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Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 5 by MizTyna(f): 9:57am On Aug 03

I’m currently at IOM, IKEJA. Do you still need someone to book for your daughter? PM me.

I need please, sent you a message
Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 5 by MizTyna(f): 9:57am On Aug 03
I was told to wait till 10am in order to book.

Apparently they book manually.
The security guard that told me they don't book here only online is just a grumpy fellow �

Exactly, because when I booked mine, a friend did it for me at the gate
Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 5 by MizTyna(f): 8:46am On Aug 03
I can't find the message.
I'm new to nairaland.
Can you send it here or would you prefer email?

You have to check the email you used to sign up.

I'm trying to book for my daughter who is underage but it can't be done online unless I call or email them which I have done to no success. Phone is perpetually busy, email no response. Hoping you can help out
Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 5 by MizTyna(f): 8:32am On Aug 03
I'm presently at IOM Lagos and I was told to book ONLINE. There is no manual booking.

Hello, just sent you a message now. Kindly reply

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Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 5 by MizTyna(f): 9:43am On Jun 29
No, hoping i get an offer


Are you waiting for CAS from Leeds Beckett.
Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 5 by MizTyna(f): 11:22pm On Jun 28
Anyone going to UWE Bristol this September Please let’s connect as it seems that their hostel fee is high.

I might be if I don't hear from Leeds Beckett by weekend. I will also be at IOM tomorrow
Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 5 by MizTyna(f): 11:17pm On May 24
It takes 5 working days. This might not be the case now due to the rush. I dont know about your course but mostly the discount may apply.Goodluck!

Noted, thank you
Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 5 by MizTyna(f): 1:42pm On May 24
Mine has been settled I called and also sent a mail then my offer letter was sent. Also got a discount of 3k which is applicable to Nigerians and automatic

Hi Oge, just applied to Salford this morning for September 2021. Health and global environment. How long before admission was given? Also is the 3k discount for all courses? My fees cost £15k and it's beyond my budget but hoping on those discounts
Phones / Re: Please I Want To Buy An Android Phone Of 65k. Any Seller? by MizTyna(f): 3:51pm On Jan 18

If it has to be new then the person has to make compromises

Umidigi A7 pro is around 46k on Jumia, its probably the best new phone you can get at that price

Yes, has to be new. Will check it out. Thank you so much
Phones / Re: Please I Want To Buy An Android Phone Of 65k. Any Seller? by MizTyna(f): 9:16am On Jan 14
Sorry to piggyback on your thread

Please I need an android phone between 40-45k. RAM of at least 3GB. It's for someone that loves playing games so it must have good battery and memory. Suggestions will be appreciated
Health / Re: Help Us Save Michael Opadoja by MizTyna(f): 2:57pm On Nov 11, 2020
We are calling on Nigerians to please help this young man live
Health / Re: Help Us Save Michael Opadoja by MizTyna(f): 2:56pm On Nov 11, 2020
Health / Help Us Save Michael Opadoja by MizTyna(f): 5:10pm On Nov 05, 2020
Hi everyone! Seems to be a season of raising funds for health care but what do we do in a country where the government has refused to give us good health care?

My friend Michael Cosy Modella, 28years old man is fighting colorectal cancer. He is currently on his 10th Chemo round and not getting better. We are now hoping to get enough money to get him out of the country for better healthcare before it gets worse. I know the country is hard but please if you see this, kindly support with whatever you can, nothing is small in this case. #1000 from lots of people will amount to something. I am available to answer any questions you may have.

Nairalanders, please help. We dey beg

All donations to Michael Opadoja 2093600099 UBA or http:///SaveMichael

Thank you all!

#SaveMichaelOpadoja #1000nairaForMichael #1000ForMichael

Romance / Re: Where Them Dey? Idowuogbo, Tpia And Kanwuliajara? by MizTyna(f): 10:14pm On Aug 22, 2020

Ahhhh.. this moniker don tey o. Changed my moniker too.

LadyF, caracta, onihaxy, aleora, jovago, dollyak, dyt, miztyna, prettyhausagirl, iyatrustee, callmespices, shindarayo, sugarbabekemi nko? I miss Kanwuliajara

Just found out Kanwuliajara is KanwuliaExtra. Babe, nice to know you are alive and kicking


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Education / Re: University Of Abuja Holds Colour Pop Carnival Activation (Photos) by MizTyna(f): 9:00am On Mar 22, 2020
And yet we have 3 plus more confirmed cases of Corona virus in Abuja

Imagine oh
Education / Re: Pls I Need Advice Between Radiography And Vet. Medicine by MizTyna(f): 8:12am On Mar 20, 2020
Radiography. You'll make money anywhere you are, including this country
Family / Re: My Husband Doesn’t Want My Son To Come And Stay With Us by MizTyna(f): 4:22pm On Mar 13, 2020
It is crazy that this is even up for discussion. What are you doing with a man that doesn't want your son with him? Are you sure that's your son truly?

Isn't it better to raise your kids alone in peace and love?

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Romance / Re: Busty Nigerian Ladies Recount How Men Stare At Them & Nasty Experiences by MizTyna(f): 7:39am On Mar 03, 2020
...I usually have back pain. It’s like carrying a block on one’s chest. But I don’t have a choice. I have to keep enduring until I get to the house and unleash then...

Sounds funny but not really.

For big booby ladies in the house, one Victoria Secret for you(not more than five persons though) to be proud and confident. Just indicate your size and the price if you know it. If the total cost is $250 or less which I doubt, we may increase to 10 persons.
May sound funny but may not be a joke.

It better not be a joke oh. Bras are not something I joke about, I'll rather PM my bra size grin
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by MizTyna(f): 11:28am On Jan 07, 2020
Applying to more than one school has no effect on your visa as you can only apply for visa with ONE offer letter. Applying to more than one school only increases your chances of securing admission as it is possible to be offered more than one offer and with that you can pick which is best for you(financially and otherwise).
You should check the schools' websites to know those still offering admission for September.
Good luck

Many thanks
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by MizTyna(f): 7:24pm On Jan 03, 2020

Hello MizTyna,

The person gave you a right advise. The more schools you apply to the better the chances for a possible admission, especially for universities. Since you aim at college, you can apply to two schools if your CGPA is good.

To the bolded, I believe you meant to say "better chances for admission."

All the best.

I was wondering about the correlation too. I think that was about the US embassy now though. But I'll go ahead and apply to Seneca college and Lambton college

Thank you
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by MizTyna(f): 1:39pm On Jan 03, 2020

Applying to more than one school reduces the chances of getting disappointed and doesn't have anything to do with embassy affairs. There is also a lot of advantages applying early it gives you enough time to make plans. I also applied January last year for a September program and that gave me enough time to make my travel plans. All the best...

Great, thank you so much

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by MizTyna(f): 10:43am On Jan 03, 2020
Hello everyone!

I have decided on Lambton college for a two year course (Advanced photography). I'm a photographer with enough experience and portfolio. Do I need to apply to more than one school? Because someone told me I'll stand a better chance at the Canadian embassy if I apply to more than one school.

I'm looking at September 2020, is that adequate time to apply and get visa? I will start my school application next week and apply for visa immediately if I get it. So latest February 2020, I'll start the visa processing

P.S: It's a post graduate course and I have a BSc

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Properties / Mini Flat Needed In Estates Around Ojodu Grammar School by MizTyna(f): 4:03pm On Apr 12, 2019
I need a mini flat, hopefully new or renovated apartment in Ojodu. Morgan estate phase one or unity estate works. Has to be very clean, with a guest toilet. Please email me here or jedohore@yahoo.com. I'll like to see some pictures before viewing as I'm tired of going up and down
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Pretty Affordable MTN/GLO/ETISALAT Data Bundles. 1gb @ ₦300 RESELLERS NEEDED by MizTyna(f): 3:00pm On Feb 23, 2019
I'll recommend this lady, she's honest, prompt and very polite.

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Politics / Re: Unpaid Nigeria Airways Pensioners by MizTyna(f): 7:01pm On Feb 20, 2019
@ MizTyna:- My Dad is also in this same category but i personally travelled to Abuja (Min. of Finance) PICA office, i saw there payment platform and i realised that their payment has been done by CBN. but some pensioneer made mistakes (1.) Perform verification with acc. uhat has limited deposit. many of them open new acc. for their verification without upgrading the acc. from limited deposit. try to check out your dads acc. Then tell him to ask 4 Mr Ajayi at Catering Center Ikeja. because they want to round up this issue and prepare 4 second 50%

Thank you, I will
Politics / Re: Unpaid Nigeria Airways Pensioners by MizTyna(f): 11:45am On Feb 20, 2019
Blame the PDP that did nothing for 16 years for the payment of your father's money and not BUHARI who even paid part of it according to your own admission.
Remember OBJ/Atiku was in power then when PDP refused to pay them initially. So know where to direct your frustration.

Where in my post did you see me castigate the president? If I'm frustrated is this not enough? It's best to keep shut sometimes please

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Politics / Re: Unpaid Nigeria Airways Pensioners by MizTyna(f): 11:25am On Feb 20, 2019
Dear, it is painful and I understand what the family is going through. If your Dad is still in Abuja, advise him to go to Brekete Family, I think with Ahmed Issa maybe something tangible can be done. My 1kobo

I will prefer to do that myself via calls or emails. He isn't a young person, all these is already taking a toll on him

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Politics / Re: Unpaid Nigeria Airways Pensioners by MizTyna(f): 11:23am On Feb 20, 2019
[quote author=princeSammyz post=75921242]Keep pushing, he will be paid. Most times such payments are done in batches. Push and pray[/quote

Yeah we know, which was why we waited this long. It's been almost 4 months and they seem to have stopped payments


Politics / Re: Unpaid Nigeria Airways Pensioners by MizTyna(f): 11:19am On Feb 20, 2019

I thought they were saying Buhari Don clear all pension owned?

Maina is with your papa money and his being protected by the government.

Once Buhari goes, he will vomit those money.

I don't even know what is happening again, we don't know where the money is or why he hasn't been paid
Politics / Unpaid Nigeria Airways Pensioners by MizTyna(f): 9:11am On Feb 20, 2019
When the government announced payment of Nigerian airways pensioners September last year, we were all very happy and relieved as their last payment was over 10years ago. Verifications started in October and my father finished his on the 24th of October, credit alerts started coming in in November but my father never got any. In December he got less than a 100K which was his supplementary payment and till now, his main money hasn't come in. He has called and visited their offices plenty times and it has been one thing or the other. They did say it wasn't a verification issue though.

After weeks of back and forth, he had to go to Abuja two days ago, please note that we live in Lagos and this is an elderly man. With no real reason, it now seems like some people have messed with the money and hope that he gets tired and gives up. He is not the only one affected, from what i heard they are about a hundred and some have gotten tired and resigned themselves to fate, these people are old people that have worked for this money, it is bad enough that the payment took over ten years to be paid, now imagine your colleagues spending their money while you look on

He is still in Abuja and making no head way, this isn't right, we do not know what to do again


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