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Business / Re: Moses Ubi Wears Corporate Outfits To Hawk Food, Goes Viral Online (Video) by LeoThaGreat(m): 9:21pm On Oct 02
Heat no dey catch this man? Àbí e no know say tie & blazers na for cold weather?


Crime / Beware Of This Email Hacking Scam by LeoThaGreat(m): 10:06pm On Sep 17
A person apparently with a catfish (fake) Facebook account sent me a friend request today pretending to be an attractive lady. I accepted the request after vetting the account, though something still felt off.
A little while after, this person sent me a "Hi", and since the person isn't an acquaintance, I chatted with a formal tone.
"She" then said she needed me to vote for her to win a beauty contest and sent the link below [DO NOT CLICK ON IT O!]

My research shows that this link is used in email hacking schemes and I'm posting this here to alert unsuspecting members of the public to be very careful, especially as internet fraudsters are getting more sophisticated every day.
Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by LeoThaGreat(m): 10:46am On Sep 13
I applied for passport renewal earlier this year and made payment online.
Since I needed it urgently, when I got to the passport office, I greased the palms of an officer to help me hasten the process.
Months after capturing, I discovered it's as if they didn't work on my file because my name wasn't on the list pasted for collection and those that applied much later were collecting theirs.

I got to know that the number given to me after capturing reads "Not Found" on their system.

It's been two months since I last went there and 6 months since I started my passport waka-waka.

I tried checking the status of my application online with my Application I.D and Passport Reference and their portal is saying "This Application Has Been Expired"

Kindly tell me what this means if you know.

Travel / I Need Help With My Nigerian Passport by LeoThaGreat(m): 10:42am On Sep 13
I applied for passport renewal earlier this year and made payment online.
Since I needed it urgently, when I got to the passport office, I greased the palms of an officer to help me hasten the process.
Months after capturing, I discovered it's as if they didn't work on my file because my name wasn't on the list pasted for collection and those that applied much later were collecting theirs.

I got to know that the number given to me after capturing reads "Not Found" on their system.

It's been two months since I last went there and 6 months since I started my passport waka-waka.

I tried checking the status of my application online with my Application I.D and Passport Reference and their portal is saying "This Application Has Been Expired"

Kindly tell me what this means if you know.

Culture / Re: What Happened To The Ogboni Society In Yorubaland And What Led To It's Decline? by LeoThaGreat(m): 2:18pm On Sep 12
The political Ogboni still exists, it's just that modern civil laws is limiting their powers unlike pre-British-terrorism era.
Earlier this year, there was a case of an Oba whose family were fighting (legal suit) the Ogboni in their jurisdiction over the body of the deseased Oba.

There are new Ogbonis which are more like free-masons than political class because they wield no political power. E.g Reformed Ogboni Fraternity (ROF)

The Ogboni of ancient Yoruba are what modern Parliament are in the Parliamentary system of government. The difference is that the Ogboni adhere strictly to their moral code of conduct, unlike modern Parliamentarians
Business / Re: Recommend A Loan App For Me by LeoThaGreat(m): 10:33am On Sep 08
I was able to get a loan from Branch app and I repaid yesterday.
They have the best review out there.
Though I had issues repaying with my debit card, I opted for bank transfer instead and i paid into the WEMA account provided.
Business / Recommend A Loan App For Me by LeoThaGreat(m): 9:25pm On Sep 03
I need about 40k urgently (for 1 month) and I've been contemplating on what loan app to use.
From your experience (or what you've heard), kindly recommend a loan app I should go with.
Stating some of their requirements, and their interest rate would be a appreciated as well.
Culture / Re: In Yoruba What Does "Lasan" Mean? by LeoThaGreat(m): 10:58am On Aug 09

Explication: "Ní asán"; this means "In vain"

Lásán nowadays could mean "only" E.g. Ogún naira lásán (Twenty naira only)
Some people wrongly use it as a word of emphasis when mixing Yòrùbá and English, E.g. If I hammer lásán... (Once I make big money...)
Lásán-Lásán is phrase of emphasis which still means the same thing as lásán

I hope I've answered your question


Culture / Re: The Tribe That Is Proud Of Its Origin The Most By Their Names by LeoThaGreat(m): 10:51am On Aug 09
I am super glad my parents gave me YORÙBÁ names. No foreign name. It gives me a sense of pride especially when I'm in the midst of Non-(Southern)Nigerians because they are more open minded and ask the meaning of the name, especially oyinbo people.
Only dominant cultures survives

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Travel / Re: How To Know If My Nigerian Passport Is Ready by LeoThaGreat(m): 10:25am On May 06
Good evening
Please what is the process for passport renewal and how much does it cost.
I registered and made payment of 26,000 naira online; then selected Ìkòyí passport office as my preferred collection point.

Go on Nigerian Immigration Services' website

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Crime / Re: Please My Retired Dad Has Been Scam. Pls Help Me To Track Them. by LeoThaGreat(m): 4:13pm On May 04
Rush to bank immediately
And lay complain

And involve FCCPC they will help too

I second this.

OP, the 100,000 debit was done through Barter by Flutterwave. Send them an email & also tweet at @getBarterApp & @theFlutterWave to help you guys track the fraudsters.

Barter is always linked to a (Nigerian) bank account.

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Health / Re: Any Herbal Treatment For Hypertension by LeoThaGreat(m): 8:51pm On May 03
He needs product that will prevent blood clot in his arteries and ease blood flow.
I currently need to charge, kindly Google for solutions.
I might drop by here later
Health / Re: Any Herbal Treatment For Hypertension by LeoThaGreat(m): 8:49pm On May 03
This (herbal) treatment for hypertension was recommended by Anslem Adodo, OSB

a. Water Leaf
b. 10 litres of water

Cut the roots into pieces. Measure 10 handfuls of the roots into B and boil it.

Half glass twice daily for 2 months.

a. 10 bulbs of garlic
b. 2 bottles of coconut water
c. 4 bottles of water

Mix B & C together and blend with A

1 shot three times daily for 4 weeks

Squeeze the fresh leaves of sand paper tree in water. Drink a glassful thrice daily.
English:- Sandpaper tree
Igbo:- Asesa
Yòrùbá:- Epin
Dean:- Baure

Drink plenty water especially in during the day

Cultivate a positive attitude towards life (Be grateful for what he has)

Forgive those who offended him

He will need to eat more vegetables, eg. Bitter leaf, etc

He will need to take garlic often (maybe through his soup when blended with the pepper)

He might need to change his mattress to a better one


a. Fresh Pawpaw leaves
b. Fresh avocado leaves (some people call it avocado pear)
c. Water

Put an equal amount of A & B in a medium sized pot. Then fill the pot with water and boil it.

1 glass thrice a days for 2 months.
(He will need a BP Monitor machine to monitor his BP or check at the nearest pharmacy one or twice week.


Health / Re: Any Herbal Treatment For Hypertension by LeoThaGreat(m): 8:19pm On May 03
Before he starts taking herbal treatment, the first thing you should know is he has to avoid some things. E.g:
Physical stress, fried foods, egg yolk, peppery foods, etc.

Do light exercises regularly, e.g brief walk like 3 to 4 times a week

Reduce sodium by reducing salt quantity in his food. It's better his food is prepared separate from the rest of the family, if that's possible.

Eat more natural foods than processed foods. E.g fruits as snacks instead of normal snacks

Quit smoking and reduce alcohol to the barest minimum and only take it once a while. I can only recommend red wine in terms of alcohol,. it's good for the heart

Reduce caffeine intake. This is usually derived from coffee and you can Google other sources of caffeine.

Relax more and over think less. He might need music or other things that will distract him from over thinking.

Buy Blood Pressure monitor to know his heart rate per minute

If he resides in Lagos, he should go and register at the nearest general hospital for regular check ups.

I modified the above from research I did on one of my most trusted hospitals in the world's website.
I'll type out the herbal treatment shortly.
Culture / Re: How The Name Osogbo Was Formed by LeoThaGreat(m): 5:43pm On May 02
I always love to read about how names of places were formed
Politics / Re: Hijab War: The Origin Of Yoruba Moslems Fight Against Yoruba Christians by LeoThaGreat(m): 5:02pm On May 02

Little objections
All schools be public or private should be neutral without religious practice
Religious knowledge should be removed from curriculum in primary and secondary school.
All government and commercial institutions should remove religious observance like prayers in their meetings and activities.
Centres of worship should be removed from all places of public interests.
God should be removed from national anthem.

Unfortunately, we are in Nigeria so your suggestions will take time, money and blood before they can ever be, if they will ever be.
Politics / Re: Hijab War: The Origin Of Yoruba Moslems Fight Against Yoruba Christians by LeoThaGreat(m): 4:42pm On May 02
I didn't think your fair enough, we have more Christian schools in Ilorin, so partitioning school children along religious line may deny Muslim children access to education, Christians should learn to be tolerant and remove every restrictions against Muslim school children.

Christian Missionaries planted plenty orange trees, Muslim missionaries planted a few orange trees of a similar kind. (NOTE: The Muslim missionaries have been in that region since like 600 years ago and have other trees the pluck from [Quranic schools)

Government decided to corner all the orange trees; then the government said they will be sharing the fruits from the Christian-planted orange trees equally with the Muslims.

Now, people like you are saying the Christians should be tolerant and learn to share.
I see it as injustice and unfairness.

The Christians missionaries have laboured, nurtured and invested for about 70 years, now everything they've laboured to build has to be shared with people who neither invested like them nor laboured like they did.

Imagine you built a house for renting with the little resources you have, then the government is dictating what your tenant can do in your house, even when this is against your standard & plan for the house.

To me, that's a precedent of anarchy and public unrest.

I know 100% that if reverse was the case, the Muslim communities both home and abroad will fight against such injustice, because the purpose for establishing the schools is being eroded gradually.

Will the Muslim schools remove every restrictions and allow children of traditionalists to flagrantly wear their attire with their uniforms without suspending such student? Yet children of traditionalist have to wear some things for protection.

The solution I can propose is for the government to return the schools to the founders and establish their own schools and allow everyone stick to the reason they founded the school in the first place.
Politics / Re: Hijab War: The Origin Of Yoruba Moslems Fight Against Yoruba Christians by LeoThaGreat(m): 12:24pm On May 02
My stand will always remain staying true to the vision of the founders of these schools in question.
Schools founded by Christian missions should remain with the same vision, likewise schools founded by Muslim missions.
However, community schools, Local government schools, State & Federal schools should be religiously neutral.

Any other thing is an invite to unnecessary unrest & scrimmages

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Politics / Re: 2023: Obasanjo Backs Akinwunmi Adesina Over Tinubu by LeoThaGreat(m): 10:08am On May 02

are you kidding me? were you asleep during objs tenure? the southwest suffered the most during his time, especially when he put the reigns on lagos......you say he brought gsm and Internet to Nigeria....lol.....those things were going to come regardless of him......in fact everything had been set up btw NCC and private bodies before he was even aware of it........
Let's give credit to Obásanjó for what he did right.
I'm aware of how he punished Lagos & South West severely He's no saint, but he brought national prosperity and that's what I care about the most. PROSPERITY OF MYSELF & MY NEIGHBOURS

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Politics / Re: 2023: Obasanjo Backs Akinwunmi Adesina Over Tinubu by LeoThaGreat(m): 10:05am On May 02
yes,baba really tried with the way he squandered our $16bn electricity fund
Mention whose government among those who didn't squander our $16bn that brought as much prosperity as Obásanjó did with $22 per barrel
Politics / Re: 2023: Obasanjo Backs Akinwunmi Adesina Over Tinubu by LeoThaGreat(m): 10:00am On May 02

Lols @ OBJ brought internet revolution....funniest dumb talk ever
The Internet Exchange Point Of Nigeria (IXPN) is a neutral
and not-for-profit Internet exchange point (IXP) founded in
2006 by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in
partnership with the Internet Service Providers Association
Of Nigeria (ISPAN).
Among other things, IXPN was created to reduce connectivity costs in millions of dollars in offshore internet bandwidth payments, reduce latency from 900 milliseconds to 30 milliseconds for local content, serve as the central point for connecting Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) towards the development of National Research and Educational Network (NREN).
As at April 2020, IXPN is the 5th largest IXP in Africa by number of peers, and 3rd in Africa by traffic according to Packet Clearing House’s IXP directory.

In November 2005, during former President Olusegun
Obasanjo ’s presidency, an IXP setup committee was
constituted. The members of this committee were drawn
from NCC, ISPAN, Medallion Communications ,
Interconnect Nigeria Ltd and so on. In early 2006, the
Board of NCC, approved a proposal to partly fund the
setting-up of Internet eXchange Points in Nigeria. Later that
year, IXPN started operations from NECOM House (Marina,
Lagos) as its main location; with sub-locations at Victoria
Island, Lagos, Ikeja , Lekki, Port Harcourt, Abuja , Enugu
and Kano .
Politics / Re: 2023: Obasanjo Backs Akinwunmi Adesina Over Tinubu by LeoThaGreat(m): 8:05am On May 02
Akinwunmi Adesina will be an excellent candidate to lead Yòrùbá Nation after it secede from the Nigeria Union, just like Obásanjó led Nigeria to prosperity in 1999 bring the GSM revolution, Internet revolution, bank revolution, etc.

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Politics / Re: How Igala Conquered And Colonized Igbos (1450–18th Century) * by LeoThaGreat(m): 7:54am On May 02
One thing I'm certain about is that the Igbos have their own noble history too. I just haven't come across them much on the internet.
Every ethnic group in this part of the world need to place a premium on preserving their history & culture (tradition can be modified) or risk going into oblivion if they continue copying other cultures
Foreign Affairs / Re: The Reason Why The United States Of America Is Better Than China by LeoThaGreat(m): 7:47am On May 02
A person that has malaria can't use the same prescription as a person with headache.
China is using measures & solutions that will solve her problems, NOT the copy copy that you people want them to do that won't lead them anywhere forward.
If China was that bad, why does most things we use has at least one component made in China?
You people will make bad leaders sha, because rather than provide real solutions to the problems you're facing, you will be copying how others solve theirs and that's how you will remain behind them, because you aren't fully maximising your creativity.


Education / Re: Why Does Putin Pretend He Doesn't Speak English? by LeoThaGreat(m): 10:58am On Apr 29
It is an act of patriotism to put your nation (or the country you represent) out conspicuously when opportunities presents themselves.
This is how you preserve and advertise your culture, tradition, language and ethnic identity.

There are some Africans suffering from colonial mentality that assume it is a thing of pride that they or their children cannot speak their mother tongue almost fluently. This is how some culture dominates others till they die off.
And others that are "ethnocentric" preserve their cultural identity and even introduce others to it.

For example, if the Chinese weren't unapologetically ethnocentric in certain aspects, some of us wouldn't see any need to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Dear African, put your cultural identity at the forefront before others
Music/Radio / The Complicated Legacy Of Silverbird’s Ben Bruce. - Adewale Lawal by LeoThaGreat(m): 2:56pm On Apr 28
Adewale Lawal (The Duke Of Offa) Writes:

When I wrote about Nigeria’s entertainment journey to the
Grammies, people said I did not highlight Ben Bruce name as
much as he deserves. I had wanted to leave it at that, but I
would be doing history a disservice if i do not place his record before the people to judge his contribution, before the
revisionists do it by the time he is no more with us.

I will begin with Onyeka Onwenu story.
Onyeka Onwenu song was used by NTA as MONTAGE, or more correctly “station idents”. The song was IYOGOGO.
NTA refused to pay her for the unauthorized use of her song. The oga of NTA at that time was Ben Bruce who Obasanjo had inexplicably decided to be the one to grow competition for Ben Bruce’s Silverbird, without Ben Bruce recusing self from managing Silverbird television. But that is another story.

Ben Bruce has lived abroad. Ben Bruce is seasoned in the
entertainmennt business. Ben Bruce has COMMON SENSE.
Common sense dictates that before a song is used as station ident, permission must be sought and gotten, and ROYALTIES, by whatever name, paid. Onyeka Onwenu, big and massive as she is had to go on hunger strike and cry at NTA gates for days before a “settlement” was agreed between her and Ben Bruce’s NTA.
If Ben Bruce can make Onyeka cry, who is anyone not to cry
from how Ben Bruce has run the entertainment industry as its biggest face?

Biggest face YES!!! His MBGN has taken the role of Miss
Nigeria, not that Miss Nigeria was well run anyway. But
representing Nigeria at international contests was legally a
Miss Nigeria right. Ben Bruce, the opportunist, capitalized.
Again, I digress. Forgive me.

Biggest face yes. Ben Bruce, whose brother sang the hit “Eje
Ka jo” from the early 80s knows artistes get paid for radio
playing their song. The number one person fighting against
royalties to artist in Nigeria is arguable BEN BRUCE. If this is
even disputed, I will show receipts that show similar

Make no mistake, Ben Bruce is a GREAT MAN. But has his
greatness been about developing Nigeria or her talents or
anything that will grow us, or has Ben Bruce Modus Operandi
been to bring what is foreign to Nigeria? Is he an importer of
culture or exporter? Juxtapose him and Dokpesi Raymond. I
will leave you to judge for yourselves.

Silverbird radio is about foreign accents and not good English. It was about foreign music, not local. Only artiste Ben Bruce thought was worthy is Fela Kuti and Afrobeat and he never really played it on his radio.
All through the development of Nigerian music, from the Galala/Conto days of Showkey and Baba Fryo, to the Nelson Brown days, Silverbird was hesitant to play Nigerian music. It was after the Cally Ikpes and Dokpesis and Ovie of NotjustOk and MTV Base etc. continued to believe in Nigerian music and exported it that Silverbird increased their local content. And of course, it was Mohits, the “Abroad” folks and such “Behind” acts that Silverbird and Ben Bruce latched on to.
Even Cool FM has Wazobia to celebrate his hatbis local to us.

Oh. But I love JAJ (who offered me a presenter position as
guest in entertainment, if he remembers my face) and
Temisan Ikomi and or course Onome Oyaide. I love Silverbird
and Rhythm 93.7 but they must agree they are latter converts
to local content, eapecially our music.

Now, let us take a closer look at Silverbird Galeria and Cinema.
Again, Silverbird ignored our local movies aka Nollywood for
aeons. The excuse? “the quality of the movies was low”. His
platform, like music on Rhythm 93.7 was for importation of
music and cultures from abroad and not to celebrate what is
ours. It was when he found out that there is a demand for
local content that some of our movies are making it to his

Now, a Raymond Dokpesi would have partnered with
Genevieve and Omotola and Tunde Kelani and Don Pedro
Obaseki or my legend who was then alive, AMAKA IGWE to
develop content worthy of the SILVERBIRD SCREENS. He
would not have scuffed at our local producers and productions without offering a solution. He would have developed a film or two in his locale Bayelsa or Lagos or Abuja to show Nollywood how it is done. But NO. He waved his hands and said “You Are Not Good Enough. Terminator 3” is.

But Netflix looked at same Genevieve and our local producers and they are showing our content and culture to the world. While Ben Bruce is importing accents and music, netflix is exporting our movies as Mtv Base and AIT and Notjustok.com did to our music.

So it is no wonder that I see Ben Bruce and Wesley Snipes
hyping a colaboration. Once again, Ben Bruce is a latter
convert to local content and Nigerian entertainment
development, this time, MOVIES. And converted, he does not
go to Chiwetel Ejiofor of 12 years a slave, or David Oyelowo,
or John Boyega or to Genevieve. He goes to Wesley Snipes,
hoping to continue his belief in everything foreign over
anything local or Nigerian

I can go on and on...

And it pains me to speak so of a great icon...But ask Ben Bruce if he pays Nigerian singers and artiste royalties for their songs he plays on Rhythm 93.7 and why not, if not.
And ask him if that is what obtains in America and elsewhere.
Ask him if he pays artistes that perform for him at his concerts in December, after collecting money from sponsors and using the show as content for his TV and radio.
Ask him if he pays the upcoming acts or established ones. He does not even buy COKE for the upcoming acts and does not buy drinks for any of the established ones. He makes booth for them and tells them he will “promote their music”.

Eff that! The acts need to be paid and not PROMOTED.
But it is Nigeria.
If 2Face or Dbanj then failed to turn up, they would be
The elites, of which Ben Bruce is one, find a way to swindle
the COMMON man and talk about COMMON SENSE.

Common sense is to pay for services rendered.

They play five songs, go to commercial and people wait so as to listen to Simi’s Duduke, till they come from commercial
break. But Simi’s newborn will not get a penny from those
adverts. Yet the baby danced in the video while in her mother, Simi’s womb.

Swindlers. Oppressors. Stealing from poor Nigerian artistes
who cannot fight back together, PMAN or not.


Even Fulanies pay Bayelsa money for their oil
But Ben Bruce and co will not pay Praiz or Sound Sultan, or

E Money and co. have to get money from elsewhere to
continue to invest in Nigerian music and entertainment for
Nigerian radio and TV owners to have content. No kobo goes
back to E Money from the radios. Instead he pays them.

Abroad acts like Prince and Michael Jackson did not need
promo for radio? Why do they get royalties till this day
Ben Bruce knows this. He knows what is the right thing to do

But GREED And disdain for Nigeria and everything LOCAL, including the culture and people...

Now, he wants to invest in Nollywood
After seeing Netflix believe in Genevieve and others.
Still he does not call Genevieve, but calls Wesley Snipes.

And he thinks he is making COMMON SENSE.
Nothing in this post removes from the fact that Ben Bruce is
an icon and a success-story.
We must however note how he did it.
He did not do it selling Nigeria to Nigeria or selling Nigeria to
the world. Okay MBGN YES. Agbani Darego. Clap clap. And he does make common sense when he talks.
But the fact remains that Onyeka Onwenu had to go on hunger strike before Ben Bruce did the COMMON SENSE thing, which is to pay her.

Ben Bruce and TV and radio houses, all of them, contribute to why our artistes are 419 on the side.

The elites go/come abroad and go back home and do the
opposite. Ask Ben Bruce to pay royalties to artiste the way
radio stations abroad do. Let him show he is different from
others, so we can believe his politics and big talks
And I am making common sense.

N.B I continue to condole with Ben Bruce on the loss of his
wife. She passed just over a year ago.
Politics / Re: FLASHBACK: If Elected, Buhari Will Be A Disaster — Ex-us Envoy by LeoThaGreat(m): 2:28pm On Apr 28
I think this is the reason the Obama administration stationed 2 submarines off the coast of Nigeria during 2015 elections. That is: in case of large scale violence that could have happened if Major General Buhari (rtd.) had lost the election.
Also, I think Goodluck Jonathan was advised by the US to accept defeat in good faith because there were plans by some elements to cause large scale violence in Nigeria that they had imported people from all over West Africa to fight for them.

This corroborates with the statement by Abubakar Baraje which reads:
""APC invited and armed Fulani from West Africa to make Nigeria ungovernable if Buhari lost the election in 2015. After the election, the alien Fulani refused to leave. And they have been told and still being told that the entire Nigeria belongs to them. "They are the bandits you hear of today".


Politics / FLASHBACK: If Elected, Buhari Will Be A Disaster — Ex-us Envoy by LeoThaGreat(m): 2:24pm On Apr 28
MARCH 22, 2015
12:56 AM

Richard Grenell, a former envoy of the United States of America, has warned Nigerians not to elect former military dictator, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd), of The All Progressives Congress in the March 28 Presidential election.

The former spokesman for four United States Ambassadors to the United Nations, noted that Buhari if elected will be a diaster for Nigeria and Africa, stressing that he will signal trouble for the West’s fight against ISIS and terrorism throughout the Middle East.

He urges Nigerians to re-elect President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. He made this known in an article titled, Nigeria on the brink and published on Washington Times, of Thursday, March 19, 2015.

With the polls closed in Israel, international election observers now turn their attention to the Nigerian elections on March 28. The choice for the leader of Africa’s most populous country pits Goodluck Jonathan from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) against Mohammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC). The decision by the roughly 73 million registered Nigerian voters could have a profound impact on the future of Africa.

But Western foreign policy observers pre-occupied with the rise of ISIS in the Middle East should wake up to the reality unfolding in Nigeria. Opposition candidate General Buhari wants Sharia law throughout Nigeria. In fact, he wants it everywhere.

“I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria,” Mr. Buhari said. “God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total
implementation of the Sharia in the country.”

Agitation? Is this an indication that Mr. Buhari supports violence because the end goal of the terrorist attacks throughout Nigeria and Africa is an Islamic state? It is a legitimate question that should be asked by leaders of the Obama administration.

Boko Haram has pledged its allegiance and support to ISIS. The northern Nigerian based Islamic terrorist group wants Sharia law throughout Nigeria and beyond. They are also actively terrorizing Chad, Niger and Cameroon with their goal of an Islamic state.

Mr. Buhari has also spoken sympathetically about members of the terrorist group Boko Haram, has cautioned against a rush to judgement on its members and has personally been selected by the terrorist group to lead its negotiations with the Government of Nigeria.

Mr. Buhari’s election as Nigeria’s head of state would be a disaster for Africa. It would also signal trouble for the West’s fight against ISIS and terrorism throughout the Middle East.
Islamic radicals have Africa on their target list and young Nigerians are reported to be interested in ISIS’ messages. Nigeria is at a tipping point.
Tunisia, where the Arab Spring uprisings began, saw a deadly Islamic terrorist attack at a popular museum killing 23 people this week.

ISIS attacked a hospital in Libya within the last few days and Boko Haram killed 54 people with 4 suicide bombers in Nigeria last week. The West, and specifically the Obama Administration, needs to wake up to the growing problem.

The French government has been fighting ISIS in Africa for the past two years, starting in Mali but with little help from the Obama Administration. As terrorism grows in yet another region of the globe, American and Western officials should realize they are not stopping the advancements of Islamic
radicals. Al-Qaida is not dead and ISIS is not a JV team.

The recent moves by the White House against Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu signal a willingness by President Obama and his team to intervene in foreign elections. The sitting President Goodluck Jonathan has committed to defeating Boko Haram and overseeing a free and fair

The Nigerian economy has been growing faster than South Africa’s. Imagine what Nigeria could do for Africa if it was also free of Boko Haram’s violence. The Obama Administration should be doing more to ensure Africa’s most populous country doesn’t slip away.


Travel / Re: How To Know If My Nigerian Passport Is Ready by LeoThaGreat(m): 8:21am On Apr 25

I will advice you just wait till April ending before going there again to check. I did my capturing on 17th Feb, went there two weeks after and I was told it wasn't ready, I left them till last week Wednesday and I realized it had been ready since March 25th.
Thank you. This was my intention, till I decided to check the Application Status online. I'll go back by this month end

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Travel / Re: How To Know If My Nigerian Passport Is Ready by LeoThaGreat(m): 4:31pm On Apr 24
If you're in Lagos, why not give it a trial by visiting the office at Ikoyi.
I did visit 2 weeks ago and I discovered they're still clearing January/February backlogs. (I captured in March)
For me not to keep visiting passport office was why I checked the Application Status online, but it's reading: VETTED (Verified)
I don't know if this means it's ready

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Health / Re: Good News For Nigeria, Others As Potential Malaria Vaccine Surpasses 75% Efficac by LeoThaGreat(m): 10:36am On Apr 24
As una no wan collect COVID-19 vaccine, dem name am malaria injection. Una must collect this vaccine by force sha.
Gently sipping my àgbo ibà

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