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Romance / Re: I Find It Difficult To Approach Girls That Look Posh Or Sophisticated by makewetalk2: 9:56am On Oct 16
God bless you.
Lol... Just don't lose focus. Graduate well and settle down once and for all. wink

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Investment / Re: I Will Do Your Nigerian Or American Voiceovers by makewetalk2: 10:57am On Sep 18
this niche go hard for you to blow oh. but keep doing the good work
Business / Re: Alleged Paternity Scandal: FCMB To Probe MD As People Demand His Sack by makewetalk2: 7:02am On Jan 19
No ma'am, sorry for the late reply but I have been busy with work.
The case here is not if anyone moved on or not. The case here is that the MD will continue in his pervasiveness moving forward. If a gardener had been exposed like this, I bet my right thumb that he would have been axed in less than 24 hours. He might have been dragged through so many litigations and probably been cuffed already.
I want you to see things from a sane and neutral standpoint here. I understand that people have the freedom to lifestyle but the demand here is accountability on his job as a representative of a financial institution. He is the director of an institution that oversees the financial interests of others and that is not a good name for stakeholders.
if this happened elsewhere, he would have resigned immediately. We the people supporting all these evil men make it hard for victims to seek justice in the future. What he did is wrong from all levels of sanity and he should resign and hibernate far away from our eyes. This invokes fear and insecurity in the hearts of those men whose wives are still answerable to this man in their places of work

My thinking, it is because he is a 'wealthy man'. That must be the simple reason why. If he is a broke ass, let's say a gardener at FCMB would a case be made by members of the public as it is being made against the MD even when the deceased chose to move on with his life by making efforts to get married again to another lady?

Would there have been a case against the MD if the deceased is still alive and enjoying happiness in his new marriage?

Why wasn't any case until now. He being dead and attributing his death to his wife and the MD is like making a case of witchcraft which counts as baseless in the court of law because there is no evidence to prove so except making assumptionscheesy
Business / Re: Alleged Paternity Scandal: FCMB To Probe MD As People Demand His Sack by makewetalk2: 11:51pm On Jan 03
shocking to read this quote from you. I have always thought that you had sense but I am shocked that you could write such an immorally decrepit thing. The man in question is in charge of people's money and business. Many business partners and stakeholders have their money on the line here. If a man cannot safeguard what is in his boxers, how can he safeguard your money.
He is an MD for a reason. It means that he has integrity that represents a corporation of the size of FCMB. An infidel MD
It is unethical to date at work. It is not acceptable in any ORGANIZE-ation let alone a financial institute. Do not let your depravity and decadence deprive you of sanity and moral accountability.
It is not always about the woman, the man has an office and probably used it to seduce the vulnerable woman.
He should resign. His action led to the death of a man and that is not only a taboo in African culture but unacceptable on the scale of humanity

Lets pause ooo. What did this guy do wrong?

There is no evidence that the company has a policy preventing sexual relationships among staff
He did not assault her
He did not use his office to threaten her into sex so what exactly did he do?

I won't be shocked if the bank sacks him as he has brought their name into the mud but if he did anything ethically wrong? Nope.

If anyone did wrong, it is the cheating wife. She was the one who swore an oath to her husband and cheated (yes, I will say the same thing about side chicks and married men)
Politics / Re: Francis Erhabor: Policeman Who Never Took Bribe In 30 Years Wins IgbereTV Award by makewetalk2: 8:20am On Dec 02, 2020
Even with your likeness and your dress sense, you will not be photographed by passersby. They will ask you to move out of the background before they capture the shot.

lesson 1: your likeness is absolutely irrelevant to the human race. The world does not revolve around you

lesson 2: Dressing does not define a man, his achievement does.
I don't like the dress-sense of Innoson. Dude always looks "local" with poorly selected outfits.

His posture for the cam is another low point often times.

Congrats to the winners.
Celebrities / Re: Naomi Campbell Joins EndSARS Campaign by makewetalk2: 9:42am On Oct 15, 2020
In the dictionary of Dumb, yours is the only name that is highlighted, accorded a dignifying uppercase, and emboldened in red ink with an asterisk beside it that read "senseless" at the bottom of the page.

Naomi Campbell is British Jamaican and not African american
Politics / Re: Police Shoot At EndSARS Protesters In Ogbomosho, Oyo (Video) by makewetalk2: 11:13am On Oct 11, 2020
#ENDSARSNow or #ENDSARSBrutality which are we clamoring for?
If we end SARS now, what do we have on ground to serve the purpose for which SARS was established?
The pertinaciousity exhibited by the protesters indicates that there is more than meets the eye. Therefore I enjoin all well-meaning Nigerians to apply wisdom in this pursuit.
What is the purpose for which SARS was established?
Health / Re: Rivers State University Teaching Hospital: A Major Boost To The Nigerian Health by makewetalk2: 11:31am On Sep 12, 2020
arant nonsense. what boost?

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Sports / Re: Ronaldo Scores 100th International Goal As Portugal Win Against Sweden by makewetalk2: 8:21am On Sep 09, 2020
if he didn't score against Nigeria, it doesn't count
Crime / Re: 50-Year-Old Ex-Convict Caught Raping 4-Year-Old Girl In A Bauchi Mosque (Video) by makewetalk2: 11:10am On Sep 06, 2020
abi na
What is wrong with this people?

Just send such men to the under world.

Sharia court won't see this one to kill by hanging. Nonsense
Religion / Re: Father Oluoma: Ladies Virginity Is Not A Gift To Your Husbands by makewetalk2: 10:50am On Sep 06, 2020
Even a prostitute wouldn't say this.
This man is a love-vendor not a priest. well, a priest of demons.
Shocking is that the vast majority of commenters support him because they belong to the culture of fornication and debauchery.

Do not marvel cos' this is not a priest of God. Satan knows his breeds
A priest shouldn't have said this.
Sports / Re: Lionel Messi Has Already Left Barcelona by makewetalk2: 8:26am On Sep 02, 2020
How many ballon d'or did he win without them?
If h wasn't that good experts in the game will not place such high value on him.
stop your sentiment and appreciate the guy.
he try and for him size he has done it all. even without messi and iniesta he still beat ronaldo for goals per season and assist combined. he doesn't need xavi to prove his worth. since xavi and iniesta left the guy has provided more assists to other players than he received from both xavi and iniesta combined.
he has created more plays and dribbles since both left barca. look up his stats. he has done exceedingly well after those players left
Since both Xavi and Iniesta left Barca the fake GOAT no get him lyrics again grin grin grin
Sports / Re: Messi Has Reached A Final Agreement With City Football Group, To Join Man City by makewetalk2: 8:14am On Sep 02, 2020
city is owned by the qataris
bankrupt is a far cry for those guys.
City will later regret it when they go bankrupt
Celebrities / Re: Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde And Her Children Recover From COVID-19 by makewetalk2: 7:31pm On Aug 30, 2020
go an sleep. all these nonsense to trend.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Announces 'historic Peace Agreement' Between Israel, UAE by makewetalk2: 9:22pm On Aug 14, 2020
Even my least glorified brain is a far-reaching treasure for you.
Nigerians always claim others are insane when they get outsmarted
Oga you are ignorant and that is the fact..


Guy you need help undecided you have serious mental issue
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Announces 'historic Peace Agreement' Between Israel, UAE by makewetalk2: 3:11pm On Aug 14, 2020
Saying that boko haram holds a strong sway as a result of ISIS is a pure product of dumbness. Why isn't book haram in Tunisia, Ghana, Tanzania etc?
Did Ghadaffi ever invest in your country? Look up the video of Ghadaffi's arrival and see who met with him. Look it up and see who welcomed him.
Insinuating book haram in ISIS situation is lame. ISIS is far off from book haram. They have no business or links. Two separate groups with contrasting goals.
Trying to blame Obama for your friend's smelling boxer is below smartness. Boko haram is a political move set up by the politicians that you grace your honor and respect. Why is it easy to send infantry to the east and to the south but impossible to send similar offensive on the real terrorists up north?
Simply because, they initiated and benefit from it.
Obama did not even set a foot in Nigeria. His demands were tossed by Jonathan who thought he was winnings hearts

Was the insult necessary undecided
Romance / Re: Dating A Guy Abroad — Nigerian Lady Based In Ireland Speaks. Photos by makewetalk2: 3:03pm On Aug 14, 2020
How rich is your intuition?
How beautiful are you compared to the littany of beautiful princesses who would not allow you to wash their undies let alone rub shoulders with them for a man.
Your best bet to riches is your hard work. No rich Irish man will consider you for a one night phase let alone date you.
Please, get a skill and job and the men that you call litters will turn gold before you.
Stop seeking a man who has made it, make it yourself rather
I need rich Irish guys to date
Not all these broke NL guys littering the space with their cheap poverty talks


Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Announces 'historic Peace Agreement' Between Israel, UAE by makewetalk2: 2:51pm On Aug 14, 2020
Seems like you forget your brain in 2019
Even a disabled fool cannot make such as your last sentence. Get a life!

Bush had no choice after 9/11, but Obama created the ISIL just because he wanted Syria, he destroyed one of the most peacefully country in the world. Obama involvement in Gaddafi death is the reason why Bokoharam is still strong today
Romance / Re: The Too Much I Know About Her Previous Sex Life Is Hunting My Feelings For Her by makewetalk2: 4:36am On Jul 27, 2020
Oga please go and look for work. Age is catching up with you slowly
Religion / Almost 40 Different Qurans Found: Muslims No Longer Say ONE QURAN: No More!! by makewetalk2: 4:34am On Jul 27, 2020
Muslims brag that the Quran is preserved in heaven and Allah has preserved it on earth. They brag about the translation perfection and brag about the Quran being the only undoctored book that has transcended time.
Unfortunately, most of the people who say these are not properly informed that the Muslims living in the west have dropped that slogan and stopped beating their chest of having the very Quran that Jubril gave to Mohammed.
That argument has been reduced to faeces. Now, there are currently 37 different Qurans found in the Arabic language, not translated. These date back many years ago. It has since shattered the Islamic cleric community. Yet, some uninformed African Muslims are not up to date with the implosion going on in the Muslim world in the west. They continue to spew the pulverize argument that there is only ONE QURAN.
Time's up! The incongruity and lackluster differences in the narrative is described as STANDARD HOLES according to one Islamic Cleric Qadhi.
For reference, kindly search "the standard narrative has holes in it" by Yasir Qadhi.
The timelines in the standard narratives do not match. So much is going on. I did my research years ago on Islam but these guys are way ahead of me.

Travel / Re: Beautiful Pictures Of Ikoyi, Lagos (video) by makewetalk2: 3:30am On Jul 27, 2020
No matter how they position the camera, the quality comes out the same.
This is what people waste their money on in the bid to live in Ikoyi. The whole picture looks dingy
Not impressed
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The UAE Is Against Employee Discrimination by makewetalk2: 3:19am On Jul 27, 2020
This is not a clarification. The newspaper article was published in 2018 while the advert went up two weeks ago. If they are serious with their words, they could have gone after the company that posted that advert. Do not be easily fooled. Look properly!
They know that Indians are scammers but they never publish those scammers because the bosses heading the newspaper firms are Indians.
There is no clarification here. Clarification should come after a statement not before.
Thanks for this clarification.
Religion / Do Muslims In Nigeria Know That There Is Not "ONLY ONE KORAN?" by makewetalk2: 5:26pm On Jul 24, 2020
Most Muslims in Nigeria need to know that the elite Muslim pundits are tragically fighting to defend the "One Koran" phrase that they have been indoctrinated?
The Nigerian Muslims need to know what is going on in the west. There is a an implosion in the Muslim community and a lot is being exposed. They should take their time to research to see the lies that are being uncovered in the west.
Crime / Re: Temitope Arowolo: Lebanon Was Hell, I Don’t Pray For Satan To Experience It by makewetalk2: 6:29am On Jul 13, 2020
You are one of the most heartless evil that I have ever witnessed. May your generation go through her pain and may you live to testify it. If you cannot support her struggle why are you commenting here? What is the motive behind your comment?
How could a spineless fool like you have no empathy? You deserve pity and mercy yourself. In the coming months, you will have to beg for mercy and be faced with your comment. Not a threat but just what you wish yourself.
You are not in her shoes for you to question her motives? You are no one to judge a man for migration.
If we conduct a DNA test on you, the result will prove that your ancestors were never Nigerians.
You are such an evil man hence evil will never leave your doorpost until you change.



Politics / Re: Insurgency: Nigerians In Diaspora Pass Vote Of Confidence On PMB, Service chiefs by makewetalk2: 10:09am On Jul 09, 2020
I do not know these Nigerians and neither do their deceitful and deluding crap represent Nigerians in diaspora.
These are paid morons who are installed by the president and his MOFOs
Crime / Re: Woodbery Defrauded US Firm Of $15.3 Million Stashed Away In Bitcoin Wallet by makewetalk2: 9:00am On Jul 07, 2020
Just do your time Woodberry
Health / Re: Bubonic Plague Hits China. Country Bans Eating Animals Carrying Black Death Bug by makewetalk2: 1:17pm On Jul 06, 2020
Put a dome on China and you will solve 50% of the world's problem
Crime / Re: Hushpuppi Responsible For Diverting Money From SS Lazio by makewetalk2: 9:26pm On Jul 05, 2020
so what?
Crime / Re: Exposition On Hushpuppi, Flashy Lifestyle Of A Society Of Nobody Holy Pass by makewetalk2: 1:54pm On Jul 03, 2020
Even the koran that you are holding is corrupt.
Only God can solve all awa problem
honestly the whole world is corrupt... take it or leave it



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