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Celebrities / Re: #bbnaija: “I Have Messaged Over Seven Hundred Women On Instagram” – Cross Speaks by Godsfavour78: 10:25am On Sep 12
We know.

Bombing things
Romance / Re: Broke Boys Are Sleeping With A Lot Of Women. by Godsfavour78: 3:37am On Aug 02
Op may be right though , there’s this girl in my neighbourhood , that had a nice ass and I really wanted to shag. But the girl was scared of me , don’t know why but it’s true .
Called her, toasted but when ever I was with her she couldn’t look at my face ,and the funny part was that this girl shags even guys that have nothing to offer her ,even transport after sex. I know this cos I know some of the guys that had sexed her ,I asked her to be my girlfriend ,the girl said no, I bought her gifts , still the girl refused. I kept trying until one day I told her my mind , I asked her to name her price , the girl said no....chai!!!!......the thing pain me, because guys wey dey respect me , guys wey I dey dash money on a regular the bang the babe , but babe no gree reason me.
Na so I leave am, up till today guys are still banging her , and if she sees me, she changes directions .
maybe you get mouth odour sir

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Romance / Re: Is It Safe For A Man To Lick The Down During S*x? by Godsfavour78: 4:20pm On Jul 14
Lolz funny you
dat mumu get prick oh
Business / Re: 40 Streams Of Income Masterclass - Road To $1million by Godsfavour78: 2:06pm On Jul 05
U wen post am no get 1M$


Religion / Re: Mind Mapping Research by Godsfavour78: 2:43pm On Jul 04

I employed mind greatly during my University days and it was likened to a miraculous feat. But to attach a mathematical hypothesis to this nature is presently beyond my grasp.

Please can u throw more light on this sir?
Education / Re: ABSU Student Jumps From 3-Storey Building, Dies After Taking Drugs by Godsfavour78: 11:21am On Jun 29
I have an issue please nairaland I need help my church paid 350000 to a recorgnise company for me to acquire a skill now the money have been paid and the agreement is for the company to give industrial machine .now the company went and bought manual machine instead of industrial machine ..and they only work 4 days in a week .they don't take us serious .they only deals on there business .some people who learn work there complain that ITF students left without getting better experience so I need help on what to do because the money is non refundable or should I do something to hurt that company because they are heartless
complain to your pastor and church members. The company scammed the church not only you.
Romance / Re: I Have Been Infected By My Girlfriend (pics) by Godsfavour78: 5:02pm On May 05
Like Did she bang your head grin because i don't understand grin how bumps was gotten from sex. grin
he shook head enter the pot of soup. grin


Business / Re: Bill Gates Took Getaways With Ann Winblad After Marriage To Melinda by Godsfavour78: 7:46am On May 05

You don't get the point, From the write up, you can deduce that ''Bill'' draws inspiration from that lady, though he loves his wife but the ideas, motivation and feeling of sharing your dreams with someone of ''like-minded'' can never be traded for anything.

Do they indulge in adultery? The write up didn't state that, so it's wrong to assume they did.

The wife is aware of this friendship, she is ok with it, The said lady was part of his greatness.

I hate it when people throw away years of friendship because they want to please a very insecure fellow.

For me the code is simple; respect and honor your wife and the holy matrimony but don't trade your friends for anything.
say the truth are you ok with your wife spending weekends with another man alone. Just because they were friends or ex lovers before she met you?

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Godsfavour78: 9:19am On Apr 15

but isn’t this for small balances only like less than 10$ does it work to convert all coins irrespective of the balance?
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Godsfavour78: 8:27am On Apr 15
Exit strategy is extremely important.

I have three exit strategies. Two of them are based on previous history of the coin.

I use Coincodex (the best, but no one knows) and CoinGecko for them. It takes me 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year before I exit. At this point, I have made more than 100%.

Each coin determines its exit plan by its previous history or recent history. I have learned to be patient; except otherwise — in few cases.

If you go to CoinCodex, you can modify the columns you want to display. I chose 1h, 24h, 7d, 14d, 1m, 3m, 6m, YTD, and 1yr and they'll all display with their graphs at once on my screen and I use them to analyze when to leave.

The percentage of the last 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days give me all I need to determine my exit and how long I should hodl.

With phone, you can't view it on Coincodex (even with desktop view), but on PC only.

My fasted exit strategy when the entire market is crashing is converting all my positions to the exchange's coin and immediately selling the exchange coin to USDT with market order. Two to three clicks of a button gets it handled and I'll be resting in USDT.

Boss how do I liquidate all my holdings to the exchange coin in one click please I use Binance.

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Romance / Re: How Do I Leave A Single Mother Without Hurting Her? by Godsfavour78: 7:17am On Mar 27
Always run from those girls that use to act as if you guys are dating even though you haven't asked her out, they usually crave for attention and are always distractive (talking from experience).
Never be taken away by a girl's loyalty at first because most girls are actresses and they retire when they get married. (I've seen it happen.)
You can't leave most girls without making them feel bad. You can't be an ex and still be friends with her (it rarely happens). Just tell her the real deal and avoid her, at first she's gonna make it look like you are hurting her, but don't give a fvck because toxic women have been scattering men's future from the beginning of ages. Na so Eve take scatter Adam's future. So you better RUN!!
you just described my fuvking situation. I never told you I wanted a girlfriend I just told you me Nd my supposed girlfriend get issues. You just jump into my mental space like say na olympics. And yes very distracting and crave 24/7 attention. And any small hint of leaving act as if she will die. Am in a conundrum.
Crime / Re: How My Wife Poisoned My Food After I Gave Her Access To My ₦19 Million Bank Acc. by Godsfavour78: 11:06pm On Mar 16

That's how you ladies are, before wealth, you have no control. That's why once a man touches wealth, no lady can say no to him. That's why once a man has touched it, his weaknesses and all those nonsense used in evaluating less wealthy men doesn't matter anymore. I lie?
you are not lying at all

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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Is Hiding Her Finance From Me by Godsfavour78: 7:10am On Mar 15
The issue with most men is that they really have not experienced "true love" from a woman, hence, they don't know how it feels like, and will just accept any subpar treatments from a woman just because she accepted to date him. For privacy reasons, I won't be attaching snapshots here, but if a woman loves you, you won't even complain about this at all. She will not bother you with bills and help you save money.

Which begs the question, "why are you with a woman that doesn't love you"? Accepting any woman just to not feel lonely and/or having an unrestricted access to sex is like selling your birthright, it doesnt go well. You'll feel pitied, inferior, and powerless. The fact that you're asking online is a proof to that. You should be discussing it with her not us. And the cure is still and will always be the same, which is, develop yourself and get quality, better woman.

A woman that loves you won't stress you. You'll be elevated through her, women are supporters, and you'll feel that pristine supports that only a woman can give, if she desires you. Next time, never assume financial responsibilities to a woman you're not married to, it doesn't ends well. Let her go, and fix yourself first, then you'll command better women that will make your life richer. Be wise
what of you don’t love the one that loves you?

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Business / Re: How Would 10 Million Naira Change Your Life? by Godsfavour78: 2:28pm On Feb 23
Health / Re: Jigawa University Student Commits Suicide After His Girlfriend Cheated On Him by Godsfavour78: 2:58pm On Feb 16
bloody simp

"Bitch Dependency is no laughing matter. Addiction to a bitch can fucck with your life, your friends, your health, and, scary enough, even your money.

It's a disease.
no bi lie embarassed
Romance / Re: This Is What Yahoo Boys Are Doing With Nigerian Girls by Godsfavour78: 6:30pm On Feb 15
like she said, that one no follow. That might be bad, but you can't term it evil. E no follow at all
it’s called obtaining money by false pretenses. Now go check what yahoo boys are charged with when arrested.
Romance / Re: This Is What Yahoo Boys Are Doing With Nigerian Girls by Godsfavour78: 1:15am On Feb 14
abegi dat one no follow
see your life mtcheeeew. grin grin
Education / Re: FUPRE Lecturer Laments, As Students' Cars Take Over Parking Space (Photo, Video) by Godsfavour78: 10:22am On Feb 02
That's my school, we dey vex no space for lecturers to patk their useless cars
guy efcc go teach una lessons at last.

Na very big casting d school don cast so.
Education / Re: FUPRE Lecturer Laments, As Students' Cars Take Over Parking Space (Photo, Video) by Godsfavour78: 8:00am On Feb 02
FUPRE boys EFFC bor Jakpa.

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Crime / Re: Delta: Gunmen Assassinate Man In His Car In Broad Daylight (Disturbing Photos) by Godsfavour78: 7:57am On Feb 02

You’d have to look up a school that offers sports scholarships as well as academic scholarships. I simply put him in touch with the school I attended. Sent quite a lot of videos of him doing his thing, then he met with their Nigerian liaison officer. He told them his findings and he got a 70% scholarship to cover tuition and accommodation
please can I get the name of the school. Thanks.
Crime / Re: Delta: Gunmen Assassinate Man In His Car In Broad Daylight (Disturbing Photos) by Godsfavour78: 3:35am On Feb 02

Lool why you personifying it as though you and I have ever or will ever have any sort of business together?!

I don’t condone, I don’t support, nor do I appreciate 419ers, Azamen or Fraudsters... So you know your circle and how to handle yourselves
boss please brief me on the process of going to Canada on a soccer scholarship.
Business / Re: How Would 10 Million Naira Change Your Life? by Godsfavour78: 4:48pm On Jan 19
Family / Re: Wife Gives Husband A List Of Chores To Do Before He Can Have Sex With Her by Godsfavour78: 1:06am On Jan 19
And after he's through with those chores, niggarr will be so exhausted asf grin
grin grin dis wan off me
Romance / Re: I Am Royally Fuccked! by Godsfavour78: 8:09am On Dec 29, 2020
You're a foool.

I am 23 and still a student and earn 400-500k monthly free lancing

Oga quit that nonsense and learn a either web development..graphics design or ui design.

.I called u a fool because you're a graduate with just certificate and no sense
cos of your small change nai u dey call pesin fool.


Nairaland / General / Re: How Well Did You Do In 2020? by Godsfavour78: 3:46pm On Dec 22, 2020
Fam this year was the year for me cos Xmas day last year 2019, was so broke I went to shoplift in a store and a security almost caught me like I was literally hungry and didn’t have food at home

I even went into some shops to try to steal clothes too, it was so so hard, then beginning of this year God answered my prayer, bought my mum a car, built a house till plastering stage, bought two other cars, secured a 5 year hotel lease, all in 12 months

All of a sudden 100k naira was like 100 millions naira exactly s year ago but it’s chicken change now. 2020 was that year I struck Gold like real Gold

Praying I’m lucky 2021 to consolidate
no be lie. 2019 never thought I can spend 100k in less than a week.

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Nairaland / General / Re: How Well Did You Do In 2020? by Godsfavour78: 3:42pm On Dec 22, 2020
Personally my Best year so far financially.Made over 115k$ lost 40k$ due to greed. Was able to save 70k$ plus and still counting.

Academically passed all exams well with minimal efforts.

Family wise went through some things but God answers prayer.
Celebrities / Re: ‘your Evil Spirit Has Surfaced Again!’ – Davido’s Lawyer, Prince Bobo, Tells Chi by Godsfavour78: 6:42am On Dec 15, 2020
The closeness between davidos personal lawyer and his fiancee is not advisable.

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Romance / Re: We Made Love Only Three Days Ago And She Is Telling Me This by Godsfavour78: 6:46pm On Dec 14, 2020

It's okay bro, maybe she get man offline
or maybe she be man offline.
Romance / Re: I Keep Seeing A Young Girl In My Unconscious Mind by Godsfavour78: 11:46pm On Nov 29, 2020

No warning...just a young girl standing.
used to see this too. Maybe my future daughter or wife I don't know. But I was going through depression then.

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