add [ but not subtract ]to this list. Lol

Ummmm nice post but two things mess up the whole advantages you listed, the intentional or unintentional possibility being infected with contagious diseases from contact with infected patients, and ummmmm you know they are mostly promiscuous too. 1 of 4 kind of ladies i can't day i do to for Safety and security reasons.
Business / Re: The Simple Phones Billionaire Femi Otedola Uses (photo) by FOREXMARTS: 8:54pm On Jul 05, 2015
What's your take?
Nice one, That's the difference between a Rich man and wealthy man. A rich man buys cars, rims, high tech gadgets A wealthy man makes and sells the cars, rims and high tech gadgets to the rich man. Which would you rather be? Your guess is as good as mine.

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