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Investment / Living In Nigeria? You Can Legally Own A UK Rental Property. by londoner: 2:49pm On May 10, 2021
Hi All,

With the current exchange rate it makes sense to take on ventures that offer passive income in Pound sterling.
Not many mortgage companies offer to Nigerians living in Nigeria, but I have a few contacts that do.

If you or anyone you know back home are interested, drop me a message for more information.

Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Vs Andy Ruiz Jr: Live At Madison Square Garden by londoner: 6:25am On Jun 02, 2019
Nigeria will be claiming Anthony Joshua that isn't even
fighting as a Nigerian. Ever since the guy defeated the
aging Klishko the whole country hasn't failed to
support him for once but they let Samuel Peter that
grew up in Nigeria, worked here, trained here nd became a champion
here b4 conquering the world to fight with no support.
Maybe his crime was that he didn't bear a Yoruba,
Hausa nor Igbo name. My advice is learn to appreciate
those that have put in their best to contribute to the
development of this country b4 those ones that don't
even wanna be regarded as citizens of this damn
country. I wish u all the best, Anthony.

Please research before you make a mistake in your perception. Anthony Joshua's first country he wanted to represent was actually Nigeria, not Britain. Nigeria, as usual, rejected him. He was trained and invested into by the UK and now Nigeria wants to reap where they did not sow.


Travel / Re: Dangote Truck And Bus Collide In Plateau, Many Dead (Disturbing Photos) by londoner: 7:48pm On May 30, 2019
Every week there seems to be deaths from Dangote accidents. Who are they hiring to drive for them?


Politics / Re: Maghalu: If Buhari Offers Me Political Appointment I'll reflect on it by londoner: 12:35pm On Apr 14, 2019
So after insulting the youth

He. Is now begging for appointment


Buhari insulted the youth openly and that same youth awarded him with yet another term in office.

The only genuine candidate for the good of Nigerian people is Sowore.

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Celebrities / Re: I Have A Girlfriend But Not In A Hurry For Marriage –don Jazzy by londoner: 7:32am On Apr 13, 2019
I wish more people both men and women would actually prepare themselves to build a home and family by working on the best version of themselves. Don Jazzy is speaking like a wise man. This is how you have a long marriage and not just one that ends up being the next gossip because it failed both miserably and publicly.

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Travel / Re: Haitian American Traveling To Nigeria For The First Time by londoner: 6:05pm On Apr 04, 2019
Yea. He's a cool dude. Or the dude could employ someone to show him around and make him feel welcomed

Glad to hear it.

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Travel / Re: Haitian American Traveling To Nigeria For The First Time by londoner: 5:57pm On Apr 04, 2019
that's what I plan to do. I don't see many of any men especially black Americans making videos on moving or living in Nigeria.

Nigerians are yet to actually market themselves or extend a hand to those who are away from home because of the slave trade.

This is what Ghana and a few other countries have done and rightly so. That is why so many people feel they won't be welcomed by Nigerians because they don't see the same move towards them from Nigerian leaders.

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Travel / Re: Haitian American Traveling To Nigeria For The First Time by londoner: 9:57pm On Apr 03, 2019
He's the who inspired me to go Naija.

That's really good. You'll also inspire someone else so please document your journey. We all need to see it.


Travel / Re: Haitian American Traveling To Nigeria For The First Time by londoner: 9:44pm On Apr 03, 2019
That's what I thought but eventually, I'd like to go to the rural areas or at the very least visit the traditional festivals. It's the culture I want to see. I would think Lagos would be a good pivot point to the see the rest of the country (evidently except the North) and the Continent as a hole.

As you realise the culture is in the village and not really the city so you DEFINITELY need to go with someone who will take you because generally, the village is ancestral. You need a bring in.

You sound kind of like Dynast you know.

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Travel / Re: Haitian American Traveling To Nigeria For The First Time by londoner: 8:53pm On Apr 03, 2019
I'm not too familiar with Calabar but my good friend did also highly recommence Abuja as well. The property are also cheaper there than Lagos but not as much as Ibadan.

You are likely to come across a wider variety of Nigerians from many tribes in either Lagos or Abuja though. Property prices depend on the type of area you are in though.


Travel / Re: Haitian American Traveling To Nigeria For The First Time by londoner: 8:33pm On Apr 03, 2019
bro, I thought a gut called Ejadike here promised to help you with your stay in Nigeria? You can't cope all by yourself if you're new. You need someone to show you around. Or you could employ someone. The North is volatile right now so you need to stay away. Lagos is cool and PH is sharp as well. All the best.

Do you know Ejadike personally?


Travel / Re: Haitian American Traveling To Nigeria For The First Time by londoner: 8:32pm On Apr 03, 2019
Hello everyone since this is my first post I'll make this as concise as I can. I am a 30 year old Haitian American who is planning to visit Nigeria for the first time within the next 12 months. Since I do not want to bore anybody here with any Afrocentric rhetoric I would just say that I'm visiting to see the culture of my ancestors. Some of you may be aware of the president of Ghana declaring this year the right to abode. Although there is a large African American community in Ghana, Nigeria as always peaked my interest.

There is a brother on YouTube named Search for Uhuru who frequently visits various countries throughout the continent and it seems that Nigeria is his favorite if I remember correctly. Needless to say that has pushed my interest over the edge. That being said I would like to be in the continent for at least one year and in Nigeria for at least three months. I am an AC mechanic who is also going to University to study mechanical engineering so I hope that in the future instead of spewing old rhetoric I can actually do something conducive for the continent as a whole and for Nigeria specifically among other West African countries.

Since I hope to be in Nigeria for some time I have begin looking for rental properties. Specifically studios or mini flats. Since the air conditioning season is going to start soon in the state of Florida I will be busy for at least 6 months and hopefully I can save at least 6 months rent for this trip. I'm going to presume depending on where I stay the US dollar will take me far. That said I do not plan to live a absolutely lavish style but I am looking for recently built housing specifically within the last 2 years. I have been looking in cities in Lagos Abuja and ibadan. Since I don't have a family I would like to be in a city with a decent nightlife. To be honest I want to be in a city with a great nightlife. But as someone who sees himself as a pan African I do not want to be sidetracked and hopefully can get into productive are conducive social circles. I would also like to volunteer my time in anywhere my skills knowledge and intelligence would be deemed useful.

Any comments suggestions or recommendations or highly appreciated. I do wish I spoke Yoruba or Igbo fluently but I guess that will come with time. I don't want to make this longer then I already have so thank you for attention.

What a beautiful journey you are on. It's good to come home to your roots but the whole continent is yours and I generally see Haitan people as African because you really kept a lot of the culture. If you visit Lagos maybe go with someone you know personally or people that have money because sadly so many people are desperate around people that have more money than them. I also watch Search for Uhuru's videos but like him, you should take short trips instead of staying a whole year or even 6 months at a time. Reach out to him for contacts he may help you. You'll enjoy Lagos but not unless you know people that know the good spots you may not like it and it can be very stressful on vacation let alone for 1 year. Depending on when you travel, Calabar is also nice but my favourite place in Nigeria is Abuja, hands down. I travel there alone and I'm a woman with no family there. If you go to Abuja I can give you a list of places to visit and the safe areas to stay in for you. Admittedly it's not as lively or crowded as Lagos though but you can base yourself there and visit Lagos, it is only an hours flight between the two. You will for sure enjoy Lagos but you will appreciate Abuja.

I'm really proud of you for what you are doing.

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Politics / Re: Older Politicians Should Vacate Scene For Younger Nigerians – Attah by londoner: 8:51am On Mar 23, 2019
When will Nigerians realize it's not by age but by the heart of the person?
The US president is more than 60 years old but the country is booming.
Age doesn't matter but the man himself

You need to keep up to date with current affairs in America. People are trying to kick the president out because of how incompetent he is proving to be.

The American economy relies on it's systems not on person in the president. There is a whole machinery keeping the economy afloat.

The people who are going to make real change are those with new and innovative ideas not the old recycled mentality that has consistently and deliberately refused to actually build and maintain systems that work.

The people you keep voting in benefit the most from the worst version of Nigeria. You keep giving them chances to fail you though just like you did with the recent election.


Travel / Re: 8-year-old Nigerian, Tanitoluwa Adewumi Crowned Chess Champion In New York by londoner: 9:39pm On Mar 18, 2019
Great news. Well done to this young man making Nigeria proud.

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Celebrities / Re: Yvonne Jegede Shares More Maternity Photos, Says Parenthood Is The Scariest Hood by londoner: 8:31am On Mar 14, 2019
hmm. Really? Especially when it's coming from a girl. So dirty women wear black pant? I dey learn everyday oo.

The poster is a child don't mind her. The woman is pregnant, she is not trying to portray virginity. Yvonne is a grown woman and not a Catholic schoolgirl.

Nigerians and hypocrisy are like 5&6, I swear LOL.

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Celebrities / Re: Election Postponement: Woli Arole Offers To Help Stranded Corpers by londoner: 9:43am On Feb 18, 2019
I don't know why people are trying to compare two episodes of failures towards the Nigerian people (of a very long list) as if eating someones vomit is less disgusting than eating their poo.


You are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome on a national scale.


Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity.[size=8pt]

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Politics / Re: Difference Between 2015 And 2019 Postponement Of Elections by londoner: 10:56am On Feb 16, 2019

There you have it

The solution is to leave to go pollute the population of another country where the people made it work.

Lazy youths

The truth right there. Nigerians are always absolving their own responsibility to build Nigeria and to demand better. The types of things that happen in Nigeria could never happen in most African countries because the people of those countries are actually far more courageous. Nigerians have stewarded a system that fails them again and again. Did they not fill stadiums and shout slogans for BOTH PDP and APC before today? Did they not collect their bribes from both as recently as last week?

Who are they kidding?

A vote for a better Nigeria is a vote for AAC and today that is clearer than ever.


Politics / Re: Sowore's Supporters Stage Protest Outside Venue Of Presidential Debate by londoner: 1:44am On Jan 23, 2019
The same debate that Buhari and Atiku refused to attend. These politicians don't care about the citizens. Everyone should have seen this by now. Why should we continue to vote for them? They see us as nothing but but pawns in their games! Think about it and vote wisely.
Sowore for President.

Not only do PDP and APC despise Nigerians but they have zero respect for them.

I have never in my life seen a president that bad mouths his own citizens abroad as much as Buhari does.

In Nigeria, he does not as much as say "pim" to Nigerians but let him get on a plane he has all sorts of bad things to say about Nigerians both at home and abroad.

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Politics / Re: Sowore's Supporters Stage Protest Outside Venue Of Presidential Debate by londoner: 1:40am On Jan 23, 2019

Is Sowore not a Nigerian again?

He has principals and is not your average Nigerian. He has already almost died for Nigeria and nobody has been able to buy him from his youth until now.

If he was like the average Nigerian, the very rich corrupt classes he exposes would have bought him off a very long time ago.

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Politics / Re: Sowore's Supporters Stage Protest Outside Venue Of Presidential Debate by londoner: 7:08pm On Jan 20, 2019
If Sowore becomes president he would protest against Nigerians if we complain about his government

No, he would accept the shame of not living up to his own word. He is the type of man that would step down if he failed Nigerians.

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Politics / Re: Sowore's Supporters Stage Protest Outside Venue Of Presidential Debate by londoner: 3:44am On Jan 20, 2019

He would have been eaten alive by Prof, Fela and Oby..He doesn't have the intellectual capacity to debate these guys.. He should remain an activist, presidency no be tea party..

He already did though a few days ago and none of them ate him up at all. He is intellectual enough to teach as a lecturer in the US and has his masters from one of the best ivy league universities in the US, Columbia University.


More than that he has gone to the people whose votes he is asking for in 33 states across Nigeria, the others don't seem to hold the average Nigerian in high enough regard to do the same. It's only people invited to places like the Hilton for this debate that get to be in the same room. Sowore goes to the market women, police men, IDP camps the ordinary person in the street and also the royalty.

Sowore is really for the people, the majority of the people that the rest of them there are forgetting, but want their votes.


Politics / Re: Sowore's Supporters Stage Protest Outside Venue Of Presidential Debate by londoner: 3:33am On Jan 20, 2019
I dont think this man will have upto 5000 votes in the general election grin

Where do you live? You sound like a guy I know who has a personal vendetta against Sowore. A look into his history would probably reveal why.

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Politics / Re: Massive Crowd As PDP Campaigns In Kastina Photos by londoner: 6:59pm On Jan 06, 2019
This is good for democracy...Performance should be the factor and not stronghold....buh me Sha don't like Atiku or PMB.

Vote for Sowore and the AAC team.

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Politics / Re: Since Nigeria Is Beyond Redemption What Should We Do??? by londoner: 6:57pm On Jan 06, 2019
VOTE AAC. Nigeria has never given a true and competent government leadership a chance. Since the 1960's the SAME set of people have occupied the seat of power with the same or worse results. CHANGE THE LEADERSHIP TO PEOPLE THAT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND ACTUALLY LIKE NIGERIA AND NIGERIANS.

You have not tried that yet.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Has History Of Bringing Looted Funds To Nigeria – Atiku by londoner: 1:53am On Dec 31, 2018
Yes, let them turn on each other. AAC is going to win regardless of what they do or say. The difference is clear.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Scorecard Is Unbeatable No Governments Ever Score This by londoner: 5:17pm On Dec 29, 2018
AAC is the answer.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Please Vote - AAC - Even If Abroad by londoner: 3:01pm On Dec 23, 2018

He has very high chances of winning. Let me tell you how. It is the votes that matter. And he is campaigning to the people who are likely to cast votes. It is the people that will make it happen not Sowore himself. Secondly this is a movement like #metoo in America; it has started a revolutionary conversation.

Exactly, this will FOR ONCE be the people's victory.
Travel / Re: I'm Traveling To London, Follow Me On My Journey..... by londoner: 1:06pm On Dec 23, 2018

Dude grin grin grin .
I asked my mom about dating Arabian and she said the same thing begging Me to stay away from Muslims .
This issue is Really Bad, But we are all humans na why such cruelty? embarassed

It's a certain type of family/community belief in family and community "honour". It's not all muslims though but even without that they are likely to not support their daughter being with a black boy.

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Travel / Re: I'm Traveling To London, Follow Me On My Journey..... by londoner: 7:07am On Dec 23, 2018
The Arab Spring changed most of that "honour killing" and a lot of things in the Arab world. Things are different now.. It's only core "extremist countries" like Saudi and a few others that is still holding on, albeit changes are happening.

My Pakistani friend is getting married to a French next month and the wedding is in Pakistan.

My Tunisian friend (female) stopped wearing hijab because she got tired. She is in Tunisia right now and no one is complaining about her non-hijabi. She is even looking for an English man to marry. Lol

My friend, honour based violence is a serious issue in the UK and there is even a helpline for it as well a number of projects.Tunisia has never really been an extreme muslim country and I have also been there on holiday. It does not mean every single family has the view but its a serious issue that is getting worse by the year. I work with young people and go into schools in every London borough. This has even directly effected some young people my organisation works with. The UK is not an extremist muslim country but many communities and families have extreme muslim views on family honour which are defended fiercely.





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Politics / Re: Nigerians Please Vote - AAC - Even If Abroad by londoner: 10:49pm On Dec 22, 2018
[quote author=lereinter post=74086419]

Buhari was former head of state

Atiku former vp

you know how many freedom fighters in Nigeria has even sowore done up to the level of chief Gani

pls be realistic

So did Atiku or Buhari start as rep, senator or governor, before becoming Vice President (second to the President) or the equivalent of President in being head of state under the military regime?

A simple yes or no will suffice.

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