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Religion / Re: Joseph Prince Buys Singapore's Mall Of N80 Billion Without Raising Offering by HigherEd: 6:59pm On Dec 06
If they could get the Spirit of God into the building good, but if not then it would be no more different from worldly buildings of similar stature.

The Spirit of God is the one who makes the difference not size or cost of church buildings.

Without such church buildings the apostles were able to make by far more difference and impact on human lives and the world at large, because they had the power of the Spirit of God that the church needs to be able serve its purpose on Earth.

Luke 24:49 (KJV)

49 And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.

Acts 1:8 (KJV)

8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

God bless.
Please keep quiet.

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Religion / Re: Joseph Prince Buys Singapore's Mall Of N80 Billion Without Raising Offering by HigherEd: 4:52pm On Dec 06
There are levels to this wealth things o. That's my state's(ogun) one year revenue.

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Religion / Joseph Prince Buys Singapore's Mall Of N80 Billion Without Raising Offering by HigherEd: 4:46pm On Dec 06
The Star Vista is a popular mall in Singpore and already houses The Star Performing Arts Centre, home to Prince's 30,000-strong New Creation Church.

Deacon Yong Chee Ram told The Straits Times that the church had decided to buy the mall so that there would not be any risk to using the space if the property changed hands to a new owner.

"Given that The Star Vista and The Star PAC are inextricably linked, our immediate objective ... is both to protect the interest of the church and to preserve the good experience for all who come to The Star PAC," Ram said.

The sale was made by one of Asia's biggest real estate groups, CapitaLand Limited.

Jason Leow, president of CapitaLand Group Singapore & International said: "The divestment of The Star Vista is in line with CapitaLand's active and disciplined asset recycling strategy. Year to date, CapitaLand has divested close to S$5.7 billion worth of assets, exceeding our annual target divestment of S$3 billion. The proceeds from these divestments will enhance CapitaLand's financial flexibility to seize new growth opportunities."

In 2016, the church said it had paid $366m for the Star PAC, which seats 5,000 people.

It told the Strait Times that it already had the funds to purchase the mall, so did not need to launch a fundraising drive to cover the cost of the acquisition.


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Education / Re: Mudashir Abiru: The Death Of The Private Vs Public University Debate by HigherEd: 7:25am On Dec 06
Business / Re: Sanwo-olu, Elizabeth Jack-rich, Covenant University Honoured At Entrepreneur Awa by HigherEd: 5:47pm On Dec 05
Religion / Re: Shiloh 2019: Oyedepo Slams Buhari’s Govt Over "Hate Speech" Bill by HigherEd: 5:55am On Dec 04
Thank you bishop

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Education / Re: Mudashir Abiru: The Death Of The Private Vs Public University Debate by HigherEd: 7:56pm On Dec 02

You attach too much significance to your online identity which is your business and is fine. My identity as well is my business.
And if you mistake it for anyone else's, that would still be your business.

If you have anything to contribute as regards the topic, do so diligently and move on. Going back and forth on this ridiculous issue is exhausting and to this end, I'll cease to reply you since your responses have stopped to being constructive.
I think I know your former handle. Should I say it? grin
Education / Re: Mudashir Abiru: The Death Of The Private Vs Public University Debate by HigherEd: 3:15pm On Nov 30

According to THE, CU have 0% international students and UI has 1%. Although, I don't know them by their names, it still shows more international students prefer UI. I'm aware of this but would still choose international exposure for my kids above anything else. The exposure Unilag gave opened my eyes to see the possibility of what could be abroad.
You are funny. Let me explain why UI has international students.
These international students are studying Yoruba Language, Igbo or Hausa. The very courses private universities wouldn't offer. No white person is going to come here to study medicine or engineering for now.

Exposure ko Implosion ni grin

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Education / Re: Mudashir Abiru: The Death Of The Private Vs Public University Debate by HigherEd: 2:48pm On Nov 30

I'm not sure you got me right. I made reference to unilag taking the lead with the highest number for the about 6 years until this year.

How did you come to the realization that UNILAG sent 270 students to law school? How long should it have taken ABUAD to produce a first class? It that was ever a factor, we should have waited a bit more till ABUAD is old enough to go to law school grin

Is that how Covenant University that has ever lost accreditation for a course gotten it? What about THE that put UNILAG as top 100? I know you like that one grin grin

The same NUC which is influenced and never on merit as you claimed?

If you say a few, I can put up a debate but putting it as "private universities" out-rightly? It's a fantasy and i'll always be here to remind you.

Education / Re: Mudashir Abiru: The Death Of The Private Vs Public University Debate by HigherEd: 2:45pm On Nov 30

I recently graduated from university of Lagos sir and if my father could turn back the hands of time, I'll rather remain at home than go to a private university. BTW, which unversity did he graduate from? My children would go abroad but if at all they'd study in Nigeria, it would be UI or UNILAG.
You see the difference. I would really prefer my own kids to school in Covenant university even if we are residing in the west. One of Nigeria's finest writers Stephanie ..... left the UK to study in CU and then go back home during the holidays.

My father graduated from the University of Ibadan BTW and is still a champion of private education. He knows how many times they had to run to Ago Iwoye just because cultist where either attacking indigenes or oba was busy shooting students.

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Education / Re: Mudashir Abiru: The Death Of The Private Vs Public University Debate by HigherEd: 2:07pm On Nov 30

That's what they all say.
Education / Re: Mudashir Abiru: The Death Of The Private Vs Public University Debate by HigherEd: 1:41pm On Nov 30

Guy I don't have energy to throw insults and argue, just do and graduate and enter the Nigerian labour market with your private certificate and come and tell me how far.
I graduated many years ago boy. I have never entered the 'labour' market and I don't intend to do so. I have always preferred owning the market.

I see you are just writing Neco. In a few years time you would understand two things.
1) The public school you so much love has drained rather than impact you.
2) That the Labour market that you talk about does not give a flying fvck about your degree. It is purely worthless to the private sector especially if you studied anything engineering and scientific.

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Education / Re: Mudashir Abiru: The Death Of The Private Vs Public University Debate by HigherEd: 1:02pm On Nov 30
Mr poster I don't understand what you're trying to say, so because one student who got a 2:1 in Babcock made s first class in law school and the overall best you just assume private universities are better than public ones? where was private universities in the last law school exams where public universities beat them to the shit.....
Another semi educated graduate throwing unfounded theories up and about. At least get your facts right. Last year Naomi Ekpo a graduate of ABUAD(Private) demolished her counterparts from the public varsity sphere. grin

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Education / Re: Mudashir Abiru: The Death Of The Private Vs Public University Debate by HigherEd: 12:54pm On Nov 30

Again, this year, University of Lagos has performed a bit below expectation. It has consistently produced the highest number of first class graduands from the law school for about 6 years and that's verifiable. The same Babcock University that has produced 10 this year produced only 4 last year when Unilag produced 20. Even ABUAD that made 12 last year now has half of it this year. Consistency, as unilag has been until now, is what sets the institution apart. Let's see how consistent Babcock would be.

I'm surprised that suddenly, ranking doesn't mean much to you, HigherEd, whose entire online presence has been about digging deep, searching which recent ranking puts CU as the best in the world. NUC, our own most reputable commission insisted that UNILAG is the only university in the country with the full accreditation of law, and by virtue of that, best in the Nigeria for law. This same university, UNILAG, is said to be among the top 1000 universities in the world, ranked by one of your best ranking outlets, THE. Are you insinuating now that a Babcock somewhere is so spectacular and beats other universities to it?

I'm particularly concerned about the misinformation fed to the public by generalizing the fortune of the entire private university community by the success of a few. Because Babcock has produced its highest ever first class in law school does mean all private universities are now exceptional at law. Many of them have no business offer advanced university course. The would serve better as event tutorial or event centres.

Talking about scandal, i still yet to understand why the university chose to expel the lady if it didn't rock the university boat as a scandal. We don't have to deny that Babcock, as well as CU, is well far away from what could be considered a liberal school as Stanford,Harvard and Unilag. It allegedly built its foundation on the solid rock of moral decency and appear to itself as the moral compass other schools should point at. If for such school, the news isn't a scandal, then scandal has no business in the dictionary.
Your very self just made reference to Unilag's inconsistent track record by saying they did well last year and did poorly this year.
If anything, the result from law school indicates there is nothing special about the Law college at Unilag. If they want to prove they are indeed a special status school for law, they should consistently produce the highest number of first class degrees(by proportion not number) for the next seven years and should in fact produce the best graduating students at least 50% of those times.

The last year where Unilag produced 20 first class at Law school represented just 7% of the graduates they sent to Law school. While ABUAD a university founded in 2010 had 12 first graduates representing 6%. So a 1% difference is what the Almighty unilag with special status could shoulder up to a University that is not up to 10 years old.

NUC awarding Unilag full accreditation while denying all other schools means absolutely nothing. NUC alongside other Nigerian regulators are not credible. Things are done at NUC for influence and not merits.

Again ask NUC which Universities since establishment have never lost any accreditation and they would show you AUN and Covenant University. Not one single public university hasn't had her accreditation tussled around by NUC.

Remember that the reason for my write up was to prove that first class graduates from private varsities are not in anyway inferior to those from the public university system and I believe I have done that successfully.

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Education / Re: Mudashir Abiru: The Death Of The Private Vs Public University Debate by HigherEd: 10:21am On Nov 30
Morning HigherEd. While I agree that there are a lot public owned universities with infrastructural deficit, with the exception of a few, the 79 private universities scattered across the nation are a breeding ground for ill-baked graduates, confined within the four walls of mushroom universities that cannot be investigated due to standing orders that bars outsiders. There's just no basis for comparison, I'm sorry to break your heart.

I'm indeed glad that you have once again raised an issue that tilts the balance of our education system and keeps the confused ones speculating. While it's indeed a great development for Babcock University and its entire alumni body to have resurrected from a sex scandal that took over the scene last week to produce the best grad at law school, I think you should take a chill pill with the comparison. It still doesn't favour the privates.

According to your own stat, 37 public universities offer law and have 28 are represented on the list making 78% while and 18 privates have 5 on the list making 27%. It goes to show there are poor public universities but they still attract more intelligent students. It also shows that that more private universities that offer law do so to make the numbers.

I'm surprised that whenever a private university makes a progress, one that has lost its significance in a fairly good public university as Unilag, OAU or UI, it become a major news to chew for the rest of the year while waiting anxiously if another miracle would spring up the coming year. University of Lagos, today, is the only university in Nigeria with full accreditation to run the law programme according to NUC the last time. That's a stat you wouldn't like to agree with. It has consistently produced the highest number first class in law school for about 6 years until this year when UI took the baton producing higher number of first class graduands than all the private universites that made the list put together and still leaving enough change for some mediocre public universities.

Although, Unilag, with the best faculty of law in Nigeria, performed below par this time, it may tells us about the school but it as well speaks volume of the calibre of students for that set. The same UI that has produced 26 of 147 graduands this year could only produce 12 of 161 last year while Unilag and UNN produced 20 each. No one has denied the existence of a few intelligent and exceptional students in private universities as you'll find anywhere else in the world, we're just saying their degrees wouldn't come as a smooth ride and not anything close if it were a public university.

I wish to congratulate University of Maiduguri and Usman Dan Fodio university for this giant stride. If you haven't produced a first class at all, no one would blame you for it.

First of all I never made any reference to the number of first class produced by private universities at the law school. But since you veered to that let me indulge you. Babcock alone produced 10 first class at the law school out of a maximum class of 100. Unilag produced 9 out of a maximum of 270(Again, Unilag is the university with full accreditation for offering law)

So Unilag sent 270 graduates to law school and only 3% graduated with a First class at law school.

Babcock sent 100 to Law school and graduated 10% with a First class and to top it all a 2.1 student trumped all the first-class grads from ABU, UI and Unilag.

Even Bowen did better than Unilag, they had 4% of their students graduate with a first class.

Babcock sex scandal?
What are you on about? There was no sex scandal at Babcock university. Two adult students were having sex like students all over the world do. They were only foolish to have recorded their sexual escapades. I'm sure right now as we speak students from Harvard, Stanford, Unilag etc are having pre marital sex. So does a Stanford student having sex erode the value of Stanford. I don't get your point.


Education / Mudashir Abiru: The Death Of The Private Vs Public University Debate by HigherEd: 5:35pm On Nov 29
Today, Nigeria has a total of 85 and 79 public and private universities respectively. However, while the public sector recruits about 98% of the total student population in Nigeria the private sector can only attract 2% mostly due to the high cost of tuition. Further more, 37 Public Universities in Nigeria offer Law with the highest admission capacity going to the University of Lagos - which is permitted to admit 270 students per annum. 18 private universities are also allowed to offer law as a degree but with lesser approved admission capacities.

It was therefore amusing to many spectators how the much derided and under represented private led education sector was able to graduate the overall best student at the Nigerian law school. And much so, the overall best student Mudashir Abiru who was a 2:1 Graduate of Babcock University triumphing over many first class graduates from University Of Ibadan, University Of Nigeria, Nsukka, Ahmadu Bello University and University of Lagos - the supposed 'special status' law awarding institution with full accreditation.

Not surprisingly, the Private sector has proven her value numerous times as the viable, sustainable model of higher education in Nigeria. Redeemers University founded in 2005 recently became the World Bank African Center of Excellence For Infectious Diseases and has attracted millions of US dollars in grants. Covenant University currently ranks the best University in West Africa by the venerable Times Higher Education. Afe Babalola founded in 2010 last year produced the overall best student at the Nigerian law school. Covenant university also led the PRESSID project three times consecutively under the administration of the last President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Every now and then when Private Universities convoke first class graduates in large numbers we have poorly informed graduates and academics from the public university sector who make condescending commentary against the real worth of the value of their class of degrees which is an erosion on the commitment and diligence these young lads put in to get their degrees.

Today, with a 2.1 graduate of Babcock emerging the overall best at the Nigerian law school i would humorously pay back Public school graduates in their own very coin. A 2.1 in Babcock is equivalent to a first class in Unilag

But in all seriousness, I hope it is time we put an end to the reckless derision and query on the value of degrees obtained at Private Universities.

Source: A publication of NL's Highered

Lalasticlala codetemplar darfay darkid1

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Education / Re: Questions Trail Execution Of TETfund Projects In UNILAG, FUTA by HigherEd: 7:44am On Nov 28
Politics / Re: Army Frees 978 Detained Boko Haram Suspects by HigherEd: 6:29pm On Nov 27
A nation where Boko suspects enjoy due process. But Sowore an Activist remains abducted by security forces.

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Education / Re: Questions Trail Execution Of TETfund Projects In UNILAG, FUTA by HigherEd: 2:05pm On Nov 26

Away from the jabs, I think we should assess the situation rationally here. A project was meant to be completed November, 2018 and in early 2019, the slab of the first floor collapsed. Imperative to note they've not not gone pass the first floor because the supervisor would not accept their shoddy work. Consultants and supervisors who visited the site admitted DUTUM was doing a shady job and using archaic technology for the job.

The question thus becomes, is this how it executed the construction of the Senate building of CU? If it is, then CU senate building is a ticking ticking time bomb, it would explode. It's simply a matter of time.
As for your early morning rant against CU. Sorry but you won't succeed at driving an equivalence between CU and the straight up crap that happens in your FG schools.

The case of the registrar had nothing to do with sex for marks. They had consensual sex for years in exchange for giving her a pass at CU's community rules.

She later felt it was an assault because she was a minor. But know this, the day she wanted to out him it took a single phone call between her and Oyedepo to get the registrar sacked and evicted from campus. She didn't even need to step a foot in Nigeria.
We didn't need a Kiki mordi to handle that. We the Alumni community outed him and got him sacked. So I'm pretty sure CU's internal control is credible enough to handle anything thrown at it.

As for the Unilag project I feel something else is at play here. First and foremost Dutum delivered the 8 floor Senate building of CU at 350 million naira and is expected to deliver the Unilag Library of 9 floors for 2 billion naira. It's clear there's a lot of fraud going on.

That means CU senate building(350m), Landmark university college(1.2B) and Dominion Hangar(350m) isn't up to Unilag's library budgeted at 2billion. I have seen that building prototype and my company would deliver it for #500 million naira. This is reason why I am not one to run after an FG project. Apart from the fact that there are too many people trying to get a kickback, sometimes they won't pay you on time and then heap the whole blame on you when things go sideways

You see the problem going on for the Unilag project is that there are lots of contesting parties trying to loot Tetfund dry.

As for Dutum's technical track record take a look at this link and understand what I'm saying.
Dutum is not a small player so technical expertise isn't the question here.

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Education / Re: Bishop Oyedepo Anoints Premises Of Dominion University Ibadan by HigherEd: 7:08am On Nov 25
Shut up
Go to hell - the place you belong
Religion / David Ibiyeomie Builds Free Primary School In Port Harcourt by HigherEd: 4:04pm On Nov 24
David Ibiyeomie has announced the opening of Salvation Ministries’ Free Primary School- Equipped with State of the Art Facilities.
Located at number 100 Hundred Aggrey Road in the old Port Harcourt Township, Rivers State, Nigeria.


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Education / Re: Bishop Oyedepo Anoints Premises Of Dominion University Ibadan by HigherEd: 7:31pm On Nov 22

How is this relevant?

With all his money he couldn't stop Buhari from winning so?

Lol if you are still saying this. You haven't learnt a bit from what I wrote. It's not about stopping buhari but you coming up to the people who oppress you and then turn back to look for pastors to blame for your country's misery.


Education / Re: Bishop Oyedepo Anoints Premises Of Dominion University Ibadan by HigherEd: 7:29pm On Nov 22

So it is by talking the same "crap" back, by calling them Naive and all sorts that you get people to line up to your ideals? HigherEd even Jesus didn't get a buy in from EVERYBODY! Stiring up strife would only get our message muddled up and that is what i said is unnecessary! I greet you sir
No one needs to line up to my ideals. This has got nothing to do with ideology. You should simply tell people when they are being stupid. Especially, when their stupidity is affecting the rest of everybody.
Education / Re: Bishop Oyedepo Anoints Premises Of Dominion University Ibadan by HigherEd: 7:27pm On Nov 22

Can you comprehend yourself? Your grammar is horrible. I think it would have been better you write with your local dialect. You just wrote jargons to promote some who doesn't know you exist...

I'm pretty sure your ancestors combined do not match the level of education I've had. But go ahead and be stupid, it's your children's future you are mortgaging.
Education / Re: Bishop Oyedepo Anoints Premises Of Dominion University Ibadan by HigherEd: 3:37pm On Nov 22

Now this isn't necessary HigherEd, except you want to give matchsticks to those already armed with fuel to derail the purpose of your thread because the true worth of a man is not in the things he has but in the lives he touched! Let's focus on the impact which GOD has used Oyedepo in his lifetime to do and less on the "things" which sometimes can take away the reach off what is important!

If they like let them be harmed with hell fire I really don't care. Nigerians are naive people and they better know it.
The point of my post is not to brag about anyone's wealth but to let people know that no matter how horrible a nation turns out the rich will most likely be fine.

I had friends who when we were all more or less not economically in the right place, we would spend time analysing the disaster called Nigeria. The poor policy, the loopholes. However, the more we grow the more they changed. It's as though when people get richer they forget the plight of their own parents, villages and communities. This is why a child of a pensioner who saw his own parents suffer from non payment of pension can become governor and deny other people's parent of their pensions. He simply forgot the pains and cruelty.

This is why Oyedepo has repeatedly earned my respect following the recent elections. As a top 5 pastor in Nigeria you enjoy a whole lot of things. Including unrestricted access to Aso Rock. Oyedepo by fighting what he knew was bad for the country despite being one of the least touched turned himself into a target for govt.

Oyedepo, Adeboye, Kumuyi, Oyakhilome, Olukoya are folks which enjoy privileges the likes of Dangote, Alakija enjoy. If you notice many of them express discontent, they rarely strongly condemn govt. And as long as that mutual respect exist EVEN A MUSLIM PRESIDENT WOULD DEFEND THE INTEREST OF PASTORS.

Example: Buhari was quick to fire the person who dared to tell GOs to step down. But was unwillingly to fight for Christians being slaughtered.

I can tell you that if not for Adeboye that many in the ruling party don't want to offend they would have shown Oyedepo pepper in this admin. Yet we had Nigerians talking crap against the man. I since concluded that Nigerians deserve what they get.

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Education / Re: Kemi Onabanjo Elected As Covenant University Alumni President by HigherEd: 2:29pm On Nov 22
Education / Re: Bishop Oyedepo Anoints Premises Of Dominion University Ibadan by HigherEd: 2:10pm On Nov 22
On a side note. I remember during the presidential elections when the likes of Oyedepo was severely kicking against the election of Buhari, many people called him unprintable names. Some went as far as saying the man's source of wealth has been blocked and that was why he was always complaining.

That sounded laughable to some of us who are fully aware of the financial strength of the Living Faith Church. Anyway, within that same Buhari admin the man changed his Private Jet and even Chopper. So that doesn't seem like what a sinking person would do.

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Education / Re: Bishop Oyedepo Anoints Premises Of Dominion University Ibadan by HigherEd: 1:57pm On Nov 22

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Education / Bishop Oyedepo Anoints Premises Of Dominion University Ibadan by HigherEd: 1:56pm On Nov 22
Bishop Oyedepo visits Dominion University, Anoints and Prays for the University to Succeed.

Bishop David Oyedepo, Chancellor of Covenant and Landmark Universities was yesterday guest of Bishop Taiwo Adelakun, Chancellor, Dominion University, Ibadan.

Bishop Oyedepo arrived with his wife, Pastor Faith Oyedepo on the morning of Thursday 20th November 2019 and was taken on a walk round the university before addressing the staff and students at the university auditorium, meeting the University Senate and anointing the school premises.

According to the university’s Facebook page, the institution was excited about the visit and made good comments about it:

We are still excited about the PROPHETIC visit of our Mentors, the Chancellor of Covenant University (Our model institution), Bishop David Oyedepo and his beautiful wife, Pastor Faith Oyedepo. Our Chancellor, Bishop Taiwo Adelakun took his mentors on a tour round our school facilities. We appreciate all the prayers made today and for believing in the future of our great Institution "Dominon University".

Plans for the establishment of Dominion University started in 2013. Fortunately, on 9th January 2019, it was approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria as the 73rd Private University. Over 50 universities in Nigeria are owned by Churches while Dominion University proprietors are the Bishop Taiwo Adelakun led Victory International Church, aka Rehoboth Cathedral.

On 5th February, Dominion University received her license and hosted the Nigerian Vice President, Pastor Yemi Osinbajo on 11th July. A few weeks, precisely on 29th October, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Visitor of Redeemers University of Nations visited the university for its Inauguration Service while Bishop David Oyedepo will once again make a trip to the institution on Saturday 30th November 2019 for her Commencement Service.



Education / Re: Kemi Onabanjo Elected As Covenant University Alumni President by HigherEd: 5:43pm On Nov 21
congratulations to Bello and Lyon.
Bello and Lyon bi to ba wo undecided

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