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Religion / Re: The Synagogue, T.B Joshua's Church Resumes Services (Photos) by jcross19: 10:54pm On Dec 05

you have shown that you are most dumbest soul on earth... When someone called the ministration of God a scam, meaning is wise where as there is some aspect of your where devil is defrauding of your destiny.
Politics / Re: Ayade: I Will Not Sign Anti-Open Grazing Bill Into Law by jcross19: 8:48am On Dec 03
I'd rather be a slave to Hausa people than be a slave to mkpuru mmiri people.
yes we have seen the level of development in your region!!! Travel down to Riverside and see how people are suffering... Wow..
Politics / Re: EndSARS: White Paper Not Known To Law — Falana by jcross19: 1:28pm On Dec 01
Falana is fast becoming a quack lawyer and it’s so disgraceful. Every single repot of a judicial or administrative panel of inquiry has been subjected to a white paper since the era of colonial rule without anyone making an issue out of it. It got to the time of Endsars and they want to suddenly change the rule just to have their lies accepted. He should tell us the judicial pronouncement that made government white paper illegal or shut the fvck up.

The white paper is the official communication of the Lagos state government on the report of the panel and it would be gazetted as such. It is only the recommendations published in the gazette that will be implemented. The recommendations of a panel is not a court judgement that must be 100% accepted and implemented.

If anybody is not happy with the white paper, he should go to court and stop making noise on official media. Falana & son, Marcaroni and DJ switch can go and implement their own recommendations in their own room. The Lagos state government has published its white paper on the report and it is final.
now is a quack lawyer? In your entire life , you can't achieved 12% of this man achievement, He has faced , challenged even won many cases that earned him such honor in Nigeria, just because he brought law to validated his stance on that fraud called white papers huh!! God will punishes buahri and his people as long the masses are crying they will die a miserable death all of them..


Politics / Re: Nigeria Declines Germany’s Offer To Train Policemen by jcross19: 5:01pm On Nov 26
Very good. Africa needs to wean itself from the mentality that anything European or American is the best of its kind.
but to borrow we run to them like a beggar!!!.


Religion / Re: Apostle Peter Tom Udofia Marries 18-Year-Old Choir Member (Photos) by jcross19: 2:11pm On Nov 24
Christianity is a big joke grin.
Can you imagine, the same religion that criticize Islam for marring multiple wives is also doing so. Religion of jokers
your type like your comments.. People without sense.. Can you point to me where bible tell pastor to marry more than one wife? If not, you are worst than the pastor..
Politics / Re: HURIWA: Lai’s Attempt To Rubbish Endsars Report Shows FG Not Coordinated by jcross19: 12:54pm On Nov 24
v) - The panel was silent on the family members of those reportedly killed, merely insinuating they were afraid to testify. Even goats have owners who will look for them if they do not return home, not to talk of human beings. Where are the family members
of those who were reportedly killed at Lekki Toll Gate? If the panel is recommending compensation for the families, what are their identities and addresses? Who will receive the compensations when no family members have shown up to date?

vi) - How did a man who reported seeing the lifeless body of his brother himself ended up being on the list of the panel's deceased persons?

vii) - How can a Judicial Panel convince anyone that the names of some casualties of the Lekki Toll Gate incident listed as numbers 3 (Jide), 42 (Tola) and 43 (Wisdom) are not fictitious names.

It's game over for all the liars behind the Lekkilies. If these are 'writers' then they are writers of fake news.
The problem is that many of these liars want to solve a problem from answer you copied from the back of the page of the book. We are not going back to those stories again so please don't take us back to Egypt.
They have said people died, they sat for a whole year and came up with names. The problem now is that it turned out that the names are fictitious and they ,in a bizarre manner, do not have friends, family, neighbours, pastors, imams,spouses and even not a social media page!
That's why you guys should divert your focus on unravelling the puzzle since that's where we are now. Even the person who faced the panel in person was declared dead! So who recommended that tax payers be paid to fictitious names and is it right to lie on oath and go scot free?
This is where we are now. You can't say or write in black and white that people died and for one year sat to investigate it and end up submitting fictitious names and insisting we pay those fictitious names without trace of them or their families.
Here's free book on business ideas & money sources directory for you,it's 100% free! https://www.nairaland.com/6666800/looking-business-ideas-money-fund. Cheers.
you again? You have a lots monickers on nairailand to support your foolishness..

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Politics / Re: You Are Next: Dabira Adeyinka Gets Attack Notice by jcross19: 1:28pm On Nov 23

They can not visit families of UNdead people.


oh boy you have sold your soul! Your price has been paid, do the work they paid you for. Just know that you are the next victim just watch out..


Politics / Re: #EndSARS Panelist, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, Fears For His Life! by jcross19: 2:36pm On Nov 22
You are afraid of people you claimed were killed while still alive.

Useless PDP apologist.

Why have you and your useless panel beaters not provided answers to the questions below?

In tandem with what we've been humbly asking the Panel Beaters, two respected SANs have also asked Lékkígorúwà some pertinent questions, but I'd be coming up with only ten:

#One, Did any family come to testify that they were looking for their relatives?,as there was nothing as such in in the Report. No any exhibit in that regard. No statement,no testimony. Nothing nothing.

#two, Who did you award over 400millions to? Their names, Addresses, and other details.?

#three, What are surnames of Jide, Tola and Wisdom? Their relatives ñkó?

#four, Nathaniel is alive, how did you import his name in the Report?

#Five, Kolade Johnson Salami died a year before LekkiSaga, did he 'redie' at Lekki on the 20-10-20?

#Six, Why did you "doctor" the doctor's testimonies?

#Seven, In your report of 303 pages, no single line treated the petitions submitted and testimonies given by the families of the Policemen that were killed at that material time. Why did you omit that? Weren't those officers human beings?

#Eight, Specifically, a son of a police woman was slaughtered right in front of her by the EndSARS hoodlums. The woman came to testify at the Panel with corroborating evidence,yet, no single mention was made of that in the report.

#Nine, You said in your Report that #11 people were k*lled by the soldiers, but you recommended only one person for compensation. What of the remaining 10? Aren't their families entitled to be compensated?

#Ten, Lékkígorúwà, you were mostly absent from almost all the proceedings, how did you come to the conclusion that the Report is authentic, something you were virtually physically not part of?

So many questions begging for answers, but rather than answering the questions, he only said if anything happens to him,they should be held responsible. Sé èsìn ìbéèrè tí wón bi wèrè nìyen?

You can only fool ipob Atikus and not sane Nigerians.

the only way your comment can make sense is just two words.. Ipob and atiku that's all . it all shows how shallow minded and politically blinded you are. Well Nigeria has gone beyond tribal and political apologist , all we crave for is a better Nigeria if you truly you love Nigeria and not political bigot.
Politics / Re: David Hundeyin And Bashir El-Rufai Fight On Twitter by jcross19: 8:56am On Nov 20
Let Love lead!
Life is too short and Eternity is too long to engage in Frivolities and things that do not help to put us on the path Eternal Life.

Bashir and David, you two need JESUS Christ.
so we should stop talking about bad government huh? Most Christians are just dunce, waiting for God to help you in the hand of evil government is waste of time...
Politics / Re: Nigeria Risks US Arms Embargo Over Alleged Protesters’ Killings By Soldiers by jcross19: 1:25pm On Nov 18

western counties don't have anything to offer black nations unless to milk their resources nothing.. America is useless and toothless dog...
Crime / Re: Ghanaian Barber Stabbed To Death In South Africa Over Black Stars' Penalty by jcross19: 1:22pm On Nov 18
So you are basically insulting us over fake news right?
Am concluding from xenophobic occurance in the past..
Nairaland / General / Re: Eleven People Were Killed And 150 Missing After The Florida Building Collapsed by jcross19: 2:17am On Nov 18
Another means for Mr death is cashing out souls!!!. Building collapse...
Crime / Re: Ghanaian Barber Stabbed To Death In South Africa Over Black Stars' Penalty by jcross19: 2:15am On Nov 18
South Africans are just animal ! God has a reason for the white to dealt with them...

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Religion / Re: Religious Persecution: US Delists Nigeria On "Special Watch List" Of Countries by jcross19: 8:35pm On Nov 17


Were your kind not celebrating when Nigeria was initially listed?

E pain am.
some People don't have sense at all... They did that to revoke everything trump does , delist or anything did not justified their if what they did is right.... There is no different between Democrat and APC they are all the same .. The people pushing for gay, lgbt,queer and many immorality, some fools are celebrating it, america has lost her glory..

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Politics / Re: EndSARS Report: Address Abuses, Grievances Of Victims, Their Families — US, UN by jcross19: 7:09am On Nov 17

It is so disappointing that you are bringing Jesus Christ into your stupidity. What evidence do you have that there was no massacre?
Have you read the full report? Laziness will not allow you to do that.
An independent panel sat for over a year, called many players and witnesses, deployed different evidences including video, audio and eyewitnesses account and then came up with a report( which is the obvious truth except to fools like you).
You were busy licking your ass in your house, did no investigation and you are here discrediting their work and shamelessly and stupidly bringing Jesus Christ into it.
My only prayer for you is that you will suffer a death worse than what those youths suffered at Lekki Tollgate. Your life will be cut short in a most painful way and the vultures will devour your carcass if you don't stop this rubbish. The blood of the slayed youths whom you despise and deny will rise up against you in judgement.
You are too stupid to be a Christian. If you are, you would have known that Jesus asked that we should bridle our tongue, don't say what you are not sure of. If you are sure of what you are saying then give us your own evidence-based report to convince us there was no massacre at Lekki Tollgate.
You have a chance to be a Christian however if you genuinely repent and surrender to Jesus Christ and give up this stupidity.
God bless you for this comment!! Their souls have been paid for 30 shekel of silver, so they have no soul of themselves anymore...our government killing her own citizens for the sake of power and greed...they are cursed both those who supported them..
Politics / Re: Lekki Tollgate Protest Ruined By Army, Not Hijacked By Hoodlums - JUDICIAL PANEL by jcross19: 2:08pm On Nov 16

Please keep quiet sir.....kindly keep your mouth shut.

Death did not distinguish between the Igbos, Yorubas and other tribes that were killed at the Tollgate. Those dead folks are part of Nigeria's future which every tribe shares from.

Right now is not the time to talk about Kanu or any other person. It's the time to face the leaders of Nigeria who see Nigerians as their slaves.

Except your writeup is targeted at Nigerian leaders, you really should shut up.

the guy you quoted made right points there just that you are covered by bias... On that day , it was all over the forum that igbos were the one that want to burn down Lagos... So is making sense..
Politics / Re: EndSARS Panel: Sanwo-Olu Sets Up Four-Member Committee For White Paper Report by jcross19: 5:39am On Nov 16
They are looking for means to silence the report! And you called this government human being? Noooo they are all buffalo ..... They only period the citizens are valued are the time of elections.. Useless people..
Politics / Re: Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa To Reveal Contents Of Judicial Panel Report If Tampered With by jcross19: 9:34pm On Nov 15
Some APC miscreants a.k.a zombie will surely deactivate their accounts or remain in shame because of this report... npw listen zombies the fate that befell upon an innocent souls shall be your fate..

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Family / Re: My Uncle's Corpse Fights Other Corpses In The Mortuary: What Should We Do? by jcross19: 5:56pm On Nov 15
Is this a joke or what? I guess OP is serious, never heard of such a scenario prior to this moment.
I laugh at people who thought everything end after death! No!!! The world herself is mystery of her own.. The world is deeper than sea and more advance than technology...


Politics / Re: How Andy Uba’s 200,000 APC Supporters Were Stopped by jcross19: 8:53pm On Nov 13
You people are very foolish sha.

About 2 million people across all parties registered in Anambra.

And across the entire state only about 200,000 people voted.

So you people expect that the only 200 thousand people who voted should all be the APC Andy Uba supporters?

How does this even make sense to you old men.
How would it even make sense to an 8 year old?

Let me school you...

If Andy Uba had 200 thousand supporters and only 40 thousand came out to vote; that represents 20 percent.

If the entire Anambra eligible voters were 2 million and only about 200 thousand came out to vote; that represents 10 percent.

So Andy Uba had a good percentage turn out of his supporters. In fact he had the best percentage turn out.

Gosh you people are so senseless!
you are the senseless one here! 200k votes in primary is not a joke , the strength and enthusiasm used to vote in primary could have been used to vote in state election? The APC even paid 5000 naita lured them to it but still they rejected them.. How are you sure that APC have upto 100k followed in anambra state!!.


Family / Re: Will You Allow Her To Stay With Her Parents, After Trad Without Church Wedding? by jcross19: 8:47pm On Nov 13
That vows before God is the most important after bride price, so you are only fully and truly married after church wedding
where is in the bible that man and woman are making vpw before God?
Crime / Re: AGF Malami Forced Us To Convert $40 Million Recovered Loot At N305 Per Dollar by jcross19: 4:16pm On Nov 13
The corruption is running is his blood , damn criminal!!
Politics / Re: Angry Vipers Threaten Obi Cubana Over Abba Kyari (Photos) by jcross19: 8:58am On Nov 12


Watch the Video Here https://www.instagram.com/p/CWJLRvHg_dy/?utm_medium=copy_link
some idiots and criminals hiding under Biafra wrecking havoc which eventually cause more pain to the genuine ones.. Very shameful , we Igbo's need to stand up fish this idiots out .
Politics / Re: Malami Named In $139m Bank Transfer Fraud by jcross19: 5:36am On Nov 12
The House of Representatives’ Ad Hoc Committee on Assessment and Status of All Recovered Loots Movable and Immovable Assets from 2002 to 2020 by Agencies of the Federal Government of Nigeria for Effective Efficient Management and Utilisation may soon invite the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami (SAN), for ordering bank to convert revenue collected in dollars to naira before remittance.

A Deposit Money Bank, Keystone Bank, had told the committee that Malami instructed it to remit part of the $136m in its custody in naira while also determining the exchange rate, a revelation that the lawmakers criticised.

The Executive Director, North and Public Sector Directorate, Keystone Bank, Lawal Ahmed, at an investigative hearing by the committee in Abuja on Wednesday, told the lawmakers that the bank had remitted all the funds belonging to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

In his presentation, Ahmed said, “Our position, as confirmed by the CFO of NNPC, was that we have remitted all the funds that were with us at our last meeting. You asked for clarification regarding some reversals from the statements of account, which we reviewed and confirmed that they were actually failed transactions.

“We are using NEFT. We sent the money; it reversed and it was sent again. So, it was showing in and out on the statements. It was part of the documents that we submitted.

You asked for where we got the rates and we provided the letter from the Attorney-General of the Federation directing us to make the payment and the rate with which to transfer. We also submitted that with our letter.”

The Chairman of the committee, Adejoro Adeogun, asked how much Keystone was supposed to return to the NNPC. The representative said the total figure established by the AGF was $136,676,600.51.

Giving a breakdown of the figure, Ahmed said, “Out of this entire amount, we paid in $96m in United States dollar and we paid the equivalent of $40m in naira. That was the directive by the Attorney-General at the rate of N305 to a dollar. The schedule is also attached.”

However, Adeogun noted that the $136m was supposed to be for Brass LNG Investment Account “but when you were paying, you paid into a different account.”

Responding, Ahmed said, “We were paying
into the Brass LNG’s NNPC account in the TSA and at the time the Attorney-General gave the directive, he instructed that the funds be credited to the FGN Assets Recovery Account.”

Adeogun presented a letter the committee obtained from the CBN on the transactions to the Keystone Bank representative, saying the figures did not tally.

After reading the document, Ahmed argued that there were no discrepancies in the exchange rates as recorded in the CBN and Keystone’s documents.

“The first item, which is N12,421,794,504.88 is the equivalent of $40m at N305, which was directed to the FGN Assets Recovery Account. There were two accounts: there was the Brass LNG and there was OML 40. At the time this (AGF) letter was written, I believe that we had not concluded payment yet. The final payments were made thereafter in tranches,” he said.

A member of the committee, Olanrewaju Edun, who was visibly angry, said, “Out of the $40m that you claimed that the Attorney-General gave you a letter. As far as I am concerned, I don’t know why you have to take a letter from the Attorney-General. This is Nigeria’s money owned by the three tiers of government. We can take you up on that.”

While Ahmed asked Keystone if the bank should disregard a letter from the AGF, Edun said “that is contentious” and that the committee would get to the issue.

Source: https://punchng.com/malami-named-in-139m-bank-transfers-reps-fault-process/

malami is a thief.. Now the same jingles that APC used to poisoned Nigerians to oozed GEJ and PDP out , calling them looters and thieves , who is now biggest thieves and worst looters .. All APC are criminals and the effect is on the masses, even economy has been looted out of control.. CBN governor- thief
Minister of finance- thief
AGN- thief and terrorist
Minister of information- crook
Minister of power- frantically dunce crook
Our senators- brain dead, useless and looters
Our rep members- snakes that swallow money
The president.. Colossal failure and terrorist..
Now tell me how can this country survived this brutality..

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Family / Re: Cheating Man Remains With A Violent, Cheating Wife Who Has Another Man's Child by jcross19: 5:30pm On Nov 11
I saw this post on someone's status and I thought of sharing it to get you guys' thoughts and sentiments.

Though they are both cheats, even after all the wife had done he still claims their marriage vow is still intact - for me I would assume the marriage contract is irreversibly broken by default as soon as the woman gives birth to another man's child.

What do you guys think, is the guy rational, ridiculous, or with delirium?

"It's hard to replace ur soulmate tho. I've cheated on my wife twice & accidentally killed her cat. She got pregnant by our marriage counselor, kept the baby, & sliced my throat open in a fight. All that & we're still together. Y'all can say its "struggle love" but we took a vow."
slice your throat open and you are still alive... Liar Mohammad I see your hand...
Crime / Re: Wife Serves Her Husband Indian Hemp At His Workplace (Pictures) by jcross19: 5:12pm On Nov 11
Wow. Would love to cop me this kinda girl yo! You could tell she truly loves him for who he is. Dude is one lucky modafvker
when they begin to raise nuisances as children....

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Politics / Re: Twitter's Suspension Persists Because They Haven't Met All Our Conditions - FG by jcross19: 4:08pm On Nov 10
Fulani government is a cow government.


Politics / Re: Abuja EndSARS Panel Orders Nigerian Police To Produce Abba Kyari by jcross19: 4:05pm On Nov 10
Bloody criminal in police uniform!!.

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Politics / Re: Protest Against IPOB As Nnamdi Kanu Appears In Court Today (Pictures) by jcross19: 3:13pm On Nov 10
I see Kanu denouncing Biafra for his freedom very soon.
you see nothing !! Why can't you see Fulani terrorists when they will stop raping and killing your people!!!.?

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Crime / Re: ‘Mkpuru Mmiri’: Youths Flogged In Imo For Taking Drugs (Pictures) by jcross19: 3:10pm On Nov 10
Methamphetamine Hydrochloride, popularly known as ‘Mkpuru Mmiri’ in Igbo land or crystal meth/ Ice in some parts of Lagos state, comes in clear crystal chunks or shiny blue-white rocks. This new dangerous drug as reported by NDLEA is already sending Nigerian youths to their graves.

Mkpuru mmiri is a very addictive stimulant drug.



I pray south east won't turn Taliban city, what's now different from northern sharia law by the way can they flooged hope uzodinma son like this? Even some of them are fan to naira Marley there! Hypocrites and abuse at the same time..

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Politics / Re: Fr. Mbaka Vs Soludo: Mbaka Actually Told A Lie. by jcross19: 5:24am On Nov 10
For the crew that would come to remind me about the verse that said:“Touch Not My Annointed”, I want to let you know that I have not touched any annointed person yet.
I just spoke about the things he once said long ago.
Then, those crew that would come to remind me about how Elisha cursed some children and some wild animals came out from the bushes and devoured them, being that God listens to every of the words of the prophet in order to fulfill them,, please I want you to also remember that God also warned his own prophets not to speak when He had not spoken, or speak any false prophecy in his name.
mbaka is a political clown, he has dented his garment, committing LovePeddler with political prostitutes , very shameful and hr has forgotten his primary assignment..


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