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Politics / Re: "We Have To Pay People Not To Kill Our People" - Watch El-Rufai on Channels TV by Lease(m): 2:59pm On Apr 12, 2018
May GOD Bless you for this analytical reasoning.


Boko haram and fulani terrorist herders deserve bribes to stop killing but separatist group, IPOB that never killed deserve death through armoured tanks and battalion of soldiers right?
The terrorist in high places are beginning to reveal themselves.

Points To Think About.
Do you know why boko haram terrorist are being released by buhari's deceptive govt? It's because of Sharia law. Remember buhari is the chief advocate of Sharia along side Boko Haram.
According to Sharia law: No Muslim shall be prosecuted for crimes against infidels. It doesn't matter if the Muslim is really guilty of the crime or not. As long as one of the parties is an infidel, the trial will not stand. Even when taken to court, no witness will show up, how can you successfully prosecute a case without witness? You see the trial has been programmed to fail because the suspects are Muslims, and as such, no Muslim will avail himself as witness against a fellow Muslim. That was why killers of the shop owner in Kano were released. Muslim witnesses who witness first hand the murder, couldn't show up in trial. It's against Sharia law for Muslims to witness against Muslims in a trial that involves infidel.
The is the major reason why boko haram terrorist are being released in droves under Buhari's deceptive govt. The courts are having a hard time prosecuting boko haram terrorist because the govt's defence team headed by buhari's people have no intention of violating Sharia law by prosecuting Muslims. For this reason boko haram terrorist may never face justice for crimes against humanity as long as buhari (their covert member) is in power.
That is why the so call fight against Boko haram by this govt is a Sham! You can't fight against those you support secretly.
Think about this: Why declare victory over boko haram, yet boko haram terrorist are being released via ransom and shady prosecution in court? Who will pay for the crimes against humanity?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Vacancy For Part-time Audit Assignment by Lease(m): 9:21pm On Mar 08, 2018
If you are a Chartered Accountant with audit experience or a BSc/HND/ATS holder with audit experience but currently not engaged and will be available to join a team for a two to three weeks audit assignment which commences in about 2 weeks time, please send your resume to consultemploy@gmail.com with the title "PART-TERM ENGAGEMENT"

Please note that it is not a permanent but just a one-off job but with potentials if you are found fit.

Interested candidates must be residing in either Lagos Island, Surulere or Mainland Local government area in Lagos please.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Updated-New Job Vacancies by Lease(m): 10:18pm On Mar 03, 2018
If you are based in Lagos and result oriented then send your C.V to consultemploy@gmail.com. Cheers

Employ me!!! I am an HND holder in Business Administration and Management, skilled in Microsoft word, power point, access and excel computer programs, I have had experiences as a sales and customer care representative and an accountant.
Please help me..Amy_Solange93@yahoo.com
Career / Re: I Need An Advice And Also A Helping Hand by Lease(m): 2:11pm On Aug 09, 2016
I completed my nysc this April.I'm a science oriented person! finished from UNILAG. chemistry and education to be precise but I'm running an ICAN program .currently in my finals of becoming AAT holder due to my passion for auditing and taxations.I've been writing application to auditing firms that I would like to build my career in there company. that I don't mind the pay.all I want is a privilege to learn on the job hope I'm doing the right thing though I've been applying for other jobs but my interest is still in finance. I need advice

the helping hand is this please my people I need any placement in any auditing firms where I can learn on the job. I don't mind the pay all I want is to build a career.
thanks all

Do you live within the Lagos Mainland environs? If yes the send your CV to consultemploy@gmail.com


Business / Re: CBN To Sell Dollars To Pilgrims For 197 by Lease(m): 3:40pm On Aug 05, 2016

I hate being a Nigerian i swear. I don't know which kain curse be this.
What did we do wrong?
Where did we go wrong?
A nation that subsidizes excursion trips while the economy is crumbling.


don't hate being a Nigeria jst pray Nigeria get better in a short time

How can Nigeria get better when the managers of the economy keeps doing the wrong thing daily? God is not a magician and so we cannot continue to wallow in sin or doing the wrong thing and continue to pray and hope for peace or the right outcome. We can only reap what we have sown.

A country that is faced with acute foreign exchange scarcity and as such cannot subsidize fees for: her citizens studying abroad, importation of rice for its teeming population that are hungry, local industries that need fx to import raw materials, plant and machinery ect but feels the most important thing to do is to start using that scarce resource to fund few people on tourism.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Life Of An Unemployed Naija Girl by Lease(m): 12:04pm On Aug 02, 2016

I do have business ideas but finance is the issue here.

Continue to be hopeful and pray for the best. Running a business is not as easy as most people attempt to make it looks like especially under the present economic environment. However you can also explore the option of "Volunteering" to work in a business or sector in which you have something to contribute. I assure you that volunteering is the easiest way to convince a prospective employer that you are valuable to his/her business under the current situation. You just have to either think outside the box for new ideas or think inside the box by way of re-arranging the inside of the existing box. I wish you well.
Politics / Re: WAEC Certificate: Buhari Files Appeal Against Ruling Dismissing His Objection by Lease(m): 4:19pm On Jun 15, 2016
The president’s legal team, which endorsed the notice of appeal, is led by Chief Wole Olanipekun (SAN).
Others are Mr. Lateef O. Fagbemi (SAN), Chief Akin Olujinmi (SAN), Oluwarotimi O. Akeredolu (SAN), Kola Awodein (SAN), Prof. Taiwo Osipitan (SAN), Charles Edosomwan (SAN), Emeka Ngige (SAN), Femi Atoyebi (SAN), Femi Falana (SAN), Funke Aboyade (SAN), H.O. Afolabi (SAN), Muiz Banire (SAN), and 10 other counsel.

What!!! Is it not the same people complaining that Bukola Saraki engaged many SANs to scuttle the case at the tribunal? What is President Buhari doing with 13 SANs and 10 other counsels in a case that is a non issue if there is nothing to hide? What is the big deal in just showing the certificate or any other verifiable evidence that he wrote the exam? Why wasting money in engaging over 20 Lawyers just to argue about issue of address?

It simply means that he is surely hiding something and what manner of corruption will be greater than that if it is eventually proven that he never sat for the exams. Although that is if they will ever allow the case to see the light of the day. So the two highest political office holders in our country have lots of baggage to contend with.

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Career / Re: Thread For Auditors & Potential Auditors by Lease(m): 3:23pm On Jun 07, 2016

Thanks for your answer . Maybe what I meant to say is that what is the minimum you can pay to get a good accountant/bookkeeper for a small start up company? I want a good accounts person but right now the funds are not there to pay full market rate, if the profits of the company improve then so will the wages.

Hi. Why don't you consider alternatives like engaging the services of accounting/bookkeeping outsourcing firms for your accounting functions at a moderate price. That is the trend in advanced countries and it will fit perfectly into your business needs. That way you will have access to a pool of knowledge in a professional firm at a very reasonable price.

Send me a mail on consultemploy@gmail.com for further discussions.
Politics / Re: Waku: "Drink Your Oil, We Would Eat Our Yams", Arewa Chieftain Tells Niger Delta by Lease(m): 10:43am On Jun 06, 2016
At a point, we in Benue challenged them that okay,’ let them go and drink their oil, we would eat our yams and then see who will survive.’.........

If you guys honestly believe this your assertion WHY then is it difficult for your guys from the north to agree to a simple resolution which is to implement the recommendations of the 2014 National Conference reports or for the members of the national assembly to simply legislate that we return to fiscal federalism like we had in the sixties before the military forcefully shoved unitary system down our throats.

To add insult upon injury the president said he never bothered to read the report and he would rather it should be confined to the archives.

Let each state or region develop at its own pace. Let reduce power at the center. Shikena!!!


Religion / Re: Visiting The Sins Of The Father Upon The Children.. by Lease(m): 10:47pm On May 29, 2016
Please stop misquoting God. He never said that. Go and read Ezekiel 18 very well. That statement was an adage among the jews and God made it clear that he was never part of it. It never came from him. He said it is the soul that sinned that will die.

No sinner would go unpunished. When a father commits murder and dies without punishment here on earth, do you think the family of the deceased won't curse him and his family. By committing murder, that's a curse already from God. God said he would bestow the Sins of a father on Children from the First Generation to the Fifth. My father taught me to ask for the forgiveness of sins our parents and fore fathers could have committed so that God would not take it out on us and vice versa.

Let's take our time to read the Book of Jobs in the Old Testament. Job always made atonement for the sins of his household with sin or without sin. Also the books of Kings is a good pointer. Whenever a new King in Israel decides to go astray and not worship the God of his fathers, The Holy One of Israel, King of Kingd and Lord of Lords, the city is attacked, plundered, ravaged, destroyed and the inhabitants are taken captives until they turn back to the true God who delivered them from the hands of Pharaoh in Egypt.

Religion / Re: Why Don't We Have Super Powers Anymore by Lease(m): 8:42pm On Apr 24, 2016
Jesus said: "f any man believe in me, the work dat I do will he do also, greater work than this will he do because I go unto my father"

He also said: "When I come back to the world, will I meet faith on earth?"

The promises of God are still yea and amen. The problem we have is our faithlessness. Faith simply means: Forsaking All, I Trust Him. But today, a lot of things have clouded our mind and taken the position of God in our life. The Devil has clouded our heart with the affairs of this world. We dont want to wait on God, we want to make it quickly thru any means possible forgetting dat the eyes of God are purer than to behold iniquity.

If Jesus had fallen to the temptation of the devil and bowed down to the devil in exchange for the possession of this world, then Jesus would have fallen out of place with God but he was able to resist the temptation and thereby became the saviour of the world.

Concerning the issue of human life span, God Himself b/cos of our continued sinful nature had at one time or the other reduced the life span of human being; the last reduction was to 70 years.

Moreover, a good x-tian will not wish to spent 200 years in this sinful world when he knows he would be seeing God whenever he closes his eyes in death.


Please be careful not to misquote the bible. It was King David that made the statement about life span been reduced to 70 years based on his observations of the trend at his time due to sin. Not Jehovah GOD. In fact King David himself spent 120 years on earth.
Religion / Re: Christianity; The Religion Not Founded By Jesus by Lease(m): 9:58pm On Mar 25, 2016
Part of your beliefs that are wrong includes
The bible is the inspired word of God. This is very wrong. Jesus is the only word of Gog. In this supposed bible,God spoke,the devil spoke,men spoke,even demon spoke. Ho w then you call it the word of God
you believe that Jesus came to die for the sign of the whole world. It is very wrong. He said He came to give His life as ransome to many not sacrifice for many. He said if you dont forgive those that sin against you,your heavenly father will not forgive,that is the way to get your sins forgiven

God bless you. You just laid bare the main source of confusion among Christians and why they always turn the bible upside down and thus continuously have problem understanding God and what He wants from human beings. They erroneously believe that every word in the Bible is spoken by God and thus attributing every thing there to Jehovah God even when in actual fact some of those words were spoken by human beings like us e.g King David, King Solomon, Job or by Angels etc. Meanwhile God expressly made it clear in Jeremiah 8^7-8 that most of the statements attributed to him were not his words but they emanated from the "lying pen of the scribes that handled them falsely". The implication of this is that Christians have refused to understand and accept the commandments & laws of God because of its high standards and instead prefer to follow other lower standards of men like them who were also grappling with most issues then like we are also doing now. Christ tried to correct this by always making reference to the commandments or wills or laws of His father in heaven in addition to simplifying things but because of this great error of attributing every word in the bible to God, Christians continuously cling to either what Apostle Paul or Job or King Solomon said. The moment we are able to differentiate between God's words from the others we are immediately set free to discover and understand the eternal truth in the bible. This error also contributes to a number of seeming contradictions we have between and among the various books in the bible. God is perfect and thus cannot be contradicting Himself and He is not a God of confusion. This error is also a very big issue for the other religion that believe that their holy book was handed down ready made directly by God.

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Religion / Re: Who Is Really A Sacrifial Between The Two Sons 'ISMAEL Or ISAAC' by Lease(m): 6:23pm On Mar 25, 2016
If we consider the fact that Prophet Muhammed was born around 570 AD which means Quran was written over 5 centuries after Jesus Christ's Crucifixion and the fact that the Biblical records indicating that Isaac was the one to be sacrificed by his father was written about 2,000 years before the birth of Christ makes the answer pretty simple and straight forward. There is no way the Quran's version that came after about 2,570 years would be correct. Let's remember that Prophet Mohammed was a trader working for the woman he eventually married and in the course of his job must have had the opportunity of interacting with the Jews and Christians of the era especially those living in Medina and its subburbs after fleeing Jerusalem to escape the assault of the Roman Empire. Thus he must have mixed up the story heard from the Jews regarding Isaac and Ishmael. Alternatively given that Ishmael's mother was an Arab it could also be that the story was twisted in the Quran because of the hatred they had towards the Jews then. This later view appears to be more accurate for me and can be also be supported by the fact that other biblical issues or events were also changed e.g claim that the sacrifice was done on the Black stone of Kaaba instead of on mount Moriah, Holiest day of the week was changed from Sunday to Friday, Facing the direction of Jerusalem during prayer by Jews was changed to Facing the direction of Mecca, Forty day's fasting period by Jews changed to 29/30 day's fasting period and many more changes.

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Properties / Land For Long Lease @ Sango-ota Beside Sona Breweries Ltd by Lease(m): 1:15pm On Nov 29, 2015
A Land space containing 2 plots is available on LONG LEASE for SMEs that are into or plan to go into production/manufacturing or for warehouse purposes. It can also be used for Animal husbandry purposes or Event center (as it is located within residential area) or any other legitimates uses.

It is already fenced and within a stone throw to the main Abeokuta express road.

Its is located beside Sona Breweries Ltd in Sago-Otta axis and is covered with a C of O.

Interested persons should contact the owner on consultemploy@gmail.com
Jobs/Vacancies / Vacancy In A Consulting Firm by Lease(m): 5:11pm On Nov 24, 2015
[b]Who We Are:

We are a Lagos based business process outsourcing firm, specializing in Virtual Accounting/Bookkeeping Outsourcing, Taxation, Financial Planning, Sale and Installation of Business Accounting Software solutions to small, mid-sized and fast growing companies (SMEs), as well as non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals

Our outsource Bookkeeping & Accounting Services is a remote/virtual bookkeeping business that provides outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services to enterprises that want to enjoy the twin benefits of keeping its operating cost at minimal level and at the same time access the services of a pool of experienced professionals for an affordable price.

What this means is that we provide back office accounting and bookkeeping services remotely to SMEs by leveraging on technology without having to be physically present at the client’s office. Thus our services are available to any SME notwithstanding its location in Nigeria.

Apart from the above, modern organisations also favour the option of outsourcing their accounting functions for other reasons like:

 When the company is just starting out for business
 For already established business with an in-house accounts department, if the existing finance and accounts department has not lived up to expectation in terms of providing management with adequate support to justify the investment thereon, outsourcing the entire finance function or part of the finance work may be the way out
 It may be that the organisation is having difficulty finding and retaining qualified accounting staff. Thus, outsourcing this need can provide an excellent alternative.
 Also a Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) that considers it expensive to hire a qualified and experienced chartered accountant to oversee the finance function can use the option of outsourcing to gain access to knowledge pool of experienced professionals in our firm at an affordable price.

As part of our growth initiative, we currently have vacancies in our Business Development section as detailed below:

[b]Job Responsibilities:

Drive sales for all products & services that our firm offers
Represents the firm in all presentations, meetings and conferences.
Prepare, present and follow-up on winning proposals to prospects
Analyse customer research, and report on current market conditions and competitor information from time to time
Develop and implement marketing strategies, plans and projects for new and existing products to meet customer needs


Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or HND in any field
1-7 years relevant marketing experience

[b]Desired Qualities & Competencies:

Must be a knowledge seeker
Must be outgoing and have natural flair for marketing
Must have an entrepreneur mind set
Experience in marketing/sales of business softwares and consulting services is an advantage
Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)
Must be target driven
Taking Responsibility/Leading/Supervising
Honesty and Integrity
Self Confidence
Openness & Flexibility
Great Team Player
Result Oriented
Excellent presentation, listening and consulting skills are very important
Highly proficient in Microsoft Office Suites (MS-word, MS-excel, MS-powerpoint, etc)
Strong problem solving and analytical skills
Outstanding persuasion and negotiation skills
Not more than 35 years of age

Remuneration: competitive in relation to experience.

CVs to consultemploy@gmail.com
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Do Online Job Applications Ever Work? by Lease(m): 4:30pm On Oct 10, 2013
Many of the earlier contributors had given useful suggestions on this topic. However on a separate but related issue, i have found out that some of the job seekers on this platform appear not to be serious with the task or do not know what they actually want. For example, in two different occasions that i put up advert on this site and two other ones, i discover that applicants that applied through Nairaland eventually did not show up for the interview even after prior confirmation that they would make it. It is instructive to know that no fewer than 12 candidates were eventually employed by the two companies involved.

As an applicant, it is expected that you keep proper record of where you sent applications to so as not to eventually present yourself to the prospective employer as someone not serious or organized especially in cases where the name of the company is clearly stated on the advert.

Some employers are ready to take candidates without previous experience if such candidate can proof his/her academic competence. Imagine a candidate that just finished his NYSC, with a degree in Finance & Banking and claimed to be preparing for Institute of Banker's professional exam and could not explain what "Time Value of Money" means. His excuse was that he did it at 200 level and so couldn't remember. Am sure such candidate would go out claiming that he had attended many interviews without luck. Meanwhile when he was asked what type of books he like to read during his leisure times he said Global excellence magazine. What i am saying in summary is that for those graduates without working experience, in addition to suggestions earlier given by other contributors, they should endeavour to read and be on top of the course they did at the university. An undergraduate of Unilag sent a mail to my office in January 2013 requesting for an opportunity to do an attachment in August 2013 before the NYSC programme would start. He pledged to work without any salary just to gain experience. We replied that he should contact us when he is through at the university. However immediately the ASUU strike broke out, he contacted us through e-mail again and he was invited for a chart and the rest is now history. BTW he is being paid some stipend like normal Industrial Attachment staff. I later learnt that he actually sent the request to many companies.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is This Kind Of Job Search Possible by Lease(m): 9:36pm On Sep 28, 2013
It is very possible. However it depends on the nature of the business, the industry, company size etc and also how close where you reside is to the company. There are a lot of small businesses in Nigeria who would be happy to do that if your course of study is relevant to areas of skills they need. Start up businesses and small professional firms will be your best bet depending on your career plan and objective. Meanwhile what is your course of study and your career plan?
Politics / Re: Oyedepo Watches Beating Of Ogun Tax-Men By Church Members by Lease(m): 5:08pm On Sep 08, 2013
""The duo,according to the statement by the commissioner, were severely beaten and their camera was damaged when they went to the Ota premises of the church to cover the service of building inspection notices by officials of the Ministry Of Urban and Physical Planning."".

In as much as i condemn the action of the church members, i also wonder why in the whole of Ogun State, the ministry of Urban planning has no other place to go and regulate building activities except inside the covenant estate. How far have they gone to regulate or supervise building of structures in the areas where new residential development is springing up daily before it becomes chaotic like we presently have in some of the existing towns and villages in Ogun State? These are areas where their skills and professional expertise (if they have any) are required for now.

Why must they choose the same period when the state internal revenue service is having issues with the Church to go for one useless inspection.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Vacancy In A Tax / Business Consulting Firm by Lease(m): 10:33pm On Aug 17, 2013
Can you handle marketing/business development function for a new/start-up professional firm that is into taxation & management consulting business? Are you ready to develop and grow your career with a small professional firm with promising potentials?

Office is located at Yaba, Lagos

Then send your C.V to leaseforce@yahoo.com
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Job Seekers: What Course Did You Study by Lease(m): 10:18pm On Aug 17, 2013
Can you handle marketing/business development function for a new/start-up professional firm that is into taxation & management consulting business? Are you ready to develop and grow your career with a small professional firm with promising potentials?

Office is located at Yaba, Lagos

Then send your C.V to leaseforce@yahoo.com
Jobs/Vacancies / Employment Opportunities by Lease(m): 4:34pm On Jul 04, 2013
Dear House members. I got this from a friend and decided to share with interested members of the house to check it out.

1.Google Nigeria is hiring for Product Marketing Manager Social and Consumer role. Please check their website

2.Mike Adenuga Foundation is looking for a young graduate Accountant
with First Class degree. If interested, please check out the website.

3.OTG Management - NYC Office is hiring an Accounting Manager. For
more information, check out the website. If interested, please contact

4.McKinsey Lagos is hosting a Pre-MBA networking event in July. If
interested, please RSVP to bola_sunmonu@mckinsey.com
Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN
Religion / Re: Will Lagos Ever Have A Christian Governor? by Lease(m): 8:23pm On May 12, 2013
KnowAll: When is Lagos State going to give that Igbo boy a chance. Akabusi has served both Tinubu and Fashola for 16 years now. Probably making him a deputy Governor would move votes en-mass towards ACN or APC. That is a food for thought! undecided

It is very wrong and myopic to imply that someone has deliberately denied other tribes from being a governor in Lagos. If Akabueze thinks that he is qualified then he is free to contest. However you should tell us his performance records as a bank managing director that shows he will be able to successfully manage a state like lagos. It is people thinking like you that prevent this country from moving forward. We need performers not leaders elected based on religion, ethnicity and the likes.
Religion / Re: Can Someone Explain Why God Killed David's Son For David's Sin? by Lease(m): 5:22pm On May 04, 2013
Did David hate God then? Exodus 20:5 "You must not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the fathers' sin, to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me,..."


Ezekiel 18:20 "The one who sins is the one who will die. The child will not share the guilt of the parent, nor will the parent share the guilt of the child. The righteousness of the righteous will be credited to them, and the wickedness of the wicked will be charged against them."

We should be careful not to allow mistakes inadvertently made by bible writers and some people of old to make us sin against GOD just because some of the statements in the bible seems illogical to us and our christian brethrens can't provide satisfactory answer except that GOD does things the way he likes which may be incomprehensible to man. Let us take Nigerian MOG as an example where they tell us that GOD spoke with them either to leave their current church to establish a new one, or to do seven days revival etc etc. Unfortunately the unwary ones among their members actually believe that these men spoke directly with GOD. If you go back to read Ezekiel 18 v 1-2,GOD clearly said that the description of him as a GOD that visits the sin of father on subsequent generations was an ADAGE in Israel and should be stopped. Thus, it is either that Moses added the statement and erroneously attributed it to GOD in Exodus or the subsequent bible scribes added it just because it was already an ADAGE in Israel just the way some superstitious beliefs have become an established facts in our culture until the advent of better knowledge through science. In addition, (though i can't remember the exact place in the Bible now) one of the major prophets in the old Testament quoted GOD to have said that most of the statements attributed to HIM were not true but made by the " LYING PEN OF THE SCRIBES". The summary of my argument is that the fact that it was reported that GOD claimed to have killed King David's son for his sins may not actually be correct. It most likely was the way the writer (scribes) understood it then. So let us be careful not to sin against GOD albeit inadvertently.
Religion / Re: Can A Christian Marry More Than One Wife? by Lease(m): 7:53pm On May 01, 2013
If marrying more than one wife is a sin, GOD would have clearly stated it in the Torah given to Moses since other lesser issues like making a tatoo in ones body is expressly forbidden in the law. Why can't it be clearly stated if the following could be clearly stated as forbidden:

Making Tatoos on your body

Being Intimate with your mother (18:7)

Being Intimate with your father’s wife (18:

Being Intimate with your sister (18:9)

Being Intimate with your granddaughter (18:10)

Being Intimate with your half-sister (18:11)

Being Intimate with your biological aunt (18:12-13)

Being Intimate with your uncle’s wife (18:14)

Being Intimate with your daughter-in-law (18:15)

Being Intimate with your sister-in-law (18:16)

Being Intimate with a woman and also Being Intimate with her daughter or granddaughter (bad news for Alan Clark) (18:17)

Marrying your wife’s sister while your wife still lives (18:18)

Being Intimate with a woman during her period (18:19)

Being Intimate with an animal (18:23)

Eating certain animals etc etc

Why should it be so difficult to include marrying more than one wife as a sin like the above and many more that are not even as important? I think the issue was and still is marrying women that may turn your hearts towards other gods. i.e Marrying non-hebrew during the biblical years.
Religion / Re: Can A Christian Marry More Than One Wife? by Lease(m): 7:25pm On May 01, 2013

did it happen in d old testament or new testament?

The custom of marrying more than one wife continued even in the new testament. That was why Appostle Paul advised elders and apostles to marry only one apparently so as not to be distracted by too many issues. If the custom had stopped during the new testament era, then there would'nt have been the need for such advice. Furthermore, even Moses that brought the Law had two wives.
Properties / Re: D Most Affordable Fueless And Smokeless Gen. (inverters) Up For Grab! by Lease(m): 7:38pm On Jan 20, 2013
Pls what items can this 2.0KVA carry at a time? Als can a normal car battery power it?
Properties / Office Space To Let by Lease(m): 11:24pm On Jan 19, 2013
There is an office space to share with any interested party. It is a bungalow located in an estate around sabo at Yaba. Half the space is already occupied for a consulting business with the other half available for letting with a common reception. It goes for N350K per annum. Contact leaseforce@yahoo.com for inspection and further discussions.
Jobs/Vacancies / Vacancies In The Financial Sector by Lease(m): 2:19pm On Nov 07, 2012
1. An operator in the capital market sub-sector of the financial sector requires qualified chartered accountants with age not above 28 years old.

2. Also a qualified insurance practioner is required to head an Insurance Brokerage Firm. He/She must be technically sound, possess leadership qualities and be a goal getter in terms of business development. Age limit is 40 and below.

Qualified and Interested candidates should send their C.Vs to solu2010@yahoo.com

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