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Education / Re: Ranking Of Universities In Nigeria From Our Proposed Ranking System (2020) by gabonsky: 8:18am On Mar 18
Education / Re: Ranking Of Universities In Nigeria From Our Proposed Ranking System (2020) by gabonsky: 1:06pm On Mar 07

1. Reputation
2. Recognition
3. Alumni network
4. Standard of teaching
5. Graduates performance e.t.c

All what you wrote here is part of the seventeen criteria that formed our unified system using Venn Diagram. please download the paper to understand the method we used in derived the criteria.
Education / Re: Ranking Of Universities In Nigeria From Our Proposed Ranking System (2020) by gabonsky: 12:56pm On Mar 07
After considering every criterion that determines the best universities in nigeria.. then I can confidently vouch for the following as top 10..
1. Unilag
5. Abu
7. Uniben
9. Unilorin
10. Uniport

Those are the best and top universities in nigeria.. forget different rankings..

you can't just vouch and consider criteria for determining the top universities without educating us how you derived it

which criteria description and assigned weight do you used in your ranking model and which formula do you used?
Education / Re: Ranking Of Universities In Nigeria From Our Proposed Ranking System (2020) by gabonsky: 12:42pm On Mar 07
I doubt the authenticity of this ranking especially with the schools am seeing. There are some schools that rarely publish paper but they are ranked high

That is why its called proposed ranking system, what i want you to look at is the criteria description and its assigned weight. you can download the full paper https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rt4mWHQkgv4acoT6SXUC5dqEqawOTfBE/view?usp=sharing

I am proposing this ranking system to be the yardstick or benchmark for ranking universities in Nigeria because we don't have one yet, we depend on foreign ranking bodies for position of our universities in the league table like Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), Webometric Ranking of World Universities (WRWU) and QS World University Ranking etc.
Education / Re: Ranking Of Universities In Nigeria From Our Proposed Ranking System (2020) by gabonsky: 7:57am On Mar 07
I rep. Unn.

UNN is in 7th position and they did very well in the proposed ranking system because they have high web impact and presence.

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Education / Re: Ranking Of Universities In Nigeria From Our Proposed Ranking System (2020) by gabonsky: 7:55am On Mar 07
Better by far

which university is far better from the other from the proposed ranking system?
Education / Ranking Of Universities In Nigeria From Our Proposed Ranking System (2020) by gabonsky: 4:41pm On Mar 06
This Proposed Ranking System was developed for the purpose of ranking all tertiary institutions in developing nation (A Case study of Nigeria Universities). Nine existing ranking systems were considered in this study and aggregated to form a unified system. Twenty-two criteria were identified as a result of the aggregation but only seventeen criteria are used and percentage weights were also assigned objectively to each. Web crawling algorithm was employed to extract the value of each criteria that are available on the university website while other criteria that are not available are sourced from the National Universities Commission official website http://www.nuc.edu.ng (Nigeria Statistical Digest Report, 2018) are manually input into the proposed ranking systems. System implementation was carried out in PHP and Python. The best five universities from the proposed ranking system are University of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Lagos, University of Benin and University of Ilorin. The proposed ranking system will give a better and reliable ranking result for universities in developing nations than other existing ranking systems because it contained more robust parameters. Hence, it is recommended as a tool for ranking of tertiary institutions in developing nations.

Criteria Criteria Description Weight (%)
(1) Number of Publications The total number of research publication by staff of the university 10%
over a certain period of years.

(2) Number of times faculty No of times a university staff research output were cited (citation). 10%
were cited

(3) International Faculty No of foreign members of the university 3%

(4) International Students No of Foreign students in the university 3%

(5) Noble prize by faculty No of Staff of the university that has won a Nobel Prize Medals. 10%

(6) Size of the university website The number of university web pages that is recovered from Google. 5%

(7) University Popularity The total number of students in the university 3%

(cool Visibility of the University The number of unique external links received by the university website 5%
on the Web which can be obtained from Google.

(9) Number of Multi-Dimensional Files The number of different files type documents such as Adobe (.pdf), 5%
Adobe PostScript (.ps), Microsoft Word (.doc) and Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt)
that are associated with each university. The results for each file types will be extracted
from Google, log-normalized and merge together in order to generate the rank.

(10) Faculty/Student ratio Its measure the ratio of the number of lecturers divided by the number of 10%
students in the university.

(11) H-Index of the University It is calculated by counting the largest numbers (h) of publications by staff of the 10%
university for articles that had been cited at least many times each over a certain (n) period of years.

(12) PhDs Awarded The total number of PhDs that is awarded by the university per academic year. 3%

(13) Noble prize by Alumni The number of Alumni of the university that have won a Nobel Prize Medals. 5%

(14) Patents No of patent applications by the university that is indexed in Google Scholar and its 10%
obtained from www.patents.google.com or from https://patentscope.wipo.int

(15) Academic programmes of the university No of academic programmes of the university with full accreditation 2%
with full accreditation status.

(16) Student completion rate The total number of students in the graduating class in a year minus the number 2%
of students who have completed their record on time. 2%

(17) Proportion of the academic staff of the university at professorial level No of full professors in the university 4%
TOTAL 100%

To access this paper click https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rt4mWHQkgv4acoT6SXUC5dqEqawOTfBE/view?usp=sharing



Celebrities / Re: Facts About Murphy Ijemba (OAP At Max 102.3fm) And Its Net Worth Is Over N30m by gabonsky: 9:24pm On Jul 21, 2019
Can I anyone get me his contact for business.

Dm him on twitter @radiopaparazi
Politics / While Election Approaches.* Safety And Security Tips For Staying Safe.* by gabonsky: 7:14am On Jan 28, 2019
*1. Do Not Argue About Politics in Public*

*2. Always Get Back home On Time*

*3. Do Not Criticize Any Politician*

*4. Do not Support or Wear Political Campaign Uniforms to polling unit*

*5. Don’t Keep Late Nights*

*6. Always Listen to the News-:*

*7. Don’t Disclose Who You Will Vote For at the Polls*

*8. Once You Cast Your Vote Go Straight to Your House*

*9. Don’t Move About With Huge Cash*

*10. When Driving, Ensure That Your Car Central Lock is activated:*

*11. Steer Clear Undefined Crowd or Groups of People-:*

*12. If You Must Hangout with Friends, Ensure that it is Safe to Do So*

*13. Don’t Move About With Expensive Gadgets (Mobile Device)*

*14. Minimize Your Family Outings during Elections Period*

*15. Stock up Your Home with Food*

*16. Have Your Doctor’s Number Handy*

*17. Cast Your Vote Once*

*18. Do Not Talk Recklessly At the Polls-:*

*19. Celebrate in a Civil Manner*

*20. Do Not Partake in Election Violence*

*21.Do not argue on social media groups*

*Please it is important that you take these election safety and security tips. So that you will not have yourself to blame at the end.

Practicing all these tips would only mean that you are relevant to the society.*


Career / Re: 11 Best Places To Learn For Free Online (& Get A Certificate Of Completion) by gabonsky: 2:02pm On Dec 08, 2018
Smh. Is this not the type of thread that should be at the front page? But if it was threads like "Buhari is certificateless", "Atiku granted US visa", "Wizkid and Davido buys G-Wagon", "Linda Ikeji swallowed big d*ck", The moderator will smile, look up and use his epileptic fingers push the thread to the front page. Nonsense!

you are spot on my brother....

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Travel / Re: Is There An Order From US Authorities To Deny Nigerians Visas? by gabonsky: 2:22pm On Aug 04, 2018

Huh, I will have to disagree with some of that highlighted statement.

Even though I know this issue about US visa holders flocking illegally across the US-Canadian borders was very high since Trump came into office but the fault wasn't because the US visa officers weren't doing their job...it was because the Canada was very weak and still very weak as we speak with their asylum approval requirements.
i totally disagree with your assumption that the US Visa officer are weak and they are not doing their jobs, these guys are expert in this field and most time, they used fuzzy logic in interviewing you and making their decision if to issue you the visa or not. the truth is that your friend is not qualified for the visa at the moment, he can reapply if his conditions have change and can also prove to the visa officer that his intention is for study purpose only and he will return back to his home country.
Sports / Is The World Cup Legacy Worth It? by gabonsky: 5:35pm On Jun 22, 2018
In order to host a World Cup, countries have to go through an arduous bidding process, competing against other nations for the prize of hosting the biggest sporting spectacle on Earth. However, more is promised than just a month long festival of football. When any major sporting event takes place, a lot is said about the legacy that it will leave behind once all the spectators have went home. This is especially true for the World Cup. The hosting nation often builds new stadiums, infrastructure and accommodation. In return for this, an economic stimulus is promised.

A World Cup is meant to leave permanent benefits for the host nation, in terms of job creation, increased participation in football and public facilities. But does this happen? We’ve analysed some of the key outcomes of the previous four World Cups to find out.

During the 2002 World Cup, co-hosted by South Korea and Japan, South Korea’s national side miraculously made it the the Semi Final’s, narrowly losing 1-0 to a 75th minute Michael Ballack strike. The event was hailed as a success for its seamlessly smooth operations and excellent football, but what effect did this have on both of the host countries? Tourism to Japan increased after the tournament. The Japanese public opinion of South Korea reached an all time high, helping to heal long standing issues between both countries, stemming from WW2. Although football is popular in Japan today, baseball remains the nations favourite pastime. The tournament reportedly cost a combined total of $7.5b to host, with an estimated economic impact of $11.86bn, making the tournament a financial success. This was the first time the World Cup was hosted across two countries.

The 2006 World Cup in Germany was widely praised as a tremendous success for the nation. According to the German government, tourism revenue increased by around $400m during the tournament, helping to boost the Germany economy. Also, a staggering 500,000 new jobs were created in the lead up to the tournament. The city of Cologne reported that their visitor numbers after the World Cup increased by between 7& and 10%. Another tangible benefit was that in preparation for the tournament, the German government invested the sum of €37b in infrastructure such as roads, transportation and facilities, so that the country could facilitate the surge in visitors. This is something that the German people still benefit from today. The German League also benefited by being awarded $70m, which was in turn put into grassroots development, so that young Germans could dream about playing in a World Cup one day themselves.

South Africa spend around $4bn on the 2010 World Cup, investing the money in six new state of the art stadiums and upgrading infrastructure such as roads and airports. FIFA generated a staggering $3.36bn from the event and awarded South Africa with $100m to fund grassroots projects around the country. Unfortunately, the South Africa World Cup has done nothing to improve the fortunes of the nations national team. Nicknamed Bafana Bafana, the team failed to qualify for Russia 2018, finishing bottom of their qualifying group with 4 points from 6 games. The national league still suffers from poor attendances, excluding the countries two major teams, Orlando Pirates and the Kaiser Chiefs. The estimated average cost of a tourist attending South Africa for the World Cup is estimated to be $13,000. The Cape Town stadium hosted five first round matches, and went on to host a second round, quarter final and semi final throughout the tournament. The stadium cost a reported $600m with the nations total spending for stadium construction and reburbishment topping $1.4bn. This left many South African’s wondering if they money could be better spent elsewhere in the country.

Widely criticised for leaving Brazil with several expensive but dormant stadiums, the 2014 World Cup is one that divides opinion. Brazil exited the tournament in a humiliating 7-1 defeat to Germany in the Semi Final, leaving the Selecao’s dream of winning the World Cup on home soil in tatters. Despite initial concerns, the 12 World Cup stadiums were ready on time for the opening ceremony to begin. However, now lies several near-abandoned stadiums which struggle to host any football at all. The most expensive stadium, adding up to a total cost of $550m, is located in Brasilia and is being used as a parking space for buses.

Source Credit: https://gabrielatanbiyi.blogspot.com/2018/06/is-world-cup-legacy-worth-it.html

Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Reacts After Babymama Called Him A Deadbeat Dad by gabonsky: 5:59am On May 17, 2018
Wizzy why? Remba, those children are blessing to u.

Check my signature for easy renovation, supervision, Building plan (Architectural) and other related construction work: lasu20032004@gmail.com
ogbeni, dm me now jare as i want to clarify something from u
Travel / Re: Getting A Green Card By Adjustment Of Status: My Yankee Experience by gabonsky: 4:52pm On May 02, 2018
Mrk K and I made a mistake.

We should have approached the bank for loan and buy a house. (she has really good credit like i said). We found out we could have been approved for 150,000$ or more and we could have just bought a house.

Our rent right now is around 1550$ (not including gas, internet and electricity). we are basically paying someone else mortgage. Its all a learning process. Painful but no biggie
hw re u doing bro? i am still waiting for my airtime garabasa and my glo line is 09056936993. u are getting very close to ur america dream.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: CYFI Applicant by gabonsky: 8:16pm On Feb 01, 2018

Yes I'm d one that filled the form. But seems I've forgotten some of the things I wrote there. And I can't find what I filled anymore. Can u plz help on how to get it? Thanks

Please check your email you filled on the application forms either in your inbox or spam box

All the best to you
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: CYFI Applicant by gabonsky: 4:36pm On Jan 31, 2018
Are you the one that filled the application forms? If you are the one. Be prepared to answer the questions concerning what you filled and how your idea will benefits your community.

Thank youl
Science/Technology / Five Interesting Technology Trends For 2018 by gabonsky: 12:24pm On Jan 13, 2018
This file photo taken on March 20, 2017 shows a robot interacting with visitors at the Soft Bank robotics stand at the Cebit technology fair in Hanover, Germany. Technology has long impacted the labor force, but recent advances in artificial intelligence and robotics have heightened concerns on automation replacing a growing number of occupations including highly skilled or “knowledge-based” jobs.

It does not really count if you are a tech enthusiast or an ordinary consumer, you will always look forward to the tech developments especially the tech trends that will make a difference in the future or New Year. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, highlights 5 technology set to define 2018.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) will be bigger this year. More and more organisations will embrace AI which is made possible through machine learning algorithms and will be incorporated in uncountable applications.

5 Generation Technology
This year, developers and engineers are getting ready to make a new generation of internet possible. By the end of 2019, 5G networks and phones with 5G will be available. 5G internet has the potential to be almost 10 times faster than 4G, making it even better than most home internet services.

Data overload
In 2018, data collection is going to become an even higher priority as companies have seen the advantage of collecting consumer data. With consumers talking to smart speakers throughout their day and relying on digital devices for most of their daily tasks, companies will soon have access to big amounts of personal data.

Automation is inescapable as robots are becoming more effective in performing jobs. AI has become advanced enough to replace at least some white collar jobs for years. 2018 may be the year that we see more sweeping job transformations and companies making big technology changes by automating functions.

IoT becomes Blockchain IoT
The Internet of things (IoT), which involves adding smart sensors to connected devices so that users can do things like asking Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant to turn off the lights or order a pizza. Combining IoT with blockchain —or BIoT—brings in a whole host of new services and businesses. For example, BIoT can be used to track shipments of pharmaceuticals and to create smart cities in which connected heating systems better controls energy use and connected traffic lights better manage rush hour.

Source: https://gabrielatanbiyi.blogspot.com.ng/2018/01/five-interesting-technology-trends-for.html

Celebrities / Re: Highest Paid Artists In Nigeria 2017 by gabonsky: 11:18pm On Jan 05, 2018
All of them lives in d south west. I remember d saying "West side is the best side"

Except Flavour that live in Port Harcourt most of the time......
Romance / Re: 6 Things You Should Always Do After Sex by gabonsky: 11:09pm On Jan 05, 2018
It's an antibiotic na.

how effective is ampiclox and what is the effective rate?
Romance / Re: 6 Things You Should Always Do After Sex by gabonsky: 11:06pm On Jan 05, 2018
after sex i do none of the above. that would spoil my afterglow in a bad way.plus i sleep with clean women that after sex i can afford to doze off with.
there is nothing that kills romance like standing up to go clean-up after sex.its a major passion killer.
after cleaning up what do you do? come and sleep again in your lover's arms? now you cold and definately not sexy to hold.

you be bad nigga.....
Celebrities / Re: Highest Paid Artists In Nigeria 2017 by gabonsky: 11:02pm On Jan 05, 2018
2. Wizkid: N6 – N10 million

At present, Wizkid’s popularity increase both at home and abroad he charges N6 – N10 million that is taken home for a show. His billing continues to increase every day just like Davido.Wizkid hardly performs in Nigeria by the way.

1. P-Square: – N7- N10 million

Recently, both have acquired new homes, they are still highly preferred in Nigeria and abroad, charging as much as astronomical fees of N7 – N15 million per show in Nigeria (almost $25,000 – $35,000) and up to $50,000 off.

Source: https://gabrielatanbiyi.blogspot.com.ng/2018/01/10-highest-paid-nigerian-musicians.html

Celebrities / Re: Highest Paid Artists In Nigeria 2017 by gabonsky: 11:00pm On Jan 05, 2018
6. 2face: N5-N7 million

2face officially make N7 million ($32,000) per show in Nigeria. He is a native of the state of Benue and is known for being very compassionate in his fee range. In fact, there were incidents in which he agreed to participate in performances that some other artists rejected because of performance fees. He even costs up to $35,000 for shows outside of Nigeria.

5. Olamide: N5-8Million

He has been consistent since his fame and its brand was growing. Olamide is often called for shows. The billing price of Olamide now starts from 5 million and up to 8 million naira. He is often referred to by the state government of Lagos and other western states

4. D’banj: N5 – N8 million

D’banj is still a major player in the Nigerian music industry. After collaborating with American hip-pop stars such as Snoop Dogg and Kanye West, it is still in high demand and continues to impose huge costs. D’Banj rakes at around N6 – N10 million ($20,000 – $30,000) per show.

3. Davido N6 – N10 million

Davido, as he is popularly known charges N6 – N10 million for shows and between $20,000 – $35,000 for shows abroad. The IF crooner having a ball with his career as he is in high demand. This is likely to increase rapidly as he continues to grow

Celebrities / Highest Paid Artists In Nigeria 2017 by gabonsky: 10:58pm On Jan 05, 2018
10. Mr Eazi: N3-6 million

Mr Eazi, quick form for a guy who is making wave for past 12 months? his growth was broad and brilliant. He revealed on Twitter that he had spent up to 6 million to perform. He makes a lot of money these 12 months by himself.

9. Flavour N4-6 million

Chinedu Okoli a.k.a. Flavor N’abania is a multi-talented singer in the Nigerian music industry and also benefits in millions per show. Comes from Orumba North LGA in the state of Anambra, Nigeria and is highly sought after in the country due to the beautiful way of combining Igbo culture with its highlife music.

Flavor charges a fee of N3 million per show in Nigeria. He also has a huge fan base beyond the shores of the country coasts, especially the Franco-African countries, while earning about $73,000 per show and about $15,000 for each performance in Europe. He is currently a brand ambassador for the Harp and Knorr cubes and is currently on the 2nite Entertainment.

8. Phyno N4 – 6million

Phyno began his musical career as a producer in 2003. He is known for Igbo language rap. His first studio album, No Guts No Glory, was released in 2014. Since its inception, it has been stationary and growing since now, it does not charge anything less than 4 million naira per show.

7. Tiwa Savage: N5-7million

Tiwa Savage is the music of the Queen of Nigeria and she is known for that. Currently, other artists like Yemi Alade and Chidinma Ekile give her a run for her money, but she is still the one that balances the crown.

She is one of the most well-paid artists in Nigeria for a show, as she is usually overbooked for periods and months. According to BuzzNigeria, Tiwa Savage would not charge anything less than N4 million naira per show

source: https://gabrielatanbiyi.blogspot.com.ng/2018/01/10-highest-paid-nigerian-musicians.html

Romance / Re: 6 Things You Should Always Do After Sex by gabonsky: 9:30pm On Jan 05, 2018
Take ampiclox to kill any infection.

Are you serious or you are just joking that ampiclox kill bacteria?
Romance / Re: 6 Things You Should Always Do After Sex by gabonsky: 7:39pm On Jan 05, 2018
My own is no body should hug or hold me tight after sex

Am not feeling fine

Lo bro, you are a bad guy....
Romance / 6 Things You Should Always Do After Sex by gabonsky: 7:36pm On Jan 05, 2018
So you've done the deed and are preparing to fall into a deep sleep between your partner's arms and the mountain of pillows on your bed.

Not so fast! For personal and sexual hygiene reasons, there's a multitude of things you should be doing after sex. Why, you ask?

Because sex can introduce a host of new bacteria to your nether regions — and it's hard for your vagina to fend them off all by herself.

Check yourself against this list to see if you're keeping your vagina happy.

Use the restroom after sex! It helps to rinse E. coli bacteria that may have moved toward your urethra during sex. If you have to go immediately after sex, go for it. Otherwise, don't force it; wait until it comes naturally, even if that means waiting an hour after sex.

Wipe with soap and water.
Dab a wet washcloth with non-scented soap and lightly wipe down your lady parts, moving from front to back. You could also just use warm water if you're not comfortable using soap.

"Sexual lubricants and bacteria from the fingers, mouth, and rectum can increase your chance of developing a yeast or bacterial infection," Santa Monica-based ob-gyn Sherry Ross told Women's Health.

Reminder: Soap is for external cleaning only! It's true what they say about your vagina being like a self-cleaning oven.

Take a bath.
Not only will you feel like a queen while relaxing in a bubble bath, you're also giving your lady parts a chance to recoop.

Squirt a little extra virgin coconut oil into the water to help hydrate the skin of the outer vagina and sooth any vaginal swelling or irritation. You're getting a chance to relax and reducing your risk of infection at the same time!

Drink some water.
Sex is more similar to hitting the gym than you might think! Not only are you getting your heart rate up and burning calories, but you're also going to need to replenish your fluids afterward.

Chug a pint or two of good old-fashioned H2O to hydrate and flush out UTI-causing bacteria from your bladder.

Fuel up on probiotics.
Foods rich in probiotics, aka the "good" bacteria that helps keep things balanced in your gut and lady parts, can decrease your risk of a yeast infection. Fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi and kombucha can help replenish the bacteria found in your vagina.

Go commando.
After sex, you want to let your vagina breathe. Don't suffocate her with nylon undies or tight-fitting PJs! Clothes like those trap moisture and allow bacteria to grow where you least want it.

Instead, go commando for the night. If you're uncomfortable with that, opt for cotton or loose-fitting PJs instead.

Source: https://gabrielatanbiyi.blogspot.com.ng/2018/01/6-things-you-should-always-do-after-sex.html

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Crime / Louisiana Man Charged In ‘nigerian Prince’ Scheme by gabonsky: 12:36pm On Jan 01, 2018
Michael Neu of Slidell, La., was arrested on charges of wire fraud and money laundering in connection with a “Nigerian prince” scheme.

The “Nigerian prince” letter, one of the better-known frauds, is often perpetrated by mysterious figures. But the police in Louisiana say they’ve put a face and a name to a man and charged him with more than 200 counts related to the scheme.

The man, identified as Michael Neu, 67, of Slidell, La., is suspected of being the middle man in hundreds of financial transactions designed to con money from victims across the United States by phone and online, with some of that money wired to co-conspirators in Nigeria, Detective Daniel Seuzeneau of the Slidell Police Department said in a statement.

The 18-month investigation is continuing but is “extremely difficult as many leads have led to individuals who live outside of the United States,” the statement said.

Mr. Neu, who was charged with 269 counts of wire fraud and money laundering, was being held on Sunday at St. Tammany Parish Jail in Covington, La. It was unclear whether he had a lawyer.
The police did not say how many people Mr. Neu was accused of swindling. A police spokesman did not respond to messages on Sunday.

In one version of the Nigeria scheme, which often begins with a letter sent via email, the author claims to be a government official who wants to share a percentage of millions of dollars being transferred illegally out of Nigeria.

Victims are often asked to provide bank names and account numbers and other identifying information. They are also asked to send money. The author of the letter then falsely vows to reimburse all expenses as soon as the victim’s funds leave Nigeria. Of course, the promised money does not exist.

In other cases, the letter-writer will claim that the recipient is named as a beneficiary in a will, and asks for personal information in order to send over an inheritance.

The Nigeria scheme predates email.
As early as 1989, business executives in Britain received word via Telex that in exchange for some cash a tanker of Nigerian crude oil “could have its cargo claimed for bargain prices,” The New York Times reported in 2014. The fraud went global when oil prices crashed in the 1980s along with Nigeria’s national economy.

If you receive a letter or email from Nigeria asking for personal or banking information, the F.B.I. recommends sending it to the Secret Service, your local F.B.I. office or the Postal Inspection Service. You may also use the Federal Trade Commission’s Complaint Assistant or the F.B.I.’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

While such schemes might be dismissed as laughable, the public loses millions of dollars each year through such frauds, the police said in the statement.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” Chief Randy Fandal of the Slidell Police Department said in the statement. “Never give out personal information over the phone, through email, cash checks for other individuals or wire large amounts of money to someone you don’t know. 99.9 percent of the time, it’s a scam.

Source: https://gabrielatanbiyi.blogspot.com.ng/2018/01/louisiana-man-charged-in-nigerian.html

Career / Re: 100 Ways To Make 2018 The Best Year Ever by gabonsky: 7:37pm On Dec 31, 2017
the year 2018 is going to be our year of business exploitation and opportunities...

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