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TV/Movies / Re: Bukola Samuel-wemimo Leaves TVC For Channels TV by Masterchef(m): 1:44am On Oct 09
BKO na double speak journalist politician. Those small boys in Channels TV get dignity pass am. He can never work in Channels even for free. Ask Babajide what he thinks about Buhari's administration, Zulum, insecurity in the NE, the Kogi governor, Buratai etc and you feel where he's coming from.

He's just a mother fucking crazy cheap double-speak praise singer to the failed government. Let them get him to anchor 'Fireworks' and you'll see how he ass-licks the idiots destroying Nigeria

Na babajide kolade otitoju be next
Politics / Re: Obadiah Mailafia Was Hounded By DSS Till He Died - Sowore by Masterchef(m): 12:04am On Sep 20
The commodore will sure die before before 2023. Please bookmark this.
The man was killed for simply speaking up. It's common knowledge that Truth stings the bodies of these quota system people like acid.

First it was Gana, then they went for Sowore's brother, now it's Malaifia. Who's next? ex-Commodore Kunle?
Politics / Re: SERAP Asks Lawan, Gbajabiamila To Reject Buhari's Fresh Request To Borrow $4bn by Masterchef(m): 12:00am On Sep 20
They should just ask Dangote to borrow us the $4b cash meant for equity in the new refinery na.
Politics / Re: Obadiah Mailafia Is Dead: Former CBN Deputy Governor Dies In Abuja by Masterchef(m): 7:54pm On Sep 19
Just last year, he raised an alarm about a sitting governor being the leading commander of Boko Haram. After that, he got hounded several times and subsequently raised concerns about his life being in danger.

They had caught up with him before now!

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Politics / Re: Army Rescue One Of The Abducted Chibok Girls, Hands Her Over To Borno Governor by Masterchef(m): 2:59am On Aug 15
All Northern Muslim elders and politicians need cover their faces in shame over this 'audio' rescue.

It's the same shari'a and almajari structures which Zulum and others support that has led to Islamic extremism and terrorism in the North. As if they care about the girl?

Smwhhhhh. Same backward bigots who marry under-aged girls and purposelessly lust for power while hard drugs make their boys mad.

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Politics / Re: Bill To Ban Female Driving In Kano Underway by Masterchef(m): 9:18am On Jul 31
A government that banned the use of mannequins for displaying clothes can ban anything.

Anyways, Kano's commissioner for information has now come out to deny the plan to ban women from driving. What is scary though is that his only excuse was that Saudi Arabia's authorities lifted a similar ban in 2018.
Politics / Re: Buhari Cracks Stubborn Projects. And It's Just The Beginning - Femi Adesina by Masterchef(m): 8:46am On Jul 31
Femi Adeshina playing mind games with Nigerians since 2015 grin.

Anyways, those against can always argue that this is not just about the infrastructure but more about the timing and morality behind the claims.

A government that promised Nigerians lots of hope but has <2 years to return 'exchange rate' to say, $1=N 200; that needs to grow the agro sector by 5000%; that needs to industrialize massively and reduce importation of refined petroleum products, steel, vehicles & accessories, food, poultry etc. by say 85%; and one that needs to increase spendings by over 3000% to deliver basic healthcare, affordable housing & free education but is rather borrowing heavily to fund expensive government structures, fund inflated projects and fight terrosism nurtured by the same government should be ashamed to point at those mediocre achievements listed by Femi Adeshina.
Politics / Re: Senator James Manager Kneeling For Ibori (Picture) by Masterchef(m): 12:42pm On Jul 23
It appears Ibori was just praying for him.
Crime / Re: Usifo Ataga: More Suspects Arrested In Super TV Boss' Murder by Masterchef(m): 10:46am On Jul 15
Them don settle two already condemned criminals to claim they did nd go back continue their life sentence while chidinma walks free

Smart reasoning!
Crime / Re: Police Might Deploy A Lie Detector As Chidinma Ojukwu Denies Killing Super TV CE by Masterchef(m): 10:17am On Jul 14
Be sincere to your self. If you are involved in a murder case, knowing how Nigeria police behaves, will you run to the police?

I think you'll definitely report the murder of your friend to the police if you're not involved. It's only when you're involved that you take off.

This lady booked the flat with fake IDs. Wore facemasks throughout as claimed by apartment staff. She then 'supposedly' stepped out to buy food. Lo and behold, some guys came to finish off Ataga. Right after that, she dutifully stepped back in, stole his phone, fled with his ATM card and started making withdrawals from the bank account.

While police goes after unravelling the mystery, please advise your friend to plead guilty to stealing from the dead, at least. Read about the likely jail sentence (say 3 to 5 years) in the link below.

Crime / Re: Police Might Deploy A Lie Detector As Chidinma Ojukwu Denies Killing Super TV CE by Masterchef(m): 2:08am On Jul 14
The unnamed senior officer who suggested that a lie detector be used on this case ideally has a case to answer. Same applies to the blogger, the Director of Crime Watch TV, other conspirators and the CP or whoever authorised the latest image-laundering and well rehearsed rebuttal confession made by the self-confessed murder suspect.

At the level of the police; heads need to roll and the current charade calls for independent investigation by a Foreign Private Forensic Expert whose fees should be deducted from the salary of the Inspector General of Police for gross mismanagement of the Criminal Justice System under his beat grin cool

Obviously, the murder suspect was not properly processed; she may not have written the procedural 'statement' immediately after her arrest; she's had access to a level of VIP treatment not deserving of suspected murderers and it's not unlikely the CP and / or his team, the blogger and Crime Watch TV are on the payroll of some powerful people who have completely scuttled this case.
Politics / Re: NAF Fighter Jets Eliminate 120 Zamfara Bandits In Airstrikes At Sububu Forest by Masterchef(m): 9:25pm On Jul 13
Air strike without ground troop support and they were able to count dead bodies?

This is either a lie or a wasteful strategy or an incomplete story until more details are provided
Politics / Re: HURIWA To Buhari: Rename Finance Ministry To Foreign Loans, Debt Accumulation by Masterchef(m): 10:00am On Jul 13
Imagine Buhari borrowing $4b to reimburse Dangote on a project that's almost completed while claiming the project will pay back! What foolery and lazy way to steal with the pen shocked

Isn't it common sense that it's better to rather use such loans to generate the kind of activity at Dangote Refinery on a new project, in the same or any other sector, anywhere with untapped prospects and even in partnership with the same Dangote or BUA or Toyota, Volkswagen or whoever?

HURIWA also lamented that whereas most nations of the world are concentrating her economic and national planning efforts towards boosting the productivity of the citizens and Gross Domestic Products of their countries through industralisation

Crime / Re: Lagos Police On Chidinma Ojukwu's Video: 'No More Comments' by Masterchef(m): 10:50pm On Jul 12
What I can't understand is how someone accused of such a heinous crime has managed to make a funky hairsyle with a perfectly made up face in an iterview setting like she just won a grammy.

Naija na wa!


Obviously, the video was packaged to launder the image of the girl. You could imagine the stupid narrative / questions asked about 'her poor upbringing' and her friendship with the guy?

Who cares?

The mode of dressing and the schoolgirl hairstyle both just looked too suspicious. So, why would anyone or the police go this length trying to buy a 'runs girl' sympathy? Why try to force those fake innocent looks on the rest of the people?

By the way, no one asked why she booked the apartment with a fake identity and by coincidence, there were no CCTV cameras. No one also asked the name of the buka she'd gone to get food; whether she took same home or ate hers while the man laid dead embarassed.

Who on earth finds a friend stabbed to death and won't raise an alarm!! Rather, she left the scene but not without stealing the man's ATM card and his iPhone while police found other blood stained materials in her house shocked

This hardened criminal can book apartments online but can't order food online. You could also see she deliberately tried to tarnish the image of the man by saying she heard 'he was a serious womaniser, he does drugs and smokes stuffs' . How do these distractions matter in a murder case?

Obviously, the girl doesn't do drugs!!! Fact is, she only thought to use the initial 'drug script' as her defence but she's now totally changed the story. Stupidly, in this new video, she didn't suggest she made the initial confession on TV while under duress. Dunno if she's playing with the death penalty but next thing she does might be to claim insanity. Let's wait for that final video.

Lastly, the girl tried by all means to rub it in on the police how the murder must have taken place. She specifically said she saw there was a 'break-in' and some unknown people must have done the killing. I bet this girl can sell even the IG's grandfather and I wonder why she's got VIP treatment since arrested.

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Politics / Re: Kidnappers Have Married Off Our Daughters – Parents Of Kebbi Students by Masterchef(m): 5:32pm On Jul 11
These kidnappers are the same bandits and Fulani herdsmen that Buhari will forever refuse to declare as Boko Haram or Islamic terrorists.

Politics / Re: Akinwumi Adesina: Nigeria’s Poverty Situation Is Unacceptable by Masterchef(m): 1:00pm On Jul 11

“Nigerians deserve wealth, not poverty. For all the abundant wealth of natural resources, Nigeria’s poverty situation is unacceptable. Today, sadly, there are way too many poor people in Nigeria. The Government is implementing bold social programmess to reduce the number of poor, through interventionist programmes, but the fact of the matter is poverty is not just about money.”

Adeshina and others who speak from both sides of the mouth are also part of Nigeria's problem. The fact is the government is doing nothing!

Meanwhile, other countries are deliberately growing up






Travel / Re: Akwa Ibom To Commission The Longest Flyover In South-South (Photos) by Masterchef(m): 12:50pm On Jul 09
Udom, sanwo olu,umahi to an extent the only working in Nigeria.....worse governor yahaya Bello
Shame on delta and bayelsa state leaders past and present,with the massive allocation,they should be among the best in Naija,but their leaders day put their money for pocket

God bless akwa-ibom and rivers state,hope the Bayelsa and delta curse don't fall on them

I guess you meant to say Udom and Ambode. You also intentionally left out Zulum and even Gandollar. By the way, the issues with these projects are their inflated costs. As we all know, these governors are only concerned about raking in their billions on such projects.

Meanwhile, in a country where the minimum wage is N30k, you don't just spend say, N10b on one flyover at the expense of free education, free healthcare, mass housing for low income earners, investments in employment generating ventures such as agriculture, animal husbandry & assembly plants etc.

The same Akwa Ibom where Udom comes from has ALSCON. Under normal circumstances, this governor shouldn't sleep until Zaddy Buhari makes that company work and it starts generating employment opportunities for the people of Akwa Ibom and beyond.

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Travel / Re: Akwa Ibom To Commission The Longest Flyover In South-South (Photos) by Masterchef(m): 11:44am On Jul 09
Udom, sanwo olu,umahi to an extent the only working in Nigeria.....worse governor yahaya Bello
Shame on delta and bayelsa state leaders past and present,with the massive allocation,they should be among the best in Naija,but their leaders day put their money for pocket

God bless akwa-ibom and rivers state,hope the Bayelsa and delta curse don't fall on them

I guess you meant to say Udom and Ambode. By the way, where did you leave Zulum and even thief Gandollar?
Crime / Re: Chidinma Ojukwu: I Tied Usifo Ataga's Hands Before Stabbing Him To Death by Masterchef(m): 1:47am On Jul 04

That is because somebody somewhere is manipulating what she is saying. She tied his hands, yet there was a struggle. How? He wanted to strangle you with the tied hands?

The lies are becoming embarrassing!

How do you manipulate someone who's in police custody?

Anyway, the NTA interviewer is truly daft, otherwise she should have asked what the girl used in doing the tying and how the rope 'or whatever' came loose while the victim was struggling and probably fell on his neck?

The red flag is; for such a violent murder, how come no one heard a noise? It also speaks volumes if intruders could have easily accessed such an upscale apartment without getting noticed and there were no CCTV cameras.

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Crime / Re: Chidinma Ojukwu: I Tied Usifo Ataga's Hands Before Stabbing Him To Death by Masterchef(m): 1:31am On Jul 04

From this changing story, I am beginning to think that this girl did not act alone. This was a plan to get him killed. She is definitely hiding the identity of her accomplice.

So you mean she's a hardened criminal who might have been involved in previous murders?
Crime / Re: Chidinma Ojukwu: I Tied Usifo Ataga's Hands Before Stabbing Him To Death by Masterchef(m): 1:17am On Jul 04
It is very disheartening 2 see such heinous being committed by such a promising lady. It shows how far moral decadence has gone. The family system has failed society. GOD PLZ HEAL D LAND

Promising kee devil.

What did she promise you, by the way?

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Education / Re: FUTMINNA Student Builds A Car As His Final Year Project (Video) by Masterchef(m): 11:38am On Jul 02
This is commendable if he actually researched and built the body of the car using some locally developed composite materials. If not, this is not fit to be a university project.
Politics / Re: Amina Mohammed: Nigeria Is The Best Country On Earth by Masterchef(m): 9:56pm On Jun 30
Summary of the Lecture:

The lying woman insists youths, not Buhari, nor the national assembly, nor the governors own the the task of fixing Nigeria.

She specifically tasked the youths to find solutions to the issues of terrorism while assuring them that Nigeria is safer than what they think. In line with Buharis views, she also thinks bandits are not terorists, rather, they are akin to the Niger Delta militants. She will also rather the youths use Twitter and other platforms to project Nigeria in it's 'fake' true good image.

Interestingly, she eventually admitted that the country is indeed on fire. In further contradiction, she later attempted to brainwash the youths present by lying to them about the future being bright in spite of all the failures of government.

Being a Buhari apologist, she sees nothing wrong with zaddy's devious obsession for Ruga and open grazing, yet, she went ahead to applaud some people in the North already implementing cattle ranching. What a lie and more hypocrisy!

Lastly and most laughable, she claimed her state, Gombe, is the best place to do business in Nigeria just as Nigeria is better than Ghana and the best country on earth. Her argument against Ghana; Nigeria is relatively backward and not getting the investments from the likes of Toyota, VW & Ford, nor able to fix power or make the refineries work etc., only because of its higher population and not necessarily because of bad governance

Here is a UN woman who should be fearless in advising Nigeria's visionless leaders on how to catch up with Ghana in Buhari's remaining 2 years. Rather, she's coming out to openly make excuses and pass the buck on behalf of a failing government.

What a shame!
Politics / Re: 2023 : Osinbajo A Leader On The Wings Of Grace by Masterchef(m): 9:09pm On Jun 28
Why hasn't Osinbajo been able to advise Buhari on the basic issues of power, healthcare, housing, free education, restructuring, Ajaokuta Steel, wasteful importation of petrol, cattle ranching vs open grazing etc? .
Crime / Re: How Usifo Ataga Was Killed - Family Suspects Conspiracy In His Murder by Masterchef(m): 1:22pm On Jun 28
That the girl booked the apartment under a fake identity raises a red flag. Then, if there are no CCTV cameras, this could be a carefully selected place for cold blood murder.

However, there seems to be a cover-up failure in all of this. Nobody, except an assassin, who has mistakingly killed or witnessed a gruesome murder will steal same person's ATM card, take his money and goes home as if nothing happened.

Pertinent questions are, how did the police track down this self-confessed killer? Could she be a paid assassin? How did she leave the apartment and why didn't she go on the run?

Other persons that should be of interest to the police are the delivey person and all apartment staff present on the day of the murder. This seems to be a very simple case.


Crime / Re: Chidinma Ojukwu: How I Stabbed Michael Usifo Ataga To Death (Video) by Masterchef(m): 1:23am On Jun 25
The girl is one of the finest girls on her street on the Mainland. Too much into Aristo things, disliked by many because of her 'toto brings money mentality' but she deserves some pity for a wasted life. Meanwhile, I believe those that arrested her did 'pake' her iPhone as side runs grin

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo: Social Media Won’t Transform Lives, Join Politics by Masterchef(m): 11:54pm On Jun 21
This mumu VP sabi pass the buck like the other one from Sudan.

Come on! the youths only come on social media to remind morons like him that they can at least attempt to use the last 2 years of their lacklustre tenure to return Nigeria to the era of USD 1 = N199 where they took over from.

They only need to listen to the youths and come up with necessary national ambitions, action plans and KPIs for the critical issues of industrialisaton, productivity, infrastructure development,
waste reduction, export based economy etc.

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Politics / Re: Pictures Of The Bandits That Surrendered Their Weapons To Katsina State by Masterchef(m): 11:31am On Jun 21
More like giving terrorists soft landings after they have killed, raped, kidnapped several people and received millions in ransom.

Who negotiated on their behalf and what happened to Buhari's order that anyone bearing AK47 be shot?

It's also very interesting to see the terrorists dressed as if they are going for a party.
Politics / Re: NAF Strikes Modu Sulum, ISWAP Chief Who Took Part In Shekau’s Killing by Masterchef(m): 10:16am On Jun 21
More pictures

Politics / Re: NAF Strikes Modu Sulum, ISWAP Chief Who Took Part In Shekau’s Killing by Masterchef(m): 9:57am On Jun 21
Corroborates the social media story below:

Copied as Is:


At about 200850A Jun 21, intel revealed movement of ISWAP fighters from northern axis of Borno State heading to Lamboa forests in Kaga LGA. The movement of the terrorists coincided with sighting of ISWAP fighters massing-up in Matari along TT axis of Kaga LGA.

Consequently, at about 1250hours, AC OpHK swiftly scrambled COBRA and AGGRESSOR platforms and successfully neutralised the terrorists and their GTs. Out of the 5 x GTs, 2 x GTs were completely burnt while 3 were immobilized. Subsequently, troops 156TF Bn and COAS Intervention Bn (CSI Bn) later proceed and cleared the remnants of the sects that were reportedly lying with verying degree of injuries. Enemy casualties are unverified while 2 x immobilized vehicles belonging to the terrorist were captured and towed to troops loc.

Politics / Re: “Northerners Are Not Parasites, We Discovered Oil” – NCM by Masterchef(m): 2:49am On Jun 21
First, it is fallacy to say that money from then Northern Region was used to develop the other regions because like the Northern groundout pyramids, Western Region exported cocoa, Eastern Region exported oil palm.

However, it is a fact that Northern Nigeria has great agricultural and mineral potentials that are underutilized while average young notherner is poor and most are idle. Why? Because unlike in the 1960's, current state governors do little investment in Agriculture but wait for oil revenue from FAAC in Abuja.

The fact is that food production and processing employ more many more people that oil industry, spread wealth to many more people and earn as much as forex as crude oil.

Even the South South has tremendous marine resources that is begging to be tapped. No geopolitical zone is left in mineral and agricultural resources.

Here lies one strong reason for restructuring for more prosperous Nigeria.

Brilliant post! But why do we keep having presidents, governors and legislators who should be, at best,, 'maiguards' to young and intelligent Nigerians like the gentleman in the video below......?


By the way, it was Shell BP that discovered oil in Nigeria with their own resources.
Religion / Re: Prophet Abiara Visits TB Joshua's Wife, Says 'He Was A Real Man Of God' by Masterchef(m): 11:13am On Jun 20
Heard TB Joshua charged people seeking spiritual assistance up to N60k per night for accommodation and had them waiting atimes up to 10 days.

Also confirmed that because of this prohibitive cost, nearby hotels always benefitted whenever the church was having major programs.

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