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Autos / Re: CCP Shipping by iykrion(m): 5:20am On Feb 18, 2020
CCP and the owner Yemi Adegboyega are the very dishonest! They steal clients’ goods. I sent a Toyota Sienna loaded with house hold items on July 12th of 2019 because Yemi of CCP told me that they are shipping on July 27th, but my goods didn’t get to Nigeria until Jan 2020 (six months after). CCP and Yemi charged for me for six months storage in the US whereas it was their fault for not shipping my items as promised. They lost the Van’s title and charged me for the replacement among other spurious and fraudulent charges. As if those ain’t enough, some of my items were missing from the Van notwithstanding that I paid for a space in a container. Yemi of CCP told me that shipping in a container was $1300 but I was surprised to see $1600 in the invoice.
CCP also charged me additional N270,000 for storage in Nigeria notwithstanding that I picked up my vehicle same week it arrived their warehouse in Nigeria. The vehicle was damaged while in the custody of CCP and when I called to complain, Yemi blocked me off. I am gathering signatures of those that have been scammed by Yemi and CCP, this must not be allowed to continue. DO NOT PATRONIZE CCP if you want to maintain peace of mind!
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part3 by iykrion(m): 8:40am On Jan 06, 2013
Chi-town Base:

I have seen ur type before u are not the first and wont be the last. people like u are the ones dat end up marrying crack head to get papers and if u are so comfortable were u are, i dont see a need coming here in the first place to study if u are not planning to excape too like u jugde other people @Imperioux this guy is not worth ur anger just continue doing what u kno how to do best, and @ geodarmy i feel ur point but everyone has a callin, but u gave out good point doe not everyone has the courage and come out to give folks good info like this, and @those trying to change carreer choose wisely before u come up with a decision happy new years guys in da house...

So much anger! Well, I'm already married. I am only concerned about the brain drain that has kept us underdeveloped. I didn't say that people shouldn't follow their dreams. With time I will be understood, now tempers are high. I'm sorry if I did offend some people by my comments. No insult was intended.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part3 by iykrion(m): 11:58pm On Jan 05, 2013

I always respect everyone. No one is a kid, you got your story I got mine. It's not how far but how well.....sometimes we don't recount our age because it's nothing without achievement. What do you called escape route? Is it coming to US, studying, looking for job and stay back or coming to US on F1 and not attending school at all? If the first is your escape route, then US govt won't bother giving F1 visa to any nationals...... Abeg! I've long evading exchange of words on this thread.

You fail to understand me, and I am worried about your aggressive responses. If u take a close look at my posts, u will get to know that I detest acrimony. Do have a nice time. It's almost midnight here.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part3 by iykrion(m): 11:47pm On Jan 05, 2013

Truth is that both of you have your points but in this argument, they can not be a winner.... So put down ur swords and pop champagne.... I am sipping my vodka, dunno about u cool

And egbon, Nigeria is a gold mine that can only be tapped by few.... It's not a PLC

That's great!! I commend ur sense of judgement. I can't but agree with u. It shall be well!!
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part3 by iykrion(m): 11:37pm On Jan 05, 2013

That's the starting point, I just don't want to say that. Everything starting N will change. How many we haven't seen or heard of? Abeg!

Nigeria is a gold mine waiting to be tapped. With an American degree, the sky is my limit. I did research this b4 deciding to invest millions of naira in this venture. FYI, I graduated from the University in 2003 and did my first MA in Strategic Studies in 2007. So, I am not looking for an escape route. So, u can see that I am not a child as u may assume.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part3 by iykrion(m): 11:26pm On Jan 05, 2013

So u can see he is funding his studies? Some people are well off here already or will be when they return. My brother is bringing in a condition we return after studies.He's well-off here and doesn't see the need to roam abroad.I don't think I will kill myself to live abroad ooo.Get d citizenship and move on.

That's what imperiouxx & co, have refused to see. Well, I won't over-flog the issue. We are all entitled to our opinions.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part3 by iykrion(m): 10:42pm On Jan 05, 2013

I'm not surprise because an adage says we can't tell at home who is going to die in war. Lots were pastors and advocates for Nigeria but the moment they step and spend one month in US, their ringtone changed to Super mario style. Waiting for your exp, that's the only important thing to this thread.

Yes! Those kind of people I like are those who come out to tell you how they feel personally not how all should feel generally. And determining who is staying or not is beyond this thread. I wish I know which part you follow soon.

Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part3 by iykrion(m): 10:18pm On Jan 05, 2013

Congrats!Say how it went...people must move around. They will come back in different ways at different times.

It went thus:

Me: Gdmorn'
VO: Gdmorn' how are u doing?
Me: Very well, I can see you are enjoying your ice tea
VO: Yeah! Could you pls pass ur docs
Me: Sure! Here pls
VO: (After studying the I20), you are going to University of Massachusetts to study Peace & Conflict Studies, what do u intend to do with this degree?
Me: I will major in Policy Analyses, it is obvious that in today's Nigeria, we have issues with policy formulation and implementation. And until we get these right, we will continue to go without guideposts.
VO: Ok, who will fund your studies?
Me: I will
VO: Where do u work and how long?
Me: I told him.
VO: How much do u earn?
Me: I told him.
VO: Why do u want to abandon ur lucrative job for graduate studies in the US.
Me: Because I want to be relevant in the process of peace building, policy formulation and analyses in Nigeria.
VO: Is there any evidence of sufficient funds to support ur claims?
Me: Sure, (I gave him the bank statements)
VO: (After studying them) Ok, did u take any test?
Me: Yes, I wrote both TOEFL $ GRE, (I handed the results to him) though UMass does not require TOEFL for students that the language of study is English
VO: Why then did u take the TOEFL test?
Me: For the purpose of this interview, I understand that you require it
VO: Oh! That's not correct, it is only on very few instances that it may be demanded
Me: Ok. I only wanted to be on d safe side
VO: How many schools did u apply to?
Me: 3 in the US (named them) & 1 in Nigeria (named it)
VO: Why 1 in Nigeria?
Me: To cushion the effect of visa denial
VO: Oh! Ok! (laughs), go to the address on this paper and pick up ur visa on Wednesday.
Me: Thanks a lot!
VO: You are welcome.

It was a very short interview.


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part3 by iykrion(m): 9:23pm On Jan 05, 2013

Good for you and don't change your mind later o. We don't come here for hearing on who is going back or not. Create a thread for that, people will view it at least.

Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part3 by iykrion(m): 9:11pm On Jan 05, 2013

Not all of us want to stay here.... We just don't say it out

Congrats bro

Thanks bro! That's good to hear. I saw some posts that purely sounds desperate. At the US Embassy in Lagos, I saw so many many people that are not really prepared to study, but feel that an F1 visa is a gateway to 'escape poverty'. I just pray we get our priorities right.

Is there anybody going to/studying in UMass Lowell here?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part3 by iykrion(m): 8:54pm On Jan 05, 2013
Hi everybody,
My F1 visa was granted on Friday 04 2013, my intention is to go for studies and return home afterwards. I wonder why so many people want to stay put in d US after studies. Pray, how will Naija grow with this unprecedented brain drain?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: At Last Flour Mill Calls For electronic test by dragnet by iykrion(m): 7:41pm On May 18, 2012
av tried using that but it keeps telling me wrong id or password
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Flour Mills Of Nigeria Plc Calling? by iykrion(m): 7:29pm On May 18, 2012
@naturalwaves, thanks a lot, but I only got an sms no email yet. I tried using the first user name and password that were assigned to me but it didn't work. Is there any other way? When is the test? Thanks

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Flour Mills Of Nigeria Plc Calling? by iykrion(m): 6:21pm On May 18, 2012
@naturalwaves, pls where is ur test venue? I got same IV but was asked to choose a test venue b4 21st. I don't know how to go abt it. Somebody should kindly help.Thanks
Politics / Re: How Philip Emeagwali Lied His Way To Fame by iykrion(m): 9:06pm On Oct 22, 2010
[b]Pay attention to the YouTube article "Philip Emeagwali - A fraud confirmed" and you will discover an attempt to discredit an icon. As regards Saharareporters, a sane mind knows that nothing meaningful can be found on that website (only cheap gossips). All those who believed the fraud story should read below what Donita Brown said about the whole sad story.

"What Philip Emeagwali claimed over 22 years, on http://www.youtube.com/emeagwali and on http://emeagwali.com/ is that he “theorized” the Internet as a hyperball and reprogrammed “AN INTERNET” - not “the internet” – as a hypercube supercomputer. What CNN and TIME called him is "A FATHER" and "one of the fathers," not the father. He also acknowledged on several videotaped lectures also posted at http://www.youtube.com/emeagwali that the internet has many fathers, mothers as well as aunts and uncles.

Specifically, he claimed he reprogrammed 65,536 subcomputers to compute as a supercomputer and to communicate as an internet that sends and receives answers via emails to and from 65,536 unique email addresses, each a unique string of sixteen zeroes and ones.

There was only one such machine in 1989. It only allowed one user at a time and therefore only one full time programmer. Philip Emeagwali was the only full time programmer on it. According to the Wall Street Journal (October 4, 2010) which also reported Philip Emeagwali’s discovery in June 1990, a similar supercomputer costs 1.32 BILLION dollars.

That 1989 supercomputer, that is an internet, performed his 3.1 billion calculations per second that former president Bill Clinton extolled in this video:


Donita Brown


Neither him nor I has read what's been misunderstood. He will need time complete his present committments and read what's been written and respond over the coming weeks and months. When in doubt, stick with the facts: 65,536 subcomputers, 3.1 billion calculations, 1.32 billion dollars and what he said on videotape, not what a friend of a friend said."[/b]
Career / Re: Access Bank Forces Staff To Take Cars by iykrion(m): 12:44am On Jul 27, 2008

that is a whole lot better than what obtains at ZENITH BANK, salary was reviewed today with everybody from EA(executive assistant) upwards getting a raise except ET's(executive trainees) who remained on there paltry #75,000 monthly salary, and to think they have the same monthly targets to meet angry angry angry angry this just shows how inconsiderate JIM OVIA and his management staff are, Useless man

Remember that the PS of these ET's is not less than N1.2m for the just ended financial year.
Adverts / Re: I Need Urgent Loan by iykrion(m): 11:25am On Jul 23, 2008
If u need an urgent loan and u work in oil & gas, banking, or telecoms sector, call Iyk on 0805-317-4758.
Adverts / Get Up To N1m Loan Without Collateral by iykrion(m): 11:08am On Jul 23, 2008
Hi guys,
My bank gives up to N1m loan to workers in d Oil & Gas, Banking and Telecoms sectors.

Maximum lending per applicant= N1,000,000
Repayment tenor= Max. 12 months
Competitive pricing
- Lending rate = 18% p.a
- Mgt fee= 2.0% flat
- Advisory fee= 1.0% flat
No equity contribution
No insurance fee
Spending at borrower’s discretion
No collateral
24-HR disbursement
INTERESTED? Pls, Call Iyk on 0805-317-4758.
Politics / Re: Ibb’s In-law, Two Others Stand As Sureties For Ibori by iykrion(m): 10:45am On Feb 14, 2008

Amazing, where was Sunny Odogwu before IBB?

Where was Ehindero Before OBJ?


wasn't it unethical for a seating president to accept gift then? grin grin

You once defended Ehindero by claiming that his plots of land inter alia were "gifts" from friends and associates.
Now, you are asking if gifts are unethical or not. Remember I once admonished you not to throw stones because you live in a glass house. Are you this STUPID?
Politics / Re: We Are No Magicians —mike Okiro by iykrion(m): 11:34am On Jan 30, 2008

How can an IGP like OKIRO come out and tell the public they are not magician. Does he think the office of IGP is all peaches and cream?

We all know that it will take divine intervention - magical if you like - to revamp the NPF from what it became during the locust years of Ehindero. So, don't bite hard!
Politics / Re: 419 And Nigerian Ethnicities by iykrion(m): 11:14am On Jan 30, 2008
This is a complete solecism coming from you. Need I remind you that anybody can bear any name to carry out crime?Remember when Mrs Iyabo Obasanjo turned to Mrs Daminola Akinlawon, just to conceal her identity.
When you talk about '419' one thing should come to mind, and that is anonymity. You don't see your proposed business partner eyeball to eyeball.

Therefore, the names don't count. I will consider this spurious correlation of yours as one done without proper thinking of the magnitude of it's effects.

Don't incite ethnicism here, because people will take you to the cleaners. Do you know that there's no amount of loot from your supposedly '419ers' of Igbo extraction that will equall the $12bn oil windfall that IBB cornered during his tenure? Let me quickly state that I'm not in support of fraud no matter where it emanates from.

It seems that you and Mamajama are only interested in causing confusions. Why this ulterior motive of yours?
Politics / Re: The Babangida Government by iykrion(m): 10:28am On Jan 30, 2008
Mr. Mamajama,

I think you should channel your energy towards laundering the battered image of Mr. Sunday Gabriel Ehindero, rather than dissipating it on spurious statements.

In case you don't know, the Fed. Govt, has already instituted a probe into the PEF which your Ehindero pilfered from
Why should a kettle be calling pot black?
Politics / Re: My Records Better Than Obasanjo’s, Says Ibb by iykrion(m): 9:18am On Jan 29, 2008

@iykrion as an intellectual, i wont waste an oasis of another second arguing with you, while you was Young sucking on your saggy moms tits, IBB was busy stealing and looting from this once giant of African nation.

My beef with IBB is personal and you can not blackmail me enough to stop talking about the atrocities perpetrated by this useless toothless father of yours.

Why don't you go find another gay to suck on while i enjoy my sunday lunch with a sparkline spumante.

Ha ha ha ha! What a faux pas

Hey! Did you just say lunch? So you are bon vivant! cheesy cheesy cheesy Well, Enjoy!
Politics / Re: My Records Better Than Obasanjo’s, Says Ibb by iykrion(m): 6:29pm On Jan 27, 2008
Mr. Mamajama,
I just can't get why you keep running from pillar to post. I only told you that those who live in glass houses must - as a matter of safety - not throw stones. This is a wise counsel. Pls accept it.

Secondly, I've got no ties of consanquinity with IBB. I only respect him as an ex-president, just the same way I regard Ehindero as an ex-IGP.

Once again do not rest on your oars, as regards your improved written english. I still find some mistakes here and there. But on the average I commend your effort to write better. I score you 35%.

Finally, I take no graft, everybody must not emulate Ehindro.

Politics / Re: My Records Better Than Obasanjo’s, Says Ibb by iykrion(m): 5:31pm On Jan 27, 2008

How did I know this gay ykrion will jump every time you stick a D**k in his ass.

was this topic about Ehindero? dummy. you can't classify Ehindero with a notorious senseless killer. Not only did your father IBB stole from the poor, he killed in the name of military protocol.

If I was you i will tell IBB to stop talking cause every time he opens his mouth SHIT comes out and that shit stinks.

1. Your warped mind makes you believe everything, including a false story about yourself.

2. I am an Igbo and not an Hausa. Therefore, IBB couldn't have been my biological father as your uneducated mind tells you.

3. You just have to imrpove on your written english. I think until then, I may cease to accomodate your incongruity.

Cheers cool


haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw! cheesy grin cheesy grin cheesy grin cheesy grin cheesy grin cheesy grin cheesy grin

And the saga continues! cheesy

Indeed, the saga continues cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
Culture / Re: Say Ur Native Names And Translate Them by iykrion(m): 8:38pm On Jan 26, 2008
IkECHUKWU = God's Power
Politics / Re: My Records Better Than Obasanjo’s, Says Ibb by iykrion(m): 8:11pm On Jan 26, 2008

@BIGB1 I guess its military protocols that led him to steal over $12 Billion and refused to account for it as well.

its the same military protocols that let him to bestowe ABACHA on Nigerians in a tactics to cover his lootings.

And its military protocols that makes him funded OBJ's election in essence he gave us OBJ as you classified a disaster to mankind. lol

so tell me one good thing that IBB did as a Nigerian?

The italicised items suggest that you should improve on your written english.

IBB gave us OBJ and OBJ gave us EHINDERO which reign was catastrophic. Logically, Mamajama benefited from IBB indirectly - through Ehindero.

Therefore, if Ehindero performed well as you claim, you will agree with me that it is one ''good thing'' that IBB did as a Nigerian.

When I was younger, I was taught that those who reside in glass houses should avoid the throwing of stones. Mr, Mamajama, you live in a glass house, so don't throw stones!
Politics / Re: Police Debt/ehindero's Chickens Comming Home To Roost! by iykrion(m): 6:01pm On Jan 12, 2008

Do you have any clues as to what Sunday did with all the money? Didn't you say you know the man??

Hahaha! Hehehe! I am really laughing my heart out grin grin grin grin

When I said that it isn't yet UHURU for the ex-police boss (Ehindero), people like oga Mamajama, called for my head.
Now the can of worms are being opened gradually.

Ehindero is worse than Tafa as regards plundering the purse of the NPF.
Politics / Re: In Support Of James Ibori by iykrion(m): 12:38pm On Dec 16, 2007

You need understanding to perceive the things that be; comparing Anini and Ibori is an absurdity.

I was only infering that everybody has those who believe in him, no matter how bad others will portray him. That's why I asked if you are sure that he has no case to answer, as regards the accusation against him.

In the past, people supported Anini because they benefited from his exploits. Now, people are supporting Ibori because of their selfish interests.

Finally, coming to the juxtapositioning of both men, Anini deprived people forcefully and Ibori deprived people surreptitiously. I find nothing preposterous about my position on this issue.

Thank you!


And talking about facts, I'll like to see all the monies that accrued to Delta State since 1999 till March 2008. I'll also like to see the state expenditure profile during the period under review. Until then, none of us here have actually done anything right in that direction, and at best all of what we have been posting as[b] reasons to nail the guy [/b] are mere speculations.

I wait to see these facts.

Why haven't u made the research yet? Please, do not preface your argument with ad hominems. Corruption must not be condoned no matter who is involved.
Politics / Re: Robbers Write Community: We’re Coming For Our 'XMas Gift' by iykrion(m): 11:51am On Dec 16, 2007
Una no be robbers? Wetin una come be, tax collectors? grin grin grin I sincerely suggest the rsidents don't hope only on what the police can do. Police is your friend only when the going is good sad
Politics / Re: Vice President's Father Dies In Aso Rock by iykrion(m): 11:40am On Dec 16, 2007

He knew he wants to die only when he went to visit his son.

grin grin grin My brother no mortal has power over life and death. He left Bayelsa for security reasons. Remember Goodluck's house was bombed after the elections. He was in the Villa as a resident and not a visitor.

Besides, he was ripe with age. May he rest in peace! sad sad sad
Politics / Re: In Support Of James Ibori by iykrion(m): 12:02am On Dec 16, 2007
@ otokx,
You haven't made any sense. Are you sure that Ibori didn't misappropriate the funds entrusted to his administration?

Even Lawrence Anini had sympathisers. If you want to take part in a discourse such as this, please please, avoid ad hominems. Only facts and good reasoning will justify your arguments.

Thank you.

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