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Sports / Re: Fulham Boss Confirms Iwobi Is In Good Mental State After Online Abuse by goldbim(f): 11:14pm On Feb 16

If you're looking for a bias mindset, just go look into a mirror and the dude with the worst one would be glaring at you. Jeez, who amongst them had a good game in the game in the final (the only game because of whom you wanted to put a blame on Aina)? If ever we even have to blame any of the defender, it should even have been Bassey who stvpidly chested a high ball down in front of our goal area for an oncoming Ivorian attacker to capitalized on for the second goal. Go back to the game to see the mistake that led to the second goal. You're blinded to the mistake but complains about Aina who was trying to defend the blunder (albeit unsuccessful). Why don't you call out Troos too for allowing Haller sneaked a foot into his front for the goal or was it only Aina that must stop a goal? Again, Bassey was such a big fool for gifting the Ivorian such glorious opportunity and he should thank his star people overlooked the blunder. The team, itself, was able to make the final on the back of such very good defensive workrate from the backline, the one of which Aina was a pivotal contributor.
Iwobi was being called out because he had a bad tournament. Same way Chukwueze and some others.

And running under such moniker can't change your lineage, you know. Butterfly thinking itself a bird.
I'm surprised he's saying Aina should be removed..The effort of Aina in AFCON cannot be underestimated.That guy is basically among the top 5 that projected SE to the finals. Aside his south African penalty flop that can happen to any player .,we should give him his flowers abeg..He should rewatch the match we played against Cameroon and E Guinea. Aina is a super defender!!
Travel / Re: Funds To Japa by goldbim(f): 12:43pm On Nov 28, 2023
please check your Dm ma
I think I've been logged out of the mail I registered with.. can't access it .(password issues I guess😊)maybe you can drop your mail . I'll contact you with my other address. Regards .
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by goldbim(f): 10:09am On Nov 28, 2023
The question is how did he earn up to that amount?

Does he get monthly salary working as a pastor? You need to prove it bro
hey bro,I got your mention.i don't have access to that mail anymore...if you can drop another contact I'll reach out..Have a great day.
Travel / Re: Funds To Japa by goldbim(f): 9:41am On Nov 28, 2023
Hello sis....how do you deal with clearance in the destination country?
it's easy sir..you get called to come for pick up and you'll pay like 2 or 3$ per kilo for your stuff and or better still opt for door to door delivery .anyone you desire . I've been using the guy for like 2years now and I have peace because it's cheaper😂..Unlike when I'll pay about 300 to 400k to DHL .

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Travel / Re: Funds To Japa by goldbim(f): 9:36am On Nov 28, 2023

Hello ma, please can I contact you for your plug please?
sure you can ,sir.i don't know if it's allowed to drop details here..
Travel / Re: Funds To Japa by goldbim(f): 11:24pm On Nov 27, 2023

you can see,does he send to Australia?
He said he can send to Australia,sir .
Travel / Re: Funds To Japa by goldbim(f): 9:19pm On Nov 27, 2023
I no go cast am. don't worry, go and do your research.
I have the one charges 2800 from anything above 10kg sef..The guy is in Nahco and he has been helping me deliver stuff to Maryland and Virginia in USA.

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Career / Re: My Boss Calls Me All The Time. by goldbim(f): 2:41pm On Oct 02, 2023

grin grin

You may not like my answer....

Your boss values you as a trusted employee and he is willing for you to carry the load of the school

By bringing you close to him, he is making you feel comfortable that you are important to the school

The happiness you feel of being important will allow him continue to pay you pennies for years whilst others in your field will keep advancing and make more money

Your happiness will make you believe that one day, he will recognize your value and elevate you by giving you a better deal but such a day will likely never come.

If you doubt what I'm saying, ask your boss for a raise in line with your increasing responsibility and see what he will say. cool

My two cents...

Use your sense and prepare to find a new job before you wake up one day and wonder how you wasted 4-5 yrs of your life working for a psycho cool
@ OP,kindly consider this advice.. I've been in your shoes and I have to take the bulls by the horn.. you'll just realize that your mates have achieved alot and you're just stucked .I was in same position and I did that for 13years ..all is just a ploy to make you so comfortable..
He'l discuss family affairs with you and even make you look like a member of his family but guesd what?" A stranger will always be a stranger".
Don't get too comfortable In that school because even your colleagues will be envious of you and they'll think you're the one influencing his decisions one way or the other..
Start looking for better options!!leave that comfort zone..I wish I was this wiser 10years ago.

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Celebrities / Re: My Father Was Assassinated In Our Presence — Teni by goldbim(f): 9:56am On Sep 18, 2023

Yes, same father and mother.
not same mom tho😊. Teni's mum is the 3rd and last wife but theirs is a close knitted polygamous home .


Travel / Re: US Visa Appointment: What To Expect And How To Prepare by goldbim(f): 10:07am On Jul 08, 2023

As in ehn. I think it’s not just for security reasons but also psychological.

Getting to the place where one will have to take off his belt is scary too. Once you enter that final queue, the fear in there is out of this world. I saw an army man sweating profusely because of the final stage of his interview. It’s not easy at all.

Even when I tried not to be scared, despite the confidence I have, Omo all the confidence no follow me enter the final stage. Immediately I opened the door after denial, confidence accompanied me with “no vex, na fear hold me too” grin

I was just thinking of what I missed and how I should have answered the questions. Men!
lol, it's always like that but I think when the time comes it will happen..A friend of mine was denied like 3 times before he was given on his 4th attempt.Now, he's in the US with his family...Their interview and the whole process have a way of messing up with one's mental health..
I feel they shouldn't make one go through all that stress if one will be denied.. it's really frustrating seeing grown able bodied men crying in the presence of their family members especially those innocent kids that'll wear sch uniform with their parents..They should just let everything end at the checkpoint gate by making a roster of qualified applicant🤣.
Travel / Re: US Visa Appointment: What To Expect And How To Prepare by goldbim(f): 9:59am On Jul 08, 2023

You get it bro, the way they will check you henn , you will be scared pull your shoe's, wrist Watch, inside your eye's, under your foot, your ten fingers they will scan you fully the security checkpoint is almost 6 places.you see some people mimicking the consular accent 🤣🤣🤣🤣 speak your normal
accent.....no form the consular will like it.
I can't laugh o..🤣. I'll never forget a
young guy of maybe 21 or so that was interviewed in my presence and he was actually looking tattered and unkempt..He was asked, why do you want to go to the US?The next thing he said "Business"...
V.O-Interesting,How much do you have and who's sponsoring your trip ?
Y.M-i think he mentioned a very huge millions of naira and everyone bursted into laughter..
.V.O-How did you make so much money?At your age??pardon me🤣
Y.M-the only thing he was shouting was Legit,legit,legit.
Blue paper straight!! ..🤣🤣.They didn't even collect his passport ..


Travel / Re: US Visa Appointment: What To Expect And How To Prepare by goldbim(f): 6:57pm On Jul 07, 2023
What I believe about America Visa is luck and God destiny just pray the consular like you at that moment of interview you..... When you get to America embassy you will see different human beings on queue acting drama some will be praying some will be qoating Bible verse and speak in tongues lol 😁 some will be saying incantation 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Omo yepa, inside your mind you will be thinking you are already in America because of the beauty of the place, you will see all the name of all states in shape of map on the wall the place is beautiful. Wishing you good Luck's

Lastly just make sure you pray for God favour you and remember all your information you fill in your form don't make mistake be civil and have eyes contact with your interviewer only answer the question he / she ask you don't do over sabi in her front and don't panic and speak moderately don't shout and don't speak too low with eyes contact, and arrive in time before your scheduled appointment time and dress decently and use a nice perfume
You will succeed by grace of God.
🤣🤣That place is a comedy movie scene!! especially when you have to listen to people that are lying to the consular while you're standing on the queue awaiting your own fate jeje..!!All the same,God is on the throne.what will be will be !.
It's just " LUCK and GOD'S WILL".The security check alone is enough to make one have a rethink if you have bad intentions ..😊

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Family / Re: What Are You Giving Yourself This Christmas? by goldbim(f): 2:06pm On Dec 12, 2022
you are not alone..I've started collecting my vacation books!!Me and my books alone with a natural touch of harmattan grin
Hmmmm..Not really!call me old school but I think I prefer my books in hardcopy grin grin..
Family / Re: What Are You Giving Yourself This Christmas? by goldbim(f): 10:33pm On Dec 11, 2022
Everyone just want something for themselves alone
Being selfish a little wouldn't hurt at times..some of us spent the year thinking about others and doing only our best for them.(the needy inclusive)... The world will adjust!!The truth is we will still give the needy whether we like it or not..one can't just help it.may God keep providing for everyone.. (amen)


Family / Re: What Are You Giving Yourself This Christmas? by goldbim(f): 10:26pm On Dec 11, 2022
For me, I just want to gift myself some great novels to read and plenty sleep.
you are not alone..I've started collecting my vacation books!!Me and my books alone with a natural touch of harmattan grin

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Family / Re: Share Your Regret About Christmas Celebration by goldbim(f): 8:05pm On Dec 10, 2022
Oops!!This got me emotional..@ OP,so sorry about your sad memories and Christmas experience.. I want you to know even those you feel always have the best experience don't have it smooth all year...

some years don't always bring the best of our efforts or desires but staying alive is everything! Let's be thankful.Therefore, I'm sharing with you a warm tight hug and good tidings..!!all will be well..

Merry Christmas in advance..cheers!

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Travel / Re: Poor Treatment Of Nigerians By Foreign Airlines No More Acceptable-ceo Air Peace by goldbim(f): 6:28pm On Oct 21, 2022

Never flown Qatar Airlines, however, Lufthansa, Delta, and United usually don't experience such delays. Most importantly, the Nigerian staff of all airlines needs to be trained. The harassment at the boarding gate is uncalled for.
seconded!!You can say that again..The way they touch your things without courtesy like you packed the bags together. grin...At the end of it all,any thing for me??whereas, you don't get to hear such in foreign airports...you'll even be the one feeling sorry for not offering a tip ...


Celebrities / Re: Nurse Tells Side Of Story, Debunks Claims Of Leaving Rico Swavey Unattended To by goldbim(f): 11:44am On Oct 14, 2022
Social media ! A blessing and a curse to our generation..Rest well,Patrick!!.
May God comfort the bereaved (amen).


Celebrities / Re: Teni Buys A Car For Her Former Teacher by goldbim(f): 7:31pm On Oct 06, 2022

E b like you sebi the teacher ??
He was my mathematics teacher in SS2 about eighteen years ago.

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Celebrities / Re: Teni Buys A Car For Her Former Teacher by goldbim(f): 4:00pm On Oct 06, 2022
See others shouting wow wow like an ambulance. Congratulations to d teacher. Na better teachers dem Dey buy cars for no be d bitter ones grin
Happy teachers day
grin I think what Teni is rewarding is the man's Loyalty to his job and her dad's business!..He will always come to class whether you decide to be serious or not..He doesn't joke with his assignment!!On a norms, Mr Ofudje na wahala teacher grin grin..He can embarrass anybody's father on assembly ground..
In a nutshell,whatever you are,be a good one!!He loves his job and he's being rewarded for it.

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Travel / Re: FAAN Apologises Over Faulty Escalators At Lagos Airport by goldbim(f): 6:20pm On Sep 05, 2022
I was on that escalator the same day. Arrived around 2.30pm.
The problem is that the immigration set up their screening point just after the elevator. So fresh arrivals have to queue and the lines extend to the base of the excalator. So once you stand on the escalator to take you down, it descends on the mass of people on the queue, no where to move. So they tumble on each other.
My post yesterday made reference to the shouting match that happened between airport officials and passangers. A Yoruba man with his family. Omo, I twale for the guy, he did not allow himself to be intimidated.
That airport is a shot hole. Once you step out of the aircraft and into the tunnel abi apron it is called, you smell raw sewage ie like latrine smell. I wonder if that tunnel has a soak away.
You can say that again!!you are absolutely very right..Also that area smells like it's rat infested...I was there last week and my 7years old nephew kept asking me "do we have to come back??there's nothing welcoming about our Arrival hall ..faulty air condition,the floors of the toilet keeps oozing like public latrine..baggage carousels?? story for another day..I avoid using the escalator because of stories like this and they just proved me right!!


Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by goldbim(f): 6:15pm On Jun 20, 2022
[quote author=goldbim post=113991574][/quote]

Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by goldbim(f): 6:06pm On Jun 20, 2022
please update pics

Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by goldbim(f): 3:57pm On Jun 18, 2022
Hello everyone,I have a fairly used Ford pickup For sale..price is 1.7million(negotiable)..I'm having issues uploading pictures here ..interested buyers can quote me ..I'll get back on WhatsApp as soon as I can..Thank you cool!!
Celebrities / Re: Lady Calls Out Burna Boy And His Mother For Unpaid "Bole And Fish Delivery " by goldbim(f): 5:55am On Mar 10, 2022
I love the fact that she has more than enough receipts!!But wait o..Did she upload anything like charges or cost of the Bole she made?because it's possible Burna and his team felt it was just a complimentary meal from a fan. cheesy.

Sorry about the bad experience though but Payment " BEFORE or ON" delivery would have sort out this kind of issue.
Family / Re: Where Can I Get Hardcore Erotic Novels? by goldbim(f): 11:50am On Feb 27, 2022

I see, a person of culture.

Then, I used to think those James Hadley Chase novels were the real deal until I came across Lucky.

I'm still surprised till today that Jackie Collins is British.
same here. I give it up to her when it comes to exposing Hollywood's nasty secrets and celebrity lifestyles..she writes in a way that makes you feel present..Too bad,all that talent is in the grave cry cry..Her work lives on forever.!!


Family / Re: Where Can I Get Hardcore Erotic Novels? by goldbim(f): 10:14pm On Feb 26, 2022

Lol, somehow I doubt the above.

For your matter ehn, the more you look the less you see.

As per the erotic novels, you can look up British author Jackie Collins.

Go through her Lucky Santagelo novels.

You should see what you're looking for or something close.
grin grin You can say that again..not close to it..even more than what she needs..Lucky /Lady Boss ..especially some of Gino's escapades ..
Celebrities / Re: I Can’t Express Myself Well Because Of My Speech Impairment”- Bbnaija Sammie by goldbim(f): 3:55pm On Feb 23, 2022


Write me a mail if you can, I'll love to read from you. Best regards
I sure will.

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