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Education / Should I Go For Nursing Science Or Medical Laboratory Science by Jackmj(m): 5:40pm On May 15, 2023
Hello guys
Without hesitation I'll be going straight to the point.

So In 2021, I sat for jamb after I decided to discontinue my university education in 200L, which was due to the refusal of my HOD to facilitate a change of course to my preferred course of study, which was my original plan before I even started.

So I decided to start all over by sitting for the 2021 jamb which I applied for Medicine. This was in the mix of the ASUU v Federal government crisis which lasted for close to a year.

Tentatively, another Jamb (2022)was around the corner even though the admission process for the 2021 set had not commenced,Trying to be on a safer side I still registered for 2022's(Applied medcine again) exam incase I didn't secure admission for 2021.

Fast forward after the strike ended in December, The university announced that they'll be merging 2021 and 2022 sets.
After months of waiting the list finally came out yesterday,

I got Medical laboratory science for 2021 and Nursing for 2022 respectively.
So now I'm kind of confused which one I should choose in terms of having a good career post graduation.
Please help me, I'm a guy, 21yrs
I like Nursing but I feel its a woman profession
Phones / Re: Bluesky: Jack Dorsey Launches Twitter Alternative by Jackmj(m): 7:14pm On Apr 22, 2023
[quote author=AchrafHakimi post=122679516]It's one thing to launch an app, it's another thing to divert Twitter users to it.

If BBC moves to BlueSky and their former Twitter followers switch to CNN on Twitter then you are wasting your time. You lose customer + you strengthen your competition.

The customers control the market not the corporations.

Move how? Doesn't BBC have presence on all social media platforms?
Education / Ten by Jackmj(m): 10:14pm On Mar 16, 2023
Agriculture / Re: My Sac Yam Diary by Jackmj(m): 9:58pm On Nov 16, 2022
You are wicked. How can you pay only 1500 for filling 50 sacs of cement with sand

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Politics / Re: closed by Jackmj(m): 10:19pm On Sep 30, 2022

Still better than jobless Ipobians known as drug traffickers and organ sellers worldwide, better than ipob and ESN terrorists killing your mothers and sisters and treating you like slaves, stay indoors or get killed. We don't kill and eat our people, you people are sub humans, that's why you behave like dogs with rabies. Igbos are the nuisance in Nigeria, I wish we were not in same country with you scums.

Better with the gully erosion?

Vawulence .these ipob Drug dealears are airheaded

With your men risking their lives to take drugs to Indonesia due to poverty?

Better when you all leave your states and roam everywhere like refugees, you people are parasites. No one likes you, you travel north, west, south, forcing yourselves on everyone. Stay in your Biafra dot states. That's why no one supports you, because you have no sense or manners, same reason you were killed like chickens in the last biafran war.
Politics / Re: 5 Million Naira Business In Lagos Or Abuja, Please. by Jackmj(m): 10:13pm On Sep 30, 2022
[quote author=Kenpaly post=117149487]Op come to benue state. Benue south precisely,in benue sout fulani are nt attacking peopld there even if you hear that benue is dangerouse,it only in zone A And zone B Which is tiv land. Now listen to me if you come benue try to bring ur self so low pls dnt boast that u are a millionair ee get why. The business that u can do with that money and be making at least 10k daily are- machine parts,provisions wholesale, chemist,boutique,selling matress,and phone accessory. If you need my contact no proble.pls if u come dnt let people know ur way ee get why.

Useless idoma bigot with so much hate on Tiv
Is Agatu in Tivland ?The genesis of fulani attacks
Politics / Re: Benue 2023: Benard Yisa Declares Intention To Contest Under APC by Jackmj(m): 2:32pm On Mar 09, 2022
[quote author=BafanaBafana post=110884439]
It's primitiveness on the part of some Tivs that is the cause. Governorship is actually rotated between two of the 3 senatorial zones in the state, the two occupied by Tivs, while the ones occupied by other tribe is left out. That's why they are hardly relevant outside Benue state. They feel they are kings in the state.
Meanwhile, northerners are smart, that's why they will never think of consolidating power. They know they have to form alliances.
What's your tribe? And how relevant are they ?
With instances. Your obscure tribe cannot compare to Tiv nation.
Crime / Re: Nigerian Involved In Drug Peddling, Cyber Fraud Arrested With Fake Passport by Jackmj(m): 2:19pm On Mar 09, 2022
Igbo drug dealers
Politics / Re: Suspected Fulani Herdsmen Storm 2nd Abumere Ojigbelu Camp In Ovia North-East Edo by Jackmj(m): 9:22pm On Jan 03, 2022
[quote author=yinkus6750 post=109048722]What is the government doing, before Edo is turned to Borno / Benue[
Idiat no dey mention benue for your stupid mouth
Computers / Please Help I Can't Access My Facebook Account by Jackmj(m): 10:11am On Jan 02, 2022
Hello guys, Happy new year! I've been having troubles logging in my Facebook for the past one week. When ever I try they keep telling to login "I need to confirm my identity.Then they take me through some procedures like
1)Login approval on another device
2) they also ask me to identify my recent comments
After I'm done completing everything they asked they congratulate me and tell me I'm now logged in.They ask me whether I want to proceed to news feed when I press yes the screen goes white and that's all.
Please I'm appealing if there's anyone who has gone through this before or has an idea how to help I will really appreciate
Look at some screen shots below

Business / Re: What Can One Do To Be Financially Independent In 2022 ? by Jackmj(m): 8:02pm On Jan 01, 2022
You can learn a business model that is internet based.

I will recommend Affiliate marketing
This is when you sell other people's digital products and get commission for it.

In Affiliate marketing, you can start with little or no capital and what you need is:
Your smartphone

Internet connection
And strong zeal to make money.

You will succeed.
Which of the affiliate marketing doesn't need a capital
Politics / Re: PDP Chairman: Odds Favour Iyorchia Ayu As North-Central Stakeholders Adopts Him by Jackmj(m): 4:57pm On Oct 16, 2021

Iyorchia Ayu is Benue and in fact Tiv which is the largest minority in Nigeria. If you say because Mark is a heavy weight I agree with that
We are not minority, it's offensive to call my tribe minority
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NDA Releases List Of Successful Candidates For 73rd Regular Course by Jackmj(m): 3:16pm On Oct 11, 2021
What is a tiv boy Joshua dooter ngur from benue doing in abia list?
One of the parents is igbo maybe
TV/Movies / Re: Saskay Evicted From The Big Brother House by Jackmj(m): 7:48pm On Sep 19, 2021
We the northerners will revenge

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Politics / Re: House Of Zamfara Speaker, Others Set Ablaze By Bandits by Jackmj(m): 6:37am On Sep 14, 2021
appearance, and even our personality!
GENetics is where it all begins.
Some scientists are curious about basic questions of life: Where did it come from? Why is it so varied? Why do children look like their parents?

To answer these questions, they study a type of biology called GENetics (juh-net-icks).

"Gen" means beginning.
mother, father and child all with the same color red hair
Parents pass traits on to their children.
Genetics is the science of genes and how traits are passed on from one generation to the next.

People who study genes are geneticists (juh-net-i-sists).
Every living thing has DNA.
DNA is an amazing chemical present in every cell. It contains all the information cells need to make a fish a fish, or you YOU.
a sea star, a ladybug, a fish
What do all these things have in common? DNA!
DNA, the chemical that tells cells what to do.
All humans start out as a single cell and grow into trillions of cells. DNA tells the single cell to divide into two cells, then four, then eight — until a whole body forms. It controls the growth of EVERYTHING, from your head to your toes.

DNA also influences many individual traits, such as whether you are a boy or a girl and whether you are tall or short.
Genes are made of DNA.
Where do traits, such as eye color and shape, come from? Why do you look more like your relatives than other people? The parts of your cells that determine these traits are called genes.
dark brown eye
What color eyes do you have?
Health / Re: Is This Genital Warts Or Shaving Bumps - (((Photos))) by Jackmj(m): 6:49pm On Sep 11, 2021
[quote author=FalseProphet1 post=105692558]The dark forces have finally caught up with you, this might sound funny but those are the symptoms of shingles one deadly signs of HIV, e don be for you, I see you looking like a skeleton in the next six months, I see you drawing close to God.

This I have seen.[/quohte]. Hahaha
Politics / Re: States Generate ₦5.30, Get ₦10.19, Borrow₦1.84 Trillion In Five Years by Jackmj(m): 9:10am On Sep 10, 2021

Why is a state like Osun that generates more IGR than most northern states and some southern states yet gets the lowest allocations in successive years. With low allocation, how do you expect such a state embark on lots of infrastructures and payment of its workers?
If a state like Osun that has gold deposits is allowed to control its resources, more development would be visibly achieved.
You want development for the country yet people like you have refused to open your eyes and understanding to the fact that restructuring and resource control is the way out of central dependency.

But you just saw that osun received more money from FAAC than they generated
Politics / Re: The Participation Of Northern Youths In The Ongoing #olympics Is Extremely Poor. by Jackmj(m): 1:39pm On Aug 05, 2021
The ones from South that went what have they won
Just a bunch of failures wasting government resources in Tokyo
Business / Re: Ongoing Scam::*nedis COVID-19 SPECIAL FUND For Smes/farmers/traders. Apply Now* by Jackmj(m): 7:57pm On Aug 04, 2021
Is not a scam
Especially the SMe
I know 4 people who received fund of 500k to 1m early this month
Are you sure
Nairaland / General / Re: What Is The Best Advice Someone Has Ever Given You ? by Jackmj(m): 5:34pm On Jul 31, 2021
I don't take advise, I advise people.

people who don't listen to advise are fools and will die poor-king Solomon

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Politics / Re: If Not For The Igbos, We All Would Have Been Slaves Even In Our Own Backyards by Jackmj(m): 10:19am On Jun 24, 2021
The reason I support the Igbos with my whole heart is because I have been living with them and I know them very much. I married from them. Forget all those bragging things, it only happens on social media.
Successful Igbos are the most humble. The one thing I love about the igbos is that they don't like being intimidated or subdued or cheated. Forget it, they always have way to voice their dissatisfaction even after being silent for a while. They're the only stubborn tribe that is speaking for the rest of us.

For we Idomas, we are closer to them than the hausas/Tiv and would prefer to be in same country with them if Nigeria eventually breaks up
Must you mention Tiv?
Who want stay with una before.infact they should give you apa State now
Career / Re: My Current State Of Mind by Jackmj(m): 6:03pm On May 21, 2021

Yahoo Yahoo

Register a premium dating and hook up site, and with a good picture stolen from Caucasians female social media page you are good to go

Soon you open, horrrnyyy American guys would flocck you especially if your mock ip is set at rich county like Houston texas

Ask for small amount like $20 to $50

Oya you pigs should stop qouting me

1: registering on dating site is not prohibited by any country

2: soliciting for money from Americans isn't a crime

3: Sexting is not a crime

4: getting paid to chat is legal

Las Las with$2000k USD you can open a betting/gaming site, viewing center, Uber cab, lounge a boutique, business Center,or small canteen and start forming entrepreneur

bellow are EFCC act and Criminal code so una pigs should state one section violated because your slave masters Americans got hustled as they hustle ignorant Africans

How you go take receive the money
Business / Re: Please Suggest A Business I Can Start With Five Hundred Thousand Naira by Jackmj(m): 8:31pm On May 18, 2021

What kinda crops please?
Rice or soya beans but more than 3months sha
Celebrities / Re: Cardi B Drunk After Taking A Bottle, She Replied A South African Over Her Coming by Jackmj(m): 7:26pm On May 07, 2021

You are 3 years late
The audacity! You're not wanted here leave. We don't like South Africans
Celebrities / Re: Cardi B Drunk After Taking A Bottle, She Replied A South African Over Her Coming by Jackmj(m): 3:18pm On May 07, 2021
That's not for you to choose who should be here.That privilege is Seun's
Leave our forum. It's only for Nigerians
Culture / Re: What Do You Think Is The Most Famous Name In Your Tribe. by Jackmj(m): 5:09pm On May 05, 2021
Tiv = Male =sesugh Female =Doo
Culture / Re: What Do You Think Is The Most Famous Name In Your Tribe. by Jackmj(m): 5:07pm On May 05, 2021
ENE is very popular in my language,I am idoma by tribe. Guess what? My name is Ene too��

What of oche
Almost all the idoma guys I know are oche

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Katsina Youths Endorse Saraki In Buhari’s Hometown by Jackmj(m): 2:24pm On May 04, 2021
If Bukola Saraki emerges as the PDP flagbearer, then he has my full support. I just love this man so much.

Even me

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Properties / Re: NCDMB: The Tallest Building In Bayelsa State (Photos, Video) by Jackmj(m): 7:54pm On May 01, 2021
Drunkards and brainless. Upon all the riches in your land, this is the nonsense you are celebrating. Have you seen what part of your oil money is doing in Abuja and Lagos? Your hatred for Igbo people will finish all of you one day. Low expectation mindset. Tufiakwa!!
Why is it that igbo people are always claiming every tribe hates them. Relax nobody really gives a Bleep about you guys, every time your hate for Igbo wtf


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