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Travel / Re: The Bakare Family: Canada To Deport Nigerian Family, The Bakares by JohnDuke101: 7:09pm On Dec 01, 2019
They ran away to Canada because they want to circumcise their baby girl? For real?

Naija the capital of lies and corruption.

Same question that came to my mind. I understand they want better lives for their family but what they are claiming is blatant lie.

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Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Anyone Based In The USA by JohnDuke101: 10:27pm On Sep 30, 2019
Where’s all the Nigerians based in North America and Europe.

What's the word for them?
Romance / Re: I'm In Love With A Friend To A Lady I Asked Out Recently by JohnDuke101: 12:08pm On Sep 28, 2019

Lols, what do we do now my colleague or how did you handle yours? I don't want to loose her but am scared my initial crush ll scatter everything out of jealousy and annoyance. We ve not started dating but I toasted her before seeing this her friend, ve not committed any crime na

I don't know why you "toasted" her when you know she doesn't meet majority of you specifications and you don't see the possibility of settling with her in the future.

I think you may suspend relationship with both of them, carry on as their platonic friend. If you first crush become hooked, you can go for the newer crush if she's still single. Otherwise, go for another person.

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Phones / Re: Items I Ordered From Aliexpress Are Nowhere To Be Found by JohnDuke101: 9:44am On Sep 11, 2019
ok I will

OK. All the best!
Phones / Re: Items I Ordered From Aliexpress Are Nowhere To Be Found by JohnDuke101: 12:38am On Sep 11, 2019
First time ordering from AliExpress... Order two pen drives and they are nowhere to be found

If it has been up to one month your order was shipped, contact the Nipost office serving your address. I received all but one of my orders from Aliexpress. After the parcel arrives, the guys at the PO in main gate call me. They ask for recharge card money when they call. To avoid recharge card money, I monitor my order online and go meet them when I believe it has arrived their office.
Romance / Re: Heart Broken! ! ! by JohnDuke101: 9:43pm On Sep 07, 2019
Men shaaa......

It is not gender-specific. Many gentlemen have also had terrible experiences with ladies. The more we live the more we learn. Experience don't change people but bring out what they really are.

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Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Where Are All The Good Men?? by JohnDuke101: 10:33pm On Sep 04, 2019

Yes you are very correct on the good guys not appealing to the average Nigerian lady.
But most times they are the ones with less confidence to walk up to a lady. The few ones that can walk up to a lady are not truly considered.

I agree. Some of them don't walk to every lady them meet unlike the bad guys. They want to know the lady enough before they make any commitment because they are looking for lifetime commitment. Sometimes, the ladies can't decode and are not patient enough. The bad guy will ask a lady out the day he meets her, gets into a relationship and bail out any moment. He keeps sampling as much as he can.

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Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Where Are All The Good Men?? by JohnDuke101: 12:13am On Sep 04, 2019

I need varied reasons on the scarcity of good men. I hope this can be pushed to front page

There are lots of good men. They may not appear in a form you expect them to appear. They may be wearing oversized jackets and may not have fashion sense. They may not be saying the kind of words some ladies expect them to say when conversing with them. They may appear to be old-school to some ladies.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NNPC Recruitment 2019! -invitation For Oral Interview by JohnDuke101: 9:52am On Jul 03, 2019
Thanks bro. Highly grateful

You are welcome bro! All the best in your interview.
Romance / Re: How Do I Tell My Friend The Truth by JohnDuke101: 2:09am On Jul 03, 2019
You can advise him to do more due diligence first. I will not propose to any lady until after I have done enough due diligence.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NNPC Recruitment 2019! -invitation For Oral Interview by JohnDuke101: 9:28pm On Jul 02, 2019

I was interviewed on 11th of August, 2011 and I received 30k from NNPC in May, 2012.

I have double checked with my friends. We got reimbursed after a long time. I forgot about it.


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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NNPC Recruitment 2019! -invitation For Oral Interview by JohnDuke101: 9:24pm On Jul 02, 2019
Thanks bro

You are welcome bro. I double checked with my friends. We were reimbursed for TF after a very long time. I forgot about it. You will be reimbursed too, I'm not sure when.

All the best!
Crime / Re: I Started Having Threesomes At Age 3 - Doctor Narrates Sexual Abuse Ordeal by JohnDuke101: 9:11pm On Jul 02, 2019

But person dey remember wetin happen when he de 3years old??

The story is hard to believe. It is possible to remember some things that happened at 3. I still remember my first in school at 3 and how my mum packaged my lunch and what I had.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NNPC Recruitment 2019! -invitation For Oral Interview by JohnDuke101: 9:44am On Jul 01, 2019

Is it possible to get this contact of yours to assist this time around?

I didn't apply this time because I don't need the job anymore. I have a decent job.

Thanks for your concern.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NNPC Recruitment 2019! -invitation For Oral Interview by JohnDuke101: 5:30pm On Jun 30, 2019

It is not truth. I got 30k for Transport subsidy then.., though it was 9 months after the interview.

I was interviewed in 2011 (2010 Recruitment), I didn't receive one kobo from then till today. My friends who were also interviewed in that recruitment didn't receive anything.

I attended NDDC Scholarship interview the same year and got 10k reimbursement for TF before I left the venue.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NNPC Recruitment 2019! -invitation For Oral Interview by JohnDuke101: 8:48pm On Jun 28, 2019
Thanks for the information Bro, were you given Transportation fare ? If yes, how much was it?

You are welcome Bro. No TF at all. Maybe, they will compensate those who got the offer.

I wish you the best!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NNPC Recruitment 2019! -invitation For Oral Interview by JohnDuke101: 6:10pm On Jun 27, 2019
Aaaawwwww. It's well

Absolutely! It doesn't bother me.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NNPC Recruitment 2019! -invitation For Oral Interview by JohnDuke101: 12:36pm On Jun 27, 2019
Smiles, it's definitely not a bore.. Quite interesting. You should have followed it up with a connect. Most of these job is all about who knows you in this our society.

I am a commoner and didn't have any bigwig who could help. The contact I eventually got was a fellow applicant who was connected to one of the big men in NNPC. He got employed and used to give me information on what was going on.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NNPC Recruitment 2019! -invitation For Oral Interview by JohnDuke101: 10:47am On Jun 27, 2019

Please sir any idea if they request for references from your previous employers? Or go there for physical verification if you worked there?

I never heard about that, except they did it after the offer letter. My references were my bosses and senior colleagues at that time. I don't think they have the time to send people to every previous employer. Maybe they would call to verify.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NNPC Recruitment 2019! -invitation For Oral Interview by JohnDuke101: 10:34am On Jun 27, 2019
I'm sorry to ask, is the job hard to get?

Do your best, hope for the best, be prepared for the worst and carry on with other plans as if you never applied for this job. I almost didn't want to go for my master's after the interview but I'm glad I did eventually.

All the best.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NNPC Recruitment 2019! -invitation For Oral Interview by JohnDuke101: 10:32am On Jun 27, 2019
Did you get the job?

No. Till today, we never heard back from them. The first time I was scheduled for interview, I got a call from them after I arrived Abuja that my interview the following day had been rescheduled because many of their staff want to travel home for the weekend. I had to travel back and returned to Abuja the following week.

After the interview, carry on with other plans. I was sceptical about going for my master's degree shortly after the interview because I felt my tuition and accommodation would be wasted. I spoke with some folks and they advised me to go and I can forgo everything if I get the offer. I finished my MSc and people were still waiting to hear back from them. I understand a lot happened after the first set of people got their offer letter. I'm not going to bore you with stories.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NNPC Recruitment 2019! -invitation For Oral Interview by JohnDuke101: 10:13am On Jun 27, 2019

What was it like eventually?

Could you clarify? Are you asking what the interview was like eventually?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NNPC Recruitment 2019! -invitation For Oral Interview by JohnDuke101: 10:43pm On Jun 26, 2019
Good morning, I just got an invitation from NNPC to prepare for an oral interview at HQ.

Please what are the necessary questions to expect?

Also, for those who have not gotten an email yet congrats in advance !!

As at 2010, it was a panel interview with 6+ people. There may be some experts in your field or related fields. The first question I was asked was "tell me about yourself". Other questions based on your CV. One of the interviewer asked me why I wanted to leave my job.

I wish you guys the best.


Romance / Re: Nigerian Lady Clashes With Her Boyfriend Side Chick, Beats Her Up by JohnDuke101: 10:31pm On Jun 24, 2019
For trying to snatch her man, Nigerian Lady clashed with her boyfriend's side chick

A Nigerian lady who found her boyfriend's side chick along a road, attacked and beat her up for trying to snatch her man.

In the video, after been confronted by her, the lady was seen slapping and hitting her and she said;

She kept on hitting her, and threw her on the ground. A passerby held her back, but she told he to leave her alone as she continued hitting her.

The side chick was seen running always from her, but the lady kept on moving closer to give her more beating.

People gathered, and begged her to leave the girl alone, but she was so adamant and didn't care about what they were saying.

Watch Video:

See more: https://www.hgsmediaplus.com.ng/2019/06/nigerian-lady-clashes-with-her.html?m=1

cc: Lalasticlala

Old video

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Career / Re: How Much Does A BSC Holder Earn As A University Non-Academic Staff? by JohnDuke101: 7:12pm On May 27, 2019
Graduate Assistant is 7 step 2 on CONNUAS
About 90k after charges

Teaching Staff (GA upwards) are on CONUASS. GA should be CONUASS 01, AL is CONUASS 02. I started as CONUASS 01 Step 01/02, I can't remember. The step increases every year.

Graduate Assistants earned 90k+ years ago, I'm not sure of what they earn now.


Romance / Re: Please Forgive Me HUNGERBAD by JohnDuke101: 9:31pm On May 24, 2019

no offence bro.
But i fear and run from people like you.
People who remember every little detail of shiiit done to them in the past.
People who don't forget easily.
Like i said, no offence.
Just putting it out there.

Hmmmm shocked
Romance / Re: Please Forgive Me HUNGERBAD by JohnDuke101: 9:08pm On May 24, 2019
You've no right to be rude to anyone even if you're above hundred.

Unfortunately, very few people understand this. Whenever your view differ from some kids', they start insulting you rather than discussing the subject.

Some years ago, there was a thread for newly admitted students into my university where they ask questions about the clearance. I felt I could help the freshers by providing information when necessary since that was my third year of serving in my faculty's clearance committee. I gave someone an advice and one second year kid on the thread started insulting me that what I said was false. Since then, I hardly comment on threads.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Just Received NNPC 2019 Recruitment Invitation (who Else Is Shortlisted)? by JohnDuke101: 10:03pm On May 22, 2019
Good day nairalanders,

Do you applied for the 2019 NNPC recruitment few months ago? I did and I just got invitation today.

Below is the mail I got:

Dear Applicant,

Following your online application for a position in Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), you are hereby notified of your success in the first level screening exercise and the scheduling of a Computer Based Test for Saturday 1st June, 2019.

Time and venue of the Test, and other required details, will be communicated to you on or before the 27th of May, 2019.


Validation of credentials in line with our advertised criteria will continue throughout the exercise and candidates will be disqualified if found not to meet set criteria.

Candidates not qualified will not receive further communication from us regarding the Computer Based Test and other activities.


Best regards,

NNPC Careers Team.

Who else got this? and do you know the nature of their questions and how to get the past questions?

NNPC aptitude test was paper based in the 2010 recruitment. If I remember correctly, the questions were based on your background. Applicants from science based program were examined in science, Abstract/Logical/Quantitative Reasoning, English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. Since the aptitude test is computer based now, you may also prepare for SHL too and expect something similar to NLNG test.

All the best.

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Education / Re: Need Advice,i Am Sleeping Too Much And My Exams Are Close by JohnDuke101: 7:41am On May 09, 2019
Like some folks have said, know what works best for you. I understand things better at night. The challenge I had was that anyday I attempted to study or take a nap in my room, I slept all night.

After my first semester result, I changed my strategy. I went to night class 5 days in a week. At the end of lectures, I go have my dinner, shower, and return to class. Sleep in class till midnight, wake up and study from midnight till 4 am. Return to hostel and sleep till 6 am.

All the best
Politics / Re: Audu Sule Marries Wife ‘First Lady’. Wedding Holds Ahead Of Inauguration by JohnDuke101: 10:11pm On Apr 19, 2019
His first wife may be sick, incapacitated, old, uneducated, or divorced and unfit for the office of 1st lady, hence the hurry to marry someone that can fit his new job.Only after hearing from the man one may understand the details.None of the above issue is permitted for 2nd marriage in christian faith,but Muslims have maximum of 4 wives allowed in the religion.

I was discussing with a muslim colleague (Pakistani) last summer and he told me Islam and the Quran doesn't support multiple wives. He told me multiple wives is an Arab culture.


Nairaland / General / Re: This Is Why Nigerians Do Not Deserve Financial Help From Fellow Nigerians (pics) by JohnDuke101: 12:44pm On Apr 19, 2019
This WhatsApp conversation is ridiculous..

I dunno what kind of advice to give my friend who sent this to me.

How will someone borrow you money after begging and crying to return it the next day and you have the audacity to use it to do another business?

Like that isn't enough, he's being lieing about sending it for over 3 days now (4 days after the agreed time oo) and he still has the boldness to update his WhatsApp status with motivational quotes.

Chaii.. Nigerians are low-key wicked.

I used to do it too and I thought I was smart but once I started losing good friends, it made me stop.

Moral of this post: Your friends are going through a lot probably lot more worse than you are. If they decide to help you out with a fast loan, do well to pay back before/on the agreed date.

They won't embarrass you because y'all are friends but you will never be trusted again.

It is really sad the so-called friends are not sincere when it comes to money. You can help out with whatever you when necessary without an intention of getting it back.

I experienced this several times because I expected "friends" to honor their words like I would do. I have learned my lesson. I know a handful of friends who will honor their words but the majority are not sincere. One of them told me he had a problem and I should lend him some money he would payback after a couple weeks. The next thing I saw was the guy bought a car and I didn't have a bicycle. After a while he said he was sorry for defaulting because things were tough and he came for another help. Another borrowed, we got paid an unexpected allowance 5 times the amount. I expected him to payback with that but he never did. He paid back in multiple instalments (2k, 1k, etc) but the refund wasn't useful to me.

I resorted to disbursing my money the day I recieve salary. I only have monthly upkeep. If any of them ask me for money, I will tell them what I have in my account and it is for my monthly upkeep.

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