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Celebrities / Re: Annie Idibia Drags 2Face Idibia On Instagram Over One Of His Baby Mamas by kingkoboko: 9:00pm On Sep 03

Oh, woww. Wisdom! Master, cannai drink from your fountain of knowledge?? Asin, asin, what you're meaning to tell me is that, I should feel lucky as a woman, that a randy obuko goat got married to me out of all his mistresses, ba? Nice one. So. Please, I want to know what benefits I get that those other women do not have. As in, as e don marry me now, watin go be my gain?

My broda, as a taliban feminist wey u be, na wetin u need marriage 4again? Abeg remain single 4all eternity jor. U be male wey manage get follow-come bwest & yansh. U be our fellowman like King Tonto. Abi u don 4get ni? Hehehe...

ABEG GETAT! *in Brainjotter's voice*

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Celebrities / Re: Annie Idibia Drags 2Face Idibia On Instagram Over One Of His Baby Mamas by kingkoboko: 11:58pm On Sep 02
But Annie why na? Why bring this outside laidis? Haba!

Na crime 4 Tubaba 2knack him babymamas? U suppose dey happy sey na only u him marry sef.

Tubaba suppose get 3 or 4 wives like a real African man wallahi.


Sports / Re: Samuel Okwaraji Died 32 Years Ago by kingkoboko: 4:30pm On Aug 12
U wan 2know d role that Sam Okwaraji played in d 99-1 Nigeria vs India match?

Search for @KingKoboko on Telegram. i go send d eBook there 4free.

Celebrities / Re: 9ice(yoruba) Vs Flavour(igbo). Who Is More Popular ? by kingkoboko: 12:29pm On Aug 05
Gongo Aso was a monster hit wallahi

But Flavour is evergreen. He gets beta & sweeter wit time like wine.
Romance / Re: Ever Had Sex With Your Cousin? Share Your Experience by kingkoboko: 1:58pm On Jul 22
My cousin made me hv sex wit her wen i was little. She was bout 5/6yrs older than me. i was in primary 1/2 at d time. i can rememba how hot & hairy her privates felt. i think we did it 2diff times or so.

This cousin knackin cousin tin is more rampant than pipu think o! Esp among cousins that dont meet themselves regularly. Na why family reunion dey necessary at least once in a yr. So that u go fit introduce ur children 2their cousins.

If them no know their extended family, them fit meet 4city or abroad, knack themself b4 them go later discover sey them be blood. Hehehe...

But anoda problem na cousins 4rm d maternal side o! Na only me abi anoda person don notice sey na maternal cousins dey fine & sexy pass 4 family? Wahala owa!

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Romance / Re: Nairaland Guys And Ladies If You Will, Come Let Us Reason Together by kingkoboko: 1:36am On Jun 09

Hmm, thanks for your input sir but you might be a little mistaken with that her mother noticing her daughter is materialistic part. You never can tell. The girl might just be trying to secure her future and that of her children as every sensible person should. Who wants to knowingly birth a child to suffer?

Why u dey argue against urself by urself na?

Are u insinuatin that d mother that advised her daughter 2calm down & choose a man she can grow wit wants her own daughter 2suffer? Abi u dey try tell us sey no b her real mama she b? Nawa 4 una o!
Romance / Re: Nairaland Guys And Ladies If You Will, Come Let Us Reason Together by kingkoboko: 6:45pm On Jun 08
D gal that created that post didnt tell us d context of her mum's advice.

Wat do i mean by context?

Her mum may hv noticed that her daughter is too materialistic 2d point of missin out on d hardworkin promisin young suitors comin 4her hand.

Some gals will consider a young man wit a 100k per month job as struggling & broke. She wants a guy makin at least 500k per month who can buy her d latest iPhone + latest fashion items, not mindin his source of income.

That mst b why her mum was cautionin her 2calm down. Hehehe...

Wat if she marries that ready-made man & his biz or hustle crashes after 3yrs of marriage? She go carry her pikin japa leave her broke husband in search of a richer man outside?

We all know that women dont marry 4 luv, but at least try marry man wey u go fit stay wit weda money dey or e no dey because life is full of ups & downs.

*drops mic*

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Romance / Re: Sell A Kidney Or Liver? by kingkoboko: 6:10pm On Jun 08
Heard u can get 4rm btwn 7M to 15M 4donatin ur kidney

But if me i wan do am, i mst get my own doctor/nurse wey go dey inside d theatre 2monitor d operation. because if u enta evil peopl hand eh, them go comot ur two kidneys replace am wit 2nd-hand kidney.

U go think sey u don hammer, u no go know sey ur battery remain 1bar. Hehehe...

E no funny wallahi
Romance / Re: Benefits Of Masturbation by kingkoboko: 5:51pm On Jun 08
See click-bait sha. Hehehe...

Anyways, 1 benefit of masturbation is d REDUCTION OF EXCESS KONJI

Konji na bastard! E beta make u masturbate like once or twice a month than 2dey mumu urself because of woman.

Las las, e good 2take break 4rm masturbation so that u use ur sexual energy achieve other tins. Read up on SEXUAL TRANSMUTATION & thank me later. *winks*

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Literature / Re: Poetry dot com is back!!! by kingkoboko: 5:40pm On Jun 08
i noticed it jst yestday o

Go there & search 4 ur old poems if u were active there yrs ago

If u search "King Koboko" u go find my own *winks*

Sports / Re: Ngolo Kante Deserves Ballon D'or by kingkoboko: 9:25am On May 30
i no b Chelsea fan. But u see this N'golo? i b him fan.

N'golo Kante 4 FIFA WORLD BEST

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Investment / Re: Telegram Group by kingkoboko: 1:51pm On May 25
Wetin b d name of d Telegram group? Wetin b d handle?

Or u fit giv us ur own Telegram handle make we contact u there.
Crime / Re: 60% ROI: Dominic Joshua Ngene Arrested Over N2 Billion Fraud (Photo) by kingkoboko: 12:44pm On May 25
Wen will UNIVERSAL DADDY INK (d founder of Pinkcoin) b arrested?

10,000 magas x 1k = 10 MILLA

No b juju b that? Hehehe...

D guy don hammer wallahi. Maybe him don give EFFC & police their share. Naija na scam las las.

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Romance / Re: Why Are Some Naija Chics Scared Of Taking It From The Back? by kingkoboko: 3:15pm On May 24
If u mean anal, i heard its very painful even wit lube gan sef. Hehehe...

But if u mean d regular p u s s y penetration thru d back, na lie. Lori iro! Naija gals luv doggy o! Them no dey use am play aswear. Esp if u hv a big sugarcane *winks*

Unless na ur own gf in particular wey no like doggy sha
Romance / Re: Telegram Group For Single Lagosians by kingkoboko: 3:11pm On May 24
Its happenin in Telegram o *winks*

But u cud also search 4 us on FB too sha: LAGOS SINGLES CONNECT
Religion / Re: We Have Accepted A Lot Of Nonsense So Far by kingkoboko: 12:31pm On May 24
i think u shud read THE GODS WERE ASTRONAUTS

Politics / Re: Secessionists Are Noisemakers Who Don't Really Want To Leave Nigeria. by kingkoboko: 2:08pm On May 23

Lemme shock you too. Northern Nigeria aka Arewa republic will not allow any Biafran to stay in our land. You cannot hate us and stay with us. We will not only take over everything but we will make sure you never step your feet on our land

We dont hate u darlin. We hate d terrorists, d Jihadists, d Pantamists & those who refuse 2march forward in2 d 21st century of a restructured truly federal system if this British biz called ONE NIGERIA is 2continue existin.

& make i shock-absorb u:
Ur Northern Nigeria (or Arewa) will beg rich Biafrans 2invest in Arewa economy. They'll even map out FTZs 2entice us too. *winks*
Politics / Re: Secessionists Are Noisemakers Who Don't Really Want To Leave Nigeria. by kingkoboko: 9:00am On May 23
Ur logic is too funny wallahi. Hehehe...

U expect all Igbos (100%) 2leave other parts of Naija & relocate 2d Southeast jst because about 65% of Igbos are clamourin 4 Biafra? Haba!

So wat happens 2d 35% of Igbos who prefer & believe in ONE NIGERIA?

Lemme shock u:
Even if Biafra were 2emerge 2day 2day, Biafrans will still live peacefully, doing biz, buyin lands, buildin houses/estates & marryin in d republics of Arewa, Oduduwa, Middlebelt etc jst as they're doing in Ghana, Cameroon, Togo & other countries surroundin Nigeria presently.
Religion / Re: The Bible God Was An Alien Astronaut - Nothing More by kingkoboko: 8:40am On May 23
i hv a strong feelin that d owner of this thread has read THE GODS WERE ASTRONAUTS by ERICH VON DANIKEN.

Everybody shud read it. Its so stimulatin & mind-blowin wallahi

Politics / Re: Seven Reasons The UGM Will Loose This Campaign by kingkoboko: 12:50am On May 20
Shud i tell u d only reason why FGN & FHM hv failed?

*wavin SOUTH NIGERIA flag*

Food / Re: Garri (cassava Flakes) With Blocked Water (picture Attached) by kingkoboko: 7:12pm On May 18

This is funny wallahi
Health / Re: 16-Year-Old Ghanaian Female Student Commits Suicide In School Dining (Graphic) by kingkoboko: 2:11pm On May 18
Hope she wasnt murdered sha
Politics / Re: OPINION : 2023 And The Unknown Gunmen by kingkoboko: 2:01pm On May 13
Forget your gutter analysis.

It's all a fight for checkpoint bribery proceeds. The greedy army trying to subdue other forces and take it all for themselves.

Hmmm... Dis na anoda angle o

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Nairaland / General / Re: When You Want A Woman And She Doesn’t Want You by kingkoboko: 6:26am On May 12
Every man shud read THE RATIONAL MALE by Rollo Tomassi

U fit google am download d free PDF.

That book na powerful book 4 men 2learn how 2master women & know women's manipulations.

Una go thank me buy me 1crate of beer after readin that man-lifesavin book book wallahi *winks*
Nairaland / General / Re: Nigeria Is Now Officially Arabic! by kingkoboko: 6:18am On May 12
i noticed this same tin d other day o! Wit d way this country is going eh, its clear that there is a deliberate Islamization & Fulanization agenda by d govt.

Look at Buhari. Look at Pantami. Look at d Nigerian Army. Look at d North & their Sharia.

Do u know that Turkey was once a Christian country b4 it was overrun by Islamists? Is that not d same scenario playin out here in Naija? Wahala dey o!
Nairaland / General / Re: Why Is This Country So Hard Like This For Christ Sake? by kingkoboko: 6:12am On May 12
Time to change your programming.

This is the mentality of an Average Nigerian:

I will go to school and read my books, when i
Graduate from college, i will go to the
University and Study a Course that will
Earn me a Large Salary.

After I get a Job then i will marry and have
Children and i will train them to live the
way i have live and they will train their own
Children in the same way.

On and on the Cycle goes.

It is normal to be annoyed at the current
Situation of the country.

But you soon get to a stage where you realise that The Government won't help

Your Future is in your hands.

If you want to Change your life, you have to
Think differently from the masses because
If you imitate average people you get
Average results.

It has been Found that Highly Successful
People have a high sense of responsibility.

For example an average person would blame the Government for its problems.

But a Highly successful person would say to
Him or Herself:
"If my life Sucks, then its my Fault".

Your Life is your Responsibility,
Not the Government's Responsibility.
The government just uses the masses as
Pawns to gather more power and resources
and they are laid aside when they outlive
Their usefulness.

If you can remove that programming that
The Govt. Should always be responsible
For you, then you can start to solve your

Motivational speaker, can we see ur acct balance 1st abeg? Can u send d OP small somtin 2use chop make him get strength 2read ur speech? *hisses*

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Nairaland / General / Re: Teslim ‘thunder’ Balogun: The Man, The Myth And The Football by kingkoboko: 6:00am On May 12
Thunder Balogun scored d winnin goal in d legendary 99-1 match

U can read d full story wit all d details in d book THE LEGEND OF INDIA VS NIGERIA

Google it or com 2my Facebook & ask 4a copy. U'll b blown away wallahi. *winks*
Politics / Re: Lagos Plans Fresh Ban On Okada, Keke by kingkoboko: 5:52am On May 12
E b like sey i go support this move o! All this aboki from Niger & Chad don dey overtake Lagos wallahi.

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