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Webmasters / Re: Need Adsense Arbitrage Expert by LMServices: 7:08am On Apr 27, 2023
how come people I know are cashing out $$$$ monthly with it?
There are a couple of factors:

1. These guys have some fair organic traffic.
2. The age of the AdSense.
3. Age of the blog.

A new AdSense pulling some ridiculous amounts will be flagged by AdSense almost immediately just as a new blog raking in numbers will likely be banned from AdSense for "invalid traffic". Purely relying on these factors will result in an instant loss because the suspicion will be too high.
Webmasters / Re: Need Adsense Arbitrage Expert by LMServices: 8:04pm On Apr 26, 2023
AdSense arbitrage is pretty much buying website traffic to your AdSense website in order to to maximise earnings. The whole idea is to earn more than you spend on ads.

It used to be a thing way back but with recent tougher measures, getting AdSense accounts have been made difficultet alone fooling the strict measures put in place by AdSense to ban sites with "invalid traffic". I personally wouldn't recommend it.
Web Market / Re: Interested In Buying An Already Monetized Youtube Channel by LMServices: 2:49pm On Feb 24, 2023

No number there
Web Market / Interested In Buying An Already Monetized Youtube Channel by LMServices: 9:12pm On Feb 23, 2023
The topic above refers. Kindly chat up on WhatsApp using the number in the signature.
Webmasters / Re: How Do I Renew My Foreign Hosting In Nigeria? by LMServices: 12:15am On Jan 29, 2023
Please guys anyone with valuable information should help me out please. I dont have a form account
Hi! You could send me the Naira equivalent and I'll help you make the payment.
Webmasters / Re: Over 80 Pages Of My Blog Get Deindexed In Less Than 2 Weeks by LMServices: 10:05pm On Nov 17, 2022
You've been most likely hit by the Google Spam Update.
Webmasters / Re: Scam Alert: 4four.com.ng And Owner "Derek Williams" by LMServices: 7:01pm On Aug 31, 2022
This is said. There is the understanding that money is not easy to come by but someone who knows what they are doing will not agree to accept some ridiculous amount for a proper web development project. I hope you find him out.
Webmasters / Re: In Need Of A High Yield Investment Script by LMServices: 1:21am On Aug 20, 2022
Hi! Get in touch on WhatsApp. There is a genuine script with license code currently priced at $119 on Code Canyon.
Webmasters / Re: Is Any Expert Available To Review A Website? by LMServices: 2:50am On Aug 03, 2022

I'll appreciate this. I'll reach out to you on whatsapp
Alright then.
Webmasters / Re: Is Any Expert Available To Review A Website? by LMServices: 3:57am On Aug 02, 2022

Yea, that's the thing; I'm looking for an audit by an expert.

I've been trying to manually index posts that weren't indexed using Search Console.

My feat is that the blog has been penalized. Is there a way to check for this?
Well, you can't exactly tell if yours is penalized just by looking at it. There are are several parameters that are used to determine that. If you haven't gotten or seen someone good enough to help you not only audit but also re-rank your website, kindly reach out via WhatsApp. Auditing in this regard will involve using independent tools an your Google Search Console data as well as your Google Analytics to see the problem and possibly correct it. I can help index your posts going forward and permanently at that.
Webmasters / Re: Is Any Expert Available To Review A Website? by LMServices: 7:37pm On Jul 31, 2022


Yes, I do. I've been using SemRush to target keywords with a KD of less than 30.

My DA for both blogs are 8 and 16 respectively so I felt going for these low-hanging keywords was going to help my site, but nothing.

I was ranking for a few keywords on my second site but lost it and I'm now on like the third page.
Just because some keywords have low competition does not exactly mean you will get them or rank for for them since they are low hanging fruits.

That said, there are several factors that will most likely determine your traffic. They include blogging frequency, backlinks, keyword demand or keyword volume and your niche. A 3-year old blog is ripe enough to rake in traffic. If that is not the case for you, you should subject the blog to an audit by someone who very well understands SEO. If you don't have a budge or money for it, then you can start yourself by making sure that your posts are crawled and indexed. This process should lead to the technical aspect of SEO and you might need to troubleshoot to find out if your blog has been penalised by Google, or some other things. It can be scary but if you get it right, you will love your blog with every inch and fibre.
Webmasters / Re: . by LMServices: 1:49am On Jul 27, 2022
Good morning. I'm a Content Writer and I'm interested in this writing gig. I can't find the WhatsApp number.

But this is mine: 08064651151
Hi! Sent you a WhatsApp message.
Webmasters / . by LMServices: 12:30am On Jul 27, 2022
Web Market / Re: I Need Someone That Can Setup An NGO Website, Tell Me Your Price by LMServices: 2:48pm On Jun 14, 2022

I need a website for an NGO website and also a website like "magfundme.com" with payment gateways on it.

State your price, I will send you a PM
Hi! We already did some for some of our clients and would love to show them to you to further convince you and give you more ideas on how your NGO website should be like. Our WhatsApp number is in the signature below.
Webmasters / Re: Please I Need Onlinetrade Script by LMServices: 2:53pm On Jun 07, 2022
Hello bosses in the house. Please I need the onlinetrade script for bitcoin investment.

What's your price?
No nulled please.
I have this. Not nulled. Kindly send a message via WhatsApp. WhatsApp number is in the signature below.
Webmasters / Re: Cost Of Website Management by LMServices: 7:57pm On Apr 04, 2022

It is a Java website.
How much will you charge per month?
Hello, please get in touch via WhatsApp.

Webmasters / Re: Cost Of Website Management by LMServices: 8:43pm On Apr 03, 2022

I don't need someone that will be posting contents. I need an engineer that will attend to and fix issues if and when they arise. And keep the site running optimally without down time.
First, it depends on your CMS and the type of website you run. Generally, you should opt for a monthly payment as it is flexible enough for you and the developer to manage your website/business.

A major thing to look out for is that you must make sure you hire or get someone who knows what is wrong with a website just with an error message. If you are yet to find one, we can take this up gladly. We have a couple of websites we manage. About 5 currently and all clients websites work well.

Our WhatsApp number is in our signature below, just in case.
Webmasters / Re: Please Recommend An Email Campaign Software by LMServices: 7:24am On Mar 16, 2022
Hi webbies,

Which email software would you recommend that delivers to inbox?

Mailchimp is delivering to promotions folder while emailoctpus is delivering to spam.

Kindly advice.
Send-in-blue. Put them together, without the hyphens.
Webmasters / Re: Where Can I Buy Legit Website Traffic To Increase My Adsense Earnings? by LMServices: 1:11pm On Mar 05, 2022

So what do you advice? I've optimized my site, I applied for adsense and I got approved. But my site is still new and doesn't have much traffic.
Well, you applied already. New websites take months to get indexed and rank. Just continue researching and writing.
Webmasters / Re: Beware Of This Scammer @creativethumb by LMServices: 12:59pm On Mar 05, 2022

Who designs blogs from scratch when there's WordPress and others?
Believe me, there are people who come forward with this request periodically. And there are so many websites or blogs powered by WordPress but built specifically for the client.
There are free themes that look great. The last I checked, there are free SEO tools. They take only a few minutes to integrate.
Themes are not about how 'great' they look or how visually stunning it is. All free 'great looking' WordPress blog themes on the WordPress repository:

1. Have a PRO VERSION (ALL).
2. Are restrictive in terms of customization and placing custom HTML or ad links in them.
3. They are branded, which is not ideal for a professional blog.
4. Are lagging in terms SEO & and page speed optimization (PSO).
5. You can't get the best out of a free 'great looking' WordPress blog themes. Their developers are not stupid and wouldn't have gone through endless hours of stacking PHP codes just to give you a free theme you wouldn't even leave a review for.

How then do you get the best out of a restrictive grest looking, free WordPress blog theme? Get the PRO VERSION! Simple.

And one more thing, stop using the dollar charge as an excuse. The purchasing power here is low, likewise the wage. So you cannot charge someone here the way you do on Fiverr or Upwork.
I'll use my agency for example. We work with a very few, highly placed individuals and government agencies. We don't exactly accommodate every job because of cost. So we are very much comfortable offering services to a select few whom we give value to and give us satisfaction in return. Take Fiverr and Upwork out of it for a minute, at what point is 15,000 Naira supposed to look attractive for a 6-hour (at the very least) job? Is it strange that our purchasing power is low yet we have one of the largest concentration of tech startups in the world? Are you aware of the basic salary of web developers in Nigeria vs what applies OUTSIDE, now I am not even referring to WordPress junkies who don't know their way around CSS?

Just so you know, the average rate of web designers is $75. When working with foreign clients, we peg ours at $40 and run down to $15 for Nigerians because we acknowledge the spending power but you think $15 is too much because you feel you can't afford it and that 15000 Naira is too much for 6 hours? Laughable.

Let me use my line of business as an example. In the US for instance, they can charge up to $200 and $350 for a CV. Which is equivalent to N100,000 and N175,000. If I increase my CV writing fees to N40K, nobody in this country will patronize me, not even the president.
Let me explain why your industry should never be compared with the tech industry. Any one with editing, proof-reading, good communication skill and a good command of language can jump into resume writing within seconds, regardless of wherever you are in the world. This, unfortunately does not apply to web designers and web developers. You can't just quantify the level of months, and years put together for web design/development skill to make sense.

Just as your pricing is watered down is the same way ours is. I hope you understand this.
Webmasters / Re: Where Can I Buy Legit Website Traffic To Increase My Adsense Earnings? by LMServices: 12:28pm On Mar 05, 2022
bro you didn't tell us the ads network better than Adsense that we should apply for... You only said we should not apply for Adsense...

Please which other ads network is better than Adsense in your own opinion?
I only said you shouldn't apply for AdSense if you don't have traffic yet.

However, AdSense is highly volatile and quite autocratic for an ad network. In all sincerity, no ad network rivals AdSense. However, if you have quite the traffic, you should consider Propellerads. It is not much in terms of earning, payment is weekly (Thursdays) and if you have a huge Facebook page that directs traffic to your blog, then you are in money because propellerads loves that.

If you are running a niche-based website such as insurance, finance, etc, focus on building quality contents and monetize via charging for guest posts. There is a particular Nairalander here we worked for recently, he makes $1500+ on guest posts monthly.

I sincerely hopes he comes on here one day to share his secret and strategy but we all know how people hoard information.
Webmasters / Re: Beware Of This Scammer @creativethumb by LMServices: 11:24am On Mar 04, 2022

Let us be honest with ourselves. Building a blog for N15K is not out of place. Generally, pay rates are poor in Nigeria. For someone who knows what he's doing, creating a blog shouldn't take more than 6 hours. So, N15K in 6 hours is not bad.

The problem is most of us are wide-mouthed. The other day, I contacted someone here to make a small change on my website. The guy charged me 100K. A website that what I spent on building it did not take up to half of that amount. I was left with no other choice than to use Google. Guess what? I fixed that problem in less than 2 minutes. The same problem that he wanted to charge me 100k for. Even President Buhari does not earn that amount in 2 minutes.

So, my advice to web developers and designers is to take it easy. I understand most of you only get jobs occasionally, but one client doesn't have to pay for all the days you're idle.

N15,000 will definitely get you the worst of jobs, or at best get you a blog that will destroy your career even before it starts. An average web designer/developer charges $15-$20 per hour; N15k is just $32.6 and you expect the individual to work 6 hours at the least? $15x6=$90 should be the fairest of pricing. By that calculation, 15k should only afford you just 2 hours of the task but you want a total package for 15k because you think it is a whole lot.

Also consider the below questions if you are being fair:

1. For a blog, do you expect the developer or designer to build from scratch or use a pre-made template?

2. Do you think developing a blog from scratch for 15k is ideal to developer?

3. Did you factor in the cost of a genuine pre-made theme or template before paying 15k? Last I checked, average WordPress themes with strong magazine features cost $59.

4. Do you expect the Web designer to source for a $59 theme for you for free or expect that he gets a nulled one that could get your website hacked easily and provide 100 of free backlinks from your website for free?

5. Do you expect SEO and SEO tools integration on the same 15k?

I understand that you think the money is a whole lot but you seriously need to immerse yourself in people's shoes to be a better judge of character. The singular act of believing that you can't pay enough is one major reason some web developers and designers don't work with or for Nigerians.

No offence meant but your advice is misplaced.
Webmasters / Re: Where Can I Buy Legit Website Traffic To Increase My Adsense Earnings? by LMServices: 11:11am On Mar 04, 2022

Any place you are getting ur traffic that is not from search engines risk your adsense account. In fact you will be placed on ad limit thats the new rule right now.

What used to be Friendly social traffic such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram traffic etc ;once they constitute a bulk of ur traffic risk your account.

You're not totally right. As an AdSense product expert, I can authoritatively tell you that your AdSense will only be pushed into the 'limited' zone if your search engine traffic is lesser than 60% of your entire traffic. This means you risk your AdSense getting limited if your website receives more referral traffic instead of organic traffic.

That said, your account is only limited if only Google feels that your website and traffic sources are questionable, not up to par or just not 'quality' enough.

What you do not understand, however, is that there are good places where you can buy traffic. They simulate organic visitors by visiting your site from search engines and then engage your site based on your budget.

Back to the previous discourse, you deflected from the main discussion because you claimed 'THERE IS NO WHERE LIKE BUYING GENUINE TRAFFIC'. They are very expensive and work. Would I advise anyone to use them? No.

As an AdSense product expert, I will tell you authoritatively not to apply for AdSense if you've not started getting traffic. Getting approval is one thing, earning from AdSense is another.

I am always available on the AdSense forum and I believe I am the only Nigerian product expert, at least for now.
Webmasters / Re: Where Can I Buy Legit Website Traffic To Increase My Adsense Earnings? by LMServices: 9:42am On Mar 04, 2022
There is no where like buying genuine traffic. Unless you want bots.

Rather write tones of articles that are great and easy to rank.
There are lots of places where one can buy genuine traffic and not bot traffic.
Webmasters / Re: A Very Good And Trusted Web Designer Needed.. by LMServices: 12:19pm On Nov 08, 2021
No time to write story..

If you know u are very good in web designing, and you can be trusted, then u're the person i'm looking for..

i need someone who i can trust to help me design my newly created website..

Hello, good day.

If you are still in need of one, kindly get in touch. We have an address to us, a proper website address and a recommendation from Farooq Kperogi on his blog.

The link to our website is in the signature below just as our WhatsApp number.

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