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Politics / Re: Abbah Kyari Becomes The Youngest Assistant Commissioner Of Police In Nigeria by MeAboki(m): 2:41pm On Dec 30, 2016
All of a sudden in this country.., before our very eyes, the national police is turning into a fulani establishment. .. The same way the Custom service and the Army have become some fulani garrisons. . You are stopped somewhere at a checkpoint in Okigwe, deep inside Biafraland, and you are looking at these scraggy-looking lanky characters with alien tribal marks, all brandishing AK 47s while looking like wild characters from some sch-fi blockbusters.. None of the people policing you looks like you... This is dangerous but Everybody is keeping quiet. Nobody seem ready to talk. They are taking over the air-force and though they only time they encounter the ocean is when they travel hundreds of kilometers down south, the sons of Danfodio are also desperate to corner the NAVY. This is dangerous and must be challenged. Unfortunately, we have some sophisticated serfs down south brandishing all kinds of gory arguments to excuse these acts of infamy.... Close your eyes and imagine what will happen in this country if it was the ubiquitous igbo that is holding the Customs service and the army on a choke-hold as the northerners have done.... The whole of Lagos would have been lured into endless marches from one funny square to the others all in a bid to challenge the 'over-sabi' igbos...

Yes, and very soon they will also take over your village - so what!

However, if you had cared to take off the tribal prism from your eyes you would have noticed that it is a strategic policy of the police to maintain a balanced mix between indigenous and non-indigenous officers in favour of the latter; much similar to (but not to the degree) of the posting of corpers to different areas not of their origin.

Drop the bigotry, it might help you reason more intelligently.


Food / Re: 5 Things We Discovered In Latest Laboratory Test On Plastic Rice - NAFDAC by MeAboki(m): 11:03am On Dec 30, 2016
I listened to their statement on Channels TV yesterday and came to the conclusion that their declaration on the suitability of the rice based on a rudimentary laboratory report: floatation, sedimentation, 1 or 2 heavy metals (can't remember which) and micro-organism level was rather premature; because much more extensive tests would have been required to arrive at such conclusion.

It seemed they must have determined that the rice was not plastic based only on the floatation and sedimentation tests alone i.e. whether it sank or floated in water and therefore IMO insufficient.
Even if they were lacking proper equipment, i want to believe that there were still more that they could have done, including expected basic physical test characteristic that should exclude the rice from plastic e.g. fragility (rice should be more fragile/brittle than plastic), absorption (rice should readily absorb more water than plastic), ductility (plastic should be more ductile and malleable than rice), flammability (plastic should readily burn in a naked flame than rice).

As for the microbial tests; yes there are tolerant limits for particular levels of certain micro organisms permissible for specific foods e.g. e. coli, streptococci etc that may indicate fecal contaminants from contact with soil or water etc.
However, most micro organisms are heat labile and therefore would not survive the temperature attained in sustained cooking.

My take on this therefore is that rice may not necessarily be unfit for human consumption but could still be safe to eat (based on these mere findings) if properly cooked, because most of the organisms could easily be killed off by simple boiling during cooking of the rice.

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Politics / Re: Kaduna Killings: My Old Friend Has Finally Lost His Mind - Fani-kayode by MeAboki(m): 4:43am On Dec 30, 2016

just what i ve gathered so far

It is equally sad to note the lack of objectivity and reasoning in your perception which seem to have been pre-set in a prejudicial stereotyped mode.

First of all, I am not a spokesman for El-Rufai who therefore must blindly support him whether right or wrong; however, I am not ready to also sit back and buy into the ongoing political propaganda and conspiracy theories driven purely by ethnic and religious sentiments.

Secondly, curfews are often used as universal tools for stopping further escalation in situations of complete breakdown of law and order e.g. riotous conditions where movement is restricted in order to prevent the warring parties from regrouping or coming together with a view to resumption of hostilities.
Curfews have been declared at various times in this country e.g. at national level (during military coups) at state level (to curb post election violence) also at LGs level (communal clashes) during which the law enforcement agencies, police/army are used to enforce it, with orders to arrest or even shoot at sight any violator.
However, at no time can anyone expect for the police/army to be physically present everywhere in order to effectively enforce a curfew because it is practically not realistic - especially over a vast area such as southern Kaduna.
What they are expected to do is to patrol the whole area, moving from one place to another ensuring compliance.
Of course, this cannot offer full guarantee against a determined group from sneaking to attack another; just as the burglar proof in your house cannot guarantee you full safety that burglars or armed robbers cannot break in and steal from you.

Blaming the governor for declaring the curfew and for the attack on the two LG is therefore quite unfair and mischievous because the alternative would have definitely led to more loss of life.

The governor as the chief security officer is no doubt privy to intelligence report from the relevant secret agencies; how do you know he was not acting on such intelligence when he spoke of the anticipated attack from militants; besides it would appear that he was completely vindicated with the capture of such armed non-indigene.

If you were to analyse the statement acredited to El-Rufai on the Fulanis years ago, you would appreciate it was an attempt by him to explain the Fulani nature and culture of revenge - which many presently fail to factor as contributory to the ongoing communal conflicts associated with them.
It is unfortunate to note how his detractors have deliberately been misconstruing it into negative propaganda in order to malign him; much in the same way that PMB is being deliberately misquoted out of context for his dog and baboon as well as the 97% and 5% speech by his haters.
If El-Rufai did in fact paid off some Fulanis after being robbed off their cattle from revenging against the local community of the rustlers; then his motive should be quite obvious, that he in fact only did so in order to save lives and broker peace - after all he would not be the first to do that; since the whole ND amnesty programme was based on that premise; besides one of the SE governors (Imo or Anambra) was on record to have similarly paid off Fulanis from taking revenge after their cattle were rustled.
Politics / Re: Kaduna Killings: My Old Friend Has Finally Lost His Mind - Fani-kayode by MeAboki(m): 12:25am On Dec 30, 2016

Yellooooo i have a degree in Political Science...
U hv issues...
U haven't answered any question u were asked rather u r catwalking around d bush..
Talking abt maturity u nid 2 check urself...and u also nid 2 read n mayb modify all ur post...
Den u gats 2 format ur brain and get an anti - virus.. mayb AVIRA
U r just justifying massacre and ur opinion is full of hate...
Normally i just ignore pple lik u but i was jst tryna enlighten ur dark mind...
Pre dated ur dull brain...

Then your degree is apparently of no real value and only a nominal attestation that you went through university without the university going through you; because all your posts are so far bereft of intelligence and decorum worthy of my time.
Politics / Re: Malabu Scandal: Ex-minister Of Petroleum, 12 Others Face Jail Terms In Italy.. by MeAboki(m): 8:16pm On Dec 29, 2016

Stealing is not Corruption
Politics / Re: Sacked Ekiti LG Chairmen Reject Fayose's N35m Offer by MeAboki(m): 8:03pm On Dec 29, 2016
This is a test for Fayose to also uphold the rule of law not only when it applies to him.
Politics / Re: Would I Be Arrested For Carrying Placard Saying "Buhari Dullard Is Scammer" by MeAboki(m): 7:52pm On Dec 29, 2016
Am planning a one man protest in Abuja so I need some advice.

What are my rights regarding the right to free speech?

Not necessarily but there are many of his supporters ready and willing to turn your insulting lips to kpomo - a trial may convince you.
Politics / Re: Kaduna Killings: My Old Friend Has Finally Lost His Mind - Fani-kayode by MeAboki(m): 7:40pm On Dec 29, 2016

Wen i read all what u posted i just have pity on u and ur Hausa race... fanatics and strong evil minded people... if this was happening to ur people, all the southerners in ur states would hv bin running for safety cos of slaughter...
Just imagine d nonsense u have been posting since.. if u were in a developed country u would been among the terrorist watch list of the Government...
What has El Rufai and Buhari done about it..
If they can tackle terrorism den y cant dey eliminate or bring d herdsmen to justice..
Nothing has been done cos dey are also Fulanis like the killers...
Well am not surprise cos dat same President told his pple dat if he loses election dat dey shld spill blood.. he also said he will mak d country ungovernable... so how can somtin good come out of him..
Even El Rufai said nonsense about Christianity..
Pre dated or future dated d problem should have been solved last year.... there is no justification to dis genocide...
So instead of u talkin abt history u shld b talkin abt ending it Asap...
People do take advantage of history and blame it on history but u will neva knw dis cos u are brain washed with JIK mixed with HYPO...
God help us in this country...

My friend I have no time to waste on ppl with motor park mentality; since when did having a different opinion automatically turn a person to fanatic and a terrorist?
If you cannot approach the issue with the necessary maturity and objectivity it deserves then you can take your loutish behaviour and jump into the nearest lagoon.
Politics / Re: Kaduna Killings: My Old Friend Has Finally Lost His Mind - Fani-kayode by MeAboki(m): 7:20pm On Dec 29, 2016

Please explain 2 me how a LG under 24hrs curfew was attached n no1 was arrested and that predates d Gov please enlighter me on that.

On the issue of the attack on the 2 LGs under curfew without arrest can be answered as simply a problem of logistics: large terrain that need to be covered (i.e. entire southern Kaduna State) against a limited number of police - the police cannot practically cover everywhere at the same time; the attackers simply target vulnerable unguarded settlements.
Haven't you ever heard of armed robbery operations going on for hours, on major highways or in built urban areas with escape routes that can easily be cordoned off; yet without police response talk less of arrests?

On the issue of lack of arrests; there seem to be some progress in that area because if you had watched Channels TV today you may have seen about 17 youths from southern Kaduna who were caught with various weapons; they were paraded before the press by a DIG by the name of Joshak Habila; it was also covered here in thread on NL.
Perhaps such arrest may help throw more light on the identity of the perpetrators and possibly re-align public opinion to the true facts of things.
Similarly, I would also like to upload a tagged picture in Facebook today of an Igbo man arrested with weapons, allegedly dressed in Fulani clothes in Kagoro southern Kaduna - I would like add at this stage that this is only an allegation as I did not come across any further links to verify the story; however, it is suffice to say that there is more to this crisis than meets the eye.

Concerning your question of how the matter predated El-Rufai; it simply means that these clashes have been happening well before El-Rufai became the Governor of Kaduna State - though you are free to try to prove otherwise.

Crime / Re: 61-Year-Old Man Rapes A 10-Year-Old Girl For Months In Abia Hotel by MeAboki(m): 5:27pm On Dec 29, 2016
It must have been due to his tribe and religion; them Catholic priests love raping children, he must have been well tutored.
Crime / Re: See What Fulani Herdsmen Did To A 14year Old Girl- Graphic Content by MeAboki(m): 4:19pm On Dec 29, 2016
Old pics thank you[sub][/sub]

Yes indeed, picture has been around for over two years ago, of a girl allegedly murdered by her boyfriend and clearly cannot be of somebody killed recently - its the handwork of haters spreading hate and mischief.
Events / Re: Igbo Groom's Squad In Native Attires (Photos) by MeAboki(m): 10:03am On Dec 29, 2016
Kileleyi nitori Olorun?

So many flatness in one picture


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Politics / Re: Kaduna Killings: My Old Friend Has Finally Lost His Mind - Fani-kayode by MeAboki(m): 9:27am On Dec 29, 2016

Now this goes to YOU and fizznation! You both are deadly sycophants who need to be placed under close surveillance. The fact that you can downplay an issue of dis magnitude and boldly say it predates PMB and El Rufai goes a long way to show how close u both are to admission into a mental facility. So southern KD had always bin tough, dea had always bin clashes!! Does dis look, seem or sound like a clash to u? D sheer superiority of d herdsmen arsenal does not look suspicious to u. The deafening silence of Mr President still looks normal. It is until diz men start detonating bombs b4 u know dey are on a mission abi? D daylight slaughter of Shiite by both security and non security operatives also predates PMB and El Rufai.. Fizznation, u once said Boko haram was d handwork of GEJ, same as the avengers. The several attempts u abokis make to exonerate PMB shows how unpatriotic u guys can ever be. Even d army has said d herdsmen ish is political. How do dey move about and plan attacks in a curfew

I have already stated my position concerning questions on the issue as highlighted below in an earlier post - it is obvious that you still cannot read properly, pls refer to me again when you become fully literate.

I am willing to share my views in order to educate anyone regarding any aspect of the ongoing unfortunate problem which he/she does not understand as objective as possible - as long as such questions are equally objective and devoid of insults.
Politics / Re: Kaduna Killings: My Old Friend Has Finally Lost His Mind - Fani-kayode by MeAboki(m): 8:23am On Dec 29, 2016

As stated earlier, I know you have your objective views.
I urge you for posterity sake open a thread dedicated for the purpose of bringing a balanced view on this very important topic. Kudos in advance.

I am not keen on opening threads as I do not envisage have sufficient time to dedicate to such thread in order to do it justice.
However, there nothing stopping anyone including you from asking me questions pertaining to any of my earlier comments on the subject matter.
Crime / Re: Police Foil Plot To Blast 3rd Mainland Bridge With Dynamite by MeAboki(m): 8:05am On Dec 29, 2016
Thank God o, but can dynamites do that?

To blow up a bridge like that, you need a payload/nuke.

Not something you will put in a trunk of a sedan.

Guy, it seems you don't know anything about explosives.
Politics / Re: Kaduna Killings: My Old Friend Has Finally Lost His Mind - Fani-kayode by MeAboki(m): 7:22am On Dec 29, 2016

Mr. Aboki, your user name represents an ethnic group in Nigeria. I understand that people use these names sometimes in order to hide their identities. But your posts so far shows that you are an Aboki. I have also sensed from your previous posts that you an experienced person .
I understand that the crises in Kaduna may not be fairly reported based on our ethnic, religious and political inclination. But what I expect from you is to educate people on your views on the crises as objective as possible. From there people may start to have a glimpse on the actual nature of the crises.

I am willing to share my views in order to educate anyone regarding any aspect of the ongoing unfortunate problem which he/she does not understand as objective as possible - as long as such questions are equally objective and devoid of insults.
Politics / Re: Kaduna Killings: My Old Friend Has Finally Lost His Mind - Fani-kayode by MeAboki(m): 7:12am On Dec 29, 2016
... Mr man will you please stop this nonesense. We are talking about the lives of people been murdered in cold blood and not politics. You wants us to believe that southern kaduna carnage predates El-Rufai but you and your cohorts insist that Nigerian problems starts and end with Jonathan? You need to be ashamed of yourself.

If you disagree with any of my points, kindly disprove them with credible evidence and counter arguments - otherwise, keep your senseless sentiments to yourself.
Family / Re: Missing Girl In Kaduna: Walida Found In Kano by MeAboki(m): 7:08am On Dec 29, 2016

Quit living in denial.... What's your contribution to Nigeria sef?

Denial from what and pls be specific so that I can address your question very well - much i n the same coin.
Family / Re: Missing Girl In Kaduna: Walida Found In Kano by MeAboki(m): 8:56pm On Dec 28, 2016
we should wipe the city of Kano off Nigeria's map

Silly and provocative - mind your words.
Politics / Re: Police intercept dynamite, detonators as militants attempts to bomb 3rd mainland by MeAboki(m): 8:49pm On Dec 28, 2016

Robbing peter to pay Paul is the worst form of criminality and it is the Nigerian story
ND youths wants to put an end to it

I want to believe you are not justifying this criminal blowing up public property and endangering lives.
Politics / Re: Explosive: Okonjo-iweala Blast President Buhari- Must Read by MeAboki(m): 8:43pm On Dec 28, 2016
Shameless IMF stooge who had no iota of integrity whatsoever to resign when she saw a drunken fool and his band of thieves ruined rhe economy. .. madam why were you borrowing moneg to pay salary despite oil prices being over $70 per barrel? You are a liar loved by crooks and defended by invalids.

Don't mind the liar, speaking from two sides of her mouth; didn't she initially blame GEJ for not saving surplus revenue earnings against a rainy day - such as the recession we are experiencing now?
Furthermore, is Buhari responsible for the crash in oil price, the main source of our foreign exchange or was he responsible for the unnecessary wastage of same through frivolous importation of finished goods such as toothpicks and paste that we already manufacture and also duty waiver on luxury imports for personal friends and cronies with attendant loss of accruable revenue running into billions?
Was Buhari also responsible for the unbridled looting of our commonwealth publicly endorsed by GEJ as president with famous words of Stealing is not Corruption?

Buhari's policy of diversification is obviously running against the interest of her friends in the World Bank and she is being sponsored to indirectly undermine the government for putting the interest of Nigerians first instead of some fat cats dotted around the world.

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Politics / Re: NNPC Spends $546M On Failing OKLNG, Wants $4.5M for other expenses (PICS) by MeAboki(m): 8:18pm On Dec 28, 2016
This is not good, how did this memo leak? No secrecy in government anymore.
OP, the $4.5 is to fund the project activities on value preservation and not solely for the relocation of the staff. Stop misleading people, read the second prayer.

Correctly put.
Politics / Re: Kaduna Killings: My Old Friend Has Finally Lost His Mind - Fani-kayode by MeAboki(m): 7:56pm On Dec 28, 2016
The man is off his rockers, obviously the result of too much cocaine; he forgot the election is over and that he has no more relevance talk less of credibility, as his senseless ranting and transparent agenda, to remain relevant through stoking of hate and distrust along the ethnic and religious divide between the citizenry, is of no effect as pouring water over a duck's back.

The use of ISIS and Donald to buttress his allegation of ethnic and religious genocide in Southern Kaduna State in order to malign Islam, El-Rufai and the PMB are examples of poor judgement on his part; because he ought to know that ISIS (Al Qaeda, Taliban and other terrorists group) were essentially the creation of the American CIA; while Trump, a well established racist bigot cannot be a good role model to use in an argument bordering on ethnicity and religion.

As far as El-Rufai is concern those who have been following the issue would already be aware that the problem had predated him long before assuming office and therefore cannot be his creation.

Similarly, those who understand the value system and culture of revenge of the alleged attackers, the Fulanis, against the backdrop of poor investigative journalism and therefore a one sided reporting and unfortunate distortion of the facts reaching the general public, along a political terrain that thrives on ethnic and religious mischief; will easily see FFK's attack against El-Rufai as baseless.

Those who may want to respond should please do so noting that the Fulani/farmers or communal clash had long been with us and is not exclusive to any particular region as well as having existed before both El-Rufai and PMB's administrations respectively - how come are they now suddenly responsible?


Politics / Re: Police intercept dynamite, detonators as militants attempts to bomb 3rd mainland by MeAboki(m): 6:37pm On Dec 28, 2016
Good, they should be tortured till they reveal their sponsors and soon we will begin to see the end of this criminality.


Crime / Re: Drug Traffickers Excrete 50 Wraps Of Cocaine - Punch by MeAboki(m): 6:22pm On Dec 28, 2016
I have nothing...absolutely nothing to say... I was just hoping for once, I will be disappointed... but I wasn't

Crime / Re: Drug Traffickers Excrete 50 Wraps Of Cocaine by MeAboki(m): 6:19pm On Dec 28, 2016
I guess they wanted to return and flex their ill gotten money at wedding parties etc just like one of their blodas, the CEO of Muccon Resources Nigeria Limited, Escoba Emeka Smith, who allegedly sprayed N2 million in a recent ceremony.
Events / Re: Escoba Emeka Smith Sprays N2Million At A Wedding In Owerri - Video by MeAboki(m): 3:28pm On Dec 28, 2016
Its such kind of wanton display that incites his gullible kinsmen into rushing to Asia with a belly full of cocaine and sadly being returned in caskets after an unscheduled appointment with the executioner.

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Culture / Re: Half-Unclad Gbagyi Men At Gbagyi Festival In Abuja (Photos, Video) by MeAboki(m): 2:37pm On Dec 28, 2016
Somebody will come out to say its their culture

Yes, its their culture and they are apparently proud of it.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram: What A Retired General Told Me About ‘defeat Claims’ – Fani-kayode by MeAboki(m): 12:09pm On Dec 27, 2016
He would have done a better job sticking to his sexual memoirs about Bianca than this balderdash of empty ethno-religious rants fit for intellectual dwarfs gullible enough to believe his cocaine induced hallucinations.

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Politics / Re: Sokoto Discovers Coal In Commercial Quantity by MeAboki(m): 9:22am On Dec 27, 2016
Oh no

This won't go down well with peeps from a certain region.

LOL, it will not surprise me if they blame it on Buhari cheesy
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Suspect Tied By A Soldier In Chad (Photo) by MeAboki(m): 1:32am On Dec 24, 2016
Though he is probably a terrorist, this is not acceptable.
Not in the rules of engagement in war, according to international standards and Amnesty, that's why most Countries don't sell us weapons.

The Military is not expected to act like Boko Haram, but from this picture, that Army man just displayed the Boko Haram tendencies inherent in him

Such evidence unfortunately justifies why America and other civilised countries refused to sell sophisticated arms to Nigeria and others fighting Boko Haram - it is simply counter productive.

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