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Phones / Re: What's The Solution To A Phone That Used To Fast Charge And Doesn't Again? by lanrexlan(m): 8:29pm On Nov 13, 2019

No money embarassed embarassed
Pele Padi, may Allah provide you with a better one

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Phones / Re: What's The Solution To A Phone That Used To Fast Charge And Doesn't Again? by lanrexlan(m): 8:54pm On Nov 12, 2019

I changed the charging port already but still same thing. But I'll change the board then, if nothing then I'll have to get a new phone.. The phone is long overdue sef! cry

Thanks very much.. This should be helpful.
Baba goan sell the phone and buy new one jare. On top all these faculty money from UNILORIN, you still dey manage phone. grin angry grin

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Seeing Angels (malaika) by lanrexlan(m): 10:49am On Oct 22, 2019

Honestly, learning never ever stops, unless we will ourselves not to learn any further; hence stagnation sets in. I am just a humble student of life and all Allah has placed in it for us to study/observe and learn from.

You must not finish it in a day unless you have the capacity to do so as per number of people present to do so.
You can space it out to finish it in 3, 5, 7, 14, 24, 30,60,90.... days. You will have to decide what is convenient for you; putting into consideration the number of hours per day you and the people involved can dedicate to it as well as if it requires you to be in khalwa (seclusion) or not, etc.
The most important thing here is your intention to do it in x number of days.
Also, You should have a leading sheikh/imam...someone who will help you coordinate what needs to be done before, during and after, how to do it as well as the distribution of the recitations across the board. The more experienced people get to do more, etc.

@Hkana, to add to this. These things are like projects and it requires time allocation and discipline. Even school projects cant be completed in a day, one cannot write chapters 1 to 5 at once. It is a gradual process.

It is like an hafidh who wanna be revising what he has memorized everyday. He gets a timeline of how he will go about his murajah. Maybe a Juz after Subhi, a juz after maghrib and two after Ishai. He tries and strives to keep to this schedule.

That's the same thing with dhikr. Spilt it over a long period of time in a day and be persistent with it. May Allah make it easy for us all

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Seeing Angels (malaika) by lanrexlan(m): 10:40am On Oct 22, 2019
I remembered we talked about this in 2014/15 on Jinn Stories. They never gonna understand faah. Best thing is to let them. Quran says it is revealed to explain all things.

This is why christians and lazy muslims think that we dont have spirituality in islam is the reason they take their problems to pastors bcus of these half baked knowledge people.
I think most of them judge spirituality in Islam based on the actions or stories of certain acclaimed sufis they have heard.

Sincerely, people have abused spirituality vis a vis Sufism in this part of the world. Their actions and deeds make people abandoned everything as a whole and lose interest

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Seeing Angels (malaika) by lanrexlan(m): 10:38am On Oct 22, 2019

I see what the Imaan is saying: Someone with a mild headache could need just a nap or rest and they would be fine, compared to someone with a debilitating migraine headache. The two can't be treated the same way.
That is why there are reasons for reciting surahs, ayas or names of Allah a certain number of times and depending on the situation.
We have it all by the permission of Allah but most are in denial.
Yes, Surah Yasin has earned an unmerited bad wrap due to ignorance. It's as if the more a dua or Surah becomes popular for its efficacy in treating diverse problems, the more these people attack it with all their might!
The prophet already predicted that a time would come when people would say that they used to hear the people of old recite Laillaha Ilallah - meaning they basically would have no clue what it could or may mean, just that they heard it being recited!
Is that time not here already?!
Allah's aid is sought. People's attack on Surah Yasin may be partly due to some ignorance of some people as regards to it and these folks attack a whole for the crime of a part.

Apart from reciting these suwar or adhkaar a great number of time, it boils down to sincerity and faith in Allah's word. Someone might recite a large amount without having faith that it would work while a person will recite little and Allah will use it ass sabaab for him. Ikhlaas is very important in everything we are doing wallah and this is kinda missing among many of us today.

May Allah grant us sincerity of deeds.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Seeing Angels (malaika) by lanrexlan(m): 11:50pm On Oct 20, 2019

Wa Alaikum Salam,

You couldn't have said it any better - it is truly a cancer eating Islam from within.
Honestly, reading about the woman you know who uses the 99 names has caused within me such despair, but I am realizing that one cannot make others see or know what you do. Allah is the only one who can lift such veils; as long as the people are willing to learn!
When one sees what is happening to the Muslims globally, it is clear that until we change ourselves from within, help will not come from any source.
I have said it on this platform in 2014/2015 on a thread that spirituality in our generation is at all time low. Many people focus on outer appearances and neglect internalization of in the spiritual dimension. Islam is more than a religion that can be limited to books only. It goes beyond that wallah.

Apart from that, it is so pathetic that many are focused on useless fights and takfeer that makes absolute no sense. Many are busy with "my manhaj is better than yours. You aren't Ahl sunnah....." and similar rubbish.

I happened to pray last Jummuah prayer at University of Ibadan central mosque and the Imaam said something deep. Lemme paraphrase and transcribe what he said: (though I don't agree with some of his points, you can reason with what he said)

"You Africans will have to increase in your dua than the whites (referring to Arabs I guess). The reason for this is that they have a working environment and they don't have much problems as you do. They can do 33x of istighifar or tahmeel and Allah will accept their prayers, but you Africans, due to your environment laced with problems and different needs which are absolute different from theirs, you will have to increase the number of istighifar and the likes. In Nigeria, 33x istighifar isn't enough oo! grin

Some people will tell you reciting Sarah Yasin and the likes is bad cos the Prophet didn't recite them. But did the Prophet face a problem that will require such? He didn't and it wasn't necessary for him to recite that".

Some brothers were grumbling after the khutbah sha grin cheesy

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by lanrexlan(m): 6:29pm On Sep 18, 2019
^^^^^^^ I am done replying you on this. I NEVER for once supported forcing any girl into marriage. I NEVER for once supported marrying them against their consent. This is the second time you are busy twisting my words, it is unfair miss. All is well sha

Bye bye
Islam for Muslims / Re: Is Allah A Moon God And Other Questions From A Non-muslim by lanrexlan(m): 5:50pm On Sep 18, 2019

How dare you want a whole atheist tintingz to apologize for turning logic on its head?! Please let him keep looking for what is not lost, when I get him time small, I go reply... grin grin grin
grin The thing just tire me, the guy doesn't seem to get the logic of what's arguing about wallah.


That guy is in dilemma, and really pathetic. embarassed
Seriously, we can only ask for guidance for him but guidance is ONLY for those who are sincere with themselves. Sincerity is lost in the guy's dictionary, just arguing for arguments' sake.

The main problem is that he has surface knowledge of most things he is discussing and he doesn't fully understand or grasp the concept of what he is discussing. That is why he sounds ridiculous most times, he doesn't understand what's even arguing about.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by lanrexlan(m): 5:38pm On Sep 18, 2019

There is a solution without evil. It is called counselling (for abstinence). There are many counselling options to stop 14 year olds from having sex. What children really need is proper counselling and monitoring.

Seriously, when do 14 year olds have time to have sex? They are in school till 4pm. If you monitor them and make sure you pick them or they follow school bus home, they have very little chance to be mischievous.

Once they are at home, give them activities to focus their minds on positive things and monitor them. They should only go out with friends whom you know their parents and they should be timed. For instance, if they are going to watch a film, make sure they use only the duration of the films.

Seriously, no child is a sex addict at 14.

You guys truly sound like you do not know anything about teenagers.
Wow, nice piece man. I quite agree with you, I talked about reorientation too for those having sex. My "getting them married" was for the extreme situation and I thought you should understand that part, but you seem not to.

@bold, I put it to you that I have friends having constant sex at JSS2! We were just between the range of 13-15 years that time! I know girls who got pregnant within that age frame. There are news about primary school kids having sex in school toilet, so "they are in school till 4pm or when do they have time to have sex" don't work most times. It boils down to orientation and what they are busied with and the friends they keep. This is part of child upbringing in Islam. But let's be frank, how many people can painstakingly followed what you wrote up there, especially in the west?

I quite agree with your submission but the problem is that most parents don't have time for their kids. Some kids even see their parents in the morning and when they came to pick them from school. Sometimes, these kids go home themselves and they alone at home. That's when they have access to all these immoral things.

All in all, nice submission. Bring your head, make I put medal. grin
Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by lanrexlan(m): 4:54pm On Sep 18, 2019

Why are you tagging me lol you're a grown man. You can handle it. wink.

Don't worry. Its only a certain type of people think like this. It's really nothing to do with Islam persay but its followers. I think its lack of education. 14 year olds shouldn't be getting married. It's a 17 year olds fault for running out of a marriage. I've never heard of such a ridiculous thing. Obviously the girl didnt want to get married. Nigerians need to stop this silly "my way is the best way" kind of mentality. Mind ya business. She wants to have a boyfriend not get married. Periodt.

Wow, @ bold so you agree that she can have a boyfriend and have sex than "getting married"?! So, fornication and potentially having kids outta wedlock is better than "getting married?"

Wawu, no wonder logicboy is "romancing" you with the tag of "moderate Muslim"
Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by lanrexlan(m): 4:50pm On Sep 18, 2019

Saucyxo, the true story is coming out now.

Your Muslim brothers will not condemn the marriage of a 50 year old man to a 14 year old girl in Saudi Arabia. As long as it is sanctioned by a sharia court, they will abide by it.

Lanrexlan is talking about maturity and consent. Ogbeni, a 14 year old lacks the maturity to consent.
I refused to get baited, this is still logicboy. grin No matter the moniker, it is still the same guy. grin

So, you expected me to give you a yes or no answer for such a question?! I don't live in Saudi Arabia, I haven't interacted with a 14 years old Saudi Arabian girl to ascertain if she is matured in all ramifications (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc and her consent for marriage). Then, how do you expect me to answer a question regarding the marriage of a 14 years old girl in Saudi Arabia?! Egbon, why na?

I have given you the yardstick for marriage in Islam, it is your assignment to put such 14 years old girl from Saudi Arabia through that Islamic criteria and see if she fits in.

I don't have to do that for you, work man cheesy Do that yourself and answer.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by lanrexlan(m): 7:50am On Sep 18, 2019

Sino has already exposed himself. Empiree, too.

The case is simple. In Saudi Arabia that the law does not state the age of consent and so, a 50 year old man can marry a 14 year old. Would you condemn such a marriage? Sino has already confirmed that he wont condemn such a marriage due to "cultural maturity"

Would you condemn a legal marriage between a 50 year old man and 14 year old girl in Saudi Arabia where it is sanctioned by law?
I am not in Saudi Arabia, therefore I don't know the rate of maturity level over there.

What I know is that maturity varies, what's considered matured in a community can't be considered as matured in another community. What Islam preaches is physical, mental, psychological, emotional maturity and financial maturity grin (maturity in all forms). Some girls are physically matured but mentally they aren't matured for marriage. Maturity and consent are the two important keys for marriage.

There was an issue that happened few months ago in one of the southwestern states in Nigeria. This man married a girl of 17 years old and the girl ran back to her boyfriend after the second day of the nikkah! Imagine that, it was obvious that she wasn't matured mentally for marriage, just physical maturity. Point is that maturity goes beyond what meets the eye.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by lanrexlan(m): 7:39am On Sep 18, 2019

Tell Empiree to explicitly say that he condemns old Muslim men that marry women under 18.
Lol, he can do that himself. I don't need to tell him. I am here to state my own stance.


Soo when said 14 year old girl and boy gets tired... they divorce and move on to the next ? How many 14 year olds that are having sex, stay in a relationship talkless of marriage? That's absolutely so ridiculous, you're acting like these 14 year olds reason and think like 30 year olds. They are kids. If a 14 year old boy gets any girl pregnant, in marriage or not, it will lead to a very unhappy life. Youre here saying child marriage reduces the risk to stds... FALSE. 1. If kids are already fornicating, the chances of them forgoing religion to cheat is very likely. 2. Child marriages increase the chance of most diseases. Including HIV. 3. Child marriages increase the chances of a adolescent girl DYING!!!!!!!!

If the parents are supporting them financially and emotionally, how is that a marriage in Islam. You've just created a life changing covenant just for two kids to have sex. A 14 year old is still growing and changing. Honestly, your whole stance doesn't even add up to me. Nothing will change other than them being married and now being able to have sex. What's the difference between this and 14 year olds who are in "committed " relationships. No 14 year old stays with who they're having sex with at 14.

Whooo are you to dictate anyones morals? Your morals are yours and only yours to uphold. Who are you to say anything about anyones morals? You're as much a sinner in the eyes of God as anyone. Theres no compulsion in the way of life religion brings us. Let's keep humility as muslims.

Looooool. A 14 year old that is having sex will not stay with that person. Like Do you talk to 14 year olds at all ? Honestly, I'm sure you know guys who were fornication at 19. Ask them if they would marry the person they were with? So you want your daughter/son to be divorcing every two months loool so they can now have sex with someone else.

Like I asked Empiree, what would you do if your son tells you hes sleeping with Fatima and you say he needs to marry her and he says no? He tells you, hes not ready to get married. Do you not know 14 year olds Marriage is for matured minds. It takes a lot of self discipline and preservance. Youre acting as if marriage stops anyone from sleeping around... especially an immature child! Why would you want to put your daughter/son through that, because they couldn't control hormonal sexual urges? If your spouse sleeps angry with you, the angels curse you until the morning. Like a 14 year old.

Once again, you have brilliantly cherry-picked my words to create arguments that aren't there. I don't have time going around circles. I have explained what I meant by "getting them married". I NEVER call "getting them married" as the ideal situation nor the type of marriage that Islam preaches. Rather, I called it "choosing the lesser evil in an extreme situation" (this is Fiqh) and nowhere did I talked about forcing them to get married. I gave you a real life situation up there, it was the even the girl who requested to get married cos of the fear of fornication and nobody forced her.

I quite know and duly understand that these kids aren't matured for marriage and I took my time to explain what I meant by "getting them married". I think it is very unfair if you are cherry-picking my words and you aren't reading it in the context of what I posted. You decided to choose what you wanna understand and digested and counter it. I can't help that miss.

Once again, I will restate my stance.

There are two things:
1) The best is to tame these kids and be mindful of what they are exposed to it. Keep them in good environment that would tame their desires and will make them learn and have less relation with the opposite sex. That's why it is good to have separate schools for boys and girls and interactions between them should be for what's necessary and required. Teach them about the ethics of Islam as regards to no shaking hands with opposite sex, no seclusion with the opposite sex, etc. If they are getting close to the opposite sex or something that will lead to intimacy is already brewing, reorientate them.This is the best.

2) The extreme situation: One notices that his kid is already having sex with females and the person seems not to have control over the kid again (one can't control kids in what they do in private). He fears that the kid will continue to fornicate and give birth out of wedlock. The kid might be young getting married but is getting married to a kid of his/her age not better than fornication and having a bastard as a child?

We have to choose the lesser of two evils and to me, it is better to marry such a kid (what I meant by a kid is 14years and above) to the person he/she is already seeing than letting the fornication to continue. This is not paedophilia cos they are in the same age range. Some might call it underage marriage and that's why I was explicit with what I meant by "getting them married". I quite explain that.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by lanrexlan(m): 9:53pm On Sep 17, 2019

Okay. And your point?

They do it too they do it too they do it too. Your point? It doesn't matter If Obama does it too. You should condemn it.

Can't you see where I said I don't support paedophilia and no Muslim on this thread does?! Are you trying to cherry-pick my words or what?! I was simply exposing the double standards of the guy who keep centering his attacks on Muslims doing it while ignoring the facts that there are many of such cases in the western world where he claimed that 18years is the age for marriage.

For the last time, I don't support paedophilia and I condemn it. Happy? cheesy
Islam for Muslims / Re: Is Allah A Moon God And Other Questions From A Non-muslim by lanrexlan(m): 9:34pm On Sep 17, 2019
No, it's absurd to claim a book is not someone's thoughts but came from some imaginary being. You will have to prove this imaginary being to make your case valid.

I still wonder why some 21st century people still believe in this hokum.
You are fond of shifting goalpost, it is your calling. You will NEVER agree you are wrong when cornered. You made a bogus claim that Quran is plagiarism, Sino went ahead to define plagiarism for you, prove to you that Quran isn't a plagiarized book cos it acknowledged the books before it whom they share similar stories. Instead of you to admit you goofed and corrected yourself, you are here digressing and making silly claims.

Tintingz, is it hard for you to say that "I am sorry, I made a mistake, Quran is not a plagiarized book. But I have another question, can you prove to me that Quran is the revelation from God? " That's how intelligent people dialogue!

Can't you admit you made bogus claims? This is not your first time or second time of doing the same. Trust me, that's not how knowledgeable people do. true2god is also accusing of the same thing on another thread. If you aren't sincere with yourself, how can you be sincere with others?

NB; I don't take you serious anymore. You are just a confused clown to me.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by lanrexlan(m): 9:00pm On Sep 17, 2019

Even when the national law is clear that the age for marriage 18, you are still speaking from both sides of your mouth in order not to condemn the marriage of underage girls.

Unlike you, I can categorically state that under no circumstances should a 50 year old man marry a girl under 18 years old.

But you on the other hand have no respect for a national law that is quite universal both in Europe and America. Marriage is a contract and so, only those over 18 as adults can engage in it.

I am satisfied with your response. It has shown that I was right all along. You guys see nothing wrong with a 50 year old man marrying a 14 year old. Yerima lovers.

Call those who marry underage girls in America Yerima too. Share the title across boards. Why weren't these guys prosecuted too?!

NB: I don't support paedophilia, just exposing your double standards.

Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by lanrexlan(m): 3:25pm On Sep 17, 2019
even Judge Lake from paternity court told these young girls to "ring it" before opening their legs for any guy. That's what Americans called "put ring on it". Don't believe their (guys) words.
Don't mind that pseudo-logic man. They won't "ring it" cos they also wanna have wild fun and have multiple sexual partners. You know that some sees marriage as a bondage to a single partner, that's what they are avoiding. Moreover, with "ring it", they can't leave the relationship without facing the consequences (Divorce is huge over there). They leave bf/gf relationship anytime anyday without any fear. So, they don't wanna ring it grin

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by lanrexlan(m): 3:20pm On Sep 17, 2019

You are welcome bro, and hajia is doing great ma sha Allah, Allahuma ameen. Jazakumullah khayran.

I am of the opinion that some of these issues are purely a case of mental illness, looking at it from this angle, I can agree to rather expend energy in seeking cure/solution rather than seeking for excuses to accept their queer behaviours...Recently, an artist said he is having conflicts with his gender, they are called non-binary, they do not want to be classified either as a male or female, and some people think it is ok?! I jus tire mehn!

True words bro, true words!
Aameen wa antum fajazakumullah khairan akhee.

I quite agree with you, if these issues are mental illness, then they deserve to be cured. What I am against is telling us that these things are natural and we should deal with it. Some will justify their claims with "If it is not natural, why do animals engage in it? " What kind of silly justification is this?! I was reading an article of recent where scientists said that "There is nothing like gay genes".

Non-binary?! This is rubbish these people want us to follow and agree to all in the name of "freedom". Everyone will always try to justify their practice cos we are in "a free world". Allah has said in His glorious book Surah Al-Anaam, 6:116
وَإِن تُطِعْ أَكْثَرَ مَن فِي الْأَرْضِ يُضِلُّوكَ عَن سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ إِن يَتَّبِعُونَ إِلَّا الظَّنَّ وَإِنْ هُمْ إِلَّا يَخْرُصُونَ

And if you obey most of those on earth, they will mislead you far away from Allah's Path. They follow nothing but conjectures, and they do nothing but lie.

May Allah plant our feet firmly on His path


Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by lanrexlan(m): 2:42pm On Sep 17, 2019

What manner of nonsense are you writing?
I wasn't expecting anything less than this from you. grin


1) First of all, when we are talking about paedophilia, we are talking about older adults and underage children. We are not talking about 14 year olds marrying 14 year olds (which is still foolish). Senator Yerima married a 14 year old girl
Are you serious bro? All those videos Empiree has been posting were talking about paedophilia? You are high bro, really high on water. What manner of goalpost shifting is this? The basis of the argument is "14 years old kids having sex and having babies". Don't change gear Egbon. I am against paedophilia. That's Yerima's problem anyways.


2) Sex education works in the case of teen vs teen sex. Most teens that go through sex education tend to abstain from sex and those that do have sex use contraceptives. Compare the USA to the UK. UK has a standard sex education curriculum and hence
The continuous falling of teen pregnancy. It is an all time low in the UK. The USa has a higher rate.
You are a Nigerian, and yorubas would say "Ibi pelebe ni eniyan ti n mu ole je" which means "Discuss issues from what's near". Sex education isn't working anything in Naija and you know it. When I was in JSS3, I belonged to a group sentisizing secondary school students about premarital sex then. These guys told us pointblank then that "We know we(JSS 3 pupils) can't do without sex, so we can't abstain from it, we should rather use and preach the use of condoms". That was the last time I stepped foot in that meeting.

I would love to have statistics of how sex education has worked in UK.


3) Marrying two 14 year olds is foolishness. These are children who have not worked. The haven't even gone to university. They are not mature and even Islam says that people getting married should be mature. What makes you even think that forcing two teens to marry will work? They can just easily divorce when they are 18.
As expected, it is your way. Twisting words to suit yourself. Your problem anyways. Can't you use the context where I used "get them married"? Twist as you like, it is your headache. I never talked about forcing them, if they can be enjoying what's meant for married people (according to Islam), they should at least do it in the legal way by sealing the sex with "marriage". This is choosing between two evils (fornication and marrying the two kids). I took time to explain what I meant by "marriage", you can choose to twist and bend words to suit you, wahala ti e niyen.

Rubbish, even grown up men and women get divorced after two weeks of marriage! They have had years of courtship o. Please, don't play that silly divorce card, it is rubbish.


4) all your listed points are false. Marriage does not stop multiple partners or STDs or cheating. After all, Islam allows 4 wives. Men cheat on their wives. Even Muslim men.
False?! According to high sheikh, AbdulSleek! Islam allows four wives, aren't they legally married to the man? But marriage stops baby mama marriage stops pregnancy without whom to lay claim to. grin

Faithfulness in marriage is very important and it boils down to sincerity of partners. Most of these people who are unfaithful to their partners (and cheat) are products of this rubbish "boyfriend and girlfriend thingy". After receiving numerous "Opa Mose" before marriage from their bfs or guys who sampled different girls' kittycat, comparison will start when their spouse can't live up to expectations.

The person begins to compare his/her spouse to that ex whom had had sex with her/him. If the spouse can't live up to expectations, they result to cheat with their ex or people who can satisfy them as they once experienced.
Had it been most people remain chaste before marriage, they will be satisfied with what their hubby has to offer sexually and comparison won't come in. I agree that those who will still cheat will cheat but it will surely be reduced to the barest minimum.


5) please, address the paedophilia. Why should a 50 year old man marry a 14 year old girl? Many muslims defended Yerima for marrying a 14 year old. Please address this issue. Many young girls are suffering from VVF as their pregnancies destroy their bladders.

That's the problem of those who supported Yerima. Don't drag me into paedophilia debate, I have stated and restated my stance on the issue. No Muslim on this thread has supported 50 years old man marrying a "14 years old girl"! But know that 14 years old varies from one location to another and what Islam hammers on is maturity and consent. That's vital. Maturity entails a lot of things.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by lanrexlan(m): 12:16pm On Sep 17, 2019

Assalam alaykum brother mine, well said, although I believe we must first have clear definitions of terms before having any discussions/arguments with these folks who are majorly keen on finding faults and insullting the deen...
Wa alaykum salaam warahmatulah wabarokatuh dear mentor cheesy. Thanks for your inputs akhee. How's Hajia? May Allah uphold us upon goodness.


1. Pedophilia
Pedophilia is an ongoing sexual attraction to pre-pubertal children. It is considered a paraphilia, a condition in which a person's sexual arousal and gratification depend on fantasizing about and engaging in sexual behavior that is atypical and extreme. Pedophilia is defined as recurrent and intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children—generally age 13 years or younger—over a period of at least six months. Pedophiles are more often men and can be attracted to either or both sexes. How well they relate to adults of the same or opposite sex varies.
I fully understand your post akhee, paedophilia is between an adult man/woman and a girl/boy that is 13 years or younger. Sex between boys and girls of the same age group can't be regarded as paedophilia and that's what I am trying to say. Islam NEVER encourages that


Please take note of the bold, it is therefore necessary to mention that Islam never encourages this, but rather Islam mandates anyone getting married to be 'mature'...Islam as the technical definition of what this 'maturity' entails, fundamentally, being responsible for your actions sums it all. Also, as one of the lessons learnt about the history of Islam as well as the spread, culture and tradition of the society plays a unique role in the society so that we can say, Islam never came to abolish or destroy culture and traditions of a people, rather it came to remove the filth and negatives and accepts, or upholds the good and positives in such culture and traditions...

What a society might consider as mature and a marriagable age would definitely differ, but fundamentally, Islam teaches that such a male or female going into marraiage must be of a responsible age and not prepubescent as the definition of pedophilia above suggests.
I guess there is a mix-up somewhere. Intimacy between A MAN and A CHILD is indeed paedophilia. While intimacy between two teens or prepubescent isn't paedophilia rather it can be regarded as underage sex. I guess you mixed up the two.

My post isn't taking about the ideal situation for whom supposed to get married. I quite agree with you in its entirety that a male and female going into marriage must be of a responsible age and a level of maturity. That's the ideal situation. But in our society which is not ideal and prepubescent kids are having sex like "tomorrow no dey". What's the solution?

There are two things:
1) The best is to tame these kids and be mindful of what they are exposed to it. Keep them in good environment that would tame their desires and will make them learn and have less relation with the opposite sex. That's why it is good to have separate schools for boys and girls and interactions between them should be for what's necessary and required. Teach them about the ethics of Islam as regards to no shaking hands with opposite sex, no seclusion with the opposite sex, etc. This is the best.

2) The extreme situation: One notices that his kid is already seeing females and the person seems not to have control over the kid again (one can't control kids in what they do in private). He fears that the kid will fornicate and give birth out of wedlock. The kid might be young getting married but is getting married to a kid of his/her age not better than fornication and having a bastard as a child?

We have to choose the lesser of two evils and to me, it is better to marry such a kid (what I meant by a kid is 14years and above) to the person he/she is already seeing than letting the fornication to continue. This is not paedophilia cos they are in the same age range. Some might call it underage marriage and that's why I was explicit with what I meant by "getting them married". I quite explain that.

Lemme relate a short story. There was this sister (I can't quite recall her age, maybe 16 or 17 years), she told her father that she wanna marry. The father said NO that she is still young for marriage. The sister woke up in the middle of the night and went to her parents and said "Father, if you don't get me married by so and so date, I will commit fornication". This scared the father and next week after she said that, they got her married to the guy she wanted and the parents supported them till they both finished school. (This scenario might not be perfect but it's a glimpse to the fact that "getting them married" is better than fornication)

That's what I am driving at.


2. "In May 2015, research from the National Crime Agency suggested 250,000 men in the UK could be considered "true paedophiles" - adults who are attracted to pre-pubescent girls less than 12 years old.
Gbammest, this is the definition. Adults who are attracted to younger girls. Note that word "Adults"


Talking to The Independent in the wake of the research, one psychologist working said they should be treated as victims rather than offenders.

It is a disease, it is a trait, it is not a choice. They haven’t chosen to change, but they can learn how to live responsibly with their sexual desires," Petya Schuhmann, who works with a scheme in Germany called Project Dunkelfeld, which allows individuals to anonymously contact therapists who help them control their sexual urges towards children.

Last year, a self-confessed paedophile, Todd Nickerson, a freelance graphic designer from Tennessee, caused uproar after writing an article asking people to be understanding of his "sexual orientation".

Called I'm a paedophile, you're the monsters, the piece explained how he believed his molestation as a child was the reason he is now sexually attracted to young girls. He also mentioned his membership of the "Virtuous Paedophiles" forum - an online community of paedohpiles who have vowed never to act on their sexual urges.

In July 2010, the Harvard Mental Health Letter of July 2010 stated that "paedophilia is a sexual orientation and unlikely to change. Treatment aims to enable someone to resist acting on his sexual urges".

The idea of treating paedophilia as a disease has long been controversial.

In 2013, Donald Finklater, of the child protection charity the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, said: "There may be some vulnerabilities that could be genetic, but normally there are some significant events in a person's life, a sexually abusive event, a bullying environment … I believe it is learned, and can be unlearned."
SubhanAllah! I was watching a Ted talk the other day where a lady was supporting paedophiles and she requested that they should be treated with love and care as it is a disorder. This is evil these folks are inviting us too, from homosexuals to paedophiles. Sooner or later, they will another scientific research for rapists, those who commit bestiality and the likes.

But the defence of these folks is that these things are natural cos animals do it too! What heck of stupidity is that?!


I digress a bit, if you look at the bold in red, these are some of the argument points of those who support another sexual orientation, homosexuality. But why pedophilia is frowned at and rightly so, is the fact that it involves prepubescents, unlike homos who are consenting adults, aside this facts, there happens to be no other justification not to classify it as a disease or a bad behaviour that can be unlearned!
That's true.


You have said it all Lanre, they do not have a sense of morality and thus, the level of their 'intellect' pushes them to accept and disagree at a snap of a finger, coupled with the herd mentality of being tagged civilized or 'woke'....
Even these guys know that they don't make sense with their assertions most times but as Rilwayne001 said, it is just to massage their atheistic egos and feel like they are intelligent. Whereas, they are just intellectual squatters. grin

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by lanrexlan(m): 8:07am On Sep 17, 2019
Lanrexlan, I see you. Dont run.

So you support 14 year old girls getting married too?
How did you see me? grin I was just passing by.

Firstly, it is unfair twisting Empiree's words, he NEVER supported paedophiles and you know that, just trying to make issues where there is none. But I am not really surprised anyways, it is Logicboy grin

My stance:
In an ideal society, a 14 years old girl should be in school learning. But unfortunately, we live a highly sexualized (hyper-sexualized) society where everywhere you turn to is about sex and sex. Sex is being promoted every single corner of the world, from billboards to even selling a soap of N100.

Teenagers of today have high sexual drive and they are more inclined towards sex. So, what's the solution? Unfortunately, you haven't procured any solution on how to curb underage sex among teenagers. All those sex education doesn't work. What some are teaching is playing safe and if turns sour to pregnancy, some will encourage abortion. Islam doesn't support "playing safe" for unwedded people cos that's fornication, abortion too is haram. This is a parting line between us, you don't regard those things as fornication or sin.

If a 14 years old girl is already "lambaing" and "lamoshuaging", it is better to "get her married" to the 14/15 years old boy whom they are committing the act together (Paedophilia is marriage of underage girls to older men). When I say "get her married", I don't mean living together as husband and wife. Indeed, they may be young for the traumas and emotionally aspect of marriage and fending for themselves. But by "being married ", they would at least they will have a means to fulfill their urges naturally and lawfully.

This means that both parents will meet and know themselves (as in-laws and fulfil the necessary things for marriage), these teens are permitted to see one another when due and if pregnancy sets in, the girl won't become a baby mama as she is married to the boy. The parents would support them financially and emotionally till they can stand on their feet.

The benefits are:

1) No multiple sex partners.
2) No denying of the pregnancy.
3) No stigmatization for getting pregnant. (especially in this part of the world, Nigeria)
4) No fear of STDs.

Is that not better than sleeping around and getting pregnant, having children from fornication? Ooh, you are an atheist and you have no standards for morals (sorry if I sound offensive). Your brain is your yardstick for morals and values, that's why you can't see anything wrong with fornication and having children outside wedlock.

But imagine a 14 years old girl already having 15 bfs before clocking 20 and they all have sampled her honeypot, what's the dignity in that? (Same with boys) What is the dignity in sleeping around with different girls/boys? Ooh, sorry you are an atheist and everyone is free to do anything they like with their bodies since they aren't hurting others! Zero morals!!!

Bottomline is, as a Muslim parent, if one can get their kids tamed and curbed them from this menace of fornication, that's the best. But if one can't, it is better to "get my kid married" than fornicating under my roof! QED

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Crime / Re: ‘yahoo Yahoo’: Guide Your Children Against Quick Money - EFCC Urges Parents by lanrexlan(m): 11:25pm On Sep 14, 2019
This country is miserable, and Buhari government has failed far beyond expectation. Maybe survival instinct knows no wrong nor right truly. Perhaps the major reason why the remainder of us have not gone to low into doing yahoo is because we are still surviving a bit. And those that have gone have no option than to survive by all means.

But that, why are guys turning the whole thing into an official job lately? Why are even the son's of the rich into it? Why is it hard for us to see its a really dirty and immoral thing to make others cry just so we could laugh?

Lanrexlan, do you think continuous delay can cause ailment to the heart? Wouldn't it be better to find greener pasture outside of this country instead of waiting all day for it to get better with actually no sign of it getting any better soon?
Trust me bro, there are still some hardworking guys who are making it legally, though the ratio might be small but certainly they exist. I tend to look at the bright side of things.

Most of these folks into yahoo yahoo have options not to go into the dirty act but they chose the path cos it doesn't require struggle and getting your hands dirty. They are mostly lazy brats who don't wanna work and want quick wealth and that's why most of them spend the money lavishly. A person who really worked for his money won't spend money like these fools spend theirs.

@bold, that will start when people stop glorifying them and society doesn't regard them as important. Our values have changed and kids are looking up to these folks as role models, musicians are celebrating them and parents don't even cared about how their kids make money again. If our morals don't change and these guys still get that respect in the society, then yahoo yahoo will keep rising.

Allah's aid is sought

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Travel / Re: My Monthly Savings In Canada by lanrexlan(m): 9:39pm On Sep 12, 2019

Well, maybe we'll finish this next level together, afterwards I'll japa. It's very necessary. tongue cheesy
Naija go better Padi, no need to japa. grin

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Travel / Re: My Monthly Savings In Canada by lanrexlan(m): 11:56am On Sep 11, 2019

Ah gosh!! I envy you bro.

I'm joining you pretty soon grin cheesy cheesy grin cheesy
What are you saying? Bros, we are going to finish this next level together. You aren't going nowhere grin grin


Islam for Muslims / Re: Abuse Of Women And Children: What Says Islam? by lanrexlan(m): 1:17pm On Sep 06, 2019
Ajegbodo nie to nwa eni kunra
Yorubas will say "Eni ti e ti jona bi guguru shangishangi ko ni kona mo tiwa" grin which literally means "Someone who is badly damaged won't lure us into the same pit"

Waste of time recycling the same thing

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Seeing Angels (malaika) by lanrexlan(m): 2:01pm On Jul 14, 2019
you must be this pic grin he resembles my little brother when he was baby cheesy

The Lord knows who took the picture. That was a nice shot
grin I am not. I just love the pics ni, the pics looks funny and fits some situations too cheesy smiley

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Seeing Angels (malaika) by lanrexlan(m): 9:59am On Jul 13, 2019
MODs didnt restore my post unfortunately. I usually lose interesting retyping deleted post. NL CEO really needs to work on his crazy spambot undecided
grin grin grin grin Sorry bro. That anti-spam bot is a crazy fellow

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam's Position On Homosexuality by lanrexlan(m): 6:02pm On Jun 27, 2019

Unfollows thread. I am not in for cyclic argument
Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam's Position On Homosexuality by lanrexlan(m): 5:46pm On Jun 27, 2019
Is your religion not all about "God"?

Destroying something intentionally is an insultive act to the owner.
You are grasping straws egbon. One thing about you is that it is hard for you to admit you are wrong. It is not new to me!

Allah is different from Islam. One is the Supreme being, the other is a way of life. Get that into your skull! Islam is not ALL about God. It is about God, relationship with fellow humans, it is about politics, business, transactions and many more!

You are trying hard to change your initial submission to sound brilliant but it is dead on arrival! And please, get yourself a dictionary to ascertain and correspond how insult and destroy tally with each other. I can't help your comprehension problem bros.

Abeg free me grin

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam's Position On Homosexuality by lanrexlan(m): 5:45pm On Jun 27, 2019

When you read comments by atheists on here chirping about logic you'd think they know a tad bit about it—alas!—they don't even know the definition of logic, much less how it works, which is what you get when you read with the sole aim of making a nuisance of yourself everywhere.
My brother, the issue with most of these folks is that they don't have foundational knowledge of many of these things they are discussing seriously. They read about it online and think they have arrived. It is a shame that google has given every damn buddy a say on internet.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam's Position On Homosexuality by lanrexlan(m): 3:46pm On Jun 27, 2019

All your long epistle of words mean nothing.

There was no need to bring up tintingz family. Many atheists come from religious homes. That doesn't mean that everytime they criticise religion, you refer to their family. For all you know, tintingz family could be westernized secular muslims.
Oshey tintingz mouthpiece. Be guessing for him. According to him, his dad is an Imaam and he has "studied" the Quran. grin
They are criticising the followers of religion too and their families are there too! Charity begins at home.


Furthermore, tintingz was not talking about all muslims when it comes to slavery and incest. Not all muslims defend such like Empiree.
You are speaking against what he said. Empiree doesn't defend incest. In fact, the atheist brother of yours you are defending says he has no problem with incest provided that they don't procreate!! Awo lo!


As for atheists,it is you muslims (and Christians) that force your religions on us. Do you think that atheists living in the north like sharia law? Do you think atheists like it when they are deemed to be terrorists by Saudi Arabian law?
How do they force their religions on you?! They preach, you preach. You insult their beliefs, they don't insult your beliefs.

Sharia law in the north are for muslims only. I remember that there is a news about Kano hisbah police arresting people eating in Ramadan. You guys were quick to respond that they are arresting non-Muslims when in fact, they were arresting muslims!


Just even look at this section, a disgrace to equality. The owner had to create it out of fear of Islamic threats.

That's the owner's problem and not ours! How does this relates to atheism and the discuss?! You need help bro. I am having the feeling that you are that guy with many monikers grin

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam's Position On Homosexuality by lanrexlan(m): 3:32pm On Jun 27, 2019

You can just imagine how they became defensive and claiming disrespect because I asked questions, I did not insult anyone or make mockery. People would come online and be forming mr logic and intellect spewing nonsense they dare not say to their folks at home, but you see the excuse, free speech! no need for respect, courtesy or diplomacy, you are just free to talk anyhow and yet they will still claim to have morality...
Brother of mine, the thing tire me wallah. I need to reread your post and see if I missed out where the insult was. Simple question and answer. If you asked that question, I would gladly answer cos I don't have anything to hide.

The internet has made it easy for every Tom, dick and harry to have an opinion on issues that they don't even have foundational knowledge on!! Google is the new scholar, rubbish!

Even a mad man and a young child knows that morality is not what these folks are championing for.

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