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Business / Re: Stripe Payment Gateway Integration Shopify Store For Nigerians by humantorch02: 12:45pm On Oct 31, 2021


If you need a verified Stripe account to accept payments online, maybe on your Shopify store or anywhere, read along.

Whatever is your country, India, Nigeria, Pakistan and non-us citizens, you’re welcome to follow the guide on this blog to set up a verified stripe account.

And this guide is the latest and the best way to open a verified stripe account in Nigeria.

Requirements to Open a Stripe Account in Nigeria:

To open a stripe account in Nigeria, as a foreigner, you need the following things:

1. LLC Company Formation.
2. EIN/Federal Tax ID.
3. US Physical Address.
4. Payoneer US Bank Account.

It’s easy, and in a few minutes, you’re done. Then you wait for another 5 – 7 days for processing and that’s all.

In this post, we would be guiding you on how to get all of these things.

To form an LLC Company in the US and get your EIN, We would be doing that in this post.

And the state we would be forming our LLC in Kentucky.

The reason is, for some of the states, there is a tax fee, and states like California collect an $800 annual tax fee or your LLC formation cease to exist.

Forming an LLC in Delaware also attracts a $300 annual tax fee as well.

We choose Kentucky for you because the annual tax fee is just $15 (N5,400) so you don’t have to pay an expensive annual tax fee.

So, let’s get started and form your LLC Company and get the necessary things to need to open a stripe account in Nigeria without hassles.

Follow the steps outlined here ==> https://torchbankz.com/open-stripe-account-in-nigeria/

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Business / How To Make Passive Income Trading Crypto With Royal Q Robot by humantorch02: 2:25pm On Jul 06, 2021
Do you rely on salary to make a living? If you do, how has it been helping you so far? Don’t get me wrong I started making a living as a salary earner…

But ask yourself, what happens when the work stops? What is going to happen when your company is no longer profitable?

Are you guaranteed you won’t be among those that will be relieved from work? I know this sounds bad, but that’s the reality of things now.

Do you know what’s even worst?

Earning money in NAIRA… I mean I don’t have to tell you that the state of NAIRA is critically CRITICAL.

So the same value of N100,000 is rapidly getting closer to N10,000 so people's SALARY is rapidly declining in value but people don’t know.

Sincerely I would love to share with you a new means people have been able to get out of poverty through Cryptocurrency trading using A.I (Artificial Intelligence) Robot.

This A.I Robot is called Royal Q. It trades cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.) on your behalf for everyday non-stop.

Your profit drops everyday so far the Robot keeps trading for you. This continues for 24/7 and you have total control because you’re in CHARGE.

You have 100% control of Your Money, so there’s nothing to worry about.

I know this might not be too easy to GRAB. But don’t worry there a ZOOM meeting to put you through the process and how to get started using this platform.

There’s a detailed comprehensive ZOOM meeting held daily that is going to show you the Nitti gritty, IN and OUT on how the bot works.
Especially for those with little experience or a complete beginner!

Do you know what’s even amazing? I mean seriously AMAZING?

There’s an additional passive income plan for those interested in the company Networking Marketing plan.


You get to make money every day when you referred someone to the company and also make additional money when those you referred refer someone also to use the A.I BOT.

Here’s What You Should Know about the Company (Royal Q Bot Trader)

Below are reasons why you’re in total control of your money and why the company is best at what they do.

#1 Is Your Money SAFE?
The answer is yes, your money is safe because you don’t have to deposit your trade capital in Royal Q.
The only thing you have to do is to deposit your money in BINANCE or HUOBI account (USDT Wallet) then link the bot to your BINANCE or HUOBI account.

In Royal Q you can make a trading profit of 0.1%-10% in a day even more profit from your capital
BINANCE or HUOBI allows Royal Q to connect to API to read and carry out a trade. NOTE BINANCE or HUOBI exiting API is blocked as such Royal Q can’t steal your asset in BINANCE or HUOBI.

Royal Q robot makes profitable buying and selling of dollars in your exchange account.

#2. API Binding or Integration with Binance and Huobi Exchange
Your principal money and profit are in your Binance or Huobi exchange account. The principal trading fund will be in your USDT wallet, while the profit drops to the coin wallet you’re trading automatically.

Referral income can be withdrawn immediately and withdrawals are processed in seconds. So there’s nothing to be scared of.

#3. SIX (6) Years of Crypto Investment Experience
The company has 6 years of cryptocurrency investment experience, 4 years of qualitative strategy research, and 3 years of exchange system development and maintenance experience.

The self-operated technical team focuses on blockchain for best product, qualitative strategies, and users experience/benefit.

#4. Multilingual Support
It comes in different languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Russian and it’s applicable to different counties of the world.
24/7 hours online customer service and multi-lingual support to solve users’ problems in real-time.

#5. Available on Google Play Store
The royal q is Google play and IOS supported. One click download and install. It comes with High bandwidths and with regular updates for the app.
All done to make users experience better and easy to navigate within the app.

#6. Trading DEAL
80% profit for users and 20% for royal q brokers.

Currently, we want to build a team where everybody is going to benefit from this platform.
If you want to make money trading or serious-minded networker who can refer people and build their team is all welcome.
We’ll make sure everyone is successful within the network and also help grow the individual network.

NOTE, the BOT requires a minimum of $100 (USDT) for activation $20 for the trading fee, and any amount to trade within your Binance account.
Below are screenshots of live income you could be making today when you register and activate your account.

If you're interested, below is the registration URL.


Business / HOT: How To Generate Articles, Contents With AI Robots (artificial Intelligence) by humantorch02: 2:57pm On Apr 26, 2021
The future of copywriting is artificial intelligence (AI).

It's no secret that the internet has made it easier than ever to get your message out to a large number of people...

But with so much competition for attention online, how can you remain relevant?

One way is by using AI copywriters like I do!

Think of it as tiny MINIONS writing your contents for you...

For content creators... writing articles daily can be a serious stress, but what if there's a solution to that?

What if there's an AI that does the writing for you automatically? If you're curious then I think you should meet JARVIS ...

This AI software literally does 90% of the writing and you'd be amazed by the copy written.

Tested myself, and I think you should check it out.


AI copywriting is a new marketing trend that allows you to write articles using AI robots.

In the above video, you'll learn what AI copywriting is, how it works, and one of the best software out there for using AI to write content.

Do you want to write articles without having to do any of the writing work?

I'll show you how I use AI robots to generate content for my business and how YOU can also start using this technology today.

I walk you through all of the steps from start to finish on how (and why) you should be using AI copywriting software in your business!

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Business / How To Withdraw Money From Payoneer To Your Nigeria Bank Account 2021 by humantorch02: 2:01pm On Apr 25, 2021
Here you'll discover how to withdraw money from Payoneer to your Nigeria local bank account and domiciliary account.

Actually, Payoneer withdrawal ease is one of the reasons why Payoneer is unique and trending compare to other payments platform out there.

Other payment platforms like PayPal, TransferWise, etc are very selective when it comes to withdrawing money directly to your local bank account.

So irrespective of your location, if you want to learn how to withdraw money from Payoneer to a bank account in Pakistan, how to withdraw money from Payoneer to a bank account in Bangladesh...

Or how to withdraw money from Payoneer to a bank account in India, then I've got the right video for you.

Business / Free 5 Days Own Your Future Challenge 2021: By Dean Graziosi And Tony Robbins by humantorch02: 2:06pm On Apr 22, 2021
The greatest speaker lineup in history (including Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and so many other world leaders) is about to expose the secrets for how normal people living everyday lives can take the knowledge and life experience they already have and use it to take ownership of their success and maximize their impact.

And this is your invitation to join them (I’ll be there too)!


The Own Your Future Challenge is totally free to join and will last just 5 days… This event will go down forever as one of the largest (if not the single greatest) online gatherings of people in the history of the world and missing out on something like this can sting because it only happens once.

Someone is going to control our future. But how do we make sure it’s OUR CHOICE and not the outside world’s?

This is how Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi (two people I look up to who know more about success than most people alive) are about to teach nearly 1 million people about the industry that allowed both of them (and me!) to take back control of their lives, careers, time and decisions.

They’re doing the first-ever FREE Own Your Future Challenge for 5 days starting on Tuesday, May 11th…

Disclaimer: I am an independent Mastermind.com Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Mastermind.com. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Mastermind.com or its parent company, Mindmint LLC.
Business / How To Receive International Payment With Transferwise by humantorch02: 9:02am On Apr 20, 2021
With the current exchange rate in Nigeria, receiving international payment straight to your bank account might not seem like a smart choice because of the low exchange price.

Using Platforms like Transferwise can help with that.

Perhaps you're into affiliate marketing or freelancing or you simply want to receive money from abroad, using Transferwise can basically do all that for you.

I've included a short video on how to do just that.

Business / How To Withdraw Money From Transferwise To Your Bank Account by humantorch02: 7:05am On Apr 17, 2021
Do you have a Transferwise account and looking to withdraw your money straight to your local bank account? Here is how to do it

Business / How To Receive Money Using Paypal - Step By Step Process by humantorch02: 4:23pm On Apr 16, 2021
I'll show you how you can easily receive money on your Paypal account without any technicality.

All you need for this to work is a PayPal email, I mean the same email you use to register and sign in to your PayPal account. When people send you money on PayPal to that exact PayPal email you'll be able to receive the money.

With this, you can receive money on PayPal from friends and family, or from someone buying a product or service you're offering, as long as the sender has your PayPal email address.

I've created the video below for just that, watch and the entire process on how to receive money using your PayPal account

Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by humantorch02: 10:56am On Mar 26, 2021
Edited; this thread is all about exposing one of the other ways to make money online. I don't want this thread to go far however my original thread was deleted late last week by the overzealous antibot. And I promise that this thread will be more interesting than the first thread.

As I write earlier this thread is focusing on how to make money with NEW and EXPIRED domain names, tips, experiences. Do and Don'ts.
It still amazes me that quite a large number of Nigerians are fully online with different devices phones and computers but yet not making money from it. Many things have changed and one of the easiest way to make money now is online. Quote me anywhere.

Now you may be asking" what is a domain name and how can I make money from it"?
Calm down
In one word a domain name is an online real estate. If you want to get a website for personal or business use, what you need first is a domain name. Just like if you want to to build a house, no matter your plans and design, you need a land first.
In other words, without a domain name there will be no website. Without a domain name there will be nothing like e-mail address. "Now how do I make money from it"? The truth is that most good domain names have been taken. ... They have all gone. For example all 3letter domains names has been taken. You can form it and confirm. The only avenue to target is expired domain names. And what is expired domain name again? These are domains that the original owners fail to renew. every domain has an expiry date. The maximum you can register a domain is 10 yr which the minimum is just 1 yr. Now if the original owner fail to renew it after the year duration, some grace period will be given after the domain will be dropped and become available for anyone to re- register and it's legal.

Now this is quite easy and anybody with the right information and tools can do it and have a wonderful result. This is from my personal experience and not a hear say. Now this is richly profitable but just like any other business it has some basic strategies and ways to do it in order to get decent result.

Questions and enquiries are welcomed.

This is a great topic. Domain flipping is one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria.

But the work required is now getting tougher as you'd need to do due diligence search and look for potential domain names to buy.

The truth is many domain name investors stopped parking their domains because of a steep drop in ad revenue.

Parked page revenue has dropped significantly in the past decade or so due to changes in visitor behavior and Google changing its advertising systems.

Because of this, many domain investors point their domains to for-sale landers instead.

But the good news is that, if you’ve never parked your domains before, every penny you earn is more than what you made before!

You might even find that some domains pay for themselves; their annual parking revenue is more than you pay to renew the domain name.

So parking is still GREAT this gives you additional income even before you sell it off. instead of waiting for end-user to come and buy it straight up.

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Business / How To Add Your Bank To PayPal In Nigeria [2020] & Withdraw Your Funds In Naira by humantorch02: 6:48pm On Apr 22, 2020
Discover how you can link PayPal to Nigeria bank account

Business / Purchasing & Installing Alidropship Premium Store by humantorch02: 5:25pm On Mar 31, 2020
The AliDropship Premium Store is an exact replica of some of the AliDropship successful dropshipping stores. Right now they've made it available for users that would like to buy the eCommerce store and also run promotions for them.

It's a complete handsfree business and no risk if you'd ask me.

Business / How To Make Money With Drop Servicing In Nigeria [new Online Business] by humantorch02: 12:11pm On Mar 17, 2020
Have you heard about the newest online business called Drop servicing? This is the trending business you can get started and make quite reasonable amount of money from.

It doesn't require much to set up, and as a matter of fact, you just need to link buyers and sellers of service together and you make your profit. I'll show you how it works and how you can start.

What Is Drop Servicing?

Drop servicing is simply a business model whereby you sell services like web development, Copywriting, programming, logo design, SMMA, Facebook advertising etc. to your clients without having to do the service yourself.

In summary, a client pays you to get a job done and you pay another freelancer to do the job for you. Your profits here is the difference between how much you're paid by your client and how much you pay your freelancer.

It's very similar to dropshipping, but this time around its services you're selling and not physical products.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

You need a page builder software for building your sales page or WordPress if you're very familiar with the WordPress platform. You also need a Fiverr account for outsourcing your services.

Then finally, you need clients. You can read this guide on what drop servicing is and how you can start from scratch.

Today, however, I want to share a nice trick with you that you can use to get clients for free for drop servicing Facebook advertising.

For this to work, all you have to do is look for small businesses like:
• Dentist
• Chiropractor
• Plumber
• Auto Repair Shop
• Accountant
• Etc.

Then differentiate the ones using Facebook ads to drive leads to their business from the once that are not. Your priority should be on the ones that don't use Facebooks ads because they are potential clients for your business.

Once you find them, what you need to do, is contact them about using Facebook ads to drive traffic and leads to their business. For every potential client that responds well, you can then forward their order to a freelancer that will get the job done.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

In other to successfully do this, you'll need to install Facebook pixel Google chrome extension. Once you have the Facebook Pixel chrome Installed, You'll know if a page is having the Facebook pixel code on it. (And if yes, then you'll know they are already running Facebook ads)

Next, head over to your google map and type any of the small business with your preferred city and state. Take for example "dentist, your city, state"

It's going to bring out the results of all dentist in that city. Your work now is to look for dentists business that is not running ads. once you find them, contact them through their website and convinced them with reasons they should be using Facebook ads.

For those that buy your service, you can then outsourced it to freelancers and keep your profits. For more better understand, I'll suggest you read this guide on drop servicing.

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Business / 6 Figures Affiliate Marketing Free Course [watch For Free] by humantorch02: 7:38pm On Aug 17, 2019
I believe you understand how lucrative affiliate marketing business can be... if not I won't find you here checking out this article!

Affiliate marketing is no child play if you really want to make money while you sleep, trust me affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get started.

However, it's not always easy most especially when you're just getting started.

This course I'm about to reveal is not for the overnight riches kind of people... if you really want to make on a long term and ready to treat affiliate marketing as a serious business then you should enrol for the course.

It's absolutely free and it's spread over the course of 4days. The course is created by Russel Brunson the co-owner of the popular software name Clickfunnels.

What Should You Expect from the Course?

You'll learn how to use irresistible offers to promote affiliate offers and how to create sale funnels for each of your products.

Best Part?

It's not limited to affiliate marketing... You can use the knowledge gained from this course to promote your personal brand.

I can only list a few on Nairaland... to learn more about the course and how to apply... simply check this Clickfunnels post on it.
Business / Re: How To Make Money Using Clickfunnels by humantorch02: 11:08am On Aug 16, 2019
In other to successfully make with Clickfunnels you need to understand the Software as well as how or what strategy you intend to use. It requires work and it isn't going to happen in a day.

Basically, Clickfunnels is a drag and drop software that allows you to create the following:
Sales Pages
Landing pages
Squeeze pages
Checkout Pages
Affiliate Program for your business
Membership sites
Automation Sequences
Web Hosting
Split Testing
And many others…

So basically, you can majorly make money with Clickfunnels if you have an existing business you want to create a sales funnels for or Promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate.

There are various other ways to earn serious income with Clickfunnels that I can only mention a few.

Bust most importantly is the fact that you should have in-depth knowledge or experience with affiliate marketing or Info marketing in other to successfully take advantage of the platform.


The ability to make money online fascinates every red-blooded human being on this planet. In fact, the mere thought of it certainly brings wild-eyed wonder and imagination to the mind. It conjures up thoughts of a life replete with leisure, comfort and free will to do what you want, when you want and where you want. The truth is that it’s a dream that lives on in the hearts and minds of people near and far.

However, we all know that this dream is often elusive. Making money online seems easy when internet marketers portray it. But we all know that’s far from the truth. Most of the people who’ve continuously tried and failed to generate any semblance of an income on the internet, have been met with more heartbreak and defeat than they have with untold riches. Yes, it isn’t easy. But, for those who succeed, the world really is their oyster.

Whether you live in a sparsely-populated remote region or in a bustling urban metropolis, you can make money online as long as you adhere to certain principles. It’s about holding your ground and being persistent. Not about having shiny object syndrome and chasing after the latest and greatest system that promises online riches. While systems and courses are great, it’s easy to get lost in an endless cycle of learning and never actually generate any money.

Anyone who’s serious about serious about how to make money online in nigeria (whether active or passive) can do it. But there’s something relatively important that you have to realize about succeeding in an endeavor that so many people are clamoring to get a grasp on. Three things currently separate you from making the amount of money that you dream of or potentially replacing your full-time income with the ability to generate that same amount (if not more) on the internet. There are several ways by which ypu can make money from clickfunnels.

ClickFunnels offers one such avenue for helping you to build a business and generate a real income online. Whether you’re looking to directly exchange your time for money, or you’re looking to build a passive income business, it’s one way you can get from zero to hero quickly. However, as always in life, there’s no such thing as a guarantee. But, when you go out there and you model what the most successful people in the world are doing, that’s where the real magic happens.

Business / Re: How To Send And Receive Paypal Funds In Nigeria (Photos) by humantorch02: 10:09am On Aug 03, 2019
Perfect, this work quite well, but you still need to know how to Withdraw the funds directly to your Nigeria bank account. Else you'll need to start selling your funds in exchange for naira.

If you're selling your PayPal funds for naira, that is, sending out funds from your PayPal account. Your account is going to reach a certain Milestone that will get your account limited.

Hence, you'll need to reverify your account with your statement of accounts, Passport and a registered residential address.

Your account will be limited if you can't provide the following. However, it better you withdraw your money directly without sending out too much to avoid the milestone.

And if you reach the milestone just provide the needed document and you'll be safe.
Business To Business / Re: How To Withdraw Money From Your Nigerian Paypal Account by humantorch02: 9:57am On Aug 03, 2019
Congrats Nairalanders, i want to inform you all that it is now possible to withdraw money from your nigerian paypal account. All you need is A Real Bank Account ( Not Virtual Bank Account Like US, UK Or Payoneer That Was Banned By Paypal) from a particular country and all you need to open the account is $50, your international passport, nepa bill not older than 3 months and you will have a genuine non Resident Real Bank Account that you can use to withdraw from paypal and it takes 2weeks for you to get the account. To Be able to Withdraw From Your Naija Paypal Account, you need to open a fresh paypal account in the same country you got your Real Bank Account. E.G if your bank account is in albania, you open an albanian paypal account as your name but be the same with the name you use to open your Bank Account, Transfer Money From Your Naija Paypal To Your Albania Paypal And Withdraw With Your Albania Debit Card. Am going to give out this information to 3 lucky Nairalander and the rest will have to pay #2,000 to get this info. To Qualify Visit Our Facebook Page At : paypaltoatm and type 'my bonus' to qualify. For Those In Anambra Call 09035878010 to meet me live to help you set up your Bank Account.

You don't need to go through the above stress again, you can now use your normal Nigeria bank account and receive your PayPal funds directly to your naira account.

You just need to link your Atm card to cash out your funds directly to your bank in Nigeria. For Detailed guide on how to do that, check out this PayPal Post.
Webmasters / Re: How To Create A Website Like Naijaloaded by humantorch02: 11:39pm On Apr 03, 2019
Creating a website is now as easy as creating a Facebook account. These days you don't need to pay anyone to create a website for you, except have the funds in excess!

With the Advent of WordPress and various drag and drop plugins anybody even a kid can now create a website without having to know any single code, nor being skilled in Web development.

I've written a tutorial article on how to create a website yourself and with a cost effective budget. I'll suggest you check it out and equipped yourself with the right knowledge.
Business / Ecommerce Business Niche Ideas In Nigeria: 2019 Case Study by humantorch02: 9:19am On Feb 01, 2019
E-commerce trends keep increasing as more and more people are joining the online shopping trend in Nigeria. This, of course, is good news for those thinking of joining the bandwagon of e-commerce business owner in Nigeria.

No kidding, eCommerce is still one of the fastest routes to amass wealth online and just because it is doesn’t mean you can.
Why not? You may ask.

Seriously, I personally which I can answer that question but I can’t, However, one thing is certain. The kind of products or services you choose to sell as a lot to do with the success of your business.

But not to worry, I’m here with a few niches idea to get you started with your e-commerce business in Nigeria. But before that, let’s try and understand what e-commerce niches are.

What is an eCommerce Niche?

If you’re hearing this for the first time, chances are you already wondering about what’s an eCommerce niche are. It’s actually nothing serious. It’s just a specialized way of selling related products or services to specific audience market.

For example, let’s say you’re into fashion products. The broader fashion category could include so many different types of products. From adult male clothing to baby wears, the market is massive!

It is difficult to sell your product line to both a 17-year-old boy wanting a normal dress and also a 30-year-old lady looking for a wedding dress. How do you even find something in common with these two types of buyers? The solution is to find your niche.

In this case, an example of an e-commerce niche within the fashion market would be baby wears. Choosing this type of niche means you can narrow your market to shoppers that are interested in baby wears, most likely in a certain age demographic (25-45 years old), and predominately female.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of selling in a Niche Market:
• Let’s expensive to set up
• Low cost of running
• Lesser storage fee
• Shipping fee will be reduce
• Reach a well targeted audience
• Better profits
• Brand loyalty
• Better supplier relationship

Now let’s take a look at the hot trending niches idea for e-commerce business in Nigeria for this year. The list includes the following.

1. Event planning
2. Security Products
3. Health and wellness
4. Drones and accessories
5. Tech products and gadget
6. Fertility products
7. Catering Service
8. Social Media Manager
9. CV Writer
10. Public Speaking Coach
11. Dating Coach
12. Photography
13. Investment Advisor
14. Relationship Coach
15. Business Consultant
16. Car accessories
17. Sexual products
18. Digital products
19. Schooling online
20. Furniture

Whichever of the niche you choose they are bound to be a profitable niche with the right social awareness.
Here a complete guide to guide you through starting your first e-commerce business in Nigeria.

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Business / Re: How Start Up An Ecommerce Business In Nigeria by humantorch02: 6:29pm On Jan 31, 2019
Average Nigerians don't know the full potential of eCommerce or even the basic of eCommerce business in Nigeria. The usual mental picture is that any business that looks like Jumia and Konga is a typical e-commerce business.

You'll be surprised as dudes are making over a million naira monthly income with just a single page simple e-commerce website in Nigeria. You don't necessarily have to have tons of products like Jumia. Simply selling your service is an e-commerce business.

As a matter of fact, you don't need to have a product to sell or services to render before you start up your eCom business... simply connecting the two together could just be the necessary cue you need to get started.

Here's a typical way to start the modern e-commerce business in Nigeria from scratch!
Business / Re: How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria by humantorch02: 11:29am On Oct 27, 2018
Being successful with the mini importation has to do with the kind of products you choose to import and your marketing strategy.
Business / Re: How To Start An Online Importation Business Without Capital And Make 200% ROI by humantorch02: 11:02am On Oct 27, 2018
Here's a free way to start mini importation business in Nigeria. All you need to be successful at this is the ability to find products that people are willing to buy.

Product around these niches always sells well:
# Sexual product
# Security
# Fitness
#Health etc.

Otherways to find these products are going through products ads on Facebook, look for products people are promoting and look at peoples engagement on it. Higher engagement shows that people want that kind of products.
Business / Re: Easiest Method To Start Mini Importation In Nigeria 2020 by humantorch02: 10:52am On Oct 27, 2018
The right knowledge is absolutely needed when starting mini importation business. Just because some products are crazily cheap on some Chinese website doesn't mean the products are good. I've lost 45k to one of this Chinese website because the products are inferior.

So you must be willing to research more about these products before importing them. This article can give you a head start on that.

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Business / Re: Mini Importation Business In 2018 – My Advice For Mini Importers by humantorch02: 10:26am On Oct 27, 2018
The first goods I imported via mini importation cost me 45k and everything was a waste because the products are bad. I've discovered that if you want to make it with mini importation the product you're selling must be a unique product.

Don't go and start importing products people can easily found on the street side because you think the money is cheap. you'll lose all the money invested because you'll be surprised nobody is going to buy the products.

Instead looks for unique products ... a good example is products that arouse people curiosity, products they can't easily come by. if you want products can that really move market I'll suggest you look into the following:
# Security
#Sexual product
#Skincare etc..

These are products that people are ready to buy and they will continue to buy. This guy has more info about Mini Importation in Nigeria, I'll suggest you check it out.

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Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free - Season 2 by humantorch02: 9:21pm On Oct 21, 2018
Phew! After more than two weeks of reading this whole thread (all the way from Season 1), I can finally say a big thank you to all the great guys who have shared their knowledge here so selflessly. wink

I stumbled on this thread during my research for a 'Small Scale Importation Business' and it proved to be very useful. However, due to the long, winding and often disjointed conversations in the thread, I was tempted to give up a couple of times.

The truth is, it is VERY difficult for a newcomer to this topic to follow up with the ideas and knowledge shared on this thread. Lest we have all forgotten, this information-packed thread is over 400 pages long and contains over 4,500 comments. How many people can find the patience to read all that? And even when they finish reading everything, there are more comments being added every single day!

So, I have decided to offer my final and published article as an introductory course for people who want to join the conversation on this thread. Reading the article will bring them up to speed and save them the long hours it took me to read everything from Season 1.

You don't have to worry, I'm not one of those trying to peddle an eBook. The article is very detailed and is totally FREE. It should take you less than 20 minutes to digest and it contains many of the key pieces of info shared here.

You can read it at: http://www.smallstarter.com/browse-ideas/internet-business/how-to-start-a-small-scale-importation-business-in-africa

Of course, I'll be looking forward to your feedback. Do you think the article captured all the MAJOR points and keys to success in this business?


gone through it and it's indeed awesome... however there a lastest guide on that and it's very recent I'll suggest you guys check it out to complement the previous knowledge... https://torchbankz.com/start-mini-importation-business-nigeria
you'll find it helpful.

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