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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by meetme01: 12:28pm On Jan 30
My first 5L sale on SH

Venue : Squadhelp
Sale Price : $3,299
Net : $824 (SH owned)
Hold time : 6 months and 4 days

Travel / Re: UK Skilled Worker Visa / Health And Care Worker Visa by meetme01: 11:25am On Jan 26
@Dampops, my wife picked up her Visa on 10th Jan and is booked to travel on 13th Feb. Her sponsor mailed her yesterday to inform her that if she does not arrive UK on or before 9th her Visa will be cancelled. Says start date on CoS is 15th Jan.
Issue is flight's been paid for and all.
Please I need closure on this

Go or call the airline ASAP. It can still be fixed for an earlier date

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Travel / Re: UK Skilled Worker Visa / Health And Care Worker Visa by meetme01: 8:30pm On Jan 25
The father is nowhere to be found for over 7yrs now.so what do you suggest please?

What about the relatives if the Father? Are they incommunicado as well?

Adoption is the easiest way to have the kids with you but father's consent is very germane.

Let the relatives inform the father of the development, I believe he will come out when h hears his kids are about to move abroad.
Travel / Re: UK Skilled Worker Visa / Health And Care Worker Visa by meetme01: 5:14am On Jan 22
Please I need advice…i have 15 care standard certificate(Florence academy) and a certificate from Alison all CPD approve…I just got a job and waiting for my COS…my fears is getting the visa…will embassy recognize my CPD certificates When I apply for visa…please I need help and advice

The embassy rarely have anything to do with your courses expecially if you're going for health/care assistant. They believe the organisation have done the needful (interview and verification) to affirm your capacity before they issue COS.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigeria Immigration Service 2023 Recruitment by meetme01: 6:16am On Jan 17

Is it every post dat requires filling of tertiary? Cos I choose general duty and it didn't direct me to fill for tertiary institution

General Duty is 06.. Yes, you have to.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigeria Immigration Service 2023 Recruitment by meetme01: 11:39pm On Jan 16
Hope you guys filled your grades? Waec or Neco

If you're having problems with local government. Pick "choose" and later pick your State, the LG box will list it.

Passport photo, use laptop. Your pic may be too big.

Schools.. After filling the Pry. Check the left box to choose secondary. Ensure you fill your grades. Afterwards, click Tertiary and fill.

This is smoother than that of NSCDC. Though,they used the same form

I believe they learnt from their mistakes. Kudos
Travel / Re: UK Skilled Worker Visa / Health And Care Worker Visa by meetme01: 11:37pm On Jan 16

it's been up to 15 yrs i couldn't get my details.


With 7,500 you will get your certificate online

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Travel / Re: UK Skilled Worker Visa / Health And Care Worker Visa by meetme01: 6:30am On Jan 16
Was expecting anyone with first hand experience to respond. Usually difficult to include an above 18 years child as a dependant…unless you can show incapacitation on the part of the child. The ECO will see the child as an adult that shouldn’t be tied to the parent’s apron strings any longer…

Let’s wait for someone else to shed light…


They expect the child to be in College or Uni or working. The child shouldn't be redundant at that age. So, what plans have you made towards this? If not, let her stay back a little, when you get to UK, secure a job for him/her or get a cheap cheap Uni. He/she can work and be schooling while you assist.


Religion / Re: Can You Go To The Market For Your Wife? - Evangelist Mike Bamiloye Asks Men by meetme01: 9:26am On Jan 15
This is no biggie now.

I do it always..
Romance / Re: Bf Clubbing by meetme01: 8:48am On Jan 15
Hmm guys,why fightin under my post?I was thinkin ill get some response instead of 419 posts n fights lol,

Youth exuberance.

Be the good woman, let him know your plans and if it does not fit into yours for a period of time, don't sleep on it, GBERA.

Your future, joy and happiness belongs to you and don't ever give to know on platter of gold.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi maintain his lead in Ogun Opinion Poll, Agbado-oja(video) by meetme01: 9:48am On Jan 14

Keep deceiving yourself. Its obvious you've not been to Ogun state. Obi nor LP doesn't have presence in the state. Just mention atleast one local government in Ogun state that you think he would win. The election is between PDP and APC in Ogun state. Ask anyone that lives in Ogun.

You still leveraging on the old way. The mind is now the structure,not buildings. You can see why the money bags are not spending unlike before where every where will be money,money,money. Change your mindset.
Politics / Re: We Never Saw Peter Obi Coming, He Took Us All By Surprise, The Only Mistake We M by meetme01: 9:33am On Jan 14
The political terrain change to the extent that

Vote Wisely means you are Obidient

Go and collect your PVC shows you are Obidient

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigeria Immigration Service 2023 Recruitment by meetme01: 8:56am On Jan 14
But the page is stagnant how can we apply or should we be checking regularly.

Read the portal gently to see when application will commence

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Politics / Re: States That Tinubu Cannot Win. by meetme01: 7:17am On Jan 13
Tinubu will not win the 5 SW states. A lot of checks showthere will be large number of voters this time around and majority of them are youths who are learned, understand the current trends and hope for a better Nigeria.

Also, the APC Govs in the 5 SW states are not helping matters.

Furthermore, people will vote different party in different positions. Gone are the days one party will sweep all positions.

Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State is not in the good books of the citizens and not campaigning aggressively for BAT.

Ondo State Governor also did not do well for her citizens. Not vying for any position, so not campaigning.

Ekiti people are yet to forgive Fayemi for imposing the new Gov.

Osun people..the last election show APC is not fully on ground coupled with issues with Aregbesola.

Lagos is BAT strong hold which I think he would win but not with high margin.

Oyo people love Seyi Makinde but not too sure if they will follow APC in the Presidential election.

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Computers / Re: Dell Vostro 2520 Corei3 4gram 320HDD @60k by meetme01: 10:41am On Jan 12
50K serious buyer
Politics / Re: May My Children And I Be Like Bola Ahmed Tinubu by meetme01: 1:39pm On Jan 11
Youngest Senator for 3months...
Travel / Re: UK Skilled Worker Visa / Health And Care Worker Visa by meetme01: 11:54am On Jan 11
Travel / Re: UK Skilled Worker Visa / Health And Care Worker Visa by meetme01: 11:19am On Jan 10
Please can I still use my CoS to file visa application for dependants after scrapping health care visa route by Feb if they eventually scrap it. I pray it continues though.

As someone rightly said, health care visa has been in vogue since which cannot be scrapped. It was just liberalised hence, the recent increase in applications.

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Travel / Re: UK Skilled Worker Visa / Health And Care Worker Visa by meetme01: 8:53pm On Jan 08
Good day everyone, my wife has the done everything needed to get care sponsorship but all our search has been a struggle. She has submitted her CV on several websites. Our police clearance expires next month. Can we get an advice on how to get a sponsor really quick? Our rent expires next month. We need a sponsor that will give COS really quick.

Pay your house rent

Coninue to search till you get COS

Wait till she gets COS before you apply for another police report.

COS first..others should follow.

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Travel / Re: UK Skilled Worker Visa / Health And Care Worker Visa by meetme01: 2:33pm On Jan 08

Travel / Re: UK Skilled Worker Visa / Health And Care Worker Visa by meetme01: 1:22pm On Jan 08
Have you checked the website yourself? Anyone can give a misleading information intentionally or unintentionally, the gov.uk website is the authority.

£479 is for “more than 3 years”

That's about 600USD.

Do you know the current naira rate used for £ ?
Crime / Re: Uproar As Suspect In Murder Of Ex-cbn Staff Escapes From Police Custody by meetme01: 8:16am On Jan 08
IT gurus, can you please run checks on the name and picture to see if any information can be retrieved for his arrest. Edakun
Politics / Re: If Nigerians Allowed This Man To Win This Election We Are Finished by meetme01: 2:27pm On Jan 07

Don't mind them.
Tinubu is 10 times better than Obi but tribalism will not let them see the truth.

Can you list the 10 qualities without sentiment?

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Politics / Re: Atiku To Tinubu: I Was A Customs Officer When You Were Working With Druglords by meetme01: 9:37pm On Jan 06
One shot fired

One ke.

Five at once

Drug & Fraud
Education (Pry & Sec)
Source of Wealth

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Crime / Re: Sexual Molestation Of A Minor. by meetme01: 10:24pm On Jan 04
Good morning house. I need your opinion on this issue.

Around May last year, my husband and I went with my 4 year old daughter to visit my sister in-law (hubby's elder sister). They insisted they wanted her to stay some days with them, that I should return for her in two or three days time.

After much persuasion from my oga, I left her. But my heart wasn't settled because I've never stayed away from her for that long.
I just noticed that when we called her on video call the very next morning, she looked and sounded depressed, telling us to come take her home. I just thought she was missing me.

I returned the next three days to pick her up. It was even the oldest cousin, a 15 year old girl, who was actually very fond of my daughter that helped me carry her on her back and saw us off to the bustop.

Two or 3 months later, at the end of a Bible study I had with her, my baby said she wanted to tell me something. Hubby was lying on the couch. My baby said the period I took her to that house, the 15 year old girl was always sucking her vagina. My brain shut down immediately. Her dad jumped from the couch and told her to repeat what she just said. She did. She also said that the girl usually holds her mouth close during the act, and that she beats the girl on the head to stop what she was doing, but the girl refused and beat my daughter back.

I broke down. Hubby had never become so mad at his family to the extent of turning his back on them, to the extent of shutting his dad up, but he did all these because his only child was involved.

The family, they all said my daughter was lying. My question is: can a four year old lie about such? The nature of this supposed lie. I don't think so. But all the family members said my daughter lied. And even the girl denied it.
They are totally refusing to address this. They even after some weeks have codedly believe such happened and have called my husband to beg, hubby said so, I don't know if it's true or not. But me the wife, NOBODY, I REPEAT, NOBODY CALLED ME. Like I am nothing in their eyes. Not even the evil mother that insisted my daughter spent some days with them. It's not like if they called me to apologize it would change the past, no, but I might have some tiny relief.

My daughter talks about that experience till date. Even up till yesterday. I am beyond heartbroken. I can't forgive.

The family all turned their face away. Nobody cared to address it, even his parents. I'm thinking of going to their church to expose her because I hear the 15 year old girl is getting baptized next week. Hubby told me to forget about it, his brother told me not to try it. But anytime my daughter remembers this incident and brings it up, I become very disturbed. I don't know what to do.

Please advise me.

Time to start psycho educating your daughter. As you are using bibble verses ensure you use true experience. You have to continue this for a very long time. Try as much as possible to allow her relate will her age mates and those ahead with proper monitoring without your presence. The incident is stuck in her brain and if care is not taken, she would be an introvert and might not want to associate with her peers as gets older and be a tomboy. The present generation are clever and smarter than us.
Travel / Re: UK Skilled Worker Visa / Health And Care Worker Visa by meetme01: 11:05am On Jan 04
Good morning all
I appreciate everyone on this thread,the contributions here are invaluable.
A friend wants to add her niece as a dependant,she wants to apply for the healthcare visa.
The niece is yet to be legally adopted but herself and the parents have been in charge of the niece's care since birth.
What are the documents she needs to gather?
Thank you.

Relative adoption for your niece.
Politics / Re: Oyo State Out Of The Bag As LP Gov Candidate Laments Lack Of Support by meetme01: 4:28pm On Jan 02
Poor fella. Unfortunately for him, Peter Obi no send LP candidates of Yoruba extraction. undecided Coz LP na confam Ibo party. If it wasn't too late in the game ni, I for suggest that he should try changing his name to chukwudi or Calistus Onyewerem or something igbotic, perhaps that would grab Obi's attention.

We are not voting along party lines but antecedents and competency. He should not ride on Obi to feel important just like his Osun's counterpart who have carpet crossed severally and want to leverage Obi. It's a NO NO in 2023.

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Politics / Re: PDP Crisis: G-5 Govs To Storm Bauchi For Bala Campaign Flag-off by meetme01: 11:44am On Jan 02

Bala Mohammed is not really a popular governor and may not win reelection. There are insinuations that Atiku has an understanding with the APC candidate in Bauchi state to support Atiku in the presidential election and Atiku will in turn support him two weeks later during the governorship election.

Bala Mohammed himself has refused to endorsed Atiku. When Buhari visited Bauchi for the groundbreaking of the oil well, Bala Mohammed said to everyone’s hearing that Bauchi is a Buharist state and they will vote for whoever Buhari says they should vote for. G-5 going to Bauchi to show support is a great statement that they are United against Atiku.

So you see, it’s more than beer parlor talk. It is high wire politics.

The problem in Bauchi is that, the APC Governorship candidate is the husband of Minister of Humanitarian Affairs. Atiku and the man are allies. With APC cabals and interest of power brokers, it's not certain Bala will be re-elected hence,the agitation.
Politics / Re: Atiku Met Three APC Governors In Dubai, Plots To Manipulate BVAS - Afegbua by meetme01: 1:30pm On Jan 01
[/b]If you want peace and tranquility, you must deliberately and consciously promote Southern presidency. Nigeria is too fragile presently, and any attempt to drive the sentiments further can snowball into an avoidable political turmoil whose end you may not discern[b]

They know Nigeria is fragile and if we don't thread softly, the end is near. That's the fact.

The poor are tired.

The rich want power by all means

Atiku has no morality whatsoever. Even if he never made a statement of Ayu stepping down if he wins the primaries, morality should guide him. Chairman and Presidential candidate from each zone and he cannot plead to Ayu to step down for fairness. That's all the G5 request. Why fret?

Also, the mathematics of number of years spent by the South and North as come into play. Atiku should also be guided by morality here just like his fellow Northerners. Buhari, a Northerner just completed 8years, in fairness, the South should be next. That's all

Enough said, we will vote for our choice but we are sitting on a gun powder if care is not taken.

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Travel / Re: UK Skilled Worker Visa / Health And Care Worker Visa by meetme01: 6:19pm On Dec 28, 2022

Lol.....if u cant produce ur proof stop all these assumption... ukvi website is there for everyone..there is no such information there..

Stop fabricating


Do your research for the website..

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Travel / Re: UK Skilled Worker Visa / Health And Care Worker Visa by meetme01: 4:47pm On Dec 28, 2022

Where did u see requirement of must have qualification in education??

Una go just fabricate any requirement

When they tell you to do research, this will be response.

February is here.

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