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Politics / Re: I Hereby Congratulates GMB! by FrankC3: 4:10pm On Mar 31, 2015
I think it is important that APC supporters should show magnanimity in victory. And core PDP supporters should be encouraged to come together around the single leader elected by the majority towards our journey to nation building. Everybody loses when a leader does not have sizable follower-ship across board.

Lets all come together to set an agenda for the new government that will be formed. Top on my list of such agenda is the need to retain the sanctity of our electoral process. A President Buhari must commit to defend and also support our right to vote him out if we feel that he has not performed up to our expectation.

Democracy is really taking root in Nigeria. I expect President Jonathan to openly accept defeat and congratulate the President elect. Everyone MUST feel a stake in the new leadership for its own benefit.


Politics / Re: If Buhari Will be Disqualify After Winning, APC Still Win - Opinion by FrankC3: 2:02pm On Mar 27, 2015
If Buhari will Disqualify after Winning APC still Win, the Election victory goes to the party not the candidate, hence APC will have to Nominate another Candidate and the Possible candidate will be whoever they choose.

Disqualify Buhari does not grant victory to PDP in that case

Good that you presented that as your opinion. But our electoral act states that it is not Buhari and GEJ that are contesting in this election. It is APC and PDP, that is why it is the political party that purchases, fills and submits the NOMINATION for for their candidate. As it stands today, if the courts confirms that Buhari's forms does not meet the requirements of the law, APC will stand disqualified because their nominated candidate does not meet the requirements for nomination.

SO the answer is simple, in the eyes of the Nigerian electoral act, the party and the party logo is recognized not the fancy smiling faces of GEJ or GMB. Political parties fill and submit nomination forms not their candidates. If errors are detected in the submitted forms, the political party, not the candidate is held liable.
Politics / Re: See Inside An Arik Flight Last Night [Photo] by FrankC3: 7:12am On Mar 27, 2015
Actually, Arik thinks that they do you a favor when they sell you a ticket. I flew that airline last in 2009, arrived my destination by 11:30pm for a 2:30pm flight, had my luggage arrive 24 hours later and missed all my engagements without even a word of apology from Arik.

If you want to stay true to your schedules on local routes, there are 3 airlines that have not disappointed me. They are Air Peace, First Nation and Medview in that order, Air Peace being the newest entrant. These guys appreciate that you are flying with them and want a repeat business. Arik is a good example of how not to run a business.


Politics / Re: Obama Speaks Directly To All Nigerians by FrankC3: 1:49pm On Mar 23, 2015
A real president speaking!

What makes him an exceptional President? In what area exactly has he succeeded beyond those that came before him?

The hitherto most important election in Nigeria was the first successful transition from one democratic governance to another. This particular election is important, but not the most important.


Politics / Re: Why Jonathan, Wife Planning To Kill Me –father Mbaka by FrankC3: 7:09am On Mar 18, 2015
My problem is with his Bishop. The Church's position on Liberation Theology is very clear after the Bishop Oscar Romero incident in South America. Catholic church has the richest culture and tradition developed over time and value wisdom over impulse.

Most of Fr Mbaka's recent utterances is betraying the position of the Church that I know of. He seem to be letting arrogance and pride get in his way, but the Catholic tradition places humility and loyalty above any kind of spiritual gift one may have. Now, What is the Bishop of Enugu diocese doing in the face of this unnecessary distraction?
Politics / Re: MURIC Warns FG Against Implicating Opposition With Fake Shekau by FrankC3: 9:48am On Feb 26, 2015

....“Nonetheless, we are irked by both the speed and the ease with which the military is overrunning the insurgents.
...How did this transformation come about?’
... We call for caution in the euphoria of victory.
...The urge to seize Shekau alive may lead to another controversy...

I have to bring out these salient parts for the kind attention of Nigerians who really care about our country and its progress. Some people are irked at the speed and ease with which we are crushing Boko Haram.

They wonder how we are able to do it.

They call for caution, that we should not celebrate just yet.

That Shekau should not be caught alive since it will lead to another controversy.

And they represent Muslim Right Concern (MURIC).

It is all coming together. Do you now see exactly why GEJ need to first of all build a strong regional alliance against BH since USA and her allies have failed us before striking BH with the real might of NA. These are the same people who joined Buhari's chant about 'unjust killing of Northerners' when Ihejirika was leading the Army.

Fact is that most people who complain about BH are just using it to score political points, they don't care about the people in maiduguri.
Politics / Re: Faking Shekau To Implicate Buhari Is Cowardice, An Height Of Foolishness – Group by FrankC3: 2:16pm On Feb 24, 2015
APC is committing one perception blunder after the other. Does it mean that the contract with AKPD media ended on February 13? This does no make sense at all.
Politics / Re: Why The Untoward Attack On Barcanista By APC Agents by FrankC3: 2:12pm On Feb 24, 2015
The funny thing is that these APC clowns seem not to know that Barcanista was with the PDP team before moving over to APC and nobody accused him of being bribed or called him names. Kwankwaso and Amaechi, including Tambuwal all gained power on the platform of the PDP yet defected and their APC followers including the familiar handles on NL defended them. Even when the constitution posits that they should lose their seats. On Buhari certificate saga issue, they arrogantly asked Nigerians to go to court. The PDP team are far more responsible, accountable and seem to understand that the people are the kings. The worst thing PDP will do is to try to explain, even when it does not make sense. APC thinks that they owe you no explanation. Simple. According to Buhari, ...'if you don't like my face, don't vote for me!'

The very reason why APC supporters do not mind elections holding on a date when about 30 million qualified Nigerians stand to be disenfranchised just because they believe that the election will favour them.

Democrats support and defend your freedom to free speech and right to vote even when you are going to speak against them or vote against them. Buhari compares himself with Lincoln, he forgot that Lincoln supported the abolition of slave trade even when he has slaves in his farms. That is what a man of principle does, a true democrat. Buhari and his APC do not understand these basic things. They believe that propaganda does everything.


Politics / Re: Buhari Will Never Be Nigeria President - Fayose by FrankC3: 4:55pm On Feb 22, 2015
I said it when Fayose released his newspaper advertorial and the eventual PDP dissociation of herself from that publication that we should watch the coming days. Fayose is there to energise a critical section of PDP followership that has been sidelined by GEJ brand of calm politics. With that advert, Fayose announced his arrival on the scene to lead that critical segment. PDP dissociation from the advert was like giving Fayose a roaming role on the field of play.

For those who are wise, this election is not just between PDP and APC or GEJ and Buhari, it is also between AKPD media headed by the ever brutal and dangerous David Axerold (if I get the name right) and local content team of PDP headed by Tony Aninih. AKPD has won unbelievable victories all over the world and believed themselves to be the best, PDP team is about to team them some humility. It will enliven the discussion of real African and local ingenuity when it comes to political strategy.

PDP is going to come out of this looking better. Over the last few days, the corruption chant is becoming monotonous to the ear of the populace, Buhari and APC are being increasingly on the defensive, Buhari's health is now a topic of discussion, APC is being presented as a party built on lies, APC leaders are being tackled even from their home base by those who believe that they have betrayed age long principles of regional autonomy, new alliances are being built that further solidifies GEJ position among others. All these are happening while GEJ has gone on project commissioning spree, reinforcing the idea that APC is built on lies having told Nigerians that GEJ has done nothing. Now, Fayose is a big factor, a single powerful source of frustration for the APC and her followers, and somehow, PDP has creatively told the world that they don't support Fayose's methods thereby presenting PDP as a group that does not play dirty. OBJ's tearing of his membership card is also not doing APC any good especially when placed side by side with Tinubu's invitation for him to be their navigator. On the social media, it is not looking better for them, with the likes of Barcanista, a man I respect for his clear and logical presentation of his position, cross carpeted with the message that those around GMB are fraudsters and non democrats. In fact, APC NL team were so foo.lish to start attacking the young man, fuelling the impression among the undecided that they are a violent lot, especially when one remembers that Barcanista was with PDP team before crossing over to APC in the first place without attracting any insult from the PDP team.

The next few days will be more interesting. One thing that any smart fellow will not deny is that APC campaign is in disarray, their strategy is presently uncoordinated, they are fast losing the undecided and their war chest seem terribly depleted. If I am to make a judgement, I will say that based on these, the margin of PDP victory is getting wider. GEJ will hand over power in 2019 and would have tamed all known political beasts of the country with a single blow. Quote me later, if this trend continues, by 2025, GEJ will be considered by many as the father of modern Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Fayose Describes U K Hospital Where Buhari Is Receiving Treatment by FrankC3: 11:11am On Feb 21, 2015
APC is trying to tell us that Buhari traveled to ty UK one week ahead of an event that will hold thursday next week? And this is happening in the midst of an election preparations? These guys think we are fools.

They said that he will be having series of meeting, yet, we have no proof of who he has met so far. The man is obviously not there to have any meeting, he is there to attend to other issues that they are hiding from us. So if buhari becomes a president, he will travel for AU meetings one week ahead of the event? Is that the change he is proposing? And Sahara reporter and Punch has not published any of their investigative works? Or they have no correspondents in the UK? If it were to be PEJ now, we will be hearing from immaginary sources as usual.

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Politics / Re: Real Battle To Dislodge Boko Haram Begins In March by FrankC3: 8:49am On Feb 21, 2015
Some farmiliar handles don't just want this BH menace to end for political reasons and will go to any lenght to discredit our military. How can a man get so ideologically bankrupt that he has to rely on the failure of his country`s armed forces to win elections? This massive propaganda against the ongoing military campaign is coming at a time that our military are recording huge success on the field. Look at the number of threads that the OP has created to show that things are nit going well with our armed forces but not a single thread against BH.

One thing is clear. We are going to win this war against book haram and their media allies.


Politics / Re: Senate Strips President Of Power To Ascent To Bills by FrankC3: 1:32pm On Feb 19, 2015
The NASS has always retained the veto power to Presidential powers pertaining to Bills duly passed by the NA and this is nothing new. We should understand that the President of this country has ALL the powers guaranteed by the the same constitution to achieve some things in some ways that the constitution does not permit him to do in one other ways.

The amendment says that that the Bill becomes law 30 days after submission to the President for assent and the President has not returned it to the NA for concerns, corrections or inputs. What the amendment did is to tighten the noose to ensure that the NA gets what they want. The questions that democrats should be asking is that no matter who is the President of this country, is 30 days enough for the Office of the CJN to advice the President adequately on the legal implications of some passed Bills for the President to either decide to assent or return back to the NA? Is 30 days enough for the executive to set up legal, infrastructural and financial system to support say a Ministry of Boko Haram should the NA pass the bill? Should the NA, who took probably up to 3 years to pass a bill, force the CJN to study the implications and ramifications of the same bill and advise the President on it adequately within 30 days? How does this help the principle of separation of Powers? Can the President drag a suspect to court and tell the courts that the case must be decided in 30 days? If no, why should another arm of government have such total power over the other?

Again, if the President wants to kill a Bill, all he has to do is to wait till the 29th day and send the Bill to the NA for further clarification, advise or input and keep doing same thing till his/her tenure expires. This is also guaranteed by the same constitution and is part of the check and balances built into the constitution to avoid what some call the tyranny of the Legislature and protect the executive powers.

We need to have more discussion on this, definitely.


Politics / Re: Inec Accepts To Postpone The Elections? See Tweets From Inec by FrankC3: 3:35pm On Feb 07, 2015

You are very correct. It is an issue even in the US. Some states disenfranchise millions of voters because they don't have drivers license or tax certificates. The democratic party loses millions of votes this way every year but they still win elections. The problem is coming from Jonathan, this man has never been qualified for anything he has gotten in life. Now he hopes the old luck will work if he delays the elections but I think it is worse for him.

My brother, we must work hard to ensure that our institutions are bigger, better and stronger that any individual. This present challenge presents a case for more discussion in the next national assembly. President Jonathan should not be the problem if our institutions are strong enough.

President Jonathan made a number of mistakes, by my estimation, in the last couple of years but he succeeded massively in refining the electoral process and injecting faith of even the naturally cynic in it. The greatest proof of this achievement are his opponents who believe that they stand a chance of winning the elections this year. A broken clock is right at least twice a day! With former President Obasanjo as President, we will be talking about 2019 because Iwu will announce a result in Abuja and will will live by it, so we have made huge progress.

Let us not forget, Nigeria is a work in progress. Lets not deceive ourselves that anybody can fix Nigeria even in 8 years. Even some Americans are not happy with what USA has turned out to be even with their near excellent individual leaders and working systems.

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Politics / Re: Inec Accepts To Postpone The Elections? See Tweets From Inec by FrankC3: 3:24pm On Feb 07, 2015

The problem is then this. If you say and we agree 90 percent is the acceptable benchmark, what happens if this is not achieved in six weeks time? Will the elections NOT HAVE TO BE POSTPONED AGAIN?
Please do not forget that if all the PVCs that have being available from last year have being collected, we would have achieved 85 percent by last year.

You do not have to believe me, but even if this election is POSTPONED BY 3 MONTHS, 90 PERCENT COLLECTION WILL NOT BE ACHIEVED.

That's an important point, but I will think that by then, we have exhausted our patience. But I believe that if we collectively enlighten people, and take it serious enough, we may hit that mark even before the March date. But your point is still important, what happens if we could not achieve the threshold, do we shift again? Well, I will cautiously say no, not again. My reason, we will be just 2 months away from the sacrosanct hand over date and the transition must be planned.

Seriously, we need to take another look at the electoral act and adjust it to eliminate most of these unknowns.

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Politics / Re: Inec Accepts To Postpone The Elections? See Tweets From Inec by FrankC3: 3:16pm On Feb 07, 2015
Mega is about to fall into a trap. Once he postpones the election, the presidency and PDP will use it as their perfect excuse to get rid of him.
Unfortunately, at that time too, the opposition would be equally posses with him for not sticking to his words.
The way this script is playing out, THERE MIGHT BE NO ELECTION BEFORE MAY 29TH.


Your fears are quite palpable. Its foundation is lack of trust in the system. I am a little more optimistic. I believe that the elections MUST hold and a winner announced. I also believe that the May 29th will be retained as the transition date. Not because I trust the system more, but because I believe in the Nigerian spirit and the power of free press.

However, I am think that the incumbent will likely retain his position by taking advantage of legal powers available to him by the virtue of his office. This is irrespective of whether the election holds on the 14th of this month or in March. I will be surprised if he doesn't. Before you get offended at my position, please, if you are the President of Nigeria today, will you lose elections? Even George Bush won second tenure when he is most unpopular in a hugely saner clime.


Politics / Re: Inec Accepts To Postpone The Elections? See Tweets From Inec by FrankC3: 3:01pm On Feb 07, 2015
Let us be clear.
is this election being postponed because of PVC or because of SECURITY?
If it is for PVC, what is the acceptable level of collection when there won't be DISENFRANCHISEMENT? 80 , 90 or 100 percent?
Now what happens, if after six weeks, 80% have still not collected their PVC and the security situation in the north east have not being fully resolved?

Now, this is a serious minded fellow.

I arbitrarily said 85 to 90%. Actually, if I am in a position to establish the acceptable level of collection, I would depend to National Bureau of Statistics to establish this baseline depending on variables like death rate, mobility, e.t.c. However, whatever forms the acceptable level, we must acknowledge that it is our collective responsibility to ensure that more people participate, EVEN WHEN THEY WILL NOT LIKELY VOTE IN OUR CANDIDATE.

On the major reason for the possible postponement, if I am in a position to make a decision, the 2 parameters will factor in and they are not looking good right now. However, if we can achieve up to 90% collection, we can organize elections to hold in IDP camps and introduce some flexibility for those that registered in the North East to vote where ever they will be as at the new date of the election. Unfortunately, I am not close enough to where the decisions are made.


Politics / Re: Inec Accepts To Postpone The Elections? See Tweets From Inec by FrankC3: 2:33pm On Feb 07, 2015

The real enemy of Nigeria is the inept government that is unable to protect Nigerians even from a band of ragtag insurgents.
He had more than six years to dislodge boko haram he couldn't do it.

It took the most powerful military machine in the world 10 years to get one man. Insurgency is a 21st century problem of the world, not just Nigeria. After Boko Haram, others may arise. Bombs are still going off in Lybia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and oter terror hotspots and around the globe and Boko Haram is not rag tag army. And he never had 6 years to defeat them. Those are distortions. Believe otherwise if you like.

But assuming that the incumbent President is incapable, are ALL the military commanders in the field also incompetent? If yes, did they just become incompetent in about 5 years?

Lets not mix up the issues anyway. You want the elections to go on even at the chance of having 30 million Nigerians losing their right to vote because according to you, the President is running an 'inept government'. On the other hand, I think that we should give those 30 million Nigerians more chance to get involved in the system until we hit at least 85% to 90% success level, even at the risk of postponing the elections because that is what democracy means, even if they will not vote for my preferred candidate.

I think I am a better democrat. I think you are more of an elitist.


Politics / Re: Inec Accepts To Postpone The Elections? See Tweets From Inec by FrankC3: 2:22pm On Feb 07, 2015

You are an idi.ot and a liar for saying 30 million people are being disenfranchised. There is no country where 100% participation ever recorded in a election. The number of PVCs collected so far have exceeded that of 2011 by 9 million and collection is still on going for another six days. 38 Million+ voters cars were distributed in 2011 while about 48 million have been distributed for 2015 election so far. 3 Million more are expected to be distributed before February 13. Those PVCs that have not been picked up belong to people who registered multiple times in order to perpetuate electoral fraud. The biometric data machine won't let them have the extra cards. When some of you come online to lie, it surprises me. Jonathan had the last four years to secure Northeast but failed to do so due to premeditated reason known to him. This was a fall back plan for him to remain in power at all cost. Using security as reason for postponement is fallacy. Afghanistan had the last three elections without hitch despite on going war in the country. There was Boko Haram menace before 2011 election and the election still went ahead.

When you are scared of losing an election, you intimidate and blackmail Jega and INEC into postponing the inevitable. Election can only be postponed but it won't stop the impending defeat of Jonathan.

Only cowards throw insult in a faceless forum. Real men present their position and defend it logically. I will assume for one second that you did not throw insult and acted a little more mature. I recognize that you are a human being, with rights to hold opinions that are different from mine. I also recognize that human society has proven that diversity (even in opinions) brings out the best from the society, that is why some countries pursue 'diversity visa lottery' and serious companies build diverse team. From your response, I don't think you understand these.

You threw some figures around, including some projections but you did not really address my concern. If you factor in the extra 3 million that would have been distributed by February 13th, 27 million human beings with rights to vote will still be left out the loop. I am not expecting 100% collection but we must collectively strive to hit at least 85% - 90% mark after massive campaigns in this direction by INEC, political parties and Civic Society Organizations. That is the only way to get citizens to ask questions about the way they are being governed and that is what real anti-corruption means.

You may not understand that democracy is an idea, if you read the writings of John Locke, you may just understand better that no democrat supports disenfranchisement by the State especially when the disenfranchised still desire to participate. The reason is because participation in the election process boosts the moral authority of the elected to take decisions on our behalf, including the right to sign the death warrant of death row inmates. What you seem to be saying is that we should leave out those 27 million eligible voters because they do not matter. I disagree with you. Have you wondered why the vote of a Professor in the University has equal voting weight as that of a stark illiterate of 18 years and above?

Most of the other points you presented are quite emotional. How can you be sure that some people registered multiple times? Each person's finger print is unique and they are run through the machines before production, so if people registered multiple times, they would have been identified at production.

You also sounded as though it does not matter if the IDPs are disenfranchised. What gives you the right to choose their next leaders for them? Voting is not just a civic right, it is a civic responsibility for a reason. Are you comfortable if elections are not held in the North East because of the ongoing campaign?

As for the talk of the President trying to delay the elections so that your candidate will not win, how does that even make sense to you? The elections will be tightly contested and any winner will likely not have a landslide. Believe otherwise at your peril. But whatever you believe, remember that if he had decided to act like Obasanjo, you will not be as hopeful of the victory of your candidate as you are today. At least, he gave you faith in the process that 'may' product your candidate as the preferred candidate.

Finally, my point remains that so far it still depend on us to ensure that more people get involved in the electoral process, we must make that happen.

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Politics / Re: Inec Accepts To Postpone The Elections? See Tweets From Inec by FrankC3: 1:02pm On Feb 07, 2015
Looks like the enemies of democracy who want the elections postponed at all cost will have their way this time again. Although INEC says they will come out with a formal position soon, but the international media has got some inside scoop already and they are reporting postponement of the polls.

We are watching and waiting for INEC's formal position...!


The real enemies of democracy are those who want up to 30million eligible Nigerians to be disenfranchaized just because they feel that they are better poised to win the elections. Democracy is built around some principles and one of them is popular participation. No democrat supports the disenfranchisement of a section of the eligible voters, even when those voters could vote against them. You people should be ashamed of the poverty of principles that characterize your party campaign. Now, tell me, who is desperate?

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Will Be Disappointed If Buhari Wins Feb 14 Poll by FrankC3: 12:55pm On Feb 07, 2015
There is no way Buhari will will this election. No need for all the noise about how he will get 90% of votes everywhere. The results of the elections will surprise many. Elections are not won in the social media. The undecided determines who will win this keenly contested election and their sentiments hugely favor the incumbent. No need for argument, check back by February 16th when the results start turning in.

Oh! Sorry, check March 30th, not 16th February that is if the news coming from people that should know turn out true.
Politics / Re: Nigerians Will Be Disappointed If Buhari Wins Feb 14 Poll by FrankC3: 9:43am On Feb 07, 2015
There is no way Buhari will will this election. No need for all the noise about how he will get 90% of votes everywhere. The results of the elections will surprise many. Elections are not won in the social media. The undecided determines who will win this keenly contested election and their sentiments hugely favor the incumbent. No need for argument, check back by February 16th when the results start turning in.
Politics / Re: ‘ There Is No Transformation In Railway System’ ~ Rowland Ataguba by FrankC3: 4:28pm On Feb 02, 2015

Should we be celebrating mediocrity?

There was never a time that they were all grounded..

If the performance indices has not changed from 2007, where is the transformation??

The government pushes this as its major achievement but a critical examination shows that not much as been achieved so far.

The problem I have with people like you is that you are quick to explain away the inability of Fashola and Amaechi to deliver even water powered train engine after 16 and 8 years in power. Fashola recently told us that he can no more achieve the feat, after boasting that he wil achieve project completion in 2013.

After decades of inactivity, and barely 5 years of hard work by GEJ, the rails are working again and you call it mediocrity? What your pay masters could not achieve in 16 years? What exactly is your problem?


Politics / Re: Ngige And Tony Muonagor (tony One Week) Steps Down For APGA Candidates! by FrankC3: 11:55am On Feb 01, 2015
Ops! I think you are silly and should be arrested. How can a political Icon like Ngige step down for a criminal like Umeh who is contesting for Senate and at same time remain APGA National Chairman. Umeh is greedy and insane like the Ops.
He should be arrested for posting what you do not agree with?

You sound like Buhari

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Politics / Re: AIT Releases Proof Showing Its Poll Was Manipulated (Picture) by FrankC3: 11:56am On Jan 29, 2015
Please provide the full data log. This information cannot be used to make a decision on who voted multiple times.

In response to AIT claim that a single IP voted for a particular candidate more than once, would be in my opinion 'Amatuerish'

Using the fragment of information you provided the IP carries the hostname n11-02-08.opera-mini.net and is owned by Opera.

This should be the popular opera browser, which uses a proxy to handle request from it's users in a effort to speed up web browsing. Nigeria is currently amongst the top ten countries using Opera (opera has 240 million users worldwide)

So to claim, someone used a bot to repeatedly vote for a certain candidate is a weak claim. If you look at the image above, GEJ also received a hit from this so called bot (which in theory would not be enough to cover the tracks of a bot, if at all that was the plan)

You got it wrong somehow. Your python, Java and even Opera Mini are all applications, operating at the upper layer of the protocol stack. Please, take good note of that. Changing any protocol above layer 3 does not affect your IP cos IP itself operate at L3.

Secondly, if you want to place a request to a web page, like you want to vote on AIT poll, what you do is that you place a http request to the AIT destination IP address. Once you click send, from the network perspective, 2 things are important. Your destination IP address and your destination port number. Layer 4 to 7 are not important in the delivery of your web request. So again, it does not matter what application you used to place the request. MAC address cannot help AIT in filtering here because it is only useful in L2 switching and is local to the segment (if broadcast segment) and changes from hop to hop.

Finally, there are not many ways to change the source IP address (the important parameter needed for routing in the public domain). That is via Network Address Translation. Even a proxy server (which is what Opera Mini is working as here) emulates a NAT server. That means that the Opera Mini receives request from the end user and routes it to a destination request on behalf of the sender. This happens at network layer, not application layer which is where you Python exists.

If I step into an environment experiencing downtime and see that log posted there, I have enough reasons to put forward a prognosis and that will be that this server is undergoing a DDoS attack. What seem to be happening there is that a particular host is sending out torrents of request to the Poll server at milliseconds apart and the Opera Mini edge device is just load balancing the request across their server clusters. If the frequency of the request is relaxed, I expect to see more regular poll coming from a particular IP. Any network person looking at this evidence (not confirming whether it is cooked or not) will agree with me. And please, once again, Your IP address change is not an application layer issue, it is a network layer issue. The only unique thing about Opera mini in this case ( and any other browser similarly configured) is that in the proxy server settings space of the browser, the IP address of their load balancer in Iceland is input and so, it sends request there.

Solution? From network perspective, I will blacklist ALL public proxy servers out there, not just Opera Mini.

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Politics / Re: Afenifere's Endorsement Of Jonathan Is Meaningless - APC by FrankC3: 1:38pm On Jan 28, 2015
APC have some serious problem when it comes to accepting that just as there are millions of Nigerians who love what they represent, there are equally the other millions on who agree passionately in what their opponents stand for. There are even the other millions who do not care about any strong position but are going to vote on February the 14th based on how they 'feel' and democracy guarantees all such rights. This lack of tolerance of different opinion is of serious concern to any democrat.

PDM just endorsed APC's Presidential candidate yesterday but nobody is insulting PDM for excercising their democratic rights. APC leaders and followers alike denigrate and insult anybody who disagree with them, even recently, they came all out insulting AIT for doing what media houses do, while defending and even insulting others for daring to call The Punch, The Nation, Sahara Reporters, Premium Times and other pro APC media outlets to order. They insult Igbos, Ijaws, South Westerners, Middle Belt and even other Northerners that desire to vote the President. What is it about APC that make them feel entitled to acceptance?

They are even scaring the undecided the more. If a Buhari does not feel he owe the people he want to lead some explanations regarding his qualifications, if Lai Mohamed can arrogantly ask the 18 year old boy that just wrote WASSCE exam for the second time to clear his English and Mathematics to go to court when all the boy just want is to have a proof of their flag bearer's qualifications to help him decide, if APC followers insult everyone that disagree with them, if APC leaders and her followers, including their Presidential candidate daily insinuate that the people in PDP are all corrupt and that they will be jailed should they clinch power at the centre, without recourse to the rule of law and concious knowledge that the President does not jail people but the Judges, any sane mind will start getting worried at the the possibility of APC being unleashed on this nation.

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Politics / Re: Jonathan Didn't Finish His Ph.D Course by FrankC3: 8:50am On Jan 22, 2015
All these over zealous APC supporters are the ones actually presenting their party as a group built on falsehood. They just cloned The Punch site to spread falsehood. The link they posted is :


The original Punch domain is :


When this is busted again, it somehow feeds the impression that the APC runs on falsehood.

OBJ said nothing of such. GEJ was already lecturing with his PhD before joining the OMPADEC as an Assistant Director.
Politics / Re: Photos Of Buhari's Academic Records Released By Nigerian Army by FrankC3: 4:31pm On Jan 21, 2015
Buhari himself filled out WAEC as his qualification on the form submitted with INEC, the law requires that he provide proof of such. The Nigerian Army has done well by releasing all his records in their possession. It is now left for Buhari to go ahead to support his claim of having WASC with a documentary evidence. WAEC has such records dating before 1961.

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Politics / Re: Fayose Vs Buhari; Ekiti State Governor Takes Another Shot At GMB by FrankC3: 10:54am On Jan 21, 2015
Fayose represents a key constituency of GEJ support base that have remained un-energized out the calmness of GEJ and his laid back approach to politicking. The guy may not be a Professor of Political science but he does understand the game of politics well enough and MUST be co-opted by Wadata House. Though something tells me that the denial of his advert was like granting him a free role on the pitch.

What he did with the first controversial advert was to say that he has arrived. Now, everyone will like to know what he has to say next.

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Politics / Re: Under The APC There Will Be NO State Of Origin--- Lia Mohammed by FrankC3: 10:28am On Jan 21, 2015
But under the same APC governments in Kano and Lagos, recorded internal deportation of Nigerians from their country. Please, tell, which APC State government presently have this policy running in their own state civil service?


Politics / Re: Buhari Educational Qualifications - PDP Should Consider The Country Peace by FrankC3: 10:25am On Jan 21, 2015
If PDP agrees to consider the peace of the country, what will out laws consider? What will our criminal justice system consider? What will be the fate of tens of other perjury cases that are presently pending before various courts in the country?

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