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Politics / Re: PDP Governors Forum Interactive Session, Lagos, Live On NTA /AIT And Channels. by friedrice1: 5:04pm On Mar 10, 2015
Wrong move by PDP governors. if the APC governors come together for their own session
then GEJ is finished. A group with the likes of Fashola, Adams Oshobaba, Orators like Rochas, Aregbe, Kwankwaso then the strongman Amaechi

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Politics / Re: About 600 Boko Haram Members Killed In Gombe And Monguno by friedrice1: 11:51am On Feb 15, 2015
What sort of news is this?
600 the PDP and their usual lies

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Politics / Re: Jonathan With Pastor Lazarus Muoka At The Lord's Chosen Today (photos) by friedrice1: 8:48pm On Feb 07, 2015
I wonder What Nigerians would say If Buhari starts Jumping from One Mosques to another Visiting Imams and Muslim Scholars and calling meetings of Muslim Clerics.
If you ask me.. JONATHAN is the Religious Fundamentalist.
Nigeria has neven been this divided along religious lines.

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Politics / Re: Updates: APC Presidential Primaries 'Ballot-Box Counting' Thread. by friedrice1: 3:20pm On Dec 11, 2014

8000 delegates 954 votes, he is out not even a second place.
with over 5800 voided votes, Atiku could still win,
Watch out for PDP surprise
Politics / Re: Reasons Why Buhari Should Not Win Apc Primaries by friedrice1: 12:56pm On Dec 11, 2014
How could anyone forget so soon the2011 martyrs of our democracy.20 vibrant nigerian youth in service for their father land were slaughtered in broad day light.a couple of millions was dished out to their families and their death was blames on post electoral violence.
Over 500people lost their lifes in the aftermath of the 2011 elections and till today the true cause of this killing just swept under the carpet.
I will like us to cast our mind back to buharis speech after the election.
The rtd general told the world that he was cheated in the computer.something about the software adding number.
Well a average computer literate person will think this statement through and understand how impossible or possible it is.
The story is not the same for our northern brothers.all they needed is a trigger to unleash callousness.they went on a killing spree.hacking down anybody that has anything to do with the elections.youth copers were killed and lot of innocent lifes.
Buhari coudnt care less about what his unguarded statement caused.
Another year has come and we still have the opportunity to avoid a errat of the 2011 killing.
This is not to say buhari cannot win,but just incase.
We can avoid the blood shed.
#my opinion sha o

Grow up and stop this nonsense... why has GMB not been prosecuted by your messiah GEJ?
all these while not a single person has been held responsible and made to pay, now another election looms and you decide to bring up this line again.
Politics / Re: What Has Jonathan Done For Igbo People........?????????????? by friedrice1: 12:51pm On Dec 11, 2014

That singular act is enough for every right-thinking Igbo man to stand up for GEJ. An Igbo man was placed in charge of the Nigerian Army!
.Have u travelled on the Onitsha Ngor Akpala high way?
2.[size=14pt]Have u travelled on Enugu PH road[/size]?
3.Are u aware that Ebonyi State has a brand new university?
4.Have u visited Sam mbakwe international cargo airport in Enugu?
5.[size=14pt]Are u aware that a second Niger brigde is on its way?[/size]
6.For the First time in the History of Nigeria,an Igbo man was made Chief of Army staff without Fear?
7.All the Juicey Federal Cabinet appointments are reserved exclusively for the sons n daughters of Igbo extraction?ask madam Ngozi,Mrs Allison Maduweke,Profs.Nnaji n Nebo of power,Aviation etc
You must be silly or neive to ask what Jonathan has done for the Igbo ppl.Am very sure u r one of those who reside in Lagos and don't knw what happens in ur region.
I rest my case-------
My friend Sharrrapp!!!! What has been done to the Enugu -PH? is the road motorable?
why do you sell your conscience and tell lies like the devil himself?
That road was massively rehabilitated by Buhari during his PTF days and it has been in that state till date evry effort by FERMA since then changed nothing ... infact Okigwe Umuahia is completely collapsed and no sane being would use that road.

Meanwhile continue kidding yourself with 2nd Niger Bridge.


Politics / Re: Atiku Charters 747 Boeing Jet For Delegates by friedrice1: 12:45pm On Dec 10, 2014
Max Air to be precise. Over 400 delegates departing from Abuja to Lagos for the Presidential nomination.
Buhari is in soup.

this 400 delegates does it include the Pilot and Co-pilot?
400 delegates compared to 8000 delegates..the Aircraft may need to do several round trips to make up the numbers
Politics / Re: 1 Million Abia Youth Protest. by friedrice1: 12:41pm On Dec 10, 2014
Abian and Ibos Support and love anything PDP,
Why d you intend to run away from the PDP candidates now?
Abian Delegates overwhelmingly Supported TA for Senate and his Son for the House of Assembly,
so why the fuss now?
Politics / Re: Seven Notable Excerpts From Obasanjo’s Book by friedrice1: 8:35pm On Dec 09, 2014
I don't need an Obasanjo to tell me who GEJ is. He's offered us 5 years of terrible leadership,
Nigeria has not had it this bad.

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Politics / Re: Senator Gemade Wins APC Senatorial Primary Few Hours After Decamping From PDP by friedrice1: 8:45am On Dec 09, 2014
I thought this guy was retired from Politics at 85, probably his football age, still cross carpeting.
The APC shouldn't trust this guy


Politics / Re: Breaking!!!! Musiliu Obanikoro Rejects Result Of Pdp Primaries by friedrice1: 8:19am On Dec 09, 2014
Why should Koro go to court?
It's a PDP family affair.

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Science/Technology / Re: A Drone Made By a friend.(video) by friedrice1: 12:32pm On Sep 20, 2014
but you lied on the part you said he flew it to Benin from Warri grin grin
Politics / Re: Global Youth Forum Issues Obasanjo And APC 24hrs Ultimatum by friedrice1: 5:41pm On Dec 19, 2013
I am quite sure the Global youth rep issuing this statement is 60 years old or more.
Politics / Re: Who Is Your '' 2013 Person Of The Year?''... And Why? by friedrice1: 3:22pm On Dec 19, 2013
His Excellency, Gov. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi
for starting and leading Nigeria's budding and steady Revolution.

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Politics / Re: Jonathan Encourages Corruption In Nigeria - Tambuwal by friedrice1: 10:11pm On Dec 09, 2013
Jonathan is Hugely Corrupt.!

Before the end of this week.
- Tambuwal's Police escorts Withdrawn
- House of Reps Speakers Private Home in Wuse Marked for Demolition
- Unknown Man challenges Tambuwal's Election in Abuja High Court


Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Ethiopia- WCQ (2 - 0) On 16th November 2013 by friedrice1: 7:03pm On Nov 16, 2013
I thought this match was fixed for tomorrow Sunday.. Now i missed everythin angry angry angry
Travel / Re: FG Approves Emirates To Ply Abuja And Kano by friedrice1: 4:56am On Nov 03, 2013
At the end of the day, Enugu International Airport is Dead on Arrival.
so called Igbo daughter makes a U turn, sacrifices the Igbo International Airport, to save her neck.

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Politics / Re: Anambra Governorship Debate Live On AIT by friedrice1: 6:56pm On Nov 01, 2013
If Anambarians are serious minded people, then they should know their best hope in this election is NGIGE!!
His confidence and drive alone speak volumes.


Family / Re: Priest Aids Wife To Build Without Husband's Knowledge by friedrice1: 1:08pm On Oct 29, 2013
Sorry Bro, this is disheartening.
After 10 years? i feel your pains even though you sound stronger than most men would be.
The truth is, if you cant trust her, you cant love her, and if you don't love her you can never be happy being with her.
Your wife should be someone you grow old with, your confidant. Children would come, stay and leave later, but your wife remains. So if you feel you cant forgive and "forget" the you should start early looking for someone else, there a a whole lot good and responsible ones out there. IMO.
Politics / Re: Clara Chime Under House-Arrest Imposed By Gov. Chime by friedrice1: 10:17pm On Oct 28, 2013
doctokwus: How possible is it that mrs chime wrote this letter?Zero.
-This is a woman that is sed to b under what is synonymous wt house arrest,[b]yet is able to transmit this letter,thru who [/b]I ask.
-Evn if she has pple sympathetic to her cause within d staff in govt house,she is not so foolish to mention that she has bn under treatment for psychiatry related ailment,evn going as far as mentioning d names of d drs taking care of her
-Giving d influence of d gov,& being scared of her as fathomed frm d purported letter,she wud not b so confident to reveal all d details of d letter she is sed to av penned
-She claims her 3siblings wud rather want her dead dan 4her to leave govt house;this sounds more like spicing of d story by whoever wrote d fiction,to make it more appetising for readers
I doubt(evn almost sure)mrs chime ddnt write d so called letter above,somebody somewhere has created a very fictional tale of mrs chime's present condition,she may av challenges,but only a fool wud bliv she wud go as far as writing to human rights groups,where d letter claims evn d president has failed.
SR may get some news correct @times,but this is amongts some,dey av failed utterly& without doing due diligence ,perhaps basking in d euphoria of its scoop on stella oduah,decided to swallow hook,line& sinker,a classical nigerian beer pallor gist.Utterly poor journalism!

Are you saying she has no access to a mobile phone too?

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Politics / Re: ASUU Strike:Hope Rises As They Agree To Calloff Strike,But Demand For N200b More by friedrice1: 11:27pm On Oct 20, 2013
trust some would come over and say it's too loong to read.
Politics / Re: ASUU Strike:Hope Rises As They Agree To Calloff Strike,But Demand For N200b More by friedrice1: 11:26pm On Oct 20, 2013

the viable solution to ending the ASUU strike proffered by Solana Olumhense
this is what i expected students to do, Take to the social media, twitter, faceboook et al and force the government to do something,
but what do we see.? NANS fighting amaechi, Student embracing prostitution and others jumping from one site to the other, checking out Tonto Dike's new tatoo, wizkids new girlfriend or who has bigger boobs between Afrocandy and Nicki Minaj.

Are You A Student? You Can End The ASUU Strike, No Violence Necessary By Sonala Olumhense
Posted: October 20, 2013 - 20:48
Sonala Olumhense

If you are a student and you are sitting in front of your father’s television set in the dark instead of being in front of a lecturer getting a degree, you are a fool. [i][/i]

But foolishness is curable. If you are willing to take your fate in your hands, here is my foolproof five-day plan for getting your life back. There is no shedding of blood or destruction of property, but you will rise from being a spectator in your own sport and put on the jersey to play in it.

There are a few assumptions: that you are outraged at the games that are being played with your life and want to return to school; that you worship nobody who has a last name; and that you are in touch with at least one other student who also wants to live, not die.

To begin with, there are two people in Abuja who are answering your name. The first answers the title of Senator; the other, Representative, powerful titles in your name.

In your name, as you probably know, they earn the fattest salaries of their kind in the world. In your name, they earn the fattest allowances, live in the best homes, and drive the most luxurious official cars.

They do all of this, and more, because they represent you, your family and your larger community. Most of them lie about this, of course, because in Abuja the dog in the hunt hunts for the dog. The time has come to call in the debt.

In the Upper House, there are 109 Senators. Most are expired and discredited ex-this and ex-that who smuggled themselves into the premises somehow. They are there because the law recognizes them as the legitimate representative of a certain chunk of the Nigerian population. One of those chunks is yours.

And then there is the House, which is made up of 360 men and women, each representing another defined chunk of Nigeria known as a constituency. You are in one of them, and are known as a constituent.

Under this plan, you can change your own life in a few days by changing the lives of these powerful men and women. They work for you, remember that, so make them earn it.

I have one more assumption: that you know the website of the National Assembly. It is: www.nassnigeria.org. You will find mug shots of your Senator and Representative there. They address themselves as Honourable ThisPerson or ThatPerson, myths that are often very powerful when unchallenged by citizens who lack get-up-and-go.

If you take a moment to study that website, you will notice that the Senators and Representatives are effectively hiding in the open. They have meaningless email addresses (senatecontact@nass.gov.ng or repscontact@nass.gov.ng). To use them is to put a message into a bottle and throw it into the Atlantic.

What is worse is that they do not list their telephone numbers. That is an insulting thing for a federal legislator to do, because it suggests he is in Abuja for himself and that he works for himself. Again, he works for his constituency or district. He works for you, and now you have a good reason to remind him.

[b]Day One: Write two letters, one to each of them. Identify yourself as a student from his constituency who needs his help to return to school within the week by ensuring that the government resolves the ASUU strike immediately. Tell him that you are asking for urgent and substantive involvement, not platitudes.

If you have writing or technology skills, use the Internet. Publish a blog. Use whatever email address you can find for them, including the general one I have listed here. Drop a copy off at his homes in the area. Send a copy to your favourite newspaper and website.

You will be ignored. Chances are that your mail will not be read at all, but give the Senator and Representative the benefit of the doubt and send the letter anyway. Find a friend, relative, or concerned student in Abuja and have them drop copies off at the National Assembly.

Day Two: Write to the Dynamic Duo again. Ask what has been done in response to your distress complaint.

Remind them that they work for you. Tell them that you are not asking for a favour; you are simply demanding that they do their work, which is to present your best interests as a constituent at the seat of power. Stress that you simply want to return to school.

Tell them you expect them to work with their colleagues as a House, or as the institution known as the National Assembly, to intercede with the executive to resolve the ASUU impasse right away, and that this is your instruction as your representative. They work for you, but if you do not remind them, they forget, conveniently.

Day Three: Write an open letter to both constituencies. If you are in touch with other students in the area, you can pen a joint letter. Complain to other constituents about the situation and that you simply desire to return to school with no further delay. Ask for their help to put pressure on the Senator and Representative. They, too, can write to the Senator or call him. Many of them know his family. They can inform his wife his homestead is in tumult. Use text messages and social media to broadcast your complaint and request that people forward to others.

Crank it up: Publish the Senator’s phone number; he is a public servant. Publish the Representative’s phone number; he is a public servant.
It is no excuse that they have not listed their numbers; these distinguished servants of the people ought to have publicly-listed phones. In any case, within your constituency, you are creative enough to find it. Encourage the public to call him, especially between 6p.m. and 6a.m. Sleep deprivation is a legitimate weapon of conflict.

If you can find their phone numbers, you can probably also find their private email addresses. Publish them as well and encourage everyone with Internet access to write to write or forward their messages to them several times a day. The mailbox will probably fill up and be rendered useless. Damage is also a legitimate weapon of conflict.

Day Four: Write to the distinguished Senator and Representative again. Tell them about your efforts to reach them for help, but you must demonstrate this. You know their homes, don’t you? If not, all you have to do is ask within the area.

So crank it up a little more: List all the glittering new fortresses where you have left letters for him or are planning to leave letters for him. In order to ensure he believes you, state the address and location of each mansion, and list all the cars you can see parked in them.

By Day Five, your Senator and your Representative would certainly have changed their phones. But remember, if your friends have also been busy, nationwide, there will be millions of people, 469 of them federal legislators, who will be grasping the meaning of democracy for the first time.

Your school may not magically have reopened, but you would have reinvented the entire political terrain, a lesson that will be available at future elections, and in-between.

They work for you.[/b][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][/font]

• sonala.olumhense@gmail.com
• Twitter: @SonalaOlumhense
Politics / Re: A President Without Balls By Femi Fani-kayode by friedrice1: 9:30pm On Oct 04, 2013
thought provoking words, glaring facts that lots of bigoted jonathanians here fail to see.


Politics / Re: A President Without Balls By Femi Fani-kayode by friedrice1: 9:28pm On Oct 04, 2013
GEJ is the worst thing that has happened to the country.
Ride on FFK. you post says a lot. but of course, some ill bred idiots here wont even read it before spewing


Education / Re: The Deplorable State Of Infrastructure In Nigerian Universities (Photos) by friedrice1: 9:12pm On Oct 04, 2013
these pictures are flattering.

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Politics / Re: Plane Crash In Lagos At Airport Road MMIA Near Toll Gate by friedrice1: 11:24am On Oct 03, 2013
i' m disappointed by my lagos pals. i tot by now i should see pictures from all views and videos inclusive
Politics / Re: Plane Crash In Lagos At Airport Road MMIA Near Toll Gate by friedrice1: 11:16am On Oct 03, 2013
Jglad: Na wa 4 Nigerians n rumors o... Its nt confirmed sha if Agagu's body was onboard[b] n dere were sum survivals.. Nt sure if dey re stil alive sha
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Fulham (2 - 0) On 21st September 2013 by friedrice1: 6:20pm On Sep 21, 2013
Samelfisha: wake me up wen Chelsea win grin
my brother, you may slip down 6 feet..
Politics / Re: Lagosians React To Ban On Clothes Spreading by friedrice1: 4:01pm On Aug 04, 2013
Nigerians and their village thinking. We should learn to embrace changes at times.
This policy is common for most condos, while you pay the the flat, your terrace or balcony on all flats remains the property of the condo owners and they have certain rules guarding its use. the idea is just to maintain sanity and keep the exterior viewable parts of the building clean.
the same way most estates have guidelines to development.
its only the uncivilized and a guilty party that would complain about this rule.
Politics / Re: OUK Magnificent Mansion In Abia State PICTURES by friedrice1: 8:08pm On Aug 03, 2013
Grand lisboa Macau pool
Mr. poster...please confirm pictures before you post. stop the lies..or are you in anyway related to Gov. AdaObi

Politics / Re: OUK Magnificent Mansion In Abia State PICTURES by friedrice1: 7:59pm On Aug 03, 2013
a picture of the atrium of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu dhabi
cannot be OUK's bunk

Politics / Re: Former Governor Orji Kalu's 400 Bedroom Mansion In His Village by friedrice1: 7:52pm On Aug 03, 2013
the last picture there is a picture of the atrium of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu dhabi

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