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Celebrities / Re: Money Is Good, See Actress Kate Hanshaw Old And New Pitures by MRosario(m): 11:03pm On Jun 05
"Stronger than Pain" is too recent to be among her first movies.
Romance / Re: 28 Looks Good On Me , Happiest Birthday To Me . Wish Me Well Please by MRosario(m): 11:01pm On Jun 05
Happy Birthday

Seun not Suen

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Science/Technology / Re: 110-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur's Last Meal Found Preserved In It's Stomach (Pics) by MRosario(m): 9:51pm On Jun 05
So sad that a lot of Nigerians are ignorant.
Very ignorant and proud. I am ashamed. Other countries are progressing daily in astronomical proportions. Look at them disbelieving carbon dating.


Science/Technology / Re: 110-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur's Last Meal Found Preserved In It's Stomach (Pics) by MRosario(m): 9:49pm On Jun 05
Nigeria is not going anywhere judging by the comments on front page. Imagine someone questioning carbon dating in the 21st century. I weep for this country. Carbon dating is one of the most accurate techniques for dating, too accurate infact, same technique used to confirm footballers ages.
See my countrymen shocked I need to leave this country


Religion / Re: What Are Your Spiritual Fears Or Belief , Let's Trash Out The Hoax From Facts by MRosario(m): 9:31pm On Jun 05
Lemme share this one also

We all know Edo state is tagged "The Capital of Witches and all" which is out of ignorance btw but when a lot of people claim to have experienced something at the same time you begin to doubt your beliefs

I've heard this story from different sources sha but I don't know how valid it is

Most Edo North people, Particularly the Esan, Auchi, Etsako, Ekpoma, Fuga and environs have one time or the other heard about the dead popular musician Bolivia (Not his son that bears the same name) coming back from the dead and getting married to a woman for some years and even gave birth to children (No jokes man)

According to the stories the woman didn't know where he came from and she disturbed him persistently to take her to where he came from and he finally obliged but when they got to his family house in the village. but without entering he asked her to go in that he will be back and left her with the kids

She went in and saw his family and when she told them who she was and who she's married to some people took to their heels cheesy while they showed her the grave where the great Bolivia was buried

Las Las this might just be another story to scare kids but they way people do tell the story is scary stuff

I've heard this same story twice, once where I served, and also in my hometown with a little more details. Guy I can confidently tell you it's a folk tale, totally unverifiable. People even lie and say they knew the man.

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Business / Re: Fraudsters New Way Of Scamming People by MRosario(m): 9:00am On Jun 03
OP it's an email from a scam gtbank webmail. The moment you click that link to login to the portal, that's when you fall for the trick, and give up your login details. Simply ignore the email, it wasn't sent from gtbank
Romance / Re: A Letter To The Genevieves (RAPE IS NOT GENDER SPECIFIC) by MRosario(m): 8:11pm On Jun 02

Your points are valid. Maybe what you are saying is what Genevieve meant but that's not the understanding most of our girls got from it.

As true as @bold is, let's not forget that in that same situation they run to men for cover. If you've not experienced it, I have. Are they really scared of all men?

Again, if what you're saying is what she meant, let her re-educate her followers and clarify this misconception

I'm glad you saw some sense in there. Rape and molestation of young boys is very bad and equal to female rape and should be treated the same.

But to bring it up now, you will be misinterpreted. Even though you mean well for our gender, they will just assume you're trying to justify rape.
Then we start arguing, while the real rapists (men and women alike) will be looking at us, while they go scot free, because we're arguing which kind of rape is more important.
Romance / Re: A Letter To The Genevieves (RAPE IS NOT GENDER SPECIFIC) by MRosario(m): 7:07pm On Jun 02

I have one question for you, dear sir... Genevieve and her followers are calling every man a potential rapist, are you a potential rapist?

Haba! Make we dey talk true na, guy. Rape na serious issue.

She said women live in constant fear of men, which is very true.

If I say I live in constant fear of SARS, does that mean all SARS members will shoot me on sight? No! It simply means a SARS member is more likely to shoot me than a traffic warden. No be the same police them dey?


Romance / Re: A Letter To The Genevieves (RAPE IS NOT GENDER SPECIFIC) by MRosario(m): 6:52pm On Jun 02
Dear Genevieve,

My name is.... doesn't matter. A question was asked by a guy if there is any guy that has been molested or raped. Immediately I saw the question I knew it was triggered by your post on twitter. Yes, I know you were raped by a "man" and that figure (men) hunts you till date. Well, sorry!


To answer that guy's question, Yes, I've been molested and even at a tender age. I was 7 years old when it first happened. She was a friend of the family and I had no understanding of what was going on. The act repeated itself again but with another lady, multiple times with this one until I finally had the courage to threaten her that I was going to tell my elder sister. That was how it ended but my episodes didnt end there as I was molested again less than a year later by a very close friend of the family who happened to be a guy. I had so much hate for him, but I'm better now. All of these happened when I was between 7 - 10 years.

Am I to hate all men and women because of what happened? Should I call every man and woman out there, "Paedophiles"? Well, I dont let that experience define the way I see women/men neither do I blame everyone of them like Genevieve is doing right now. The world is not a bed of Roses, there are "wolves in sheep clothing amongst SHEEP." Yes, there are bad people (men and women) in every facet of life pretending to be good. Though we have pretenders, we also have people that are actually good.

Dear Genevieve, rape has no specific gender. The act "Rape" is bad and inhumane not the gender.

I truly hope this gets to you, Genevieve, someday, soonest if possible so you can truly educate your followers.

Ok, bye!
Amb. Genie

Dear OP, you have no idea what Genevieve meant.

Everyone knows rape is not gender specific. I don't want to say much, but answer this question honestly;

when walking home alone at night, do you get scared when you see a lone woman either in front or behind you? Or do you get scared when you're about to enter a public bus at night, with only the driver and two women sitting at the back seat?

You might answer yes or No, both answers are valid

Ask this same questions to 100 men, and you will get some that say "No" they're not scared.

Ask this same question to your sister, daughter, mother or female relatives and hear their response. Ask this Same question to 100 Nigerian women, and compare their response to yours.

Then and only then will you understand why Genevieve and other women say what they say.

All men are not rapists, everyone knows women rape young boys everyday.
But I can walk down my street by 2am and only be scared of police or thieves.
But a woman walking along by 2am, will be scared of the man beside her.
At that point, it doesn't matter if the man is a rapist or not. It doesn't matter if he can't hurt a fly. He doesn't need to have preek sef, by virtue of being a man, the woman should be scared.

This does not happen in Nigeria alone, it happens worldwide, ask foreign women the same question and they will give you the same answer. But it is worse in Nigeria for some reason, and we need to tackle it, not raise counter arguments like you're doing.


Nairaland / General / Re: This Python Swallowed Whole Antelope In My Village (Graphic content) by MRosario(m): 11:29am On May 30
Travel / Re: Air Peace Will Be Allowed In North America After Onyema Vacates Arrest Warrant by MRosario(m): 9:15am On May 21

I just wanted to paint the true picture. They were putting the blame on the federal government and the Canadian government for Air Peace being refused permission to land in Canada.

The likely reason is because the owner of Air Peace,Allen Onyema, is a wanted fugitive in Canada and United States.

You can't seperate Dangote Group from Aliko Dangote. Likewise you can separate Air Peace from Allen Onyema.

This is totally not true, Alex Onyema is not Airpeace and Airpeace is not Alex Onyema. Read up "separation of entity"

You can separate Aliko Dangote from Dangote group, I shouldn't have to tell you that. Dangote can infact be kicked out from his company, if the board votes on it. So please take note. How do you think Steve Jobs left Apple, his own project.


Family / Re: My 9yrs Old Son Asked Me If It Is Right To Like A Girl At His Age by MRosario(m): 10:11pm On May 20
So this morning I was in the office with my son and he said mum, there's something he want to ask and I should promise not to get angry and I told him to ask anything

Then he drop the bombshell, he said there's this girl he like in his class, I opened my mouth for like few seconds and don't know what to say. I asked him how did he know he like the girl and he told me since the day he stepped into that school he has developed feelings for the girl. Inside me I was shouting blood of Jesus but pretend everything is fine

I said ok can you tell me why you like the girl? He said the girl is intelligent and beautiful. I did not even know what to tell him honestly but am not happy at all and I really want to deal with him when we get home. Please mummies and daddies, how do I handle this

You sound very trigger happy, what is a "bombshell" about a 9 year old liking his mate.

This is a very sensitive age for your boy, and your actions will determine a lot in his future. I beg you in the name of God, do not lay a hand on that boy. Haba! Aunty you fall hand o!
You want to deal with him because he likes a girl shocked , you're not even saying anything about teaching him sex education, the first thing to come to your mind is to "deal" with him.
You sef reason am na!

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Romance / Re: See What Some Abroad Returnees Drug Addîcts Do When They Come To Nigeria by MRosario(m): 1:01pm On May 19
I was told of what some abroad returnee drug addicts always do when they host a party at home just to get everybody high.

They'll host an indoor party or attend a friend's indoor party (they hate outside party) and when they notice some girls refused to drink, they'll on the AC.

Guess what is inside the AC? It's cócaine. After some minutes, the AC will propagate it in that room or enclosed hall and few minutes later, the girls will be high and start misbehaving as they dance like imbecilé — even the shy ones that refused dancing at first will start dancing seductively and uninhibited.

I was told a story of one that happened in Port Harcourt. Let me keep it to myself.

In summary, all the girls, the ones that drank, the ones that didn't drink, the ones that came alone, the ones that came with their husbands, or boyfriend, were all wasted and ready to get down with anyone. They were acting like intoxicated zombies because of the cócaine in the AC.

So, when coro is over and all these drug addîct abroad returnees host a party in an enclosed room, be carful (especially when they on the AC).

Some even put it inside the AC in their private rooms and invite another man's wife or a female friend who hasn't fully agreed to sleep with them yet, but in few minutes of entering that room, their physiology change and they become high and hórny and the did gets done.

They can even strangle you for ritual reasons. (Some Nigerian politicians are not excepted — some of them need blood to retain power).

This post is for ladies to mind how they mingle with "rich" drug addîcts.

Do you know how much cocaine one would need for what you just described up there?

A drug dealer would take life threatening risks to import cocaine, mainly for profit, only to waste it in ventilation for free, just to have sex or just to kidnap someone? grin

Or a drug addict who knows the value of a few grams of cocaine, will put in ventilation just to have some miserable minutes of sex?

It is financially impossible, even for an Escobar level drug dealer, I think what you meant to say is Weed or some low level anaesthetic.


Phones / Re: Let's All Be Careful With Phone Calls ,see The Digitalized Techniques by MRosario(m): 9:16pm On May 15
My dear it happened to me, the person sent airtime to me telling me i shouldnt use it then in 45 minutes time the man called me and told me thank you that his papa and spiritual father want to pray for me
Then all of a sudden the spiritual father started saying incantations in yourba, it looked like prayer but if u know the meaning u will know its incantatation i shouted blood of jesus and i ended the call that's

Aunty, that it happened to you doesn't mean they tried to kill you, or you almost lost your life. They simply tried to convince you into parting with your money by using fear tactics. No one can kill you from the other end of a phone, especially not by incarnations and blood of jesus. Fear is a choice, learn today so next time, you just laugh and hangup

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Career / Re: How To Become A Commercial Pilot In Nigeria In Short Summary (Photos) by MRosario(m): 4:31pm On May 02

Check your mail.
Have replied you
Hello, please I'm a marine engineer, I need your opinion on an urgent issue, I will send you a PM, do reply please, Thanks
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Think I Have Been Scammed Off My Identity. by MRosario(m): 1:25am On Apr 25
Good day all.
Please don't mind my poor writing construction.
SO it all started last 3 weeks when I applied for a job of a telephone sales person for an international firm then last week I got a mail stating I got the job I should proceed for the registration I was sent 3 contract document which I would attach to this mail the mail states me to fill them with my ID and ID number which I used my international passport and my home address and co.
The problem now is after filling this forms I wasn't reached back to again for over 5 day and no mail has been returned.
I am writing to find out the consequences of giving out those details can it be used against me?
Attached are the documents.
Identity theft is not new, send a follow up mail to them to be sure. If no response, just forget it, your ID has been stolen, it'll probably be used to create a verified profile for dubious online transactions, like CC fraud or Crypto verification
Romance / Re: She's Asking Why Should She Trust Me----please Help by MRosario(m): 1:37pm On Apr 22
Have some self esteem. It works like magic, if anyone feels the need to ask why they should trust you, it's because you have placed them on that pedestal or you're seeking unmerited favour.
Next time the conversation comes up, throw it back, ask her why you should trust her.
Note: you can only do this if truely your intentions are sincere. If you have something ulterior in mind, please answer the question she asked
Romance / Re: My Take On Nairaland Giveaways And Alms Seeking. by MRosario(m): 1:32pm On Apr 22
I support this you motion...
TV/Movies / Re: What Is The Best Fight Scene You Ever Watched In Movies? by MRosario(m): 6:07pm On Apr 19
Almost all the fight scenes in The Raid.
You sabi better fight scenes...
No one who watches The Raid 1 and 2 and isn't impressed.
Romance / Re: Lady Not Happy For Not Getting Transport Fare After Sleeping Over At A Man House by MRosario(m): 8:36pm On Apr 11
What kind of men are we breeding in this country, are you that undesirable that women expect to be paid for visiting you!! shocked
Look at them up there justifying the behaviour, with pride in their comments. shocked
If we judge all Nigerian men by the comments on this thread, then no wonder 80% of women are fighting for 20% of men. The other 80% of men don't have any idea about how normal male to female interactions are supposed to be, gosh!


Romance / Re: We Love Each Other But he Insist On Only Doing Traditional Wedding. by MRosario(m): 5:23pm On Apr 01

I hope people understand that u are legally married if ur dowry has been paid?!? Since the guy does not want to have anything to do with court she should be understanding n go to a licensed church na
That's wrong, dowry or bride price doesn't make you legally married, it makes you traditionally married. For instance when you go to a consulate or embassy and you're asked to bring a proof of marriage, they expect a legal certificate from a certified court, not tubers of yam, or your dowry. Or is it dowry tou will show the newspapers when you want to effect a change of name?


Romance / Re: . by MRosario(m): 9:37am On Mar 31
Update: I just told her this evening to Bleep off and take her hatred and bitternessness to hell. I have done enough, I did not steal or murder someone, I wrong her and have apologise but if she chose to still hold grudge she can go to hell.

I humiliate myself enough to show my apology, Enough is Enough. She can go to HELL. My life exist before I met her and will exist after she is gone.
Good decision, now the ball is in her court to choose.
Religion / Re: Prophet T.B Joshua: Coronavirus Will End On 27th March, 2020 (Video) by MRosario(m): 12:15am On Mar 27
Friday, 27th March 2020

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Health / Re: Should I Leave Lagos Due To Covid-19? by MRosario(m): 11:43pm On Mar 25
Leave while you still can
Religion / Re: Can Prayer Save Us From Corona Virus? Hard Talk by MRosario(m): 9:21pm On Mar 24
I pity you

Who gives wisdom to work.... Does man know how to create himself?

LOL, you are full of knowledge but how come wisdom eludes you to know that there is an higher intelligence at play here called God.

Even men who care less about human lives have been able to weaponized a biological weapon called Covid 19 and you still think everything is OK?

If you do not have all the answers then seek Him who does.

When we pray God directs the scientists to the right place and mixture to solve things. So don't think too high of yourself as a human. That's all we can be-HUMAN

We didn't evolve from apes either cos no ape kept in a lab has ever evolved. So stop defending incomplete ignorance that there is no God or prayer does not work.

Look at how atheists kept coming against the idea of a God but now they are sanitizing their hands without ever seeing anyone have COVID-19.... Is that not FAITH?

Right now everyone all over the world has one belief, that Covid 19 is so real.... Whyyyyy? DEATH...

I don't care who talks or comments otherwise.... At the point of death everyone who has dying breath gets scared of the unknown or they pray of they secretly always knew but lived in denial just to oppose the idea.

So brother, prayer works when it is done right, God is real and life itself is proof.... Death is inevitable and that is where the greatest of atheists change opinions sadly it is not aired
Religion / Re: Could It Be Spirit Husband Or My Ex After My Life by MRosario(m): 8:51pm On Mar 24
Thank You fo this, hope she/they listens
I read an entire epistle and nowhere did I see a mention of "Hospital."

All you said was, you were taken to 'some places' and 'church'

The mind is very powerful, in the sense that it can play according to your fears, what you hear or see.

I want to be very honest with you, what is happening to you is not spiritual, neither is your ex trying to harm you.. Leave that poor boy out of this.

The reason you started dreaming about your ex and having sex in the dream was the moment someone hinted about your ex being the cause of your problem..

Lemme tell you my life's story, so you'll learn about the power of the mind.

I was diagnosed with HIV in 2009 in a heart to heart center and immediately, I start exhibiting all the symptoms of HIV. I got thin overnight, sores started growing in my throat, and some rashes too.

I was told to begin medication immediately.. The hospital they referred me to, for my ART drugs ran another test.

Everything came out negative. They conducted more test to confirm and everything was negative. I got confused.

I went to a more sophisticated private lab here in Abia state. Still, the test was all negative. What happened? What do I have to say about the symptoms?

What am I saying? The mind is powerful, and these churches and pastors will not help you. Instead, they will play on your emotions and heighten your fears..

Dump all of them and go to a reliable hospital. Let them run some tests and know what's really wrong with you.

Hospitals are where you should go when you're sick, not the church. I don't know if this will sink, but for your sake, I hope it does.

Religion / Re: Where Is Audio Jesus To Save The World From Corona Virus? by MRosario(m): 12:27am On Mar 22
How many of them are local cases, compared to those who brought it into the country?
Please stop this misinformation and update yourself
Family / Re: Funny Wedding Pics Of A Nairalander Mocking 9ja Politics by MRosario(m): 4:08pm On Mar 05
Autos / Re: Benz C300 Just Like Toks by MRosario(m): 8:47am On Nov 26, 2019
How much is it going for?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: DSS Is Recruiting (2016) by MRosario(m): 9:59pm On Oct 01, 2019
I received my update 3 hours ago,

Bros i admire your special kind of commitment. DSS no call u and yet u are consign with the items needed
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: DSS Is Recruiting (2016) by MRosario(m): 8:21pm On Oct 01, 2019
Please for those who were called, do you know what and what to take to camp?
The necessary items needed and those not needed. Thank You

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Phones / Re: Iphone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max Affordable Deals by MRosario(m): 5:39pm On Sep 24, 2019
What is your price list

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