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Politics / Re: Sanusi Lamido Coming Back Marks The Beginning Of 2027 Politics by Hallenjay: 9:04pm On May 24
He will also criticize the governor of Kano state if he does wrong.

As we heard, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was not the choice of kingmakers in 2014, but was chosen by the government of Kwankwaso to spite Jonathan who had dismissed him as CBN boss.

Sanusi Ado Bayero, who was chosen by the kingmakers, allegedly left Kano in protest of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi's appointment. His younger brother, Aminu Ado Bayero, was installed after Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was deposed.

My fear is for Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf not to depose Sanusi Lamido Sanusi himself.

Emir Sanusi should not have accepted to return. Politicians are using him to fight their battles. He is too big for that.

You say my mind. He's too big for this caricature, why the hell will you be running after emir
Crime / Re: Caleb Onyemaeachi Chidera Detained, Tortured By Soldiers Over Banex Plaza Issue by Hallenjay: 6:59pm On May 21
That bandit that was beating a soldier de collect his wife, he will pay dearly for it. They will give him triple
Car Talk / Re: Car Talk Chat Room by Hallenjay: 8:41pm On Apr 05
Pls, who knows the price for corrola 2010 South Africa model engine. Z10 or what... my engine is good but makes dt crankshaft noise and I'm tired of it. I cannot buy new car either... car of 1.8m now cost 8.9m, I rather buy engine and continue cruising this car since the body is still Okay, only catalyst missing
Investment / Re: Promote This Video For 24hr And Get $100 by Hallenjay: 4:02am On Mar 20
I just need you to give this video 500views and $100 is yours


Drop your whatsapp number, I'll chat u up
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Hallenjay: 5:00pm On Mar 19
Join this testnet and make life changing fund, no referral

Investment / Promote This Video For 24hr And Get $100 by Hallenjay: 4:59pm On Mar 19
I just need you to give this video 500views and $100 is yours

Business / I'm Giving 10000 To Anyone Who Can Achieve This In 24hours by Hallenjay: 3:11pm On Mar 11
I want this video to get 500 views from in 24hours.

Escrow or anything is allowed.

The video is for a content, I don't need long hours watch but views just click multiple times and accrue views. Its currently at 66.


The video is about how to navigate around airdrop that could make you money too if you understand web3
Technology Market / Re: All Offerup, Letgo, Craigslist, 5miles, Ebay, Amazon Deals.*READ FIRST PAGE* by Hallenjay: 5:29pm On Dec 17, 2023
I need any laptop brand with:

16gb ram
512 SSD
Core I7
Dedicated graphics memory(preferrable but not compulsory)
Location is Abuja.

Battery live is very important

Any brand at all.

Quote me with what you've and price.
Either AIN OR To be ship. I'm in.
Business / Re: FCCPC Orders Opay To Address Account Anomalies; Opay Reacts by Hallenjay: 6:06am On Oct 05, 2023
Nigerians can lie... I tried with my wife's number, the app couldn't fetch any name. I tried at least three numbers, none could fetch name simply because they did not register. Those whose number could fetch some names were at one time register or trying to register. That is my conclusion
They are useles paid fraudulent influencer paid to bring OPAY down. This is David Hyundai brother and co.

I've tried 5 numbers ,none bring out a name and a disclaimer was even der dat if the number didn't join OPAY in 24hrs, d money will be reversed. De r fool
Politics / Re: We Can Power 774 LGAs In Nigeria Within 24 Months – Prof. Emenike Ejiogu by Hallenjay: 7:22am On Sep 24, 2023
He should power UNN WITH it for a year, RCCG are now off the national grid which mean they generate and distribute what they use.
I want Lagos to have same but start from 1 lg
Politics / Re: Governor Obaseki To Shaibu: ‘Emilokan’ Won’t Work In 2024 Edo Election by Hallenjay: 8:02am On Aug 16, 2023

if Lagos sneeze? lwkmd cheesy

The region igbos helped develop to this current average level? , I laugh....

These tribal bigots keep amazing me with their soft-boxed contained mentality.

you never develop your house, you de shout say you go develop your friend place and you believe dem?.

Nawa to you ooo.
No be bastard piking dem go call u for house


Politics / Re: Justice Flora Ngozi Azinge: A SAN Is Trying To Bribe Me by Hallenjay: 11:32pm On Aug 15, 2023
This one never see better drug lord money bribe yet .bribe that will better the life of her generation to the 1000th generations
When I see ngozi, I didn't bother again.

She's just playing to the gallery, she should be careful anyways because in Kano there they kill an electoral officer with his family entirely on an an election day.

Though she is safe from ungun known men, she's not safe from Bandit. Ndiara
Foreign Affairs / Re: Craig Robertson: Man Threatening To Assassinate Joe Biden, Shot Dead By FBI by Hallenjay: 11:44pm On Aug 09, 2023
Oyinbo geh mind Sha...why you go even think of such thing to a sitting president? Well, he signed his own death warrant anyway !
something Obidient are doing and Tinubu never even jail dem oooo

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Craig Robertson: Man Threatening To Assassinate Joe Biden, Shot Dead By FBI by Hallenjay: 11:41pm On Aug 09, 2023
grin grin grin grin

Most of these whites can’t even survive in Nigeria

Killing a president that provides every basic Amenities needed by his people

No be us wey our own presidents dey hide indomie cartons from us

A president that pays monthly SSI, pays tax refund and answers 80% of una prayer requests

He has been killed for more threat.
Has anyone kill you yet?.

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Romance / Re: 12 Things To Know To Survive In Cross River State. by Hallenjay: 10:03pm On Aug 06, 2023
7 burst my head
Technology Market / Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 For Sale by Hallenjay: 9:49pm On Aug 05, 2023
How much last
Politics / Re: Tension as Nigeria Prepares For Heavy Military Invasion As Dialogue Fails (Pix) by Hallenjay: 2:54pm On Aug 05, 2023

We have less than 24 hours for Tinubu to tell the world that He is full of empty shit grin grin grin . He has already showed the world that He acts before thinking, its time to make himself a joke in front of world leaders. You won police West Africa, Who send you that one cheesy cheesy cheesy. Now you are left with the option of sending Hausa /Fulani soldiers to go combat Hausa/Fulani brothers in Niger or Shamefully crawl back to to your hole in disgrace. Mumu, you think northern soldiers will be motivated to fight against flesh and blood or you think South East will be willing to defend this shithole.
The Dunce thinks that war is cheap? You want to invade a country whose citizens are ready to defend their sovereignty with unpatriotic cowards(Soldiers ) that are after common citizens grin grin. Shame on you if you chicken out at this last minute tongue tongue. You are stucked cheesy cheesy

Set of useless igbo boys who want Nigeria destroyed because they lost Election.

Go and read about ECOWAS military.
Politics / Re: Niger Military Versus Nigeria Military (Equipment) by Hallenjay: 9:29am On Aug 04, 2023
Let's see Russia vs Nigeria, I want to check something
Don't forget Nigeria signed a military pact with Russia and we use there weapon and Aircraft.
Russia will rather court Nigeria or Ecowas as the case may be rather than Niger. We have alot to give them than Niger.

We have series of there military hardwares

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Politics / Re: Northern Nigeria Will Be Destroyed If Tinubu Isn't Stopped by Hallenjay: 9:25pm On Aug 02, 2023
Many thought it was a joke until a memo of troupe redeployment to Sokoto was leaked. So, Tinubu is actually about to wage war against Niger republic?

Nigerians, particularly Northerners don't even understand that their very existence is being threatened. If Tinubu succeeds in attacking Niger republic, Northern Nigeria would become desolate just like Libya. I will explain:

Many Hausa and Fulanis see Nigeriens more as brothers than even Southerners. So, it will trigger lots of traitors who would pass information to them, sabotage our soldiers and even enlist in their army to fight against ECOMOG forces (which would more or less be Nigerians). The theater of war will be Southern parts of Niger republic and Sokoto, Katsina, Jigawa, Kano and other core Northern states. I can assure you that military contractors are already salivating.

Once ECOMOG conducts airstrike on Niger republic, there would be reprisals of sorts and they would target Nigeria. Already, 300,000 Nigerian refugees are in Niger. They would become vulnerable & would head home. Sophisticated weapons will be dropped freely into the hands of Boko Haram and other terrorists & they would overrun North and head toward Abuja or even South. The Wagner group are familiar with African desert wars and it wouldn't be so difficult for them to push back against Nigeria.

This is France's war. Their economy and future viability is under threat. Because once they're successfully routed from Niger, their presence or existing neocolonialism in the rest of Africa would be threatened too. Yet, Tinubu allowed himself and in extension Nigeria, to fight a war that is not ours in the first place.

This war, if not nipped in the bud, will last for years and regardless of which side succeed, Northern Nigeria would be destroyed. Today's Libya will be paradise compared to what Northern Nigeria will become due to excessive arms and thousands of bandits that will be heavily armed. Whole towns and even states in the North will be completely governed by them.

Unfortunately, Tinubu has nothing to lose personally but an entire region would lose everything.


U can't read in between lines.

So if some 4 miscreants threaten u, you'll just drag back? Did u know what that means?.

Ecowas will now be consider as weak as they assumed and coup will take all over the west then we go back to 100yrs bak.

Do u know what a military rules looks like?.
The B Faso that the military head is currently der are suffering, they are now over 12% poorer. U guys are dumb. D resources is der and useless. They've become d poorest country. Russia cannot help u
Foreign Affairs / Re: Niger Coup: All ECOWAS Chiefs Of Defence Staff To Meet In Abuja Today by Hallenjay: 6:44pm On Aug 02, 2023

Oga u are ignorant.

Dont you know that Wagner are backing the Niger coupists?Wagner is armed and financed by Russia and they do dirty job for russia.u think Wagner na local poor equipped African forces.

Nor wish Doom into Nigeria out of ignorance.

you're the mumu here.

Did u know Niger has US base der?
Does Wagner has Air and sea assets? U dumb.

because Russia is given Wagner air support and sea advantages makes u think it will be same in Russia.

Typical Obidient who consumed everything online without independent search. Wagner isn't anywhere close to Niger.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Niger Coup: All ECOWAS Chiefs Of Defence Staff To Meet In Abuja Today by Hallenjay: 12:04pm On Aug 02, 2023
shut up. These are two different tales. Stop reading headlines only to story.
you've no respect but go and tell ur father to shut up.

I know exactly what I'm saying and nothing is in Niger we cannot deal with.

Where's the official report that Russia is going to help Niger?.

Nigeria is big enough not to talk of ECOWAS to negotiate any Russia intervention directly and probably restore democracy.

Now let me tell some of you who has quote me negatively above.

Nigeria and Niger soldier are already together in Diffa (that's Niger territory) for the last 4years and they can tell u who calls the shot.

All the Air coordination and assault are mostly from Nigeria soldiers.

This mission is nt to confront Niger but to tell her that ECOWAS can bite. If the president is nt released, ECOWAS will bomb the president villa.

Fear Nigeria soldiers because Niger cannot even survive without them
Foreign Affairs / Re: Niger Coup: All ECOWAS Chiefs Of Defence Staff To Meet In Abuja Today by Hallenjay: 10:34am On Aug 02, 2023
President Tinubu should please not intervene in the ongoing Coup in Niger Country. He should not send Military to Niger. Niger Coup is a build up to a Proxy war between Russia and the Western Slave Masters..............In trying to please the west, May we not jam Agbako by going against Almighty Russia.

Nigerian Government Be Warned!!
Enough this.

Gambia would have been worst today without ECOWAS military intervention

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Politics / Re: Protest: Private Sector Begs Tinubu Regime, NLC, TUC Not To Disrupt Economy by Hallenjay: 10:29am On Aug 02, 2023
There is anarchy and chaos in the country since Tinubu forced himself on Nigerians

Cries and lamentations in every corner of the country from day one of tinubu inception as president..

Na was for this wicked president

Peter obi is using NLC to destroy Nigeria. Let's see if the SE will breathe


Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips On Cars. by Hallenjay: 10:36am On Aug 01, 2023

first thing you should know is that your car odometer may be calibrated in miles and not km. city driving consumes more fuel than highway driving
My odometer is in Km.
I clearly see 240km/h at the last end
Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips On Cars. by Hallenjay: 7:10am On Aug 01, 2023

You mean you did 210km with 17liters? This should be 12.35km/l on PH-Bayelsa highway. I think this is fair enough
Thanks, I've been worrying about d consumption around city but I want to confirm if the absence of catalytic realy do anything and i have discovered none.

Thanks but city drive consumes my fuel so much.

I may finish full tank without even 100km to my odometer.

But the journey just added significant 215km to the odometer now and it's glaring.

Does d city drives causes it?.


Sorry, I bought 3 ltrs on the road for 2knaira because I was afraid.
So I came back with 6ltrs instead of 9 I gave earlier.

Thanks boss
Food / Re: Bread, Production And Equipment by Hallenjay: 10:41pm On Jul 31, 2023
I'll like to set up local bakery in a remote area around ogun state but since I want beat the people in this business, I need where I can get resources at cheaper price or what I can to attract customers
Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips On Cars. by Hallenjay: 10:09pm On Jul 31, 2023

This is fine. 480km/45ltrs=10.67Km/l.

I think my corrola is 50ltrs full tank. That's corrola 2010 SA model.

So I filled up half tank I guess it should be 25ltrs or roughly 26ltrs. I don't know exact full tank capacity.

I did 210km (To and fro- Bayelsa - Harcourt)

I don't have catalyst again.
Did this consume too much.
Meanwhile I still comes back with around 9ltrs.

Thanks for the response dozie
Business / Re: Imported Graduation Scroll Needed In Bulk by Hallenjay: 1:44pm On Jul 31, 2023
Must de import it?

Check for Nigerians bank or borrow from a university close to you. They'll gladly gives with condition
Investment / Re: Cooking Gas Investor Needed by Hallenjay: 5:54am On Jul 28, 2023

25 x 4 = 100k
I will pay back the capital within 1 year and the second year is for the interest which is 💯% profit

The capital is meant to be paid in bulk not divided as u put it here
Investment / Re: Cooking Gas Investor Needed by Hallenjay: 5:53am On Jul 28, 2023

No I don't except lagos

I can't monitor lagos, I would have attempt this.
But the competition in lagos is massive now

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