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Business / Re: Lady Loses Her Life Investments To Flood In Nibo, Anambra (Pictures) by koolaid87: 11:05pm On Aug 08
Did the cat fish drown in the flood?
I feel sorry for her though

Imagine waking up one day and you hear that all your life investment have gone down the drain. It can put you in a very long depression depressive mood. Government should come to her aid please

Crime / Re: Policeman Shoots 23-Year-Old Man Dead In Delta (Disturbing Photos) by koolaid87: 8:19pm On Aug 08
With all their religious hypocrisy, death flies around nonstop.

Foolish government lacks knowledge to tackle insecurity.

Pastors/Imams left their true call for the sake of Money

Values/Morals gone down the drain

GOD left Nigeria years ago.

Mr Righteousness89, this ain't China. Sey Nigeria dey fight God too?

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Politics / Re: Senator Buruji Kashamu Dies Of COVID-19 Disease by koolaid87: 7:31pm On Aug 08
Let the Lord judge the Criminal

Not a time to mourn a criminal and a drug baron, may his soul not rest in peace if he was indeed a criminal
Religion / Re: You Are Inside A Woman's Private Part - Female Pastor Tells Man by koolaid87: 5:50am On Aug 08
Comedy central featuring Ebuka

Food / Re: Man Escapes Being Crushed By An Angry Cow During Sallah by koolaid87: 3:56am On Aug 01
The guy deserved the two horns as a reminder to the day he escaped death


Politics / Re: Insecurity: Nigerians Know We Have Done Our Best – Buhari by koolaid87: 11:14pm On Jul 31
Breaking this country is the only way to go.

Vote in another government and see another form of violence from another group

This will never stop unfortunately.


Politics / Re: Bokom Haram: Governor Zulum Shielded From Gunshots by koolaid87: 10:37am On Jul 31
I can imagine the kind of fear and uncertainty that fills the minds of people living in the villages of the north east. Living with no certainty of seeing the next day due to the crisis

You mean u can't imagine..
Crime / Re: Ghanaian Lady Flogged For Sleeping With A Sudanese Man In Saudi Arabia by koolaid87: 9:40pm On Jul 30
Religion of hardcore peace
Politics / Re: Oshiomole: I Sold Bad Product To Edo People In 2016 by koolaid87: 5:57am On Jul 27
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Flogs Adebayo Molaja's Wife With Horse Whip Over Theft -SaharaReporters by koolaid87: 11:04pm On Jul 22
Baba Ota, sey dementia ti wo le ni?
Politics / Re: Joe Komolafe: Amotekun Will Use Supernatural Power To Combat Insecurity by koolaid87: 7:48am On Jul 21
This is really stupid and naive. You are going to fight someone with AK47 with jazz. How many people can your jazz disable at once?

Where were their AKs when thunder was striking their cows?
Celebrities / Re: 50 Hollywood/European Stars That Were Yoruba by koolaid87: 9:28pm On Jul 19
No wonder everybody migrates to LAGOS for talent showcasing.

Omoluabi are the best when it comes to entertainment.

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Crime / Re: Man Beheads Colleague After Seeing His N13m Account Balance by koolaid87: 4:28am On Jul 18
Husstle ( Machine operator)

Loyalty (Building a project for his bro)

Respect (well deserved)

You're a hero Nwachukwu.

Rest in peace

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Preparation For Eid-ul-adha: How Much Is Ram In Your Area? by koolaid87: 11:17am On Jul 17
Travel / Re: UK To Resume Visa Processing In Nigeria On July 28 by koolaid87: 10:03pm On Jul 14
Money is needed.


Romance / Re: Masturbation: I Learnt To Stop The Hard Way. by koolaid87: 12:34am On Jul 14
Bro, you're doing God's work with your write up. Im quitting now and all thanks to God for using you to save llives from this demonic force.

I'm quitting now for good

Time to take my life back

Glory be to God

ote author=mrniceguy98 post=91641610]Hello fams
Happy Sunday
I've been a member of this great forum since 2016 or thereabout though I deactivated my first account here.
I'm not a newbie here. I'm saying it cos some people may think I came to chase clout. I'm here to share my story and experience for others to learn

Back to why I created this topic.
Okay, I've been a chronic masturbator and porn lover. I started after my secondary school and being a Virgin then, it was the easiest way to get pleasure. Lemme say this MASTURBATION AND PORNOGRAPHY are destroyers. They will ruin u and turn you to mere shafts... I masturbated for 6solid years This is what masturbation will do to u

1. It'll make it difficult for you to ever fall in love with a woman. Your relationship and sexual life will become nothing to write home about
2. You'll become withdrawn from others. It'll destroy ur social life totally
3. It'll take you far away from God. Very very far
4. You'll start having memory loss.
5. It brings bad luck. Believe this, it's very true. Things won't be going the way u planned, though not true for everyone but majority of masturbators experience this.
6. You see your d*ck. It'll no longer remain the way God gave u. Trust me, you'll start having erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation if u don't stop on time
There are more but I'll stop here.

With time I noticed that I was becoming withdrawn, depressed and always weak, I was having memory loss, I couldn't keep an information for long, I was shy and didn't really fancy women and relationships. I was a shadow of myself. I didn't have friends, I liked being alone.

Honest truth is I tried stopping severally because the negative signs were obvious but I just couldn't stop. The farthest I could go was 1week, I'd start again. It was very frustrating. .. I tried praying, it wasn't working.

Soon, it weren't those anymore, it worsened. I started observing that my dick was becoming dysfunctional. It could no longer attain maximum erection and normally I've a very long d*ck cos I'm very tall but with time I observed that it was drawing back. I was having a very weak and poor erection. It worsened then again, I wasn't having morning erections anymore. I'd wake up with a flaccid d*ck and I'd have to stimulate it before it'd weakly come up and then fall again in seconds. It was disheartening to say the least. I was becoming weak. I was defeated.

On a fateful (should I even use fateful cos it worked for my favour) morning, after getting up I was with my phone and I saw something very erotic online, the urge came again, I tried to stop it but I couldn't. I masturbated. That masturbation that day nearly ended me. Immediately I was done, it was as if I lost my mind, my head was heavy, it was like men were using hammer on it. I slept for hours and got up but instead of stopping, it worsened. I was dying, my back was aching so painfully, my legs were hurting so badly, I couldn't walk well. My stomach was paining me inside. God!, the experience was tragic. This continued for two good weeks. I couldn't eat well, I was literally dying. I prayed to God to forgive me and give me my health that I wouldn't go back to it. Eventually with time I regained myself. Glory to God, my morning erections are back and my d*ck is becoming normal. I can now have my strong erection though still not completely long but with time.

My experience was horrible and I don't wish it for anyone, even an enemy. I'm happy today that I'm free, its been a long while now and I've not watched porn or masturbated. Thinking about my experience makes me detest it so much now. I've sworn I'll never go back and I believe God will help me.

I learnt the hard way. Please don't learn the hard way, you may not live to tell the tales. MASTURBATION IS A KILLER. RUN FROM IT



Crime / Re: Reverend Joseph Ma’aji Remanded For Raping His 16-Year-Old House Maid by koolaid87: 7:18am On Jul 09
u want to be selling people products

Which one is the people product

You no want make him liberate us from this poverty??

You report am to be banned by the admin

Na God go punish you if you did
Islam for Muslims / Re: Dealing With The Fitnah (temptation) Of Women by koolaid87: 6:44am On Jul 09

What's your problem, must you comment?

Yes, I must comment Motherfucker.

why not address the msg instead of attacking the messenger.

Dumb followers of a paedophile
Crime / Re: 20-Year-Old Girl Raped And Killed In Illorin (Disturbing Photos) by koolaid87: 11:20pm On Jul 08
Serial killer on the loose.

He's already searching for his next victim.

Police pls do the needful and swing into getting this Bastard before he kills again

RIP to the deceased
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Attacks UN Helicopter, Kills Two In Borno by koolaid87: 6:15am On Jul 05
Just know that 2 could be 22

Technically defeated my a55

B'haram =Notherner's investment


Crime / Re: Baby Factory In Rivers Church: Police Arrest General Overseer. 18 Babies Sold by koolaid87: 8:40pm On Jul 04
since it is involving man of God I will suggest that we have our toung in check please no insult

Isn't it hilarious that when someone mentioned "Man of God" your brain goes out the window.

No wonder why Afrikans are mentally enslaved
Crime / Re: US Department Of Justice Charges Hushpuppi With Money Laundering by koolaid87: 6:32am On Jul 04
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City vs Liverpool - (4 - 0) On 2nd July 2020 by koolaid87: 9:19pm On Jul 02
Liverpool sold the match

I can't blame them though. They won the league. Just sorry for anyone who punt BTS yes or Liverpool win
Politics / Re: House Purchased By Ajimobi In USA In 2016 Uncovered - Sahara Reporters by koolaid87: 7:38am On Jul 02
Family / Re: How My Mom Ruined My Life by koolaid87: 10:26pm On Jun 30
Indomie build up

so she accused you wrongly and ever since then your life spoilt? let it continue spoiling na. mtcheww

sha keep us update to the monthly level to which it's spoiling sad

Silence is golden. You don't have to add to his misery by altering that nonsense.

We are not built the same.

@Op, find a therapist and explain your situation. Most folks on nairaland are dumbass. They're not sensitive to emotional abuse. If it's not physical then it's not an abuse to them.



Religion / Re: Opening The Eyes While Praying, Good Or Bad? by koolaid87: 9:32am On Jun 28
Close your eyes if you're in a secured environment. Open your eyes if you don't trust the settings.

If bible didn't give reference, then you use common sense

Watch and pray, remember?
Crime / Re: Nigerians Condemn FBI For Focusing On 6 Nigerians On The Wanted List (photos) by koolaid87: 3:10am On Jun 28
Instead of these f00ls to applaud the FBI, they are making silly noises. The actions of these bad eggs affect every decent person from the country. Smh

Modified :
Thanks for all the mentions, but I'm unapologetic about my comment. Let's face the reality on ground, the Nigerian image is already dented and may even become irredeemably dented if the activities of these guys and our politicians are not checked.

The only difference between our politicians and these guys is that, our thieving politicians are smart enough to steal only from their people, we tolerate the excesses of these politicians and the FBI doesn't bother them. undecided

What I understand by this move is that, with hushpuppi and Co in the bag, it's only logical for the FBI to try and hunt down the remaining members of the syndicate, so that they can close the case. Someone is already being tortured and the person is snitching on the clique.

You don't steal from somebody's house and expect to be punished like a family member.

See, we can either face our current reality or continue burying our heads in the sand. angry

Travel / Re: Airport Suspends Banner Flights After "White Lives Matter" Incident At Man City by koolaid87: 10:18pm On Jun 24
There are black crimes, there are white crimes. And it doesn't give the police any reason to be discriminatory and racists towards any race..During the Italian Mob era, there were a lot of bloodshed in that same America. Does that give the police the rights to kill unarmed italians in the street? No. How about the white bikes gang war that involved white mauling whites? No. How about the white children killing pupils in schools? No.

The reason why almost the whole world protested is because there is a PATTERN to this behaviour by the American police. American police kill blacks with impunity and if this is okay with you then you should check yourself. Don't you forget that even in the UK, there are black (mostly) and white gangs attacking each other with knives. Did that make their cops racists towards the law abiding black ppl? NO.

Of course, there will be police brutality towards white but there is no 'pattern' to it unlike the blacks. And I don't agree to your myopic arguments that because black kill black, then police can harass black folks with impunity. It's even a shame that it's coming from a black person.

Deaths Due to Use of Lethal Force by Law Enforcement

"Victims were majority white (52%) but disproportionately black (32%) with a fatality rate 2.8 times higher among blacks than whites. Most victims were reported to be armed (83%); however, black victims were more likely to be unarmed (14.8%) than white (9.4%) or Hispanic (5.8%) victim"
Excerpted from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6080222/

Let's not forget that black people are only 13.4 percent of the whole population and whites 60.4.

Also, I never said the protest is the solution. However, it brings a global awareness to this madness going on in America. Btw, let's not forget that this killer cops were never arrested and never would have been if wasn't for the BLM protests. The main culprit was charged with 3rd degree, but due to the momentum from the protests, it was changed to 2nd degree. So all our protests wasn't for nothing.

Lastly, I don't think your views would have been the same if George Floyd was your brother or uncle. How dare you try to justify that madness? If you killed a dog or cat like that in any western nations, you would definitely be serving a long time behind bars immediately. My question is why were they not arrested in the first place and charged? Cos they placed more values on Animals than black lives. And you wanna justify that?

Although reading from your other comments on this thread, it's obvious you lack knowledge on the subject matter, but I replied you so that other intelligent folks can rationalize the motives behind the protest.

Peace Madam history teacher.

quote author=sexylassie2 post=91027277]

you dont know history

go and read about the dc snipers or the serial killers in the hood killing blacks.

if black lives matter then blacks should stop killing each other

you think black lives matter is a way to cure racism, blm didnt solve anything but created new hatred for blacks for black entitlement and destruction

so you says no police violence against whites, you are not truthful or you are in informed

police kill whtes more than blacks and you dont see whites protesting

black gangsters kill police and also black men, no campaign from black lives matter

i guess it is only when one white guy kill a black guy, hypocrite blacks will start shouting black lives matters

how about this white killings by police

Travel / Re: Airport Suspends Banner Flights After "White Lives Matter" Incident At Man City by koolaid87: 4:49pm On Jun 24

Black lives matter is not just a statement. It's a dark reality of black lives' experience in a western society. Propagating a white lives matter rhetorics is not a crime but it's disrespectful as it's only meant to suppress blacks' agitation for human rights.

Double standard is when Dylan roof (white male) can walk into a church, killed black worshippers and later be escorted to burger king by the police and an unarmed George Floyd can be strangled in the street like a dog.

Everything has to be spelt out for Oloriburuku somebody like you.

All lives matter when black lives matter. Cos there's no pattern of harassment towards other races but blacks

Btw, there are lazy folks in all races.


If that banner had read "black lives matter"

Would they have banned the airline?

I think this is a double standard

And it's only the blacks that will suffer the effects more

Cos you're the ones invading thier cities

Racism can't end this way, infact it's fueling more hatred towards the lazy blacks


Religion / Re: Chris Oyakhilome: "You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Touching COVID-19 Patients" by koolaid87: 9:17pm On Jun 20
Silence is golden
Religion / Re: Reno Omokri Writes About Wedding, Christianity And Church by koolaid87: 8:33pm On Jun 20
Not completely correct!

A Marriage needs to be Blessed! Someone who stands as a Representative of GOD needs to Bless the Marriage. E.g Pastor, priest, etc

GOD ALMIGHTY in the Beginning Blessed Adam and Eve..

Gen 1:28..

The Blessings spoken to a couple is important!

All the other things are not really important!

Modified; Ignore what people say! GOD ALMIGHTY is a God of Order.

Parental Blessings are good and important

But do not ignore the Blessings of your Pastor, priest ,etc.. it's very important

Any other scriptural backup to support your claim that a priest, pastor has to be there?

I'll wait

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