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Politics / Re: EndSARS: White Paper Not Known To Law — Falana by josite: 9:48am On Dec 01
[quote author=Oceemo post=108109098] Always running to media to quote law upon law that's not relevant[/quote
Why not quote your own law that prescribed white paper
Romance / Re: My Fiancé Wants To Call It A Quit Because I Don't Relate With His Siblings by josite: 7:15pm On Nov 16
Be yourself .marriage should not change a reserved person into.a noisy person.let the guy go find a sibblings relater .I have 3 brother 8n.laws I've spoken 30 paragraphs statements to in 30 years.

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo: Nigeria Needs Responsible Political, Religious Leaders by josite: 4:29pm On Nov 13
The problem most Nigerians have is that, they don't evn understand themselves, talk of understanding the kinda nation they are in nd the laws nd constitution guiding their nation..

Bring the vice president, nd a professor of Law, he knows his boundaries, people can only push him to do dis or that, but, the truth is, he knows the laws that binds him as the vice president, going out of that law or listening to people pushing him to react will surely make him act against the rules that binds him nd it'll cause a deep friction between him and his principal who is drunk with tribalism and religious drink..

The VP is wise, people saying he's evil are the one evil nd foolish..
I give him kudos for his resilience spirit, but, also, maybe he shouldav resigned, but, if he does, Nigeria will be more worse than this, only those who is having deep understanding can fathom what I wrote down..

A lil advise..
You all should be conversant with the law of your nation, so as not to be pouring dirty talk out from ur ignorant mind..

Good talk.the only albatross the VP has is he sees himself and he is seen by the cabal.as a proxy of tinubu.trying to please two masters buhari and tinubu left him very lame.

Being a pastor he has yet another opportunity to break off the shackles and be purely God's men and prepare to meet the wrath of tinubu and buhari but win the hearts of God and the poor Nigerians.

He hasnt done this and is definitively moving towards political irrelevance.

Where are the VP mighty men?

He has none and so will expect to fail back on tinubus kindness to be preside nt.

He lacks courage ,divine courage and is not a man if conviction and also steeping into more and more indiscretion parroting motivational speeches to an hungry and angry masses.

Writing a book on him.

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Properties / Re: Video Of Femi Osibona And His Daughters Dancing (Throwback) by josite: 7:21am On Nov 13
At least his kids has fond memories of him.he got the family angle right.
Properties / Re: Femi Osibona Arrested In 2020 For Resisting Sealing Ikoyi Building (Throwback by josite: 5:37pm On Nov 04
I talk am, if he successfully completed thr building...he'd go to Osibanjo's church on Sunday to give testimony.

If you ask him how he achieved such feat, he will tell you that it is God oh.

Pastor ashi of kicc has already claimed the glory of.so it is not for pastor oshibande.
Family / Re: I’m Pregnant With Twins And The Father Doesn’t Want Them. by josite: 2:19pm On Nov 04
Go get a good job and look after urself and the twins and out them out for adoption if u are still not ready for them
Properties / Re: Ikoyi Collapsed Building: Style Of Rescuing Can Even Kill, Lady Yells At NEMA by josite: 1:44pm On Nov 04
This is a warning to all Nigerians this is the time for the revolution this Nigeria must be born again votes the tinubus atikus crowd again if u have not suffered enough .very wicked and foolish rescue efforts


Politics / Re: Tinubu Is Capable Of Leading Nigeria — South-West Governors by josite: 7:28am On Oct 28
Tinubu certainly has merits but let us start the rebuilding of Nigeria now and allow a breath of fresh air.

Let us push persons like akinwunmi adesina to help jumpstart the new Nigeria.

I would have suggest osinbajo but he is deficient in courage and is largely a status quo person unwilling and reluctant to rock the boat if need be.

He has too.much a huge debt to pay to tinubu and may never be it's own man and this is the reason why he is left out out of main governance by buhari.he is seen as a proxy of tinubu and not osinbajo.

If care is not taken either atiku or tinubu will be president meaning the state capture is further established.
Family / Re: My 85-Year-Old Dad Is Cheating On My Mom by josite: 6:55am On Oct 27

Name one problem prayer had solve in this life?

My million naira debt last year.
Family / Re: My Wife Refused To Swear That She Does Not Cheat by josite: 2:03pm On Oct 22
Where do foolish persons get the impression that married persons are no more human and will never give in to sexual temptation.just do ur DNA and ur std test regularly.
Politics / Re: Tunde Bakare: Nigeria Needs Competent President Whether From North Or South by josite: 2:22pm On Oct 20
Did he not say after buhari is his him.
That's why a man of God should only speak when God instruct him to speak.
Culture / Re: Dele Momodu Fumes As KWAM 1 Prostrates for Ooni But Shakes Hands With The Oluwo by josite: 8:05am On Oct 19
Kwam 1 is very right.why will a king sits in the seat meant for servant and security escort. Where is his own car? and the sake king went to okeowo of gilbrata construction ikoyi home and the man sat down while this oluwo went about sniffing his car garages escorted by a servant and not okeowo.himself .

Kwam and him smoke weeds together and he is revealed already as a Yahoo king.
Religion / Re: Pastor Funke Adejumo: If You Are The Richest Among Your Friends, Leave Now by josite: 4:03pm On Oct 13
This woman is driven by every spirit apart from the holy spirit.these are simply motivational speakers parading as Godly persons.

U don't have to be the richest for evil minded people to be jealous of u.u may be the poorest but the most contended and happi person in your group and yet others will be jealous of you.

This particular woman says a lot of nonsense.preachiing earth bound messages that leads to everywhere but heaven .no wonder the Bible says some offices should not be given to a novice.

God instruct the rich not to be high-minded,ready to distribute and willing to communicate,she is telling them to disconnect.

She doesn't even know how lonely it is to be at the top and how exciting living at ogba is more than banana island.

Very rubbish woman

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Politics / Re: Pandora Papers: I Have $15 Million In Offshore Accounts - Peter Obi by josite: 3:25pm On Oct 11
Twice Reuben abati asked him to be specific about how he made the money,the man was parambulating.hevsaid he supply champagne to arise chairman years ago in surulere and he owns majority shares in 3 banks.

He lost a golden opportunity to prove his money is legit.he lost my vote forever.

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency : Osinbajo's Moves To Succeed Buhari Pitches Him Against Tinubu by josite: 8:01am On Oct 11
Electing anyone who has a huge political debt to settle will not help nigeria.lets us have a breath of fresh air and leave tinubu ,osinbajo out of the race.
Romance / Re: My Fiancee's Unstable Look Is Threatening Our Relationship. Please Advice Me by josite: 9:33am On Oct 07
U will regret if u marry that girl because you yourself you are the most unstable man alive


Politics / Re: Pandora Papers Implicate Peter Obi, Nine Other Nigerians by josite: 2:57pm On Oct 05
And this is how Peter obi lost a good chance.
Politics / Re: Abubakar Suleja: Why I Called Tinubu Mr President In London by josite: 2:52pm On Oct 05
We must do something .sanusi already warned pdp apc will present us with 2 useless candidates
Family / Re: My Parents Move In To My Ongoing New House Without My Consent by josite: 8:24am On Oct 04
You have made an error.kmowing they don't have a house .u ought to have explained to them what your plans are for them in terms of permanent accommodation.

If the documents your wife's name as well ,use it to convince them u won't mind if d house belongs to u alone but since it is both of u then u will.try build a house for them while they stay in the house for the time being.

Next time be wise.dontbentrust your affairs into the hands of those you cannot invoke the law against.
Family / Re: Why I Refuse To Help A Pregnant Woman, What Can You Say On This? by josite: 7:39am On Sep 30
I refuse to help a needy pregnant woman because I am running from my real self. Yes, I needed to save my peace and sanity

In 2018, I move to a new place, a married woman with children started and always comes to meet me to give her whatever she wants from me which I always do. One day, the husband came to me with anger, and told me to stay away from his wife. I said, OK.

Even If i use common sense - helping people I know has landed me in too many conflicts, they are just too over many for me to overlook anymore.

Because of the many years of constant betrayals that lead me to regret my life, I move to a new town and decide to start afresh. In the past I have shown too much financial care and love for women that backfire and work against me. so I decide to stay focus on myself for the first time of my life.

After living in this new place for about six months, a pregnant woman who also live in the same visinity ask me to help her. She told me to lend her some money.

She told me that, she had not eaten since morning and she wants to cook something to eat and her hubby is out of town and will be back later.

She told me she will refund me when her hubby comes back. She was pregnant, hungry and need help.

I badly wanted to but I instantly had many flash back and I told her, I don't have the money right now. I told her, why can't you go and meet that your fellow business woman down there? she may be able to help you, she replied me with God forbid.

The money she asked me, I have it in my base, three times over but I refuse to give her. I painfully refused to help her because nigeria society has made me look like a fool.

To save my peace - I just have to only help strangers and not give help to the people I know

Did I do wrong?
What do you think?

U are a st u pid fellow. A hungry person ask u for help and u decline
Crime / Re: "Baba Ijesha Defiled Minor Twice", Child Forensic Expert Tells Court by josite: 2:25pm On Sep 28
Very stu pid prosecutor.so it is the expert that was not there that will say d victim was defiled twice.such s statement ought to have come from the mouth of the victim or any body who actually saw it this is how a sick person will finally walk away free.


Crime / Re: "Baba Ijesha Defiled Minor Twice", Child Forensic Expert Tells Court by josite: 2:24pm On Sep 28
Very stupid prosecutor.so it is the expert that was not there that will say d victim was defiled twice.such s statement ought to have come from the mouth of the victim or any body who actually saw it this is how a sick person will finally walk away free.

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Religion / Re: Adeboye: My Friend Screamed Praise The Lord When We Heard Nigeria's N55trn Debt by josite: 10:44am On Sep 28
Daddy GO should know Nigeria's situation is beyond joke and he can joke because he has many plan b.

Elders should please be circumspect when speaking.
Romance / Re: Tenants, Please Share Your Experiences With Your Landlords And Landladies. by josite: 10:02am On Sep 27
What we don't do is ask previous tenants about a new landlord and ask previous landlords about a new tenant .and we don't insist on tenancy agreement being signed before we move into the house.
Most tenants assume if they have 5 cars ,they have a right to pack all inside compound.unless your agreement says so ,u can only park your car inside with the permission of the landlord.

I once refuse a house cus landlord insists my car will.be parked outside.

Let us take time to price market very well before buying and once you notice the landlord is not good for start looking for another place.

Then always pray before u lay your head to sleep in any house even for an hour,talk less a year .
Romance / Re: Tenants, Please Share Your Experiences With Your Landlords And Landladies. by josite: 9:43am On Sep 27
I remember one prospective landlord in ogudu gra who said her undergraduate daughter is no go area and I reply if she is adult it will be her decision ,not her father to date or bang a tenant and he asked further if I can ever sue him for anything and I said for sure since Breached agreement are justiciable.

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Family / Re: My Brother-In-Law Caught His Wife Cheating! by josite: 9:38am On Sep 27
Easy to condem the wife.you should also tells us how far the husband of this woman provides for her needs.
Are her legitimate basic needs being met.
A woman ,married or single is bound to show her gratitude in so many ways for the man solving problems for her.
And the internet just made it easy for women who needs help in any area if life to access help.

Failure toeets needs will have consequences when it comes to today's wives.

The choice any man must made is whether u want long life or not and wether u will take advantage of dna early enough or not.

I hate this idea of calling anybody cheats because they find solutions to their problems.

Stupid men should learn,women knows how to find solutions to problems than men and u will only kill yourself if u don't accept this fact.


Education / Re: NDA Dismisses 18 Cadets For Exam Malpractices, Brutality, Indiscipline by josite: 8:04am On Sep 27

I was among.

I didn't cheat or involve in malpractice but i was accused, charged and dismissed.

I am a son of nobody but God knows the best cus he is the only evidence i have.

My offense was that my sister called me that my mom fainted and they rushed her to the hospital that her left leg and left hand paralyzed.

I asked for permission in school just to go see her since she only have me and her sister but i was denied the permission.

My mind was not at peace knowing the way my younger sister was crying on phone and she has no one to stay with her.

I left without the permission and was close arrest after a week of being abs in sch.

I was charged for awol and was surprised to see the outcome as dismissed.

I have accepted my faith

I look forward to seeing myself in a better place again. cry

Please pray for my mom, don't want to loose school and my mum.

She still can't take her left leg

Sorry about the your mother.

Don't quarrel with the verdict.you are a soldier and you cannot leave your station without permission.

After 2 year.apply for a review.even dismissed soldiers get their case reviewed.

It is a right decision.

Meanwhile find a private security job in a company to do and be very honest to tell them what happened to you and your plan to reapply to nda


Religion / Re: Limousine: Pastor Kumuyi, What They Expected Of Him Vs What He Came With (Photo) by josite: 12:41pm On Sep 26
I have still never heard Kumuyi bragging about material possessions as some other church leaders do, so I don't understand what all the fuss is about.

Take it or leave it, he's closer to God than most church leaders of this nation are.

He tried to get things right because of his love for God, but made some errors along the way. It's better than not trying at all or caring about doing things the right way, which is what many others are guilty of.

By the way, I am not a member of his church and don't think I have ever stepped my feet into a deeper life church building, but I have some respect for the man because I can see in him a man who really has the interest of God at heart.

God bless.

Are you God.even the Bible says it is only God who knows those that he is how do u know that kumuyi is closer to God.did God told you that ?
Romance / Re: “I Always Wonder, Who Gives Men Money When They’re Broke” – Nigerian Lady by josite: 7:58am On Sep 26
Very good question.now some stupid man now knows he goes through a different path in life some of which d women he tries to reason his situation with,never had to pass through.
Properties / Re: Things To Know Before You Hire An Architect In Nigeria by josite: 11:19am On Sep 25
4.) Previous Designs

I have had clients asking me to send designs of previous works (most times they specify the design they want). This may be the norm, but it is not proper. I know clients want to see how an architect thinks, which is clear in their designs. However, an architect by definition is someone who creates.

By this, I mean you should have the trust that he/she can provide whatever space plan you need. That said, seeing previous designs from architects may not help you achieve your goal. 99 times out a 100, you end up getting a new design with no input from the samples sent.

This is so because every design is unique to the client. I love spacious bedrooms, you may prefer something compact. This would not reflect in previous designs the architect may have done. Also, previous designs may not have all your requirements. Designs shouldn’t be shopped. Prepare a brief and send to your architect. That is the best way to go. 10 times out of 10, they will prepare a unique 3 bedroom bungalow design.

Some clients expect architects to have a sample design of all building types. This is a wrong notion. All architects prepare designs based on the clients’ brief. We do not prepare designs for fun, we prepare them on request.

Agreed.they create so I look for signs that u are creative.if I derp the hint ,u should perfect it.
Properties / Re: Things To Know Before You Hire An Architect In Nigeria by josite: 11:16am On Sep 25
2.) A Considerable Amount of Time is Involved

I get it that time waits for no man. Everyone is in a haste to get things done. Be advised that designs, construction and all its links TAKE TIME!

From the design process to approval to construction, it is a time-consuming process. I mean, it involves a considerable amount of time. If you intend to hit the ground running, then you need a head start. It is not advisable to be in a haste. Take your time, be sure everything is in order.

There are variations in every stage of the design. Some because of clients’ demands, others unforeseen. The bottom line is, they happen. Clients need to be patient. However, be rest assured that the well-planned time constraints result in excellent finished work.

Very bullshit.so I give u 7 days to come out with a design and be paid 2billion naira,u will tell me u can't.

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