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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Interview With Arise TV On May 17, 2022 by kponkedenge(m): 3:06pm On May 17

Peter Obi visited Arise TV this morning to speak to Reuben Abati, Tundun Abiola, and Rufai - about his ambition to be elected as the next president of Nigeria in 2023.

I watched the whole video, this man is truly prepared for the challenges Nigeria faces. Unfortunately, people like this won't ever be voted into power.... Because Nigerians naturally love to suffer.
Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 7 by kponkedenge(m): 7:00pm On May 16

Apply to the following schools they accepted my HND/PGD

Glascow Caledonian
Napier Edinburgh
Sheffield Hallam
Central Lancashire
Leed Beckett

Which of these schools will you recommend someone for Masters, in terms of affordability and low standard of living in the city?
Family / Re: My Friend Needs Help, Six Children No Male Child? by kponkedenge(m): 11:42am On May 16

Choosing Your Child's Gender Yourself

It's been on record that some men threaten their wives for having just girls only, or more girls but they needed a boy.
It's high time that nonsense stop because your wife has no faults in this thing whatsoever.

It can be frustrating at times knowing you needed a boy/girl child but only having one set of the gender too often.
Fight no more. Threaten no more, choose wisely and have a happy family.

Although I still wonder why people do not know they can choose the gender of their child themselves by just 'working for it' at the right time!

To have a male child, know your wife's medium to high fertility window to ovulation day.
Do it that day and your son is sure coming.

If you want a female child, do it when her fertility window is low.
Because the male 'deposits' from the father to have a boy are aggressive and swims faster to the egg than that of the females, but they die faster than that of a female 'deposit'.

So when the fertility window is high, or is on ovulation day, the 'deposits' to make a male child gets ahead the females.
But when the fertility window is low, the male 'deposits' all die trying to penetrate while the female child 'deposits' get in easily because they are still alive.

So, husbands, stop the ridiculous behavior of threatening your wife because she's giving you female children…
You're part of the problem you're only having girls.

Family / Re: My Friend Needs Help, Six Children No Male Child? by kponkedenge(m): 11:41am On May 16
Getting married is not an issue, but being ignorant of some things is the issue.

Tell your friend to mark the menstrual cycle of his wife for 3 months, divide the days by 3; the result is her cycle.
Then count 7 days after her period ends, lay with her, get yourself a son.

Or better still, note her ovulation day. Lay her that day.

How accurate is this?
NYSC / Re: Deborah's Murder Reminds Me Of My Service Year In Yobe by kponkedenge(m): 7:09pm On May 13
When we hear China wiping Uiyghurs people accuse them of genocide. When you hear Turkey wiping kurds people wonder why. These people aren't even fit to be part of a normal functioning society. If Nigeria were in Eastern Europe these barbarians would have been cleansed decades ago

The kurds are actually Christians.

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by kponkedenge(m): 2:34pm On May 11
Hi everyone. So my family and I just got our visas! I’m f1. Husband is F2 and child F2. I had a child in the U. S back in 2019. The lady who interviewed us was scary. Lol. African American. We wer praying for the white lady to interview us cus she was nice to others especially students… but yea we got the African American lady. She thrilled us! Lol first question- why University of Saint Thomas? I told her that’s where I got my master of liberal Arts degree from back in 2014 and the school does more than teaching, it focuses on morals and ethics and it’s a tight knit community cause it’s a small school that makes it easy to interact with lecturers … She then asked when last I visited the US… I said 2019. She said how long did I stay? I said 5 months. She said why did I stay for that long? I said cus I gave birth. She asked if I told the consulate officer that I was going to give birth? I said yes I was taken through secondary interrogation where I showed them my doctor’s invitation letter and receipt of hospital bill… I then had to back track and explained how I went for my sister’s graduation and during the visit I had to do a doctor’s routine checkup. Then the doctor told me he could help me through the pregnancy with ease as I had gestational diabetes that he wanted to control through diet…. So long story short, she said my visa was revoked when my husband applied for his visa while I was in the U. S then. I told her I wasn’t aware that it was revoked because I didn’t commit any offense. That The consular officer then thought I wasn’t going to come back and that I have no reason to overstay. Then she said ok. Do you know that it’s now illegal for foreigners to give birth in the U.S that hope I don’t plan on having kids during my program. My husband and I said no o that we have two for now and we are ok until after the program…. Then she asked Who will be sponsoring your program? I said my dad. Then she asked what he did. I told her… she then faced my husband and asked what he does… my husband said he has a restaurant… then I whispered to him to add Cotonou that our restaurant is in Cotonou… then he added it. Lol. She asked who will be running it when we travel… he said he has staffs that run the business. She said staff as in? He said he has staff and a brother that will be running it on his behalf. Then she typed and faced me again. What do I plan to do with the program… I said to add to my current business which is for African youths and that I plan to use my doctor of education program to create a training institute for young adults… plus she asked if I had any relatives in the US. I said yes two sisters. She asked if my two sisters are citizens. I said no they are non immigrants. She said what are they doing there. I said one is on H1B and the other is a student. oh I forgot to mention that she noticed I didn’t write my full name when asked for other names used… I thought I was meant to write any other name I’ve been called so I used my short name and maiden name instead of using my full name… anyways she was like she was going to correct it manually from her end…. So yea she gave us the Visa… we packed soooo many documents and she didn’t even care to look down at any… I even tried to show her some , she didn’t even look; she was just looking at the system…

Congratulations. Was it Lagos or Abuja?
Travel / Re: What’s The Worst And Weirdest Experience You’ve Had At A Hotel? by kponkedenge(m): 6:02pm On May 10
I attended a wedding at Benin from Lagos in 2017, the hotel we Lodge had rats running around the room with mosquitoes, I've never seen so much mosquitoes in my life.

I and my friend had to just leave the room and go back into the car to sleep.

That has been my only worst experience in a hotel.

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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Left My House To Go Have Sex With Another Man by kponkedenge(m): 6:37pm On May 09

You need access to her phone for 2 minutes

Log on to www.web.whatsapp.com using a chrome
Either on laptop or a phone

Once the browser opens, it will tell you what to do

Will you do that on your phone or her phone?
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by kponkedenge(m): 10:04am On May 07
“ Dear Undergraduates,

I know people on educational committees and advice groups have not been nice to you.. You can’t blame them because undergraduate funding is as hard as finding gold or crude oil.. but fear not these are 10 schools you should focus your search on. They are very generous (even for international students) and if you have a good enough holistic profile you certainly have chances of being funded

1. Utica University
2. Duke University
3. Vanderbilt University
4. Amherst College
5. Berea College
6. Princeton University
7. Soka University (STEM inclined)
8. University of New Mexico
9. University of Notre Dame

These schools boasts of at least 90% funding for their undergraduate program which in turn will make them very competitive. So please evaluate yourself very critically, take tests (SAT, ACT) and pass them well, improve your extracurricular and leadership abilities, showcase your athletic capacities and pray for grace.

Love always

Jesse ❤️ “

How about for Msc?

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by kponkedenge(m): 7:36am On May 07
$94K is a lottt of money to spend on a MSc. Are you sure you couldn't find cheaper schools to apply to?

I just think getting a cheaper school will benefit you in the long run and give you a better chance with the VO. There are even schools that your personal savings + family savings will cover easily without having to apply for an MPower loan.

Is there anyway for the VO to know that one's brother or family is in the US?
Sports / Re: African Referees Selected For FIFA 2022 World Cup In Qatar. by kponkedenge(m): 8:52pm On May 04
He must be very good

He is a terrible Ref
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by kponkedenge(m): 7:24am On Apr 29
check UT Austin

Okay thanks
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by kponkedenge(m): 8:35pm On Apr 28
which course are you looking at?

Data science

Data analyst

Network Engineer

Data Engineer
Phones / Re: Twitter DMs To Have End To End Encryption - Elon Musk by kponkedenge(m): 1:15pm On Apr 28
He hasn't fully acquired Twitter yet. He's still yet to pay up. Although he has signed some paperwork declaring his interest.

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by kponkedenge(m): 12:46pm On Apr 28

How to get scholarships in BGSU? Check them up. There are lots of school in Texas. Texas itself is a country so use Google search.

Okay thanks.
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by kponkedenge(m): 12:45pm On Apr 28
Visa Approved this morning.
Abuja Embassy.

Transcript later.

I'm grateful to God and this forum
Deficit $26k
Lawyer, working as In-house counsel with an IT company.
4 years working experience.
Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
Fall 2021

Greeted and passed my i20 and passport through the opening.

V.O: Have you interviewed with the US embassy before?

Me: No

I did biometrics thereafter.

V.O: I see you're going to the Eastern Illinois University for your Master of Business Administration.

Me: That’s correct.

V.O: Why this school?

Me: I chose EIU for 2 reasons.
Reason no 1, EIU's MBA programme offers students the opportunity to participate and engage in Capstone projects of the school which students can leverage as graduate experience.

Reason 2, during my Skype call with Dr. xxxxxxx, the xxxxxxxx of Graduate Business Studies, I was informed that EIU also offers the opportunity to enroll in Graduate Certificate Programs such as Business Analytics alongside the MBA programme without extending the duration of my MBA programme or my stay in the US.

I see this as an advantage to get a competitive edge in my career, and this informed my decision to pick EIU.

V:O: why did you decide to go for MBA?

Me: This course fits nicely into my immediate plan of taking up senior management role at my current company and my long-term plan of becoming a seasoned business and strategy consultant.

My long-term goal of being a business and strategy consultant was further reaffirmed by the Covid-19 global pandemic of 2020.
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that many essential businesses are more vulnerable more than others due to their lack of relevant management principles and their inability to adjust to changes brought about by unpredictable financial situations.

So, in addition with my legal experience, I expect that the knowledge garnered from the MBA programme will equip me with relevant skillset in the areas *VO cuts in* That’s fine.

V:O: what did you say your Company do again?
Me: Information Technology

VO: Who is paying for this?

Me: My Mum is my sponsor. She is a business woman, She owns two retail stores in Lagos and two in Oyo State, also she has access to funds from my late father's estate.

VO: Your visa is approved. *hands me the white paper*, keep your I-20..... * at this point, I was just nodding, I barely heard a word she said, next thing I heard was “to avoid being turned back at the port of entry”

No document was requested for except the ones I supplied (Passport, I-20, SEVIS Receipt)

Thank you all for the invaluable tips. God bless.


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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by kponkedenge(m): 12:45pm On Apr 28
Here is my visa approved transcript

Program: Computer Science (Msc)
COA: 42k
Funding: Graduate assistantship
Deficit: 37k


VO: I see you are going to pursue a masters program in Computer science at bleep university
Me: Yes, that’s correct
Vo: What do you do for a living
Me: I work as an inventory data analyst at bleep company where i develop performance metrics and establish ad-hoc reporting to enhance department efficiency.
Vo: Alright, Why this university ?
Me: I chose this university because it offers students the opportunity to engage and participate in capstone projects of the school which students can leverage as graduate experience. Also, during an email conversation with Dr Bleep, the Graduate Program director, i was informed bleep university offers graduate internship programs just within the two years course of studies, the school has a strong collaboration with the industry which i believe would help me harness the advanced skills and theoretical knowledge of what is taught in class for practical applications in real life scenarios.
Vo: what is your plan after completing your program?
Me: I’ll be coming back to Nigeria to seek reabsorption in my present organization as they have an understanding with me and has given me a 2 years study leave, so i plan on returning to them with the skills i have acquired through this course to help develop innovative and cutting edge solutions that address challenges we face in the company…
Vo: Cuts in, who is sponsoring you?
Me: I have a graduate assistantship and will be sponsored by Bleep business, owned by my elder brother.
Vo: what does he do?
Me: He is an established business man who is into large scale farming in the south western part of the country, he also owns some landed properties and apartments in Bleep state some of which he rents out for residential and commercial purposes.
Vo: types for long.. I will be approving your visa. Bla bla bla
Me: (With a big smile). Thank you very much.

Key Points to Note: The interview lasted for 3 mins
1. Please pray and pray and pray. Honestly I would say God favored me during this interview process, because the Vo which was a white female actually denied two applicants, and i was trying to escape her so I can get interviewed by the white male but as God would have it, we were shifted and i was called by the female VO and God did his work
2. Please prepare and study and speak to an object or something you can focus on while answering your questions during your practice, this really helped me cos i have little difficulties with staring at people in the eyes while talking. I stared at her throughout the whole interview
3. Please be honest and speak the truth with what correlates in your ds-160 form.
4. Now, i feel i have to share this last one with y’all cos I know someone might need it in advance. If you are going to be using your sponsor’s business account for getting your I-20, please have your school make this known on your I-20 , it was just Yesterday that it got dawned on me that my I-20 was showing family funds instead of company funds as sponsor on my I-20, whereas I already filled my sponsor’s business name on my ds-160. Thankfully to God, my school changed the “family funds” to “company funds” on my I-20 and even indicated my sponsor’ business name and his personal name which is my elder brother on the remarks section. Trust me, this really matters if you are going to be using your sponsor’s company statement of account. Everything as to match with your ds-160. Even thankfully for me, I wasn’t asked for my brother’s company statement of account.
5. Thanks to everyone who has posted their transcripts, I really took plenty cues from them cos honestly it helped me prepare well, Good-luck to everyone waiting for their interview. Just be confident and PRAYYYYYYY.



Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by kponkedenge(m): 11:59am On Apr 28

Xcence Guest House by Emeka Anyaoku Street, Area 11, Garki is great. #500 to the Embassy via bolt. Close to the popular Ojuelegba restaurant if you don't want hotel food.
From personal experience, there's light 24/7.

How much for the lodging here?

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by kponkedenge(m): 8:16am On Apr 28

A lot of red flag in your application. You will need a strong application next time. You should apply to a decent school like may be BGSU in another state. Also, get some scholarships.

If I'm applying to BGSU, how do I get scholarship?

Also, are there any Universities in Texas you can recommend for scholarship?
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by kponkedenge(m): 8:03am On Apr 28
Please I need recommendations on US schools that accept or allow some sort of scholarship for Masters... Even if the scholarship isn't full.
Politics / Re: Minister, Emeka Nwajiuba Purchases N100 Million APC Presidential Ticket (Photos) by kponkedenge(m): 5:13pm On Apr 27
This ones are just wasting money..... They can't win.
Politics / Re: APC Ticket: 2 Northern Governors Behind Jonathan’s Return Bid - Daily Trust by kponkedenge(m): 8:58am On Apr 27
The north are looking to cling back power after 1 tenure because Jonathan cant rule more than 4 years.

If Jonathan context he would be just another fool

He won't be. He would just be paying the SW in their own coin for the way they didn't back their own Southerner, but instead decided to play second fiddle to Buhari in other to become president after him.

If GEJ is brought out..... It will backfire on the SW.


Business / Re: Jack Dorsey Hails Elon Musk's Acquisition Of Twitter by kponkedenge(m): 10:27am On Apr 26

I thought he owned all the money

No he doesn't.

There are a lot of share holders in the company..... So it will be shared amongst all of them. Although Jack had one of the highest shares cos he was a Co-founder.

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Health / Re: Tuberculosis Kills 20 Inmates At Katsina Prison by kponkedenge(m): 7:37pm On Apr 21
Prisons generally are ground zero for all kinds of diseases, especially ones that there are no proper hygiene.

Most Nigerian prisons are in a sorry state.... So it's not surprising that this is happening.

Hopefully the proper authorities will do something about it.
Politics / Re: 2023: Drop Your Ambition, Support Obi, Group Urges Atiku by kponkedenge(m): 5:52pm On Apr 20
I just want the PDP to give her ticket to Pandora Obi so that he can receive the greatest beating in his political career.

Unfortunately Pandora Obi can't even scale Southern primaries against the ever gallant Wike.

So who are you supporting?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Confirms Moskva Ship Has Sunk After Reported Ukrainian Missile Strike by kponkedenge(m): 11:01pm On Apr 14
Russia no get time for propaganda.

Saying it as it is.

You can't lie about something as big as this, that's why they came out to say the truth.

Believing Russia doesn't do propaganda is laughable.


Politics / Re: Over 100 Victims Of Plateau Attacks Given Mass Burial by kponkedenge(m): 8:40am On Apr 12
100 people dead in plateau. One previous thread 100 comments

Siena bus burnt in enugu, six threads 4230 comments.

Even bus in enugu is more important than 100 dead people in plateau

Igbo obsession is a mental illness

The comments no even reach 100 sef..... Most people don't care about anything happening in their region except it's in the SE.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin May Cite Ukraine War To Meddle In US Politics by kponkedenge(m): 6:48am On Apr 10
You mean like meddle in US politics and help republicans whom he see as favourable and lenient to him than the democrats?


Sports / Re: Members Of 1994 Eagles Receive Houses In Abuja (Photos). by kponkedenge(m): 9:00pm On Apr 08
Nice gesture.


Politics / Re: Terrorism In South East And The Complicit Silence Of Celebrities by kponkedenge(m): 3:31am On Apr 08
Why are you so obsessed about the East? Is there anything you know that we don't know? Why is anything that has to do with Igbos always gives you so much joy? Now let me tell you the truth, if you think you are relevant, then forget it. Majority of Igbos even Anambrarians are not on Nairaland. So you are just wasting your time. I am so sure you have been waiting for a time like this to start your usual nonsense. Thousands of people have been killed in Benue but you are no where to be found even though you claimed to hail from there. I know where you are from but will keep quiet for now. Anambra is experiencing some security lapses at the moment and not the whole of the East. Stake any amount of your choice whether 200k or 500k and I will stake so that we check the number of people that have died during violence in the whole South East and that of only Benue state just this year. If there are more killings in the whole South East than Benue, then you win but if otherwise I win. Mind you, I said only Benue state versus the whole Eastern states. But if you refuse to stake on this, then you are an irredeemable idiot and Vagabond. If there are more deaths in Benue as I know, why haven't you written about your so-called home state. Anambra as we all know will come out stronger, so keep your yeye eye service one side and hustle to make a better living for yourself.

That guy isn't from Benue.... He's from the SW. Benue people don't hate Igbos like that.

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