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Travel / Re: Nigerians Who Left America And Moved Back To Nigeria, Do You Regret It? by GetMeRight: 5:03pm On Feb 17

They all have permanent residency abroad, not just residence. If you have residency abroad, you're AUTOMATICALLY on those countries' tax book. So they don't care about taxes. They have lawyers that handle their taxes.

Bro, there is no real difference between the rich and the poor. They're just normal people like you and me. Multiply your lifestyle by thousands, and you'll come close to the lifestyle of the super rich.

You're only going and coming because you can't afford the expenses involved in living there continuously and because you have businesses to attend to here. These guys have set up money making machines. They're literally as free as the air, financially.

They don't live here. They only work here. The only thing that brings them here is their business, family and friends.

What?! Bros, please just shut this crap yhu are typing here.

How many rich Nigerians do yhu even know and where do yhu live that yhu are running yhur mouth?

Let me ask you? Why would these people who have most of their investments and family in Nigeria be living permanently abroad? Is it because of the extreme weather conditions over there? Or the kind of loneliness that would be following them everywhere? In abroad, they're nobody which nobody gives shiit about but in Nigeria, they're Kings who attract attention everywhere and everyday. They have no reason whatsoever to stay abroad, just vacation and nothing more.
It is the poor that worship abroad because they believe menial jobs that they struggle for in Nigeria are plentifully available for them over there. The rich just go and come back


Travel / Re: Nigerians Who Left America And Moved Back To Nigeria, Do You Regret It? by GetMeRight: 4:51pm On Feb 17
What sort of a question is this? na only mental derailed someone will do such. If am able to leave nigeria now i aint coming back until am 70years old.

Lol. Your kids if you have any would have probably dumped your sorry ass in a nursing home.


Travel / Re: Nigerians Who Left America And Moved Back To Nigeria, Do You Regret It? by GetMeRight: 4:48pm On Feb 17
My cousin did. After the death of his parents, an aunt sent him to the US in 2019. In 2021, this dude returned to Naija citing one useless excuse that I can't understand. Like he literally bought ticket and boarded a plane himself from New York to Lagos before returning to the villa to the surprise of his siblings. Till now, everyone is still in shock. He lives in the villa currently doing nothing and surving from the little investment his elder bro is handling.

This dude in question is not a hard guy that will get himself in a drug related problem nor is he a womanizer or a troublesome person. And he has no plans on going back sincerely. Even if he did, I doubt anyone will make that mistake of funding his trip.

That's probably because he had seen it all. What is there other than working your ass off. But here, he's living in the villa feeding off his parents/brother investments.

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Travel / Re: Nigerians Who Left America And Moved Back To Nigeria, Do You Regret It? by GetMeRight: 4:42pm On Feb 17
Tbh there's a lot of opportunities in Nigeria. Just break even first.

You are right. In 2013, my wife and I won USA visa lottery but forfeited it because we couldn't raise the money needed. In 2016, I was working at Dangote company for paltry sum of 57k a month, an exhausting job for that matter! He still went ahead to sack all of us after 5-7 months.
Today, my monthly income has hit 900k. Though, like two third of it is still going into loan servicing but things are looking brighter each day.


Travel / Re: Nigerians Who Left America And Moved Back To Nigeria, Do You Regret It? by GetMeRight: 4:33pm On Feb 17
Someone once said that it is better to be a fowl roaming around the street of US than to be a human being in Nigeria

What a poor mentality! I would rather be a human in Nigeria than a fowl on the street of USA.

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Travel / Re: Nigerians Who Left America And Moved Back To Nigeria, Do You Regret It? by GetMeRight: 4:30pm On Feb 17
grin cheesy

Op, maybe let's ask our former Governors if they preferred when they were Governors or now that they are enjoying chanji in their respective dungeons as bloody commoners stuck in traffic without blazing siren and overzealous trigger happy Police men ready to kill anybody that dare near their convoy shocked shocked

[s] The richest Nigerians don't live in Nigeria sir, they just visit to milk their cash cow called Nigeria.

Dangote spends more time abroad than in Nigeria. Same with your politicians. Otedola is always in Monaco or London, same with his family. Tinubu is now a part time Nigerian, he is always going back to London to refuel his engine grin

Don't be deceived, we see these people across a lot.

Most of them that you find here are here to milk the Nigerian masses to sustain their children's luxury life abroad. Check well, all of them have their kids living outside Nigeria. That's the saddest truth, including your current President, all his daughters and even wife your First Lady live outside Nigeria cos of security reasons, no be juju be that grin cheesy

Lie! They spend more time in Nigeria than abroad.
Family / Re: How Do I Apologize To My Wife? by GetMeRight: 5:01pm On Feb 04

I have not been able to forgive myself of all the things I did to her, the insults, talking down on her but in a way I think I pushed her to become who she is now. I remembered when she asked back then to open a joint account with her, I laughed her to scorn, like how would the ratio be. she saved over 6M and credited my account with everything, just for us to complete our home. I can't even produce 1M.

She doesn't seem hurt, but sometimes she reminds me of those words, I have never officially told her sorry neither have I really changed because I am just like that, I don't mean evil. I wanted her to braze up and never stay low.

Married, men, please how do I ask for her forgiveness? I don't think we have up to 2% of her type out there.

You still owe her an apology, sincerely speaking. You won't die if you apologise to her and it is not sign of weakness, it will only show your strength.
Health / Re: This May Be The Reason Why Most Men Die Suddenly During Sex by GetMeRight: 9:39pm On Feb 03
I have never come across a story of a married couple dying on top of each other during sex. Emphasis on [b]married couple.
Let he who is wise receive the message. [/b]

Lol. It is all about cover up. No need to tell the whole world that your husband died on top of you during sex.
Health / Re: Black Soot In Rivers: My Nose Looks Like Exhaust & Charcoal (Pictures) by GetMeRight: 6:03pm On Feb 03

Right now my mouth is bitter and I took drugs last night. If u cough out it will be painful and be like u used native charcoal to brush. U cant even look outside in the morning

I'm more concerned about the kids.
Health / Re: Black Soot In Rivers: My Nose Looks Like Exhaust & Charcoal (Pictures) by GetMeRight: 6:02pm On Feb 03
These evil people are not even thinking of themselves.

They're also breathing this same air they're destroying.

A rising number of people will have cancer and die because of this act.

There's no difference between this illegal oil bunkering and skull mining because they're both blood money.

I know that you are trying to throw jabs but this is worse, the majority of the population in the city are risking their health in the short and long term
Religion / Re: Mummy GO Spotted Grabbing Pizza (Photo, Video) by GetMeRight: 5:44pm On Feb 03

Says who th undecidedo?

Says Mummy GO. Lol
Crime / Re: A Police Officer's Phone Is In My Custody, Should I Return It? by GetMeRight: 10:30pm On Feb 02
Those cops are bastards. Please don't return the phone. It's an Android phone, once you flash it and erase the information, it can't never be tracked. He used 3k to give away his phone.
Even iphone 13 wey we pay 40k for to track, the police couldn't track it, not to talk of useless android.

Just dump his sim into the nearest river or dusbin.

If you try and return it, he can rope you and arrest you. Person wey wan extort you for nothing before. He would now have all the power to arrest you if you dare return that phone.

He probably siezed it from an innocent who couldn't pay his bail on something the innocent didn't do.

Then, sell the phone off or you can start using it. You are safe.

By the way, check if he has a Facebook page, I'll dm you now. I need his Facebook name/details/contact information and where he stays.
Most of those bagas put that on their Facebook page.

Most of the people that are telling you to return it haven't been extorted by the police before, they don't know what it's like to be accused and robbed for something you didn't do.

Dumb, very dumb assertion

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Sports / Re: Man United Stop Selling Greenwood's Shirt Online As Nike Suspends Relationship. by GetMeRight: 9:32pm On Feb 01
Too much for the young lad to deal with at this point in his life and career. undecided

[s] This should be a stern reminder for all those workaholic folks that think their employers value them. Total LIE!
Your employers ONLY value their money, image and products NOT you. You're easily replaceable. [/s]

Where's the support coming from? Family! Even his team mates are starting to unfriend him on social media.

Make time for your family regardless! cool

What kind of support do you want them to give him exactly? We're talking about rape and violence. You need someone to lend you sense.

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Phones / Re: See The Prediction About Hand Phones In 1963 People Didn't Believe Then by GetMeRight: 9:15pm On Feb 01
Same way people don't believe that Heaven and Hell are real,

Here is the heaven, here is the hell too. Any other place outside this earth na imagination of the people of the old world who didn't know better.

the end is coming and there will be judgment.

After how many millions of years again? Lol
Romance / Re: How "I Nor Dey Come Person House" Made Me Collect 700 From A Girl by GetMeRight: 8:50pm On Feb 01
I jokingly told her she hasn't come to know my house yet o yet she's always telling me to do this or that for her. She just told me "I nor dey come person house". I then asked her "yet you bill people abi?" She said she'd return all I've spent on her. Las las I've collected my money and she has stood up from my table to be alone. cheesy In her presence I've bought drinks for two guys.

Nb: For those who would come here to tell me today is a working day. I make my money online. I'm a crypto trader. I can trade and make money anywhere.

She earned my total respect! You should have exercised patience with her, the relationship was still in its early stage. The fact that she said that didn't mean that she meant it.


Education / Re: JAMB Rejects Apology Of Timipade Kemepade, Candidate Who Cheated 21 Years Ago by GetMeRight: 11:03am On Jan 26

Just show us how you and the JAMB board members are morally better than the guy.

No one has anything to prove to you my friend. Everyone is considered innocent (Saint) until proven guilty, he proclaimed himself guilty. Talking of eating your cake and still want to have it. Lol
Travel / Re: Don’t Let Them Stop You From Traveling Abroad Due To Cold – Us-based Man (video) by GetMeRight: 11:37pm On Jan 25
its not about riches.. Infact, I make more money here than my sister who is a German citizen and nurse.. It's about the quality of life..

Naija own no dey pass money money

With money, you can still manage to give yourself those quality life in Nigeria. How many years do we even have on earth to be working two, three jobs a day coupled with unfriendly extreme weather?


Travel / Re: Don’t Let Them Stop You From Traveling Abroad Due To Cold – Us-based Man (video) by GetMeRight: 11:32pm On Jan 25

R u okay, u want to compare extreme cold to extreme heat. Guy, just put your hand inside fire for 10 seconds, That is what we are facing here. At least with the cold, u can cover your body but with the heat, what can u do. Come back and experience kaduna or lokoja hot sun then u will appreciate the cold

Trust me, there is no extreme heat in Nigeria, be it north or south, lol. You want see extreme heat? E dey America. The heat wey dey kill people. You want see extreme cold, e dey there too. The cold wey dey kill people inside cars on the highways.


Travel / Re: Don’t Let Them Stop You From Traveling Abroad Due To Cold – Us-based Man (video) by GetMeRight: 11:22pm On Jan 25

�. I understand what you mean. 2 days ago I was at work, with the cold and crazy Job. I thought to myself, If I had a good Job in Naija nothing will make me come and stress myself like this in the name of hustle. I'm quite new though, I believe with time I'll get to enjoy the good sides too. Right now, the beautiful environment and 24/7 Light mean nothing to me anymore. The hustle is draining.

My two Nigerian female neighbors keep on complaining. Every single time they're in a conversation, it's about how they're tired, how they want to go back... Etc. But for their children they can't do that. Infact that's almost all what they talk about Everytime.

So I understand those who said it's not all rosy abroad. I also understand those who are really striving to travel out. Sometimes I feel Nigeria is better, the cruise, friends, fun, sun, etc. But then I remember Police, bribery and corruption (I hate this with passion) the joblessness, etc. Then I'll reconsider.

Thing is nowhere has it all.

What a beautiful unbiased contribution! God bless your hustle.
I won American Visa lottery back in 2013 alongside my wife and a daughter. We couldn't raise the money needed, so we let the opportunity slide. Today if that same visa is given to me, I will reject it. May be I will sponsor my kids abroad for education to compensate what we lost but I'm much better and happier in Naija for now. So no need to go and suffer myself anymore.


Travel / Re: Don’t Let Them Stop You From Traveling Abroad Due To Cold – Us-based Man (video) by GetMeRight: 11:10pm On Jan 25

Since you enjoy 24/7 electricity, does everyone in the city or state enjoy same. Why are we selfish as a people? How can people be taking pride in selfishness? You and your friend enjoy 24/7 light, others can go to hell and you are happy about it. May God forgive all of you in Nigeria.

All he told you was that you don't need to get to USA or Canada to enjoy regular electricity. Even in abroad, those services don't come cheap, you still need to able to afford it before you can have access. Either in Nigeria or abroad, you need to be able to afford it. I don't see where the word selfishness was coming from. There are many homes in Nigeria that couldn't even afford electricity bills. So, what are we arguing about?


Travel / Re: Don’t Let Them Stop You From Traveling Abroad Due To Cold – Us-based Man (video) by GetMeRight: 11:06pm On Jan 25

There are.facilities.that give shelter, food and clothing to homeless people.

Lol. Like those shelters are enough to accommodate all the homeless folks. Like they don't give priority to some categories of people ahead of others. Like there are no homeless people living in open spaces or makeshift tents and cardboards. The shelter that takes you in today may turn you away tomorrow.

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Education / Re: JAMB Rejects Apology Of Timipade Kemepade, Candidate Who Cheated 21 Years Ago by GetMeRight: 10:57pm On Jan 25

If in the court of God and the court of Nigeria, all you've ever done wrong were unearthed now, where would you be? How many in the board of JAMB are without any wrongdoing ever? The morality is nobody caught or arrested him but he came public to confess his misdeed.

What is the common sense in jumping at that and say, hey, we want you wretchedly battered before we accept your apology? Is that so wonderfully helpful? The essence of the law of any country is not to trap, take advantage of openness or kill but to encourage people to do the right things. Or why does a court of law show clemency when an offender pleads guilty? Even if justice will prevail, the offender's honest remorsefulness is taken into account.

Boko Haram and Fulani terrorists who don't show true repentance are pardoned and pampered by your president after they have killed, wasted so many families and contributed to Nigeria's economic retrogression and international bad image though their innocent victims are never so taken care of. Those in the JAMB board have one or two known faces, maybe even relations, in their communities or states who are pardoned terrorists, have they handed them over to be killed according to the law for their crimes? You think if JAMB takes him to court, he will lose all his certificates which are not proved to have been fraudulently obtained though he cheated during the JAMB entrance exam? I think the best will be taking him to court so that we see what comes out of it.

[s] Stay away from hypocrisy and allow your conscience to talk to you [/s] .

You can't even recognise hypocrisy if it stares you in the face.
Why would you even think or believe that someone should be allowed to enjoy the proceeds of his fraudulent activities just because he "confessed"? Was it your bible that taught you that? Religious people are indeed delusional
Crime / Re: Bama Hotel Owner Murdered By His Wife For Impregnating Another Woman (Photos) by GetMeRight: 10:50pm On Jan 25
When the foundation is faulty.

When a marriage is not built on the right foundation, this is always the end result.

Most marriages are built on sexual and lustful desires. Not on true love. That is why sexual offence is usually greeted with drastic and destructive penalties by couples.

Fine, he impregnated another woman, the worst you should do is separate from him until he gets his acts together. Not to kill. No body has the right to take another persons life.

[s] Men too will never learn and stop reasoning with their third legs. Since you can't predict your spouses' reaction to certain situations, why not avoid getting on their nerves? [/s]

I only pity the children who are losing both parents forever. Did she confirm that her husband was guilty or not?
Romance / Re: Baghdad: Man Divorces His Wife At Wedding Reception Over Her Choice Of Song by GetMeRight: 10:38pm On Jan 25
Werey husband and werey family

If your wife request for this kind of song on your wedding day and you and your family fail to divorce her on the spot, you and your family will deserve awards for the real werey husband and family.


Family / Re: US Soldier Flies Home To Surprise His Parents And Walks In On Them Having Sex by GetMeRight: 3:37pm On Jan 25

Why didn't they lock the door? undecided

Because they owned their own house. And two, they were not expecting visitors.
Not locking the door when it is husband and wife is more common than people realise.
Properties / Re: House Or Car? Help, I Am Confused by GetMeRight: 3:24pm On Jan 25
house first.

i think the main issue here is that you prepare for appointments late,prefer to trekk distances that you should've either entered a bus or used a bike, and don't tackle your tasks on time until it gets to the agreed date (this is common among artisans in this country. it's like you all are in the same whastapp group).

stop over trekking,
prepare for appointments on time,
try to finish your tasks before the agreed date.

these will help you to have a relaxed body and mind.

Someone is talking about how to get to customers/clients addresses quickly and without much stress concerning too much waka waka but you're talking of "appointments on time". Personally, I think you have missed the road, lol
Properties / Re: House Or Car? Help, I Am Confused by GetMeRight: 3:20pm On Jan 25

Airplane rather wink
Mteeeeeew for this 9ja

Some people just don't have sense at all. Look at their contributions, the first two contributors! Pathetic
Education / Re: JAMB Rejects Apology Of Timipade Kemepade, Candidate Who Cheated 21 Years Ago by GetMeRight: 10:11pm On Jan 24

The positive thing is he has a change of heart and is ready to be honest going forward.

At this point, in what way will punishing him help him and other young people? By hardship? Why are they quick to destroy someone they didn't catch or arrest? God touched his heart and he repented and confessed his past sin but you want him destroyed. [s] So that many other cheats may never give up their evils? How does that help our corrupt society? How are you and those people rejecting his apology morally better him? Haven't you cheated before? Holier than thou is destructive. [/s]

If you do the crime, you do the time too. Why don't judges set criminals free after admitting what they did? Lol

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Travel / Re: Don’t Let Them Stop You From Traveling Abroad Due To Cold – Us-based Man (video) by GetMeRight: 10:07pm On Jan 24

You completely missed my comment. I'm talking about the west not nigeria. Maybe you should read my comment again.

Then again, in the west even a homeless person has access to those things cheesy

Who's feeding you guys and ladies all these crap? Even after you used the word HOMELESS! How does someone who doesn't have a shelter above his head have access to electricity, water, health care?


Travel / Re: Don’t Let Them Stop You From Traveling Abroad Due To Cold – Us-based Man (video) by GetMeRight: 9:58pm On Jan 24

Not everybody is trapped abroad. And it's not for anybody to discourage people from going. The people that are complaining over there, are they on their way back.

Forget all the "I don't want to come back empty-handed". Life is better abroad. Things work. You pay for light and it is constant. In Nigeria, you pay for light and still buy fuel for generator. Or is it the bad roads or terrible education sector?

Cold or no cold, the quality of life is better abroad.

When you finally find yourself there, I'm sure that you will understand what they're telling you better. Happy Canada travelling, lol

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Travel / Re: Don’t Let Them Stop You From Traveling Abroad Due To Cold – Us-based Man (video) by GetMeRight: 9:55pm On Jan 24
The people who make videos to discourage people because of snow are evil and are cursed. If the abroad is bad why not come back home. Nonsense elements

I'm sure that if you too find yourself there someday, you will honestly give the same advice. Sometimes, you are already there and coming back empty handed is never an option.
Business / Re: I Just Got My Inheritance; I Need Your Advice by GetMeRight: 1:00pm On Jan 24
Hello Nairalanders,

So straight to the point. Please I need your advice about two things.

1. I just got my inheritance and I got cash of 8M and there's this popular belief of people squandering their inheritance,I don't want that to be my portion so which business can I invest it into. For context, I currently have a job and I'm not ready to quit so please put that into consideration.

2. My younger brother is still a student so he has asked me to save his portion of 6M in bank until he graduates but I don't think that's a good idea. I would rather he put it in some form of secure investment that will be yielding something. Kindly give us suggestions.

May the soul of my beloved Father continue to rest in peace. Amen

Whatever you do, stay away from online investments like crypto, forex, digital agriculture or networking.
And don't part with your money, don't give your money and that of your brother to anyone to manage on your behalf.

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