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Politics / Re: APC Jingle Chastises ‘Proud’ Ajimobi… Begs Oyo People For Forgiveness (Audio) by gabriel212: 8:28pm On Mar 05, 2019
Actually, the election is now greater than Ajimobi.
Oyo people don't want to pay 50% tax to Tinubu for the next four years.
What do you know about IBADAN you had better go and face your state
Ibadan will vote Adelabu as a compensation to his dad in Ibadan politics that is my people for you watch and see.

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Politics / Re: PDP Adopts Plan B, Plans To Hijack Incoming NASS Leadership, Nabena by gabriel212: 10:34pm On Mar 02, 2019
you think PDP are jokers?

Oshiomole and tinubu are too small
We know just like the small Tinubu defeated the all mighty Saraki and AtiQUITE
Politics / Re: Sanwo-olu Congratulates Buhari, Urges Nigerians To Live In Harmony by gabriel212: 1:29pm On Feb 27, 2019
we're voting Jimi Agbaje come March 9 2019......

Point of correction Say I am not WE

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Visits APC Situation Room In Abuja. PICTURES. by gabriel212: 9:27pm On Feb 25, 2019
Good love that
Politics / Re: Buhari Leads In Lagos After 15 Local Governments by gabriel212: 9:21am On Feb 25, 2019
Lemme Tell You How Dis Goes Down As APc is Rigging in PDP Strongholds Thinking Dat Dey Can Stop Nigerians Wish,Dey Never Thought Dat PDP Would Get Huge Number At Even Their (APc)Own Strongholds.When Dey See Where Things Are Heading,They Are Forced To Run Back n Forth Between D Strongholds To Have Results That Eventually Favors Dem.Believe Me Dere Hands Are Full And Now Most Nigerians Can See How Foolish n Evil Dey Are.....APc Is Total Rubbish It Easy To Captioned Dem 'EXPIRED MILK'....D Gods Of Dis Land Are Angry And APc Will Definitely Be Used As a Scapegoat(God Bless According To The Work Of Your Hand)..No Man Can Drag Position With D Ultimate God....... THIS IS THE DAWN OF A NEW DAY.........GOD BLESS US ALL.
Cry he an Ocean

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Politics / Re: Saraki, Oloriegbe: PDP Agent Refuses To Attest To The Result, As APC, LP Sign by gabriel212: 8:14am On Feb 25, 2019
Defeat is sour you played APC once and you got reply now.


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Religion / Re: Nigerian Preacher Arrested For Public Disturbance In London(pics) by gabriel212: 4:35pm On Feb 24, 2019

Lol, there's a mosque opposite my house, a primary school right next to my house and a CAC church right next to the primary school.
Na one chance be that. At 5.30am mosque start their own
At midnight CAC night vigil
Sunday morning and mid week another noise sorry I get your pain
Religion / Re: Nigerian Preacher Arrested For Public Disturbance In London(pics) by gabriel212: 2:34pm On Feb 24, 2019
They just like disturbing people, a reason why I can't get apartments near a church or mosque because of noise pollution. They thought everywhere is like Nigeria has has no law.

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Politics / Re: 2019 Presidential Election: Live Updates And Reports by gabriel212: 2:15pm On Feb 24, 2019
STOP fake result oooooo
Wailers will never stop
Saraki has loss forget that news that he won. Dr Olori Egbe defeated him

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Politics / Re: You Must Accept Defeat. PDP To Buhari. by gabriel212: 6:49am On Feb 24, 2019
Is PDP really winning? grin
They are losing heavily it is a ploy to console themselves
Already Saraki has loss
Dogara is losing
Kwakwanso is losing also but not yet official.

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Politics / Re: Senate President, Bukola Saraki Booed As He Leaves Kwara (Video) by gabriel212: 6:36am On Feb 24, 2019

The 4yrs have not even began, look at how anger is written all over u.........

Just take a deep breath and get ready for the next level

I am asking you again tell me what you do over their for a living. If you are an Electrical engineering graduate do you work in an Electrical coy over their? Which Professional body you belong? Can you do program and control design or circuit and details design? Etc if Mechanical engineering are you LEED , WELL certified? U belong to USGBC or AIA? If accountants what are your professional qualifications since you got their? Do you improve your self academically since u got their. Etc if non of this please never mention u guys should suffer in Nigeria again.
Politics / Re: Senate President, Bukola Saraki Booed As He Leaves Kwara (Video) by gabriel212: 6:17am On Feb 24, 2019

From where exactly, prison, and all those maniac/slave jobs? We've been there, seen it all.
In fact I am really tired of those statements this guys should tell us the Professional job they do where they are.
They sound like everyone here is suffering.
Politics / Re: Senate President, Bukola Saraki Booed As He Leaves Kwara (Video) by gabriel212: 6:08am On Feb 24, 2019

U guys can enjoy ur Nigeria, we are watching from afar

Enough of this rubbish syndrome that I am not in the country from you guys. does it mean everyone here is suffering? moreover, tell me the Professional work you are doing over their if not the normal hussle to live!!! So shut the Bleep up over their if you are not doing a Professional job in your field of studied .


Politics / Re: Video: The Moment Crowd Overpowered Securities At The Gate APC Rally Lagos by gabriel212: 2:12pm On Feb 09, 2019

Drop your 500k let me drop mine. I am ready to bet you in naira or USD.

Which do you prefer?
Bros no be only you go chop this free money me too want to bet with the guy.


Politics / Re: TCN Announces Planned Power Outage In Lagos And Ogun State by gabriel212: 10:46pm On Jan 12, 2019
Annual preventive maintenance? My question is all these advanced countries that enjoy 24/7 power supply, how do they carry out their own maintenance without necessarily having a power outage?

They have more than one generating plant to switch to in time of machine maintenance of any plant.
Phones / Re: Yusaku Maezawa Tweet Becomes The Most Retweeted Ever With Over 4M Shares by gabriel212: 8:27pm On Jan 08, 2019

It is impossible to learn design concept, Modelling, animation, rigging, lighting and shading, rendering all in 4 weeks. This thing takes years of practice and dedication to learn. Don't miss lead people just to get their money.

I agree with you all this guys will not tell the prospective students the truth and reality .
Same way I almost travelled to India to learn HVAC, PLUMBING, FIRE FIGHTING all in a month and I was promised to be good within the periods.
But today WITH CONSTANT day and night practice I am good on it.
Family / Re: How I Caught My Cheating Wife by gabriel212: 8:07am On Jun 13, 2018
I Am not really good at writing a composition but the whole thing started around last year November when I lost my job at a reputable company, things became really hard that my ex wife started with her attitude, someone I helped through her schooling, even opened a shop for her after our wedding.

She started losing interest in me because I was broke and there was no more love because I couldn't meet up to her demands. She became the bread winner around that time, things didn't go as expected for me, I needed to do a lot of things even pay for the rented apartment we were in and the landlord came with the eviction letter.

Things became really tough that she wasn't sleeping at home anymore, she would leave home for days and come back home and give me some little change and leave again, she started to live with her aunt and I became so lonely and useless in her eyes.

Eventually when I came up with the apartment money and we paid I decided I wasn't going to stay with her for a while and go out and look for a job, so as to avoid fight and arguments. She later called me that her boss from the USA was back and she was to go and meet him because they had a meeting to do so I said OK since I usually speak and text with his boss so I allowed her to go. So after I left home I got a job and I frequented coming home to see her and my baby. I later found out she began to lock her phone and I asked her for the password she wouldn't give it to me so I began to suspect her.

One day I eventually found the password and I unlocked it while she was asleep. I found out through a chat she had with her friend that she had sex with her said boss and she even bought a land without telling me all through the years we were together. I felt so betrayed and angry. I woke her up and asked her about it and she started crying and begging me.

I left home angrily and jilted. I was so devastated that I smoked a lot of weed that day and drank so much beer. I called my mom explained to her and later told her mom too. The next day her mom called me that she wanted to poison herself because of what she did. I sent her boss a message on WhatsApp and that one didn't even answer me because he knew what he did with my ex wife.

It's been months now since this happened and her mom calls me almost everyday begging me to forgive and forget but how do I forget, it's not easy for me because I can be having sex with her and be seeing her boss face.

I blocked her on Facebook and whatsapp but didn't block her calls or text message because of my baby when I need to send upkeep money. She calls me but I don't pick up. I know that I can't be with her anymore but she has the wedding certificate we got at the court wedding. I told her to give the photocopy of the certificate to my mom but she wouldn't do it.

Guys the reason why I wrote this is who has an idea on how to go about a divorce without the certificate because someone told me the certificate is important for the divorce. I don't know anything about it and my uncle even said the divorce will cost me a lot of money about 650k. I don't know it that's true too. Lol.

Please guys help out here. I have the proof of the chat and the audio conversation of the sex escapade with her boss so that will help in the court. My lovely daughter is 2 years now. How do I even collect my daughter from her. I have left all my property's for her because of my daughter and am starting my life afresh. Will the court be able to grant me my daughters custody although am not ready to train her myself but I have my mom who can do that for me.

In addition to all of this guy's if your girl or woman passwords her phone and doesn't show you her password be very careful she might be cheating because not only did I find out she had sex with her boss I also found out she was also on some random social media nonsense talking to some random guys and all that and that she also bought a land without telling me for 3 years we were together.

Thanks for learning from my story and God bless you guys.
Sorry bro for your predicament.
I had they same issue after I lost my job with a reputable firm my ex wife left me alone I went with my parents to her house to plead her to return she refused, went with an uncle she refused, went alone she refused to the point that I have no money to renew house rent and I park out if the house.
A month after I got a good job.she n her family are begging me to allow her back nag God go punished them all.
But in my own case I have a copy of the cert and I am enjoying my life with another lady I knew during the trying period that she left me.
Good luck bro


Sports / Re: Injury Update: Mohamed Salah Is “confident” Of Being Fit For The World Cup by gabriel212: 9:14am On May 28, 2018
grin pikin wey go lock arms with elder

Swift recovery but don't be stupid in world cup

As for those shouting Liverpool this Liverpool that,
If salah had played to the end it would have been worse for Liverpool because they would have used all their energy in the first 54 minutes as they always do and we all know that Madrid normally start their scoring spree from 60 minutes.

The match would have been 4-2 or 5-2 in favor of Madrid.

There is no way on earth Liverpool would beat a Madrid team( whether athletico or Real) in final

Who is Salah sef?
The one ordinary Rudiger pocketed during Chelsea match?
Cry us a river
Sarah has won millions of heart take or leave it!
Education / Re: Treasures Olawunmi Bayo To Break 113 Hours Reading Marathon World Record by gabriel212: 9:35pm On Feb 28, 2018
I wish I could do same .
Wishing him good luck
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal vs Manchester City : EFL Cup (0 - 3) On 25th February 2018 by gabriel212: 7:52pm On Feb 25, 2018
man u also spent yet were are they in d EPL,liechester used only 25 million to win the EPL, its not about money its called tactics, man u will continue to spend billions and will never win d EPL again, I c either Chelsea or spurs lifting it next season pls nobody should mention Liverpool here spits
N u can spot an unrepentant arrogance Chelsea fan from there words so it is Chelsea that would won the epl next season? SPIT ON YOU AND YOUR POOR JUDGEMENT SPIT!!!


Agriculture / Re: Make 150k-250k From Snail Farming by gabriel212: 3:12am On Nov 11, 2017
Please connect me with anyone who can supply me Snail.
You can quote me for reply awaiting your reply
Agriculture / Re: I Need Advice On Starting A Frozen Chicken Business by gabriel212: 6:11am On Nov 01, 2017
Hello good people of the Agric section of Nairaland. I need some advice on the next step in my chicken business. I want to go into sale of frozen chicken, but not the imported ones...I am going to be killing the chickens myself, and freezing them. I plan to do this with Noilers in their thousands. Noilers tend to be more fleshy than Cockrels, and tastier than broilers, so that is why I am going with Noilers. I plan to raise at least 2 thousand Noilers a month, and then start another 2 months the next month, and then continue that way. So that, every single month, I will have 2 thousand Noilers to sell as frozen chicken.

I plan to get a lister generator that can carry at least 4 deep freezers. Each deep freezer would contain at least 25 or more frozen chicken. The cost of raising a single Noiler from day old to maturity is 800 Naira (my own experience). I have not made up my mind on how much I would be selling the whole frozen chicken yet, but I am sure there is a lot of profit to be made here. Please, I need some input from experts.
Hi brother first of all Happy new month.
Regarding to your question (I am speaking as an Energy Auditor n poultry owner) the power supply is the major challenge for you to be competitive in the market but I would advise you to consider starting with small birds before thinking of doing thousands of birds. It is easier said until you venture in to it if proper care is not taking it can paralysed your savings. Have a blissful day

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Education / Re: Lagos House Of Assembly Passes Yoruba Language Bill Into Law by gabriel212: 7:26am On Oct 20, 2017
Kudos to the Assembly and state government.
This help to reinforce the state grip by the Yoruba and help solve the problem of no man's land syndrome. In addition, with this Bill fully complied with, it will be irrational and stupid for any body to ask the true owner of the land.

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Politics / Re: Natives And Fulani Herdsmen Clash In Kaduna, 37 Killed by gabriel212: 9:44am On Jul 19, 2017

Ekiti people have fingered the wrong anus and they will be rewarded fully. Ifeanyi okowa is smart but people call him names. We are watching.
I read your comments and I am so ashamed I share a country with you. So your fulani can kill and your reply is two wrong make no right but if fulani were killed you call their killer infidel! Your nation is breeding uneducated terrorist and you are here bragging the time bomb that will consume you all with time. I am so ashamed to share a country with you and your kinsmen.


Career / Re: What Is The Best Way To Handle A Randy Boss Without Losing Your Job? by gabriel212: 6:20pm On Jul 09, 2017

Damn! Badt guy!!!
D accountant issue is small joor!
Just trick am go ikorodu n shout badoo... N then watch his ass roasted
Haa guy no b small thing o all d guys wan nap d babe but all I could advised d lady is to b civil with the issue as long as they r not being personal n taking it out of hand.
Career / Re: What Is The Best Way To Handle A Randy Boss Without Losing Your Job? by gabriel212: 5:45pm On Jul 09, 2017
A male boss advance don't usually back down. But you need to be firm and civil in your approach so that you can keep your work and maintain a good relationship with your boss coz he might come back to help you. My female friend in the office is undergoing the same issue. The Accountant n Hse mgr on her neck but she had bait the Hse guy n he was begging d lady last week Monday on his knee for her to forgive him remaining d Accountant THOUGH NA MY GIRLFRIEND
Sports / Re: Funeral: Coffins Of The Brazilian Footballers Who Died In Plane Crash by gabriel212: 10:13pm On Dec 01, 2016
May the Lord grant their soul eternal peace.

Rest, Rest in the heart of the Lord.


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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool Vs Tottenham Hotspur: EFL Cup (2 - 1) On 25th October 2016 by gabriel212: 6:14pm On Oct 25, 2016
YNWA, My favourite club in the EPL.....

Liv 2

Tot 1

I want to see Coutinho at BARCELONA next season. grin
I will report you to mod if you say that Coutinho prayer again.
Who knows the Angel passing at the time could say amen.
Stop am oh
Celebrities / Re: Emeka Ossai Flaunts His New House (Photos) by gabriel212: 10:22pm On Sep 06, 2016

Pishure of your apartment or.... cheesy grin
Point of correction

Picture of his/her parent apartment!

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